Sunday, March 14, 2021

I Don't Understand This Facebook Ban!

               As you know I am currently serving a 30 day ban and as I call it I am in Facebook Jail and I have time to think about it and I do not regret getting mouthy yet I do not get the fact how calling someone an Irrelevant B Word is bullying and to be honest its just me being mouthy and I should of not gotten a ban cause I only sent the one comment that's it but it is what it is honestly and I got 24 - 25 days left in my ban before you guys will be seeing me around the Facebook Community again. As for the 30 bans, I think is too much to be honest. My last ban was 1 week and now they jump from 1 week to 30 bans... I just don't get it, I'd thought it'd be 2 weeks then 3 weeks then a month but I guess not, now I am banned for the 30 days. Maybe a break from posting is what I need and honestly is one of the reasons from absence from the day to day operations is because of this but like I said I am still on Twitter and Instagram.

                There has been moments where I was wondering why I am still on the website and to be honest, I have considered leaving the website but that leaves what happens to the Facebook Page and this means that Charlotte would be running the Facebook Page and I wouldn't have anyway to actually keep in touch with you guys to be honest. So this is why I am going to serve my 30 days and just going to watch my P's and Q's as I said I do not understand one little screw up and I get thrown in the Sin Bin for 30 days. When I do return I will be behaving cause you guys cannot afford to lose me again because 30 days are a long time. Anyways I hope you guys this bonus blog post and was indeed a surprise for you guys and I will be back on Tuesday as our resident Site Admin will be back tomorrow with a weekly blog post.


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