Sunday, September 30, 2018

Gearing Up For The Next Collab With Larry

               Well, it is coming pretty much the fall now and it is that time once again to actually get prepped up for the next set of collabs with Larry once again. It will be a short 2 months till both him and I are behind the mics again recording the next two podcasts. What Power Rangers Collab podcast are next? Well Power Rangers Zeo and Power Rangers Turbo are next on the list and it is quite exciting to be moving forward with these collabs and like I said before, it comes out a couple of time a year, 4 to be exact. Honestly it takes time to watch the entire season, take notes, type it up so that is what I do between each recording and this does take some time to do that and hours in per day. I was having doubts posting up the last 3 collabs I did with Larry and had thoughts about discontinuing the collaboration podcast but he talked me back into it and it is a fun kind of podcast to do and hes right it is a lot of fun. It is a tough process at times but worth it in the end as the end product looks and sounds really good.

                 The long term goal is him and I planning to go right to Super Ninja Steel down the road so we will be collaborating for a very long time from here on out twice a year and we are doing this out of the passion as we both grew up with the show and its kind of nice to remember our childhood too, plus him and I are bunch of nerds when it comes to this show so that is another factor for the two of us as well. As of next spring, him and i will be done the Zordon Era and moving into Lost Galaxy and Lightspeed and so forth. I am going to say that these collab podcasts aren't going anywhere, anytime soon and I am glad Larry came up with this idea. Even with him not part of staff anymore, he is still highly involved with CBOTW which is nice as hes given me so many ideas to move forward, even on my own as well. The collab post up is coming very soon on social media! 


Saturday, September 29, 2018

My Final Thoughts on Amazing Race Canada 6

             It has been over 2 weeks since Amazing Race Canada: Heroes Edition has concluded it's season and in today's blog post I want to briefly talk about it with my thoughts as I have now had 2 weeks to think about it and I want to briefly talk about it in today's Blog. First thing I would like to say is, am I happy with Adam and Courtney winning? Of course I am, just really hoped to see Martina and Phil in the final 3 but it is what it is and I am so glad they went that far and honestly I would like to see them both back in another season of Amazing Race Canada in an All-Star edition or Unfinished Business if we decided to go a similar approach like the states did.  Also would also like to see back Leanne and Mar to come back along with Todd and Anna from this season but this is only my thoughts or opinions.

               However I really, really did like this season, the last 3 seasons I actually did enjoy and was excited for the past several seasons and I cannot wait to see if it gets renewed for a 7th season and I will be talking about that in a bit. I was really excited this season for a few reasons. The first point I want to make is both Martina and Phil followed me on Social Media which I got excited and i mean excited, excited! Also I couldn't wait for the next episode to see what happened. This season I was very invested in the season and got right into it compare to previous seasons and I am not sure why but that's OK, was a season I will never forget actually. 

             Finally do I think they will renew for another season? I think so, I think they will do another season and I cannot wait to see what kind of theme or where they go and I like the mixture between countries outside Canada and actually in Canada so I really like the mix they do in the season. Let's just say our version has a very unique touch to it. 


Friday, September 28, 2018

The Binding of Isaac Video Game Progress! [UPDATE]

               The video game, The Binding of Isaac, it's been a crazy adventure and yet I have not yet finished the game. It has been some struggles during the game and I can be honest, certain parts can be frustrating and it has been really hard to go all the way then fail in the end when you are close to defeating Mom, one of the bosses in the video game. However there is the positive side things I am getting much stronger in the game and getting the skill I need to get 100% Platinum God. The one thing that does fear me is getting to the devil or Shioeld which is the other boss I have to deal with it but if I put my mind to it, I am sure I can beat it too. I can honestly say, I almost actually beat Shioeld and quite a proud moment for me to almost beating it. I still got quite a way to go, I am not even half way right now, I am at 44% completed with 1001 Hours playing the game. 

             My plan moving forward is to get all the challenges completed along with any other goals that I have in the game. I got 56% and the number is getting smaller and smaller but in time I will have completed Isaac and ready to move onto to Rebirth which i actually do got. I bought it months ago, hoping to have beaten Vanilla Isaac but I do play it from time to time when I got some free time to play a little video games which is becoming more often now with my schedule very much clear. One thing I am worried is beating a level in hard mode but hey i am definitely up for the challenge and I think down the road hopefully before I leave for the US but when I get back I will get back into the swing of things as of October. Again I will talk about it a week from now when I am 24 hours from actually leaving for Minnesota with my parents. I am excited to complete this game and move on with Rebirth and After Birth as well.


Thursday, September 27, 2018

St Patties Day and Card Playing Episode of The Entertainment Man Talk Show (Throwback Thursday Story)

            Decided to give you guys another The Entertainment Man Talk Show Throwback story and like I said before, I got plenty of em to give to you guys, such as this one particularly was a neat story and was a running joke in the series from season 2 and on as it made the show much more funnier and the views went up greatly on em too which is great, it was always about what you guys liked in the way of content and making sure it was entertaining as well too!  First part is the St Patties Day episode which was a fun filled episode which i actually cooked up col cannon which is an Irish dish. We actually were picking on someone we know but all in fun at the end of the day and I still yet to give Gordie that Col Cannon recipe to this day, dang it! lol. Also it was so much fun to do and I will never forget this episode ever.This day also was actually on St Patrick's Day, we scheduled the filming on March 17th. 

                The next part is the card game episode where we play and talk about playing two different card games, first UNO which is now a popular game to this very day and of course a very fun game to play as well. I believe it was UNO that we started with, had to remember almost 10 years ago since we shot that episode actually, it's... been a long time since this happened but it will be a memorable episode that's for sure and maybe I can do a post for my all time favorite episodes of this series at a later time and date. Anyways, next on my list is The Skip Bo game which both Eric, Gordie & I played a very short round of Skip Bo and of course I had to say the word s**t on camera which had to be bleeped out but still fun times as McJuggernuggets would always say. That was one of my favorite episodes during the season but to be honest that was one crazy season with 42 episodes between September 2008 - June 2009 but that is what I think. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I miss you guys already as this is pre written and i am now in the US with Family at this time of you reading this post.


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Not Afraid To Take Risks In Video Games

              I came into this topic from playing The Binding of Isaac which I will be doing a separate blog post on a progress update but I was playing the game and I am not afraid to take risks with the game, I am able to take a risk for example if I want to take a devil deal and take a damage up upgrade, I will not be afraid to take a risk, yes it is a risky move especially if it take you down to 2 red hearts and a bunch of sole hearts but I noticed even with that I managed to stay on the right track with that but eventually did die. Also the machine that takes hearts but gives you coins for it, if I have a ton of hearts and I am not afraid to try and break the machine to get the blood bag to get more hearts and I am getting actually pretty good at this too, I have figured out when the right time to do it and the wrong time to do it.

               Also there is the nail item that gives me sole hearts and I took that item and I kept on giving so many sole hearts, it really helped me and got me right to the end of the game and I actually beat mom, beat mom's heart and completed the level all together. I am even taking risks with the challenges as well and trying to figure out what works and what doesn't work for me in the game but sometimes it doesn't and that's OK if it doesn't. I can actually admit that I am a risk taker, I am not afraid to actually risks, I love it actually. I love to take the risks in the game, just call me a risk taker honestly. 


Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Everything About Reality TV Schedule For The Next 1.5 Weeks

                  This week and next week's schedule for Everything About Reality TV is changing due to me being out of the country for 6 days, visiting family for a wedding and as you all know I do not own a laptop nor can access social media or blog while I am away this time around unfortunately so I am working around the schedule. So here is my timetable for both this week and the follow week:

This Week:

Tomorrow (Tuesday, September 25th, 2018): 7 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV, Big Brother US Top 15 Favorite Players
                                                                            9 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV, Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Preview Cast

Next Week:

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018: 12 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV, Hell Kitchen 18 RECAP  
                                                       9 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV, Survivor: David Vs. Goliath EP # 1 RECAP

Thursday, October 4th, 2018: 9 pm EST: Survivor: David Vs. Goliath EP # 2 RECAP

Saturday, October 6th, 2018: 9 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV, Hell Kitchen 18 RECAP  

                   There is my timetable for next week in the way of podcasts and hope this does explain a lot of my reasoning behind it as I am away for 6 days starting on Wednesday of this week for a wedding in the states and I hope you all understand that I cannot be in two places at once but this is the plan for now and hope to keep with the schedule over the next week or so. Any questions feel free to contact me at anytime between now and Wednesday Morning before I leave on the big steel plane to the States. I removed this post from yesterday since I made the announcement for the other podcast.


Friday, September 21, 2018

YouTube is becoming a sinking Ship....

             I've noticed YouTubers are mentioning that videos are not being delivered to their inbox or their video is hidden due to not family friendly content and honestly where is the freedom to make what content as you want as long as it does not break the terms of service like back in the day but not it's all about them making money, not the content creators and it is truly sad this to see this happening especially those who have have grinded for 6 - 8 to 10 years or more on their content to get millions or even hundreds of thousand of subscribers and their content is now being hidden. or being demonetized which now YouTuber are struggling to making a living out of making videos for their fans. I'm sure some YouTubers have moved over to twitch to live stream their lives on the IRL category which they got a good chance if they make affiliate and/or partner on the website. 

               I am glad I bailed out of YouTube when I did or I probably more then likely have to deal with YouTube going downhill and it probably would really hurt me in the process and honestly I think I probably end up leaving YouTube all together anyways as I know my subscribers probably end up not getting my videos that get put up so either way my decision to leave 2 years ago was the best move as YouTube is starting to go downhill and Everything About Reality TV had no place on YouTube and not even in the nearby future. I wish YouTube would fix the notifications of a video as now you have to hit the notification bell in order to get notified a new video is up so their algorithm is not the greatest to this day but it is what is it, YouTube has definitely changed over the last 2 years since I left and I have said this many times, I am glad I made change in my life when I did. 


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Do I Think Quitting Is A Sign of Weakness?

              I was thinking about this while in church back and it really made me think, is quitting a sign of weakness? Well, I have been thinking about it for the last few days now and there are many things that come to my mind when it comes to quitting and I know you will gave me a really hard time when it came to quitting YouTube but I will talk about two differences in today's post and I can tell you there is sure a difference and I will get that in a moment. This is actually a tough topic to talk about as I know I left or as most of you will say I quit YouTube but I will explain everything in this blog post because there is most definitely a difference from quitting and walking away after many, many years as a YouTuber and that is why I am writing this blog post for you guys today.

                So the first of 2 points I would like to make is if you quit after 7.5 years, that is not being a quitter, it is you moving on and that is what exactly I did so there is a difference but if you do something as long as I have, then yea most definitely I'd consider it moving on and I know you guys were quite mad or upset when I suddenly decided to move on from YouTube but I could of done one last video and left the channel but I realize when I changed emails I should of downloaded the videos first, mainly the web series the most first. 7.5 years is a long time and a long time for grinding on videos daily and I admit I was quit burnt out after all of this.  Call it what you want but I hope this kind of does explain things to you guys why I left when I did. This also goes with video broadcasting which will be changing soon and that will be a different blog post for another day, possibly tomorrow or Friday. 

                  Now to quit non stop, that is a sign of weakness, no offense to any of you, but to quit non stop, it doesn't look good on you and also you do let your fans down as well in the process and I know because I was there when I was quitting Twitch on and off several times up to me being banned for the first time in little over a year since being banned on another site but that's in the past technically. I have been in your shoes since 2016 and even know I still question myself why am I still doing online media but the reason why is because I am passionate about this field and that is what matters. You have to still have the passion and drive to continue on even when the going gets tough keep on going no matter what. If you need a break, take one, I've done that in the past and I will touch on taking breaks when you need it one another blog post.


Monday, September 17, 2018

Weight Loss Update (My New Plan Moving Forward) [EDITED]

             I have sure derailed my diet and gained and lost weight on and off and i need to start losing weight and get myself down to 180 - 185 pounds again which is my goal weight at this point. I am going to be cutting down on things but not entirely but I have to have it in my diet but not in a big quantity. So what am I going to be cutting down on? Well here is my list of what I would like to give up for the duration of this diet as I wanna get this diet done soon as I have been on it for nearly 2 years. Anyways here is my list of what I would like to cut down on:

1) Sugar, the amount of sugar intake I have during the daytime.

2) Bread, I think that is part of the reason why I ended up going up in the weight as bread is one of the reason. However, I will not cut it out completely, I will have 2 pieces of bread once a week, then 1 piece of a bread during the week. 

3) Kielbassa as I do not think it helps the weight loss situation but even once a week is fine for a treat so I will not be cutting it out completely but down by quite a bit now.

4) Chocolate which is a weakness for me and I am not tempted by it and yes I have had chocolate once a week during this diet which is fine but I am not making it a habit of always having it everyday but weekly or once and a while is fine.

5) Cookies, Chips, any junk food in general. I am trying to stay away from all of this as it was another weakness of mine as well but I think I have been doing well.

               Now one thing I want to continue is exercising which I have been doing lately and it has helped and Saturday, alone I was over 13000 steps which is amazing and I did well so exercise is going to be one of my # 1 things to do is exercise, go out for a walk for 45 minutes to an hour. Also I plan on busing it to my appointments as the exercise will be good for me to get to my appointments there and back but if it rains then I can always get a ride or just dress up appropriately for the weather. However, this is my plan and I am going to stick to my diet this time around as well.


Sunday, September 16, 2018

Ukrainian & Polish Festival 2018 In Toronto

             Yesterday, I got the opportunity to go to two festivals, the Ukrainian & Polish Festival, yes tons of food and definitely a weight gainer as you know I am on a diet right now but I took yesterday as one of my fat days for the festival and I am allowed that once and a while and yesterday was one of those days. So we left at around 10 am in the morning, drove down to York Mills Subway station and got on from there. We had to transfer at Bloor to the Bloor Danforth Line all the way over to Jane for the festival. Yes I realize it is a long way to go but worth it in the end. We got there and started to look around and we turned around and there was the parade which is do a parade that they do each and every year to launch the festival and as you can see above, there is the start of the parade. Next we walked down the street looking at some of the booths there, so many political tables which I do not know why they have to even campaign at this event as we are going into another election which will be municipal. Anyways we grabbed some food, this year we had perogies and Latke which are potato pancakes.  We finished looking around and headed on out from festival 1. 

                Then we headed our way to the Polish festival off of Roncesville in Toronto, Ontario and it was a lot to take in as it goes a very great stretch down the street. We heard some great music, Polka Music to be exact and also they had dancing as well which I have have seen polish dance before at the General Sorkorski Hall here, locally last year during Fiesta Week. As for dinner we had polish sausage on a bun which the bun was so fresh and the sausage itself was really tender and great. Another great year at both of the festivals and looking forward to going back next year with my dad once again as both him and I do this each and every year. It is always fun to go even though, there is tons of walking involved with it but it is good exercise and glad to be away from the studio for the day.


Saturday, September 15, 2018

Twitch Problems Continue!

                As most of you know, you have seen me go live a couple of times to test run on Twitch for Everything About Reality TV Podcast to actually return to video but chat decided to not load for me for no apparent reason and yet I never broke any rules whatsoever. I think I ended up getting chat banned but how when I never once spammed or broke a rule. I even asked my moderator presently in the chat at the time and they said they see the chat so I got my suspicions I got chat banned and I never broke any of the TOS which makes me quite furious honestly as I was actually looking forward to my podcast returning to video on top of the Audio ONLY as well. I don't know how long but Twitch better fix this fast or I will not be returning to Twitch and might just return to YouTube after all even tho I said I was retired from the platform but at this point I may have no choice now with the recent actions by Twitch to come out of retirement and go back to YouTube. 

                I have had issues with Twitch since the day 1 and being constantly harassed and insulted for no reason which honestly questions me even doing podcasts live down the road in the long run at this point. I even was on Twitch today watching streams and the stupid chat there no messages showing up nor the chatters list is appearing so now I have to start rethink things and figure out if I am or am I not returning to video as I would like to actually grow the podcast further but it seems I am just not welcome to the platform and plus I really hated the fact I was trolled and called an effin autistic for no reason and I banned the people for that but yet they came back so I am definitely at this point scratching Twitch off my list for even thinking about returning, even if people beg me to come back, I am officially saying this and I am retired from Broadcasting along with YouTube. I just do not see going live is a fit for the podcasts I do both the collaboration Podcasts and Everything About Reality TV Podcast. It was fun while it lasted and I will have nothing but tons of memories to remember the rest of my life.


Friday, September 14, 2018

Big Brother U.S. & Everything About Reality TV Talk

              I am lost for words what's been going on in the Big Brother world. I already heard about Julie's husband Les Moonves and the allegations and now rumors that Big Brother might be losing Julie the host of the show after 20 seasons now. I do know there could be another host for the show if she decides to step down. We all know it will not be the same obviously but the show must go on and we will be forever grateful for her hosting the show for this long. I heard speculations that the show could not be renewed for a 21st season and the show would just end which mind you I would not be happy whatsoever if it did as it has been my life even before Everything About Reality TV Podcast came into the picture almost 3 years ago.  It wouldn't be the same if it ends. I also know they renewed the Celebrity Big Brother and if Julie did step down which she has not indicated she is anytime soon which is great to know as she wants to stay on with the show. I hope they do go through with Celebrity Big Brother, even if they get a new host like Marissa Jaret Winokur or Ross Matthews for example as they are super fans. Please realize before whining at me in the comments below, that this is only speculations. Nothing is set in stone, nor we do not know if Julie will step down before the season ends. We will just have to wait and see what happens and just have a little patience.

              Now to the main part of this post is the question of the hour: What if Big Brother US and/or Celebrity Big Brother US get cancelled, what does this mean for my podcast and the loyal listeners of "Everything About Reality TV?" I have said it many, many times in the past, my podcast is not going anywhere! It is here to stay! There are other Reality TV Shows to cover such as Survivor, which RECAPS start a little late due to me being away in the states on a family matter. (Yes I am giving myself a shameless plug on my own blog, LOL!) Also Big Brother Canada is going strong up here in the great white north, also got Amazing Race US which now is getting back to the old timetable as I heard through the grapevine that it has been renewed for a 32nd Season too! There is also Amazing Race Canada which I am pretty sure after this amazing season which just wrapped up  it'll be back again for sure. Finally Music City is on the timetable and I am waiting for an announcement or email from CMT when it is as they actually reached out to me earlier this year about the show which I greatly accepted tthe idea to recap the show! 

              You guys will be the ones to know first if something is going off air or changes to the programming of Everything About Reality TV, I will be letting you guys know way in advance that there is change. I am always on the updates with you guys and that is probably one of my best qualities and you are most definitely the first to know and what the plan is moving forward. Honestly I do not have a plan, right now everything is being played by ear at this point of time.


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

My Thoughts About Mission Impossible 6

                 I know and I realize this was weeks ago since my parents and I went to see the movie but I totally forgot to do an actual review of the money and I hope I can remember how the movie went as it has been about a month since we went to see the movie but I will try my best to explain some favorite parts of the movie as much as possible. So my mom and dad and I decided to go to a movie and chose to go see Mission Impossible 4 which mind you it was a great movie to see. I didn't think Tom Cruise still had it in him for an old timer, well he's in his 50's now but I couldn't believe how great he looked for being in his 50's.

                  First thing I want to talk about without giving tons of spoilers as I am not that kind of person to do that to you guys but I really like the locations they were in, France being one of them which I couldn't believe how small the size of the streets were there, it was very, very small! Also a country I never heard of but it was a cute little country. There is nothing wrong with that, going to an country that we do not hear about, but hey it is a location they wanted to go and they went to. Now the scenery United Arab Emirates which was beautiful scenery with the mountains and what not it was one of my favorite locations in the movie. Also I really liked France and England if I got the location right but I believe it was England mostly as I recognized London England as well. Also the story line behind the movie was amazing and I actually do not remember Ethan which is played by Tom Cruise had a wife in the movie and my parents mentioned to me that it could of been in the 1st or 2nd movie but I need to go back and watch em all as I have seen only 1 and 3 in the way of the movies and yes I know I am missing out on a lot of things!

                   Finally I highly recommend the movie as it was a great movie, the story line, the plot, the action, the locations it was all great! I know more then likely now it will be out of theaters but once it comes out on DVD, I am definitely planning to get the movie on DVD along with all the other movies. I believe there are 6 movies in the franchise and if I am wrong please leave me a comment so I can make a correction in the post. 


Monday, September 10, 2018

Favorite Goosebumps Episodes

               With October not far away and Halloween is upon us very much soon, I wanted to talk on today's blog post my favorite Goosebump episodes as a kid. I know this is kind of like a throwback Monday story sort of blog post but there are a couple of favorite episodes that come to mind that I really like so here is my list of my favorite episodes:

1) "Night of The Living Dummy" 1 - 3 and night of the Living Bride, probably one of the most popular of the Goosebump episodes that came out and more then likely still very popular to this even current day.

2) The Haunted Mask I & 2: Probably the best Halloween episode and probably I think was one of the very first episodes I ever seen when I was growing up if I remember correctly.

3) The Perfect School PT 1 & 2: I found these episodes kind of odd but was a good episode regardless and I did enjoy the episodes even if though it was quite strange but that is why they call it Goosebumps.

4) Stay Out of The Basement: Not much to say about this episode but it is on my list and was actually an interesting episode.

                 This is not much of a list as I have but hey it is better then nothing and I'm sure there were episodes I never seen either or wasn't overly keen on but that's OK, it is a matter of opinion. I hope you guys enjoyed this smaller blog post and hope you will once again read the blog again tomorrow as usual. 

Have a great rest of your day, 


Sunday, September 9, 2018

Autism Celebration Planning Event Update....

         I know I actually mentioned the event in one of the blogs before and I actually do not have a date and I am worried it will end up Monday the 1st of October and I will not be able to attend as I will be returning home from Minnesota, but however I will act like the event is still a go for myself and Chris B On The Web but I cannot guaranteed anything if I end up getting a Oct 1st date, then all this planning for nothing. It is not my fault and these things happen but I am going to continue on to plan as usual and if worse comes to worse I will have a board for next year. The wedding is more important to go to as it is family and family does come first one way or another. 

          So I have come pretty far with planning, I got the flyers done and a few of the panels completed and I will be turning to my alumni Adviser this weekend see what he thinks of what I have done so far. I have gotten done the about Chris B On The Web, got past projects I have done both YouTube and Podcasts. I need to do a panel for Everything About Reality TV, bio. I also have to do an information panel on the collab podcasts as I have started to post up the collabs once a week at the most. The 3rd panel that is what I need to talk to Larry about as I have been promoting CICE Program for the past 6 years now and not sure if I want to continue to promote the program if I choose not to, then I am not sure what the heck I want to do with that 3rd panel. I need ideas and what could actually go on that panel if this is the route I plan on taking this year. I surely need to come up with a plan to what I would like to do, that's for sure... It is really hard to decide what is what this time around with limited help and I am the only one working on the board right now. 

             I am however, excited about attending the Autism Celebration this year as I took last year off and I am back, bigger and better then ever and got ideas in my head just unsure how things will look at this point but it will all slowly come together slowly but surely and I am planning to setup a table down here to start putting things together finally and get this board finished. Only real thing that will be updated for next year if the event is on the 1st is the banner and pictures I have on the board and maybe some of the information, event schedule as well. I am prepared for the worse in case worse does come to worse and hopefully this isn't the case this year as I really wanna attend this event really badly.


Saturday, September 8, 2018

Toronto Blue Jays Thoughts for Week

                First of all I can say this has been the most frustrating season for the Toronto Blue Jays with injuries and not hitting the ball. But since making trades and/or getting these young guys, they seem to be winning a tad bit more but they lost the series against the Rays but they won the series before that which is great. They sure went hot on the bats but you have to remember, the Blue Jays are now a Young team and have to develop. We are just like the Toronto Maple Leafs a young team and I am glad the Jays are taking that same approach and it will be an exciting next few years for the Jays. They are needing a better bullpen, I mean Biagini has indeed gotten better but Tepera I have not been pleased with. If I was the one to make trades, I would still get Biagini and Tepera traded as they haven't been very consistent this season and I have been saying this most of the season to trade em away. I know I have said I have turned the game off when the score got ridiculously high and the Jays getting slaughtered but I just didn't wanna watch it anymore... So frustrating I tell you! 

                 I know the bullpen has been the main problem but not just that is injuries are one of the other factors. Tulo is not back and I have even said it to trade him once hes back next season as he's not played for over an year now and I just do not get it, why the heck they would keep Tulo this entire time and not trade him away after hes been injured majority of the time.  As we just witnessed this past week or so, with the trade of Donaldson, I am glad they are really trying to make moves now and get this team back on trade to hopefully another world series win down the road but time will tell with all these young guys. I like Janssen as Catcher, he's played well both behind the plate and hitting. Also Russell Martin has been playing 3rd base lately and done extremely well at that position. I know being a catcher is definitely hard on the knees and I am glad they are keeping him on the team and putting him out in the infield, which he has done really well, even my mom said so too! 


Friday, September 7, 2018

Events Start Next Week (I Cannot Wait!)

                The hard and long months are here as I start going to tons of events for either Chris B On The Web or Promoting Chris B On The Web. All I know is I am ready to go and all of this goes down a week tomorrow, (Saturday, September 15th, 2018) with both the Ukrainian Festival and also the Polish Festival so I will be more then busy that weekend as events start and this is a week and a few days before I leave for Minnesota for 6 days for a wedding so it is a great way to start the events off this year. I have been covering the Ukrainian and Polish event since 2014, yes even when I was still back on YouTube I vlogged the event and but now is a little different with pictures and written text but that's OK I enjoy either of the two of the events. So I will be attending this event all day long and I have been excited for this phase of the year and this event in particular and look forward to eating some amazing food once again. I forget what I ate last year but probably the same thing as last year I will eat again I am sure.  Then the next event probably will be Autism Celebration which I actually do not have a date for it yet. Followed by that will the Apple Festival that is next, then the Royal Winter Fair as well. As for the parades I am not sure which ones I have scheduled nor if I will be at the one here this year or not, unless I get an email to volunteer but I hope I could attend the event to cover it with Chris B On The Web. I want to attend the Port Perry Parade to make up for not going to Tyrone due to the fact it's actually on my birthday this year. 

             Fall is officially here and the fun is just about to begin for me and I know I will enjoy the event and I do realize I had a job interview and I may have to cancel but I will let you know as of next week what is the plan so this event is schedule but I may have to cancel going to the event due to work duties does come first so I know I will make the right decision when it comes to events. Yes I wanna work again as it has been nearly 3 years and it is time for me to start earning money again. That will help me with continuing on with Chris B On The Web for sure. So anyways, I am once again rambling once again but I will let you guys know what is what soon. If I do not hear anything by a week today, then I will be attending but like I said you guys will know couple of days in advance!


Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Lawn Mower Scene on The Entertainment Man Talk Show Real or Fake (Throwback Thursday Story)

               I know this post will make little sense at the start as it is a Throwback Thursday Story but also a scene on the former web series, was it a real when I was cursing at the lawn mower when it didn't start? Well first of all this was towards the end of Season 2 of The Entertainment Man Talk Show the final several episodes before EP # 50. Anyways we rolled the camera officially and of course the stupid Lawn Mower wouldn't start. Technically both Eric and I had the mower running before we had rolled the camera so maybe the fact we didn't prime the engine enough could of had the factor or we left the mower too long without starting it up again, we will never know but yes I was cursing like a sailor and I think it was my fault for making sure the thing starts back up again so that could of been the issue from the get go or the lawn mower just being stubborn as this actually was the first start of the year so that could of been the issue. Plus it was an old start, cold start kind of video for you guys and those do not always go as planned. Gotta warm up the engine first, obviously! 

                Now I know what you guys will say, Chris this was completely fake, not real whatsoever. Well what I said above it the truth! It was an old start, cold start and honestly I was just very frustrated with the lawn mower not starting back up, so it was actually very much real not fake, it was just pure frustration I was having and we all have it from time to time and that's OK to have but we just gotta deal with the situations of life and move on. It was a crazy day for me and funny as the views really proved that it was entertaining to you guys seeing me cursing and freakin out at the mower... Starting to wonder if to continue re-posting my old videos onto my DailyMotion account for you guys as I think you guys enjoyed it and seems like you really are enjoying it. Anyways that is my throwback Thursday story for this week, hope you enjoyed it and I will see you in the next blog post!


Wednesday, September 5, 2018

I Don't Miss YouTube or Video Broadcasting....

               Honestly I can say now almost on 2.5 years I still do not miss YouTube... I am quite happy with not making videos but very much like I said in the past, still active in the community under Chris 985 name and the channel isn't active in making videos, just used for viewing etc. I am quite content right now with the way things are even though my .com is now down till the new year at some point when I plan on bringing the .com website but there is a place you can watch my old videos for now till I get that channel shutdown after I down the videos to save to an external hard drive which will keep them on there for good. Yes I thought about making gaming videos for you guys but then I remember YouTube isn't doing as well still or people are not getting notifications for videos coming out which gave me a big red flag and I know gaming isn't doing well and I tried gaming and people did not like it at all so I abandoned the idea obviously.

                   Now for the Video Broadcasting of my podcasts. My podcast are and remaining Audio ONLY from here on out and I have already been planning on bringing my podcast to another platform and again I am very content with my decision to not broadcast the podcast even though I have been on Twitch's case about my account issues I have with people guessing my password to the podcast page which is now deactivated and I wanted it back up but I do not care at this point due to the fact I am not wanting to deal with the trolls. Honestly I have had my share of trolls and I had enough dealing with them since 2015 and I am officially done with it. Yes I still use Discord for calls for the podcast as I have 0 desire to not have em live but I am open to ideas for Audio ONLY but my broadcasting days are done. I feel like broadcasting has served my purpose and I have been doing it since Fall 2009 when I was introduced into it. That can be another post for a later time what platforms did I cast on as the list is endless actually but the most 3 notable was, Stickam and Twitch which now 2 of the 3 are now not in open anymore as they closed down ( & Stickam)


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Favorite Power Rangers Theme Songs

             I never really thought about this idea till I came up with more ideas for blog posts for the site here. I always seem to come up with brand new ideas and you guys get to know me not just On The Air With Everything About Reality TV but also on this blog as well on almost a daily basis. So today's blog post I am going to talk about my favorite Power Rangers Theme songs. Now bare in mind with you I have no seen all the seasons yet but both Larry and I been talking about doing every season of Power Rangers 4 times a year in 2 different sessions within the year. 2 episodes per those two months of shooting the collaboration podcast. Anyways here is my list of my favorite theme songs starting from the bottom list to the top: 

8) Power Rangers Mystic Force- Another season I haven't really seen and I have heard the theme song and just do not understand the reasoning behind the theme song but it unfortunately is at the bottom of my list.

7) Power Rangers Turbo- The season all together was just OK, but the theme song probably one of the best parts of the episode starting. 

6) Power Rangers Lost Galaxy- One of my other favorites, the theme is so powerful and fits to the theme of being in space once again since the end of the Zordon era. 

5) Power Rangers Samurai and Super Samurai- Even though I haven't seen the entire full season of the show I love the fact they brought back the Go Go Power Rangers back which is amazing to hear the good old Go Go Power Rangers incorporated into the theme song. 

4) Power Rangers Dino Thunder- As we all know this season is the return of JDF (Jason David Frank) as Tommy Oliver, but this theme sure has the Dinosaur theme to it and it is a very bad ass theme song to go with the theme and I wish I did put up higher in my list but it sure does make my top 8 list.

3) Power Rangers In Space- Love this theme as it sure has the space theme that fits to the theme of the season. Ron Wasserman did such an amazing job and the soundtrack behind the show is really great on top of this theme song as well!

2) Power Rangers Zeo- This version makes you think the rangers are very much stronger then they were back in Mighty Morphin. This theme is really one of my second favorites on my list on this post today. Also the fact this is a continuation from where they left off after the command center was blown to pieces.

1) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers- Nothing like the original theme song and the famous Go, Go Power Rangers theme song, the original is always the best and it is the theme that got this long running TV Series that is still going strong to this very day!

                  There is my list, sorry for a very long post today but hey I had fun writing this post for you guys and this definitely fits into the theme of the collab Podcasts I am doing with Larry right now, this was inspired by the Power Rangers Collab Podcast currently going on right now at this time.


Monday, September 3, 2018

Everything About Reality TV (Updated YET Again)

                I have to yet again update you guys as I was informed that Celebrity Big Brother US Season 2 will be happening after Big Brother Canada 7 ends, which puts me into a very tough spot with Chris B On The Web and what the plan is now since I have to redo my entire timetable but that's OK, I can't be a complainer, still will be doing the podcast coverage on both in the Summer which an announcement will be coming later on in Spring 2019. Anyways, here is my timetable re-schedule:

Fall 2018 (September - December 2018):

Survivor: David Vs Goliath, Thursdays @ 9 pm EST

Spring 2019: (March - May 2019): 

Survivor, Season 38, Times TBA

Big Brother Canada 7 (Scheduled For Twice a Week), Times TBA

Shows That Are Pending a Schedule: 

Amazing Race 31, Times TBA

Music City on CMT, Times TBA

Amazing Race 32, TBA?
                  Again, if I have to once again, I will update the schedule or timetable for you guys if I really have to, I feel bad I am all over the place but things do change and I appreciate my Alumni/Former team member looking out for me and have a lot of say when it comes to Chris B On The Web and it was one of my former team members that mentioned this to me today when I asked them and they mentioned it...  But that is what we could be looking at for a podcast timetable, I kept out the summer timetable until we know what the schedule is. Also I am hearing rumors about Amazing Race 32 is now in casting so it's on the list in question when it will happen. Either way this will be an exciting next year for the podcast and excited for the future of the podcast!


Sunday, September 2, 2018

Favorite Comedy Movies

              This is probably one of my favorite blog posts to write. I do enjoy these topics actually and if you guys have any ideas please let me know in the comments below or by contacting me via Social Media on Twitter or Instagram or by the contact page on here as well but I am open to listening to your suggestions and ideas as well! Anyways here is a list of my favorite comedy movies I have watched:

1) Liar, Liar- Love the craziness of the movie, the sarcasm in one of the scenes of the movie when Jim Carrey being sarcastic in the movie or just being completely insane which makes the movie even funnier then ever. I haven't watched this movie in a very long time and I should re watch it... I also like when he tells the guy on the phone to stop breaking the law... LOL....

2) Naked Gun Movies- Love how Leslie Nielsen is a bumbling fool in the movie from singing the National Anthem of the United States wrong to being an cop in jail, these movies are hilarious and never get old to me to watch over and over again!

3) Ace Ventura Movies- Grew up with these movies, one of my favorite lines from the movie is "And You Must Be The Monopoly Guy, thanks for the free parking" Also him singing Chitty, Chitty Bang, Bang as well.

4)  What About Bob- Bill Murray was a genius at this movie and it was one craziness after another and I love the older movies and this makes my list for sure.

5) Trains, Planes and Automobiles- John Candy, Steve Martin, such a crazy adventure from NY back to Chicago, taking trains, plane and automobiles. Also the infamous f bomb at the car rental place that I laugh every time. I make this an annual thing towards Thanksgiving every year, both Canadian and American Thanksgiving!

                There is my list of movies I have enjoyed and there are plenty of other movies that I could of listed but I am drawing a blank as I am writing this very late at night and I have to be up early in the morning but you get the idea what I mean and the movies I have watched and enjoyed as well. 


Saturday, September 1, 2018

My Favorite Horror Movies?

               I wasn't originally into the Horror Movies till I met one of my former staff who worked along with me during The Video Projects Team ERA and he got me into them and actually their not overall bad actually. I recently started watching a series of them and saw one for the very first time which was filmed here in my hometown which is really cool actually!  So without further ado, here is my list of movies that have made my list: 

1) Psycho- I have seen all 4 movies and loved them all even tho my former staff said the last 3 weren't great but I thought it was good and it tells a story from the first movie  to the end. The last movie I wasn't expecting the creepy Violins to play like when the girl died in the movie.... I definitely got the heebie jeebies for a split second!

2) Friday The 13th- I have only seen about 3 or 4 of the movies but plan on watching all of em down the road but really did enjoy the movies and very interesting story line as well. 

3) Halloween- Again another movie that I have only seen 2 - 3 of the movies of the series and I have to catch up soon as the reboot or the next movie comes out this fall and I want to get more familiar with it. Also I found out this was Jamie Lee Curtis's start in making movies. 

4) IT- I finally after himming and hawing over wanting or if to see the movie IT, the Remake of the movie, not the original movie, I finally broke down and watched the movie back in July and it was really good, creepy with the clowns but that is the bad guy in the movie. I am planning on seeing the original movie and also seeing IT 2 when it comes out next year in theaters! 

               That is my list, it isn't much but I have plans to actually see the movie "The Shining" with Jack Nicholson, yes it's an old movie but it is a plan. I need to continue on with Friday The 13th, Halloween and also see IT so when I got nothing better to do or bored, I will definitely have a movie day, especially when we have rainy days as we are getting more rain here recently which is nice to have and it gives the heat a break for us as well but the next rainy day, I will be on a movie marathon!