Thursday, May 31, 2018

High School Gym Class Throwback Thursday Story!

           High School, feels like a very long time since the days of High School. Honestly I miss school but I am now in my adult life trying to do something with my life which recently it sure as heck hasn't been an easy life that I have had but I am trying. So today's throwback story is me talking about my days in Grade 10 Gym class and yes Mr Plishka's class. A lot of memories with that class and I have a few throwback stories to tell. This one in particular is about the time I was split up into a specific team which always won when I was on the team. 

         So every now and then in Plishka's class we would split up the class into groups of 4 or 5 of us into teams and we would play the sport that is scheduled in our current unit we are doing at the time. However everytime I was with Billy, Nigel, Joel, and maybe one other classmate too. But whenever have this particular team put together we seem to always do extremely well where we end up winning the entire time which I felt like it was always rigged but it is what it is, he is the one that put the teams together, so he's the one to blame rigging the team I was on LOL! Just kidding.  Also one of the times I actually ended up getting a shutout on one of the indoor soccer tourneys we had during the class so it proves I can be a competitive person in sports.

            Anyways regardless it was a fun class to be in, Mr. Plishka made it a fun class to be in and also he also got me to push past my limits in Gym Class, which is another throwback Thursday for next week but let me know in the comments below if you would like to hear that story in next week's blog post and I will sure be willing to tell that story next week right here on my blog.

Have a great night!

Chris "The Media Man"

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Roseanne TV Show Reboot got cancelled?!

              Roseanne got cancelled, am I upset, yes of course I am, it was one of my favorite TV Shows from both the 90's and also the reboot of the show too. I know what Roseanne said was wrong (meaning the racist remark) and ABC had to do what they had to do but I know people are saying on social media, the apology was enough to move forward with season 2. Don't forget the network has a lot of say what happens to a show if such incident happens. I know the crew and also the cast lose their jobs but they will find other projects to work on I am sure.

               But yes the fans are clearly upset and I know because I am as a person too, but what is done is done but you never know maybe other networks will look past her mistakes and maybe take on the series, so anything is possible. There is Fox, their is even Netflix that could also take on the series if they chose to actually run it on their network. What I heard though is TV Land, CMT and a pile of networks have now pulled off the Re-Runs of the show and this isn't good. Also heard that she isn't on as good terms with the cast after this incident that has now occurred. 

                Finally I think it will not be back, which is sad but they sure made the right decision and like the saying goes: "Actions, Speak Louder Then Words." You guys can leave hate comments but please note if you do it will be erased and you will be banned from posting on the blog again in the nearby future. But it is a done deal and there is really nothing we the fans can do, well minus doing a petition which I have actually have seen and signed myself to show some support. If the networks that carried Roseanne that did reruns I think at this point of time the damage is done and with networks pulling re-runs of Roseanne, I think it is safe to say it will not be back anytime soon and I am truly disappointed as a fan of the show from the original series and the reboot as well because I really wanted to see what is to happen next on the show.


Sunday, May 27, 2018

What Can I Improve Operations @ Chris B On The Web Studios?

                I know this season was an appalling mess, very unorganized and unprofessional if you ask me. But I did the best I can to fix the situation and try and keep up but I know you guys were very understanding on some of the situation this season, but I want to do better and improve on my organizational skills and operations around this studio. So what can I do to improve?

1) Plan ahead of time, have a schedule that is actually going to work for me and this way the content is going to be out not the following week like this season ended up happening half the time during the season coverage. When out of town like I was this year, I need to re-schedule ahead of time as well and have an alternative day ready.

2) Holidays, that was the problem too, I wasn't ready to handle the holidays and the content at the same time, I need to utilize my calendar both on my phone, my computer and of course my calendar I have, the physical calendar I carry on the daily basis. 

3) Maybe schedule podcasts later, like 9 pm EDT? 8 pm seemed to not work in the past, so I think I need to adjust the times again as 8 pm isn't working out at this point I am going to change the scheduling around. 

4) Blog posts will have 2 theme days, First Monday of the month, Weight Loss update, and Thursdays, Throwback Thursday story.

                 So that it my plan moving forward with trying to improve things and making things run more efficiently and effectively, I do not want to disappointment you guys again and want to start making things up to you guys for the failure in production of the podcasts especially which has been a fail royally but in the end I am glad you guys stuck by me through the thick and thin of things. 😊 


Saturday, May 26, 2018

Toronto Blue Jays Rant for the Week

           Ok, time for a rant blog, not on any person in particular but the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team... Man this is one frustrating season for them, but also us the fans, the die hard fans. You want to see your team do very well, yes but don't forget the team has to have to have a stage in a season where they have to rebuild the team and yes we have had 2 amazing seasons. Players get older and slowing down, it is time to get younger players who can help us win games and hopefully a World Series. I know its been 20 odd years since our last world series victory! I am trying to be sensible in my post today and I am trying to lighten the mood with the fans as yes this is not the easiest season for us as we have no Bautisa, Tuloliski is still gone, we are up in arms of injuries this season, it doesn't help us whatsoever with us being successful. But these guys when they want to win they can win.

            However, yes there is an however to this post. Every time we are in the lead like last night we had a 6 - 1 Lead, but soon as the relief pitching came in, all hell broke loss, we started losing the lead, 6 - 3, 6 - 4, 6 - 5. Of course we managed to squeak in the win but I believe the bullpen is one of the key problems we have on the team, but not only the bullpen, it's our starters are having some problems this season, Estrada, Sanchez and why in the freakin world would they put in Biagini?! For crying out loud, haven't they learned he seems to screw things up for them. Honestly the trade Lirano for him was the biggest mistake they management made. I so wanna make a petition to get him the heck off the Jays ASAP... Happ and this new guy they got Sam Gaviglio whom they got in the trade, now they have done well it's the other starters. Honestly there will definitely be room for changes to be made in the very nearby future. 

             Finally, I think it is just time to finally trade Tulowitzki as he's been injured in the past year and I think he will not be back anytime soon. They said hes coming back but he is still not back... Feel like if there are non stop injuries maybe it is just time to trade or release players that are starting to drag the team down? It is just food for thoughts. What are your thoughts on how the Blue Jays are doing? Let me know in the comments below!


Friday, May 25, 2018

Explanation of The Website Gone Completely Down...

 have been dreading this for the last couple of days due to the fact the site is entirely down and honestly it is very frustrating to have a website that I have completely finished up and it was ready for launch which would of been a week from tomorrow but that is now cancelled, the entire re-launch is cancelled, because my website apparently was suspended without any reason, apparently I abused but no specific reason was given what abuse that I have done with the language was clean, I rarely swear on it... I am completely speechless this has happened and just do not know where to go at this point of time as it is still unknown where my head is at in the way of the website. I mean I could go back to 000webhost which they were loyal service to me and free, even though the website goes down for 1 hour a day and its usually during the night as it is a learners website but don't forget Hostinger and 000webhost are affiliates might be easier to do the transfer over at the end of the year with limited work that needs to be done. 

            Why was it suspended? It is beyond me why that happened and why I ended up being suspended but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel as I do got some news and you guys have to wait till Sunday's post. But yes I feel screwed over, after all the work I put into the site, this is the thanks I get? I was ready to pre launch it sooner then the actual Launch date but that isn't happening anytime soon as like I said the site got suspended and if you actually go to the domain is actually active but no visible site as of yet. So it means the website isn't dead yet and again announcement to come in the next few days with the news I am holding on. As for the suspension, I emailed them, pretty peeved off and told them please do not waste your time and email me back. I didn't abuse the site was not even up fully and 2 I was mad I wasted a month and a half of working on the website. So I have now not heard back from em and really I don't care if I did. I know what you're going to say that's not the right attitude to have, Chris. I agree but I need to do what's best for my website and also make you guys the most amazing Fans in the world happy at the same time. So that is my little bit of bad news and come Sunday I will have the announcement you guys have been waiting on since my absence on social media lately in the last couple of days as I may have not been active much.


Thursday, May 24, 2018

Tobermory: The Rough Boat Ride (Throwback Thursday Story)

          This throwback Thursday Story dates back to a few years ago like 2014 maybe 2015 at the most I was on my trip to Tobermory with my dad, so we decided we're going to do our usual and go to Flower Pot Island. Now going to the island the water wasn't rough whatsoever going there and we had a great time at the island but coming back was not nice feeling as it was so much rougher then usual. Now they originally when we got on going there they gave up ponchos to wear so we wouldn't get wet and on the way home, I wore the poncho to ensure I was to remain dry as I had a camera with me, this could of been in the last many months or year as a YouTuber at the time and I was capturing moments of my holiday for the channel.

               The ride back itself was bumpy as ever can be and a lot of splashing into the boat. I had to hold on with dear life to make sure I didn't go over board but I am sure they didn't let that happen to us and make sure we were safe on the trip back to the main land. I thought we were going to be stuck on the island but we probably would end up on a cruise boat as it is bigger and able to handle the waves more then a little Zephyr Zodiac boat as you can see in the picture above. I wasn't dry, I was wet head to two and even my clothes underneath were damp as well so it wasn't a pleasant feeling of being wet from this but it was an adventure and a half that I will never forget. It was a fun day regardless of the rough water.


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Entertainment Man Talk Show Would of Turned 10 Years Old Today!

                Today would of marked 10 years since The Entertainment Man Talk Show started it's crazy adventure. Yes it is very sad to think almost a week and a bit marks 3 years since the series went from on a high note to a very low note as Larry and I wrapped up our very last episode taping ever in the history of the show not knowing it's future till June the very next year when the show went from on another hiatus to being completely cancelled and lost all episodes of Season 5 & 6. 

                Yes it still feels very much raw and there are days where I feel sad and feeling down. The reason is because I am thinking of the old show, the memories that I made with my friends, the laughs, the drama on set, but I will take what I learned as a YouTuber and take it to the Chris B On The Web and the way Operations run here in this one man studio of a studio now. I have spoken to my alumni about a mini reunion and it's going to happen hopefully this fall at some point and hopefully the studio is fixed up and looking better then before without the holes in the wall unit right across the wall. I am not making this get together a big deal but it is a way to celebrate the series success within the 4 seasons that are still out there to this day. I have said it before and I will say it again, I do miss my old YouTube life and the show all together but I am quite content with what I am up to this day now.

              Memories I have that will never go away, that is something I will always have for the rest of my life. I wish the series went the full stretch to the 10 year mark like I had planned originally but if it wasn't for certain 2 people quitting, the show probably more then likely would of continued on but yet Everything About Reality TV Wouldn't be at where it's at to this actual day. But I cannot thank the Team I had throughout it's 7 year's of it's long run of a web series, they helped me with the filming and production of the series, without them non of the episodes would be taped. 


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Having Trouble Re-Adjusting To A Lighter Schedule

                 As it has been 2.5 weeks since Big Brother Canada ended, i have not gotten out of game mode since the season finished...  My mind is still is in game mode where I have to get podcasts out Thursday and Friday's but that's not the case now, I should be in Survivor mode up to the end of the week as the finale is this week and Season 6 is a wrap for my podcast and I am Officially off the clock for actual scheduled Podcasts. I will be starting off season podcasts and there will be plenty of em to come during the off season, one of em with Larry as you probably can hint from my Instagram posts from time to time. 

                Now back to the fact it has been almost 3 weeks now since BB Canada has ended and I am still an appalling mess trying to figure out what the heck to do with my extra time and I think I have found things to do. The website which was put on hiatus due to the podcasting schedule getting in the way of things. However I have to try and stay productive with Chris B On The Web and I have. The website has been completed, the first round of BETA Testing is done, waiting on the final round of testing to come. But in the way of podcast content, I am just feeling bored without doing 2 or 3 podcasts a week. I need my podcast fix, you know what I mean? I am just not use to having free time on my hands anymore as TV Show's are now slowly wrapping up, I will have tons of time on my hands and have to use my time wisely!

                Finally I have to be patient during this time of transition and change for me and I think I am doing OK, but I could really do a bit better at the level of transition from 3 podcasts to 2 then to 1 then down to 1 maybe every second week, maybe every week at the most for the off season podcast but transition is something I have to learn to get better at and that is for tomorrow's blog post as this one has inspired another post for tomorrow. 

Have a great day!


Monday, May 21, 2018

Do I Listen To My Own Podcasts After Being Record?

             This topic really hasn't been brought up by anyone, this is my own idea to talk about it in the blog post as I really didn't think about it much lately till I was on my own Audio ONLY Feed on Friday morning when this idea came to my mind and I thought it is a good topic to actually talk about for once as it has never been brought up on here before.  So today's question on the blog is do I listen to my own podcasts after they go up? 

             The answer to that is NO. I do not have much time during this season to listen to my own content but also I don't need to hear what I said during the time I recorded the episode and it is not hard to remember what I said, however I'd love to listen back to one with Larry in particular as we have a good conversation during the podcast but yes I would like to look back at an episode and see what I did and I got plenty of episodes to listen to... Actually 124 episodes at this point of time to be actually politically correct. However I would like to actually listen to an episode and this week I want to aim at actually sitting down and listening to the podcast for once. 

               There is a reason behind why I would listen to it, is to hear and write down what I could do better and I am always tweaking things with the podcast and the Audio is getting better just need to work on the beginning of the podcast and I am going to work on it when the season is up and get that one little tweak so that is one of the reason why I would listen to the podcast, just to help me figure out what do I need to do to improve the podcasts and honestly, I there is no much to improve on the podcast and only one thing, so I will definitely do that. Also the quality of the content is another reason as well. Plus I would like to hear what I did but again my schedule can get very busy most of the time but I want to try and listen to one of my podcasts in the nearby future. 


Sunday, May 20, 2018

Behind The Scenes of Being a Podcaster

              Today's blog post is the conclusion of the behind the scenes in the Entertainment industry and obviously I am talking about the behind the scenes of being a podcaster and what happens the day before, the day just before recording happens and after the podcast is recorded. Again this is definitely a lengthy process but there is definitely some time off between more then I had when I was still on YouTube at the time. 

               Obviously the day of the TV Show is on air I will watch the TV Show, take notes about the Reality TV Show, and pretty much from there I take the notes I have and use them in the actual episode of Everything About Reality TV. The next phase is the day of recording, now the prep before a recording is adding in the introduction which I run the introduction while talking over the intro at a specific part which if you are an avid listener of my podcast you know what I mean by that. Just before I record, I tend to play some tunes in the studio while I do the final prep before actually recording an episode. Of course the next phase is to actually record the podcast which can take up to 20 - 30 minutes, sometimes 50 minutes to an hour, depends on the show I am covering and mind you I do not mind doing a 50 minute to an hour. It's actually ton of fun to do. 

               The second last step in behind the scenes which I sometimes talk about over on Instagram is the editing process which can take up to an hour up to a few hours depending on the length but I don't mind, I get to hear bits and piece and I will talk about it if I listen to the podcast or not on the next blog post but the editing process can take some quite time but in the end it is a very good quality podcast in the long run and it gets a good number of people listening to it. The final step is posting it up on and (when the site is operational) and doing the PR work behind it to promote the podcast. Finally it is a lot of steps but in the end it is worth all the hard work that goes into every single episode each and every week or few times a week.


Saturday, May 19, 2018

Would of Been 10 Years On YouTube This Year!

               This year would of marked 10 years on YouTube platform but I was short by 2.5 years short from celebrating 10 years on the platform. Yes I realize I have been making videos before January 31st, 2008. I was active making videos outside the platform from December 9th, 2005 till that date. But 10 years is a long time and I wish I stayed on to celebrate the 10 years but I didn't.  I made so much content made over the 8 years but I could of continue with Everything About Reality TV, but again I went with my gut instinct and listened to my heart. But to create so much content, it was rewarding within itself to go back and look back at the videos I have made. 

                If I can remember, my first ever video that I put up that I took down was the 2nd episode of Durham Entertainment Today's first season which I got NO clue why I took it down. Maybe the fact the drama behind the scenes, I felt ashamed, I was trying to hide the fact not all was peachy on set. But after that the fun began with The Entertainment Man Talk Show and I will never forget how much fun. The laughter that happened on set, the fun. I can picture everything in my head as I am typing this post up. I can say, taping that series there was so much joking around, laughing and yes Cursing! LOL. It was such a pleasure  to meet so many different people, talking with my regulars who commented on my videos regularly. 

               Where would I be if still on YouTube? Probably Everything About Reality TV would have a place on the platform. I probably have to keep it family friendly as the facts of the family friendly content and the adpocolypse so it would still be hard. I would actually still record the podcast on Audio ONLY in case YouTube decided they had enough of me and boot me off the platform. I would make sure to have all the copies of the video. But 10 year down the line, I probably end up continuing on with the podcast or making a total separate account for the podcasts at least but would of loved to stay on to see the 10 year mark actually happen. 10 years is amazing journey but it wasn't for YouTube, Everything About Reality TV wouldn't be going so strong I am proud how things have gone and I have YouTube to thank for my podcast's beginning back on September 24th, 2015.


Friday, May 18, 2018

Behind The Scenes In The Entertainment Industry! (YouTube)

                   Today I want to talk about Behind The Scenes in the entertainment industry. I am doing a 2 part blog post as I have been through different types of the entertainment industry online, YouTube which I will be talking about today and of course what I am doing in this current day, podcasting. Two different industries but excited to talk about both in this post and tomorrow's post as well. 

                    YouTube, seems like something I haven't done in ages now. It has been almost 2 years since my last ever video I ever made. It was fun days to make videos and see the reaction from you guys was so amazing. For those who don't know, The Entertainment Man Talk Show ran a long time, about 6 years not including the hiatus that took place between Fall 2010 and Summer 2012. It was a very successful series but it got a little stale after a while as it the ideas started to go downhill and the views went downhill, it was clearly time for change and with the way YouTube was heading, it was a good move to get off the platform. However behind the scenes there are different parts, planning, getting ideas together, get a script or discussion topics to talk about and I introduced myself to cue cards and it became very effective. The next part was the filming. It could take up to 45 minutes to record depending on the episode and how long breaks were when I added in the chimerical breaks between segments. Now between the filming, I am putting fluids in my body to make sure my throat doesn't get dry and trust me I drink enough water during the shoot of a video. The way we had it setup we had the intro track which I can hear the theme in my head from time to time.  Now also between the filming I also gave, Eric, Dave, Brent, Larry instructions for the next segment, so I played the director role as well as the Exec Producer and Host I had tons of roles on the show besides the host. I pretty well did everything on the series. But the other team I had were my dream team back in the day, I had to also rely on them as well. Usually on set there was about 2 - 3 of us that did on the set related stuff. Now behind the scenes, it takes me hours to edit an episode of The Entertainment Man Talk Show I will usually wait till the next day to start editing but sometimes I start to edit right off the bat. But usually the next day when I was in the world of vlogging my life every single day.

                      That is what typically happens behind the scenes for the prep of an episode, on the day of filming and behind the scenes of the editing of an video. It was truly a lot of work to do behind the scenes but in the end it was worth all the hard work for people to see what think of the episode once it is posted up on YouTube. I truly did enjoy my time as a YouTube but I am now much happier as a Podcaster and I will be talking about it on Sunday's blog post. 


Thursday, May 17, 2018

Bus Malfunctioning On The Way Back Home (Throwback Thursday Story)

             Last week, on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018, I was on my way home from running errands for Chris B On The Web (CBOTW) and we got half way to where I get off to walk back to the studio or the house and the bus kneeling wouldn't un-kneel if that's even a word? LOL.... Anyways it wouldn't go back after kneeling down. So the driver tried everything, the dispatch told him to manual reboot the battery then it worked apparently but then another problem occurred the stupid middle door wouldn't close... I started to get pissed off as I had to take a very important call from Larry on Discord pertaining to the Big Brother Canada Finale which was 2 days away from the time we had the discussion.  Then I started to laugh at the situation, so I went from pissed off to in a goofy mood. The bus driver said "This bus makes no frickin sense" I can notice the sarcasm from him and sense of humor as well. 

             On the way home the middle doors was still being a pain in the butt with it taking it's sweet bugger all time closing which got better. However we got closer back to this end and the door wouldn't open at all. People started using the front door instead and I started to think hmmm... Should I do the same? So I said screw it! I went to the front when I got off I told the driver, I am not taking a damn risk with the middle door. He laughed. I wished him luck with dealing with 8169 the rest of his wish. He said people will make fun of him the rest of the day, I just laughed. He made the situation just funnier then it really seems. Yes it was a frustrating situation, but the driver made it into a funny situation. Hope you guys enjoyed this little story and I figured I had to tell you guys this story on the blog and I like doing throwback Thursday stories on the blog and plan on doing more in the nearby future! 


Wednesday, May 16, 2018

How Do You Trust Someone?

            Trust is hard sometimes, you think you can trust someone but they screw you over so many times, you have to start thinking are they truly your friend at this point? I have been thinking about this for quite sometime with friendships being tested and really makes me think, maybe it is time to move on? I am a very good and dedicated friend but sometimes I feel like I am always the one that calls or texts. Also the fact I haven't hung out with them since January/February really is making me think, maybe they are not truly my friend? Trust is really hard to come by with me and the reason is because of my past of having a team from 2005 - 2017 trust is hard to come by with me these days but if you can have my trust it is a good thing. I am very Leary of trusting people especially someone who keeps on messing up.  

            I can trust people but to a certain point where I have to put my foot down and make a decision if their really my friend or not and trust me the decision is no easy at times but I have to make the right one, not the wrong one. Sometimes the right choice is the right decision and you have to trust your gut instinct. There a few things you should do to trust someone. One is will they always be there for you? Will they wanna hangout with you? Spend time with you? I haven't felt that kind of vibe with one of my friends and unsure what my next move right now. I am kind of playing it by ear right now see what happens in the next 11 hours but I am NOT playing games especially this happening non stop with the bickering that is another piece of advice to not always give em chances after chances, because it will just become a problem and that is what I am going through at the moment and it sucks to go through trust issues with someone. Yes I may be stubborn as a mule from time to time but I am trying to make the right decisions these days not the wrong decisions.

               I hope this helps you guys with trying to trust someone or anyone in general, it isn't easy but you just have to go with your gut feelings and try and listen to what is in your mind and hope it is the right decision.  As an adult it is still difficult but yes I am in my early 30's but don't forget I have autism it can be quite harder to make the decision. However I am trying my best to make the right choices in my life. Anymore question please feel free to ask or send me an email


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Website Coding Done!

                     After weeks of working on my ailing website, it is done officially! I can rest easy till Thursday, that's when all the craziness begins with the CLOSED Open BETA Testing and testing for the bugs and glitches happening on the website before I end up with an Open BETA Testing and yes I am doing both closed and opened this way everyone can be involved with this testing phase. It has been such a crazy adventure with it's ups and downs over the last month or two but the craziness is about to end and actually I like the new and improved website and I made a couple of changes as you will notice when the Site's opened for both days, you will see what it looks like. I am not making anymore major changes to the website, however, if it needs a tad tweak I will certainly be doing that.

                      My website has certainly evolved over the years and looks bigger and better then what I had back in 2014 before I even had the domain for my website. It has so much content it's certainly unreal to look at all the pages on the website compare when I started Everything About Reality TV on the Audio ONLY Platforms. So the Closed BETA Testing will be this Thursday, May 17th, Friday, May 18th & Saturday, May 19th, 2018 then the site will be under maintenance again. Then by next week by Tuesday or Wednesday I will Announce the Open BETA Testing to everyone on the world wide web which more then likely be a day or two later. Once that's done site is down for final maintenance and fixing bugs on the website then it opens on the date I mentioned on Social Media, June 1st, 2018. 

                        Am I excited for the website to re-open? Of course! It has been a very successful adventure so far and I am ready to continue on to grow. But with growth comes the growing pains. What do I mean? Well come November, expires then the future of my website will be changing. No I am not permanently shutting the site down, no I'm not quitting, I know some of my haters would love to see that but it is not happening anytime soon! I will be moving to a more permanent home for my website and I will have to end up re code the entire site but there may be a way to make the switch without any hassle and I will be contacting this new provider in the coming days as it is on my list of 1,000,000 things to do but I want to ask a few questions. More details to come in the upcoming months! Anyways I am excited for it to be back even if it is on a temporary provider till 2019 but it will have to do for right now and I am sure you guys are ready for the return of the website to take place in the coming weeks.


Monday, May 14, 2018

YouTube Is Broken....

           All right, I did not want to end up ranting again about YouTube once again but last week I noticed that YouTube is broken. I am getting notifications on a video from a channel I am subscribed from that was posted up days or a week or so ago. Like what the heck YouTube? Why are you sending me notifications for videos posted up days or weeks ago when I probably, more then likely have seen the video? I know the system is really odd but it is just getting ridiculous. 

           I still love YouTube but I shouldn't be getting notifications for videos that I have seen, I am not sure why but it is hard to decipher this problem and as I am writing this post, I just got a notification from May 3rd 6 days later from when it was posted up. Makes no sense does it? Like I already watched the video, YouTube does not need to remind me to watch it when I already 1 step ahead of it all.It is annoying, honestly to see a video I've already seen. Feels like YouTube is trying to clickbait me to watch it again, I mean yes if I enjoyed it, I'd re-watch it again and yes I have done that in the past and would watch it once again but there is no need YouTube to send me notification to the videos I have or have not seen. I know YouTube has had their share of problems in the past couple of years but like come on, enough is enough with the issues.

             I will show my love but I am starting to be annoyed by this problem being a regular occurrence, everyday or every couple of days now I am getting random notifications saying a video from one of the channels that I am subscribe to and of course I click on it, thinking it's new but I look at the date, it's from like anywhere 1 - 6 days ago... Trust me it makes me boil inside to get notifications to videos I've watched already. I just dunno how much longer YouTube will be around unless they fix this problem and fast. Only time will tell, because I truly still love watching videos on YouTube, it is just so frustrating to have this problem happen. 


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Chris B On The Web Events 2018

                Good Morning! In today's blog post, I will be talking about the events, I am planning for this year and I realize I should of posted it up before the Maple Fest last week but it was a last minute decision to go to it but I will include it in the schedule this year. Without further ado, here is this years schedule and trust me I am really excited:

May 5th, 2018: Maple Festival In Bowmanville, Ontario

June 15th, 2018: Food Truck Friday, Bowmanville, Ontario

July 1st, 2018: Canada Day Celebration (May Be At a Special Location, cough cough vacation)

September 15th, 2018:  Ukrainian/Polish Festival 2018

October 2018 (Exact Date TBA): Autism Celebration 2018 (As long Kerry's Place is doing the event)

November 2018 (Exact Date To When Going TBA): The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Exhibition Place, Toronto, Ontario

November 17th, 2018: Oshawa Santa Claus Parade 2018

December 1st, 2018: Port Perry Santa Claus Parade 2018

                 That is the scheduling for for this year, as you can tell in the schedule I have added back the Autism Celebration 2018, I am back bigger and better then better then ever before for that event. Also I am planning on going back to the Port Perry Santa Claus Parade this year as well. It is exciting trying out a different event and it is what I do when the weather is nice outside but also going back to an event which dates back to the original roots of Chris B On The Web so hope you guys enjoy all the events I have scheduled for this year and there is always room for growth! 


Friday, May 11, 2018

How I Try and Stay Positive

         I know I have covered and touched base on this subject before and I want to approach this a bit different then usual. As you know the site has been the biggest on going problem for me to getting up and running again and I want to talk about how I am keeping a positive attitude with my site getting on my last nerves. I am trying to keep a positive attitude with the site work starting to drag me down. I need to remain positive and enthusiastic during this process, it is a very, very long process and it will be a long process between now and 2019 as this move to the new provider for right now, it's not permanent. At least as I figure for now. I am trying to remain positive with the IP blocker tool erasing the bans I put on the website and I already notified the provider of the issue, but more then likely I will be moving to the new provider, this is only temporary till end of the year when I start the re-build process begins and move to the permanent home for good. No more problems whatsoever as of January 2019.

           I however am starting to show, more and more patience and positivity. I realize it comes in handy to have, especially with the site taking such a very long time to build again but soon it is coming back with positivity and patience. There is no real reason to stay negative as it will not get you anywhere in life especially.Being positive also is part of being patience, that will help you in the long run as well as well. How do I stay positive? I try to turn the negative into a positive thought or thoughts that will help me. Being negative is not a good thing, just makes the situation harder to stay positive, it just keeps on piling up negative after negative and just makes the situation much more tougher to come out of. So yes turn the negatives into a positive. Also problem solving the situation first so it helps before the negativity comes into play. Also attitude is another part of staying attitude. I know in the last month or so, my attitude towards has not been the greatest and attitude comes a long way to staying positive. Good Attitude, positivity and patience are the 3 basic things that keeps me in that positive mind of frame. Also you won't go far with being negative whatsoever, you will not feel motivated and that is how I was for a while, not motivated to get things done.

            I hope this makes somewhat some sense to you guys and helps you understand how I am trying to stay positive and IF you are not being positive try my advice above. Mind you I am not a professional at this topic but hey any advice is good advice I think. Over the last 4 months I have been in a more positive mood as there is stuff to get done. I am now in my happy place, I will talk about that in a different blog post hopefully next week. Thank you for reading today's blog post or any of my posts and have a great rest of your day!.


Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Day Larry Flipped Off The Camera...

          I will never forget this day and it is kind of appropriate for a Throwback Thursday Story as Larry and I are under the same roof for the next 24 hours for the Big Brother Canada 6 Finale and this is only fitting to bring Larry into the picture as both him and I have spoken about him flipping off the camera during  a filming of my web series.

           So this goes back to The Entertainment Man Talk Show seasons 5 or 6, it is hard to remember, I believe it was the Finale for Season 5 actually as it was the last episode of the 5th season which is now a loss season along with Season 6 as well. I did my final sign off which mind you I plan on going back to my old sign off on my podcasts like the old days as it was a popular sign off for me. Anyways I did my sign off and Larry and he came into the camera with his drink as he decided to flip off the camera. At first I was pissed with him the fact he gave the middle finger so I wasn't one bit happy whatsoever. Now you're going to ask me, Chris why didn't you re shoot the final closing? We did it in one take and I didn't know he flipped off the camera until it was placed up onto YouTube and I replayed it on YouTube myself. I was like oh crap, he really did that didn't he? It was too late as it was already published on YouTube.

             Did we get into trouble with YouTube? No, we were lucky to get away with it actually. We got no comments whatsoever mentioning Larry's action on the camera as we tried to keep the episodes clean and appropriate for YouTube. Looking back at this situation and memory of the episode that is now lost forever as I never saved any episodes whatsoever. But I have some regrets not watching back the clips as I edited and I should of always look back at what was filmed before releasing it publicly as I did not want to offend you guys in anyway shape or form so it was a major mistake I made and I think if that was on YouTube now, it would probably be labeled as not family friendly content and would be restricted on the platform. So I now know to edit the content before posting up any podcast/interview or blog contents.


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Yes I Still Around The YouTube Community!

              First of all yes! I am still around the YouTube Community even though I am now closing into 2 years since I left the platform as a content creator.  However I am still active on YouTube as a fan, I cannot comment on videos as I do not have an active channel however I can like videos that I enjoy watching but I am still around YouTube since I walked away from the platform as a content creator. I still get to enjoy my favorite creators such as KidBehindACamera, McJuggernuggets, Boogie2988, Daym Drops and so for. I had a goal in my mind to remain a loyal subscriber to those whom I am subscribed to. I've noticed I have subscribed to a few other YouTubers who are well known in the community, while also subscribed to a few Big Brother Canada former Houseguests, Kevin Martin, Pili, Peter and also Bruno as well. 

               I may not be putting out content to you guys on YouTube since I am now Podcasting on Audio ONLY and also this blog that you guys are reading right now, I have come to terms that my time with YouTube has come to an end and I am very much happier where I am to this day. Still being a part of the community it made me realize I left at the right time and I am happy I left when I did but I am there but more in spirit as I cannot really show it by comment but can show it by slapping a like to the videos I watch and enjoy. 

             Since my departure from YouTube, it has changed so much since I left, the Adpocalypse, the Family Friendly content, YouTube has changed so drastically and I thought it was always about the creators but seems now it seems to be about the advertising on videos. I can understand all that has gone on with the platform but it is different from when I started back on January 31st, 2008 which yes I realize this year it has been 10 years on YouTube officially and I never really spoken about 10 years on YouTube but that will be on a separate post later on this week. Finally I will never forget the people I met, the amazing supporters and fans I had on the platforms, the haters, the jealous people. It was home to one of the most amazing series I created and I will never forget that ever for the rest of my life.


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

How Do I Deal With Pain?

                 I would like to start this blog post with, you guys know I have been dealing with back spasms lately on both sides of my back so, how do I deal with pain, it doesn't matter where the pain is but how do I deal with it in general? Well I will tell you I have a pillow behind my back ever since I had spasms. Also I will take Tylenol which does help me with the pain when it gets bad but recently it has been better then it was back in the early half of last month. Also for the muscle or spasms as I got right now, I used either Icy Blue or A535  for the pain, also if I do not use the rub stuff which I am not suppose to use the rub stuff and the heating pad but on it's own I use where it goes in your chair, it has the heat and massage feature which actually did help with it as well. 

               Finally in this short blog post for today, I also started at the start of the month of April exercises, like the Pelvic tilt, Knee Curl and what not and it helps a lot with the pain and the pain has subsided and it only hurts with getting off the ground now and off my bed so exercising 2 - 3 times a day and it helps me with the pain in the back not a pain in the butt.... LOL. But exercise is good to do, especially when you have muscle pains or spasm, it helps to stretch out the muscles and get them elasticized and moving again. When i exercise I try to do it Morning and the evening. and if I have time to add in the afternoon for exercises as well to ensure I get them done. That is how I deal with pain and I am sorry if this is a very short and sweet post but I found this post hard to write. 


Monday, May 7, 2018

Bowmanville Maple Fest 2018!

              Yesterday, I got to go to the Maple Fest in Bowmanville with my dad before I spent time with my niece and nephew and I always go to this event every year, I believe I did not go last year but made up for it this year. Today also marked this as the first local event or event in Ontario this year. There is plenty of more events to come and I will be announcing it at the start of next week to the events I will be attending this year in the way of Chris B On The Web related. 

              So first impressions were I was excited to be going back to events just because I love to blog about it, the adventures, what I saw, what there is to do. We got there, there was the fire truck displayed and what a fire truck it was! It really has changed since the first ever fire truck came out back in the day! Of course we saw a fire truck coming our way probably was heading to a call and it wasn't red, it looked like a black fire truck and I thought the fire trucks are suppose to be red? Maybe it was too far away from us where we were standing at the time.                         

They also had vendors as well, lamps, they had entertainment in two areas of the street, one in the middle and at the east end of the event as well. I took a picture but I don't think it turned out very well but I managed to try and get a picture but I didn't see it when I processed the pictures but I will look through the images again to see. There was food too, BBQ, Hot dogs, sausages. My dad and I have a Potato Tornado which is potatoes on a stick. Can have Sea Salt, Buffalo flavored, sour cream or Dill. Was delicious to eat and I wanna try the sour cream flavor as I  am one for sour cream when I eat my potatoes, baked potatoes mainly. So I definitely will try that next time we have a tornado potato. When I look at it, it does look like a tornado when you look at the stick from the top to the bottom of the stick. Yes I snapped the stick in half after I was finished eating.

Finally I enjoyed my time at the Maple Fest and looking forward to the next one which is the Food Truck  which is the day before the Old Car Festival which is in June, the date for the Food Truck Friday, June 15th, 2018 and I will be attending it this year, however the old car festival will be a no go but there is other car festival here in Oshawa coming this summer to look forward to going to, so I am not worried at all about missing it but I loved going to the Bowmanville one because of the old Edsel Car but it is what it is and I just gotta deal with it.


Saturday, May 5, 2018

How I Work Hard To Be Successful!

              I know sometimes success can be taken away from you at times of stress and panic but to be successful, you gotta work hard and gotta grind and that is what I have been doing is grinding hard to get caught up in the content you guys either every day or every week, depending what content comes out and whether it is scheduled or not. But you have to work hard, grind, grind, grind, even with the going gets tough, just keep on going, do not stop or give up. Giving up is not a good thing, trust me, I ended up giving up and look at where that took me, so far behind on the podcast I kind of gave up and giving up is not a good idea, look at what happened, I ended trying to catch up this week towards the end of the week. With Finale week beginning less then 24 hours from now, I gotta make sure to post up the Big Brother Canada RECAP today at the most. 

              To gain a follower ship or a good fan base like I have, you have to work hard, gotta promote your content each and every time you post up content you have to do the PR work behind it. What I do is give a far warning like a 1 hour warning till the content comes out or the exact time it goes up. I also take advantage if I have to run out to do errands or have an appointment or in bed when content goes out late, I use the scheduling feature on Twitter and is the only time I will use the feature, 99.9% of the time I am posting up things live minus if I am in bed early or out on errands or at an appointment, I find it good tool to have especially if I am on a very busy day and I tend to forget to post up the content links, whoops! I was given advice from someone who told me PR is the most important thing when it comes down to promoting content.

               The final point I would like to make is try and make a schedule when your content comes out, so your fan base knows when the content is out on time and yes I realize I am off schedule myself but working hard to get it out on time on schedule. But scheduling is key, especially if you want to keep the fan base happy and not lose fans over content being up late.... Cough, cough I am a prime example but I am sure if your fans are understanding, I know you guys who read this blog and understand my recent circumstances. If you are going to be away like I was in April, you gotta get a make up schedule made or work around being away this way you do not miss the content going out and have it posted up the following week. Hope this advice helps you guys out and feel free to ask questions in the comments below, I will be sure to answer them and never know I may do a follow up. 

Have a great day!


Thursday, May 3, 2018 Update

           You're all wondering, why the hell is the site taking so long to re-launch Did I quit rebuilding it? Is the project on hold? Was it scrapped? Well I will answer it with a No, it is still being worked on, it is just slower then usual. The website is not scrapped or on hold or I quit the re-building process. Let me tell you there are two of us fixing the site behind the coding of the website and like I said in yesterday's blog post, I was behind on podcasts and let me say after yesterday I am officially caught up to the Friday episode. The schedule I have each and every week it just not allow me to have time to record right now.  

             Like I said from the get go, that I have no timeline to the re-launch of the site as I have said time and time again, the podcasts is what takes the longest time to put together, each and every season, has so many episodes that need to be placed back onto the website. So right now, I cannot even tell you how much longer the site will take as I am probably at least, almost half way, maybe half way now, I would think I am about near or at the half way mark at this point of the process. Also I have been testing, as each and every page is done, making sure of the SEO is set up the way I want it to look. So between the coding process, I am constantly testing closed site and I have opened the website a bit, I won't lie, I have been teasing you guys and I have probably said it time and time again that I have opened the website. For those who have seen the site open a tad, hope you like the tease of what the site will be when it is fully opened and up and operating. Please do note I am back with my former provider 000webhost, I transferred the site work back there due to the IP Bnanning tool does not work on the other provider so I am back on 000webhost and yes the site will be asleep but it will go down for an hour a day as of 3 am EST. Come January I will be moving over to the more permanent home for CBOTW.

             What is going to happen when the site is finished? Well I was thinking of a closed BETA Testing to my former Moderators of the group, so they can help me with finding bugs and problems on the site. Then the site will closed again for fixing any of the bugs on the website, followed by a 12 hour Open BETA for one more quick session to test again, then the site will be closed up for the final bug fixes before the site re-launch is officially announced and the countdown begins then finally the site launches and I will fix any of the site issues on the fly once launched if any do occur or you guys find any, please report them to


Wednesday, May 2, 2018

I Truly Need To Be More Organized With Everything Involving CBOTW!

               I haven't been ever since just before Easter, not the most organized person in the entire world recently, however, I am wanting to rectify all of the issues and lack of organization fixed and fast, I do not want to lose the fan base whatsoever and this year I have had tons of love and support this year so far so I know you guys are being patient and yes I am still new to the podcasting world but this is ridiculous of being not on schedule. I will explain a few of my faults.

              First fault I would like to note is when the week leading up to Easter Sunday, I was away from the studio quite a lot over the course of the week and I didn't schedule things too well. I could of released Survivor in the late Afternoon, which I was suppose to but I didn't. Next was the Big Brother Canada 6 RECAP, I had to re schedule with being away in Toronto and was aiming at Saturday afternoon to record and non of that was done. The next fault I made, was the week I was out of town at the Big Brother Canada Live Eviction which I cannot talk about production (Sorry!) but I was away for that and I just didn't recover from it since. Also note that was the time I was dealing with my back woes which you guys know a lot about by now, that has been a factor in  the scheduling has been extremely poor and I understand your frustration over it. Let me say I stayed up all night last night during the night to just get things done and plus I just couldn't sleep as I had a lot on my mind. Yes a lot of the things on my mind, is the website, being behind on podcasts, getting blog posts out, getting ready for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers so there is a lot going on in my head 24/7.

               My first thing I want to fix the scheduling with the podcast as it was a mess and content out on time is my number priority from anything else with Chris B On The Web and hopefully by end of this week, I will have accomplish that goal with being on schedule as I enter the Finale Week for Everything About Reality TV Big Brother Canada 6 Recaps and I am planning to record this morning, edit as much as I can this morning, finish up when I get home then up in the evening before I am in bed. Then Thursday morning, back to the regular routine tomorrow morning with Survivor Ghost Island, lets hope lets me uploads. Then Friday morning recording it it goes up in the evening then next week is a new week! That is my plan and I plan to stick to it and start fixing what I have messed up little over a month ago.


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

I Need To Be More Patient With Everything!

           I know I am a very inpatient person at time, especially right now with the recent website delay of the rebuild and i know it feels like a freakin month which I believe it is close to a month now since I initiated the site to make a return. The part that takes forever is the amount of the podcast episodes I have done in a very, very short time. I know you guys know I am very heavily involved with the operations of both Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Show, well you know I am the Executive Producer of both podcasts, so I have a heavy say what goes on. 

          I know I have been hyping up the return of the website quite a lot and teasing you guys with opening the site partially to give you all an idea what it is going to look like with the new Grey Background of the website. I have had a bit of help but with them recently quitting, I am now back on my own to do all the dirty work of the website.  I know it is quite a lot going on with both the podcasting and blogging world between working on the site, but i have to realize, the blogs and podcasts come first as content is what keeps you guys happy and content each and everyday and you love to hear what I think of things and trust me over the next 2 days, I got 2 great blog posts that have to tie into this topic today. 

          Yes I have to be patient through this very, very long process of building the website, there will be coding, then testing, coding, more testing, its a repetitive process and i wish I can launch one page at a time but I rather have a fully re-built website before I actually launch but yes I started to tease you guys with the website open a tad. I am giving you guys a taste. But patience is very essential this time around as I probably have mentioned on Social Media, the Late Winter/Spring are the busiest times on the year for me in the way of podcasting as I not only cover the actual episodes of Big Brother Canada but the live feeds as well, so I am working double shift 16 - 18 hours of everyday and sometimes it is hard to sleep at night too but podcasts and the blog posts come first in my books before the site being fixed up but I am working hard on the site, it will take sometime but I gotta remember, Patience is a Virtue or slow and steady wins the race (Even though I am not racing to get it done!)