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Friday, August 12, 2022

End of The Week Updates [08-12-2022]

                 Another week has come to an end and time for another end of the week updates! A lot has transpired and got a ton of things done this week with some problems that came around with disrespectful behaviour towards my podcast but I will get into it:

Small Rant:  I am appalled the behaviour with the way my logos are being brought down, saying it's not "professional" when it is. The colours represent ChrisBOnTheWeb and the red Maple Leafs, represents the  fact I'm Canadian and I have every right. It is very professional and I wanted a simple thing. Now the fact their putting down the way I am putting titles and the title of the channel well, too bad I ain't changing it that is the name of the podcast and is not being changed whatsoever. This channel is new, been around for many months and slowly growing and I'm in the green with growth and I can say that and I will be addressing the analytics for the channel and ChrisBOnTheWeb too. Same situation as before saying the amount of followers well again, the fan page is growing and it is practically 6 months old so I am not going to repeat myself cause I do not want to sound like a repetitive person but Facebook Page is new, we moved from group to Fan Page so give us a chance.It takes time to grow and I am growing my audience.  Any negativity and putting down the content or imagery will result in a perma block/ban. Will not tolerate this anymore and the last time I will even bring this up in the future.

Entertainment Man Podcast Next Two Weekends: As you know I am going away next week and will be on vacation with my dad and sounds like we will be indeed going away next week so the episodes Sunday and the following Sunday are pre-recorded so I do not have to worry about rushing through to get it up and posted up for you guys. Also there will be no premiere those weekends but I will be around for comments. 

Power Rangers Collab: I am hoping by the end of this weekend, to have Megaforce finished, done and ready to go for the fall. When I return next weekend I will be starting the Super Megaforce season and so forth. 

               Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all a week Monday, enjoy my pre-prepared content throughout the week and I will be excited to talk to you all a week Monday when I get back about the trip and what I did and what not. Anyways have a great week and I will talk to you all in a week! Oh and stay tuned for updates on social media to what I'm up to. 


Sunday, April 5, 2020

OBS Has Become A Problem For Recording

               I can admit OBS has become a problem for me. As you guys know I had a podcast that didn't even remotely last very long. However  I was recording a video version of the podcast too and that didn't even remotely work as 13 mins was recorded and the rest was gone which really did tick me the heck off and annoyed. I have had a bit of issues with this program streaming but seemed to work on certain sites, cough cough YouTube, LOL. Anyways I just do not know what's going on with OBS why the recording only half and it could of been me pushing the wrong buttons which really wouldn't surprise me at all if that was the issue.  However OBS is a pain in my butt sometimes  but just gotta somehow deal with it if there is a point of time where I will have to use the software for example recording Power Rangers Podcast in case but I will try talking to the camera and see how long it lasts and maybe it was just me.

                However I had audio issues the first time around which was strike 1 then the second issue which is the 2nd strike. So as you can see my luck with these programs hasn't been the greatest. Just gotta try and figure things out for myself. I know I usually keep the technical issues to myself but this is or has gotten freakin ridiculous. Why do you think now I refuse to do video all together now. I just do not have the patience to deal with the technical issues and got my own issues as it is with my mixer acting up from time to time. Plus YouTube, well you guys know the story behind that but less headaches to deal with and this is why I wanna get the mix minus setup going so I can do away with OBS all together for good and get rid of it once and for all. I am just tired of the stupidity of issues and I am claiming I am remaining audio only once and for all as I just am over video casting moving forward. I know some of you may not like the decision but in the end it is my decision to not do video but doesn't mean any other podcasts like Billy's Sports Hour which is on hiatus and nothing really known on that project as Billy is assigned to Survivor as of the fall which I will address this week for you guys. Either or, I am very much happy with Audio ONLY and so is my team and we are going to keep it this way with the technical issues I am having currently having.


Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Not Too Happy and Confused About The Sims 4 Discover University Expansion Pack!

              This game seems to get more and more complicated and this is what I am going to be talking about in today's post. Now yes I consider this a "Rant" post and honestly I haven't done one of these in ages! So it does feel good to be doing this post indeed. Anyways I do not know where to start honestly so here it goes:

1) Sims starting fires:   Makes no sense I turn my back for one second and the damn Sims 4 house is on fire and the death of one or more. After all the hard work I put into the file all hell breaks loose but those are the breaks I guess.

2) Drowning of Sims: I was watching the back of the house and the poor kids drowned so easily and not sure why this is happening and starting to think this video game is just glitched all together.

3) Sims University: This is a big one for the list which is when applying to University you can only do it via  a computer and on The Sims 3, you can do it via phone too if I remember correctly. The next point I would like to make is the fact that it takes a long time for them to accept a sim into university and you also have to have the skills for certain scholarships which I don't have with one of my Sims, Katherine. However I am sure Larry will be able to help me with the game one way or another but I got her into university but failed at a step so I might have to retrace my steps again.

              Either way, I have having a hard time with the game but I am sure I will figure it out eventually. I just got this game and it is a learning curve for me still and like I said Larry is the expert at these games compare to I am. Anyways this expansion pack comes a ton more fun for me and also the game and when I get time which will be very soon I am sure it will be soon but I will have the opportunity to play a bit and this Sunday is definitely going to be a prime example as Larry is coming over. Now to replace the Sims who have passed, I probably will replace them with a new set of sims down the road but I am currently running 11 households so I sure as heck have a lot on my plate still. Hope you enjoyed my ramble or rant and I think Steven is posting or has posted up something this morning or this afternoon recapping Gordon Ramsey's 24 Hours To Hell and Back.


Sunday, December 30, 2018

Frustrated With Getting The .com Back Up and Running!

              I went to my former provider where I bought originally back in 2015 when I got it and I am appalled that I am not allowed to take the domain else where for example here on Hello! They don't own the domain anymore, the domain expired at the start of November! So they shouldn't have anything to do with it and they said it will expire within 40 days but it hasn't been available yet which is really starting to piss me the heck off as I want to move away from HostGator entirely and as you know this was my plan from the get go that I wanted to get myself away from them and away from 000webhost and it seems like I do not have that freedom at this point. It's like I signed my life away or a damn contract but when I didn't sign a damn thing. My domain was for 3 years! Those three years is up! Means I should have the ability of going elsewhere if I darn well please and it feels like I am stuck with the same provider and no freedom whatsoever to explore other options and now I have no other damn options or freedom. I got mad at em and I am glad I did because they do not own me! 

             What do I mean by that? Well because as you all know I got a Chris B On The Web shirt which now renders useless as I cannot now not re-register the domain elsewhere. The second point I would like to make I spent $51 dollars Canadian on the damn shirt which means I have now lost money from all of this. I am very, very pissed at this point. I did this to help promote CBOTW and that is now not going to happen at this point as I lost money from this and they seem to not care right now as they ignored my DM on Twitter and right now I plan on not answering their DM right now. I kind of feel like taking legal action against em but I feel like that is not the road to go, not as of yet. Yes the contract with the domain was 3 years and it was up and I should have or be able to go wherever I feel like I want to go since the agreement is no longer active as I have not renewed with them whatsoever. 

                 What is the plan now? I just do not know, I do not have a damn clue what is next for CBOTW or if IT will continue within the New Year at this point. I know this puts Everything About Reality TV and The CBOTW Show in jeopardy at the moment and it will have no affiliate or company that produces the podcast.  Hate to say this it may end up as an independent podcast down the road and Chris B On The Web may end up disappearing all together. Which means even these blogs will disappear too? I do not know but if I cannot be allowed to re use the domain under a different provider then this plan will move forward and Chris B On The Web will be dismantled all together and like I said before, the podcast goes independent. What about my social media handles? I plan on still using Twitter and Instagram with the same name just the site itself will no longer be in existence anymore which is fine and all great things must come to end and I just hope all of this will work out eventually. I got a timeline to when to make that decision down the road too.


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Canada Post Back Log is Frustrating!

              The end of this year has indeed has been frustrating with the Canada Post and it hasn't been easy with us getting mail as it is currently in a backlog at the moment which isn't good. I was worried end of the last month and the end of October if I remember correctly but the reason I was worried was because of the end of the month is cheque day and I was worried I wasn't going to get it due to the rotating strike going on around the province of Ontario so it was stress that was getting to me and I was quite frustrated and angry by this damn strike. Sorry I used the word damn but it is really frustrating and it's not the money portion part of the cheque it's the paper work that comes in the mail that helps me get my bus pass for each and every month of the year and gets me around the city and the region which does help quite a lot! Not only that as you all know it was my birthday this month and I was expecting a birthday card which I got several days later on the Saturday as we got a bulk of mail here at the house.

                We also suddenly started to not get mail whatsoever but I am glad my dad complained because they started deliver it again and it's not the same person who delivered the mail either which is not the same honestly but we gotta deal with this backlog of a mess and wish they would of made a deal sooner or we wouldn't be in this mess from the get go. Like seriously it was annoying enough to not get mail or things I had coming to me. Why the heck do you think I never put the order in for the second boom arm as I do not trust the mail service right now due to all of this backlog. I do not know when I will put the order in for the second boom arm, or maybe I will end up waiting till end of April or when the desk is fully rebuilt but at this point I do not know because I would of gotten it sooner if it wasn't for this blasted Mail strike. However in the end of the day of me bitching and complaining, I am glad I didn't get it or I wouldn't have seen it for weeks maybe months with this backlog so I did things right and I am proud to have wait things out while this backlog is fixed but soon I plan on making the order down the road when the time is right to do it.


Saturday, August 18, 2018

The .com Website is DONE!!!! No more 000webhost!

           I've had it with 000webhost for the very last time! My site, once again very much built and ready to release and yet again they either suspend my website or they made the website temporarily unavailable so I am going back to the original plan and sticking to the blogger page and eventually it be a .com website down the long road. This means the podcast will not be directly uploaded to here as it is a lot of information to post up on a small blogger page. But the Podcasts will be linked to here. However when it comes to the collaboration podcast will be on it's own page on the blogger page. I will be tinkering around with it over the next couple of days. The bad news, I have to re do the flyer for Autism Celebration which that was my original plan but it is a bit delayed now the fact I need to tinker as I am now needed to get this page ready as I am planning for a release in the next week from now so it is exciting as it is exclusive content. Also adding in interviews page to the blogger to the page here as well.

               So this means I have to tinker with this page a bit to add in the 2 extra pages but that's OK, it's better then putting in code after code into the website which took me hours and days to deal with so this is the better plan. Probably some yo, yo, reported me again and I honestly have my suspicions  who could of reported it but honestly I am sick of this crap, time and time again of losing my website after working so hard on it. I am better off with this website honestly as it is over 12.5k in views recently, a lot more then what I was getting on the .com website. Don't sweat it, I will be bringing it back in 2019 when I plan on renewing the domain under Google instead as I think this is the more logical thing to do. So for now this is what is to happen but again the podcast links are linked on the Everything About Reality TV Podcast page and you can find where to listen to the podcast each and every week when I post a podcast up on the feeds. I think this is easier for me and less stress on me. If requested I can post em up on a post on the blog but I am sure you guys are very much content. Finally be sure to subscribe or follow the blog and the page for on going content and updates on here and welcome to Chris B On The Web on Blogger!


Friday, June 8, 2018

So Frustrated With The Blue Jays The Sequel!

              Yep the title doesn't lie, I am getting more and more frustrated with the Blue Jays as they keep losing game after game. The bullpen strikes again, every time they put the bullpen in, they blow the lead. They had that even with against the Yankees, they had a 2 - 0 lead and long behold Biagini comes in and screws things up... Surprise, surprise! I do not like Biagini whatsoever and I stated that about a week or so ago. But they lost yet again and I sort of want to change what I said before, talk more what they should do at this point. Let me say, I am done with Bleu Jays this year... I just cannot bare watching this three ring circus anymore with the way they have been performing. 

              So with saying that, all I can say the things that need to happen on this team? Well plenty that I can say. First thing I can say is get rid of Biagini, whom keep blowing the lead time and time again. Next thing is those who have been hit with the plague of injuries, maybe it is just time to release them or trade them as this injuries are just getting more and more ridiculous as we continue on this season. Also as I stated above Biagini is one person they gotta get rid of but there are 3 pitchers I can think of on the top of my head at the moment that could potentially trade at this point. 

            Finally, I think after this season, the management has to change, not just John Gibbons as Manager but the General Management of Adkins as the players they get, seem to not work or mesh with the team if that makes any sense whatsoever to you guys but I mean like come on! They should of kept Liriano instead of getting him instead... Yes I can see right through what should of happened. Liriano was doing just fine but they ended up getting rid of him for Biagini.  They have definitely made some mistakes the higher up management and they better honest fix it and fix it fast! I for one, am close to stop watching the games if nothing is done about this injury plague and fast enough... 


Friday, June 1, 2018

I Screwed Up! (SMH!)

           I made the biggest mistake in my life, I mean I should of stuck to 000webhost even when the web builder wasn't working for some strange unforeseen reason which now it seems to be working with no problem currently... I should of remained patient during the frustrating times of running the website but don't forget it's a learning curve for me and everyday I seem to learn something new about websites and I am always figuring things out and quite quickly.

           Also I made the biggest mistake not only the website but having someone help me run a chat built within Why do I say this, you may ask? Well I had two individuals who wanted to help me run the chat within my website. What happened? They both decided to turn their backs on me so I did away with the chat system... Did it really matter if the website had a chat it was holding back and it was hard to get it running and people actually popping by in the website. However, I got another feature in the back of my mind actually but I am not 150% sure if it will work out as I haven't used this feature since back in 2010, maybe before that even.  However, I need to make the right decisions from here on out, making the wrong decisions will not be a good decision to make right now. 

             Yes I made some mistakes with Chris B On The Web, but I am only human to make em and I think at this point of CBOTW being active for the last almost 4 years now, I think it is safe to say, I have indeed learned from past mistakes and this is why I am already thinking way ahead for the future of my website and that announcement comes on tomorrow's blog post to what the future entails for me, my website, the podcasts and the blog posts as well! 


Saturday, May 26, 2018

Toronto Blue Jays Rant for the Week

           Ok, time for a rant blog, not on any person in particular but the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team... Man this is one frustrating season for them, but also us the fans, the die hard fans. You want to see your team do very well, yes but don't forget the team has to have to have a stage in a season where they have to rebuild the team and yes we have had 2 amazing seasons. Players get older and slowing down, it is time to get younger players who can help us win games and hopefully a World Series. I know its been 20 odd years since our last world series victory! I am trying to be sensible in my post today and I am trying to lighten the mood with the fans as yes this is not the easiest season for us as we have no Bautisa, Tuloliski is still gone, we are up in arms of injuries this season, it doesn't help us whatsoever with us being successful. But these guys when they want to win they can win.

            However, yes there is an however to this post. Every time we are in the lead like last night we had a 6 - 1 Lead, but soon as the relief pitching came in, all hell broke loss, we started losing the lead, 6 - 3, 6 - 4, 6 - 5. Of course we managed to squeak in the win but I believe the bullpen is one of the key problems we have on the team, but not only the bullpen, it's our starters are having some problems this season, Estrada, Sanchez and why in the freakin world would they put in Biagini?! For crying out loud, haven't they learned he seems to screw things up for them. Honestly the trade Lirano for him was the biggest mistake they management made. I so wanna make a petition to get him the heck off the Jays ASAP... Happ and this new guy they got Sam Gaviglio whom they got in the trade, now they have done well it's the other starters. Honestly there will definitely be room for changes to be made in the very nearby future. 

             Finally, I think it is just time to finally trade Tulowitzki as he's been injured in the past year and I think he will not be back anytime soon. They said hes coming back but he is still not back... Feel like if there are non stop injuries maybe it is just time to trade or release players that are starting to drag the team down? It is just food for thoughts. What are your thoughts on how the Blue Jays are doing? Let me know in the comments below!


Monday, May 14, 2018

YouTube Is Broken....

           All right, I did not want to end up ranting again about YouTube once again but last week I noticed that YouTube is broken. I am getting notifications on a video from a channel I am subscribed from that was posted up days or a week or so ago. Like what the heck YouTube? Why are you sending me notifications for videos posted up days or weeks ago when I probably, more then likely have seen the video? I know the system is really odd but it is just getting ridiculous. 

           I still love YouTube but I shouldn't be getting notifications for videos that I have seen, I am not sure why but it is hard to decipher this problem and as I am writing this post, I just got a notification from May 3rd 6 days later from when it was posted up. Makes no sense does it? Like I already watched the video, YouTube does not need to remind me to watch it when I already 1 step ahead of it all.It is annoying, honestly to see a video I've already seen. Feels like YouTube is trying to clickbait me to watch it again, I mean yes if I enjoyed it, I'd re-watch it again and yes I have done that in the past and would watch it once again but there is no need YouTube to send me notification to the videos I have or have not seen. I know YouTube has had their share of problems in the past couple of years but like come on, enough is enough with the issues.

             I will show my love but I am starting to be annoyed by this problem being a regular occurrence, everyday or every couple of days now I am getting random notifications saying a video from one of the channels that I am subscribe to and of course I click on it, thinking it's new but I look at the date, it's from like anywhere 1 - 6 days ago... Trust me it makes me boil inside to get notifications to videos I've watched already. I just dunno how much longer YouTube will be around unless they fix this problem and fast. Only time will tell, because I truly still love watching videos on YouTube, it is just so frustrating to have this problem happen. 


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Rant About YouTube...

After 10 + Years on the YouTube with me leaving the platform after the recent changes to their Terms of Service of You cannot swear if you wanna earn money for your videos along with other things which limits me to what I wanted to do for the documentary so instead in the next few days you will see Interview 1 of 3 so you will have more website content then there has been. With podcasts I can say what I want without restrictions like "YouTube" has at this current time. And what I think is a lot of YouTubers will slowly be leaving the platform as the freedom of speech will really hurt them. I know McJuggernuggets, KidBehindACamera & Boogie2988 whom I am an avid listener of and love to watch their videos on a regular basis even tho are hurt by this change of the TOS (Terms of Service) especially with the swearing in the videos by two of them. 

But what is also as bad as the swearing is that people like Boogie cannot talk about trending topics out there like he said in one of his most recent videos like suicide and the war going on across seas, those are basically big time topics that should be allowed, as content creators, should be allowed to talk about the big trending topics but that isnt allowed because it isn't "User Friendly"  well it is as long as you talk about it appropriately. So I am glad that I left when I did and I am ready to face the world in new Adventures and life experiences, life is always full of surprises and I am blessed to have this YouTube experience even with 42 subs for the time I was on my own and I am ready to face new challenges and learn something new! 

Have a Great Night,