Friday, June 1, 2018

I Screwed Up! (SMH!)

           I made the biggest mistake in my life, I mean I should of stuck to 000webhost even when the web builder wasn't working for some strange unforeseen reason which now it seems to be working with no problem currently... I should of remained patient during the frustrating times of running the website but don't forget it's a learning curve for me and everyday I seem to learn something new about websites and I am always figuring things out and quite quickly.

           Also I made the biggest mistake not only the website but having someone help me run a chat built within Why do I say this, you may ask? Well I had two individuals who wanted to help me run the chat within my website. What happened? They both decided to turn their backs on me so I did away with the chat system... Did it really matter if the website had a chat it was holding back and it was hard to get it running and people actually popping by in the website. However, I got another feature in the back of my mind actually but I am not 150% sure if it will work out as I haven't used this feature since back in 2010, maybe before that even.  However, I need to make the right decisions from here on out, making the wrong decisions will not be a good decision to make right now. 

             Yes I made some mistakes with Chris B On The Web, but I am only human to make em and I think at this point of CBOTW being active for the last almost 4 years now, I think it is safe to say, I have indeed learned from past mistakes and this is why I am already thinking way ahead for the future of my website and that announcement comes on tomorrow's blog post to what the future entails for me, my website, the podcasts and the blog posts as well! 


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