Entertainment Man Podcast

Entertainment Man Podcast- EP 5- Sneak Peek for The Fall Chris talks about what is to come with this podcast as it is coming to full circle with the return of this amazing Podcast! He talks about what platforms it will be on, plus what day and time it will be coming out each week!g

Entertainment Man Podcast- EP 4 Following Your Heart In todays episode Chris talks about following your heart and listening to what your gut is saying Also Chris talks about he made with regards to the now former Everything About Reality TV Podcast and also talking about decision making

Entertainment Man Podcast- Bonus (3) Sports Talk and Big Brother Canada In this bonus episode of the podcast Talking about Sports what they could do with their season when and if they returned and Big Brother Canada Season 8 being cancelled

Entertainment Man Podcast- EP # 3 My Podcasting Story Talking about my story and how I got into podcasting From the first ever podcast I did to what I am currently doing and between the first and current podcast as well

Entertainment Man Podcast-Bonus (2) Corona Virus and Sports Seasons Suspended In this mini episode of the podcast Chris talks about the Corona Virus and how hes coping with it Also the snowball effect the virus has done to the sporting world and his message that we can wait for sports to resume

Entertainment Man Podcast- EP # 2 Podcast Platform Issues ITunes etc Talking about Podcast Platform Issues ITunes etc also episodes that have been planned is discussed as well

Entertainment Man Podcast- Bonus (1) In this bonus episode of the podcast We talk about some interesting news regarding the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and the extra episodes added per year Also talking about a future idea him and I for the nearby future

Entertainment Man Podcast-EP # 1 The New Podcast Has Begun!Talking about who the new host of this new podcast is Talking about other projects around Chris B On The Web and also the schedule and the platforms the podcast will start on at the start as we build up the podcast Also we talk about some possible