Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Update On My Situation On My Glasses

           So I know I may have gone a tad over board with the post the other day but there is an update and it is a positive update for once and it is actually good news I got on the home front this time around. As you know my new glasses dilemma and I went full out complaining about it but that's all changed and I got some news I would like to share in this blog post. 

            The money has gone through for my new glasses and I am actually excited to now be going to get my new glasses and to do away with this pair of glasses I got right now as I said it falls apart from time to time but I am ready for a new pair of glasses as I want glasses that actually function. Now what do they look like? It is hard to explain without showing a picture to you guys but it is silver frames, they are frameless at the bottom but their are frame at the top of the lenses, so partial frames, like I said it is hard to explain without showing you a picture of it which at this moment, I do not have a picture of it but I will be sure and I am sure I will have a picture of me wearing em on Instagram at some point when I get them. Now am I excited for my new pair of glasses? Of course! It was over due as in the last 2 years my glasses showed it's wear and tear and I am sure due for a new pair. What I am the most excited about this new pair of glasses is the fact I will have the transitional lens which means it will transition with the brightness outside aka the sun when it is sun, so my glasses will transition into sunglasses when I am outside. 

              So in conclusion to today's blog post everything did work out in the end and I need to be more on the positive side and with a bit of communication, everything worked out with a bit of communication with my social worker at Disability and my parents were there to help and really went to bat for me as this went beyond ridiculous and finally this is going to be settled once and for all. I am excited to share with you guys when I get my new glasses and pictures and trust me I will be blogging this exciting change in my life and I am going to try remain more positive in my posts as I haven't positive this week much.

Have a great day!


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

My Favorite Kind of Smoothie I Like To Make

             First of all I apologize for the 2 rant posts back to back but today's blog post is more in the positive side of things, I will be talking about some of my favorite smoothies I like to make and trust me I like a lot of recipes I have done in the past year and I will share them with you today on this post, so without further ado, here is my favorite smoothie recipes:

1) Banana, Orange & Pineapple: The was the first recipe I used for my smoothies and found it really, really good but I got sick of the same recipe that is why I eventually changed the recipe around, but this is a good recipe if you enjoy the tropically kind of drinks. 

2) Banana, Orange, Pineapple & Strawberry: Decided to add strawberry to the recipe and I am a big strawberry fan and always eat it when we buy it at the store or from the local farm.

3) Banana, Orange, Strawberry & Blueberry: Ok on this recipe I felt really uneasy about adding blueberries and the outer part but I consider it as roughage and just deal with it. 

                Those are the 3 favorite recipes I like to make here at home or picking one up at the local smoothie stand at the mall if I am out and about for the day. But if I make it at home, I add to the recipe vanilla yogurt and also ice cubes to it, but if I do not have yogurt here in the house, I add some milk as the base to the smoothie and it works out really well. I know yogurt has good things in it and also gets rid of the nasty bacteria in your body, plus good when you are on a diet, like I am doing right now trying to lose the weight I wanna lose. Also it is very tasty in a smoothie or on it's own. 


Monday, February 26, 2018

Sick Of The Ontario Government!

            I gotta say I am getting pretty sick and tired of the Ontario Government these days and considering moving out of this province on my own, Like I have been planning for the past 3 years! For those who don't know, I have been trying to get a new pair of glasses as this pair seems to fall apart, where they screwed me out of the money I was suppose to get, so I am not getting as much as I expected, so I am nowhere happy with the government and them ripping me off, well I feel ripped off by the government right now with this recent events that has happened to me in the past few days. I need new glasses, I'm getting tired, my mom is getting tired of fixing the screw that seems to keep on popping out on me. I've got to get the new glasses and my disability pension is suppose to help with it and they gave me the money, a certain amount and all they are giving me is a smaller amount then we were told.

             I am now honestly sick and tired of this government but it is what it is and I gotta try to talk to ODSP about this and trust me I will be, I am going to fight this even though I am merely really ticked off with them at the moment but I have to keep a positive mind through this rough times and think of the outcome that it come to. However I feel like it's taken over a month just to get things on the go for the glasses. Trust me, my patience is starting to run out at this point and I am sure you do not blame me whatsoever. It is a very frustrating situation to deal with this Ontario Government, but it is not just them it is ODSP saying I was getting such an amount to us finding out from my eye doctor, I am only getting 70 dollars from the government to pay for my I think my frames, so I am actually considering keeping my old glasses longer and I don't care at this point and I wasted my parents time and my eye doctor's time since ODSP and the government wanna lie about the amount I am getting. 


Saturday, February 24, 2018

YouTube Ramble, Part 2

           I was originally going to post this yesterday, but I held it off a day, but in today's blog post I wanna rant a bit about this whole YouTube thing. Now you're going to ask why Chris? Well recently even with the notification bell on, I do not get any notifications, like a YouTube video from Daym Drops, I never got that notification whatsoever the video went up. I didn't get a notification from YouTube a video was up and again that notification bell was clicked on so it makes absolutely no sense why I wasn't being notified a video was posted on their channel. I'm not blaming the creators, it's YouTube that needs to fix it where we get the notifications.

              Now the part of creators leaving the platform with the adpocolypse in the last year, almost 2 years now plus the family friendly content, also  I do not blame the content creators who wanna quit, this platform is not like it use to be. Honestly, it has changed since I walked away and honestly I am glad I left at the right time before all of this went down. I'll say it again, seems like I leave YouTube and all hell broke loose on the website, it's like I was the glue that held the site? Never know! But it is sad to see the platform go this way and to see creators leaving the website.

                Again it is truly sad to see even more content creators leaving but it is their choice and I respect their choice. If they go to another platform, I will most definitely follow them. I did that with McJuggernuggets & Daym Drops, so I will always show my support for my favorite creators, you know it. My final thoughts on this post as I know I am all over the place with this post, I wish YouTube would go back to the way things use to be, with letting us content we want to give out to our loyal listeners out there while maintaining the terms of service but I doubt it would happen, it is truly sad to see such an amazing platform going downhill. 


Friday, February 23, 2018

My Thoughts About The 100th Episode of Everything About Reality TV Yesterday

       I am making this blog post short today as I do not have much to say on this subject matter. However I am overwhelmed and speechless by the love and support I got on The Facebook Group, Twitter and Instagram. I definitely am finding this blog post hard to write this morning as I am still processing what went on yesterday. 

          Overall the organization was fair, I could of done better, when I said 1 pm, we were delayed till 145 - 2 pm EST, but I had to edit the podcast from the morning which is understandable editing takes time. I did however, made a mistake not publishing the website when I went back up to watch the Leafs game to relax after a very long day in the studio with Larry, which mind you it was well worth it. But not publishing the website was a mistake and a half as I am sure half of you wondered why I didn't post up, umm, I ended up passed out last night as I was really tired, sleep on and off during the night and staying up all day, I was ready to pass out quite quickly. I had the site updated, just it was saved to the point and waiting to be published but I did update it this morning when I pushed some updates to the website. I admit, that was my fault but hey I almost had a perfect day on being on schedule.

              But enough of the negative aspects of the day, I wasn't expecting this to go as smoothly as I thought as I was pressured with getting Amazing Race recorded and leaving on time to catch my bus, however I got it done as I had to watch the episode as well in the morning. The editing process is a long process, however I don't mind the editing but hey, Larry got to learn how to edit a podcast which I am sure it was really cool for him to learn it.  As for the actually, I believe this 100th episode went better then I ever expected ever and I wasn't expecting the entire podcast to be this interactive, I wasn't expecting Larry to be this interactive and actually interact with me, yes I spoke what I had to say at time but he came in when i had a question with him and he replied quite a lot with the discussions which made the podcast more fun. Overall it was a fun day before, during and after the podcast I can't thank Larry enough for coming and being a part of the special day, after all he co-founded the podcast in 2015, he needs credit, when credit is due. 


Thursday, February 22, 2018

My Thoughts On The Minimum Wage Going Up Here In Canada

               To start today's blog post out by saying, I do not usually talk politics on this blog but today is an exception as this has been on my mind for the last month or so since they announced this was going to happen here in Ontario and Canada. I will try to keep it PG but not guaranteeing anything. Trust me there is a lot on my mind with this and I will definitely be making my points.

                 First point I would like is they have now raised it to $14 minimum wage and will be raising it to $15 as of early 2019. Now my question is, how in the world are the businesses going to be able to pay their employees 15 dollars per hour? What I think will happen is they keep this up they will have to lay off some of their employees which means the number of unemployed people will be up. Now I am hoping that it would of gone up not gone down, no damn clue what the hell this government is doing and why they wanna up it. Yes it is good for us the people who are working minimum wage, but it hurts the businesses in the long run too. Makes no sense raising it if it will hurt the businesses, especially the smaller businesses as well. I wondered if I was still with the bookstore, if I would still have my job still but probably I wouldn't have a job if I was still in the working world.

                     One thing is if the Progressive Conservative Party wins this years election as we are heading to the polls, they want to slowly increase the minimum wage here compare to the nut case who is the Premiere of Ontario, so it would be more then likely better, however you never know with who is in power, but change is always good. I hope the government doesn't rush minimum wage as I said above, it can hurt businesses, especially the smaller businesses, we do not want to see companies go under due to going bankrupt or not able to pay their employees which it ends up in unemployment for some.

Have a great day!


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Why is Everything About Reality TV Podcast Successful After 2 years?

              Everything About Reality TV has been successful because I have connected with other podcasters which has helped me drastically. This also has helped my podcast grow as I have had likes and retweets, however I do not get many likes or Retweets often but that's ok though, I know you guys see the posts as from to time I will glance at the analytics to the tweet itself and I can see how many people I have reached in that particular tweet.  Also the fact I constantly am reminding you guys the podcast is coming out soon does help and any special reminders I have made to scheduling changes or the podcast is delayed a day or two. I am always constantly updating you guys on the podcast and I think that has helped me quite a lot in this podcast journey! 

              Also I do hashtags, such as #EverythingAboutRealityTV, #podcast or #podcaster. So that helps the podcast get noticed out there and I use the appropriate hashtags for the content I put out there on social media that is another reason why my podcast has been successful for the past 2 years and 5 months to be exact. If you are to be a content creator, whether you are putting content on YouTube, on a podcast or a blog post, make sure to put in the hashtags, like I said that is what I do. 

              The next reason why the podcast is a success is because of the platforms my podcast is on. Yes I know it started on Mixcloud then, TuneIn, Player FM & ITunes and the list goes on. My strategy towards that was the platforms that will get the most views and honestly I believe that I made the right choice on what platforms I have put it on. & ITunes are well know platforms for podcasts, TuneIn also well known for radio stations both online and local radio stations as well. Player FM, I made the right choice going back to them after a very short stint with them late 2016, however, they have featured me on their website under Reality TV section of the website, which is so amazing and probably why my podcast has seen it's success as I connected with such amazing platforms and they have been helpful when I have had issues with it updating. These are the reasons why my podcast is successful and I hope you enjoyed this post and there will be another blog post tomorrow.


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Which Power Ranger(s) Are My Favorite As a Kid?

           First of all, I would like to say this is not being covered in the slew of the Power Rangers Talk mini series coming out twice a year at least as much as I can get Larry to do this for, but hoping for twice a year but anyways today's blog post I wanna kind of talk about my favorite all time Power Rangers and I don't have too many favorites as I have season the first several seasons I have watched. Honestly I can only think of 2 power rangers I liked but I will put a top 5 list at least, so without further ado, here is my list: 

1) Tommy: He was the Green Ranger, which he started at the Green With Evil 5 parts episodes, then he lost his Green Ranger powers, then became the White Ranger. In Zeo the following series, he became the Red Zeo Ranger, then part of the Turbo series for at least 10 - 15 episodes. Tommy came back as the teacher and also DR. O as well. He became the Black Dino Ranger within the first 5 to 10 episodes. He is and always will clearly be my favorite Ranger and I'm sure it was everyone's favorite ranger back in the 90's those who grew up with this during the 90's

2) The second one on my list is Jason, the original Red Ranger and will forever be known as the Original Red Ranger. He was one of my favorites before Tommy was introduced but the dropped to the second favorite on my list on today's blog. Also Jason was the Gold Ranger so that is another reason, I have him high on my list.

3) Now this isn't really too easy but I know he's not an ranger or called a Ranger but was part of the Lost Galaxy but the Magna Defender has to be one of my favorite even though he was against the Rangers but in the end letting go of his hate and giving up his life to save the rangers. The Mike coming back and becoming the NEW Magna Defender.

4) Karone: She was Astronema in the previous season of Power Rangers, the Lost In Space season, but took over the pink ranger role when Kendrix died in the season and I love how she tried to get away with her still being Astronema when she was pure good once again, after the Rangers won but was able to get the Quazar Sabre back and able to get it back. 

5) Leo, used his Battlizer and blasted Trakeena destroying her for good, also took over when Mike fell into the hole. The reason he's on my list is because he was quite a strong ranger even though he messed up going on Terra Venture when he didn't get his pass to get on it, he made up for it when he became the Red Ranger.

              That is my list for my favorite power rangers of all times, hope you enjoyed reading my list as I enjoyed writing this list for you guys. If you haven't yet please do subscribe to the blog for more daily to every 2nd day blog posts and you are welcome to leave a comment if you wish as well. I should of mentioned that before but I am mentioning it right now. 


Sunday, February 18, 2018

Getting Forgetful/Clumsy or So Much On My Plate Right Now?

            With the recent last few days being busy, my brain has seemed to wonder away from time to time as I got so much to remember to do before a due date hits, so maybe it is why I am getting to become more forgetful or clumsy with things and I will talk about this in today's blog post and what is going on with me recently why I feel like I am always forgetting something or clumsy and screwing things up on myself. Maybe the fact I have been going non stop getting ready for the 100th episode which is this week, mind you and the lack of sleep that I have been getting with all the work load that keeps on piling up on me but that could be a factor in why I haven't been able to think clearly.

             Like I said before, I haven't been sleeping, yes once again the sleep issue has become a factor in why I cannot think clearly, I am clearly tired and just cannot think or my thoughts are not coming across clearly and you can tell through my posts on social media that I sometimes make no sense or I go on a rant or lose my cool and my moods have not been good all of last week and this weekend, so the factor of no sleep has really shown lately and tonight I think I will finally sleep at last! Hopefully this is the last no sleep at night for a very long time. 

               As for the forgetful side of things, well it could be I have a lot on my plate and I just have a lot going on, prepping for off season podcasts and yes I realize I am going straight into Survivor and Big Brother Canada as of next week but I mean I am preparing for the off season for the end of May so their can be content coming out on the off season but planning one every 2nd week which I will talk about in a blog post in the month of May. But the fact of having a lot going on, does make a difference of me not able to remember everything at once, so this is why I got reminders all over the place, sticky note on my desktop, sticky notes on my desk or sticking to my stand for my 2 monitors, this does help me a lot to remember these things. 

                   Finally I wanna make a note there will be NO Blog post tomorrow, taking the day off from Chris B On The Web, blog posts resume on Tuesday for those here in Canada that are celebrating Family Day Holiday, have a safe and happy Family Day and I will be back on Tuesday, back to the grind of things!


Saturday, February 17, 2018

Where Have I Been Lately?

              I know, I haven't been quite as active on social media and missed out days here on the blog and the reason for it, my mom had surgery so I have been taking care of her and like I have said many times, my family comes first and I have been busy taking care of my mom while she recovers from day surgery. Let me assure you, she's doing well now being 4 days since the surgery was done and recovering quite well.

              Now I am sure you will say, but Chris what about the blog, podcast, well with this week being a very hectic week, the schedule is going to be a bit different from what it usually is but you guys read the blogs and you guys listen to the podcast even if it isn't on the schedule as it says on the website, please do not pay attention to it if I mention it here on the blog, on social or even I think I will change the scheduled time on the website this way it is always up to date and actually I can do that via my desktop calendar so it makes it easy for me to change the schedule and I did that for today's blog post. 

              If you wonder, don't think I don't do anything between helping my parents out since my mom is laid up in her recliner, I have very much been busy behind the scenes, offline working on the off season podcasts & of course working on the 100th episode notes for Everything About Reality TV which mind you now have to get tweaked a bit but that's OK with me, you have to make tweaks to make things better or to improve on it, so been working on that, made a few tweaks to the website this week as well with my mug shot at the top of the website and on the about page as well needed a better picture and think this fits it very well. Also been talking to the individuals who will be appearing or hopefully will be popping by the studio next Thursday, giving them details of the 100th episode. Just got a couple of concerns. So I have been busy behind the scenes, don't think I am not doing anything, because I am quite busy with the busy schedule ahead of me. Between helping my mom and also my dad with dinners, I am very much on a very hectic schedule but still keeping up with everything here in the studio as well, but busy is a good thing, keeps me out of trouble, LOL!

Have a great night!


Friday, February 16, 2018

Degrassi: Next Class Returning?

          I have been watching Degrassi since 2001 when it was still known as Degrassi: The Next Generation and here and there seen the next class but not as much. Please note I have seen Degrassi: Junior High, Degrassi: High and of course the movie Degrassi: Schools Out, so I am very familiar with the franchise, note I was only a baby when it started out in the 1980s or not yet born.

          I know I noticed that the series went mysteriously off air for a little while. I started to guess hiatus? the series could of been cancelled? That was my first thought at first but I just looked before writing and season 5 is coming out sometime in the summer but do not know when it is coming out at this moment exactly in the summer. I am guessing sometime in July at least which gives them plenty of time to tape all 10 episodes for the season as it is 10 episodes a season right now.  I knew though, that Degrassi isn't over and it would be back, I guess the writers and producers needed time to come up with ideas for the episodes, writing the script, read through then the taping of the episodes, editing the episodes then sending it to the networks it's on, so it does take time to do all of this.

           I know Degrassi has been on the air for a very long time over 10 years, 17 years it's been running since 2001, moving from the Next Generation to Next class, Linda Schuyler has done an amazing job with each and every season and trust me it kept me on edge the entire time from episode to episode. I really am excited to see what the new season brings but I do need to catch up on Season 4 so I get the jiff of what is going on. I had that feeling they needed time to figure out the story lines in the series to where it will end up in the upcoming season or seasons, Finally I can see this series lasting as long as the Next Generation did.

Have a great day!


Thursday, February 15, 2018

Everything About Reality TV & Late Winter/Spring Schedule

          Well, today's blog is going to be short and sweet and a reminder of what is to come for Everything About Reality TV and this podcast comes and go fast and the furious and no I am not talking about the movies, I mean this podcast goes fast through each and every season. The schedule I am going to be giving you is after the 100th Episode a week from Today and what is to come for the podcast. Without further ado here is the schedule for the late Winter/Spring 2018:

Sunday, February 25th, 2018: Everything About Reality TV- Survivor: Ghost Island Preview Podcast @ 8 pm EST

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018: Everything About Reality TV- Big Brother Canada 6 Preview Podcast @ 8 pm EST

Thursday, March 1st, 2018: Everything About Reality TV- Survivor: Ghost Island RECAPS Starts @ 8 pm EST

Friday, March 8th, 2018: Everything About Reality TV- Big Brother Canada 6 RECAPS Starts @ 8 pm EST

               There is the schedule for the Late Winter/Spring 2018 and as you can see the B.B. Canada recaps are scheduled for Fridays as episodes are Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursdays 7 pm EST, 8 pm & 8 pm EST if I’m correct. However what a season to come, this being my 6th season covering Reality and excited for the guest(s) that can and might come on to the podcast when Survivor: Ghost Island and Big Brother Canada starts.

Have a Great Afternoon!


Sunday, February 11, 2018

Favorite Events, I Have Been To!

             There has been many events, I have enjoyed going to, even with events that I do not even go to anymore that made this list of events, I really enjoyed going to but didn't go back due to circumstances. 

             The very first event, would be the event, I have been going for many years minus 2015 & 2017 due to certain circumstances those two years but 2018 is to be promising, especially this year which has been already very productive with 2 collaboration requests, 1 collab with a friend of mine, an interview with a friend as well. Lots to promote at Autism Celebration this year, so I will be back at the event this year! 

             Second event, I have been going to for many years, even before this online media journey even started, I am talking about The Royal Winter Fair. I only missed one out of all the years as I got to the fair and I got really ill to a point I had to go home early, which I was disappointed by but I've gone to the Royal every year since that one bad year with having the flu.

              My 3rd event I love going to is the old 50s festival which is now named something else apparently but we don't go to it, due to the fact it is on the weekend of fathers day and my dad is normally busy with going to golfing on the Saturday and watches the PGA (U.S. Open Golf Tournament) we are unable to go but some years, they place it earlier, so we get the chance to actually go to it.

             Very next event, I have to put on this list is the Polish/Ukrainian Festival, we've gone every year minus those 2 years of constant rain each and every year, ending up doing our own Polish/Ukrainian festival with the food. Love going to this event each and every year and wouldn't miss it for the world!

             Finally on my list is the Tyrone Parade of lights, gone every year, minus 1 - 2 years due to either forgetting the parade of lights with the tractors were on or it was based on the bad weather once again. in the recent years I've gone to it minus this year's as it runs on my birthday, so I will not be going but will go again next year for sure.

             Well there you have it, my list of events I really enjoyed or do enjoy going to each and every year, I'm sure there are some I would like to add but it would make this post way to long for you guys to read but these are the basic ones I've gone to and enjoy going to and will be back to it this year,

Have a great afternoon!


My Favorite The Entertainment Man Talk Show Episodes!

           I think it is time to talk about my favorite episodes on The Entertainment Man Talk Show and trust me I have a lot of memorable episodes doing the show but there are episodes that I would like to highlight in today's blog post today. Now it has been over a year and a half since the announcement of the series ending abruptly and Season 5 & 6 were lost, hence it's called a lost episode for a reason. Mind you, there is no particular of this list but it gives you an idea of the favorite episodes I actually recorded. 

            The first episode I would like to mention in this blog post is the York-Durham Railway episode which now is a lost episode, but I admit it, I had fun doing the episode and it was quite different and actually did very well in the viewer department. Now if the videos remained up, it would of been the series finale as there was no new seasons that came out after that season as you know it went through a lot of questioning whether it would continue on or not, which it didn't, I made that decision to end the series as the ideas were not too solid at the time and it was time to move on.

               The next episode  that is on my list is the 50th episode, I know I have some behind the scenes of me yelling at my staff, it was pure frustration and stress planning a big event, but I've changed the way things are done. Overall the episode was a lot of fun, being in front of my friends and Staff and to celebrate it's 50th episode.

              The 3rd pick I made was EP # 44 or 45 or somewhere around there where the lawn mower wouldn't start and I started cursing at it and I wouldn't be surprised if it got demonetized after I couldn't access the channel anymore.

                Another pick, I have made, is going to the Hall of 1873 and having the honor of filming there with my team, well I was on my own, my dad had to do most of the filming and plus we were limited on time and more then likely unable to re-schedule with the theater. 

                The start of the cooking episodes is another moment, I will never forget and I learned a ton about cooking. I made the shish kebabs, chicken on a wrap, baked cookies and much more in the season later.

                So there is a lot of episodes, I probably forgotten but these are only a a few that are on my list, if you followed me since those days, I recorded 76 episodes of the series and there are so many episodes that were memorable, honorable mention the St. Patties Day episode, the April Fools Day episode, playing cards, softball talk and many more. I hope you enjoyed this blog post as I enjoyed writing this blog post for you guys.

Have a great night!


Thursday, February 8, 2018

Prospect's Grill @ Tribute Community Center REVIEW

              Yesterday, I got to go to an Ontario Hockey League game for those who don't know, I live in a city which has one and I will not reveal the city as I do not want to end up doxed but I got to also go out for dinner with my friends before the hockey game happened and I will not talk about the game in this blog, nor ever talk about the game from last night as I am embarrassed and plus I wanted to go at it with a fan. 

               Anyways,  I went for dinner before the game, like I said and I ordered a Beef Hamburger, I could of gotten Chicken Burger if I wished but I rather have gotten my normal beef burger. It had lettuce, onions and pickles on it, along with the condiments mustard and ketchup. The burger was so juicy, the bun was so fresh and it fell apart which means it was a fresh bun. The cook on the burger was perfect not burnt, just as I like it Medium rare. I know I sound like Gordon Ramsey don't I? ha-ha! Now lets move on to the next part, the french fries and trust me they had enough of them but I managed to eat everything on my plate last night. The fries were cooked nicely, they actually had the skin on them, which is what I love is the skin action on the fries, now I don't mind it without the skin but I will eat them with the skin on, it seals in the flavor of the fry. Now add it with ketchup or vinegar and it is awesome! Price wise, it is very reasonable prices, especially if you ordered what I did I paid about $18.60 for my meal which is reasonable. Also I got free refills on my cold beverages too which I took advantage and I got a re-fill on my drink. 

              Trust me I was full by the end of the dinner and felt very satisfying to have a full stomach but I really enjoyed eating at the Prospects Grill and I will rate it 5 out of 5 stars and in the end I would go back to the Prospects Grill for another meal and never know I may try something else different and see how it tastes, but all I know they will see me again in the near future, next time I'm at a Gens game with my friends or with my family members, I'll be back for sure!


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

What Do I Do When There Is No Events To Go To?

             I have never talked about this before and I think it is time to talk about this topic at hand tonight on the blog. What topic am I talking about, well what do I do during the months I am not as active in the community taking pictures and blogging well, as you know it takes a lot of planning and writing out notes for the off season podcasts and the recaps itself, so a good portion of the time, I am working on that, on top of the 2018 Events, I am planning to attend in the entire year and which ones I wanna go to and the ones that don't really work for me and trust me I had to do a few changes as that didn't work out for me but added new things to the list but also experimenting with new events as well at this current time and I know 2019 there will be more changes made but you can look right here on and look at the schedule for an extra events that were not mentioned in the information package you get if you see me in the public and ask, I always have it but as of next year, I am again making some more changes.

              I like to add in events, I think that are good and really turn out well, like parades in particular or The Royal Winter Fair, Autism Celebration as a couple examples to give to you guys. I hope to add in the Fiesta Week into the blog by next year. Taking 2 years to decide on if I am going to be adding to it or not. Now if I get shoved around and people yelling at me for no apparent reason, then I remove it. However I am going way off track of this post tonight. On top of planning for podcasts, writing topic related blog posts, there is the podcast itself of recording the recaps during the seasons, editing and posting it up on the scheduled days. There is also collaborations which now have become quite the staple on since announcing I was going to be collaborating with Larry and also that interview with Jeff from bowling, everyone has been messaging me on social media or sending my an email saying we would like to collaborate on something with you, which is great to hear, so I need to make that push to getting the two sets of wires I need for the mixer in order to take in Skype calls so I am making the push for it this week so I can set it up to take Skype calls and push for the collabs to start very soon. Finally, maintaining and keeping the website up and running and up to date everyday to make sure the content it up to speed to what needs to be released and posted up on the website as well. So in conclusion to tonight's blog post, outside of going to the events between May & June, September - December, there is always something to do in the way of work, I do not sit around twiddling my thumbs but I ensure you, I do get time off and time to myself a lot more then I use to when I was a YouTuber from 2008 - 2016.


Monday, February 5, 2018

Where Have I Been Since Re-Opened?

             I know the blog has been very quiet in the past 4 days and I admit and you can tell, I've been tweeting late at night that is one reason why I have been neglecting the blog lately and I do feel bad for not posting for 3 solid days which is not normal but here I am writing an update for you guys this morning and what is going on with me. 

              I have been extremely busy with the preparation of the 100th episode as that is my priority right now as the 22nd of February is coming and it's coming fast and the furious! That has been on the agenda recently along with the website now up and running as you know and it's been pretty active recently but not overly active since it's downtime for 3.5 solid weeks. I also have been dealing with no sleeping at night recently in the past several days, being up at night, my health and wellness has a priority right now as well, so I gotta balance my work load and sleep in order to stay on track and recently, this has been a factor in my performance with running Chris B On The Web recently. 

                The plan this week is to finish up the script for the 100th Episode, then test out periscope for the 100th episode which I only got 1 viewer but with the Facebook group, I got 12 or more views and my loyal Facebook group members love when I go live and I do get some interaction and the live broadcast will be on the group which can be found on on the right hand top side of the website next to my mug shot, ha-ha. Other then that I have been coming up with brand new off season podcasts, planning collab podcasts with other people, an interview coming up and I've had some people come to me about an idea, so I will be speaking to them soon as I set up the mix/minus to my mixer to take in Skype calls which will be the last step I need in order to take in Skype calls and able to record with it, especially when I get guests on the podcast. 

                  I am still around, just busy getting work done for Chris B On The Web, it is a never dull moment for me, always busy one way or the other or finding some kind of work to do with Chris B On The Web or if I got nothing scheduled to do, whether it is a blog post or podcast or any kind of written work, I spend time with the family or play some video games or watch TV/Movie on my leisure time but that is what I have been up to recently.


Thursday, February 1, 2018 Is Back Up And Running Today!

               After 3 weeks of the that stinkin website down... LOL, it's back up finally and boy I had my concerns with it re-launching after quite the struggle with problems during the re-build process and it was an interesting experience working with problems left right and center but rest assure you, I never gave up at all and today marks 3.5 weeks of it being down is done... The wait is over, the site is up and running. In tonight's blog post I will highlighting and talking about the changes made to the website and why I made those necessary changes and also will be talking about what has stayed the same for the website.

               First the changes that were made to the website were the blog page which use to be under the tab "Blogs" which is no longer there, since I do not blog on the other website that offered me a spot but I pulled out due to circumstances. Next, I changed the contact page to an email address , due to abuse of the form and let me tell you, I think I honestly made a mistake putting that form up as it was nothing abused and spammed constantly so the email is directly on that page so I took some action towards it and I decided to pull the form off and replacing it with the contact email, hoping this abuse will stop and I think it will as I can block email addresses when there is abuse. So I got the full power. This also includes I got the power to "IP Ban" people who wanna be abusive within the website. I will not tolerate and I hate to bring this up on here but enough is enough. This website outage came at the right time, so I, the website owner or admin of the site can make things better, improve the quality of the website and I think I did that very well.  My image at the top of the website next to the banner and also the "About Chris" page image was also changed to that same image like the top of the website. Also updated my Bio on the About page to recent information and easier to understand then before. 

               What is staying as it is? Well first of all, I am leaving the podcasts. interviews under the On-Demand tab if you roll your mouse over top On-Demand when the website re-opens tonight it will pop up with interviews, if you roll interviews it will list the interviews I have done and so forth, so that hasn't changes whatsoever.  Home Page still the same, but other then that a lot of changes and tweaks made to the website has been made and trust me I am excited to see what you guys think of these changes that have made and hopefully this makes things easier for not just me but you guys as well! 

Have a great Afternoon!