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Monday, November 23, 2020

What Ever Happened To The Video Projects Team?

               So the big question is what ever happened to The Video Projects Team, why did the team end? As you know the decision was made on October 31st, 2014 which didn't happened till 2 weeks later. I did speak about on Twitter at one point. However I made the announcement that we will be shutting down operations under the name The Video Projects Team. Now the reason why was the amount of members of the team was diminishing and we lost so many Staff members over the years since 2010 with the start of losing our camera man, then Eric, then our next camera man, he left just out of nowhere leaving it to the final 3 members of the team, myself, Larry and Justin. So the day before Larry and I went to the Royal Winter Fair and I knew this was it and the end was here for the team we once were at one point. The next day I made the official decision to end the team and Larry was the first one to know followed by Justin that the team was to end I go into a more solo projects with the two of them and their help. So mainly the decision was because of the team was starting to fall apart and we were losing staff quickly and people quitting and not telling us that they were quitting nothing. Things started going downhill in 2010 since most of the team we're either let go or quit knowing we were heading into that hiatus from Fall 2010 - April 2012. 

               This is just my thoughts that I have had to what went wrong with that team but in the end I have no regrets whatsoever that I ended The Video Projects because I know it was the right move to make honestly as look what happened I finished up my YouTube career very strong and also started my podcast career which has done well. That is what happened towards the end of the career and not much to what happened and gave you a timeline to when things started to fall apart and the reason why. It was quite disappointing to watch a great team fall apart after nearly 9 years and yes I say 9 years because we were on course of to that point however we are now on track to make 9 years less then 3 years to go I am excited for it. I know I have had bitterness how it ended and with the way staff just got up and walked out on me and not tell me whatsoever. Yeah I resent it ending it but I know I made the right choice and I should be proud of myself making the right decision to go more on a solo project.


Thursday, September 17, 2020

First Series We Ever Recorded As The Video Projects Team! (Throwback Thursday Story)

          This goes back to 14.5 years ago when I was at the age of 20. This was when I was starting out on the Online Media world soon as I got out of High School, I got right into it all. Anyways the project was about different attractions within our region and was our very first project that we actually did. This all stemmed and started as a class project for my media class in high school. This is how this all began and started in 2005. We filmed the entire episode in a day and I believe I actually got my dad to drive us on the final stretch as we were running out of time and I think Eric was driven back cause of the timing as by the time we finished it was quite late in the day like 4 pm in the afternoon. Now we originally had an original plan for a small Reality TV series but since the teams backed out on us we had to come up with a new plan and a plan fast as I believe we were days away possibly 2 days from shooting the episode for the school project so we had to call Juliana at the Gallery to let her know of the change that was happening. I know we gave her a 2 day or 1 day notice but it was so sudden.  

            The series completed a 16 episode run as we continued on past the 1 episode on February 13th, 2006 when we decided to continue the series on with different locations out and about and there was no in studio recording. Our Season 1 Finale actually consisted of us doing a clip show outside with a TV in the carport which was little insane but that's OK. The series went on for a 2nd Season but it only lasted 3 episodes before it got cancelled entirely as we had some disagreements or creative differences with one another. However it was only our first series and I wish I kept all the episodes to eventually post up on YouTube as at that time we did not even started till January 31st, 2008. This series actually ended on January 10th, 2008, 21 days before we began our YouTube journey. 


Friday, August 7, 2020

Our Former YouTube Channel Updates and Deletion...

               As you know one of our former Staff hijacked the account that I am in actually and uploaded inappropriate videos to our YouTube and gave us a warning and then a strike since that person kept on doing it so now only Chris and I have access and only the two of us have access to the account which we currently do not have a YouTube channel and our focus on the website and our social media platforms as well. We've established our community very well on here and we wanna continue it. The biggest goal is to get those likes back up on our Facebook Page is the upmost important thing. However back to what I was saying with that YouTube channel we have officially dismantled it and scheduled it for deletion as it is a brand account and will take some time for it to actually be deleted. The damage has been done and it cannot be fixed at this point. I believe we are on the right track and focusing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is probably the best move for us.

               Chris obviously has to get the OK and green light from the rest of the team on this and I am fine with whatever the team decides, I'm just the Community Manager of this website and ChrisBOnTheWeb so I am cool with anything. Hopefully Sunday, we will know what the status of podcasts in general are and I will have an answer for you guys on what we have planned. As for YouTube we're more then likely done with YouTube but again you never know what the team has planned with us but we're always looking into new things and honestly we're doing what's best for us in the end. So YouTube is not in the very near future for us, Chris is sticking to what he said about being retired from YouTube, he's meant every word of it.

Sophie, CBOTW Community Manager

Thursday, February 20, 2020

The History of The Video Projects Team

             The Video Projects Team started December 9th, 2005 at my Friday night Bowling League with Eric whom you have heard me mentioned him many times on the podcast or here on the blog. Anyways I had to do a project for High School Media class which I was just at the very tail end of my High School Career at the time. So the Project entailed talking about various attractions in our local area, mainly our hometown here which I am not mentioning the city so we do not end giving away where we are from. Anyways then we changed it to the region we are in at a later date as it became a very successful first episode despite the snow and wind. We even got to film at our own local gallery with permission of course. February 13th, 2006 a month later of him and I record we renewed the project for a full 16 episodes which we fulfilled and 3 episodes of a 2nd season which the project was cancelled in 2008. Also on January 31st, 2008 we opened our own YouTube channel to post up our projects on the internet. In the spring, I got to do a piece about my High School which I know I got a copy of the episode laying around and need to edit it and maybe re-burn it to a DVD.  However that series Chris Travels To Historic Places went all the way to June. The Entertainment Man Talk Show which as you guys know by my posts in the past, it ran 6 seasons. The series Started May 23rd, 2008 and ran on the team all the way to the end. Also did some Friends of The Entertainment Man, The CBO Show, w.e it was called back in the day, behind the scenes were all done in the span from 2008 - 2014. Also took a hiatus from the team and did post the odd video from time to time during my time in college studying my butt off.

           Now the team was around for almost 10 year mark before the team ended but in 2009 and 2010 we lost a ton of staff and that was just the start of issues. in 2011 and 2013 we added to the team, Justin and Larry. in 2013 we lost another staff and in 2014 after speaking to the last 2 staff we had, we talked about going to a different channel or on our own and abandoned the team to me being more on my own. They both agreed and to help me even past this transition stages and on November 13th, 2014, The Video Projects Team became the past history for me as I was moving into a brand new ERA for me and what we had left on the team. Also I need to make a point we also did cast from Stickam, BlogTV, JTV and those kind of websites from 2009 all the way into 2014. Now in the next post I will be covering the history of Chris B On The Web and even the history to this day as CBOTW is still going strong after 5 years on the internet. 


Thursday, September 5, 2019

How Did The Video Projects Team Survive YouTube? (Throwback Thursday Story)

            I never spoke about this on the blog before and yes I know back in the day I use to curse like a sailor on video and that was on purpose. I think the more cursing on a video which now in this day of age for YouTube, you can not curse as you will end up being demonetized which is the truth honestly. It has changed quite a lot since I left the platform now 3 years later and I think the more cursing we did the views definitely went up and I think the highest number was at 350 views which YouTube cut down to 150 but still a good number honestly even to this day it is a good number. I wasn't the only one that was letting a word that shouldn't be on there but honestly I think in the second season I started to not care what is said as long it wasn't a very inappropriate comment then I would of had to step in if something like that has happened but it didn't. Most part my team were well behaved and another reason we survived was because we knew how to have fun on set. Yes my team takes their jobs seriously but why not have fun in the process and that is how we lasted 8.5 years on YouTube till I decided after team members leaving on me begun and Larry, Justin and I moved on with Chris B On The Web that you now see to this very day for the last 4 years soon to be our 5th Year of operation. 

                Don't get me wrong everyday I think about TVPT (The Video Projects Team) and the memories we made on the platform but those days are now over for me and now all I have no is the memories which will last a life time but I honestly surprised we lasted 8.5 uber long years on the platform and I thought it would of been a few years then we would of been done and moving on but 8.5 years later that was the point when I thought, yep it is time to move and to bigger and better things. I already started to save all the old videos and I want to put them on a hard drive to keep forever this way the memories can be kept over the years. The future of that channel I am going to try get it shutdown once and for all but planning to make copies of series onto a DVD down the road this way there will be definitely a copy of it down the road as well for family and other friends. There was a ton of drama behind the scenes when we were a group back in the day but I was and still am a no nonsense person but despite all the drama that we had off camera, we still pretty much got through it some way some how even if I had to fire someone I would of. Anyways that is today's post and I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it and I will see you on tomorrow's post and I promise it will be at 11 am EST, I want to get back on a consistent schedule for posts again after a crazy summer of falling behind schedule.


Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Did A Walk Down At The Lake Yesterday...

             Yesterday I did a walk down at the lake with my former staff and alum, Eric and it really brought back a lot of the memories from both series that was filmed. Eric even mentioned when we first started it was all started by a school project. Also we did several episodes down at the lake for both Durham Entertainment Today and also The Entertainment Man Talk Show especially. The Entertainment Man Talk Show, if I remember there was 2 or 3 episodes down there that we filmed with the rest of the crew.  We also went back to the Gazebo where the first episode was first filmed on January 7th, 2006 which was the very first filming date that we filmed a series. Yes I remember the date and I remembered when it was cancelled which is something I do not want to actually remember though. We also did a walk down the path that I use to do and he use to do which brought back a ton of the memories from the past. We were down at the beach area and it really made some memorable moments of another staff I use to have and I we took a picture down at the lake which I do not know where that pic ever went to after all these years.  Finally down at the pier which a freighter boat was actually there unloading steel beams from the boat. We actually walked on the pier and if I remember we did film somewhere on the pier but do not remember whatsoever where.

               Finally we headed back to the main building where the snack bar and had  bite to eat and we just went to the snack bar not the new restaurant they have down there. However the restaurant looked pretty cool and I think it is a great idea to add that into the lakefront and it does generate more people to the waterfront too. There were people actually eating there so that is a good sign that people are going to that restaurant and my dad and I should eventually try that out down the road. Last final thoughts on this little excursion down to the lake really rejuvenated me and got me all relaxed for the next couple of days of getting things ready for podcasts to be released tomorrow and Friday to ensure I can get back to a normal schedule. This idea was entirely mine and was the best idea I ever had as a long walk was what I needed. The fresh air really cleared my mind from any stress that I have had and I actually rephrased a meme "You Can't Fix Stupid, even with duct tape" to "You Can't fix baldness even with chrome polish" and did one for my friend, former staff and alumni Gordie as well just for fun.  Last but not least, It was a nice walk down memory lane for Eric and I honestly and was neat to actually remember the good old days of us filming a web series for YouTube but that is now behind me as I am now into the world of Podcasting but again still nice to remember the good times not the negative.


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Yes I Still Around The YouTube Community!

              First of all yes! I am still around the YouTube Community even though I am now closing into 2 years since I left the platform as a content creator.  However I am still active on YouTube as a fan, I cannot comment on videos as I do not have an active channel however I can like videos that I enjoy watching but I am still around YouTube since I walked away from the platform as a content creator. I still get to enjoy my favorite creators such as KidBehindACamera, McJuggernuggets, Boogie2988, Daym Drops and so for. I had a goal in my mind to remain a loyal subscriber to those whom I am subscribed to. I've noticed I have subscribed to a few other YouTubers who are well known in the community, while also subscribed to a few Big Brother Canada former Houseguests, Kevin Martin, Pili, Peter and also Bruno as well. 

               I may not be putting out content to you guys on YouTube since I am now Podcasting on Audio ONLY and also this blog that you guys are reading right now, I have come to terms that my time with YouTube has come to an end and I am very much happier where I am to this day. Still being a part of the community it made me realize I left at the right time and I am happy I left when I did but I am there but more in spirit as I cannot really show it by comment but can show it by slapping a like to the videos I watch and enjoy. 

             Since my departure from YouTube, it has changed so much since I left, the Adpocalypse, the Family Friendly content, YouTube has changed so drastically and I thought it was always about the creators but seems now it seems to be about the advertising on videos. I can understand all that has gone on with the platform but it is different from when I started back on January 31st, 2008 which yes I realize this year it has been 10 years on YouTube officially and I never really spoken about 10 years on YouTube but that will be on a separate post later on this week. Finally I will never forget the people I met, the amazing supporters and fans I had on the platforms, the haters, the jealous people. It was home to one of the most amazing series I created and I will never forget that ever for the rest of my life.


Saturday, February 24, 2018

YouTube Ramble, Part 2

           I was originally going to post this yesterday, but I held it off a day, but in today's blog post I wanna rant a bit about this whole YouTube thing. Now you're going to ask why Chris? Well recently even with the notification bell on, I do not get any notifications, like a YouTube video from Daym Drops, I never got that notification whatsoever the video went up. I didn't get a notification from YouTube a video was up and again that notification bell was clicked on so it makes absolutely no sense why I wasn't being notified a video was posted on their channel. I'm not blaming the creators, it's YouTube that needs to fix it where we get the notifications.

              Now the part of creators leaving the platform with the adpocolypse in the last year, almost 2 years now plus the family friendly content, also  I do not blame the content creators who wanna quit, this platform is not like it use to be. Honestly, it has changed since I walked away and honestly I am glad I left at the right time before all of this went down. I'll say it again, seems like I leave YouTube and all hell broke loose on the website, it's like I was the glue that held the site? Never know! But it is sad to see the platform go this way and to see creators leaving the website.

                Again it is truly sad to see even more content creators leaving but it is their choice and I respect their choice. If they go to another platform, I will most definitely follow them. I did that with McJuggernuggets & Daym Drops, so I will always show my support for my favorite creators, you know it. My final thoughts on this post as I know I am all over the place with this post, I wish YouTube would go back to the way things use to be, with letting us content we want to give out to our loyal listeners out there while maintaining the terms of service but I doubt it would happen, it is truly sad to see such an amazing platform going downhill. 


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Who Are My Favorite YouTubers?

          I don't think I have ever covered this in the blog before but that's OK, I am covering it right now in this blog post today. So which YouTuber's do I watch on the platform, yes even despite the adpocalypse on YouTube and the family friendly content, here is a general list of who I watch on YouTube:

McJuggernuggets: Ever since I discovered the Psycho Series, I've become a fan of his channel and watched his New series ever since then. And yes, I know it's fake! Knew that from after watching a few episodes, however I enjoy his series for entertainment purposes and that only, I don't care if it's fake or not, I enjoy watching his videos. Also ever since joining the IPhone Club, I've downloaded his app Storyfire which that is where his series are first before YouTube, so I keep up with his videos.

The Angry Grandpa Show: I found AGP's/ KidBehindACamera's channel through recommendations after watching McJuggernuggets channel which I know sounds off but whenever I am down, I watch a AGP video and it makes me laugh and puts a smile back on my face, as you know I have dealt with depression in the last couple of years and watching the videos, really make my day better and I am a AGP Fan for life. 

Boogie2988: Boogie has been an inspiration to me especially with his weight loss and inspired me to look after myself better. Not only that but I loved his Francis videos, whether it was a Francis rage or him cooking and messing up a meal like the turkey video, I really enjoy em.

RealManPwns: I have seen his casts since days and find him hilarious with his Ma'am, Ma'am! Love watching his cooking videos especially. Haven't seen a new video by him in 2 months but still continue to be a loyal subscriber.

             I didn't mention a lot of people but these are the ones who I love to watch on an almost regular basis but I watch other channels like Rob Has A Podcast, McCann's Farm, Corrado & Saskia from Apprentice Eh, NishaJD and several other channels.