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Friday, September 29, 2023

End of The Week Updates [09-29-2023]

               Another crazy week has concluded and first big update is Chris is no longer doing end of the week updates and I will be taking over the reigns each and every week to lower down the stress levels he is going through. He's been extremely busy with both Entertainment Man Podcast and The CBOTW Show plus getting Power Rangers underway he's just been super, super busy behind the scenes. Yes he has been online along with myself and even Larry are working non stop to get things done. 

             The Discord Team has been keeping an eye on things while our team have been working constantly behind the scenes as Chris stated it is all hands on deck right now as both Chris and Larry want to finish up Power Rangers so they can prepare to finish up with Season 30 in 2024 as that is the plan. I know in January, Chris is preparing to work on Ghostwriter series from the 1990's as a nostalgia for both Chris and Larry growing up. So again, it is all hands on deck, we have Power Rangers wrapping up, 10th anniversary planning going on. Filming 5 min segments from The Entertainment Man Talk Show, so we are a very busy team. That is the updates for today, did them a bit different from how Chris does it. Have a great weekend and I will talk to you at the end of next week!


Wednesday, September 27, 2023

10th Anniversary, Reunion Plans & More!

         Well 10th anniversary has see the turn for the worst to good times to bad but now we have a general idea what we want to do with it. The Entertainment Man Talk Show was in the talks but then again that has become a thing of the past now. With me lowering down what I wanted to some kind of reunion, there will be some kind of The Entertainment Man Talk Show reunion, one with Eric, one with Justin and Larry. Just two as I do not want to over do 10th anniversary. 

         This is why the schedule that we had was thrown away. Yes I'd like to do a reunion show of some sort but me to do a full in studio and on location isn't my thing anymore. I am a podcaster full time. Web series isn't my jam no more, I retired from that but still willing to do two podcasts dedicated to the series and the team celebrating 10 years together. Anyways that is the most, Kelsie will be covering for me tomorrow not cause I don't want to but she wants to do a gaming update for you as her and I have been busy on the Minecraft server so be on the lookout for that tomorrow and I will talk to you all on Friday!


Tuesday, September 19, 2023

What's Going on With The Web Series Reunion?

               With The Entertainment Man Talk Show, well production has been on and off. Yeah it's 2015 - 2016 all over again. I have been feeling frustrated with YouTube as a whole. Well I have now scrapped the entire reunion special but there is plans for 2024 to still do it but as part of Entertainment Man Podcast. I think that would be the perfect fit, more of a perfect for this situation. Yeah I have moved on from The Entertainment Man Talk Show.

            Having my former team on my podcast to share their experiences with the series and what they are up to now years later on. There will be 3 of them, hopefully, maybe perhaps but we will see what we can come up with! So there is going to be a reunion of some sort just gotta work on it. Like I will be mentioning in my podcasts this week and weekend, podcasts are more my thing now. However always room for a reunion from time to time and plus I have said this before, 10th anniversary is coming up it is truly a perfect fit for the upcoming milestone year for us! 10 year anniversary as of January 1st, 2024 as I will be live on New Years Day and there will be something going on every week on the fan page. 


Thursday, September 7, 2023

Been Rethinking on Things!

           I have been rethinking things through with the 10th anniversary and with Covid-19 cases on the rise in the states, makes me worried about the cases getting bad up here again which can really threaten the 10th anniversary plans for 2024. So in case I have re-done the schedule for 2024:

April 2024: The Entertainment Man Talk Show- Reunion Tour- Will go to old locations we filmed at and remembering where we were when we filmed down there and what not. 

June 2024: The Entertainment Man Talk Show- Reunion Show- With interviews from Eric, Larry and Justin, the original OG member and the two that helped me finish off the series in 2014 and 2015.

November 2024: 10th Anniversary celebrations, will Vlog the behind the scenes and moments in the celebrations to post onto YouTube. Will take place around or on the 14th of November. Also  a Discord video chat on the Thursday night 7 pm EST followed by a stream on Instagram and Facebook at 8 pm EST. 

Side Notes:  The Entertainment Man Talk Show will have some behind the scenes look at things a little extra stuff to do and this is why Power Rangers will be a lot quieter then normal during the year. Will still record once a month or once every 2 months between it all. 

         That is the list  and this is more of a permanent list moving forward and I or my team will not be making any changes in the future. As always thank you for reading and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Tuesday, May 23, 2023

The Entertainment Man Talk Show started 15 years ago....

             The Entertainment Man Talk Show which was the inspiration behind Entertainment Man Podcast, well the beloved web series would of been 15 years old today, if it was still running this long but I know it would of only ran for 10 years and 10 years only. I had the plan etched in the back of my mind that I would be doing the series till June 2018 weeks after the 10th anniversary of the series, whether it was with The Video Projects Team or ChrisBOnTheWeb alone, it wasn't seeing 15 years, no way in heck it would of happened but still it ran 8 uber long years, still a good run for a series that only ran 6 seasons with a 2 year break between seasons 3 and 4.

            I still hold this series, near and dear to my heart even if the series ended the way it did in 2016 and it wasn't a nice ending. I know Larry and I touched based on that on the "catching up with Larry" episode of Entertainment Man Podcast which he is a regular visit almost yearly minus he wasn't on last year for some strange reason and it will be going up on Audio ONLY on a bonus episode due to the video version being scrapped cause of the bad microphone issues. Either way it will be a must listen to on June 1st, 2023 @ 1 pm EDT.  I know I have touched in the past about stuff and various things and at this point dried out of content from the past so I am moving on with other stuff but it is a series I will never forget, even with the memorable locations Town Hall of 1873, York-Durham Railway, the laughs on set and much more. I am forever proud of the work we did even if we got hate towards the end, I am proud of my former team. That is today's post, I will speak to you all tomorrow!


Thursday, January 21, 2021

Will There Be An The Entertainment Man Talk Show Reunion Tour?

               I know I've been editing all the old videos lately while in Isolation from the world during this pandemic and I have had time to think and I'd like to do a Reunion Tour with Eric down the road and while on our journey take a walk down memory lane but this wouldn't be for a long time and by that time, I could change my mind to be honest. However it has been many years now since we went off air and this would be a cool idea to do a walking tour and maybe I will bring the camera with me take some videos, pictures and remember the good times I once had with the team. Maybe even I could make a trip to Whitby, Ajax and just remember how much fun the series was. It could even be done here in the house remember where the series was majority of Season 3, 4, 5 and 6 was filmed at. We may have not gone too far on this series but it will be nice to walk where we filmed and just remember and talk about it. I wanna do the videos as part of the content for Facebook and IGTV just for you guys and it is an opportunity knocking. 

                 However remember that we are still in a pandemic and it will be quite sometime until things get back to normal and see friends in person as there is no way for me to get in or out of my area as it is on demand service and I totally refuse to actually take it as the bus service has made me quite angry and I've blocked their fan page at this point as I asked em a question and was totally ignored but it was besides the point. Anyways I am getting quite off topic so to speak and I should get back on track with this post. During this isolation, I can start thinking about where I wanna go etc. I can also start working on how I would like to do this, the order of how I wanna do. Anyways I will not rule it out right now if I would do this but it wouldn't be just me, I'd have to do it with an alum and I haven't really asked around much. That is today's post and I hope you enjoyed this random ramblings of mine and I we will see how things are post pandemic and all I can do is plan and that is what I am doing right now.


Friday, January 15, 2021

Explaining The Coming Soon On The Website Navigation... (Finally!)

              I want to explain the entire "Menu Bar" or "Navigational Bar" finally. I want to tell you guys that this year we will be adding some old content to the Website OFFICIALLY. This content that we are uploading to the website some of your favorite series that Chris once did on that site called "YouTube" which he is now banned from creating as you know because of a former Staff. Anyways, we both been working on this the last 2 - 3 weeks now and been downloading all the video 300 + videos have been downloaded and will be made available on our website throughout 2021 and will be available for you guys to watch and have a blast from the past. We have separate account just for the videos so there is no mix up with the podcasts to the videos.  The vlogs and updates that were on the former TheDirector015 will not be on there. It will be just the series the team did The Entertainment Man Talk Show, Friends of The Entertainment Man and much more. The schedule, we are looking at twice a week at this point and he is looking at Wednesdays and Fridays @ 2 pm EST.

             However right now we are working overtime on videos and downloading and editing the videos so they are ready to go so it will take sometime for us to prepare all of this great content. There will be an announcement when we start uploading up here to the website. This is why there is the coming soon and when we are ready to go that will be changed over to YouTube and will have an array of things on there. We may upload some Behind The Scenes from the Series as we have a bunch of those for 2 of the series. This is exciting stuff that Chris's own website will now house the Archives of his Former Web Series and I believe he has about 7 different series we will be releasing. Any questions to contact us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or the Discord. I am always in there more then Chris is majority of the time and are there to help you guys.

Matt, Site Admin/CBOTW Management

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Last Day On Set of The Entertainment Man Talk Show... (Throwback Thursday)

            This was the toughest day in my career. Knowing it was the final day on set of my beloved web series and to be honest it was a tough last day on set for me knowing the series was heading into a hiatus for the next full year before the series got completely cancelled, axed whatever you wanna call it. The final episode, was York Durham Railway which was an honor and pleasure to actually have the permission to film on their property on some of their equipment, Budd Cars, Alco Diesel # 3612 one of my personal favorites as it was always the locomotive that pulled when my dad and I were on it. There is a picture of me sitting in the diesel and I could of gotten a picture on Diesels # 22 and 1310 but no, I had to make sure it was 3612 again it was a personal fave. I can actually say I have been on the train 3 different occasions and been pulled by all 3 diesels. I remember the day Larry and I filmed it was a hot day and being in the car it was hot but we were use to it. We filmed as much as we can before sticking our heads out the door. I believe it may have been a two part finale, but then again I would have to ask Larry to see if he still has the outlines for Season 5 & 6 outlines. I will ask him later on today and if he finds it to make a copy of it to send it to me through mail.

              I remember the very final scene was in the caboose and was the final send off on the series before the end.  It was an emotional final episode because honestly I did not know the state of the series till the next year.  I remember coming back to the studio to celebrate the end of the season and another successful season. To be honest I remember the conversations that Larry and I what was next if we were planning to continue the series or we would just end it entirely and do other projects. There was a lot of conversations between him and I especially after the recording was completed with him and I. Honestly I am blessed for everything I had with that series in the end. It had one heck of a run really and I am forever grateful for the fans that supported the project in the final days and years of the series and I will always have a ton of memories recording the series with my team. That is my post for today, thanks for listening to what I had to say about my last day on set and I will talk to you guys on tomorrow's post.


Friday, June 12, 2020

The Entertainment Man Talk Show-- The Final Years

               The last week to week and a half ago marked 5 years ago since I last recorded an episode of The Entertainment Man Talk Show and I admit, my emotions have been up and down since then. I remember both Larry and I actually were up at the heritage railway in Uxbridge to record an episode of the web series and was the last episode that was ever recorded as you guys know we were in planning for a 7th Season but that was never happened. We had our ups and downs to whether we were gonna go through with it and September rolls around there was no show, no new episodes. Pretty much yeah, it went on Hiatus and never came off hiatus either. We tolled with the idea for the entire 2015 - 2016 season and even after Larry quit on us we even started to build the set which we had help on. However I had to scrap the set pieces as this was the end of the series when I officially announced the end of the series around this time 4 years ago weeks before my departure from YouTube all together. 

                With this being 5 years since the last episode and 4 since the cancellation of the series, I still wonder where the heck we went wrong. However I cannot dwell on the past and look forward with the future. I am glad we ended at the Heritage Railway and was a great way to say goodbye to the series honestly and go out with a bang after 112 Episodes, 6 Seasons and 8 years on the air. You can still find the first 4 seasons on my YouTube Channel TheDirector015. Anyways I think this is the last time I will speak about it as it is now in the past and I am focused on the podcasts and what I am doing. I am thankful to the cast and crew who helped me over the years and I am considering this finally closure to that era but I wanted to bring this up one final time. I am going address our future with YouTube tomorrow as there has been rumors going around about it recently.


Friday, November 8, 2019

Favorite Episodes of The Entertainment Man Talk Show!

             Today I would like talk about My favorite episodes that I have filmed of The Entertainment Man Talk Show. Now that it has been nearly 3.5 years since I left the YouTube platform, I sure as heck do feel comfortable talking about it and there is a bunch of episodes that really hit home and were on my favorites to film. I am sure you guys you guys can guess some of em as I am probably tweeted it out before. Anyways here are my top episodes that I enjoyed filming:

1) The 50th Episode!: This took place in Season 2 and I was so excited yet there was a bunch of drama on set that day as I wanted things to be just perfect for that day as it is a milestone for the series.

2) 100th Episode: While this episode is no longer anywhere and is a lost episode but again another milestone out of the 112 episodes that both Larry and I between 2013 and 2016 before the series ended in 2016. 

3) Town Hall of 1873: Probably one of the first of several locations I filmed at over the course of the 6 seasons the series was running that needed permission, OK to film at. Another reason I chose this location is because of the history of the theater as it once was a jail and also a fire station back in the day.

4) York-Durham Railway: Was on my list many years before we actually filmed and I was very familiar with the railway but I waited till the time was right and we filmed in June 2016 and that was the last ever episode him and I ever filmed and was a memorable finish the series off before it ended.

             There is 4 of my favorite episodes that I enjoyed recording or filming the episode. I have nothing but the best memories despite the way things ended I cannot not be bitter especially now that it has been 3.5 years now I am nothing but proud of it lasting the 6 long seasons with 2 years short of the 10 year mark since it started. There is nothing but tons of memories with the series and I will have the same when Everything About Reality TV Podcast ends in December and I move onto bigger and better things with CBOTW. I have to remember the good memories not the negative and that is why I wanted to make this post and I hope you guys enjoyed today's post and I will see you in the next post tomorrow. 


Thursday, September 19, 2019

The Entertainment Man Talk Show: The Beginning (Throwback Thursday Story)

              I never really talked about this but in today's Throwback Thursday I want to talk about this. What do I mean? I am talking about Season 1, Episode 1 of The Entertainment Man Talk Show as the title above is titled for today's blog. Now the very first episode took place on May 23rd, 2008 is when the show, the web series you guys all knew and loved for many years that it was on the air which was 11 years ago back in May this year. I knew this was like one of the second series that hit YouTube as you know Durham Entertainment Today also known as DET never made it to YouTube whatsoever even after it was cancelled due to the fact of staff drama going on. Anyways someone and their name will not be mentioned as this is now in the past and him and I are on good terms but they were not involved with the series till the 2nd season into the late 3rd season when he walked out with 3 other staff. So basically I had some help but mostly I was on my own for the most part of the season till the season 1 finale came around. The first episode I was extremely nervous compare to now being in front of a camera now, it is no biggie for me being nervous. However the first real series I had to get the jitters out pretty fast but as the series progressed I was getting really good and comfortable. Mind you the first ever episode that I did was a introduction to the series, who I was, why the series is on the channel now.

                  Now if you were to ask me, if I was to do the series all over again would I be as nervous as I was before? The answer would be no as I have streamed a ton and now guested on Punk Rock Cheeseburger numerous times I feel very comfortable. However we are talking about The Entertainment Man Talk Show. It took me up to the 7th or 8th episode to warm up to you guys as a host and really get into the role as host. However once the second season rolled in, I was a pro at it already. I think the first episode for anyone whether it is a web series or a podcast which that will be another Throwback Thursday Story for next week for you guys but either way first episode is always nerve wracking for anyone that is in the entertainment industry like I have. However I have been part of this online media world for almost 14 years now and I should be more comfortable on the camera by now as I have been doing this a very long time now. Either way this was the beginning of what became a 7 year journey and I am still to this day forever grateful for the time I spend on that series for the length it ran from 2008 - 2016.


Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Did A Walk Down At The Lake Yesterday...

             Yesterday I did a walk down at the lake with my former staff and alum, Eric and it really brought back a lot of the memories from both series that was filmed. Eric even mentioned when we first started it was all started by a school project. Also we did several episodes down at the lake for both Durham Entertainment Today and also The Entertainment Man Talk Show especially. The Entertainment Man Talk Show, if I remember there was 2 or 3 episodes down there that we filmed with the rest of the crew.  We also went back to the Gazebo where the first episode was first filmed on January 7th, 2006 which was the very first filming date that we filmed a series. Yes I remember the date and I remembered when it was cancelled which is something I do not want to actually remember though. We also did a walk down the path that I use to do and he use to do which brought back a ton of the memories from the past. We were down at the beach area and it really made some memorable moments of another staff I use to have and I we took a picture down at the lake which I do not know where that pic ever went to after all these years.  Finally down at the pier which a freighter boat was actually there unloading steel beams from the boat. We actually walked on the pier and if I remember we did film somewhere on the pier but do not remember whatsoever where.

               Finally we headed back to the main building where the snack bar and had  bite to eat and we just went to the snack bar not the new restaurant they have down there. However the restaurant looked pretty cool and I think it is a great idea to add that into the lakefront and it does generate more people to the waterfront too. There were people actually eating there so that is a good sign that people are going to that restaurant and my dad and I should eventually try that out down the road. Last final thoughts on this little excursion down to the lake really rejuvenated me and got me all relaxed for the next couple of days of getting things ready for podcasts to be released tomorrow and Friday to ensure I can get back to a normal schedule. This idea was entirely mine and was the best idea I ever had as a long walk was what I needed. The fresh air really cleared my mind from any stress that I have had and I actually rephrased a meme "You Can't Fix Stupid, even with duct tape" to "You Can't fix baldness even with chrome polish" and did one for my friend, former staff and alumni Gordie as well just for fun.  Last but not least, It was a nice walk down memory lane for Eric and I honestly and was neat to actually remember the good old days of us filming a web series for YouTube but that is now behind me as I am now into the world of Podcasting but again still nice to remember the good times not the negative.


Sunday, June 16, 2019

3 Years Ago The Entertainment Man Talk Show Ended It's Long Run...

            3 years ago today, I made the decision after a struggling 1 year trying to figuring out the future of the series. I honestly did not think that the series would continue as it was a tough go with things trying to come up with ideas and I just wasn't sure I wanted to continue. One thing I should of done was move my podcast, Everything About Reality TV to a separate channel and stop making series that could of been or should of been what I wanted to do and yes I'd done it Audio ONLY as well too. Anyways, getting off topic clearly but it still hurts to this day that it ended and it is or has been the hardest thing to get over as it was a big part of my life on a regular basis. However, I have re-adjusted to the change of being a podcaster very well. There is so many memories that I will always have and especially some of the most funniest moments as well. Some days, I have flashbacks of the old days but some of them are really good moments that have happened over the course of the series. It was almost on the air for 10 long years but I think 6 seasons was enough for me to say that's a wrap. I was really looking at the viewership and honestly 3 years ago at this time, the views were down compare to the past seasons and I was given advice sooner but really did not take it. It feels strange to be talking about the series, the show 3 years later as I really did not wanna to talk about it over the last 3 years as it has been an hard and very difficult transition over.

               However I miss the old days of YouTube, just now I am in my right place. I really enjoy podcasting and have more time to spend with my friends and family compare when I was on the platform. I will always have the memories of the series that I have done and was my longest series that I did on YouTube with my podcast now the longest running project I have done thus far but as for YouTube series this was one of my favorite projects I have done beside Chris Travels To Historic Places which only did run 3 episodes but The Entertainment Man Talk Show was one of my faves no doubt. Not just because it ran 8 years but the fact it had a lot of memories in it as well and was a fun show to shoot. There is a ton of bloopers that made the channel and some of them I do regret posting cause of the language and if I had that access to my old YouTube account today, probably end up being demonetized entirely. It has been a long 3 years since the series got cancelled but like I said there is tons of memories I will never forget nor the help of my team back in the day.


Thursday, May 23, 2019

First Video Ever On YouTube... (Thrownback Thursday)

           I had some other ideas in mind for today's throwback Thursday story but since it is kind of fitting that now I am back with the YouTube platform that I tell this story about when I posted up my first ever video which is still up on the platform under a channel that I cannot no longer access so it's stuck there as a dead channel as it has been dormant for so many years now but old videos can still be seen on TheDirector015 account. So my first ever video I posted was the first Episode of The Entertainment Man Talk Show which also it would of marked 11 years on the air if I was to continue it for some odd reason which I do not think it would of even made it that far honestly but with the team I had we were on a good rhythm going.  Anyways back to the story, the first videos that actually did stay up were The Entertainment Man Talk Show's 1st, 2nd and 3rd episode of it's very first season and originally there were limitations back in the day 10 minutes or less. However originally going back to 2008 when I first started, before The Entertainment Man Talk Show started months before I actually posted up another series which I am going to keep nameless as it wasn't the best series for me at the start but was totally a learning curve for sure. I posted up on the channel the 2nd episode which is now lost along with the other 15 episodes of the 16 episodes that I had and 3 episodes from the 2nd season which was short lived. 

             In the end the original series was removed off the platform and channel to make room for The Entertainment Man Talk Show which ran 6 long seasons before being cancelled and me moving into the world of Podcasting. The Channel ran up to the end of the 4th season when a second channel under a different email was created however in the end it was both DET and TEMTS that were in the first video or so added to the channel. The other old series I do not think the original episode never lasted very long honestly as things were not well in team wise. The early years were quite a struggle so that is kind of the reason behind why that 2nd episode of the original episode disappeared. However in the end I sure as heck made up for lost time with the amount of videos and it was quite an adventure creating a series and I am so happy to be back in a different scenario and I hope you guys enjoyed this little throwback Thursday Story.


Thursday, April 25, 2019

How Did The Entertainment Man Talk Show Get It's Name? (Throwback Thursday Story)

            I was talking to some of my staff that use to help me out in the past and it came to me how the heck did my now former series, The Entertainment Man Talk Show got it's name? I know this goes way before The Entertainment Man Talk Show started, actually before I discovered the YouTube platform. My friend Gordie found out I made videos Durham Entertainment Today days, he started to call me "Entertainment Man" and ever since it really stuck with me for years and yes I changed it after a while after YouTube but another story for another day. Probably about a year later after Eric quitting on me out of nowhere yet again, the talk show you guys know and loved for a good 6 oober long years called The Entertainment Man Talk Show. I just added The at the start of "Entertainment Man" and Talk Show at the end of it. Pretty much after calling it this, the rest is history and it ran for 6 long years. Hey! It was my talk show, as I was the producer, director and host of the series.

              So basically the series was named after my nickname that Gordie, aka muffler man gave me so I really have him to thank for for that as if I was never called "Entertainment Man" The Entertainment Man Talk Show probably would of never happened but I do not wanna wish that as it was a good series up to the drama at the very end but I have never told you guys how that series ever got it's name honestly. However, you now know how the show, the series I loved, Larry & Dave love how it got it's name actually. I know it was a long name for a series and was hard to hashtag on social media unless I ended up doing something like #TEMTS on Twitter but that is now long gone now and it has nearly been 3 years since the series got cancelled due to certain reasons. I hope you enjoyed today's little throwback story and it was a neat one to tell you all.


Thursday, April 4, 2019

There Was A Moments I Staged Something and Running Jokes....

            There is so many secrets I would love to tell but some of them are best to keep a secret, especially the drama that actually happened on set which was never recorded minus that one scene that is posted up on my old YouTube and is one of two dramatic scenes captured on camera but for the most part it was done behind closed doors up to 2016 when I came out frustrated with my team in 2016 when staff quit. What do I really mean about the staged scene. It is the one where I purposely tripped and fell which I did also do a remix of me falling over several times which is really the beauty of editing actually which is great honestly. Also I never practiced it nor my team actually knew that I was going to do that which it was on all me during which I said I tripped which is actually in the video itself I tripped and nobody knew the actual truth behind it till this post coming out on this throwback Thursday edition of the blog so I have kept it quiet for all these years but now the truth is out and my staff I really never told them what really happened not yet at least but maybe one day I will have to tell the ones who were involved during the 2nd season of The Entertainment Man Talk Show.

                The second part of this throwback Thursday story is the running jokes on set like me saying s**t and my team telling me in the bathroom which occurred  once or twice during the series. Also picking on our friends in good humor, the St. Patrick's Day for example that was a fun episode and we had comments made. Cursing was a big thing as I really showed my true colors and my true self on set each and every episode and majority of the time I left in those moments in the episodes as majority of the time I wanted to capture the moments which there is another primary moment of me cursing at the lawn mower which now almost 10 years later, we still have that lawn mower and she is still working well for an old mower. Can always rely on your old mowers but I will do a old start cold start this spring when it is time to get her ready for the late spring/early summer time on Instagram TV. There are plenty of moments and if you guys enjoyed these neat stories from the days I was on set filming my series and I plan on coming up with some more down the road as well.


Thursday, March 14, 2019

Funniest Moments On Set (Throwback Thursday Story)

             I originally had a Throwback Thursday story that was podcast related but you guys have already have had 2 days in a row now with podcast related content and I honestly need to change things up for this week but I do plan on doing that throwback Thursday story another week as I didn't realize I had too many of a similar topic.  Anyways today's post is about the funniest moments on set and I have a bunch of em I would like to talk today and  was talking about it back on Monday with Eric and he had to bring one of em up I will be talking about but there is another post I wanna talk to later as well and it is in the back of my mind. Anyways first of all I may as well bring this one up, Eric and the CD player after I opened it as it was still going round and round and he said whoa and a curse word which is still to this day on my old YouTube channel the # 1 viewed video with 300 + views will always be remembered as one of the best episodes that I will ever remember that I have ever recorded. Another episode is the running jokes and the constant cursing which mind you now if the group did exist still, now we wouldn't be able to curse like we were originally.

             There is jokes where we always poked fun at one another and I started to give Eric nicknames, Larry and Justin nicknames and the list goes on and on with the ways we always poked fun. There was a moment as I have spoken about this in a separate post but Larry flipping the bird at the camera which at first like I said, I wasn't happy at first but then I kind of laughed it off but it was a fun time even with Larry on set too. Also the constant pranks I pulled from Eric being booed on an intro on Ep # 27 to Dave's ex being booed on April Fools Day. We had so much fun on set and I tried to make it a fun experience but not everything was fun and games, there was days where I was stressed out and I sure wasn't afraid to let out my frustrations on set but other days I was cool as a cucumber. In retrospective, it was a fun time with the fun on set and the laughs, bloopers and goof ups and there is probably more moments but I am sure I cannot always fit it into a post but all the moments are indeed memorable. 


Thursday, January 31, 2019

Me Cussing At My Crew At The 50th Episode, Was It Real? (Throwback Thursday Story)

                I know I mentioned a while ago I would do a throwback Thursday story for you guys and I am sure I never really talked about this in the past but the day I recorded The Entertainment Man Talk Show's 50th Episode on June 23rd, 2009 and it wasn't the easiest day of any of the taping's of an episode to be honest. This also includes the rehearsal of the event. I know I tried to pick a fight with an ex crew member of mine but he did drop the camera which is honestly expensive equipment to be honest, especially a digital camera so I went into insulting him and it wasn't fake like most of you would say, it was true stress going on as I wanted this event to run smoothly with 0 hiccups which there was some issues here and there but I will get into that shortly. There was a lot of things wrong with the event but other then that the rehearsal for the 50th episode and the season finale went fine.

                Now the season finale which happened to have a lot of drama and it was real drama which not only was stressful for me but stressful for the team. We forgot to get ice as we needed the extra ice to keep the drinks cold for the reception after so I was the one elected to walk all the way down the hill and back up the bloody hill which took at least 20 - 30 minutes including picking up ice and nobody went with me to help me carry it back which pissed me right off.  Also I went off at my staff and that scene which I now regret posting up on YouTube is now out there and exposed to the world what went on and easy to find and I will not mention the title of that video as eventually that old channel will be con put gone from the internet.  Again another blog post for another day.

                One other problem I had was with one of my team members taking over the event but I understand why they did as I needed to focus on the producing/directing and host so I cannot do everything but another event which is for another day on a different post but I mean I honestly had everything under control during the 50th and I was listening to everyone's ideas. I think in the end we were all stressed as we were pressed for time as guests couldn't be there till 3 so it was tough to keep it on schedule and get the taping done but there was one that stayed longer whom is a long time friend of mine for almost 20 years now. Either way the episode came out very well and appreciated the time and effort my team put into it despite the stress I was going through but they know I wanted everything to succeed. 


Thursday, September 27, 2018

St Patties Day and Card Playing Episode of The Entertainment Man Talk Show (Throwback Thursday Story)

            Decided to give you guys another The Entertainment Man Talk Show Throwback story and like I said before, I got plenty of em to give to you guys, such as this one particularly was a neat story and was a running joke in the series from season 2 and on as it made the show much more funnier and the views went up greatly on em too which is great, it was always about what you guys liked in the way of content and making sure it was entertaining as well too!  First part is the St Patties Day episode which was a fun filled episode which i actually cooked up col cannon which is an Irish dish. We actually were picking on someone we know but all in fun at the end of the day and I still yet to give Gordie that Col Cannon recipe to this day, dang it! lol. Also it was so much fun to do and I will never forget this episode ever.This day also was actually on St Patrick's Day, we scheduled the filming on March 17th. 

                The next part is the card game episode where we play and talk about playing two different card games, first UNO which is now a popular game to this very day and of course a very fun game to play as well. I believe it was UNO that we started with, had to remember almost 10 years ago since we shot that episode actually, it's... been a long time since this happened but it will be a memorable episode that's for sure and maybe I can do a post for my all time favorite episodes of this series at a later time and date. Anyways, next on my list is The Skip Bo game which both Eric, Gordie & I played a very short round of Skip Bo and of course I had to say the word s**t on camera which had to be bleeped out but still fun times as McJuggernuggets would always say. That was one of my favorite episodes during the season but to be honest that was one crazy season with 42 episodes between September 2008 - June 2009 but that is what I think. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I miss you guys already as this is pre written and i am now in the US with Family at this time of you reading this post.


Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Lawn Mower Scene on The Entertainment Man Talk Show Real or Fake (Throwback Thursday Story)

               I know this post will make little sense at the start as it is a Throwback Thursday Story but also a scene on the former web series, was it a real when I was cursing at the lawn mower when it didn't start? Well first of all this was towards the end of Season 2 of The Entertainment Man Talk Show the final several episodes before EP # 50. Anyways we rolled the camera officially and of course the stupid Lawn Mower wouldn't start. Technically both Eric and I had the mower running before we had rolled the camera so maybe the fact we didn't prime the engine enough could of had the factor or we left the mower too long without starting it up again, we will never know but yes I was cursing like a sailor and I think it was my fault for making sure the thing starts back up again so that could of been the issue from the get go or the lawn mower just being stubborn as this actually was the first start of the year so that could of been the issue. Plus it was an old start, cold start kind of video for you guys and those do not always go as planned. Gotta warm up the engine first, obviously! 

                Now I know what you guys will say, Chris this was completely fake, not real whatsoever. Well what I said above it the truth! It was an old start, cold start and honestly I was just very frustrated with the lawn mower not starting back up, so it was actually very much real not fake, it was just pure frustration I was having and we all have it from time to time and that's OK to have but we just gotta deal with the situations of life and move on. It was a crazy day for me and funny as the views really proved that it was entertaining to you guys seeing me cursing and freakin out at the mower... Starting to wonder if to continue re-posting my old videos onto my DailyMotion account for you guys as I think you guys enjoyed it and seems like you really are enjoying it. Anyways that is my throwback Thursday story for this week, hope you enjoyed it and I will see you in the next blog post!