Sunday, June 16, 2019

3 Years Ago The Entertainment Man Talk Show Ended It's Long Run...

            3 years ago today, I made the decision after a struggling 1 year trying to figuring out the future of the series. I honestly did not think that the series would continue as it was a tough go with things trying to come up with ideas and I just wasn't sure I wanted to continue. One thing I should of done was move my podcast, Everything About Reality TV to a separate channel and stop making series that could of been or should of been what I wanted to do and yes I'd done it Audio ONLY as well too. Anyways, getting off topic clearly but it still hurts to this day that it ended and it is or has been the hardest thing to get over as it was a big part of my life on a regular basis. However, I have re-adjusted to the change of being a podcaster very well. There is so many memories that I will always have and especially some of the most funniest moments as well. Some days, I have flashbacks of the old days but some of them are really good moments that have happened over the course of the series. It was almost on the air for 10 long years but I think 6 seasons was enough for me to say that's a wrap. I was really looking at the viewership and honestly 3 years ago at this time, the views were down compare to the past seasons and I was given advice sooner but really did not take it. It feels strange to be talking about the series, the show 3 years later as I really did not wanna to talk about it over the last 3 years as it has been an hard and very difficult transition over.

               However I miss the old days of YouTube, just now I am in my right place. I really enjoy podcasting and have more time to spend with my friends and family compare when I was on the platform. I will always have the memories of the series that I have done and was my longest series that I did on YouTube with my podcast now the longest running project I have done thus far but as for YouTube series this was one of my favorite projects I have done beside Chris Travels To Historic Places which only did run 3 episodes but The Entertainment Man Talk Show was one of my faves no doubt. Not just because it ran 8 years but the fact it had a lot of memories in it as well and was a fun show to shoot. There is a ton of bloopers that made the channel and some of them I do regret posting cause of the language and if I had that access to my old YouTube account today, probably end up being demonetized entirely. It has been a long 3 years since the series got cancelled but like I said there is tons of memories I will never forget nor the help of my team back in the day.


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