Tuesday, September 22, 2020

I Originally Helped Build The Original ChrisBOnTheWeb.com

             This is going way back to the early days of us having a .com website or Chris so to speak like 2015 when he got the original ChrisBOnTheWeb.com which didn't have as many views as it does today to a couple of hundred of views a day which I will get into on another post another day this week as I have several ideas for the week. Anyways I want to go back 5 years ago when we just started out with a .com website, when this all became a reality. Yes we were a year and a half before ending YouTube as a whole but I helped Chris build the website from the ground up, pages added to the website the entire build of what was our very first menu bar which Chris hasn't really spoken about and I think he rather squash the fact he was with that provider as he's had his share of problems where they banned the website for no apparent reason not once but twice in the time which honestly was ridiculous. I'm sure it was being falsely reported but the point is we are with blogger now fully and love the way we have built up this website. 


          So I had a big hand in the build of the ORIGINAL website and have experience with the way ChrisBOnTheWeb.com runs so maybe that is why he has chosen me to help with the day to day operations while he's away. Now not only that I helped him build this website's pages and menu bar. Wasn't just Mark and I, it was a 3 man operation and there was a ton of work and it took us a long time. Chris mainly tested it and reported back to us as we did majority of the work switching on a regular basis. Either that doesn't matter who work on the website but I have learned a lot about building Menu Bars, CSS Code, IFrame and even building social media buttons within the website. This is how I am familiar with the build of our website. I hope you all enjoyed this story of how I was involved the website before we moved to blogger or blogspot on more permanent basis and I will talk to you guys tomorrow. 


Jim, Community Manager

Monday, September 21, 2020

Chris Is On A Partial Leave of Absence...

           Well, you trolls won... You drove poor Chris to insanity and stress. He pours his time and effort into content, to continuing to grow this website, give him a darn break! He works countless hours without a break whatsoever, he works day in and day out and you tell him to get better content when he is working hard. It has been nothing but trolls and insults and rudeness towards him and the entire team. We lost one staff cause of ex staff being rude... It's driven him to a mental breakdown. I'm sorry but I have to vent because enough is enough with all of this. So the news I have is that Chris has decided with my help and suggestions to take a leave of absence from the administration side of things. However he will not be steering away from podcasts notes, Entertainment Man Podcast & Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and he will tweet updates from time to time when he's not busy to say hi or any updates on the podcast planning but I will also be tweeting and posting to social media as well. 

            Chris has been unhappy for nearly 2 months now and I saw this coming even before I took over the role of Community Manager and been around the ChrisBOnTheWeb Socials and the website. I may be taking on a bigger role within the team as Administrator but I will also be still pertaining the Community Manager role as normally. I am just taking on a second role while boss man is away getting better and dealing with his depression. Honestly I can say this, Chris has thought about giving me full Ownership and stepping down as Owner of the website and group but glad he has decided to do this and I've been trying to get him to take time away from the admin side of things to focus on the project aspect. Do not worry I was one of the 2 between myself and Mark who helped and built the menu bar and social media buttons on the website so I do have experience in coding and I previously helped him with the Original ChrisBOnTheWeb.com on that other provider that Chris doesn't really like... Finally you will be seeing more posts from me unless Chris decides to pop on to say hi and do a post. Do not worry, he is going to be back and when is the question as I cannot really tell you guys at this point when he is planning to start doing his normal everyday duties. Let's just hope he doesn't have to take another leave again cause of you trolls. Let me give you a warning, you once insult us or disrespect us, you will be banned and not allowed back. We have no room for trolls as wanna keep things flowing well and have been flowing well with new programming coming soon to the website. I will address that this week at some point. 

Jim, CBOTW Admin/Community Manager

Sunday, September 20, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [09-20-2020]

            It is that time of the week again for another update. Another crazy week and let me say this: Give Chris a break. he is trying to create quality content for you guys and you tell him to do better content when he's trying his darnest to actually give you guys good content. We will ban trolls for disrespect and I was trashed talked in the last day or two and it is not tolerated honestly and we have to start putting our foot down and not afraid to ban if we have to and we will warn but honestly it doesn't seem to help sometimes. Anyways to the updates:

Website- Stream page has been removed as we are continuing on with the Audio ONLY side of things and wanna focus on Audio ONLY which is a ton better then Video and we have been told or Chris has been told we get a ton more views. Another thing you guys say we don't get views when the website and the podcasts are getting ton of views so people clearly do care and listen to our stuff. 

Power Rangers Podcast- The next recording of the podcast is scheduled for October sometime as Chris has to type up Wild Force still as it was put on hold recently but he will get it done soon I'm sure.  He also has to get to Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder for December so he can start the next phase if they chose to renew which he addressed it physically yesterday after the convo him and Larry. He didn't say much but has hinted things but he's being super weird with the plans with it at this point. 

             That is really is much it for updates. Not much to say or update for you guys and I had to vent on some trolling recently but we will not tolerate that and we are going to be careful and keep an eye out on the fan page and like I said if we have to warn people and/or ban them, we will but we will give a 2 warnings before a ban but those are the updates for the week and I will be speaking to you guys next weekend. Have a great week in the meantime.

Jim, CBOTW Community Manager

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Larry and I Been Joking Around and Updates!

           I had to share this as you know we're now in negotiations for a Renewal for Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and Larry had to make a stupid joke that we will still be doing this when we're 80 years old! I know we are making stupid jokes about ourselves but hey like he said as long as we're having fun with the series and talking about it that is what really matters.  You guys probably wondering are we getting close to a renewal? Well not yet. We have spoken about it recently this week and it is in the back of our minds at this point but we are having fun with the fact with in our 30's or late 30's talking about Power Rangers and there will always be some kind of series we will always be talking about I'm sure. By the sounds of the renewal I think it's gonna happen, I have a funny feeling it's gonna happen sooner or later and we will see us continuing on with this amazing series.  As Larry and I mentioned it is little early to be making this decision as we still got 3 more episodes to go before end of our agreement once again and this would make this the second agreement we have made so we will have to make a decision before December whether we are going to continue on and I think we will. 

              I have a feeling it is in the back of our mind it will be renewed and we will be indeed back to recording Power Rangers Podcast in February 2021 even if we end up still stuck with doing it through Skype at this point. I am good doing it through Skype at this point and one of these days we will be both back in studio recording the podcast at some point when this pandemic gets at ease and under control once we get a vaccine for it. Anyways I want this to continue even during this pandemic and I know it is not the same doing this via Skype but what other choice do we have. So yes both Larry and myself have talked about the future of the collaboration podcast and it will happen when the time is right but at this moment I do not think it is the appropriate time and we just need to focus on finishing these up but we continue to negotiate and we both thank you guys for your continuing love and support through email that you would like  to see us continue this collab and please keep telling us you'd like to continue to hear the podcast, anything helps us. 


Friday, September 18, 2020

Been Binge Watching Malcolm In The Middle Lately...

                 Lately I have found myself watching numerous series and got so many on the list, Supergirl, Big Brother Canada, Monk, CSI and Married With Children but in time I will get them all done and I am promising myself to not add on to the list at this point as it will be endless and I already have enough on the list as it is at this point. Anyways one of the shows I am watching right now is Malcolm in The Middle which I know is an old series 20 years ago which I was just prior to being in High School when I started watching the series. Anyways I definitely feel like it is a very dysfunctional family and one of moments I just saw was Lois going off at Reese and Malcolm and Reese mocking Lois yet there was a mirror on the door so she knew he was mocking her which honestly was pretty funny. Guess the saying goes you cannot fix stupid but the look on Reese's face like oh crap moment but it was priceless moment. However it is such a crazy series and funny in the same way.

                 I mean who in the world doesn't like a crazy family that's out of their mind. It sure makes for a great TV Show and to be honest, I miss this series and it has been a long time now 15 or more long years since it went off the air. However there is other shows that I can watch and I can do exactly what I am doing right now. I know my list is kind of on the endless list right now but I am sure in time I will be finishing up series. I do not really have a list of the shows I wanna watch in chronological order. I just do not know which one order but either way I am going to enjoy this show first and watch the Lois yelling at the boys and freaking out. I can tell you this, she ain't stupid that's for sure. She knows exactly what the boy are doing but either way. I am enjoying the series and first time I've watched the series back to back to back. I sure can use a laugh that's for sure especially with these hard times we're all going through. 


Thursday, September 17, 2020

First Series We Ever Recorded As The Video Projects Team! (Throwback Thursday Story)

          This goes back to 14.5 years ago when I was at the age of 20. This was when I was starting out on the Online Media world soon as I got out of High School, I got right into it all. Anyways the project was about different attractions within our region and was our very first project that we actually did. This all stemmed and started as a class project for my media class in high school. This is how this all began and started in 2005. We filmed the entire episode in a day and I believe I actually got my dad to drive us on the final stretch as we were running out of time and I think Eric was driven back cause of the timing as by the time we finished it was quite late in the day like 4 pm in the afternoon. Now we originally had an original plan for a small Reality TV series but since the teams backed out on us we had to come up with a new plan and a plan fast as I believe we were days away possibly 2 days from shooting the episode for the school project so we had to call Juliana at the Gallery to let her know of the change that was happening. I know we gave her a 2 day or 1 day notice but it was so sudden.  

            The series completed a 16 episode run as we continued on past the 1 episode on February 13th, 2006 when we decided to continue the series on with different locations out and about and there was no in studio recording. Our Season 1 Finale actually consisted of us doing a clip show outside with a TV in the carport which was little insane but that's OK. The series went on for a 2nd Season but it only lasted 3 episodes before it got cancelled entirely as we had some disagreements or creative differences with one another. However it was only our first series and I wish I kept all the episodes to eventually post up on YouTube as at that time we did not even started till January 31st, 2008. This series actually ended on January 10th, 2008, 21 days before we began our YouTube journey. 


Wednesday, September 16, 2020

I Admit I Haven't Been Myself Lately....

              I do admit it, I haven't been myself and stress and handling so much at once doesn't really help either which is definitely not a good thing. I think I am just taking on too much and letting the drama get to me and that obviously rowels me up and I end up not sleeping at night or I just end up back in a slump again. I think a few things that is probably bothering me is not just the workload for ChrisBOnTheWeb but also since Ruth Ann and Kevin passed, I have struggled with it recently and I am not using this for views I am just being open and honest and I have been keeping it very quiet to today's post and only post I will make. I know it will take some time to heal and I am glad I continued to work on ChrisBOnTheWeb and keep myself busy and probably the best thing to keep busy and my mind off the pain.  

               The next thing is the stuff going on behind the scenes here and it has been completely crazy drama recently and I am trying to steer clear of it happening but it's been almost a week since it happened and things have slowly quieted down for us and we're doing everything that we can to make sure there is no more problems. Anyways let's move on to my mental health has not been the best lately with this pandemic recently and it's actually started to drag me down where I have been stuck in the house a lot more then usual and just not use to being at home all the time, I am use to going out, being with friends, going to Staples and I know I have to hang in there and there will be a day and time when I will be able to do that all again hopefully soon but for the most I have to get my parents to drive me and pick me up which is fine with me. I will bounced back and I already have, I have been smiling in the last 12 + hours and it is definitely a start. I am just taking it one day at a time and the fact I have started being up during the night again doesn't help but I am going to lie down and sleep when my body tells me to. I think it has to do with the fact I do not really go anywhere and that I am home majority of the time so my body is a bit thrown off but again I am taking one day at a time and honestly that is what I need to do.


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

More Changes but Change is Good!

                 Again with the changes! I am really just sick and tired of the changes just because it is happening way to fast for me but sometimes I gotta just deal with things at a faster face that is definitely the working world. For those who don't know Gamers Podcast is back on the shelf for the 1,000,000th time and for the last time. I am just honestly done playing games with a podcast now.... Having communication issues with the host that we had behind the scenes and it wasn't working out. So now CBOTW has 2 podcasts running at this point, "Entertainment Man Podcast" & "Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast" I still got Tiala, Larry and Jim onboard to help out and they are going nowhere. I know this is a lot to digest and I think I made a mistake adding on too much, too soon. I have to honestly slow things down a bit and if it happens to add on another podcast down the road then so be it we will add on another one. I think what we need to do as a team is take small steps. You have to walk before you can run as the saying goes and we are moving at such a fast pace and I think it is not the right move at this moment. 

                 We will get to expanding soon enough and maybe eventually that we will be at the right point to expand but right now we need to slow down our role. I definitely think we are going at a very fast pace at the moment and need to slow the heck down a tad, just a tad. However the website stream page is still there and it will remain empty till we feel we are ready to go to actually stream our podcasts and if we decide it's not worth it then we will just continue to record Audio ONLY but that can be decided at a later date to be honest. Either way it sits on the website waiting for it's future fate of the website. We may use it, we may not that is up to the podcast team in the end. However change is definitely good for the good reasons not the bad and if we are to expand it will be at a more of slower pace then we have been going. 


Monday, September 14, 2020

I'm Back and I Got Concerns!

               I know it has been a while since i was around posting up regular daily posts recently and the reason was cause of the drama which I will not get into but my mental health has honestly been bad recently. That is why I've been on and off making posts recently and it is hard for my team to keep up with the posts on a regular day but I am trying to deal with all of this and get the work done within the studio especially podcasts for Entertainment Man Podcast and Power Rangers Podcast which I should have an update by end of the week if we will be going through an renewal as I am need of answers and so are you guys too! It has been long coming since all of this craziness whether we will be indeed renewing the collaboration podcast or not and I have a funny feeling that it will be happening I have that positive set and mind it will return for yet another section of the series here on our website. That has been one of my concerns with the amount of views we got and least we got views that is what matters, we're getting more views on the collaboration podcast then my own personal podcast but my podcast is newer and people have to discover it and are already discovering it. 

               The next thing I wanna address is our Facebook Page which has really gone down hill for the last month and I honestly have thought about closing it down and focusing on Twitter and Instagram like we use to but I have to remember we still have 56 loyal fans on the fan page and I just do not feel like I wanna turn my back on the fans on there or any fans. Yeah we have had some troll and disrespectful people recently but all we have to do is block or ban them from the page and I know and you guys know I do not like to ban people if I do not have to but I am just getting tired of the disrespect and b.s. that is coming with it and at this point if I have to ban, I will ban, no warning nothing. I've had to do that with 4 people already and I know we lose likes cause of it but we just want to keep the positive and no drama and for the most part we keep to ourselves and trying to not post negativity on our page.  That is my post and I am for the most part I am back and I will see you guys in tomorrow's blog post!


Sunday, September 13, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [09-13-2020]

              As I said in yesterday's post, I hinted a ton of different things and the most exciting part is getting our Founder & Owner back this week after a very rough week. I know he's gone missing quite a lot lately but all cause of drama, drama, drama and to be honest it's enough to drive him insane and he lost it and really just couldn't deal with it hence he disappeared for a little while. Anyways onto the major updates that we have for you guys this week:

- Website: We have updated as you know we updated numerous things on the website as well as add in new pages. First of all we added onto our website a "Staff" page which has been indeed long requested as people want to know who is on our team and who is involved with ChrisBOnTheWeb. It has been since then updated staff removed, and myself and Larry have been added to that actual list.  Finally with this updates for the website portion of our weekly updates is this Live page. You all are probably wondering what the heck is going on with it and for now he has put that on the back shelf for now as we recently cancelled a podcast and the feature renders useless right now due to the fact only time it would be used at this moment is Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast as we do not know with the other podcast which I will get into soon so right now the Live page remains hidden and unused but it is ready to go one way or another when the time is right.

- Sports Podcast: Due to some things that happened behind the scenes and I will not get into the entire details. This podcast is no longer in production within CBOTW Network, it has been removed off our menu bar and off our network at this point.  Any graphics also have been removed off our social media. 

CBOTW Gamers Podcast: A new podcast is now in the works however our host for that Podcast, Jeff needs time to his computer back, setting up on our website video feed that we have here on ChrisBOnTheWeb.com so it goes back to that feed not being used at this moment but this podcast has a logo and still gotta work on the Podcast feed but plenty of time for Chris to work on this.

                 There is the updates for this week and we had a ton to talk about this week and I hope you guys enjoyed it and I am pretty sure I covered everything and I know that Chris will tell me if I indeed forget something but I am 99.999% sure that I haven't forgotten anything on the list. Anyways I will speak to you guys next week and hope you all have a great week and I will see you around the CBOTW Social Media accounts throughout the week.

Jim, Community Manager

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Chris Is Returning To Blogging Monday and Announcement Notice!

              So I got some updates from the boss man and he feels great! He feels happy and good enough now to actually make his return to social media as of Monday morning you will see a lot more posts and updates from him. He is excited to returned and he tweeted a couple of posts after being off so it goes to show that he is indeed ready to come back and get back to making posts for you guys. He's starting to feel less stressed and feeling a lot calmer and maybe him taking a few days away here and there but again he's been active in creating and making content for you guys and including updating this website which I will be getting into tomorrow morning's post. There will be a ton to update for you guys to updates to hear on tomorrow's post and we can be honestly excited for it. 


                On tomorrow's blog post I will be outlining some of the changes that are being made and will recap what has gone on throughout this week which mind you it will be an long winded update for you guys tomorrow. We are remaining positive with the recent things that has gone in this week and we are just looking into the future. I think out of the updates website will be the most interesting out of all of the updates. You will see what we mean tomorrow and we are excited especially for the very near future. We are on the move but taking baby steps to what we wanna do for right now. We rather take our time then rush all these features especially on the website and when we have had issues. Yes tomorrow's post will have an announcement with the "Live" page as you know we haven't gone live nor release the page yet so answers will be given tomorrow's post. 

Jim, Community Manager


Friday, September 11, 2020

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast On Hold

                Chris has decided to put any upcoming Podcasts for Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast on hold till end of next week till him and Larry have a Skype meeting with each other on a lot of things. I will highlight what they need to discuss:

 -  When they will be recording Power Rangers Wild Force: They are currently still behind schedule and things are just getting rolling again and they are about to get ready to record and I am guessing at this point they are aiming for the end of September, early October. 

- State of COVid-19 With This Podcast: With things getting worsened in Ontario, he's already mentioned to me that I am will mention: Him and Larry have to actually discuss how long they wanna continue on recording Power Rangers Podcast via Skype at this point. If they wanna put the podcast on hold or if they wanna continue to record via Skype.

The views on Power Rangers Time Force: He will be discussing what the views that they got on the last episode which I have personally seen screenshots and it's not that bad really. 10 views is better then 5 and he's stated he don't care if he gets 5 views, he's doing it for the love of the show and bringing back his childhood memories plus he's doing this for Larry as it was an idea Larry had. 

- Future of The Collaboration Podcast: He is going to have a conversation about renewing the Collaboration Podcast which has been up and down with Chris trying to figure out what he wants to do and the worries of the views going down so he is truly worried about the amount of views but he's changed his attitude on that. 

               That is what he has to talk to Larry about and why he's mentioned to me to make this post but we will know more information by next week at some point once the two of them talking and I probably will end up being the first person to know since he isn't going to be on for a week and a half. 

Jim, Community Manager

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Chris Is Taking Time Away from The Blog and Social Media...

                Chris is taking some time away from the website, blog and social media as I stated on here and social yesterday, there was stuff going on which again we will not get into detail but he is stressed right out to a point of a mental breakdown and I think he had one the other night and him being away from the the team and all of this. However he will still be working on his own pace and the podcast will remain as schedule but as for the live I will be addressing that tomorrow. Things will be reveal over the next week as that is what he is planning to not be around for the next week as he needs. I think this is what he needs and honestly things were going just smoothly up to what happened and I was surprised to see a message from him late last night to what was going on and that is why I offered to take it over. Right now he needs to get his mental health better. He is all wound up like he gets like this especially like the other night. Plus he has been under immense pressure getting Entertainment Man Podcast notes done and also Power Rangers Podcast which is currently on standby.

               There is stuff I like to explain Saturday as there is a ton of stuff going on and why he's put things on hold. I do not why he has to bring me into his dirty work, honestly... LOL! He probably see this post and just shake his head at me talking about him but it is positive things. We're a team and we stick together to the end. He will be back soon I hope and right now it's him getting work done and discussing with who's left on this team at this moment as the staff seems to be fluctuating at this moment.  This is why he needs a community manager and he has one, me. I use to be near him at one point, but moved away and I am still happy to help him out one way or another. I am here to answer questions you guys may have via Social Media or email, just send me a message and I or the staff will be sure to answer them as quickly as possible.

Jim, Community Manager

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

We Ran Into An Issue With Mobile Compatibility With The Live Page!

              First of all: Chris is off today from the blog and social media due to some drama that went on last night but I will not get into details at this moment but I am taking over the Community Manager role as well as we just switched over Community Managers yet again and part of it is what I said above. Anyways I am hear today to talk about our Live Feature. We recently tested the feature out for how compatible the feed is via mobile and I can tell you it works but you either login to the chat or play the video as the auto play feature but majority of people to this day of age have computers as Chris and I had that conversation this morning as we are late coming out with the post and most of us slept in after a rough night for all of us.

               So after consulting the boss man, if you wanna do both then you will have to be on a computer but if you wanna listen to mobile you can as it is both compatible on mobile as it is HTML5.  So you listen to it but you cannot do both that is our issue with the live page. I've noticed with the page there has been a lot of views lately and probably cause the Staff been in and out of the page a ton lately. I'm pretty sure the page isn't visible through Google at the moment as it hasn't been available and maybe the fact it hasn't been promoted does make a difference and the only people that really do know is the Staff of this website. However we will make a clear statement when we start posting links whenever that is as Chris is holding back the live for this week but we will make a note that you will have to login to a computer for both due to the state that this player does not auto play which it should to be honest. You can't say we tried! We are continuing to test and try this but no guarantees when we will be launching it it could not even be this weekend at point cause of the schedule. 


Jim, Community Manager

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Will I Still Stream On Facebook and Instagram Live?

              Now with the announcement of the new Live Feature for Podcasts has been made the question I have is will I continue to do streams on Facebook and Instagram from time to time? The answer is yes. When I have a chance or announcement to make, I will most definitely go live and you can withhold me to that and right now there is no other announcement but I am not a fan of the live feature on Facebook and Instagram but if I need to make an announcement I definitely will. Don't expect it to be every day or couple of times a week. You will know when I go live to know what the announcement as you will be notified. I know I have had more requests for me to do live streams on the fan page and I would love to but I am a very busy person from maintaining the website to doing these posts to my own podcast and help getting the hosts onto the air as well as I am the one that setup that feature and the one that  has the key to the door to our stream on the website.

                Anyways, that is what I have to say and I know I am only going to be live on Facebook and my Instagram and I know you're going to ask what about the website well that is another story but in a nutshell I will be only live for Power Rangers Podcast at this point as you know my days for broadcasting are slim to non of me ever being a regular caster and as you know Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast is 3 times a year and I wanna save the airwaves for the other podcasts to be honest and when I said I am semi retired from casting I meant it and mainly if I was to cast it would be off my website or on the CBOTW social media's at this point. We've been banned off of Twitch, YouTube and other platforms. However I mean it I will pop up here on ChrisBOnTheWeb.com and socials from time to time but don't expect it to be often. Thank you for continuing to read on a daily basis and I will talk to you guys tomorrow.


Monday, September 7, 2020

Planning To Roll Out A New Feature On The Website!

            We are no longer going to be broadcasting our Podcasts on our Fan Page. No it's not cause of copyright or anything it's more we more then likely will be getting more listeners on our website as we will be getting a ton more traffic right here on our website and we have a good chance of success too. As you probably noticed that we have the chat and same rules apply as before.

              When I created this page I yet to add the actual rules to the page which more then likely be at the bottom which will be our playground area where you can find the rules. One thing we will do is lock the chat down when there is no podcasts live to ensure that there there is nobody spamming, insulting and disrespect will find you banned.  We are not going to tolerate it to be honest and we have learned from this in the past. The feature is starting to be tested by the hosts that are currently active and the shows that are currently active Live on the Website Live Feed are: 

Power Rangers Podcast (Larry and I)

Sports Hour W/ Bulldog (Billy)

(CBOTW Gamers Podcast (Jeff) When it returns. Podcast is in pre-production right now.

                 There is the just the beginning as we are rolling out new features and ideas to grow this website and this is just the most perfect time to take to our website as the numbers are insane. We are not rolling out the Live Stream Page yet as we need to test the other host on it aka Billy and just hope he's cool with the idea of us actually doing it on the website but it is my website, I am the boss, just wanna make sure the team are happy with my decisions as that wasn't the case once with my old team at one time. We will let you guys know when the Live Page actually is live on the website publicly. 


Sunday, September 6, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Updates [09-05-2020]

              Here we are with another week which has been busy for all of us here at ChrisBOnTheWeb. We have a few updates on projects and on our website that Chris has made to our website to improve things. Anyways here is the updates:

- Website: The website has been once again tweaked as Chris added to the CSS code so the banner you see on the top is now centered. Also you can notice the banner is a lot bigger then it was and honestly it looks good. 

- Chris: He is returning to blogs tomorrow, it has been long coming for him to spend 30 minutes to actually write a post on a regular basis. He shouldn't stop writing posts if he don't have to but he had to due to Power Rangers Podcast and it takes 30 - 40 mins to write a post tops. 

- Entertainment Man Podcast: Today is the big day and 2 hours or less from the time you are seeing this and he has been excited for you guys to see what he recorded which he was a little picky on the length but he is going to fix that for next week's podcast to the normal length that he wants but we hope you enjoy the episode. 

- Power Rangers Podcast: We are finally getting back into the podcast and typing up notes for the podcast and working countless hours to get it done and to actually have it sent to Larry hopefully before the end of this month.

                 There are the updates that I have for this week and I hope you all have wonderful week and I will be speaking to you guys next weekend with another weekly update on what is going on with ChrisBOnTheWeb.

- CBOTW Team

Saturday, September 5, 2020

We're a Bit Behind Schedule Right Now!

              Chris and I are kind of behind schedule right now but that's OK. I will explain why is because of other projects on the go and him getting out this weekend's podcast as it is his first one in a long time in the way of a series for a podcast and he's just excited it will be out tomorrow for the first time in 2 months as he's not committed to a new podcast series for 2 months now, he is finally getting back into the game once again. He needed that time and he's shown that he needed more time to get back into things but I'm sure he's committing to this fully and will be bringing out new episodes and he is ready to be doing those again. It will be a different experience and he has been trying to readjust to the scheduling but in time he will. Anyways to what the title of today's post we are behind schedule with Power Rangers Wild Force but that is OK as we have type up or he has to type up the notes well it is a split with those and I help him with the notes.

               Let me explain-- He has been working mainly on Entertainment Man Podcast mostly but Power Rangers Podcast has been on the side hence the title behind the post here that we're a little behind schedule and we wanna get Power Rangers Podcasts done so he can start recording episodes with Larry again and he can move on to Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder and then I guess he is done as he's not been talking about the future of the podcast as of yet nor him talking about the future. We are working this weekend to get things caught up and back on track with it all and hopefully we can get Power Rangers Podcast complete so he can take a week off from it before he actually gets back into the the next 2 seasons. Anyways we will get  caught up this weekend and it is a promise to catch up. 

- CBOTW Team

Friday, September 4, 2020

What Do I Think of The Sports So Far?

                So what do I think of the sports recently? Well let's start with Hockey, the NHL. Most of us here at CBOTW are happy that Boston is out and especially Chris who hates Boston Bruins. He likes the city but he hates the hockey and basketball teams as he is not an avid fan since he was in Boston Summer of 2019. He is not a Boston fan whatsoever minus Red Sox is the only team he doesn't dislike which is kind of odd as their competition to our Blue Jays up here in Toronto, Canada which we will get to on today's blog post. 4 teams I like are Islanders, Tampa Bay, Dallas, Vancouver since we're Canadian group and we tend to route for most of the Canadian teams minus Montreal as we're not Canadians fans at this time. We're hoping for Islanders to be in the next round as it is tied up at this point. Same with Vancouver. I guess Chris and I are sort fo on the same route for routing the same way but instead of Dallas I'm routing for Colorado and Philadelphia. The ones I mentioned above was Chris's picks so there is one series in difference  


                 Now onto Basketball we're clearly routing for Raptors to bounce on back and take this series against the Celtics and they won what I heard last night and we're excited!  Again obvious we're cheering Raptors cause 1 we're Canadian, 2 Chris does not like the Celtics. They look tough to beat though!  If the Raptors make it to the finals again, they will not be facing a different team since the team Golden State are not a very good team this year so it will be someone different. That is only if they make it but have to remain positive they bounce back on this series. Now finally Baseball Blue Jays are very surprising, they had a rocky start to their season but really done extremely well. They have been winning a lot more and winning 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 4 games in the series and really showing they wanna win. I know they split the games against Miami but that's OK they have been winning a ton so either way we should remain happy. There is my post and I will be speaking to you guys again tomorrow with another post.

Arianna, CBOTW Community Manager

Thursday, September 3, 2020

We've Gotten Complaints...

           In the last week, we have gotten complaints about why the heck Everything About Reality TV is listed under the podcasts. Let me explain, it is there under Archives so it is visible so you guys know which podcasts are archived from the network. I know it can eventually get a little overwhelming and I know Chris should of kept it Archives and if that is what you guys are insinuating you rather have it that way then maybe that is something Chris can definitely look into going back but he is very much happy with the way he has it right now but in the end he wants to make you guys happy. He does these things for a specific reason but I told him as I was typing this up and he has gone back to the old method but 10 times better then what he had it before as it has images but you guys can check it out for yourself by going here:
https://www.chrisbontheweb.com/p/archives.html I hope you guys continue to tell us what you would like to see and we will make it happen minus a chatroom as that proved to be a disaster in the past and we do not think it is the right idea but that could be up for debate with the rest of the team but just let us know.

             We had a troll issue where they were being bossy and disrespectful. We value your ideas to CBOTW and the website but don't boss us around. Chris has  a set timetable for Entertainment Man Podcast and no guests in the very near future not at least till January or early 2021 at this moment. Please if there is an issue with the website, a bug or something is out of place or not big enough, please let us know. Please send us a DM on any of the social medias that we have on here or email through our contact page here on the website or thecbotwteam@gmail.com please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime if you got a question or concern with the website and we will be sure to get a fix to the website right away so that issue is fixed. 

- CBOTW Team

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

ChrisBOnThe Web 6th Anniversary Schedule

             Hey everyone, Chris gave me the OK as he's swamped with work right now for ChrisBOnTheWeb and to actually talk to you guys about the schedule for this event. We are 100% sure on this schedule and we are 100% sure on this schedule and we have already gotten majority of it done already for the anniversary minus the podcast, Chris & Larry are going to do which needs to be recorded. Anyways here is what is on the schedule for this years Anniversary: 


 9 am EST: Good Morning and Anniversary Message (Facebook)
11 am EST: Daily Blog Post  (ChrisBOnTheWeb.com)
2 pm EST: Collaboration Podcast W/ Larry (ChrisBOnTheWeb.com, Audio ONLY)
4 pm EST: IGTV Videos that never aired on Facebook before (Facebook)
6 pm EST: Anniversary Video (Facebook)
7 pm EST: Facebook Live With The Staff  (Facebook Live)


          Well there is our schedule and it is pretty much now set into stone what the plan is and I am excited to see what he has put up on the Fan Page celebrate this very special occasion as we are getting closer and closer to our 10th Anniversary which will be even bigger anniversary and it will be exciting and you never know what he (Chris) has in stored for that.  All of this will be happening on Saturday, November 14th, 2020 starting at 9 am EST. 

- CBOTW Team

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Neon Abyss and GTA 5 Fail and Rage Quit

                Well, I have become a rage machine when it comes to gaming I not only raged quit two games but deleted and got my money back on one of the games. I will start with that, I got my money back for what I spent on Neon Abyss as it was way too hard for me to play and it was me getting so pissed off at myself for sucking and yet the demo made it look not that hard to be honest and I went very far so I do not know what on earth that happened and maybe it wasn't meant. I really had a ton of high hopes when it came to this game but I tried a few runs and I went from normal to easy and that didn't even help whatsoever so I was so frustrated with that I just gave up and got my money back for what I spent on the game and I'm sure there will be other games I wanna play in the very nearby future.

                 Now to the part of me really raging. Grand Theft Auto 5. I was doing the Hillbillies mission and I just felt like 2 - 2.5 mins wasn't enough. I struggled with it and I was getting so mad I deleted the game and I own the game and I have it if I chose to ever play it but I think it is going to be on the shelf for now and I think there will not be a day where I play that again. To be honest there is other games I can play and I am really thinking about reinstalling Spelunky and it is easy to restore it as I did not get a refund on the game so it is very easy to reinstall and I am getting far with it and thinking smarter and it will take me some time to get further but that is for another post for another day. Anyways maybe I need to focus on other games and honestly I have played Grand Theft Auto 5 before and beaten it so it is time to move on.