Monday, September 14, 2020

I'm Back and I Got Concerns!

               I know it has been a while since i was around posting up regular daily posts recently and the reason was cause of the drama which I will not get into but my mental health has honestly been bad recently. That is why I've been on and off making posts recently and it is hard for my team to keep up with the posts on a regular day but I am trying to deal with all of this and get the work done within the studio especially podcasts for Entertainment Man Podcast and Power Rangers Podcast which I should have an update by end of the week if we will be going through an renewal as I am need of answers and so are you guys too! It has been long coming since all of this craziness whether we will be indeed renewing the collaboration podcast or not and I have a funny feeling that it will be happening I have that positive set and mind it will return for yet another section of the series here on our website. That has been one of my concerns with the amount of views we got and least we got views that is what matters, we're getting more views on the collaboration podcast then my own personal podcast but my podcast is newer and people have to discover it and are already discovering it. 

               The next thing I wanna address is our Facebook Page which has really gone down hill for the last month and I honestly have thought about closing it down and focusing on Twitter and Instagram like we use to but I have to remember we still have 56 loyal fans on the fan page and I just do not feel like I wanna turn my back on the fans on there or any fans. Yeah we have had some troll and disrespectful people recently but all we have to do is block or ban them from the page and I know and you guys know I do not like to ban people if I do not have to but I am just getting tired of the disrespect and b.s. that is coming with it and at this point if I have to ban, I will ban, no warning nothing. I've had to do that with 4 people already and I know we lose likes cause of it but we just want to keep the positive and no drama and for the most part we keep to ourselves and trying to not post negativity on our page.  That is my post and I am for the most part I am back and I will see you guys in tomorrow's blog post!


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