Saturday, April 4, 2015

Website Been Down, Where I disappeared

I'm sorry guys, I've been rather secretive the last week... I've sequestered myself in the office trying to get the site back up and having to do so, I canceled 2 podcasts this week, The Chris Biscoe Podcast and CBOTW Reality TV Podcast the Tuesday edition. This week everything will be back to normal. My two twitch streams return as normally planned, The Chris Biscoe Podcast, both Tuesday an Friday editions of CBOTW Reality TV Podcast will return. Vlogs will be returning tonight, weekly update videos on Monday will be back too. As for The Live Page I will be working on chat Monday to fix staff and admin accounts properly, so some of you who are a regular mod will lose Moderator temporarily until I set you guys back on Mod.

Finally Happy Easter to you, hope you have a blessed and enjoyable Easter!