Friday, August 30, 2019

My Thoughts On The General's Training Camp?

            As you all know this week I was at where the Oshawa Generals play and have been there twice out of the 3 days watching their camps. My one concern was the defense men size as a team shouldn't have smaller D and D short for Defence. Anyways. It was an excited sessions with 6 - 4 Team Lindros, then 6 - 5 Team Lindros. I obviously skipped the Wednesday as I had other plans already made so yesterday I went to the single last scrimmage and that was another wild scoring. Unfortunate goaltender injury but he was able to get up and he was pulled from the scrimmage. I definitely know Hughes will be on that list as he played with them last year and definitely think he could even be the # 1 starter as he performed very well. Now back up goalie is a tough pick. The other goalie which I cannot pronounce his name or spill it but I definitely think he could be picked and moving forward  if the GM and coach overlook him getting hurt, it could be a possibility. SBrocca could be a possibility and I was just on their website and I saw he is listed under the roster so sounds like he's moved on but yet they still got Keyser and Ceci listed which they are no longer in the league and/or moved on to the NHL. I think they definitely need to update their website with the roster as we haven't picked our full team for the 2019 - 2020 and they more then likely have started cutting players. According to a friend of mine they will be cutting half of the 52 players that was at the training camp which is crazy but hope to see some players I had in my mind.

                Now Harrison I liked and Pitt were on my list and Pitt was actually signed on OHL Players Standard Agreement which I am not too sure what that means but I'm not sure if they are on the team for 2019 - 2020 but I guess we will definitely find out and if I hear anything else. Also McSorely which my dad and I think he's the son of Marty a former NHL player but I have tried to look it up and nothing came up so I do not know. Like I said Goaltending will not be easy pick and honestly I was not sure to who to pick as majority of the goalies did well and performed well. In the end of the week I think it was a crazy week with the scoring and a lot of talent and it will be indeed a tough decision for the General Manager to make a decision to who to cut and who to take to the next round of cuts so it will definitely will not be an easy choice as there is so much talent this year. Just hope they got some good size defencemen on the list but I think it will be an interesting year for the Gens and I am excited to be going to games as I am now booked for several games, opening night, December 13th, January 25th and one in March with both Eric and I's dad so it will be exciting to be going to several games and hopefully even playoffs game but I do not want to get that far as of it as the season hasn't started yet.


Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Day I Broke My Wrist (Throwback Thursday Story)

              Yes! Throwback Thursdays are back again. I feel bad that I have not done one in maybe over a month now but I have an interesting Throwback Thursday for you today and this stems all the way back when I was still in elementry school for goodness sake. I think I am talking about when I was around 10 or 11 years of age, could of been 12 but I remember it was in Grade 6 and a school that has since then been torn down and rebuilt and renamed to another name but a new school on the exact same lot. Anyways this was in January and I remember it very vividly it was in the afternoon before going home for the day and we were all outside playing in the snow and I accidentally slipped and fell down the hill breaking my left wrist. At the time it was sore and we iced it when I got home. However it wasn't getting any better so my mom took me to the clinic and we had it x ray done to see if it was indeed broken and it was. So I was put in a cast and I can remember then putting it on me too. I was in a cast for 6 full weeks so the wrist would heal properly. I remember coming back into school and all my friends signed it including my teacher too. It was a freak accident and I didn't break anything else till 2013 or 2014 when I accidentally hit my hand against the beam of the wall fracturing my hand but least it wasn't a full break this time around.

                 Now do I remember when my original family doctor took off the cast? Yes I do, actually I remember the smell of the plaster and wasn't a pleasant smell to be honestly. Also seeing my hand with it being covered and I am trying to not be gory or gross on this as I am keeping things PG all the time but that is what happens when your hand is covered with a cast for 6 long weeks. Anyways I truly cannot learn from this because honestly this was a freak accident that happened but I wouldn't wanna do that again honestly as I do not want another busted up bone. However I did break my left again it wouldn't be in the same area actually as we all know, you break a bone in one spot then you will not be able to break it again. I still have bad memories of this day and I honestly do not want to remember this as it wasn't the greatest day of my life when I fell down the hill. I do remember having Kool Aid which I still a thing to this day, something called Koolaid Jammers which is totally different from when I had it. However I remember I had a big cup of it while lying on our flowery old coach that we had back then before the couch we had then. Hope you guys enjoyed this throwback Thursday Story and I will talk to you guys on tomorrow's blog post which will be definitely sports related.


Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Burrito Bar Food Review- Oshawa Centre

               First of all, I'm sorry about the lack of posts on here from working on Billy's Podcast stuff to preparing for the next season of Everything About Reality TV to real life stuff I have been very busy person indeed. Yesterday I had the privilege of trying out Burrito Bar which I have been meaning to actual try out for a very long time actually. I have been saying I am going to try it out and it took me about a year or two to actually get the nerve. However where am I going with this? I was suppose to originally suppose to go to Subway, which was my initial first go to place but Subway was a zoo yesterday and I was looking at the menu for the Burrito Bar and I thought huh... Interesting so I decided since there wasn't many and yes it was around Lunch hour when I went for lunch as we were out to the Generals Training camp and we were in between sessions in the day.  So the food side of things, what did I get? I told the lady I have never been to their fine establishment at the mall and they guided me right through it without any issues. I give the service definitely 10 out of 10 not my usual 5 out of 5. Now to the food portion as you guys came by this post to read about the food review not have me ramble like I am right now.... smh. I ordered a Chicken Quesadilla with cheese, onion and tomatoes on it. I also added to the side salsa and Sour Cream as well. I would give it a 10 out of 10 not the usual rating as it went beyond my expectations and they sure as heck deserve the extra credit when credit is due and in this case that was today!

                  Now would I go back there again in the very nearby future? Yes! The next time I am there I plan on trying something different as there is not just one thing on the list there is a ton to choose from, different meats too from Chicken to Pork to Beef so there is definitely options I can go with and trust me I will be definitely be trying something different. I also think there is burritos as well that is on the list so I am definitely going to be trying that out down the road. So either way there will be a new review for quite some time and yes I may start doing monthly reviews but recently it hasn't been that, it's been twice a month or more especially when I was away on holidays but hey it is content for this very blog and Eric gave me this idea so I am nothing but grateful for the idea. Gives me content. I had to do this post before concluding the podcast series and I will get this done don't worry. Hope you guys enjoyed this review as I enjoy writing these for you guys. I will talk to you guys tomorrow on a Throwback Thursday Story!


Monday, August 26, 2019

Everything About Reality TV & Power Rangers Podcast Updates!

              This is a massive update for you guys. There is a lot to say on today's post since I did not post up yesterday. This is me catching up on things. So the first thing I would like to talk about is this week. As you know I lost 9 subscribers on one of the platforms which is no big deal but it is cause of the inconsistency of posting up on time so this week is me keeping up and with saying that there is some changes for this week. I have to change one of the two days for the podcast so the schedule for the podcast this week as follows:

Wednesday: 9 pm EDT- Amazing Race Canada 7 Recap

Saturday: 9 pm EDT- Big Brother 21 Recap (Temporary for this week only, will be back to normal schedule next week due to already scheduled family outing for the day, not making the same mistake to lose more listeners.)

                   The Next update is this fall, I am taking some time off from both Everything About Reality TV Podcast and Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast. However with Everything About Reality TV, my good High school friend, Billy will be taking over for Survivor: Island of The Idols for me so the podcast isn't going anywhere and he will be responsible for recording the podcast each week which is only on a weekly basis on the Thursday which I will be giving you guys the official finale week schedule when we get closer into the finale of Big Brother 21 and premiere of Survivor: Island of The Idols which includes the preview podcast for Survivor which he will be doing prior to the season starting. 

                   Now the next part of this post is the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast. So now I found out that the renovations for the studio will be happening very soon which ties into all of this post with both the regular and collab podcast. This break came in at the right time so I can help fix up this studio and make the changes to the new studio to what I would like to do for the changes. The position the desk is in now will be changed which you guys will see the changes through Twitter and Instagram as the progress moves on. I think I will have only one mic hooked up which more then likely will not be the condenser it will be the old handheld microphone when I pop onto Punk Rock Cheeseburger with Rocky I have that one that I can use but the setup will not all setup at the time, I will be taking some of my setup down while we renovation and fix up the walls in the studio. So this comes at the very right time to take a break from the podcasts and I have to talk to Larry about this and that we will have to hold off on our collab as I am planning right now to be recording 3 times next year, January, June and October 2020 to catch up on things but this studio reno is the upmost importance as I am sick of the mess in here. This is the updates on what to expect for CBOTW and the podcasts over the course of the next 4 - 4.5 months with work being done in here and with me taking a break from things.  


Saturday, August 24, 2019

Podcast Intros & Recording The Podcast

                Today's post, we are back to the topic of podcasting as I took almost a week off from it to cover other topics within the last week. But alas we are back, or I am back talking about podcasting. I want to focus today basically on Intros and recording the actual podcast. Now the intro I use a royalty free intro that has my voice over. You can find some on Google and if you really want to pay for one then that is fine. Trust me a proper intro really does help you out and gains some listeners. Plus it tells your listeners what you are listening to actually so that is always a plus when it comes to the intros to your podcast or podcasts depending if you have two on the go and I have noticed some host two different podcasts weekly. However an proper intro is helpful to have especially if you guys like a sponsor that you need to promote as a thank-you to them for sponsoring you or even if you are promoting a product that a company that paid you to promote and yes that is still in the realm of sponsorship but it is a great way to get it out there to your fan base to check out and buy. Now if you do not have a sponsorship and you own a website like me, you can promote your website on the intro like you guys all know and hear each and every week or in this case twice a week as of right now as my schedule depends on how many episodes I cover per week! 

                  The next part of today's post I would like to talk about is the recording process of a podcast and I know this is a very detailed blog post and that is the point behind this post really. So recording wise this is the part of the preparation for the podcast is making sure the sound is perfect next the intro track and the voice track is set up as you will need to have two tracks or record then add the intro track on the post production but we will get into that Sunday's blog post. Sound quality is the upmost important if you are doing audio only and if you are on video as well then of course video quality is important. No you do not need a fancy green screen like I have behind me which hardly has been used since I got it but that is not the point. The point is the quality is the most important thing of all whether it is audio only and video quality is good. The final point I would like to make is have your notes ready to go as that is a huge part of the production side of things so you know what you are going to talk about in each and every episode of your podcast. Content is very important and to make sure it is entertaining content so this way listeners will come back each every episode that you produce and post up. Also being consistent with a recording schedule is also upmost important. I will cover the editing and uploading part which will be the second last thing in this series before we wrap all of this up and move on with new posts down the road as well.


Thursday, August 22, 2019

Construction Here On Will Start This Fall!

                  This fall will be the start of a major re-development of the website. Date will come soon. It has been no secret that I have been wanting to redevelop the site and make some major changes to it and it is time for this change to actually happen. I did start the new menu bar which is what I am working on secretly behind the scenes earlier this year but was scrapped due to drop down menu not working and I think I do know the issue behind it and think it has to do with the CSS code. But come October/November when it is done and the testing phases are all done, I will be rolling out the new menu all together for you guys to see. It is hard to explain the exact plan for it as I find it hard to explain what the actual plan is but you will all see once it is done and operating. This is a very difficult project and I know I can do this if I put my mind to it. I had some success but the issue comes to the drop down portion of the build which I think it does have something to do with the CSS but will definitely do some research as I do not know much about coding a menu bar on a website as this is news to me actually and I doing this to learn something new and this is a learning curve for me. I honestly love learning something new actually and just to try something new out. I have my vision with the website changes that I want to make and I know exactly what I wanna do but its hard to put it from the head to paper or the website itself.

                  There is the plan but like I said it is hard to say it on here unless it is on paper and perhaps it is time I put it onto paper so it is in the plans and I know exactly how I want to re do the entire menu bar as right the website is using the generic built in menu bar but this one will be built entirely out of code and from scratch so please do be patient while were building it and testing every single part of it. We want to make sure everything works before we release the new menu bar. I rather have it working 150% then only 75% of the time. I will ask you guys if there is an issue with it to report it on either Twitter, Instagram or email here on the website if there is a problem with a screenshot if the issue. However do not do that right now but I will give you guys the word when to start reporting bugs and issues with the menu bar. I really am going to do my hardest to actually make sure the bugs are all gone and usually I am good about that and I promise to give you a quality product not half built nor half operational as that is not how I function. I give 100% all the time, everyday, 24/7, 365 days a year!


Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast Definitely On Hiatus!

               So as you know since the start of this month, end of this month, Power Rangers Collab Podcast went on Hiatus and this is more of an update on this situation. Right now it is a communication issue and I took the last few weeks to really think about it and I know their on holidays right now but I asked them and i mentioned this in the last post earlier this afternoon in the late afternoon. This isn't looking good for the future of the collab with him and yes I said him and you know who I am referring to but again not trying to start drama. I think for right now him and I need to fix the communication issues we are having before we continue on with the collab and if we have to I am all for waiting for till the New Year to record. It is all about priorities and right now it is about us getting our communication and any other issues fixed, then we can focus on the collab podcast. Do not worry I am not letting this podcast go anytime soon. I am announcing the extension of the hiatus for now and when we are ready we will definitely be recording here in the studio but we are waiting for right now. I rather get the friendship back on track then let this craziness continue where it is just un-repairable and I do not need this to go to far honestly and lose yet another friend which has happened a ton in the last couple of days. 

                If it is in the New Year then that is what it is but if it is decided that nothing can be fixed then I will be definitely be making the announcement that it is has been cancelled and that I am moving on from it all together. I cannot think about the negative side of it right now. What I am going to do is I am going to continue preparing things for the next one and get a head start on the next one for next year as well this way I am way ahead of myself and all we have to do is record the podcast, then I edit and post it obviously! Either way I have a strong to quite strong feeling that it isn't over yet and we promised that we would be going all the way to Dino Thunder which we will be moving on to whatever if we choose to keep this train rolling and I think we will as I know both Larry and I enjoy doing these even tho we get together for them twice a year which is a very fair schedule as I am quite the busy guy with the other podcast. This break will be good for us to put our differences aside and try and fix the communication issue then we will be talking about the next recording session and it will be all ready to go by that time which is good I am staying productive between now and then. So yes the Hiatus is definite right now, but I am sure it will not last very long.


Mental Health Has Not Been So Great Lately....

          I have to say today's post wasn't easy to come up with and I say starting at the blank canvas of the blog on the back side of the website trying to come up with what to write and it finally came to me I want to talk about my Mental Health recently. First of all I was going to do a food review but then I ate before leaving to go out to Pickering for the day so that food review was thrown out the window but will happen again in the very nearby future indeed next time we are out there, I promise to do that for sure! Now my mental health hasn't been great and it started at the end of July into early with a situation which I will not name any names but I asked them to leave a group I run and come back as I did something stupid and they did only half so I think that is when the stress started was from there. Then being blocked for no reason but really I do not care at this point what they do, I won't say anything to them from here on out and that is honestly my choice I can only make. Also I lost friends over the weekend which I did something I regret doing now and that is I scratched my hand open and haven't done that in months now and honestly I do not want to be doing this to myself ever again. I need to work on that and I am going to. I have been self talking myself out of it but for the most part it has worked but I need to add one more thing to ensure it doesn't happen again. Now I was suppose to volunteer at a Kar Show Friday but I started to feel overwhelmed and I made the decision to focus on my mental health right now.

              Today is a better day so far but every couple of days I seem to still have those moments and I just do not know why it's happening. Maybe I am just am just overwhelmed right now and I am letting it just get to me perhaps. I shouldn't but least I am now recognizing what is going on with me in my life and it has indeed helped me in the long run but still work to be done honestly. However the fact I am able to know what is going on with me is a big plus. I honestly think that there is too much going on for me right now from keeping up with blog posts, podcasts and some other stuff that involves this very website that has now been put up on hold for right now. I will be talking about it this evening on the blog here so do not worry but right now I have to figure things right now and it is all about me right now and focusing on myself which is now a priority right now.


Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Updates and 2020 Plans!

              So both Billy and I may have overthought things with the Hell's Kitchen and that is why the announcement video disappeared and we are not doing it but never know Billy could come in to replace me if I needed to but I doubt it I am indeed here to stay on the podcast! Anyways 2020 I do have some plans in-stored for the podcast and excited to be expanding my horizons. What do I mean? Well come next year I will not be doing as many recaps as I normally do and stepping down from them to let someone else host it. However what shows will I remain covering? Here is the list of the shows I will be covering:

I, Chris will be covering on the Podcast:


Amazing Race

Amazing Race Canada 

                 Yes that is right I am going down to 3 shows which means I'd be podcasting twice a week at the most and it will ease down the stress levels for me. I will be talking about the audition video process and what you need to do for the audition later on. Right now I am still focused on the 11th season and with the 12th season beginning in nearly a month from now it is going to be an crazy transition from one season to another. There is obviously shows that are missing and I will get into it in a moment. I have been doing this podcast for nearly 4 years now and almost on it's 12th season which is a whirlwind of feelings for me to be this far into the podcast and it sure has been a long winding road for me to still be going strong even to this day, I have you guys to thank for that to keep on listening into the podcast on a weekly basis whether it is Survivor, Big Brother, Big Brother Canada, Amazing Race, Amazing Race Canada or Music City. Anyways here are the list of the shows that are going to be open for audition soon:

Recaps I Need To Fill:

- Big Brother Canada Season 8 & Big Brother 22 (I will be asking the host that is picked for BBCAN8 back for BB22 if they want to continue on with it.)

                 Finally this is a huge move for me and I am very excited to bring on someone new to the podcast but if I do not get any response for it then, I will be continuing on with the Big Brother Recaps but I will be definitely be looking for someone to take over and really working hard but I need to figure out the logistics behind as it is remaining Audio ONLY but more to come. When I say someone is taking over it, I mean completely! I will have nothing to do with those recaps. I will be primarily focusing on the podcasts I am doing above! Cannot wait to make this transition. It is change but good change! 


Sunday, August 18, 2019

Oshawa Rib Fest and Food Review 2019

              Yesterday I went to the Oshawa Rib Fest 2019 which I haven't been to in several years as it use to be around the long weekend aka the Labor Day Weekend. However with this change recently it makes it easier for us to decide to go to the event. Now we originally were going to go to two different places but with the amount of food we had we decided to not go for it this time around and I will get right into it as I go forward with this post today. So we went to Pistol Petes for the ribs which is from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA. Now these ribs were not Pork ribs, these were actually Beef Ribs that we had. I admit it was my idea technically but was worth the idea. So like I said we were suppose to do two different places, however we ended up getting half a rack which was plenty enough for us to eat but we are going to change that next year and I will talk about it shortly.  Also on top of the half a rack we got a thing of beans on top of that. Now the ribs were tasty and fell apart as you bit into the ribs. Yes I know Beef ribs are more chewier then Pork ribs are but still very tasty. The sauce wasn't spicy and it almost had a bit of a sweet taste to it technically. Now I would definitely give the ribs a 5 out of 5 all day long. However the beans itself, I wasn't really keen on as I have never had beans with red peppers in it before. However the fact they also had kidney beans in it, still good, but it wasn't my favorite beans so I am going to be generous with this review an give it a 3 out of 5 as the beans were tender  and I liked the Kidney beans that were added into it.

                  After we ate we even grabbed a smoothie which was really good but it wasn't overly cool, not sure if they put in ice but it don't seem like it so again that would be a 3 out of 5 if I was to review it but it really isn't much of a review honestly. So we walked around after looked at what there was and there was entertainment which they were playing Elvis songs, "Jail House Rock" being one of them and also "Do You Love Me?" by the Contours originally and was featured on Dirty Dancing movie originally.  Also the Generals booth was also there as well probably promoting their upcoming season which I am going to be planning on several games this upcoming year. Overall the event was good however their was 2 more rib vendors 4 or 5 years ago then there was this year so I would give it a 4 out of 5 for the overall event and yes I am being quite generous actually.


Saturday, August 17, 2019

Different Platforms You Can Put The Podcast On

              This is one of my favorite posts to make within this series. So today's post we are going to talk about different platforms that your podcast can be on. Let's start with the basic platform where the source of your podcast come from. Mixcloud, Anchor, Libsync and the one my podcast "Everything About Reality TV" is on are all a good site but I recommend Anchor, Libsync and As you know the history of my podcast where it began to where it is to this very day it has changed forever rapidly fast and cannot believe how fast my podcasts grows and the more platforms you get on the more you will be noticed. Now it doesn't happen overnight but as you keep on producing more episodes the more the platform is getting noticed and trust me it took me more then 1 year to start being noticed. By 2018 is when things got on a roll for me finally. Yes I am referring to me covering Music City and Celebrity Big Brother which really helped grow the podcast even more. 

               Now the platforms I grew on from the main platforms were TuneIn which is a huge directory and no wonder it's grown rapidly on there since late 2016 when I added it to their directory which honestly was excited. Next on my list I expanded to Player FM, Castbox, ListenNotes, PodParadise, Google Podcasts, and also ITunes which came later as I wasn't sure on there. The second platform my podcast was on was called Stitcher which is another great platform and see a great amount of listeners as I check it this morning and more listeners then I had when I first started out on that platform back in 2016 which was the second platform I expanded to. Now those are some of the platforms my podcast is on I cannot remember them all but 13 to be exact I am currently on at the moment. However it takes time and I recommend to not rush expanding too fast I highly do recommend to take things slow at the start then slowly expect. Like the saying goes you can't rush greatness. Now video platform wise, if you want to put your podcast on YouTube I do not recommend it but if you want to with the adpocalypse and being demonetized then I respect your decision but you guys know my thoughts about the platform already. Now Twitch you can do a Talk Shows and Podcaster category and can stream it under there. There is also other platforms you can stream on as well but it would be too long of a post to actually list them all out but worth to even Google it.

                There are some of the platforms you can do you're podcasts and I have made a couple of recommendations but definitely highly recommend, Stitcher, ITunes, Player FM,, but again but still Google it and research the platforms is probably the best way to do it and you will be definitely surprised the ones that you can put it on as I just added mine to a 14th platform that I found. See eventually you will end up where I am being over over a dozen of platforms which can be very overwhelming but totally rewarding especially in the end to watch your podcast grow over the years. Now like I said in yesterday's post, I am now taking a couple of days off from this topic and will return Tuesday back to normal to finish off this series then with other topics the rest of the week. Tomorrow I have a special post as I will be on location with my dad for a food review at an event along with the event itself too. 


Friday, August 16, 2019

Equipment For Podcasts- What Do You Need?

            Welcome to Day 2 of this mini series of Podcasting Help or tutorials. I am excited to be back to do another one of these for you guys and was a great turn out on the post yesterday so it is totally worth to continue this series. I was thinking about doing it every second day but decided to go day to day. Anyways today I am talking about equipment. 

1) Video and Audio ONLY: If You want to go on the video side of things, the equipment you probably need is: If you do not have a mixer a headset does work but still it is worth to invest in one, even a handheld on a stand itself can be the cheaper route for you guys to take. Also if you are streaming it live on YouTube, Twitch or any video platform a webcam is a must. You have to get yourself a decent one as the cheap ones were not the greatest as I know from experience but I got some quality cameras here in the studio now. Also for recording using Audacity is a great program, but there is other programs out there like Adobe Audition, however you can just Google it and see what there is out there. Finally for this part of today's post is the software you use for streaming your podcast live. Now there is a few programs that are very popular these days. First is OBS which is an open broadcast software and it is free compare to the other two you do have to buy a pro to get more features to where OBS is totally free. The link for this software is which I am not paid to promote their software but highly recommend this! Next is X-Split which I used for many years but the only issue is for the free version of the software you have only 4 scenes and I think some features are locked unless you get pro which I do not know as I haven't used that program in a very long time as I am more a OBS user now these days when I do or did stream. Finally is Wirecast which does cost a bunch to get and I wouldn't recommend it whatsoever.

2) Audio ONLY: For Audio ONLY all you need is Audacity or any audio recording program which I spoke about above, microphone or microphones depending if there is one or two of you for the podcast which my studio is setup for 2 mics right now at the moment. I highly recommend to even get a 70 - 100 dollar hand held like I said above even a stand that you can adjust. That is actually how it all began for me then a goose neck and the rest is history but that is a great way to start then as you go on then you can upgrade to a condenser like I have and like I have told you guys I have the handheld which is now on the second boom behind the second screen which is rarely used minus when guests of a certain collaboration podcast is over here talking up snow on me at the wrong time... haha. Anyways start small scale then you can build it up eventually. 

              Anyways that is the post for this morning, tomorrow we get into the beauty of the podcasting world with the different platforms and it will definitely will be an interesting as my podcast is on way to many platforms and I will cover em and what to do. I am excited to get to this portion of the podcast especially. Fair warning after tomorrow's post I am taking a few days off to cover different topics on here so it will be changing but Tuesday we will be back on this topic after a small break. 


Thursday, August 15, 2019

Starting A Podcast, What You Need!

                This has been on the schedule, sorry the list for quite some time now and I want to talk about this to help you new podcasters out especially. I have been technically been podcasting almost 5 years now so now I wanna give back to you guys after the years I have been doing this. So today's topic out of several which mind you I do not know how many exactly, but it could be 3 - 5 at the most tops no more then that. If there is part of this I am missing please do feel free to contact me and I will cover it on the blog. Today's post is about starting a podcast which takes numerous steps to get done. 

1) Microphone/Web Cam- Microphone doesn't have to be as professional as mine Next up is a Web cam especially if you are on a video platform like Twitch or YouTube which I do not recommend YouTube as you know by the situation I went through with YouTube but a good web cam is recommended but I will get into that under equipment later.

2) Choice of Platform- There are so many different podcast platforms to where your RSS Feed comes from,, Mixer, Anchor which Punk Rock Cheeseburger Podcast uses and yes I gave Rocky a shoutout there! lol. There is other platforms you can put your podcasts on from submitting You're Podcast which will be in this blog series, but not sure. I want to do different platforms you're podcast can be on and think that will be tomorrow actually where I will cover that. 

3) Program- You will need a recording software to record which is key to recording and again that will be under equipment post later on when I actually do that nut it is key to recording a podcast even if you stay Audio ONLY like I have been doing for the past 2.5 years now soon to be 3 years. 

4) Subject/Theme/Topic- Finally you need a subject/theme or Topic. For example for me as you know, I talk Reality TV each and every week and also as you know occasionally the Power Rangers Podcast. That is kind of what I mean is to have an topic or subject and best to try staying on the same topic week but if you wanna just go off the cuff that is good too. 

                     There is what you need to start a podcast and I know it is quite a list and I cover most of what you need and I will talk about the equipment you need and that is actually tomorrow's blog post is about is the actual equipment part as I tried to be short on my points that I made as some of them I will be covering tomorrow. However it is upmost important to have these 4 items in order for a successful podcast and of course its common sense that you need these things honestly if you wanna succeed in the world of podcasting which has become a really big thing these days. 


Wednesday, August 14, 2019

My Thoughts For The Upcoming Big Brother Canada Season 8....

               Now that there was a post about BBCAN8, it is starting to make me wonder what the plan is. I have several ideas, thoughts and theories behind the upcoming season next year and this is why I called off the other post I was suppose to do today till tomorrow which you will see what I mean tomorrow. Anyways I wanna talk about this as I am, I mean it has me wondering as there has been speculation on one basic thing that we have been waiting for now 8 seasons. Here is my theories and thoughts:

1) All-Stars: This has been on our mind since the 7th season has now wrapped up and we could be seeing an All-Star season, however would the casting director make an announcement that casting information is coming soon? I mean wouldn't they stay quiet if it indeed been an all stars season cast? Their definitely wouldn't be anything in the way of auditions for an All-Stars as that is mainly them bringing back old cast from the previous 7 seasons so I am not totally certain there will not be an All-Stars yet but never know with Big Brother, Expect, the unexpected. They could be hyping us up for an All-Stars season after all but never know!

2) Big Brother Canada Vs. U.S. with newbies from both the U.S. and Canada- A topic long talked about after season 4 of Big Brother Canada after getting international houseguests in that season. I pretty much am convinced as they are talking about casting calls information is coming soon, like I said I think All-Stars is not in the question but again but you just do not know what they have in stored. 

3) Big Brother Canada Vs U.S. With Veterans- I know not every fan is fond of returnees but this could be another option, however what would be the point of auditions or casting information as it was said, that casting information is coming soon so this means there probably be casting so the 2nd one is probably more the probable at this point.

                 There is my list of 3 ideas that is going through my list as I spent about an hour and a half with Eric and we were talking to get my mind off the recent drama in my life and anything right now is possible with this. I just do not know which way they will go or they will once again have newbies this season. Eric mentioned they could be doing 8 Canadians, 8 American's in the winter and the same in the summer in the U.S So I just do not really can put a finger on it as I do not know what their plan is but right now it is but if it was All-Stars, there would of not been an announcement about casting but it is still early to tell and they could even do an All-Stars season but we will find out in time. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below!


Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Did A Walk Down At The Lake Yesterday...

             Yesterday I did a walk down at the lake with my former staff and alum, Eric and it really brought back a lot of the memories from both series that was filmed. Eric even mentioned when we first started it was all started by a school project. Also we did several episodes down at the lake for both Durham Entertainment Today and also The Entertainment Man Talk Show especially. The Entertainment Man Talk Show, if I remember there was 2 or 3 episodes down there that we filmed with the rest of the crew.  We also went back to the Gazebo where the first episode was first filmed on January 7th, 2006 which was the very first filming date that we filmed a series. Yes I remember the date and I remembered when it was cancelled which is something I do not want to actually remember though. We also did a walk down the path that I use to do and he use to do which brought back a ton of the memories from the past. We were down at the beach area and it really made some memorable moments of another staff I use to have and I we took a picture down at the lake which I do not know where that pic ever went to after all these years.  Finally down at the pier which a freighter boat was actually there unloading steel beams from the boat. We actually walked on the pier and if I remember we did film somewhere on the pier but do not remember whatsoever where.

               Finally we headed back to the main building where the snack bar and had  bite to eat and we just went to the snack bar not the new restaurant they have down there. However the restaurant looked pretty cool and I think it is a great idea to add that into the lakefront and it does generate more people to the waterfront too. There were people actually eating there so that is a good sign that people are going to that restaurant and my dad and I should eventually try that out down the road. Last final thoughts on this little excursion down to the lake really rejuvenated me and got me all relaxed for the next couple of days of getting things ready for podcasts to be released tomorrow and Friday to ensure I can get back to a normal schedule. This idea was entirely mine and was the best idea I ever had as a long walk was what I needed. The fresh air really cleared my mind from any stress that I have had and I actually rephrased a meme "You Can't Fix Stupid, even with duct tape" to "You Can't fix baldness even with chrome polish" and did one for my friend, former staff and alumni Gordie as well just for fun.  Last but not least, It was a nice walk down memory lane for Eric and I honestly and was neat to actually remember the good old days of us filming a web series for YouTube but that is now behind me as I am now into the world of Podcasting but again still nice to remember the good times not the negative.


Monday, August 12, 2019

YouTube-- Copyright Claims On My Now Former YouTube Podcast Channel

             I have been quiet about this for a while and kept it off the website blog for a few weeks as I have been very very upset at the way it happened. What happened if you are wondering? I will be able tell you as it has been a couple of weeks since the incident happened. Well as you know last month I was in Boston with my parents for a family vacation/holiday whatever you call it. Anyways I got home and back into the grind of blog posts and podcasts and I was going to pre-record a video version of the podcast to premiere onto YouTube but found every single video had minus the intro video to have a copyright claim when the only music was the royalty free intro I have that introduces you guys to the hosts now that we have a second host added onto it. Apparently the claim was I was playing B-52s when there was nothing in the way to that artist so I do not know what the heck they would claim it honestly when that is the only music is the royalty free intro, no singing nothing. It could of been while I was doing the podcast but honestly the rest of that was just me talking! Me, I own the content, I am the Founder/Executive Producer/Host of the podcast! I own all the rights to it. Everything About Reality TV is produced by Chris B On The Web, so CBOTW pretty much also owns the rights since I run and operate the group.  So all of this really did tick me the heck off and I was pretty mad for about a week or so. However now I am pretty much over it all now. 

              So what did I do? I have once again and plan on never returning to YouTube, the channel was subsequently closed by moi (me) as I just do not need this extra stress. I did nothing wrong to deserve this. I did fight the claims and won but I still do not want to return anytime soon as of right now I am over YouTube honestly and fully retired from the platform as a content creator. However I am still active on there watching my favorite YouTubers that are still very much active on the platform. Either then that Everything About Reality TV is back to Audio ONLY now as you guy know and still going very much strong. I am nowhere near done as you know with the recent announcement were going big. It's go big or go home. Honestly have been creating content on Instagram TV which I have now been enjoying and has been doing well. I am forever grateful in the end for the community I grew the 38 subs that I had on both the original channel which I really need to start downloading all the old videos and storing them on a hard drive before I try to get to get that channel taken down for good as it has been inactive. But the copyright claims were totally uncalled for when there was no copyrighted material, just me talking about Reality TV so that really put the damper on things so that is why I have gone back to Audio ONLY and haven't decided to stick to Audio ONLY and it is the best move I can make at this point. I know you guys told me you do not blame me for making this move. 


Sunday, August 11, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Huge Announcement!

               The moment is here that you have all been waiting for. The huge announcement I have been holding onto since Thursday last week when my private group found out first as I have a private group to discuss things around the CBOTW Community but anyways to catch you guys up to speed I have made an addition to Everything About Reality TV in the way of covering TV Shows and I already looked into it and this show and it is a Reality TV Show. So with great pleasure it is my honor and privilege to announce the return of Hell's Kitchen Recaps! Now you are going to wonder am I going to host it? The answer to that is no. I have brought on someone new to the podcast to take those over. His name is Billy which you can find him on Twitter @Billy1196 and on Instagram billiams11 He will be the one that will be behind the microphone at his own place and he will be sending it to me to get it finalized and posted up on the Everything About Reality TV Audio ONLY Feed since YouTube screwed us over with that false copyright claims from a company but they took it down which I will address tomorrow's blog. Anyways I am excited for this change and the fact I am slowly stepping back on my role to 3 shows that I am now covering. I plan on getting other hosts down the line too for Big Brother Canada Season 8 and Big Brother US Season 22 and will be open to video applications online for this volunteer position. So Billy is just the start of things for the Everything About Reality TV Podcast crew.

                    Now I do not know when it will start and right now as there is not a schedule that has been released nor if it will be this fall or in the New Year so It is hard to tell at the moment as it is to be determined and it will be a tough one to answer. Soon as I know when the release date is then I will be doing up the schedule weekly. I do have Survivor: Island of The Idols scheduled at the top of my head so I am ready however few problems occurring the first week as I will not be home that Wednesday for the premiere, I will be at a friends for the premiere and finally of Big Brother US. However got ideas and know my schedule the next season which this will be our 12th season. Yes I said "Our" as Billy is the newest addition to the team. However like I said I am so thrilled to have him on the team and this podcast is constantly changing and this podcast is still in it's prime for it almost hitting 4 years of hard work it was finally time to bring someone new onto the podcast to help out and he is solely on his own with support from me mostly. I am the one adding in the theme but I think he will be the one to edit as well.  However we have to work on details right now and we have some time between now to work out the details. So welcome aboard Billy glad to have you part of this team even if it is a yearly thing for several months either way it is great to have him on board. I know he will do a good job.


Saturday, August 10, 2019

Promotion Is Key As a Content Creator!

             Not sure if I ever talked about this here on the blog but I am going to in case I didn't. Promotion is key especially when it comes to being a content creator. I have been told this back when I was still streaming and honestly I didn't have much in the way of social media when I was a regular broadcaster back in the day in 2011 which is a long time ago honestly. However it is very, very important to keep your fans up to date especially when it comes to technical issues which I experienced yesterday and the day before which seems to been ironed out. Anyways I let you guys know what was going on but mind you I didn't say anything Thursday as I was live somewhere and there was mic issues even then. However to always be in contact with you guys in the up most important thing for me so this way you guys know what the heck is going on with me especially and usually I am good at telling you guys these things and I do not hold back if something is on my mind especially tech issues is the biggest thing. Now moving on from tech issues to post up the podcast, I give as many links as I can. Normally 3 or 4 then where else you can find the podcast. Same with the blog I will post up the links everyday if the posts are everyday compare to me missing yesterdays but, yes but, I told you guys the truth why I wasn't going to post but what I should of done was told you guys in the morning but how the heck did I know that I was going to happen so that's way I made the late announcement as I got busy fixing the tech issues.

                 Now I even schedule the tweets out for promotion, from the blog post to the podcasts and it helps but other then that my tweets are genuinely me talking. Only things that are set to schedule is the blog posts and podcasts. The more you promote the better chance your podcast will be noticed and it took a long time over a year to start being noticed as a podcaster. I usually use these hashtags for my podcast #EverythingAboutRealityTV, #Podcast, #Podcasts, #Podcaster,#contentcreator, #blogger, #blog. I think you guys get the idea but hashtags helps a lot with content and helps you build your community and following and when I first started out as a podcaster and blogger full time I had very little so that is why I am saying hashtags really do help as a content creator in general, it helps you grow pretty quick. Another point when I first started I had about only 1200 and now over 3400 however lost a bunch thanks to the Twitter purge and hope to grow again and get to the 4k mark finally. My final advice just keep promoting, promoting and promoting, it will help you and if you need any help please do not hesitate to contact me via email here on the website, Twitter or Instagram and I will be more then happy to help you guys out. I am happy to help podcasters, bloggers, YouTubers out to grow their content, their channel. 


Thursday, August 8, 2019

My Thoughts About The Maple Leafs Changes

             All these changes had to happen, especially if Babcock wants to stay on as coach and he will be here to stay. Don't get me wrong he's a great coach and one of the best in the league and we wouldn't have gone this far without him! We have progressed well over the last couple of years with 2 playoff appearances. Mind you we have not gone far in the playoffs but just wait till the upcoming season. I think and got a great feeling we will have one hell of a team this year. Now I know Gardiner is gone as he became a restricted Free agent and we are still waiting to sign Marner which is still pending. Now back up goalie is the only concern I have really. We have Hutchinson and he could be our next back up goalie but we will have to say. Now we have invited Micheal Neuvirth who is a former Generals goaltender and he was one heck of a goalie when he played for the Gens. Yes Gens are my local Ontario Hockey League team. Anyways I know he has had his struggles in the goal but never know, he could perform well and could be our #2 man between the pipes but if not Hutchinson, could get the nod for the position and hes done fine when he was called up last season. Majority of these players, Kerfoot, etc I do not know much about but I will have to learn about them. Don't get me wrong, it is exciting to see new faces and see the direction the management and I feel very upbeat with the changes. One last thing we need to do is get our backup goalie and we should be good and ready to go. Yes I admit getting rid of Mcelhinney but I see why as they want to get a young team and build it from there. 

              One way or another, if Neuvirth isn't signed which my dad is not very upbeat because of his past seasons not doing well, however we are giving him a chance and that is what matters. We invited him to the training camp and he could be training hard for the upcoming training and could surprise us. You never really know what he will bring to the table honestly. Either way I am excited for this season and I honestly am over this baseball season as the Jays have not been doing that great, I mean yes they win here and there but I think at this point I am ready for hockey season and ready to see how the Maple Leafs do this season with all the new players they have acquired on the off season. It will be an interesting year and I will be watching all 82 games plus playoff games too but we need to focus on the season first before playoffs as I seem to have jumped too far ahead of myself and I need to just worry about the season first. I am most looking forward to the Leafs against the Montreal Canadiens aka the Toilet Seats as I give em the nickname. Especially as my friend, he's a Habs fan and I am a Leaf, there is a ton of comments between us which is hilarious hear us bicker at each other over our teams.


Wednesday, August 7, 2019

I Have To Work On My Patience and Problem Solve Better

              There is a certain level I can tolerate with my patience level but if my patience is pushed then you will see a side of me that you do not want to say. Yes I am speaking about the future of Power Rangers Podcast, there will be 2 different press releases eventually and I am just not ready to announce it publicly as of yet. Yes my patience has been tested with the future of the Power Rangers Podcast however, things changed very, very quickly and again I am just eager to announce it eventually. However I still have to work on my patience but honestly I feel like it is getting better, however, some things I can and cannot tolerate and what I honestly think, there is a certain extent to where the patience will not be as patient if that makes any sense to you honestly. Let me put it this way, if it goes beyond my patience then there is nothing I can really do. There is hell to pay and that has been shown in the past from the Power Rangers Podcast to dealing with my phone company well that really pushed me over the edge and trust me you didn't wanna hear the language out of my mouth last night. I had quite the sailors mouth as the saying goes but there is a certain level, I need to watch my P's and Q's tho as that could and can get me and my mouth into trouble. Anyways I should of not lost my cool because I wasn't patient enough to fix the issue with charger which I have now replaced but one other unit the plug itself has to be replaced. I should of been a bit more patient and not take it out on them. Anyways moving forward I need to problem solve before going nuts on someone.

                 There is a bit more to work in the way of patience and also problem solving but I can be honest I have gotten indeed better at problem solving now but just gotta keep it up. I cannot back down on improving myself from here on out, just gotta keep working hard to better myself as a human being and I know it takes time and it cannot happen overnight technically but in time it will definitely happen. The problem solving I do find myself doing a lot more of and it is getting better but still needs some work. However my patience with the podcast has gotten better and gotten patient with the editing side of things but sometimes the technical side of things are not great from time to time but able to trouble shoot the problem.   Working hard to these goals and know if I keep my mind in the game, I can do it.


Tuesday, August 6, 2019

What Do I Think About The Blue Jays With The Young Team?

           I am going to try and stay as positive as I can in this and it hasn't been the most positive feedback I have given on the Jays this year with frustration after frustration and I know all of us as fans feel that frustration honestly this year especially with change after change. I am going to explain a few things in today's blog. Now that we have gotten rid majority of our 2015 team from the ALDS, minus Smoak who is still with the organization, we sure as heck got rid of a lot of our pitchers. Honestly getting rid of Stroman was not the right move. Sanchez going yes I agree to why they traded him as his season hasn't been the greatest but started to bounce back before we traded him and now doing amazing in Houston with the Astro's Organization as recently he got a no hitter which I was very ecstatic for him. Now I haven't been a big Biagini fan in the recent years as they got him for Lirano but I have nothing but a lot of respect for Joe Biagini and getting rid of him was not the right move as we need pitching. I cannot stress that enough. He has been doing extremely well as a reliever and putting him as a starter to see how well he does. I think they should of kept him. To be honest I rather they traded Tepera who's had a rough time as a reliever and Biagini is the better option. However we got some pitchers for who we traded so still it will be interesting to see how it will work out. However back to the Stroman trade they said it is not goodbye as his contract is up in 2021 so we could see Stro come back to Toronto down the road, never know!

           Which brings me into the next point. Ever since we made all these trades, the team has been performing a lot better and winning a lot more. The trade did a lot of good for the team, with this young vibrant team with Biggio, Bichette and Guerrero Jr on the team, this young team sure does have a bright future. It is like they took a page out of the Leafs which I will get to on another post in the next day or so. Now it is all about the team coming together and getting the pitching they need in order to make a run in the playoffs once again and I highly think it won't be a long wait honestly. I am looking forward to what the Jays do next and I know they have to get the pitching to help them yet the pitchers they have now have done nothing but a great job. Yes they lost 2 games in a row, however they went on a 5 game winning streak which is the most you have seen out of the team and it is so excited. I think this is the first time this season I have been excited to be watching the Blue Jays play in a long time. I can be honest back in June, I stopped watching as I lost interest, however still kept up with transactions and how they been doing but recently I got back into the Jays again and I did miss the game last night as I was in bed early so I can get work done this morning but later on I plan on watching the Jays play against the O's (Orioles).


Monday, August 5, 2019

Not Sure What Expect For Podcasts In The New Year...

                I have been thinking about this and not sure what to expect with come New Year. Why do I say this? I am not sure if Music City will be back for a 3rd season as I am still waiting to hear any news if it will indeed be renewed but waiting on any news on that which could be mid August if we actually hear anything. As for Celebrity Big Brother, the same thing as well and should know by end of this current Big Brother 21 season.  So there is still waiting to do. As for Music City, I really think they wrapped up in the way of story lines, however there is new story lines they can go with, new things can happen on the show, however I understand if they do not renew and I have said this before on a video online that I am forever grateful CMT (Country Music Television Station) down in the states for the opportunity but there is 10 days till they made the season 2 announcement a year ago and hoping that it will happen we will see in that time frame. Now Celebrity Big Brother, my Alumni said, that he doesn't think it will happen, especially with rumors of Big Brother Canada could start in February instead of March but they can always push Celebrity Big Brother into mid January at the most. 

                  However in the end if there is no Celebrity Big Brother or Music City, I am already got some off season podcasts I can post up in the New Year every week or second week before the Big Brother Canada, Survivor 40 and Amazing Race 32 happen. I think I will definitely aim for every 2nd week if you think about it, that would be biweekly when the off season comes out. I have already been thinking about it and I got that really freakin odd feeling that Big Brother Canada Season 8 will be All-Stars as it is now August and no announcement nor the audition page has been updating so I am starting to speculate which means come New Year that is the one of the first two Podcasts that is coming out is an Dream All Star Cast and if things get better between myself and one of my alumni then I will be able to do the podcast with them but if not that means I am on my own technically. However I need to remain positive and remember this will be officially my 13th season on the air within 4 years which is crazy to think but not sure what to expect right now. I think I need to just go with the flow of things, focus on the remainder of this season which is moving at a fast pace for me but that's Ok, then followed by the 12th season which will have Survivor Island of the Idols which indeed will be an interesting season. From there I just will probably figure things out from there on out then. 


Friday, August 2, 2019

More Food Reviews and Events To Come!

         Hopefully this month and the next couple I will get a chance to do some food reviews. the plan right now was to do the Rib fest locally but I am not sure if that is going to be happening this weekend as my dad hasn't mentioned the Rib Fest so I am guessing it is not in the plans but I will talk to him see if he wants to go down for a while and try some ribs. I really wanna get back into that Rib Fest and I think it will be a fun time plus gives me some content for this blog honestly. If we don't then the next review would be all the way at the end of September for the Ukrainian and Polish Festival and I know that is a long way off but for now you guys may end up waiting on reviews for a while. There is other content you guys can read or listen to throughout the site and what not. Anyways event wise I am in the same boat as you all know I pulled out of a pile of events because they weren't working for me or my dad as he comes to most of em as he is like my chaperone which is nice to have someone at the events, especially the family. I wish there were events to go to in July and August but that are the very quiet months for me. May and June I have a few on the list but I wanna see if there is anything in July and August that I can cover. Also as you know I am no longer involved with the Autism Celebration yet I still have the board and haven't had a chance to dismantle it. 

             Now come this fall, I was suppose to do a few food reviews with a member of the Alumni, however they are no longer part of CBOTW and yes I am referring to the Co-Host of Power Rangers Podcast, anyways, I could get my dad to come along or Eric to come along as they both like it but where are you guys talking about? Five Guys Burgers which we got here in Canada apparently which I never knew till I went to the Walmart then I discovered Five Guys there so it is on my list. Another one and if someone starts talking things out to not only get the PR Podcast back up and running again, but to also do a run to Pop Eyes and try their food there and do an review from there. But we will see what happens. Event wise end of September like I said Ukrainian and Polish Festival will be coming up fast and will review the food there on a separate blog post. Then in October will be doing the Apple Festival followed by the Royal Winter Fair, Port Perry in December and Tyrone Parade of Lights to finish up the year in events. 2020 there will have to be some changes and additions to the list of things as Greek Festival and Autism Celebration has been pulled from the schedule so that leaves open some space but never know what will pop up. 


Thursday, August 1, 2019

Podcast Status Updates....

              To be honest, I have changed this blog too many times but today's post is about Power Rangers Podcast which as you all know, has been put on hold. Yes it was first of all cancelled then put on a hiatus which that is the current status of it and hasn't moved or any news at this time if it will ever return to air here on the website. I just do not know as you know the co-host behind the second mic has been dismissed which I will not say why but they are no longer involved with that podcast which is why the podcast went on hiatus. I hope and pray things can be worked out this fall when they return online that is why it is on the hiatus status. It is sad to see it end up this way technically but it is what it is. I think it is just best it ends now before the fighting gets worse which has gotten bad again after 3 years of getting along with them. Anyways the status of the podcasts has changed and here is the list:

Active Podcasts:

- Everything About Reality TV (Currently In It's 11th Season)

On Hiatus:

- Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast

                 I honestly am fine working with Everything About Reality TV on it's own right now and it can change anytime soon but I will most definitely tell you guys if things change with Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast but I am being very stubborn and that is the plan as I am going to stand my ground this time around and if things work out they work out and if they don't they don't, it is what it is. I am standing up for my rights now and yes I realize it is affecting this website whatsoever but there is other projects I can put out here on the website. In fact I got a few in mind actually that I can do with two individuals who have come up to me or I have come up to them about it and it is some good ideas in the back of my mind which I think would be a great idea honestly.