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Thursday, August 8, 2019

My Thoughts About The Maple Leafs Changes

             All these changes had to happen, especially if Babcock wants to stay on as coach and he will be here to stay. Don't get me wrong he's a great coach and one of the best in the league and we wouldn't have gone this far without him! We have progressed well over the last couple of years with 2 playoff appearances. Mind you we have not gone far in the playoffs but just wait till the upcoming season. I think and got a great feeling we will have one hell of a team this year. Now I know Gardiner is gone as he became a restricted Free agent and we are still waiting to sign Marner which is still pending. Now back up goalie is the only concern I have really. We have Hutchinson and he could be our next back up goalie but we will have to say. Now we have invited Micheal Neuvirth who is a former Generals goaltender and he was one heck of a goalie when he played for the Gens. Yes Gens are my local Ontario Hockey League team. Anyways I know he has had his struggles in the goal but never know, he could perform well and could be our #2 man between the pipes but if not Hutchinson, could get the nod for the position and hes done fine when he was called up last season. Majority of these players, Kerfoot, etc I do not know much about but I will have to learn about them. Don't get me wrong, it is exciting to see new faces and see the direction the management and I feel very upbeat with the changes. One last thing we need to do is get our backup goalie and we should be good and ready to go. Yes I admit getting rid of Mcelhinney but I see why as they want to get a young team and build it from there. 

              One way or another, if Neuvirth isn't signed which my dad is not very upbeat because of his past seasons not doing well, however we are giving him a chance and that is what matters. We invited him to the training camp and he could be training hard for the upcoming training and could surprise us. You never really know what he will bring to the table honestly. Either way I am excited for this season and I honestly am over this baseball season as the Jays have not been doing that great, I mean yes they win here and there but I think at this point I am ready for hockey season and ready to see how the Maple Leafs do this season with all the new players they have acquired on the off season. It will be an interesting year and I will be watching all 82 games plus playoff games too but we need to focus on the season first before playoffs as I seem to have jumped too far ahead of myself and I need to just worry about the season first. I am most looking forward to the Leafs against the Montreal Canadiens aka the Toilet Seats as I give em the nickname. Especially as my friend, he's a Habs fan and I am a Leaf, there is a ton of comments between us which is hilarious hear us bicker at each other over our teams.


Wednesday, May 29, 2019

My Thoughts On The Toronto Raptors...

              First of all I can say this I am a proud Toronto Raptors fan and I had a feeling this was the year at first, however I was unsure with this Eastern Conference but they sure surprised me and I can say this really excite me winning 100 - 94. The coaching and changes we have made on this team this year really helped us. Having Leonard has been a great asset to the team. This year they sure proved they deserve to be in the NBA Finals. Also the fact that we beat out the top team in the East and once we got the lead we definitely had a good momentum going on. This team is truly an exciting team this year and love this team and proud of them. Least we have one decent team going far and the Leafs and Jays will be going that way eventually too. I shouldn't doubt them and I should let them surprise me and that is exactly what I did and boy I am over the top excited and words do not describe how I feel. I honestly haven't been excited for a Toronto team since the Blue Jays had those 2 amazing seasons where they made the playoffs and of course with the new young Leafs team. We have a very talented basketball team and we the north is our motto we use and We The North are going all the way and winning it this year. I truly think this is our year and the finals will be ours for the taking. Golden State will not be back to back champs this year, it is truly our turn to be Champs!

                 Raptors win the NBA Championship then it will make history as the first Canadian and only Canadian team to win as the Grizzlies never did win a Championship and unfortunately moved down to the states leaving us the only Canadian team left in the league. I cannot wait for the championship to start and I will be watching the game tomorrow night and ready for the game and ready to see our team do so well. I think the game tomorrow will be a close one and the series will probably end up in 6 or 7 games like the Milwaukee Bucks game did. Either way this will indeed be a great series to watch and I am excited for it to start. Only thing that is really exciting right now as the Jays have been on and off with wins and I rather watch Basketball then baseball right now and I just want the Raptors to win the championship... It is truly our turn to be the Champs and I plan on attending with my dad the parade when and if they win I will be attending the parade and I am sure it will be a crazy with lots of people but I shouldn't jump to conclusions we are going to win as it hasn't even started yet. Starts in 24 hours so I shouldn't get excited till the series begins tomorrow night.


Friday, November 2, 2018

The Green Bay Packers Talk Blog Post...

             I have been quite frustrated with the Packers since the start of the season. I mean they had a solid start but since Aaron Rodgers knee issues it hasn't been easy for us especially having our quarterback with knee problems but we are hanging in there. I know they almost won against Los Angela Rams and I was quite impressed. What is also good is our division is very close together in Wins and Losses so anything is still possible as we are now at the half way mark of the season, they need to start picking up the pace and start to win if they want to even make a wild card or even win the division. I know Detroit Lions are in last then Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bear then the Vikings. So anything is possible at this point where any team can win. I am keeping a positive attitude throughout the hard times and games they go through each and every week. I think it will come down to the final game of the season to decide who is going to win the division and who will be second in the wild card game.

                   It is understandable to feel frustrated especially when it came to Rodgers knee issues but that is what happens when you are an athlete you will be more vulnerable to injuries and I know that as I was once an athlete and the ropes of being athletic and I am even after being retired from Softball am dealing with a bunch of problems with both knees where the knee cap is out of align or the track is not right like I mentioned in a previous blog post in the past, I can relate to the entire Aaron Rodgers thing where it is a struggle to even play football. Playing this sport or any sport involved in running can sure be taxing on the poor knees and I know that and you guys know that who have been a fellow follower of this blog for years now since its inception in 2014, nearly 4 years ago I have dealt with a lot with my knees so once again, I can sure relate.

                 However i am excited to see what happens the rest of the season and who will make it to the playoffs and hoping Green Bay Packers are in a playoff position coming out but we will find out as the rest of the season plays out. I am just going to be patient with losses, teams will win some, lose some. Just gotta deal with it and that is what I am doing and I admit I was going to go off at them but it's not me to do that. Green Bay is my team and I got no right to bash them. In the end I need to remain respectful to my team and keep on supporting them threw the good times and the bad.