Monday, January 31, 2022

Advice To Getting Your Computer To Run Faster

               Mind you, I am no computer expert, but as you know I have had my share of computer problems recently but I since removing a ton of things off my PC meaning programs that I never used anymore and boy it took me a while to take things. I can say for crying out loud I still had Discord and XSplit programs on my computer which is nuts. It was quite a surprise to be quite honest programs that I wasn't aware of whatsoever I still had from the past but in the end I found it that my computer has officially gotten a bit speedier and yes it still slows down and remember it is an older or oldish computer now more like 8 years and it has done a lot so I have a lot to be thankful for with this PC, it has worked countless hours, running almost 24 hours a day with the occasional nights off. 

                So the best advice I can give is clean out your PC get an external hard drive or USB drive and store some of your pictures or videos or audio on there. More you store away the better it is when it comes to the speed of your computer. I can also recommend to run your programs on your computer for anti virus and Disk defrag which is a huge thing but it is very important to run the programs once a week to ensure that you keep the computer speedy and fast. Again I know I am not a computer expert but that is the advice that I know of that can help you guys and it is important to make sure  you run all your programs to keep your computer and healthy. I regret to say I do not but starting to take care of it more as much as possible. That is my post for today and I will talk to you guys tomorrow as always! 


Friday, January 28, 2022

End of The Week Updates [01-28-2022]

                  Another week has gone by for the ChrisBOnTheWeb Community and it is time for another update on things that have been going on in this community. Anyways here are the updates for the end of this week:

Website: Both Entertainment Man Podcast have been  listed under On Demand and The CBOTW Show has been removed as we are only focusing on Audio ONLY  for that podcast as I have one channel already. The CBOTW Show has been listed for Audio ONLY but is not yet active as of yet.

The CBOTW Show: At this point I am done with editing the intros on Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and the Audio ONLY feed and now uploading daily and it will take a full 20 days to get all 20 episodes up including one that isn't been put up yet then we will be ready for new content to come to those feeds.

                   That is about it for  updates this week as I covered a ton of stuff earlier this week with The CBOTW Show and as for Entertainment Man Podcast all going good with the podcast, I continue to record 1 - 2 episodes a week, depending on the schedule which this week there was 2 in total.  My team and I will continue to keep you guys up to date with the news on The CBOTW Show and what we have planned moving forward. In the meantime stay safe, stay home, have a wonderful weekend and I will talk to you all Monday.


Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Collabs With Other People?

                     The question is am I planning on collaborating with anyone outside of Entertainment Man Podcast and The CBOTW Show? The answer is yes! Jeff Lieberman and I have spoke and we have 3 ideas thus far that is in the works. One is an interview on Entertainment Man Podcast which I am aiming to do next month or March when I got a bit more time on my hands when it comes to that. Also sometime in the spring I am sure Jeff and I will be doing a Married with Children Podcast talking about all the possibilities with a reboot of the beloved series we all know and love from the 80s into the 90s which we all know was a hit sensation on TV with one of our favorite quirky TV Families to watch. Those are only 2 of the ideas in the books for the first half of 2022 as I am just getting started. 

                    I spoke to or will have to speak to my Senior Producer and Co-Host of the now named Power Rangers Podcast about this but I wanna interview Jeff again but this time about him meeting the red and black ranger which could be the original red and black ranger or the second one but all we really know from what he told me it is from the Mighty Morphin era but I will be sure to get a pile of questions together so will Larry and we can do or conduct a nice interview with Jeff and will be our first ever interview on Power Rangers Podcast on The CBOTW Show so this will most definitely be content for the future. That is the only the beginning as I am secretly planning Home Alone Podcasts with Larry for December, hopefully doing 1 and 2 but more information is coming later on that as that is my post for today, thank you everyone for reading and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Monday, January 24, 2022

Thoughts On Ontario's Recent Snowstorm?

                Last week, we had a massive snowstorm here in Ontario which was 55 centimeters of snow! Yes the most we have had since 1972 so that was a long time ago. However we survived, I for the most part along with my parents and I stayed home as we live on a hill and were pretty much stuck at home at the time. I helped my dad with the snow blowing on our driveway which even now I am still feeling the after affect of it with my back but that's ok really. It was great exercise and probably the reason I lost a ton of weight since then on Monday. Last major snowstorm where I was stuck at home, I believe was was when I was in college but still managed to go to school regardless with less students there. I never in the 36 years, my entire life and yes I gave my age which I'm not afraid of-- but I have never seen such a crazy amount of snow in my life. My dad even took a video of me snow blowing which I have yet seen which I have to ask him about it. 

                 Was quite a crazy snowstorm but by the next day we were plowed out and able to go out and about so our city did a fantastic job digging us out of this mess, compare to past storms we ended up it was 2 or 3 days we had to wait to get unburied from the snow. However I ensure you we are perfectly fine and you probably did notice that I was onlin a ton more then usual that day.  I think it was just time where it was going to happen and only snow we have has been the light snow but either way that is today's post. Oh I have added a picture above  to show you how much we had! I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Friday, January 21, 2022

End of The Week Update [01-21-2022]

                 Another week has passed by and now it is once again time for another end of the week updates. Now there isn't too much that has changed, Team Updates, Website stuff and Power Rangers Collab and that's about it but here are the updates for the week:

Team Updates: Now I do not have a site admin and I am now doing the site updates on my own and enjoying every moment of it actually and decided to not hire anyone new at this moment of time as I think I can handle it on my own. Also for those who are on the Facebook community group, you probably have met 2 of my newest Moderators, Amy and Jeff both old friends of mine and know how I tick I guess lol. 

Website: Since I do the site on my own, the On Demand has changed to no video now due to the player lagging like no tomorrow so the On Demand consists of the YouTube channel and now the Podcast Archives which use to be on the Podcasts tab but makes room for other collabs which I have several in mind which I will talk about next week on a post. Also team page and about ChrisBOnTheWeb has been updated with the current bios and information for you guys and if there is something off please do contact me.

Power Rangers Collab: This will be the last update for about a month till I give out another update on the collab and the simple update is I have all current podcasts edited and/or ready or has been posted up on There is one more episode coming out Monday @ 1 pm EST for you guys and will be the last episode for a at least a month to month and a half so there will be no more updates. 

                However the end of the week updates may be a tad bit dull but I will do my best to make it enjoyable to read but there is so many moving parts to what is going on behind the scenes right now and ideas are flying out of my head and excited to what is to come and you guys just gotta wait and see what is in the plans. Anyways that is my post for today, hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will talk to you guys Monday as it will be a busy week ahead of me I'm sure. 


Thursday, January 20, 2022

Thoughts On My Return To YouTube

                   It has been a few weeks now with my return to the YouTube platform and yes it has been nerve wracking trying to promote it and get the channel out there. However I have to thank my fans, friends, family and neighbors for actually subscribing to it and 9 subscribers strong so far. Yeah the views are staggering and they will at the start as I am rebuilding my YouTube community right now and that is how it will be for a little while maybe years but either way I have gotten 40 subs once I can most definitely do it again. The first episode back for Season 3 in what is pretty much my second year of this podcast being on the air did extremely well and I think it had something to do with the way I tagged the episode. Maybe that is what I need to do for this week's episode is really put tags for the episodes and more but I do not know exactly how as most of my tags are pre set when it is posted up but I will more then likely check them next episode that goes up which is this weekends episode. 

                 From here it is about me promoting the YouTube channel and getting more subs and growing. I know my niece and nephew asked, I believe it was my niece but could of been both of them but they asked me if I was going to make money off YouTube but first of all I need to get 1000 subs which I am far from actually there I am technically 991 more subs from that goal so right now I am not worried about that, all I am concerned about is growing the channel and keep on making new episodes every week along with the bonus episodes just on Audio ONLY on Thursdays. Remember Sundays it's on both Video (YouTube) & Audio ONLY and Thursdays just the Audio ONLY side of things. I am ready for this journey and to once again grow again as a content creator and grow this thing. So that is my post for today, hope you guys enjoyed reading it and I will talk to you all on tomorrow's blog post for the end of the week updates.


Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Talking About The Blue Jays & Their Next Season

              I know right now things are on hold right now and we do not know what the plans or what they want to do. Mostly I wanna focus on the Blue Jays. They really look solid and getting the pieces all put together for a World Series team. I know we lost Semien and Ray recently but  it's going to happen. There is only so much we can spend on players and I totally understand. Yeah I was quite upset when they both weren't going to return but again players will come and go. The players they got just before this strike happened sound like really amazing players and cannot wait to see them play ball. I have to put my trust in the owner and management of the team  as they truly know what their doing, more then I would but yet again I am more of a baseball fan over hockey and yes I will watch the occasional hockey but I am going off topic. 

            Whenever they decide the season to start, I wonder if they will let them have some kind of training camp before they start the season but the question is when. I think we can definitely get into the playoffs if the season starts on time and yes I am kind of saying in a scenario but what I heard some say end of January some say mid February some say March 1st which they will have a 3 week free off season and then short training camp and start a week later according to CBS Sports and I linked the word CBS Sports so you know where I sourced this information which is what you have to do as a content creator when talking about something like this. However we just have to wait and see and when it does return I am excited to see how they will do and how their season will go. That is my post for today, thanks for reading and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Where Was I Yesterday?

                  Yesterday was a stressful day.... Tech issues with sound for podcasting was not working and it was so frustrating it wasn't like me to do that and I thought I took my meds but apparently night. Anyways my computer wouldn't allow my mic so I hope that the mic issues are fixed. Also my keyboard stopped working and sounds like the keyboard was faulty unit so today if we can get off our hill today to exchange it. Anyways I wish I handled the stress better but to be honestly haven't had one of these days in a long time which is good. I think I just let the stress get the better of me. I am very thankful I still had the old keyboard which has a half a missing spacebar but I am going to keep it.

                I think I let the stress get the better of me and I have all these tools that I need to deal with it and I tried to walk away but I was stubborn. But hey I got it fixed so there is credit to give when credit is due. Everything is fixed. Just gotta remember the issue if it replicates then I can change it around but I was just set on postponing the podcast this weekend but that changed and I will make it clear I am scheduled to record as scheduled as long as the tech issues do not return. To be honest I was ready to throw out this PC but hey it still works and does the job for me till I get saved up. Anyways that is the post today thanks for allowing me to explain my absence yesterday as I was quiet yesterday but today, I will be active around the socials and I will talk to you all tomorrow! 


Monday, January 17, 2022

The Next Two Weeks For Content!

                  Now on top of the regular blog schedule and Entertainment Man Podcast, there is a string, that isn't right term, there is a bunch of episodes of the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast coming out in the next week. There are 2 scheduled at this moment, so here the schedule for this week and the following week:

Monday, January 17th, 2022 (Today) @ 1 pm EST: Power Rangers RPM Collab

Monday, January 24th, 2022 @ 1 pm EST: Power Rangers One Off Podcast (Lord Zedd Returning and Next Mentor for the upcoming season)

                  Those are the next few episodes coming out and yes there will be a period of silence between next Monday till sometime in February from this collab as there will be nothing in the way of new episodes as we will be working on stuff as we wanna keep quiet and want you guys surprised on the next few episodes that come out so it is nice surprise for you guys anyways. I apologize for not keeping up with these collabs but with me wrapped on editing todays podcast and next weeks, I can move onto the next phase of this which means there will be no news till we are ready to announce the next one to be release. I can say that the episodes are getting a little easier as now their not 2 hours long like they once were and the seasons are a tad shorter but that don't matter how long they are what matters is you guys enjoy the content one way or another. Anyways that is the post for today, thanks for reading and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Friday, January 14, 2022

End of The Week Updates [01-14-2022]

                    Another week has gone by and time for another end of the week updates here on the blog. I can say this week has been long and a lot of projects have been completed this week so here are the updates:

Entertainment Man Podcast: Both episodes of the podcast were/are complete and ready to go for yesterday and this Sunday for upload and even the video version has been scheduled to post up for you guys on YouTube and raring to go.

Website: I've been a beast on getting things ready for the website as Savannah and I are ready to start releasing new pages on the website the Studio Updates which a massive video is coming Saturday @ 11 am EST with some behind the scenes of Power Rangers Collab on Sunday also at 11 am EST.

Power Rangers Collab: Finished up RPM this week so I can edit this collab from yesterday to get this out to you guys next week and then all focus on the next 2 seasons before our hiatus and Power Rangers Collab goes silent for the next 3 months while we prep for the next one in June.

 Amy's Website: For the most part it is done, however for the part of her work page and store hasn't been finished but most part it is safe to promote and you can find her link under "Current Projects" under the podcasts section there is a hyperlink on there.

                   That are the updates for now, thank you for reading, it has been a busy busy week for us and please stay tuned to social medias for any of the podcasts, blogs or updates as that is the best way to know when something is updated! Please remember videos are sporadic and will be put up when there is a video. However have a great weekend, see you all around the socials and I will talk to you all Monday!


Thursday, January 13, 2022

Weren't Expecting To Record This Week and Goal Changes!

                     My goals this week has changed so much from finishing up RPM to working on a website since I am now involved with another website build and now having to record another podcast thanks to Larry throwing in his own little twist into this week on me LOL! I say it in a funny way cause expect the unexpected with him. Half the time I do not know what he will throw at me and yes we weren't expecting to record this week but hey this puts us far ahead of schedule and to be honest it's a nice change from being behind schedule to be honest! Last year was about us being so far behind schedule the fall we recorded so much I couldn't think and I still can't think straight as my brain is continously on the go and I am always doing something with my spare time which I have a lot of time on my hand right now with being in a semi lockdown  situation at this moment. Also made major changes to the studio prior to the recording tonight so making changes quite quickly.

                   Goals can change on a dime and I know that from past experience things change  quickly especially for ChrisBOnTheWeb whether it's a studio change, production setup change or goals to get certain tasks, it's called priorities and what I mean by this is sometimes you have to do what is most important and that has to be done first especially if you have a deadline like I have at this moment, you gotta prioritize what needs to be done first and this is when a list whether it is on your computer, in your book or sticky notesas I have in front of me at all time. Anyways that is my post for today, thanks for reading and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Wednesday, January 12, 2022

What Is The Plan With The Tripod?

                 As you guys know I have a tripod in the studio now and your probably wondering what it is going to be used for? Well those on our my FB Community Group, I have been live and I think I will keep to a sporadic schedule as not many people have listened in and I think going live when I have some news is the way to go for now and yes I know I said I was going to be more interactive but I meant in comments and engagement in posts for the most part. I will be live but it will be when I need to go live. That is only the live portion of what I have planned with this. I also will be planning on taking pictures with the tripod as there is two units I have on the tripod, one for the IPhone and the other for either the Canon camera or the Fujifilm which is a more professional out of the two cameras. 

                The other portion is to do videos for which is a big part of it and there are videos already on the list and I got 2 on the list and ready to go for the next couple of Saturdays meaning this Saturday and the next Saturday as well. That is the plan for the tripod and I can say it makes life so much easier production wise when it comes to that. Also I just found this out that my web cam can hook up to the tripod so when Larry returns whenever that is we will have to try that out and see how it works out.  However I can try it out on my own too and I am going to with a pending recording session tomorrow night which is definitely exciting. That is my post for today, hope you guys enjoyed this and thanks for reading and I will talk to you all tomorrow. 


Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Changing Up My Strategy With Things....

                     Like the game of Big Brother, expect the unexpected. This week has been full of twists and turns with the content. Now you know exactly what I am doing this week with recently knowing that I am back in production with Larry this week which I wasn't expecting this whatsoever as Larry threw in his own twist on things and I was expecting 2 weeks Thursday as I originally had planned out with Larry as he didn't know but hey sooner the better honestly this way we can have a break and with that as I said on social media today is that I will hold onto the podcast and when I am ready to edit then I can edit it and it shouldn't be a very long podcast not as long as a regular episode so. Also Entertainment Man Podcast I changed the schedule for the interview was I was afraid I wasn't going to get Amy's website done in time but remember the podcast comes out once a week and I have days to finish up the website as she doesn't want it too complicated which is fine with me but I am doing a basic website and as you know sites take a while to build and put together. Between that editing the podcast which I worked late last night on it then on the collab but I have changed the strategy up.

                     What I am trying to say is sometimes you gotta change up your startegy when it comes to whatever you are working on whether it is a project or content of any sort, sometimes you gotta change up your strategy and that is OK. Whatever helps right? I can say it is very interesting how many moving elements is going on right now. Here I was settling down on my schedule and moving onto Samurai which was thrown on the shelf temporarily while I work on other things but this is where the sticky notes comes into play and I can make a list of of what has to be done and I highly recommend using sticky notes whether it is on the computer with the app or just sticky notes in general it does help. Anyways that is my post for today, thanks for reading I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Monday, January 10, 2022

This Week Will Be Crazy!

              This week will be crazy for me! I have a lot on my plate this week and made some changes to my schedule and moving things about on my hectic but here is what is going on right now:

Working On Amy's Website: That's right, now ChrisBOnTheWeb now creates websites on top of content? Is this for real? Yes, this week I wanna get to it and is a priority and getting pretty far thus far and I am working hard and try to work an hour or two on it a day on top of my content. Talk about triple work.

Entertainment Man Podcast: Both the bonus and Sundays episode is recorded just gotta edit the podcasts and place em into the folders ready for both days. Including the video I have to fix the ends to the podcast and schedule it for upload on YouTube as well.

Power Rangers Collab: RPM needs editing and posting up this week and I need to get it out this week at some point. I am promising myself to finish it and get it up. Also work on Samurai and get it ready for February. 

First Video on Now videos will not be always a weekly thing it will be sporadic videos hence the reason behind the "On Demand" it is whenever I have something to post and this weekend I will be posting up my first video a Studio Update Tour what is what in the studio and is the 2nd of 3 items under that list to be released.

              So a busy week ahead for me and I have made a list or updated my list as it helps a lot with me and I think I will get 90% of the things done and/or close to finished. Remember the way I think of it, I have to remember to keep my eye on the prize but there is not prize but that it will eventually all come together in the end. So that is what is on tap for content and what I am working on and hope you guys enjoyed this and I will speak to you all tomorrow.


Saturday, January 8, 2022

Updates & Changes To My Team

 Now I know I have said I will do a blog once and a while and this happens to fit the category of this has to come out today, not tomorrow. As you probably noticed my site admin is no longer listed on the team page and probably still following this blog post but I could care less anyways. So with their departure suddenly leaves a gap in my team and I can say this, I am not replacing her whatsoever. I've tried time and time again to have someone on to help me maintain this website and it hasn't worked out whatsoever for me in the end. So moving forward the two main people behind the ChrisBOnTheWeb content is myself and Larry for podcasts and you will hear my Moderators on the podcast moving forward as their both going to be on the show eventually and Amy being sooner then you expect this upcoming week I will be speaking to her about The Video Projects Team. So Moderators I have a list of mods which can be found on or here is the list:

ChrisBOnTheWeb Founder/Owner:


ChrisBOnTheWeb Moderators:

Larry, FB Group & YouTube Channel Moderator & Senior Producer/Co-Host of Power Rangers Collab

Amy, FB Group & YouTube Channel Moderator 

Jeff, FB Group & YouTube Channel Moderator 

                   There is the list moving forward and there is so many changes it is hard to say in one post but I am just tired in general of the crap as I feel like it is The Video Projects Team all over again and sorry to say this to my Alum, Amy, Larry, Justin, Eric and Jeff and yes I do consider Jeff an Alumni as he volunteered when there was a chatroom back in the day. I am taking control before this gets way out of control and I do not want it out of control and only I can take control, remember I'm the boss. Anyways that is this special blog post for today, I will talk to you all Monday!


Friday, January 7, 2022

End of The Week Updates [01-07-2022]

               First of all welcome back to the end of the week updates! Last time I gave an update was Friday, December 17th, 2021 and I checked it by using the search bar feature here on so this is the first post in a couple of weeks and reason no end of the week updates was cause of Christmas and New Years on that actual day. Anyways here are the updates for the end of the week from January 2nd - today:

Website: We have officially launched the On Demand Tab which only has one item and we will be adding more as the weeks go on we wanna slowly launch this new feature cause the last time we tried that, it didn't overly go well with not just you guys but me. What do I mean? I mean I became just very ovewhelmed with it and that is definitely not something you guys need to be quite honest. 

Entertainment Man Podcast: I just started up a brand new season of the podcast and what an amazing way to start the year off with interviews! Yeah I am excited for the way this season has started and definitely changed my strategy with the scheduling and I will talk about it on a post next week about it. Also the podcast can be found on video on YouTube and the link are under "On Demand" and active on the menu here on the website. Plenty more interviews are coming up for this podcast! Also I have enough topics for right now for this year and with the amount of interviews at this moment topics are on the back burner but it'll be back eventually I'm sure but brings more opportunities for 2023 as well so I have stopped on writing notes at this moment and is on the shelf for right now. 

Power Rangers Collab Podcast: Been working on and off on a few things with the Collab. I have started watching 1 or 2 episodes of Power Rangers Samurai and i will get it done in no time. Just been busy with editing podcasts again but I can do both, I've done this before. Also RPM is in need of editing too and I will get to it eventually. It'll all come together nicely.

          That are my updates for the week, a lot of awesome stuff is coming up for ChrisBOnTheWeb and I guess you can say it is your one stop shop for updates as this has become an amazing community to be in and a part of. Thank you guys for the continous love and support and cannot wait for you guys to hear all the podcasts that are edited and to be posted. Hope to see you guys in the chatroom on the YouTube premiere of Entertainment Man Podcast and I will talk to you all Monday!


Thursday, January 6, 2022

Do I Ever Think Power Rangers Collab Will Slow Down At This Point?

                 That is a great question to start today's post and the answer to that is HECK NO! Lol. There is no slowing down on this podcast as we have this year and next year guaranteed with this podcast. It isn't over yet and you guys can tell as this year is jammed packed with episodes. The one off is weeks away from being recorded, still gotta work on editing RPM which is on the backburner for a bit now. Also Samurai and Super Samurai is coming up as well so there is a jammed packed next month and a half. Plus I am not sure if there will be an anniversary podcast this year but most likely next year as next year marks this podcast's 5th Anniversary on the year, which is truly amazing how long it's been running for this long and continues on with this crazy journey. The June recording with  Megaforce and Super Megaforce podcast then Dino Charge and Super Dino Charge in October. So plenty of podcasts to be done this year and excited for this year! I know I have spoke about this many times but this is more of an update.

                   There is no slowing down, that is definitely not in our vocabulary right now lol and I know I joke around about this cause this podcast doesn't seem to have end date and we were expecting Power Rangers to stop with new seasons but that doesn't seem the case. So we're not going to say anything but keep reporting news and keep you guys in the loop as we continue on. I believe we are good till 2024 but could be further with this and don't forget we have one offs but we're on 10 year seasons right now but getting closer and closer with getting to the most recent seasons. Either way plenty of content coming just stay tuned and don't forget we have a backup plan incase we slow down. That is my post for today, I will talk to you guys tomorrow, thanks for reading the blog post and enjoy the rest of your Thursday.


Wednesday, January 5, 2022

I Purchased A Few Things Since Christmas!

             As you guys know I have made some purchases recently which was all from gift cards I got over Christmas. First is the pop filter which is now in use and really makes the podcast sound even more crisp and no more problems with certain letters in my speech. Next, I purchased a tripod not just for behind the scenes here in the studio nor updates but also for pictures as you know since the start of this pandemic, I have been taking a ton more pictures then anything else and right now that isn't going to be a thing with it now in the winter season the pictures are not happenining as much. Only issue with that is the mount for the phone, I can't mount it but I have corrected it as I was using the mount incorrectly. It is still crooked and woobly but in time I will get it corrected but love the fact I can free up CPU and just stream via my mobile phone now and have it mounted on the tripod which makes life so much easier!

             The last thing I got a new editing program, Corel Video Studio PRO 2021 so it came out last year but still it is very much a newer program but started to get into the program and the music pretty cool different from the old Corel and still need to explore on this program but I can say this; it is similar with the old program but it is blue background instead on this and I think this has a bunch more layers then the other one so it definitely makes a difference but it'll take some time to use it and right now it will be used for editing the ends of the video podcast. I am not ready to start studio updates and Power Rangers Collab Podcast behind the scenes but in the coming weeks I plan to launch those two pages as well. That is my post for today, thanks for reading and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Gotta Work With What I Have!

               I know I keep saying I need a computer and till I am able to afford one, I am just going to have to limit what I can and cannot play on the game, like Fornite, Minecraft, The Binding of Isaac, Pooligans, etc. Also I have to try and keep the computer as speedy for podcasting as the other night I was having first night back tech issues as the gremlins in the machine returned. LOL. Yeah I poke fun at myself quite a lot and make fun of my computer but remember the computer cannot think what I am thinking technically. It's an inanament object, it's machine, it does what you need on a regular basis. Also if you think about it for a 7 - 8 year old computer, she's done a heck a lot for me over the years from blogging, site stuff to podcasting to stream. You can not say this computer has gone unused, she's been highly utilized. 

            You never know I could use it for a second setup perhaps? I will keep this tower if I really need to and if my niece and nephew want it they can have it but I will wipe it clean once I got the new system.  Right now I continue to use this old girl and try and speed up the PC as much as I can in the meantime. Just try and deal with it and if some games are slower on this computer then I will just not play them for the time being. I have em on steam and the next computer is actually going to be not just for my work but also used for gaming as well. That is my post for today I hope you guys enjoyed this post and have a great rest of your Tuesday and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Monday, January 3, 2022

Entertainment Man Podcast & Power Rangers Collab Moving Forward!

               As you know, I have returned to YouTube with Entertainment Man Podcast and things are changing quite quickly with ChrisBOnTheWeb. So there are some changes moving forward so here they are schedule wise.

Entertainment Man Podcast: Sundays @ 1 pm EST- Regular Episode (YouTube & Audio ONLY  Platforms) 

                                                  Thursdays @ 1 pm EST- Bonus Episode (Audio ONLY Platforms)

Power Rangers Collab Podcast: 3 Times a year, 2 episodes per session = 6 episodes in total in a year (Audio ONLY & ONLY EXCLUSIVELY On!)

Collaboration Podcasts: Sporadically when up to a non series podcast (Audio ONLY & ONLY EXCLUSIVELY On!)

                There is the schedule moving forward and the platforms the podcast is going to be on moving forward with this collab and I think it's a fair schedule. Reason for Bonus episodes staying Audio ONLY is because I can talk about topics that wouldn't be suitable for YouTube and it's a better fit for it then if both regular and bonus were on YouTube together as a whole.  You guys know the story to why Power Rangers Collab is staying to Audio ONLY as it is more fitting on the site and the website only. That is my post for today, I hope you guys enjoyed this and I will talk to you all in the next post tomorrow.


Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New Year! The Big Plan for 2022!

             First of all Happy New Year everyone, Happy 2022! Brand new year is here and big plans for 2022! I am not going to delay on this whatsoever so let's get into this:

Blog: Blogs are returning with weekend blog posts from time to time. With the return of events slowly but surely, I will be doing special weekend posts from time to time, not all the time. This remedies for the events side of things. Monday through Thursday will be a normal topic and Fridays the usual End of The Week Updates. Nothing I did previously is going to change just adding in the sporadic blogs on weekends and you never know this could be the return of blogs on weekends perhaps?

Entertainment Man Podcast: The podcast is back with a brand new season with interviews added into the podcast every 2nd week. Now as I said it will not always be every 2nd week, I am sure there will be quiet weeks with no interviews. I have 4 with 3 booked out of the 4. Either way excited to be back with a full 50 weeks of podcasts. Also the return of the YouTube especially for this podcast so it will be interesting how people will accept the podcast onto the platform as it was on there originally but stopped after a while.

Power Rangers Collab: Brand new year, new start. February will be new episodes covering the seasons but this month will be a special podcast talking about the return of Lord Zedd and also talk about Adam Park from Mighty Morphin being the next mentor. 

Collabs: This year I hope to put in two podcasts that has nothing to do with Power Rangers Collab Podcast. Meaning I thinking about Home Alone 1 & 2 Podcasts and excited to say I hope it will happen this year but we'll see.

             That is what is up for 2022 and excited for this year what is planned for the podcasts and content in general. I am not 100% sure on events fully returning to the website as part of the content but we will wait and see. Again, Happy New Year and let's make this the best year for ChrisBOnTheWeb &!