Friday, February 26, 2016

Change is Coming!

After a month of dealing with this website, YouTube and site team issues, I have decided to make changes and fast... And ever since my Facebook Page, Twitter and YouTube Fan Base being so supported over the last month with all the B.S. going on and with me running about non stop and barely sleeping over the last month, I finally realize its time for change and change that is coming fast. I am at a point of my YouTube career that I need to start doing things for myself.... No I am not firing Justin who is the last remaining staff member from the start of my new venture 1 year in. More details are to come, some of the changes you probably already know is the new running series "Everything About Reality TV" recapping Reality TV 4 times a week. The only Reality TV shows that isn't covered right now is MasterChef Canada...  So many shows, so little time to start covering them. Also you saw a random video go up on the channel this week which is going to be a weekly thing for my channel. Still more changes to come so stay tuned!


Monday, February 22, 2016

Been a While!

It has been a while since i posted up a blog post up on the site via Blogger! Anyways there has been changes as you can tell to both YouTube and the site has changed rapidly. Everything About Reality TV went off air for a week to make changes and make sure its success is good. Decided to start over from the start erased any of the content with Larry on the show and begin fresh and hoping to reunite listeners again, so just recently recreated the chat page with a few modifications and a new chat that's going to work. Now with the channel, made the decision to do Thursdays- Survivor Kaoh Rong RECAP, Fridays- Big Brother Canada RECAP and Saturdays- The Amazing Race 28 RECAP, which means leaving out Hell's Kitchen and Masterchef Canada. I never really got into the Canadian Version anyways, I am more into the American Version. But I still am watching Hell's Kitchen cause I am pretty well addicted... LOL! I will be blogging about Hell's Kitchen on Saturdays and when Big Brother Canada starts I will put a blog section out for talk about whats going on in the feeds, or if there is no regular blog I will post regular updates on the feeds. Hope that explains more to the update video that's not quite up yet.