Friday, November 30, 2018

CP Holiday Train 2018

               I got to go to the CP Holiday train right behind one of our local Walmart's here and I didn't go with my dad, I went with my friend Dave who is being tested out as a potential camera man for Chris B On The Web. That's right I will have an assistant if all is well and right now I am evaluating his work for yesterday.  I met up with him around 145 pm as I had to go to the Dollarama to get a note pad and pens and mind you the 1 pen out of the pack of 2 died outside, despite the 2nd working out of nowhere. We had a few minutes at the food court table but then had to leave to get the bus no longer after I arrived at the food court. So we left, Dave had to stop at the dollar store himself to get some drinks for the time we were down behind Walmart. We got on the bus and arrived to the back of the Walmart. I left the can food I brought to donate to Feed Durham and we got into our spot to stand and watch the music. Also we got to shake hands with our Mayor whom will be not out Mayor anymore as he was elected to the Regional Chair. Also I saw both my Regional and Local Councillors for our ward there as well. 

               The train came and we listened to Kelly Prescott, Sierra Noble which Kelly Prescott and Sierra Noble are Country Artists. Kelly was on the guitar and Sierra with her wicked fiddle playing and I could not believe how fast she played the fiddle. I was really in complete aw with the way she played the fiddle the entire time. There was a couple of songs I recognized that were Christmas related songs, such as Deck The Halls & Run Rudolph Run as well. Also they sang some songs they wrote so it was nice to mix it up from Christmas to regular Country. I actually started to appreciate Country music a bit more and I am planning on listening to Terri Clark on YouTube as I have not really listened to her music before. Yes Terri Clark came out at the very end of this performance so they saved the best for last and it was a great performance by all 3 of them. Yes all three played together and so well mind you. 

                In conclusion to today's blog post, I really hope they come back through the city here again next year as I think it was a big hit with people and was a great turnout for the Holiday Train 2018. Not every year it comes through, it's like sometimes every 2nd year it will stopped here but I would like to have it come through but honestly, beggers cannot be choosers but we can only hope they do come back next year and I can add this to the list if they are coming through but do not expect an announcement till it gets closer to the date of the train coming through the town. Was pretty neat with all the music they squeezed in in 35 minutes of them actually being there to perform for us. I know they are now on their way to British Columbia as that is their final destination point. We both had a good time and let's see who will be singing next year. 


Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Future of Chris B On The Web... (Updated!)

            This will probably be in two parts one for the main part of Chris B On The Web and the second part is what will be aired on the air through our newly re-inquired The CBOTW Network that was unfortunately abandoned due to the need of having a network wasn't a need at the time anymore. I will talk about that in this post, including what I have already mentioned to you guys before so here is the list of things to expect with CBOTW in 2019:

  • I have been talking about this for the last 2 months at the most but will be back and active as a website again once the domain is fully expired and the expected time to have it back up is by end of the year, early 2019 at the most as I planned this ahead of time to aim and get the site back up by end of this year at the most. This is the better plan to have this site as the .com as it has done extremely well compare to the other website so this experiment has indeed worked out.
  • Also Everything About Reality TV will be planning to bring on a second host for the Celebrity Big Brother (If the host is confirmed for it), Big Brother Canada 7 & Big Brother 21 if Julie continues to host) but either way when I go away I can not worry about hosting while I am away for a week seeing family as I am planning to go away but hoping to save up for a laptop to take with me on the trip so I can upload the episodes to the platforms as I will be the one to do that. Also this will take the extra stress off of me and I think it is time for this change to happen.
  • I will be definitely being going back to most of the same events next year. End of next year I will add back the Tyrone Parade of Lights to the list once again as this year there are no plans on going back due to my birthday being on the same day but it will be back. Also I am not sure yet but I may be removing myself from Autism Celebration as I wasn't happy with the turn out but I will let you guys know. Also I would like to attend the Itailian Festival in Toronto this year but we will see how things go. I may swamp out the food truck Friday for the Italian and maybe just rotate every year for once.
  • Finally Both Larry and I will be conclude this epic Zordon era of the Power Rangers (Mighty Morphin, Zeo, Turbo & In Space) and also have a general discussion about the last 6 seasons of the Zordon era and we have already been pre-planning this already and have had many discussions about it too.


Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Friendships Come and Friendships Go...

         Friendships come and friendships go and I have experienced that recently and there is nothing I can really do about it. I know it hurts with some friendships of 13 years which doesn't much to the other party involved and it hurts honestly. We had plans to take our dads to the Generals hockey game like we use to, we had plans to go to an eviction together, including one of my other friends and now it sounds like Larry and I are going on our own and that fine, I know the route technically and I know how to get ourselves around by now so that is good. I could involve another friend in this if I really wanted to honestly I could include someone else to go with us. Friendships that have been shorter seem to not really bother me I tend to get over it sooner and I am not sure why the heck I feel this way but it is what it is. I am still wrapping my head around all of this and I just do not know what went wrong and friends turned on me or they accuse me of something I never did and want nothing to do then I think it's time I start to make the changes in my life at this point is to find some new friends. I have been within that group of friends for a very long time now and I honestly tired of the drama with some of them and it is time to make some changes in my life. 

             I am not saying that I'm making complete change just gotta figure out who are my true friends and I think at this time I am started to see the people who still truly care about me and are my friends. I guess I shouldn't be so trusting but I am. I am just able to trust people so easily and i should be careful who to trust especially if they've turned on me before in the past and I not using names as I just do not want to cause anymore problems but I am allowed to have an opinion and that is what I am doing currently. I just do not know where I stand with some people and I am regretting gaining a new friendship but it was a test to see if they were going to stay a true friend or not. I am glad I reconnected with someone from ball and we talk quite a lot and I've actually invited him out to the house for my birthday so that will be nice to be around friends but I have friends that I can talk to on a regular basis and I am involved with volunteer work which is good, I can meet new people and never know I will get some new friends down the road! Like I said friends come and friends go and the ones that stay are truly a good friend!


Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The CBOTW Show... RE: Power Rangers Podcast

          I know, I know! I have spoken about this podcast a ton before but I want to make it clear with you guys that both Larry and I came to an agreement down the road and that is why I have made the decision to officially release this statement which I have had in the back of my mind for the last 9 days now since seeing Larry last at the movies. So what is this announcement you may ask? Well recently we were talking about the seasons of Power Rangers Podcast and how he didn't really understand the seasons after and that is when I made the statement that let's stop at Dino Thunder and he agreed and that is our plan is to stop with Dino Thunder and we will not be continuing on with those whatsoever so it will be a cut off point for us to recording those but a great run. We plan on talking about the team ups after Dino Thunder at the end of the the Dino Thunder Season podcast. There is so much we can and cannot do with that podcast and we cannot do the entire series as we would be going on and on and what a great way to end those podcasts with Jason David Frank's last full on season before the team ups later on.

             What happens from there? Well Larry most definitely will be involved in Everything About Reality TV in special episodes like the 500th episode, Big Brother Canada Finale's down the road like he use to be involved with and that is fine with me honestly. I'll start picking up more shows on The CBOTW Show down the road and will not really worry about the podcast failing as it hasn't failed and Music City is a great fit for that Podcast and I plan on continuing on that one as it is the sister Podcast to Everything About Reality TV   There will always be shows to cover on the podcast and Hell's Kitchen as I mentioned on Twitter yesterday as it was a hint that I really wanted to actually cover it if they decide to renew but if not then you never know what will be covered on this podcast down the road. I will start doing polls on Twitter to see what you guys would like to see on the podcast in the way of shows.  That is my announcement that Larry and I are stopping the Power Rangers Podcast after Dino Thunder and moving on with other projects and interests that we are interested in.


Monday, November 26, 2018

Life With Strange: Before The Storm Game Review (Some Spoilers)

            I originally was going to be talking about do I listen to my own podcasts but I have already written so today's blog post is about Life is Strange: Before The Storm which is a video game and I bought it about 2 weeks ago and I didn't realize it was 3 episodes only plus a bonus episode but I also didn't realize the episodes at some point take up 45 minutes to 1 hour to finish so it took a while and a lot dialogue to the story which is cool and I really liked the story line of the entire game. Mind you I never really made the right choices with Chloe whatsoever but I tried to rectify that with the bonus episode that takes place before Chloe's dad died in the car and I saw that at the end when Chloe and her mom is grieving over the loss of a loving father to Chloe. Also Chloe was just accepted into Blackwell Academy and her struggles as well. I made the wrong choice getting her expelled but that was the choice and I do not think I had a choice, she would of been expelled regardless of her skipping classes whatsoever. I even made Chloe talk back to her mom and her mom's boyfriend so yeah, I wasn't being nice to em but you have to do what you think is right and that is exactly what I did in the game.

             I definitely give it a 10/10, love the graphics in the game especially and the way the game itself was presenting itself I do not think there was much of a choice to make in the way of not getting Chloe expelled, it would of happened one way or another. The storyline in the game is so powerful with the news Rachel gets to the dramatic moments between Chloe, her mom and her mom's boyfriend, it sure a great timeline. Was it hard at points finding the items that I needed to find? Yes of course but I kept on trying and figuring out where it is and what not. I really enjoyed this game and I am actually planning on playing Life is Strange and Life is Strange 2 as I want to get caught up with these stories and i tend to actually enjoy them too. I got a couple of games on my list I want to get and by March I hope to get them as I finish up games here and there but Life if Strange comes first before anything else. I really like the story based games out there and plan on playing some other ones too down the road as well. I highly recommend this game if you like the story based kind of games as well.


Sunday, November 25, 2018

Where did I go wrong with The CBOTW Show Podcast?

              Where did I go wrong with The CBOTW Show Podcast and Last Man Standing? I think I rushed right into things with adding in Last Man Standing and people just did not seem to enjoy it so it was a sign. Also I looked at the stats at all the platforms and seems like you guys enjoyed Music City and Power Ranger Stuff so it was not the right time to actually bring Last Man Standing into the podcasts. I think I definitely rushed into things, especially that The CBOTW Show isn't that old. For crying out loud it hasn't been a year since it started up and I am so stupid enough to actually expand way to soon? Makes no sense does it? I had to go with my vision for The CBOTW Show and it seems it failed as I went too fast. You can say I went warp speed on this podcast. It's OK though, I live and learn through these mistakes and that is what I deal with and that's OK honestly.

               Now would I add another show to The CBOTW Show lineup? Well yes, of course I would but right now isn't the right time at the moment to add on another show but that's OK because I have Music City & Power Rangers Podcast to handle on this one and of course I got the other podcast as well to deal with so which means I am a very very busy person at the moment which is good. I promise you if there is another Hell's Kitchen season, I will be covering it on the podcast no strings attached whatsoever so I promise you to expand down the road and it will be a fun to expand but like I said above... Right now is not the right time to do it at the moment. I apologize for a short blog post but tomorrow I promise you I will be posting a bit longer post tomorrow here on the website.


Saturday, November 24, 2018

Started to Decorate My Studio!

            Christmas season is pretty much upon us and i have already started to decorate the studio but it is not fully done as the snowflakes and other Christmas decorations are now up up but I will be working on those soon hopefully. But I have started using the lights in the studio and I rather wait till December to really start lighting up the studio for the season so in time but I have started to light things up here in my studio. I have to figure out how to put the curtain snowflakes up due to the fact I currently have my Green Bay Packers flag up behind me at the moment that may either have to come down or put the snow flakes behind or around it if worse does come to worse. This year I did 2 different levels of Christmas lights in the Chris B On The Web Studio one at the first shelf above the desk area so the new set of lights are up there. Now new lights? Yes the ones that are now at the bottom of the desk where my screens do sit on is where the old lights are setup and i got them both hooked up to a clicker beneath the desk where I am use my foot to activate the lights and I have tested it and works very well.

               I think I will wait till Larry is here in the studio on December 9th which yes it is my anniversary of when I started this 13 year journey as a media man but I do need his help with the finally touches and I think I still got my old tree that I can use here in the studio but not sure if the lights work. I thought i got rid of that tree but apparently not, it wasn't thrown away so I have it still unless my parents are referring to the gold tree of mine that could of been it but never know what she means but I will most definitely have to ask as I sworn I actually thrown it away but it's whatever I guess, I must of stored it away since stopped using it recently so I am guessing it is still in the house. Anyways I am derailing myself from the topic at hand and that is when Larry is here next time, he will be helping me finish up the studio for the Christmas and winter season as I always keep the snowflakes up during the winter all the way into late March/early April at the most. So I have started to decorate the studio and slowly getting to it and in the new year I will have to take it down as I am fixing up my desk but I get to enjoy the lights right into the new year at least.

- Chris

Friday, November 23, 2018

McCafe Express Service Review....

          Making this my last post about my trip to Toronto with Dave as you guys are probably getting sick of me talking about the trip honestly and I promise you this is the final post and hope you do enjoy today's blog post as its not a food review this time, its more of a service review at a restaurant.  What restaurant well McCafe which is part of the McDonald's restaurant chain.  Now the lineup itself was long enough and we had to catch the 213 pm train as the train only ran every hour that weekend due to track work in Durham so we were quite in time to getting food and he wanted to grab something small and so did I as well. At first we had the option of going through the express option with the express order I guess you would call it I guess or the line and risk us missing the train . We did line up to order but then we made that decision it would be too long so we ordered at the touch screen and mind you it went much faster then we expected and able to finish up eating in time for the Go Train. 

            Now what did I have? I had a grilled cheese on Multi Grain brain which was really super good, so soft, tender with the very gooey cheese it was very delicious and to me that is my kind of comfort food. I am not one for usually to eat Multi Grain bread but I am glad I tried it because it was indeed really good. I love how the cheese was just gooing out of the bread which means it was was cooked enough to melt the cheese in the sandwich and it wasn't done like you would do it at home. It was done in a sandwich press as I can tell by the grill marks so it is so obvious that is how it was done but it doesn't matter how it was done it was really good and delicious too. The price was reasonable and wasn't overly expensive and no fast food place is really too pricey to be honest.  Would I do this again? Of course the service, especially  the speedy service as I said before we were in a mad rush as we had a Go Train to catch at 213 in the afternoon and it was an easy solution for us to grab some food before we head out back home, mind you it was the only real choice that we had or it was either that and go back out the door, miss this train, wait one more extra hour for a bus which would actually suck as I was crabby by that time of the day. We made the right choice and no regrets whatsoever, service gets a 10/10 in my books!


Thursday, November 22, 2018

Tim Horton's Waffle Breakfast Sandwich Review

             Last Saturday as you know, I was in Toronto for the day and both Dave and I met at the mall and we decided to get some breakfast at Tim Horton's which mind you it is a great sandwiches and breakfast's that they have but I went something out of the ordinary and had the waffle sandwich which consists of sausage, egg between two waffles. I know it doesn't sound so appetizing to you guys and I know I felt anxious and nervous for trying this sandwich at first but I decided to say the heck with it and I am going to give it a shot and I was afraid to take the first but I didn't want to have it go cold on me if that makes any sense to you guys whatsoever so I took a bite into it and I can taste the sausage, the egg and of course the waffle.  However the part that did bother me was the fact it had Maple Syrup and I know that is part of the waffle when you have em alone especially but the way I felt about it I... Something didn't seem very right for me. I felt like the maple on the waffles did not mix with the eggs portion and I had a very odd look on my face at start and honestly even though I didn't like it I pushed myself to finish it up as I needed to have something to eat to give me energy for the long and painful travel as you know what both Dave and I went through.

               Now would I eat it again? Most definitely not as it wasn't my favorite item on the list at Timmies but I want to be honest and I do not think in the very near future I will be not trying it as I just did not like the taste of it especially with the Maple and yes I am a big Maple Syrup fan too but not so much with waffles, egg and sausage. Least I tried it out and see if I actually did enjoy it or not and that is what matters to me is I actually took a risk and tried something new. I can admit it was a moist sandwich and cooked to perfection and not burned or under cooked it was perfect it was just the flavoring that kind of got to me but like I said I tried it and I do not have to have it down the road again but I am glad to have tried it. I have been open to trying a lot of new things lately which is a good thing and it is always good to try brand new things. Speaking of which, tomorrow's blog post will be another food review with McCafe which will be out at 11 am EST like usual. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know if you do enjoy these food reviews or restaurant reviews I do from time to time.

- Chris

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Entire Podcast Schedule for 2019

                I have spoken about changes to Podcasts recently and additions and what not to the list as podcasts have changed so much since I started the podcast back in 2015 on YouTube but I want to be open and honest with the changes and the scheduling with you guys what I have plan hence the reason I am making this post on today's blog. Anyways here is the schedule for Winter/Spring 2019 could look like:

January 2019:

Amazing Race 31 May be slipped into January/February Spot once confirmed.

Music City (Date could be sometime this month)

February 2019:

Amazing Race 31 May be slipped into January/February Spot once confirmed.

Celebrity Big Brother Could be slipped into there as it is not fully confirmed.

Music City (Date could be sometime this month)

March 2019: 

Music City (Date could be sometime this month)

Survivor 38

Big Brother Canada 7

April 2019:

Survivor 38

Big Brother Canada 7

May 2019:

Survivor 38

Big Brother Canada 7

            Obviously this isn't all confirmed but it is what this Winter and Spring season could look like as I do not know ahead of time when things are being aired on TV but again this is just an idea what it will look like and it looks really hectic but I am very excited to be doing all the shows that are listed above and I have guests lined up for Big Brother Canada 7 Finale already! LOL... Friends have reached out and wanting to be on Everything About Reality TV and since it is friends I will definitely not say no if they plan to come to a finale party like this. There is what the schedule could look like and an official release to the Winter Season & Spring Schedules will come once I know exactly. 


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of The Grindewald Movie Review! (Some Spoilers!)

            Yesterday I got to see Fantastic Beasts Crimes of The Grindewald with my good friend Larry which got my head thinking there was a bunch of references to the Harry Potter Movies that came out before and I know JK Rowling was involved with the movie and found out it was a book originally which now I will have to go through reading the books now that I have seen the movie with Larry so it makes complete and utter sense to me how the storyline goes and I just found about it weeks before thanks to Larry not TELLING me about it sooner. So back to the Harry Potter References that were made in the movie, the first one was Albus Dumbledore who we know by now was the Head Master of Hogworts School and Magical and Wizardry. This brings me to my next Harry Potter reference is Hogwarts which is seen in several scenes through the middle to the end of the movie which is odd seeing the castle again but that really put a smile on my face as I can recognize the rivers from the movies that I have seen and of course the castle itself. Also the mention of Professor McGonagall was mentioned and we seen her briefly walking around in the hall there.  Finally I found out Dumbledore was a Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher.

             Overall the movie was good, really did enjoy it, however I was confused at points of the movie but then it suddenly clicked in as we got further in the movie how the story line went and I recognized some of the spells that were used back in the Harry Potter books and Movies as well. I like the fact they used the old castle aka Hogwarts from Harry Potter movies and also one other recognized name as well. It was well put together and soon as the movie ended I realized I think there will be another movie down the road and both Larry and I agreed there will be another movie but I just read up there will be exactly 5 videos coming out according to JK Rowling interview I read online and it is easy to Google and find on the internet as well. We both enjoyed the entire movie and I can only speak for myself not Larry but he is more then welcome to do a movie review himself of the movie on this blog post as I totally forgotten he has the privilege to post up on here as well. I hope you guys enjoyed this review and I tried to not spoil all of the movie but I made a few references in the movie but without spoiling the entire movie. If you have seen the movie what did you guys think of the movie yourself? Let me know in the comments below!


Monday, November 19, 2018

The CBOTW Show Programming Changes....

         This afternoon I made some major changes in the way things are done on Chris B On The Web. After studying my analytics for Last Man Standing, they were low and I just started to finally think clearly that maybe I need to make a change with this podcast now before my Podcast completely fails. What change you may be asking well, The CBOTW Show podcast is no longer covering Last Man Standing with Tim Allen Starring in the TV show as the numbers wasn't doing as well as Power Rangers Podcasts or Music City wasn't doing too well so I needed to make this change now before things get even worse for the podcast and it is my decision and my decision alone to make and don't forget this podcast is fairly new and still seeing what works and doesn't work on The CBOTW Show so I am still trying to get it to work properly and I am getting views on the platform even through Castbox and Stitcher just think you guys are not interested in those podcasts so it is easy for me to stop creating those now  then keep on going and have no viewers anymore. I got other ideas in my head that will work and I will explain some of it now. If Hell's Kitchen comes back for a 19th Season I will be taking on the Recaps for that show and i have done it before in the past and has been worked in the past for me it can work for me again. Originally those Recaps were under Everything About Reality TV but then I am planning on moving this one down the long road. 

              Also one other thing I would like to add to the list is that both Larry and I are planning to stop the Power Rangers Podcasts after Dino Thunder as he has not really gotten into the other episodes so I have spoken to him yesterday after the movie that we will be stopping after Dino Thunder and it is understandable it wasn't overly great but that doesn't mean I am going to stop anytime soon because I plan on watching it on my spare time to see what it is like and i plan on watching Samurai and the later seasons which are more recent to Jason David Frank, Catherine Sunderland, Steve Cardenas and a few different Mighty Morphin characters and previous seasons so either way I will be caught up with all seasons since Mighty Morphin. Those are the few changes and changes to happen over the next year and a half at the most. I think I am making the right choices and hope you all understand the position I was in to make this sudden change with The CBOTW Show. 


Sunday, November 18, 2018

Got To Meet Big Brother Canada 6 Houseguests!

           Yesterday, I got to go to Toronto and meet former houseguests from Big Brother Canada, Season 6. Now the train trip was a bit rocky at first we got to the Oshawa Go Station, we were told the train isn't running from here till 10:41 am which really ticked me the heck off. So we were shuttled to Whitby and we got there and we missed the train and I was pissed the heck off at the point I just wanted to go home but was worth all the stress getting there. The bus driver was going to drive us all the way to Union Station if he had to but ended up shuttling us to Pickering to catch the train which we did and we were finally on our way into Toronto. Even my friend Dave called Go Transit all pissed off too. I even threatened to email Go Transit but that never even happened. 

              We got there and had to walk 20 minutes to where we were meeting the houseguests. We got there we first met Andrew, Olivia, Erica, Maddy and Veronica which they were all nice and very interactive and we got to mingle with them and talk to them. We talked to Erica, Andrew a lot too. We even mentioned the Kars on King here to Andrew and he will definitely check it out if he has the time which is cool. I told him I worked at the event as a volunteer. Anyways we were there for about 2 hours and had a good time. We even got to talk to Trevor one of the Producers of the show so i got an selfie with him too! Pretty incredible experience for me as a super fan and a podcaster which that was brought up once during that. I even pulled out my CBOTW Tags ha-ha! So much for undercover work for this blog post today.  Yes I was under cover but hey may as was promote myself while I'm out and next year I will have fully updated links to everything especially now that collabs are now The CBOTW Show Podcast. 

              Anyways we had a good time, we were a little cranky in finding a place to eat and the place we originally going to go to we decided to not do it as it was a 20 minute walk from where we were, but after quite a search we found a place to go for lunch and we used the self order screen to order our food which was easier at McCafe at Union Station and if you are wondering what I had it was a Grilled Cheese Sandwich on Multi Grain which was delicious which I had two food reviews for you this week McCafe and Timmies Waffle Breakfast Sandwich which will be coming out at some point during the week when I got time to sit down and do the full review but overall such a fun and exciting day for the both of us! 


Friday, November 16, 2018

Power Rangers Schedule for Part of 2019 & Hiatus

                  Well it is that time again to announce what my schedule for the Power Rangers Podcast is as this will be the final schedule till end of the year next year due to this hiatus which I will get to at the end of the this post. So as you all know both Larry and I are coming to the end of the Zordon Era in the Power Rangers first 6 seasons of the franchise so we are now coming to the end of the 6 seasons which is sad as I have and Larry as well has had so much fun behind the mic with these episodes particularly. So here is what things will look like for the schedule from here on out:

December 26th, 2018: The CBOTW Show, Power Rangers Zeo Talk

January 2nd, 2019: The CBOTW Show, Power Rangers Turbo Talk

April 23rd 2019: The CBOTW Show, Power Rangers In Space

April 30th, 2019: The CBOTW Show, Power Rangers Roundtable Podcast

                    Now before moving into the Hiatus schedule but first of all I will be slipping the Turbo season talk and In Space and Roundtable Podcast into the mix with Last Man Standing & Music City so it will be quite a timetable to handful to handle but I am sure I will be able to handle it. The plan is set for the future and I am truly am excited to what is to come. Now to the hiatus news that I have is both Larry and I will be taking a brief hiatus so I can have some time off but also prep for the next phase of things and trust me I will be working hard on the next 2 seasons and I want to take some time off as well as it has been draining on me for the last while as well prepping and working on it but Larry and myself deserve the time off and it will be quite a lengthy break from it, I am taking a 9 month hiatus from it and I do not know what is in stored for the fall in the way of Last Man Standing if they will renew for an 8th season or not but soon as I know there is new season of Last Man Standing since Fox took over but if Last Man Standing does end after 7 seasons then I got other projects I can fall on like Power Rangers Podcast stuff which will be around for quite sometime now. That is my news that I am wanting to announce and there is probably more then likely more announcements to come soon down the road. 


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Chris B On The Web Turns 4 Today!

            Today I never thought I would reach this far but today Chris B On The Web turns 4 years old and I cannot believe it's 4 now. Time has gone so fast, 4 years ago yesterday was officially the last day The Video Projects Team ever existed as a team. That is not what this post is about today today marks 4 years since being on my own with very, very minimal help, yes I am referring to my other 2 stooges, Justin & Larry.. lol... But I really appreciated their help, Larry with the camera work, Justin whom did a lot of the behind the scenes work of The Entertainment Man Talk Show with the set which I used a heck of a lot more space down here then I do to this actual day where I am using a very small space for my studio for both of my Podcasts. It is so amazing! Just to see the change and revolution of the studio space I got down here and see how things have progressed over the years.  I remember the set picture that was never used for Season 7 of The Entertainment Man Talk Show which we never saw a 7th season as it was short lived due to Staff walking out on me out of nowhere. 

             Bringing to the current day where I am into the Podcasting scene now and it is just so incredible how things have changed over the years and excited for the future as 2019 will be interesting indeed. I just got news too which I will tell you guys in time as well. It has been an adventure and a half and plenty of stuff coming in the near future, I have planned especially with a certain channel of mine on Twitch, hint, hint double hint I could stream some of the podcasts again. I will discuss my ideas soon on a future blog down the road maybe by the weekend or so but need to do some testing. Finally here is to many more years as today we celebrate CBOTW's 4 years on the world wide web  and I am looking forward to many more years running and operating Chris B On The Web. It isn't over and nobody is going to stop me from being successful as I have gained a lot of ground in the last 8 months or so with podcasts and additions to the site, changes are not done yet and I will be explaining in due time what other changes and trust me I am not going to wait till  New Year like I was going to. Once again Happy Birthday Chris B On The Web, here is to many more years together! 


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Have I Thought About Advertising or Sponsorships on Chris B On The Web's Website Or On My Podcasts?

              The answer to the title of this blog is yes! I have thought about it long and hard and have been offered advertising but the plans never went through. Was a communication was not there. However, that's not the point, the point is I am opened to advertising as I want to grow and advertise other products on the podcasts or my site and with returning very soon it is time to take part 2 of the plan into affect and I haven't been talking about this but it is very much in the future plans and your opportunity to promote comes at the end of today's blog post. You will see what I mean as you keep on reading today's post. After the first advertising deal did not go through, it made me think, you know I want to try and get advertising on either side of my content but we will wait and see and opportunities will come around again. I wasn't pleased with the lack of communication or reply's but would of been nice to know if they wanted to not do the advertising after all. Kind of felt I wasted my time but it is what it is. But I am ready to give advertising on my site of podcasts another shot. I think I waited long enough and come 2019 that is in the plans of the New Year along with the .com website returning I got tons of surprises up my sleeve right now. I also am working on this week the re-do of the introductions of the podcasts so I am ready to take on this new endeavor.

              How can you advertise on either on my website or the podcasts? Well in time you guys will tell but if you would like to get a head start you can email me if you would like to send an email and would like to have advertising on either of the 3 (website, either or both podcasts) please feel free to contact me at anytime. I am still getting things together but will manage to get it done in a fashionable timely manner and I know how to do it in case but I may wait it out until officially I get the .com back online again by the end of the year. So I have time to work it out but if I start getting more and more requests for advertising then I will have to work fast but right now I am getting the word out to you guys I am open to advertising or sponsorships and if anyone is interested they can contact me directly through email. But the  answer to today's blog post is yes I have thought about and I have been reached out by a company but it did not go through and that's OK though, there will be other opportunities that will come to me! 


Monday, November 12, 2018

Having Chris B On The Web Blues Again....

             Yes the question to today's post, I was feeling really down and the depression was setting in pretty quick when I had a heck of a lot of time on my hands when I didn't have to plan out YouTube videos. At the point of me ending everything for YouTube, it was a weight off my shoulder but in the long run I felt like The Entertainment Man Talk Show was a complete failure like Durham Entertainment Today ended because it ended the same way The Entertainment Man Talk Show did. It was like dejavu all over again and today I started to think about me leaving YouTube and the series ending out of nowhere and how my channel went downhill very quickly. I haven't been this low in about a year and a half now and not sure why I am having Chris B On The Web Blues again. I thought I would be over leaving YouTube but sometimes when I am on my own, not around friends whatsoever I think I let my mind wander off in my own studio which does not help the situation at all.  I have been struggling honestly to rebuild Chris B On The Web and the last 2 years hasn't been an easy re-build but things are slowly settling into place. As you know I have added on The CBOTW Show as a second podcast and I am right on track with all the podcasts at the moment so that shouldn't be dragging me down but the real test is about to come in the New Year when I will be jammed packed in podcasts for "Everything About Reality TV" will be interesting test on top of The CBOTW Show's Music City CMT & Last Man Standing, I will be one busy bee. 

                 Also I think the fact that I am dealing with some personal issues which I rather not disclose what is really going on but I am dealing with a lot right now and it is quite difficult. As right now I am an emotional mess as I went off on several people tonight and I am not happy about it but I think I did what I didn't normally do is talk things out or listen but recently I just been flying off the handle and people pushing my buttons doesn't help which will bring in tomorrow's blog post which I have been dreading to write tomorrow but will be done and I know I have touched on friendships but that is probably one of the reasons why my motivation with Chris B On The Web is lower then usual right now which I will touch on that a lot more tomorrow then tonight as right now as I am sitting here trying to word things properly and my mind is just wondering again and it is quite difficult for me to function but nothing like a good nights sleep to get rested up for another long day.  That is tonight's blog post and I apologize for it being so late but I had a busy day with appointments and running errands to get ready for Saturday's trip out of town for several hours and I will be hinting on Instagram where I am with my friend Dave.


Sunday, November 11, 2018

Which Show Will I Watch After Big Brother Canada and Power Rangers Turbo?

              As most of you know I have been watching Big Brother Canada from Season 1 to 6 before the next season comes out in the spring, so I am preparing ahead of the next season. What show will I be watching next after I am finished well right now I am working on both Big Brother Canada and Power Rangers and I am not far off from finishing Power Rangers Turbo to start typing up notes for for the podcast but after both of those what is the plan next for me? Well I plan on watching and binge watching Last Man Standing up to the point of working on Power Rangers In Space as well but Last Man Standing is on the list and I covered it on The Last Man Standing Recap Podcasts on The CBOTW Show that I need to get more familiarized with the show as at times when I do record, I still struggle with who is who on the show so that is why I am making it a priority to get familar with the show and when it is done between the holidays and New Year I will have more time to watch em back to back to back and get to know the characters on the show much better then I do now. Maybe just maybe I will get more into the show as I find myself struggling with The Last Man Standing Recap Podcasts right now this is why I want to make the move to get familiarized with the show and I actually starting to understand the timeline of events during the show and when Boyd came in especially and which of Mike's 3 girls had Boyd which i never knew who it Kristen that had him so it answers my questions in my head and the most recent episode of Season 7 which is what I am recapping currently.

               I may in the New Year in January or February I will be watching Power Rangers In Space before recording in April the final Power Rangers in the Zordon era which then there will be a hiatus between recordings as I want to focus on the other recaps I am doing but I will talk more about it in a new post another day some point of this week as a new week has started. I am enjoying the show's earlier seasons and have time as I have watched a couple of the episodes already but put it on hold as I am working on Big Brother Canada and finishing that up first before working on that and also Power Rangers Turbo which time is starting to tick away. After Last Man Standing? Who knows! I may watch every Apprentice Eh vlogs on YouTube for all I know but who really knows I haven't gotten that far yet as I just started Last Man Standing and finishing up other shows. Yes I realize I got 3 of them on the go at once right now.. ha ha.


Saturday, November 10, 2018

What Is Life Like Now Since YouTube?

              I can say, the last 2 years hasn't been easy with trying to rebuild Chris B On The Web. The switch over from YouTube to podcasting and blogging it wasn't easy and today things are much better then it has been. I admit the first year and a half has been tough and not easy with scheduling being off from here and there. But now it is completely different as in the last week or so I have been on schedule for once especially with the Last Man Standing catching up with the those podcasts but I managed to get it done in a quickly and timely matter. I use to not utilize a timetable, a schedule or calendar and each and every week I am getting better at posting up a podcast on schedule but still room for improvement but I am starting to get there. However with the Power Rangers Podcast I am right on schedule to when it is time to record em which mind you there is an announcement next week with the schedule for the Power Rangers Podcasts from here on out to the end of the Zordon era. Anyways kind of getting off topic I'm proud of myself to how far I've come with the podcasts, blogs which mind you I am getting near my 500th blog post already and I just haven't said much about it but definitely getting close to it.

               Now compare to before, I actually got time to myself in the day. I mean I actually have days where I am not working on anything to a point I got the day to myself. Sometimes I will play video games or I will watch my TV Shows that I need to catch up so I have been making time for myself now and I get out more in the public for bus rides or spend time with friends like Larry or Justin or Dave. I will talk about friendships next week at some point. I do get time off between podcasts, blogs but I sometimes have nothing else to do. Now when it came to the Autism Celebration that is when I am on a busy schedule or events in general. Events I have tweaked the events I go to each and every year and I seem to really like the schedule I am on at this point. I really enjoying going to the events locally and in Toronto, I love the fact I get to wear my tag to represent this site I have built so well since the 000webhost catastrophe in the last 4 years and yes I realize the 4 year birthday is coming up and I will talk about it when it hits next Wednesday.  In closing to this blog post that is all over the place so to speak I am really enjoying life now. I got more time on my hands as YouTube took too a lot of my time up with planning out videos but it was fun while it lasted and I prefer Podcasting and blogging over YouTube plus on top of the YouTube adpocolypse, family friendly content this was the right move. It's like us the content creators do not get the freedom to create like we did before all of this happened.


Friday, November 9, 2018

My Patience With Waiting For Twitch To Re-Activate My Account Is Wearing Thin....

           It has been no secret I wanted to return to Twitch but someone got into my account deactivating it on me. I have requested to have em back on but Twitch isn't reactivating it whatsoever. So at this point I have to say thanks but no thanks to me returning at this point of time. I really wanted to return as I had tons of plans from the top of my head, especially with Big Brother Canada coming up in a few months I was hoping to do a live discussion on the live feeds if they do a competition live on the feeds. There I said it. How though in the world am I suppose to do this idea? Nothing! I have enough patience with them but at this point my patience has worn very much thin. There is so much patience I can have honestly with them and at this point I think I just want to move on and keep my focus on the podcasts both The CBOTW Show & Everything About Reality TV. I am a very patient person but for me to wait this long that is when my patience will be indeed tested and trust me it's being tested at this point. 

              At this point my main focus is the podcasts and nothing will change. If they do reactivate I just do not know what I want to do with the account... Maybe get it banned as it has really ticked me off to wait this long as it is taking forever for it to be brought back online? So I think it is for the best for me and Chris B On The Web to move on from video broadcasting and keep on the focus on the Audio ONLY Podcasts. Look at em now they have become a very big success and keeps on growing everyday as I keep looking at both feeds. Not sure what I want to do with the accounts if they came back online.... Not bother logging in again? Not sure, as that decision has not been made yet and honestly there is time to make that decision if they bring it back. I think I made the right choice in the first place when I retired from casting I do not know what I was ever thinking when I made the choice to actually return. Only reason now I had an account was because of one of my friends who streams from time to time on there but now I can't even do that. Him and I have to decide what to do next if he moves to YouTube fully now that Twitch won't reactivate but time will tell what he will do for streaming wise down the road. 


Thursday, November 8, 2018

Presto Mishap Last Weekend At The Royal Winter Fair (Throwback Thursday Story)

                 As you all know back on last Saturday, I went to The 96th Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto. You all do know that everything at the Royal went fine, there was no problem with that which brings me up to towards the end where I just lost it and got mad out of nowhere. I let my head wander on our way back to the Horse Palace and that is when I realized I did indeed forgot to tap out on my Presto Card. What is a presto? I put money on it that I can tap on and off my local transit but also Go Transit, TTC and other transit systems that use the Presto system here in Ontario or the Greater Toronto Area. At first I was livid, pissed off. Not at my dad, I was more pissed off at myself and I ended up putting myself down, calling myself stupid that I indeed forgot to tap off. We all make these mistakes but my main concern was the fact I was going to lose money on my card due to this very stupid and idiotic mistake I made. Yes it really sucks but it is just another life lesson I have made and I need to learn to remember and I know at these events it can be hard to remember everything. There is so much that processes in my head during these and so much to see and do there so I can see where my head was wondering off on me. Also the fact I was so excited to be there and see what the fair gave us this year.

                 There is a second side of this, Presto has changed things around where it cuts it off at a certain point when you forget to tap off let's say from where I live all the way into Exhibition Place in Toronto, they will cut off the amount at Toronto Union Station which is great. They never use to have this before and before it was really dumb the way they had it and one of my former staff from back in the YouTube era that helped me made the same mistake as I did but he had to get the amount put back onto the card but I didn't. I re tapped and tried to tap twice but it wouldn't let me so it automatically tapped off for me when I made the mistake. I like the new system they got now, it is so much better and I didn't have to call up Presto to fix my screw up. It would of taken me a day or two for it to get back on and I would of had to re fill my presto card at the ticket booth. If Exhibition ticket office wasn't opened we would of had to take the streetcar to Union to re fill it which meant extra time in Toronto itself but least that wasn't the case as my dad looked it up on our way home on the train. Was a eventful day and even with this slight mistake that was made I am going to learn from it and not make this mistake again in the near future.


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Walking Dead Game: I Am Still Stuck On It!

             I admit it I haven't touched the Walking Dead video game in a few months as I am completely stuck but will have to watch YouTube videos to how to beat being in the back of the truck scene I believe at the hotel or motel, whatever you wanna call it.  I am or got very frustrated with the game so I put it to the side for now but I need to get back into it if I am to ever beat it. I should keep on trying, just like I do with The Binding of Isaac. I just do not know why I let the frustration get to me and maybe it is time I just keep on trying and like I said one thing I find helpful is YouTube which got me through Grand Theft Auto 4 and the hard decisions I had to make in the game. This is one of the toughest games I have played yet but I do enjoy the challenges that is behind a video games and makes me think on my feet too when it is time to make those tough and painful decisions. I am planning to to re watch Dan Gheesling's play through of The Walking Dead and learn what I need to do to move forward in the game. He is probably the best person as I do remember his play through of the game and I think it will be very helpful. It is like a tool for me to help me to succeed in the game.

              Video games can be tough but also the challenge is what I like in a video game is the challenge and toughness of the game. Look at Minecraft it took me years to beat the Ender Dragon or The Binding of Isaac that has taken me years and years to beat it and yet I am not there yet but getting so close! It is tough and I know and realize I am a fast learner but when learning a game such as The Walking Dead, it does take some time to learn and learn the keys that are involved in the game. Every game has different keys to learn whether it is Minecraft, The Binding of Isaac or Call of Duty, I am always trying to remember each and every key that there is in the game and trust me when there is many games like when I play tons of games on my list right now I am trying to knock off my list and I will get it down in time and The Walking Dead is one of the games I will get finished.

              I consider playing video games a learning curve for me and it can be a point of me giving up like I did recently but that will be changing as I plan on getting back into it hopefully this weekend as I plan to take some time off as I got plans with the family this weekend and I will have time between the family time. I am now going to work hard to continue on with the game and watch YouTube videos to help me with beating this game. I just gotta remain positive and just keep on trying and if I cannot do it keep on trying. There is a cut off point as I need to stop for the day and I will always make sure to stop if I just get so overwhelmed or frustrated with the game. But in time I will get it and able to continue on with the game I need to continue to be patient.


Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The CBOTW Show Announcement

           Originally this was suppose to be Favorite movies and I was going to do TV Shows but yet again I did a post so I didn't wanna repeat so I ended up bumping up the announcement to today. As many of you know by my Twitter and Instagram posts that I had Larry over the other day and him and I had a very long talk and we even sat down and talked about the future of The Power Rangers podcasts that we have been doing for the past several months and we both agreed it has been indeed fun and we are planning to continue on with them down the road but our focus is to finish up with the Zordon era and I know you guys understand the reasoning behind it as this fits into the empty schedule slots of The CBOTW Show. Mind you, Everything About Reality TV still has the greater priority but both I do enjoy producing for you guys.  We and I see we as I am also speaking for Larry as well, that we have been talking about the end of the Zordon Era for the past few weeks and once we were together to discuss and we both agreed this is so much damn fun we want to continue so we both had a mutual agreement but this is not the OFFICIAL announcement to the renewal and it is coming just sometime in the spring. I am hoping to actually announce that at the Big Brother Canada Finale and possibly on the podcast at the end of the episode.

                The announcement that I have has to do with the end of The Zordon era. As you know we did 3 at once, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Seasons 1 - 3, Then Zeo, season 4, & Turbo,  Season 5. Finally that leaves Power Rangers In Space which is all on it's own as you know by now we record 2 seasons a session. This leaves open a void for the final recording of these episodes. What both Larry and I came up with is a discussion or a Round Table Podcast dedicated to the Zordon Era talking about different things over the 6 seasons we have covered. I will not go into full on details on it but I am excited what we will be bringing to you guys to conclude this era. We went at great length discussing what topics we can discuss. Either way I am stoked to be wrapping up this era and moving into a next set of episodes. This is probably the most exciting news I have had in a very long time. the CBOTW Show has done so well since it's inception and is catching up with Everything About Reality TV in the way of viewership. I wasn't expecting it to do this well so soon and I am very much proud of the podcast and it's success that it has become and it isn't over anytime soon!


Monday, November 5, 2018

Weight Loss Update....

                 I have gotten back on the right track and I know I can lose another 4.4 pounds to get back down to the weight I was before I put some of it back on again which was a dumb move honestly but I'm really trying my hardest to lose weight. I need to lose another 11.4 pounds before my goal weight for the doctor in December. The next goal after that is 200 pounds on the dot. Then of course the last 30 pounds then I will be in fit shape and maybe, just maybe my knee will not be a problem anymore and I will be fine. Think that is part of my knee problems is me being over weight and I am just tired of being FAT.... That has been changed now and I look really good but I mean I fit into pants that I never fit into before so it is really nice change to wear clothes that actually didn't fit but now fit me now. I still got a ton of weight to lose and I know I can do it. Today I started a very strict diet of less sugar, less fatty foods, eating healthy food like fruits and vegetables more. Also for a snack I eat sunflower seeds slightly salted, I am watching my salt intake as well but a tiny of salt will be fine. I plan on going out more during the day minus the days that I have to record a podcast but again I am also trying to fix up my sleep situation as well so this way I'm up early enough to get the podcasts done on time this way I can get out and about and get the exercise I need as I set a certain amount of steps per day which I have achieved but I may have to take a step back with the amount of steps I take. 

                  This will be a long process getting back on my diet and losing the weight but at the end of the day I know I will feel better about myself and I already know I am feeling better already and I got this. I am doing this to improve the way I feel about myself and also with my knees which I think that is one of the on going problem is my weight is putting a ton of pressure on my knee which probably more then likely the issue I have been dealing with lately. All I know is that I need to lose weight so I do not have any other healthy or physical problems but it is more the physical problems I am having with my knee especially but the weight loss will sure do me some good. That is my update what I am planning on doing from here on out and I am sticking to the plan and moving forward I will get down to 215 pounds by my annual physical. 


Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair 2018

             I got to go to The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair with my dad and I had my Media Pass this year once again which I appreciate the Media Pass Staff giving me the pass once again this year and it was a great time indeed. So we left the house, which we were originally going to be leaving from Oshawa but we wanted hot drinks and a treat to get our morning started obviously. So we ended up in Whitby and we got there and I had to add on to my Presto which I will be doing a throwback Thursday story this week about a Presto card mishap during the fair. Anyways the lady there whom mind you was so helpful to me but she told us that there are no trains going into or from Oshawa/Whitby stations for a reason I yet to find out but just looked and apparently it is happening all weekend long with hourly service which would of really put us behind on schedule if we missed the train we would of had to wait an entire hour which would of stunk.

So we got at Exhibition Place at a reasonable time and we had a bit of time to look around before the Royal Horse Show begun. We looked at the animals first, the sheep and goats and I thought about my teach Mr. Plishka's comment about the goats or my friend Dougie whom use to call me an "Old Goat" ha ha. , We also saw the cows as well. Now mind you we rushed the cows but went back through in between and I will get into that shortly.  As you see on the left of the text content I got a cow actually posing for the picture 

which is very rare to happen. There was Milking Short Horn, Areshire, Holsteen, Jersey Cows, Angus beef Cows, you name it! Also they had goat judging going on around where the goats, rabbits were. Mainly it was goats in the one area. We then went to the Royal Horse Show which is a tradition with my dad and I, we always go to the Horse Show as it is now a part of the entire experience. The Horse show also included Jumping Speed Competition. We went back into agricultural show floor, they had Horse equipment, saddles, boots, blankets. Also they had one amazing BBQ and quite expensive @ $5,000 but it was huge and really nice! They had Apple Dumplings as well and booths from Muskoka, Hawberry Farms, Thompson Strawberry Farms and much more from local farms as well. Albion Hills farms was there and their pizza looked so amazing and smelled good. They had the Wheat, both bunched up and the grains itself. Also barely, soybeans, oats which horses love and also Corn! They once again had peppers & tomatoes  plants this year which was different. They had chickens with the eggs this year which I need to do some research on that this week. Also the Butter Sculptures which there wasn't wasn't many but remember this was the start of the Royal and very much early in the 10 days of the Fair but watching them sculpt the butter is so amazing, I could sit there all day watching it. The cows were being judged and I tried from the other side of the ring to get a picture but it wasn't easy but got one from the west side of the ring. Also there was Pigs, the mother with the young pigs but the younger pigs weren't piglets they were fairly good side now. There was Weaner Pigs, baby calves and some of the them were actually nice and fury and I managed to get pictures but you can check out my Instagram for more pictures which I will be posting up today throughout the entire day into the evenings I will post up some stuff too.  Now back to the horse show, we missed the Percheron Jumping Competition but that's OK. Also entertainer Pogo Champs which was really cool to see and my dad was talking to me about Pogos back when he was younger. They also had the Clydesdale two horse team as well.  They had the Single Road to Wagon and also Percheron two wheel cart which I wasn't expecting the wheels of the cart to be that big and never seen these before. Also the last performance we saw was Guy Mclean with his horses and I remember one of the horses name was Lighting. 

                 Finally we went to the Horse Palace as we decided to not stay and watch the Belgium 6 horse team at the Royal Horse Show however after walking around the upstairs of the Horse Palace, we managed to actually see the Belgium 6 horse team leaving but not just 1 but all 6 teams we came from 2 different directions where we were, the left side of the picture on the left and where you see the 6 horse team coming from more in the middle to the left side. Sorry for the bright pictures, I gotta learn how to take better pictures in the lighting but you get the idea where I'm coming at with the picture but it was indeed really neat to see this happen especially when we were present. We saw on our way out, a herd of cows with people directing them, maybe just walking em around a bit, not sure but was cool and you will have to check out my Instagram today with more pictures. Overall was a great day despite the train mishap and us being shuttled to Ajax from Whitby but it was all worth it in the end at the end of the day! Cannot wait to return next year.


Saturday, November 3, 2018

What Was The Big Brother Canada Live Eviction Like?

            I never really talked about this ever and I have been very quiet over it but what is the Big Brother Canada Live Eviction like? It is totally different from watching it on TV. It is like Live television in person. I never realized so many different elements to a TV production it blew my mind how much goes into a TV Show while in a live television studio. Also they had a camera on a arm, like a boom arm on a microphone in a radio station studio but it was cool and they always did a test just before and swung it around. They had the audience coordinator talk to us, give us the ground rules, we couldn't take pictures or have our phones out to be on social media. I understand why, because they do not want to have spoilers out there and there has been moments it's happened and even when I was still here, I found it online which made me really mad to see em spoiling. 

              Arisa came out and we started it.. There was one eviction my friend Dave and I had to move to the middle and that was when Erica got evicted from the house and we had front. One thing I like about Arisa, she is very interactive with the fans in the studio and social media as well which is amazing and the stories she tells us during in the eviction but you have to go to one to experience it for yourself. The length of the eviction lasts up to 2.5 to 3 hours as they gotta edit the episode for a few hours later and have it up. Also I may as well note this but I have been to the premiere too and it's longer but still a lot of fun. We have breaks between shooting that is when Arisa will interact or the audience coordinator will come back out. Also we get to see live what is going on in the house at the time and the strategy talk that is happening as well. Yes we got to see the person behind Marsha the Moose but SHES A SECRET! Lol. I think I covered everything without giving away too much things but I highly recommend to go out to an eviction it is really a lot of fun and trust me I will be going to an eviction next year again.


Friday, November 2, 2018

The Green Bay Packers Talk Blog Post...

             I have been quite frustrated with the Packers since the start of the season. I mean they had a solid start but since Aaron Rodgers knee issues it hasn't been easy for us especially having our quarterback with knee problems but we are hanging in there. I know they almost won against Los Angela Rams and I was quite impressed. What is also good is our division is very close together in Wins and Losses so anything is still possible as we are now at the half way mark of the season, they need to start picking up the pace and start to win if they want to even make a wild card or even win the division. I know Detroit Lions are in last then Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bear then the Vikings. So anything is possible at this point where any team can win. I am keeping a positive attitude throughout the hard times and games they go through each and every week. I think it will come down to the final game of the season to decide who is going to win the division and who will be second in the wild card game.

                   It is understandable to feel frustrated especially when it came to Rodgers knee issues but that is what happens when you are an athlete you will be more vulnerable to injuries and I know that as I was once an athlete and the ropes of being athletic and I am even after being retired from Softball am dealing with a bunch of problems with both knees where the knee cap is out of align or the track is not right like I mentioned in a previous blog post in the past, I can relate to the entire Aaron Rodgers thing where it is a struggle to even play football. Playing this sport or any sport involved in running can sure be taxing on the poor knees and I know that and you guys know that who have been a fellow follower of this blog for years now since its inception in 2014, nearly 4 years ago I have dealt with a lot with my knees so once again, I can sure relate.

                 However i am excited to see what happens the rest of the season and who will make it to the playoffs and hoping Green Bay Packers are in a playoff position coming out but we will find out as the rest of the season plays out. I am just going to be patient with losses, teams will win some, lose some. Just gotta deal with it and that is what I am doing and I admit I was going to go off at them but it's not me to do that. Green Bay is my team and I got no right to bash them. In the end I need to remain respectful to my team and keep on supporting them threw the good times and the bad.


Thursday, November 1, 2018

My First Ever Mixer and Mics I Ever Owned!

              This is going way back to the time I use to broadcast on video platforms, before I got my Samson Mixer that I currently own to this day. I do not remember what kind of mixer it was but I think it was a Radio Shack mixer and that company does not have those stores, not up here in Canada at the moment. This mixer did not allow me to connect a condenser Microphone at the time it had a 3/4 inch piece to hook up into it and this mixer had faders, meanwhile this one I got now has the knobs but I honestly prefer faders in my opinion. Trust me my next one is going to have faders as they are sure as heck easier to use. However this mixer was used which meant someone else used it before I got it as a donation to The Video Projects Team. I know that is a long way back now since this happened. I never really talked about it at all but hey it got me more into being more professional with broadcasting and now what you see, the podcasting universe which I am currently to this day. It was always a learning curve at the start, I learned about the color lights on a mixer, orange levels means you are going to distort and I learned that very, very quickly as a broadcaster what the levels mean. Also with the mixer I got two microphones. One wasn't working well but the other worked for a while. I did replace it with a cheap mic but then got the Audio Technica PRO 31 which still is in the studio to this day.

              As it went to the end of it's run it started to struggle where the voice wasn't being picked up and mind you it was an old mixer and it was ready to be retired and scrapped in the garbage and that was the fate of it. It was a good mixer at the start, but then it got old and just ready to be thrown away and make way for my second mixer which now is used to this very day and working so great for me now too! It will always be my first mixer and will always remember this as my first ever mixer I ever had. I had to start somewhere and I will always remember my first mixer.