Friday, August 31, 2018

My Favorite Mr Bean Episodes

  Mr. Bean is one of my favorite TV Shows out of the 2 British shows that I have watched and today' blog post is about my favorite Bean Episodes. Now this is mainly the TV Show they did first before the cartoon and movies came out obviously. We're talking about the 1990 Mr Bean Series the original that came out. So these are some of my favorite episodes and there is no particular order of the episodes I list below:

1) Mr Bean- First ever episode that came out in 1990, it consisted to Mr Bean taking an exam, also being on the beach and also goes to church. Only reason I picked this as one of my favorite as I know the hymn, All Creatures of Our God and King as those who don't know I am a catholic. 

2) Hair by Mr. Bean of London- This is the episode that Mr. Bean actually cuts hair and does a pretty nifty job to some people's hair. I love this episode as well. 

3) Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean- I love this one where his neighbors I guess came down for New Years Eve and they switched the clock to midnight a little sooner as usual. Also he went shopping for a new chair and paint, hence Mr Bean driving his car from on top in his new chair.

4) The Trouble with Mr. Bean- Mr Bean was late for his dental appointment, so getting dressed in his car, going round and round in the round-about. Probably a classic episode in the series!

             Well, there is my list of my favorite episodes and I know it's not much but these are the ones I enjoyed the most out of the series and I am a huge Mr Bean fan and I have my brother to thank for that as he is the one that actually introduced me to the series through Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie in the late 1990's and the rest is history, I got into the original series, followed by the animated one as well and I heard he did more animated episodes later on but not sure if that is true or not.


Thursday, August 30, 2018

My First Ever Flight Across The Country (Throwback Thursday Story)

                This story took place, years ago, many, many years ago. When I say many, many years ago, I mean 1992, 26 years ago which feels like a very long time and it has been a long time since I have been on a airplane and I will be breaking that long drought as I am heading out to Minnesota towards the end of September for 6 days for a wedding, which I will get into in another blog post later when the time is right to let you guys know what is up for me.  So the reason why I went on the plane in 92' was to see family, my aunt, uncle, my cousin(s).  I remember some of the trip to Calgary with my brother and parents but some of it still is a big fuzz to me at this time. I do remember being sick to my stomach from the flight so that I do remember that part of it. I remember my mom and I being on a Boeing 727, that part I do remember entirely as that is not a big fuzz. 

                 So I do have a few memories going across the country. Another memory is going up on Banff Mountain in Calgary, seeing the mountain goat as well up there and going up via the gondola as well. I remember my aunts place in Calgary very very well and the area they lived in which is incredible I have already remember this much of the trip there. Also I remember the hot air balloons I saw in the sky while in Calgary just down the road where my aunt's house was. Now going back on the 727 wasn't too bad, I wasn't sick or anything, I managed to stay sick free on the way home and I knew the trick to chew some gum while in the air. As an adult now, more then likely I wouldn't get sick now, I would have a smooth flight there and back and I cannot wait to hop on another plane again very soon!


Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Collab Talk Release Dates!

                So I guess I have to also fix this screw up I made by breaking my promise for you guys to listen hear to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and it has been now recorded for 2 months, edited and sitting in a folder on both my computer and also my external hard drive and I know, where the hell is the podcast? Well this is, I guess the press release of the podcast that I have been holding onto for 2 months now as it took Larry and I over a month to record the podcast, then with me editing grind and posting it up. As you know by now, the .com was suspended, so where is this collaboration going? Well right on here under it's own page and it will be posted up starting next week. So here is the schedule for the release of all 3 parts to the first set of Collab Podcasts:

Monday, September 3rd, 2018: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Season 1 Talk

Monday, September 10th, 2018: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Season 2 Talk

Monday, September 17th, 2018: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Season 3 Talk

                  That is my schedule and works out perfectly as I am going to be away from Sept 26th - Oct 1st which I will talk about soon when I have time to talk about it and it will be another podcast related post as well. I am looking forward to you guys hearing this collaboration and it was quite a lot of fun recording the podcast for you guys and both Larry and I are excited to be continuing to collab with him in the nearby future. 


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Everything About Reality TV Intro Changes

                I need to re-iterate this but I am working on this weekend the intro being re done since the switch to until the website is back on the .com in early 2019 under the blogger page, so that kind of does complicates things for me and also the podcast to not have a website being the host and provider of the podcast as it has been since 2015 when it first started out on YouTube at the time. Why the ramble Chris? Well I need to be straight out and honest with you guys that as of right now, the podcast is now at this point of time independent, on it's own due to the fact the .com isn't operational at the moment so the branding you hear at the start of the podcast will be changing over the next day or so it fits CBOTW and the current page I have which is this page in particular for this current time until the domain does indeed expire towards the end of this year.

                 Not to worry, the podcast isn't going anywhere, just facing the facts that CBOTW is indeed in a bit of trouble since the website going down and right now, I do not know the future of having a .com website at this point as it has been nothing but a problem but it is not the website domain, it was the web builder I was with that was the problem for the past 4 years and quite the headache for me. I still have a headache from the stress of running CBOTW. At this point I feel like I have ended up running it into the ground and it is all my fault for ever trusting 000webhost as a web builder service, so I should of known better when I first bought and now the domain itself sits abandoned on no service, nothing... Just an unused domain which I feel at this point I wasted money on this domain for the past 3 years of this contract with my provider... So frustrating.... 

                 So the podcast all together is separated from CBOTW for now and down the road when and if I do plan on doing a .com or renewing the domain again under this website, under the blog page, I cannot give you an answer at this point of time as I am right now so confused where I am going to go within the new year. I thought things were going smoothly but again I was so blind to actually trust the web builder I had and consider them a trust worthy service. I mean from the start, I never really got along with the staff there. They banned me from their fan page for no apparent reason when I asked for help. I think I was not suited there. I at this point of time have to do what I have to do with my podcast and just deal with it for a few more months before making the bigger decision.. What's the decision? You will see in due time. 


Monday, August 27, 2018

Auto Fest 2018

               I got a chance to actually see cars down at the Lake for $12 which is a fair admission price and I wasn't feeling like going to the event as I have been struggling the last couple of days since Kars on King as I have not felt well, tired, no energy whatsoever. Still have very little energy since Friday. Still trying to recover but I'll be fine in time, I think I am doing better this morning then I have been since a few days ago. So we went late in the morning and spent a good 3 hours at the Auto Fest with my dad. There was so much to see and do there including some amazing cars like Bel Airs, Corvettes, Camaro's, Mustangs and the list goes on and on. There was a few cars I was over the moon thrilled to see, the Mr Bean Car (Austin Mini), also a Cadillac Car & finally the Edsel car were some of my favorites cars to see but trust me, I have a ton of my favorite types of cars. There was a bunch of El Caminos as well which are half cars and half truck if that makes any sense to you guys at all. 

               There was not just cars but also vendors were there and within all the booths there they had exotic animals there, like Tortoises which one got free from the pen and wondering around the path way which was quite funny to see and it wouldn't go far as Tortoises are slow moving, so it wouldn't get too far. Also they had a Anaconda snake, ferret, Boa Constrictor & also an Python which was massive in size just like the Anaconda that we saw as well too. The cars went on and on and on, there were so many different cars to see and I highly recommend it as you will be spending a couple of hours down there but totally worth the time and money's worth to go and see! 


Sunday, August 26, 2018

Volunteered With Kars On King!

             There was a lot of reasons why I was absent from social media on Friday. I was volunteering my time at Kars on King, a local car show in the downtown core of the city I live in. Anyways it was a fun experience and got to meet so many new people which I think I truly do need to do that, meet new people and I think new friends is great to have. I obviously missed the training session due to mother nature deciding to pour rain on us and only way at the time was by bus at the moment. Anyways, I was filled in yesterday and my job was simple to be at one of the intersections letting the older cars in at the start and out as well. So many amazing cars I saw up in my end where I was posted for the entire shift and event. I also got to interact with the owners of the cars and was really cool. I was talking to an owner of a Mustang so amazing how powerful the engine was on the car. My dad even told me there was a Edsel car, the same one that always went to the Bowmanville but I was not in the right area for it but that's OK, I really did enjoy myself during the event. 

               Yes it was physical work moving the pylons back and forth but I am strong enough to pull em back and forth. I had a few complaints but it happens and I did a great job dealing with the situations. I also got to meet new people and by the end of the night, I ended up getting a new friend which really made me happy to meet new people and actually have a new friend which was so great. I also got to learn the radio (walkie talkies) terms and I actually problem solved during the event as we had a mishap with the radio as we were ended up on the wrong channel for at least 2 hours as it was really silent but we figured out it was on the wrong channel at the time. Also we problem solved with an oil spill and I ran back to the volunteer station to get pylons so I practiced safety measures and my motto is the patrons safety is our # 1 priority and we put the pylons by the spill this way people knew to go around the spill. The night went great and I think everything went smoothly and was an experience I will never forget and yes I'd consider doing it again next year. 


Friday, August 24, 2018

The Day I Started On Audio ONLY Podcasts (Flashback Friday's)

            As I am getting closer and closer to the 2 year mark since I started my podcast adventure started on the Audio ONLY and I can say it has been quite the adventure since the Audio ONLY started. As you know "Everything About Reality TV" started as a YouTube Podcast and moved to Audio ONLY almost 2 years ago. Now I was new to the whole Audio ONLY aspect and at the start my quality of my intros were terrible. I was distorting on and off in the first 2 seasons. Especially the intro theme you hear now was distorting but I think I got that all under control now and fixed. I also use to say a lot of umm's in the podcast but I have gotten so much better of not saying, umm so much so that is an improvement from when I started almost 2 years ago. 

               Now with the platforms, I started out with Mixcloud, a site I didn't last too long on as I wasn't getting the amount of views I do now. That is when I moved all the podcasts to which you now see to this very day. Then I followed suit with, then which the folks there have been so great with me when I have to update stuff with my page. Then I did depart from Stitcher due to some technical issues. I added in ITunes, Player FM and the rest were history. More and more platforms carried my podcast on their website which I am not complaining, it is great to see my podcast out there and it has grown greatly in the past 2 years and loving every moment. 

                I think, now my quality of my podcast has gotten better and as you noticed, once in a blue moon, Larry joins me in studio for a podcast which is great and I love having guests and would like to have more and more guests on the podcast in the nearby future and you never know who will appear on the podcast as I am getting more and more requests to appear on the podcast, which means the podcast is indeed growing as time goes by and I am excited for the future of the podcast and what it is to bring in the very near future of this journey as a podcaster.


Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Everything About Reality TV Timeline (UPDATED!)

             I needed to do an update on Everything About Reality TV as I haven't updated you all on the upcoming schedule for the Podcast. It will sure as heck be a busy Fall, Winter & Spring season. Not sure with some of the shows as some of them are still awaiting an actual schedule and that will be listed at the bottom of the post as I am still waiting for confirmation on the shows when it is coming back on the air. Without further ado, here is the schedule:

Fall 2018 (September - December 2018):

Survivor: David Vs Goliath, Thursdays @ 9 pm EST

Winter 2019 (January/February 2019): 

Celebrity Big Brother USA, 2 Times TBA

Spring 2019: (March - May 2019): 

Survivor, Season 38, Times TBA

Big Brother Canada 7 (Scheduled For Twice a Week), Times TBA

Shows That Are Pending a Schedule: 

Amazing Race 31, Times TBA

Music City on CMT, Times TBA

               That is the timetable, some are schedule some aren't schedule and some are pending an actual schedule. As you can see both Celeb Big Brother & Big Brother I am planning on covering the show twice a week not the usual weekly recap, that is my big surprise I have been hiding from you guys this entire time and I am just full of surprises when it comes to this podcast. I'm thinking the more podcasts I do the more of an audience I will get which is true. You GUYS are here for the CONTENT and the quality content and entertainment and I know recently on the podcast I have been not as enthusiastic on the podcast but I promise I will be now that the stressful part of things are settled and I know the plan is moving forward. 😄


Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Future Of

             I have been dreading this moment for a very long time as you know the .com has been a real pain and I cannot wait till I get away from my current provider and start out with a fresh start with the site. What is the plan you may ask? Well I am planning to wait out the expiration of my current contract with the one provider and moving it on over to Google completely! That's right one website this time around, no worries about problems with the website going down or them taking it down again. The web builder provider I had wasn't the greatest and I have had my issues. One website, less headaches to worry about this time around. What you currently see on the page here now is pretty much what you will see when the .com is added back into the rotation. SO all that negativity about I wasted money on the shirt, it wasn't a waste of money. Like I said in the previous posts the interviews and collaboration podcasts will be added to the page here so it will have a ton of information and content for you guys to listen to and read! The schedule is still the same when it was on the old site that will not change, it's just on a separate page technically. 

                   Only thing there will be no main page like it was before or Everything About Reality TV having it's own feed as it would be quite hard to maintain and there is a lot of episodes that I have, 141 episodes in total as of today, 142 tomorrow. But anyways, smaller projects will be on here. I wanna go smaller scale this time around then what I had before. One good thing is with this page I can add other bloggers like my former staff/alumni Larry to the authors list which I believe hes still listed at this point, him and I haven't spoken or tried to get him setup to blog post which I will be working on as of this fall. So once the domain expires I will add it to this site I have now and we will be back in full operating order like we were before. It is a short few months but I am not worried about, all I am worried about is gaining your trust back as I have broken promises I need to fix and fix fast. Honestly with my .com site reported, I dunno the future of the website.


Monday, August 20, 2018

I've Broken So Many Promises Anymore (I'm Sorry!)

            After all I have been through, I just cannot keep my promise for CBOTW anymore... I've broken too many of them this year. I promised a friend I'd do an interview with them for their Special Events and Highlight them on my site which now I have no website no at this point as the web builder I was with took it down again for the second time in the same month as well. The next thing I have not kept my promise is putting up the collab podcasts which were completed a month ago and have been since edited and ready to post but as you know I do not have my site to put it on... How on earth am I suppose to put it up on here if I do not have the space to put it on. I have a small template to put it on unless I put one under another that could work. Anyways the promises, I wish I can fix and get things back on the right track for you guys... 

             Still waiting on getting my account cleared of all the content that I have on there. I need to start fixing my promises as I haven't been good to keeping em right now, I need to sit down with my friend and do that interview even if the studio is a train wreck right now, with holes which needs to eventually needs to be repaired down the road. I need to figure it out but Got a couple of ideas how to do it so I want to fix whatever trust I have broken with you guys as I made a bunch of promises that are now broken at this point of time. I promised a website to you guys that isn't happening at this point well till next year. What is planned? Well over the next couple of days I will be making posts in regards to the recent things that have gone on and I will be doing a scheduled timeline how things will go so slowly we will be getting back into the topics I had as depression started to set back in on me but this morning, the mood is still not better but slowly I am working on feeling better. 


Sunday, August 19, 2018

So Frustrated With My Site Issues

               I am so frustrated with the fact my .com has failed time and time again. However, you have to remember, I have had issues with 000webhost from the start since I found them on the internet, so that doesn't help with any of the on going problems I have had. Since I got the .com website and I am glad the re-build of Chris B On The Web isn't done. It's been a long 2 years but still got tons of stuff still to do before the rebuild concludes and we are in full on site. What is my plan moving forwards, I will get to that shortly in today's blog post. I think leaving 000webhost at this point of time probably is the best move for me and honestly, I should of done this sooner to be honest as it's been nothing but a headache for me in the last while and I need to take more action and faster as it is not only frustrating for me but it is also frustrating for you guys the fans. I do understand  your frustrations with the site and I probably out of all of the 3500 + of you guys, I am the most frustrated as I am the one that deals with the website behind it all.

                Now the plan moving forward is to keep the free website for now for a while while the domain is currently active and in use, I need to let it expire before putting the .com on this website, yes I will be bringing it back and I want to use the blogger page as the main site, it has the blog, the podcast links, and a schedule and contact page in case you guys need to get a hold of me for any reason related to Chris B On The Web. However it has been the hardest decision, where to go next and what I wanna do with Chris B On The Web. I had a plan to release the collaboration podcasts but I just do not know how that is possible at this time and where I would release it and if the planning for the next one will happen anytime soon as you know I had plans to continue them but at this point, not so much... That is the biggest disappointment as Larry and I really did so well on them and we had such a great time recording them for you guys but now, you do not get to hear it. I have it saved on my external hard drive with all the other podcasts I've done over the last 2.5 years. That is why I said on Twitter, I've considered quitting my podcast all together but yet again, I do not want to let Larry down as he's actually enjoyed doing em as a guest host here and there and also guest starring on Everything About Reality TV as well as he is the one that helped me found it from the ground up. 

                    I can say this now, Everything About Reality TV is not going anywhere, anytime soon. It is not going off the air anytime soon is what I meant. I have every attention to continue with the podcast till there is no Reality TV shows left to cover! LOL. However I am disappointed that I have no way to release the collaboration without no longer up and running at this point as I have wasted my time re-building and re-coding it from scratch. I feel bad that I have not only wasted my time on the collaboration podcast but Larry's too as him and I could of used that time to hangout and spend time with him and have fun but it's 000webhost side, they don't want me there, that's their decision. Google and Blogger has been gracious enough to have me in this community and I plan to stick to being here.


Saturday, August 18, 2018

The .com Website is DONE!!!! No more 000webhost!

           I've had it with 000webhost for the very last time! My site, once again very much built and ready to release and yet again they either suspend my website or they made the website temporarily unavailable so I am going back to the original plan and sticking to the blogger page and eventually it be a .com website down the long road. This means the podcast will not be directly uploaded to here as it is a lot of information to post up on a small blogger page. But the Podcasts will be linked to here. However when it comes to the collaboration podcast will be on it's own page on the blogger page. I will be tinkering around with it over the next couple of days. The bad news, I have to re do the flyer for Autism Celebration which that was my original plan but it is a bit delayed now the fact I need to tinker as I am now needed to get this page ready as I am planning for a release in the next week from now so it is exciting as it is exclusive content. Also adding in interviews page to the blogger to the page here as well.

               So this means I have to tinker with this page a bit to add in the 2 extra pages but that's OK, it's better then putting in code after code into the website which took me hours and days to deal with so this is the better plan. Probably some yo, yo, reported me again and I honestly have my suspicions  who could of reported it but honestly I am sick of this crap, time and time again of losing my website after working so hard on it. I am better off with this website honestly as it is over 12.5k in views recently, a lot more then what I was getting on the .com website. Don't sweat it, I will be bringing it back in 2019 when I plan on renewing the domain under Google instead as I think this is the more logical thing to do. So for now this is what is to happen but again the podcast links are linked on the Everything About Reality TV Podcast page and you can find where to listen to the podcast each and every week when I post a podcast up on the feeds. I think this is easier for me and less stress on me. If requested I can post em up on a post on the blog but I am sure you guys are very much content. Finally be sure to subscribe or follow the blog and the page for on going content and updates on here and welcome to Chris B On The Web on Blogger!


Friday, August 17, 2018

Website Grand Re-Opening Announcement

          So this is the announcement, you have been waiting for, the actual date for the Grand Re-Opening of I wanna say first, I was overwhelmed with the amount of viewers on the website, I thought you guys were going to crash my website entirely! LOL. But no, it went smoothly and ran smoothly throughout the entire day. Actually I left the website up late for those out in the west coast so they got a chance to see the website up and running and checkout what changes I have made to the website so I was being nice in that regards so those who didn't see the site who are 3 hours behind EST get that chance to actually see it. I am so proud of what the site looks like now to this day to see and I am so excited to re-open the site and incorporate it with the content you guys see to this very day. Yes this means collab podcast will be coming out soon and will be announcing it very, very soon to when that is coming out for you guys.

               The Announcement part of this post. This Monday, August 20th, 2018 at 6 pm EST, will be officially be re-opening and will be fully up and running for here on out. I plan on to continue for a couple of day later to monitor and make sure things are running smoothly but so far, so great it is running fine for right now. I cannot wait for you guys to utilize the website again and see other content that I am bringing to the website. Yes, as you probably realize The CBOTW Show is not around anymore, I have officially cancelled the podcast and Everything About Reality TV is the only podcast now. So with that the Power Ranger Talk is now a collab podcast and is a exclusive content and I am happy I made this decision.


Thursday, August 16, 2018

Music City On CMT Renewed For Season 2 (Everything About Reality TV Podcast NEWS)

             I just got the news yesterday that Music City on CMT is renewed for a Season 2 which means, more then likely I will be covering it as long as WE get CMT here in Canada as I am not quite sure if the show is carried up here and when it gets closer to the time, maybe they will contact me about covering it again which the answer is a big YES! I will not say no to Music City, I enjoyed covering the show and its a shorter format of Everything About Reality TV as the show is only 30 minutes compare to the hour shows but that's OK, I am happy with the results and the podcast did do very, very well back in the spring in the way of the numbers and I do not usually talk about the numbers and it doesn't really matter how many I get but it is good I do get good views. 

               This journey as a podcaster has been so incredible and to hear the renewal of Music City puts a smile on my face, knowing that Everything About Reality TV will be around for quite some time  and it isn't going anywhere anytime soon and it is here to stay. Another reason why I want to say yes to covering Music City is the story line that kind of been left off from the end of the season so most definitely I will be covering Music City to find out what is going to happen on the show next! I know it is a hook, I am now hooked on the show and I am glad I am, I really enjoy it and meant it when I said it is a breath of fresh air doing this show as it is different from what I've done. 

                 I am sure they will be in contact with me when the time comes to let me know the time it comes out as they did before but I am one step ahead as I already knew the show was renewed from their social media which told us it was renewed for a season 2 and my first reaction was LETS GOOOO! lol! I am very excited, the smile hasn't left my face since the announcement came and I was fist pumping like crazy as that made me really happy. So I will announce the release schedule for you guys to when it comes out and I will be making sure to make a post for you guys on the timetable. I am sure guessing it will be around the same time it came out as it did this year but never know, it could be an earlier release of the series! 


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Chatroom Idea Is Done & Website Updates...

                 There has been discussion between both myself and one of my Advisers for Chris B On The Web and it is clear, the chat is a no go. I had 2 individual's, which will remain nameless, but it is very much clear with the two both Billy and I couldn't continue to run a chat without help of Staff and Moderators within the website. I would of had Billy's help when he was free but other then that, It would be of just been him and I running things and I tried a chat for a few days and nobody really popped by, so I am making the decision that the chat is being pulled from the website. It is a tough decision to make but I think it's a decision that has to be made. If the chat isn't going to be active then why have it up and running? Right? It is the toughest decision I had to be made but I need pages to be generating views not getting 0 views. I am all about the views but I am all about listening to you guys the fans what YOU would like to see on the website. 

                    I think I want to focus on the CONTENT aspect of things and you guys can interact on the blog here which you have to login to comment as I keeping trolls off the blog post. Also Instagram and Twitter are another way to communicate with me or by emailing me via the contact page on here or the actual website when it does re-open soon enough. That probably is the most communication I can do with Social Media wise but my heart is set on focusing on the content on the website the blog. interviews and podcasts at the most. I am very much proud of what I have done to the newly built website and I ensure you it looks better then before. The Interviews and Podcasts pages have changed the way it looks now, it is more sleeker and I got rid of the black background but you will see when I open the site tomorrow for an open test during the day and you guys get to see what I did to change the website around. The website will be opening @ 10 am EST Thursday and will remain open up to 7 pm EST, when I will put it back into maintenance mode. The Re-Opening Date I am aiming for Monday, August 20th, 2018, 12 days earlier then expected! 


Monday, August 13, 2018

Late Podcasts Are Getting Lesser and Lesser!

                I have to make this post to why the podcast and first of all I apologize profusely as I have been either busy with other Chris B On The Web projects or the family as I mentioned on Social Media I spent 2 days with my niece and nephew but tried to get it done but I kept on having bad timing and I will get into that shortly. I feel bad and down when I do not get the podcast out on schedule and I wanna be on schedule and I need to learn to put whatever I am doing and putting it to the side and I can do that as you know I'm working on the ailing and trying to fix whatever the problem is and I will talk about that on tomorrow's blog post what is changing, etc.  I really wanna improve the scheduling and honestly I have been on schedule majority of the season which is good and much better but still room for improvement but slowly but surely it has gotten better, even without the website operational. 

                I haven't given up and I think with the scheduling, I have to record in the morning time when I am fresh and raring to go. But I also want to start utilizing the calendar I have added in the recording session for this Wednesday morning so this way I have time to record and start editing the episode which doesn't take long to edit as I am now a pro at editing the podcast. The worry is I will forget to upload ahead of time to this way it processes to all the platforms so that is the only concern I have but if I upload it exactly at 7 pm EST, it gives it a 2 hour window to go up, so if I can keep to that timetable, then I will be good to go. I am not worried at all, don't you worry. I have my priorities what comes first from day to day. For example blog only days, that comes first before my website, for blog & podcast day blog first then the podcast if that makes sense to you guys. But I think I got more control over the content and I think at least 2 or 3 times I fessed up with not being on schedule, so not bad compare to back in the spring or last year. I am slowly but surely hopefully this will continue to stay on schedule...


Sunday, August 12, 2018

I Had To Change Internet Browsers....

               Yesterday, I got inspired to write this from a fellow broadcaster friend of mine. We both had Chrome issues and honestly I have had my share of issues with Chrome Dome. For those who don't know, I use Tweetdeck on Chrome and ever since they changed things around since Flash is now slowly and everything is becoming HTML5, the Browser wouldn't even let me pop up the create new tweet and I had to keep on refreshing each and every time which really annoyed the heck out of me as I like to tweet, I like to interact with you guys when I get the time to tweet what I am up to with Chris B On The Web. Like honestly Chrome has changed so much in the last little while. Especially the fact LightIRC doesn't even work and as you know that's the chat system I use to have on the website at one point of time and I'm not sure even if I would have a chat system but I got an idea for one in the way of the contact page but that's another blog post for another day. 

                I did the right thing and switch browsers and  I am now proudly using Mozilla Firefox and right now, so far, so good, no problems whatsoever but it hasn't been a full 24 hours or 1 day since switching over to this browser I am now using Firefox and i like it and I like the way it looks and it runs very, very smoothly so I do highly recommend it if you're also have issue like I have been, it is probably the best move to another browser. Starting to wonder if Chrome is stable anymore. Honestly I don't wanna be refreshing constantly to be Tweeting out to you guys when I gotta say something to you guys. But finally, it is what it is and I gotta do what I gotta do and if I have to change browsers, so be it. 


Saturday, August 11, 2018

Getting More and More Eager To Re-Open

                  The more I work on the website, the more I am getting excited for it to be re-opening. I know it's been a struggle to stabilize the website and it's been up and down for the past 5 months but in the end I am going full force for the website to re-open regardless if I get it done by goal date of September 1st or not. But I probably can say I am almost half way there, there is one page I have to duplicate which is this season's archived page this way we have it ready for the transition stage from the 7th Season to the 8th Season which is coming up very quickly. There was a reason why I didn't cover Big Brother 20 and the reason was because of the website problems, I needed to tackle and fix all the problems on the website and I needed the extra time as you know both Amazing Race Canada and Big Brother US 20 takes up a ton of my time and I just felt like I needed a Big Brother break as coming off Big Brother Canada 6, I needed a break and came at the perfect time as I was planning on trying to repair the website.

                      As you know I was with a provider and had the entire website re-built and ready to go but then my site got suspended. So I set it up for 000webhost and left it for weeks on end blanked out, till they decided to suspend me, which note this makes my second suspension of my website within the 5 month period. Yes I was going to give up at a point as it was extremely frustrating for me to keep on re-building the website but 000webhost and I can to an understanding it was a huge mistake and they have un-suspended my account since then and the rest is history as I make further and further progress on things! The site is getting closer and closer to being finished but it takes time and I rather not rush the job as this is a big project working on a website that's now become a huge thing, I want to do the job right first then having to keep on fixing stuff on the website every time. However I am very much excited for the finish of the website, it has been as long coming for this website to finally be stable... It's been a pain in my butt!  LOL


Thursday, August 9, 2018

Technology Problems Today....

           As you all know, I tried going back live for podcasts and did some hard stress testing on Twitch and it did well up to the point it was dropping frames like crazy and I didn't have the chat was so quiet and I had peeps in the chat didn't really say anything but one of my own moderators so, I closed down my channel and I have made the decision to remain an Audio ONLY Podcast from here on out and I made a vouch that I would never go back to video broadcasting and what did I do? Go back on my word I wouldn't broadcast again and I feel kind of stupid to be going back when I said I was completely done with broadcasting. Plus I am quite busy with podcasts, the website, going to events, blogging almost on a regular basis, so it would be hard to fit it into my very busy and hectic schedule.recently as projects, I mean new "Reality TV" Shows keep popping up and the list keeps on going and going. Was it a mistake trying to return to casting? Yes. Do I miss it? Yes. But do I got the time to do it? No. I am just busy as heck right now to even think of making a return to cast again but I think about the friends I made over the years and very thankful for it.

            So what does this mean for Everything About Reality TV? Well, I am planning on continuing on with the Audio ONLY and recording the podcast  I will keep up with it and plan on adding on more shows to the list when new shows come up. The collaborations will be pumping out soon enough when the site is back up and operational again....  I wanna go back to the schedule I had before I started all this mass chaos. I want to make the right decisions for Chris B On The Web, not the wrong decisions and I feel like I've made the wrong decisions recently and it sure as heck don't look good on me to make dumb and naive decisions. i feel stupid enough to make this big mistake and hopefully I learn from this and move forward with the plans as CBOTW isn't out of the hot water it has been in for months with the no website situation for the past 5 months, soon to turn 6 months as of September of next month.


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

So Sick of This Heat....

              Honestly I hate this heat... It has been HOT and when I said hot, I mean hot, I am talking about in the early 30's and we do not have air conditioning here in the house so it is quite hot, well minus the studio which is in the basement and is quite cool in here everyday in the summer but in the winter its colder and the heater has to go on. But anyways back to this heatwave here in Ontario. It's hard to sleep at night the last couple of nights, to a point I am up till 1 or 2 am EST in the morning and up around 1 pm which sucks. Not because of my back problem its more the heat that doesn't help me with my sleep situation and I was sleeping well before and even during the website work that had already start. Maybe the fact it was too hot in the house it doesn't help but should be cooler the fact I have my fan on full blast.

                 I mean it is frustrating to deal with sleeping in this heat but not only that but it is hard to deal with it during the daytime and trying to stay cool here in the house...  I mean the days that I go out to hang with my friends and have a social life, then I go to the mall and it is more definitely much more better there then here as the Mall has A/C and it truly does keep me cool while I am there but some days, too cool as they blast the AC full blast but hot days like these it is well worth it! I am totally trying to deal with this stinkin' heat and it is tough but I am trying to keep a positive mind of frame throughout this heat and dressing in cooler clothes and not wear dark colors right now as it is not a great idea to wear dark colors. But I am truly hanging in there and I cannot wait for fall to come as that is one of my favorite seasons of the year on top of spring!


Saturday, August 4, 2018

When Is The Collab Podcasts Coming Out?

              I know you are wondering when is the collaboration is coming out, so you guys can listen to it? Well in today's blog I will explain everything from top to bottom of what the plan is and what I am planning for Chris B On The Web and yes this includes the missing which you can hear my sarcasm in this paragraph I am written so far as you continue to read on in this post. I can be quite sarcastic from time to time 😜 Anyways as you already know has been down for months and this is where the little announcement comes in and it ties into the now empty and sitting deserted website after 5 months of hell with trying to keep the site a float. No I am not taking the site fully offline or closing Chris B On The Web, first part of this announcement is that I am planning and starting the website work as of Monday Morning as the website will be returning very, very soon!

                The second part when returns, it will be the start of the collaborations as I am planning to release all 3 collaborations that are recorded and just recently edited and ready for release, I plan on releasing it once a week till finished which there are only 3 episodes to be released at the moment but more to come as Larry and I been in talks about going all the way to loss Galaxy which kind of ends from the In Space season so there is plenty to come in the way of collaborations to come and were both excited. I do not have an ETA on the website re-launching at the moment as it is a lot of work to re code and re enter every single podcast that I have done, 142 to be exact so bare with me while it will be hell and back to rebuild the website from scratch but it will be worth it in the end when things re open again in the very nearby future. Once I know the release date, more then definitely I will be giving you a date for releases of the collaboration and I may just wait till the start of October, to ensure everything is running smoothly on my website but I will let you guys know as soon as possible. 


Friday, August 3, 2018

Had a Not So Great Customer Service Experience....

                  So back on Monday I had rather not a great experience with the Dollar Store... I went in there with my friends on a Monday afternoon and at the end of the visit they had to go to the dollar store and I wanted to pick up some more books as you know I have a book with me when at events for Chris B On The Web to take notes of the event and what not. I got to the cashier to obviously pay for the book as I only wanted to get one. They said there is no bar code they should be in a package of 3, I told them there isn't books in packages, they were separate from each other. So their staff went to check and I said screw it and left and I haven't been back in there since and I will even mention if I ever plan to go back in there in the nearby future. 

                  The girl at the cashier I do not know if she was laughing at me or just like.... Uh OK, what is his problem, I didn't know as I left quite quickly as I was extremely mad with them, I didn't manage to look back as I left very quickly like I said before. I really don't care at this point, I moved on and Staples and Walmart will have my business from here on out as I just did not like the way things were done. How in the world am I suppose to know it comes in a package of 3? Like seriously I do not have x ray vision whatsoever so it is hard for me to know that it is suppose to come in a package of 3. Heck I never unwrapped it whatsoever, I felt like that was their insinuating but I know they weren't, it has to be one of their employees that did it and weren't properly trained to what has to be done or they were new staff or staff working for this summer only. 

                   Doesn't matter, I reached out to the corporate office to mention of this mishap or issue that I had and that I was not happy with the way things were done. They reached back out to me and they said they will look into it and deal with the situation. I do hope they actually leave it in a package of 3 with a bar code to scan it as that what this entire situation and hopefully this problem will be resolved but as for me ever going into that dollar store it will not be happening, I plan to going to another store, Walmart or Staples at this point which is disappointing to me.


Thursday, August 2, 2018

I've Been Hiding Things From You Guys (The Truth Is Out!)

                I have not been overly open and honest with you guys in the last week and a half with what is going on in my real life and in the last week and a half my life has changed so much. My cousin in the states passed away recently and it's been a hard time for me over the last while, well I've been OK up to yesterday when it caught up to me my Cousin is no longer with us. It hit me when I was at the mall as I let my mind wander it finally came to me she was really gone from the world. So my mind hasn't been all there recently and I owe it to you guys to know the truth that I've been dealing with personal issues as well as staying on top of working on Chris B On The Web but don't worry I will continue to give you guys the quality content as usual but there will be times I am completely silent from social media or will not post up things. I was going to take some time off from being on social media but I thought twice as I really didn't want to as I will miss talking to you guys but I am planning to stay on and deal with it at the same time.

                  It will be a hard next few months to a year but I know you guys will be there to support me through this difficult time and I can't stress it enough but thank you! Thank you for being there in the last 4 years of this crazy adventure, through the thick and thin of things, you guys were there when I went through dealing with my aunts passing, now my cousins passing. I appreciate the love and continuous support from you guys and I know you guys got my back 100% and always there for me especially those who have been following me for a long time from the get-go since the start of my time on Social Media, I appreciate it! You guys will help me get through this, I see a lot of inspiring quotes on Twitter that has helped me through all of these difficult times in my life so I thank you. Finally I will keep my promise to keep on getting out content for you guys and keep on schedule and also really try to get the website back up and running but if not there is always this page we can rely on! 


Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Blue Jays Rant (I'm Done With Them For The Year)

               Well, the Jays have really done themselves in by Trading J.A Happ, Osuna, Loupe and Axford. Now I realize with Osuna's situation and what he did earlier this year, it is a decision I respect the Jays decision on that but as for the Happ, Loupe and Axford, they were good pitchers, I mean why get rid of the good pitchers? Like come on! Happ was our Ace Pitcher and now we don't even have an Ace Pitcher because the Jays did away with him. Yes I realize Happ is older and we need to try get our team younger but having experience is also an asset in the team. I am allowed to have an opinion, take it or leave it. Axford was doing just fine as a reliever and I just do not understand what the logic behind this and we may as well never know what the logic will be. Now Brandon Drury probably will help us in this now long and painful rebuild. Yes this is a frustrating time for both the Jays and us the fans and I am taking time away as a Jays fan, I am not quitting but still a fan, just taking time away. I have been a Jays fan since I was small and want to continue to support the team but I am more into Hockey and Football mode, more football mode right now as the training camps are starting.

                  I also think that John Gibbons will not be with the Jays organization after this year as I do not agree with some of his decision he has made, like putting in Tepera who hasn't been strong on the mound when they were winning the game and of course their lead gets blown. I have just been feeling the frustration level getting more and more worse with watching the Jays, to a point, I just stopped watching the games entirely and just getting updates or watching the highlights. I do ask you in the comments, please do not leave hate messages in or the will be removed and you will be blocked from further commenting on the blog. I am entitled to an opinion and it is called freedom of speech which I have ever right to do, especially on my blog post.