Thursday, August 16, 2018

Music City On CMT Renewed For Season 2 (Everything About Reality TV Podcast NEWS)

             I just got the news yesterday that Music City on CMT is renewed for a Season 2 which means, more then likely I will be covering it as long as WE get CMT here in Canada as I am not quite sure if the show is carried up here and when it gets closer to the time, maybe they will contact me about covering it again which the answer is a big YES! I will not say no to Music City, I enjoyed covering the show and its a shorter format of Everything About Reality TV as the show is only 30 minutes compare to the hour shows but that's OK, I am happy with the results and the podcast did do very, very well back in the spring in the way of the numbers and I do not usually talk about the numbers and it doesn't really matter how many I get but it is good I do get good views. 

               This journey as a podcaster has been so incredible and to hear the renewal of Music City puts a smile on my face, knowing that Everything About Reality TV will be around for quite some time  and it isn't going anywhere anytime soon and it is here to stay. Another reason why I want to say yes to covering Music City is the story line that kind of been left off from the end of the season so most definitely I will be covering Music City to find out what is going to happen on the show next! I know it is a hook, I am now hooked on the show and I am glad I am, I really enjoy it and meant it when I said it is a breath of fresh air doing this show as it is different from what I've done. 

                 I am sure they will be in contact with me when the time comes to let me know the time it comes out as they did before but I am one step ahead as I already knew the show was renewed from their social media which told us it was renewed for a season 2 and my first reaction was LETS GOOOO! lol! I am very excited, the smile hasn't left my face since the announcement came and I was fist pumping like crazy as that made me really happy. So I will announce the release schedule for you guys to when it comes out and I will be making sure to make a post for you guys on the timetable. I am sure guessing it will be around the same time it came out as it did this year but never know, it could be an earlier release of the series! 


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