Friday, June 29, 2018

I'm Doing This For The Fans!

              I now realize, I need to listen to you guys, the most amazing group of supporters, fans. This community, meaning The CBOTW Community has grown so much even without a chatroom I mean the number of supporters it shows in the numbers. Now I know I don't usually talk about the numbers but it shows on my end. I keep em in mind and I know what is loved and what is hated on the podcast and everything seems to even out each and every season that I have covered. So it tells me the podcast is well received by you guys, same with The CBOTW Show Podcast, it's done extremely well, despite it being the newest of the Podcasts right now. 

             As you guys know I do polls and tons of polls here and there and it has helped me on the decisions that I had to make and I plan on continuing to do polls as well as it seems to be one of the popular posts when I tend to actually do posts. When the poll does end, I do listen to you guys and listen to every piece of feedback you guys have given me and I appreciate each and every piece of advice. Not just on Twitter and Instagram I am taking advice but also recently I have a secret discussion group among some of the former Mods and my Alumni we have a discussion going each and everyday, so that does help. 

              Finally, thank you to each and everyone of you guys for the love and support you have given me since the transition from YouTube to Audio ONLY Podcasting.  It has been a wild ride so far and it is not over yet as I stated in a blog post before, Everything About Reality TV Podcast will be around for quite some time with the recent announcement that the podcast is guaranteed all the way to the end of May of next year.  Also The CBOTW Show will be on and off quite a lot over the next several months and I am looking forward to the future in my podcasting career but hope you guys are looking forward to hearing the content I create for you guys! 


Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Year I Saw My First Moose (Throwback Thursday Story)

                 So almost 11 years ago, was in 2007 on my trip out in Nova Scotia, as I have never been East or to the Canadian East Coast before, we decided to take a trip out and we of course stopped and saw family going out East and also on our way home as well. But anyways, we were up in Cape Breton and we saw an actual moose, now not the male moose with the huge antlers but anyways it was a female moose and it didn't mind us taking pictures of her but still she was a massive animal. I sure as heck wouldn't want to piss it off anytime soon but it was a cool experience. I think the moose, she was grazing on the side of the road eating some grass on the side of the road.

                 We were actually on our way to the Ferry that takes us to Prince Edward Island (PEI) as that was our next stop but we took a detour up in Cape Breton and that is when we saw this massive moose and was the first one I have and more then likely not my last moose I will see in my lifetime. I am sure I will come across one in the nearby future. We knew Moose like to graze near water and where there is grass and more then definitely we were in that right area at the right time but it was in the mid day and I thought that they usually are out early morning and evening normally but guess anything is possible at anytime. Yes the moose looked at us in the car and knew we were present across the road from where she stood at the time.

                  That is my moose story and hope you enjoyed this little throwback story, it was quite the experience to have and I can officially cross this off my bucket list in my lifetime at least. It was a fun trip and wish I had a picture to show you guys but I do not think I have those pictures anymore since I cannot get the pictures off the old hard drive right now at this time and I have to talk to my brother about that at some point this week or next week at the most.


Wednesday, June 27, 2018 Will Be Bouncing Back!

             After months of my website being down for the very longest time and problem after problem, the website getting suspended and all this craziness with trying to get the site up and running. Mind you on the other platform, I had the website done and ready for launch, however it ended up getting suspended as I stated above so that has been the low point for me right now is trying to determine whether it is worth re-building the site from the start once again and the weeks of hell and back and to the point of no sleep at all, so it has not been the easiest decision to make. I also have been thinking about whether I was going to have the .com website after November as my domain expires this year on November 7th, 2018. To this day I still do not the future of the website and that's OK, I still got sometime to make that decision whether I continue running the site and I had that conversation with Eric and Dave who happen to be Alumni (Former Members of Staff) and they even stated it is a lot of work to do to run a website. 

                 The good news is, I am indeed planning on re-building the website and today is the day of reckoning. Why you may ask? Well, today, I started to re-build the site from scratch and I can tell you there will be a couple of changes on the website when it is done and coded. The change is the way the podcast pages will look. Let's just say it will look a lot more sleek then it was before. Change is a good thing and I think this was a blessing that the site got suspended.  In the way of testing, it will be a closed BETA Test that's it. No open BETA test nothing this time around. I just decided to change things up a bit this time around and I have no room for error.  I do promise to not move sites and to stay put till the renewal of the domain and the plans I got for the future of


Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The CBOTW Show- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Talk Is Underway!

            So 2 days ago, both Larry and I got together and got to sit down and record and talk about Season 1 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and I can tell you he told me Monday evening that he really enjoyed himself. I mean it took me months of planning and getting ready and figuring out how to do this podcast and Sunday showed that I was very much ready and prepared to go for what is to be a great podcast. I know it was nothing but the most talked about on the discussion group for the last 8 to 9 months even when it was in the pre-planning stages for this podcast. Actually if I remember correctly, this was planned way before the birth of The CBOTW Show Podcast, before I came up with this name. Only reason I waited this long was I was currently in the production Recapping Music City on CMT which mind you even on the off season has become even more popular on the podcast. 

               I knew once Music City wrapped up, I had to fill the void with this podcast and I decided once Big Brother Canada & Survivor Ghost Island wrapped on the other podcast it was time to start production of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Talk and only reason we delayed was because of the renovations in the main level (aka the kitchen) at the time. It was an appalling mess at the start of the month so we still got together, discussed the plans. Which  brings me to my final point of this post, which is 2 days ago we got together despite the power being out in the early morning, I was in panic but it came on close to 745 am EST so it eased my stress levels quite a lot. I admit we had fun and we recorded a little over an hour. I looked up at the right hand side screen it was already 30 minutes, then I looked back 20 minutes later, it was 50 minutes and we were still talking about Power Rangers. We had quite the conversation going and I admit I know him and I am a bunch of nerds but hey that's OK With me! Lastly, I can see The CBOTW Show Podcast doing great things in the future. 


Monday, June 25, 2018

Fiesta Week 2018- Italian Pavilion

              So on Saturday afternoon, I had the chance to go to the Italian Pavilion with my dad to try some more food. Now I love Italian Food and I saw something on the menu, that I probably never tried before and I will get to that very shortly. We were greeted by 2 gentleman at the door, we showed our passports as that is our ticket to get in. Paid for the passport the one time and it was the ticket in the door here on our. The only thing we had to pay for was the food as the passport been paid for back on Thursday. There was tons of choices for food, Cannelloni, Lasagna,  Veal Parmesan, Pizza, you name it! 

              What do we choose to eat? Well, my dad had Cannelloni which is stuffed with Ricotta Cheese and he had the veal Parmesan on a bun which I  had the veal not on a bun with the Cannelloni on the side as I am trying my hardest to stick to my diet as much as I can but it cannot be helped at this point of trying all these different foods that we had at the two pavilions we visited last week. Now food wise, it was very tasty, not bland whatsoever. Had great flavor it was actually not bad. The Cannelloni I tasted, instantly fell in love with it right off the bat. I wanted to take another bite and another bite right to the last bite. The meat was so tender and flavorful, it practically melted in my mouth actually. 

            So I would definitely recommend the Italian Pavilion but I recommend both that I have been to last week. I just had a piece of dry meat at the Ukrainian Festival that's all. I enjoyed going to the Fiesta Week and would like to go once again next year and we got a couple on the list we would like to go to. Caribbean Pavilion, French-Canadian, the other Polish Pavilion so we got our list already made for Fiesta Week 2019 and trust me I am looking forward to it once again next year!


Saturday, June 23, 2018

Fiesta Week 2018- Ukrainian Festival

             Late Thursday afternoon I went to one of the pavilions for the Fiesta Week 2018. I particularly went to the Ukrainian Pavilion for food with my parents. It was fun and the food was really good. The only thing that did bother me was the fact the pork cutlet was a bit dry and bland. I know I am starting to sound like Gordon Ramsey but it was the truth. Was off then I am normally use to with Pork Cutlets. My mom gave me a piece of hers and was a bit better but sometimes I am quite the picky kind of person. I got a bit of Chef Ramsey in me minus the yelling and what not. Least I know when something is bland and that it needs more flavor to be added to the food.

                I know the cabbage rolls were like my moms but I still ate it regardless and I actually still tastes really good. Finally the perogies were really good like usual. I actually got to eat at Lviv Hall before as I had my Friday Night End of the Season Bowling banquet.  Instead of having pork cutlet it was a Shish kebab. This Kebab actually had no breading compare to the ones we actually had during the Fiesta Week was different but still looked amazing anyways. Finally it felt quite nice to be back at the hall as it has been several years, maybe 10 years at the least since the last time I was there for the banquet but the hall hasn't changed a bit since the last time I was there.

              My final words for today's post is I will be back at another Pavilion and I believe it is the Italian Pavilion we are planning to do and I will be posting up a blog post Sunday while I am certainly busy with Larry Rieck here in Studio recording 2 different podcasts but the blog post will about the second pavilion and what I thought about the food I have tried there. I hope you enjoyed this small synopsis about the Ukrainian Pavilion and I look forward to reviewing another one tomorrow.


Friday, June 22, 2018

First Time I Saw A Bear! (Flashback Friday)

             So years ago, as I do not actually remember the year, probably something like 2011, 2012 or 2013 at the most we were on our way back from the neighbors cottage back to camp as it was about 45 minutes to another hour to my neighbors cottage.  But anyways we were on our way back to camp and I saw something at the corner of my right eye. It was black and what I saw was the back (the ass) of an end of a black bear. I knew they were around in Northern Ontario but hey this is a first to see an actual Bear in person. I think it was a mother bear and her cubs crossing. Least we weren't stupid enough to feed it chocolate like John Candy did in the Great Outdoors. LOL. 

              It is quite hard to see bears, they come out when you least expect them, you don't bug them, they wont bug you. Unless like I specifically said above then you are quite fine. However I know the mother bears are very protective of their youngin's. It was a neat experience to actually see a bear in person and I know Silent Lake was known for the bears in the last couple of years we camped there. Camping always entailed with us going to the cottage and it was quite the nice surprise to see nature at it's best especially late at night and we are talking about 8 pm EDT to be exact as we usually got back around 10 pm at night as we stay there quite a very long time. 

                  Finally I can say it is off my bucket list to see nature come out at the best and next week's Throwback Thursday will be as good as this one, because I got a similar post to do next week on the Throwback Thursday Story and it will be another good post as it kind of similar to this post as it was another vacation story. 


Thursday, June 21, 2018

2 Years Since Leaving YouTube and What I Have Been up to Now!

           2 years today, I officially quit YouTube as a Content Creator. I know I spoke about this last year on the 1 year but decided to write about it at the 2 year mark and yes I will probably not talking about leaving YouTube next year but I want to ensure you all is now well 2 years later. It has been chaotic this year, but it's going well. I didn't think the intensity of the schedule would be this intense but hey I am enjoying myself now more then when I was still on YouTube at the time. I think at the end of my YouTube era, I wasn't having anymore fun anymore. I was burnt out and now there is always something different happening with Chris B On The Web now and it is not just editing, planning and recording. It is a mix of things right now and keeps me on my toes. Now I love going to events to promote CBOTW as well covering events locally and also in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). 

           So yes, I am much more happier life and the stress is not as bad as when I was on YouTube. I am not putting down YouTube, just finally facing the facts, my views went down, my content stunk at the end. I felt bad not telling you guys and informing you of this decision but I had an uproar. People weren't happy but now realize my decision but are understanding now and I have made my mark in the podcasting community in the past two years and got quite the following from blogging, podcasting and being a public figure on social media. I am quite happy how well I have done and did it all on my own too with no help whatsoever. I mean yes Justin Milner helped me get things going and planned out and anything I needed he would be able to help but that decision to break up the team was a hard decision but Justin did respect the decision and look at me to this very day and I want to bring him on for an Off Season Podcast in December actually but he don't know that yet but will in time!


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Upcoming Podcasts For Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Show

             First of all, I know it is quite difficult to keep track, especially with no main website up at the moment but I am planning on putting the schedule on this very blog as an extra feature for now, while dealing with re-building the entire website from scratch. But this week and next week is most definitely the busy of busy schedule with the upcoming 7th Season coverage of Reality TV Shows. I know I sounded unclear on my podcast the schedule but i just figured it out just now, but this is the purpose of this post to inform you guys on the schedule coming up for both "Everything About Reality TV" & "The CBOTW Show" Podcasts so here is the timetable coming up for the next week and a half:

This Week:

Fri. June 22nd, 2018: Everything About Reality TV, Big Brother 20 Preview Podcast 

Sun. June 24th, 2018: The CBOTW Show, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1 Talk Podcast

Wed. June 27th, 2018: Everything About Reality TV, Amazing Race Canada 6 Preview Podcast

Fri. June 29th, 2018: Everything About Reality TV, Big Brother 20 RECAPS Starts

Wed. July 4th, 2018: Everything About Reality TV, Amazing Race Canada 6 RECAPS Starts

Sun, July 15th, 2018: The CBOTW Show, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2 & 3 Talk Podcast

               There is the schedule and the last one on the schedule could change as it depends how long it does take me to do the preparation for the actual podcast itself and of course scheduling Larry to come into the studio on his spare time to record it so that also has to have a factor in timing. If anything does change, I will let you guys know right away if the scheduling for the second session for The CBOTW Show is being re-schedule which at this point, I don't it will be as I am on schedule as of right now. 


Monday, June 18, 2018

Spent Time With My Dad on Father's Day

                On Saturday, I spent some time with my dad for Father's day and I spent time with him his afternoon too by watching some of the golf with him again hence I have hardly been on today but I enjoyed the father's day weekend with my dad. Watched the US Open Golf Tournament and it was good. I was getting over excited as the golf was all over the place and one person was in the lead, then someone else was in the lead an hour later it was quite exciting as nobody stayed in the lead at all in the US Open this year. Also the fact that the greens were fast when the golfers hit the actual ball. It can easily roll off the green in a heart beat! 

                Food wise, yes watching the US Open we had food, we were there for dinner. We had Hot Italian, Macedonia and Oktoberfest Sausages, Meat on a stick, and stuffed potato. It was a great dinner, so filling, so fattening but I could care less as I am now officially back on my diet now and want to get below 200 pounds and I plan on it and that will be a blog post for another day. But I ate everything on my plate and trust me it was piled up good enough but I was full by the end of the meal. Was enough to fill me up as now I have lost a little over 10 pounds.

               Finally, if you are wondering, yes I got to see my Niece and Nephew on and off, which was nice and they came over to give me a hug and talk to me about things but for the most part they knew I was there to watch the golf but during dinner I talk to them short time in between and just before I left to come home after a fun time. So yes it was nice to be there and got to see my brother friend after almost 2 years of not seeing him last. I just relaxed and prepped this blog. As for yesterday I watched the golf a bit with my dad yesterday and once again it was all over the place but as it came to the final stretch Koepa stayed at + 1 to win the tournament. 


Saturday, June 16, 2018

Lock Lift Cruise Tour In Peterborough

            I know I am extremely behind schedule with posts and what has been going on in my life recently. However, back on Monday, I got to get out of studio for the day and go on a cruise with my parents. It was north of here, about 45 minutes North of here, a town called Peterborough, which I use to go there for softball tournaments and also a concert once. Now the cruise itself it wasn't a long, long cruise, about an hour and a half to 2 hours at the most. We were late leaving but made up for loss time. I thought we were going to be heading to the right but we headed to the left into a smaller waterway, guess river or whatever you want to call it which had a lock. Now this lock was the old style of lock where they had to actually crank it open and closed by hand as back in the day, they never ha automatic things at all like they do in this current time of day. Picture is on the right hand side and you can see the two guys cranking her open so we can get through! 

           Anyways, we went through the first lock all the way up to lift lock which was all the way up 65 feet up from the level the water we were on as we descended up as we went on our way on our little trip. We got to the big lift lock and I started to freak out. I wasn't sure I was going to make it up the 65 feet up on the lift lock even tho we were on the boat at the time and not going anywhere on the boat and yes I do not like heights whatsoever. However I made it and actually I was standing on the way back down the lock lift but the view from the water lock lift was beautiful and I felt like I was on top of the world which I think I was. The cruise was awesome, I'd recommend it to anyone who came to visit or lives in the Peterborough area. The final highlight of the day was going to the Pizza Factory and we obviously had Pizza and was so delicious! Always great food when we go there, I recommend to go there to eat, it will be worth your while!


Friday, June 15, 2018

I'm Back! | Driving Range | Food Truck Friday Event

            Today's blog will be a three part post, the top part just an idea where I've been.  I know it has been 3 days without me present here on the blog but I haven't gone far, just been busy knocking out watching Power Rangers for the past 3 days and trust me, I want to be ready a week Sunday as I am recording my first of 3 podcasts with Larry and hopefully a special guest in the studio as well to join us. On top of all that, been finishing up some off season podcast things for Everything About Reality TV. As you all know by my social media, I went on a cruise this week up the river up on the lift locks which I will be doing a post about on tomorrow's blog post since I will be not available later on during the day as I am doing a father and sons thing for Father's Day a day early but I will be nearby the studio and will have a Fathers Day blog post in the morning posted up to talk about what I have done for Father's Day. It will actually be a two part post, one Sunday, One Monday.  Other then that, just been busy around the studio and hardly went out this week, stayed in between Tuesday and Today and was at the Food Truck Friday event in Bowmanville.

           Which brings me to the second part of today's blog which is I went to the Bowmanville Food Truck Friday event which happens each and every year the Friday, 2 days before Father's Day and my dad and I go each and every year to it and try something new and trust me this year it was different for me. This year I tried dumplings for the very first time ever in my life and it was actually sweet and sour chicken dumplings smothered in Scallions. I didn't know that they are like an onion but not as strong as an onion is.  I enjoyed it and it hit the spot.

            The reason I say it hit the spot, I just got off the driving Range for the first time and I know what you all are going to say, what about my poor back? Well it did at the start but I actually am feeling great at this time as it didn't really affect my back whatsoever, just at the very start of it but hitting some golf balls actually help stretch out those muscles that are giving me a problem right now.  I will be going back on the range and hopefully also the actual course as well, so there is a lot of plans to continue to golf.


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Having The I Miss YouTube Blues....

          With the 2 year anniversary of me leaving YouTube, I admit recently, I feel like I miss YouTube as a whole and I really shouldn't be feeling like this, thought I was over YouTube after a year to a year and a half later on but I guess not... I kind of felt the same way with the supposedly 10th Birthday of The Entertainment Man Talk Show few weeks back on the 23rd of last month. I mean, I'm happy in the podcasts on Audio ONLY and seen quite amazing growth with it, wish I could go back to do the podcast LIVE on YouTube but again, I need to remember I had such an amazing run on YouTube, I had my time on the platform and I am now doing what I love to do and that is podcasting and mind you things have progressed quite well so to speak. 

            Maybe I am actually thinking about the 2 year anniversary, that's all, that could be all, I just having bad memories on how things ended for me? That is what I am thinking, I could just be thinking about the way things ended. I mean everything is coming flowing back with the way things ended, Eric & Larry quitting on me. The Entertainment Man Talk Show ending, me being all over the place towards the end, being unsure.  However, it is still tough to this day, almost 2 years later and I thought I would be over this but apparently I am not for some really odd reason and I just cannot pinpoint why I am suddenly feeling this odd feelings of regret.

            However, I need to realize, I am happier with podcasting and it has indeed been a whirlwind of excitement and craziness with the scheduling of each and every episode of Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Show Podcasts. I am always on YouTube still subscribed to my favorite channels still and watch them on my spare time as well, so I am very much still active in the YouTube community but rarely comment on videos but will from time to time if I have a comment to say but I am still part of the community as a listener and fan, not creating content for you guys on the platform anymore. 


Monday, June 11, 2018

Oshawa Peony Festival 2018

             Yesterday I went to a festival that I haven't been to before and I have lived in the city my entire life that I have been on this earth but I got to go today as it was something different to do honestly and I really was planning to work in my studio most of today anyways and I managed to get some work done but not too much work, I went on a lighter load with it being Sunday. I knew this festival would be only about an hour out and about and it was a nice break for me as a Content Creator and I get away from all the stress of getting the content you guys want out. We all need a break here and there.

               So this festival took place at one of the arena's locally, which is only used now for ball hockey. There was both inside and outside, they had judging inside the arena on who grew the best Peony. Also they had Bonsai Plants which I didn't really know much about till today and I didn't know about some of the plants as well. As for the Peony's just obviously so beautiful to see. Had pink, red, purple, yellow, white Peony's, just so beautiful to see and smelled really nice as well. There were local businesses there as well such as the Local Gallery, Smokes Routine and etc. It was actually was quite busy there so it was a great turnout for the festival and I am happy to see people there and enjoying the beautiful weather that came with this event as well. I truly had a good time even if it was for a short time and it was an outing away from the studio here and break for me as well.


Sunday, June 10, 2018

Everything About Reality TV Updates (06-10-2018)

             Now you probably wondering what is this post about? Well, as you know is down right now and has been down since March of this year and I find it hard to actually promote the website when the site is down so this is a decision I had to make. Don't worry, it is only temporary and once the site is back up and running, I will be putting back the promotion of Just for now, I need to remove the site promo from it. I plan on putting a new brand on the podcast.

                If you guys love the new promo, I may just keep the intro format if you guys really like the introduction but I know you guys love the way it is to this day and I do promise you guys to keep things very much the same as the previous intros from the past seasons of the podcast. But I am making you guys aware at least one of the podcast will have just the intro theme for the one episode as I said above, I am working on the new voice over for the podcast and should be ready for next week on next's week double episode podcast, which I will get to in a few moments on this post. I need to make sure everything is up to date with the actual introduction of the podcast which I have failed to do recently as I just totally forgot I ever had a website to even begin with.

                    Now if your wondering what is the timetable for the next couple of weeks this is how it is going to go:

This Week:

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018: 8 pm EDT- Everything About Reality TV Off Season Podcast

Next Week:

Sunday, June 17th, 2018: 3 pm EDT-  Everything About Reality TV Off Season Podcast

Friday, June 22nd, 2018: 9 pm EDT- Everything About Reality TV- Big Brother US 20 Preview Cast Assessment

Last week In June:

Friday, June 29th, 2018: Everything About Reality TV- Big Brother US 20 RECAP @ 9 pm EDT


Saturday, June 9, 2018

What I Did On My Day Off Yesterday!

              As you all know I was off yesterday, I just needed a break from it all, the stress with all the work load being piled up on me. So my dad, my niece and nephew which I approved them coming along, I wouldn't say no to them coming along with us any day of the week, so they came along as they had the day off of school due to a P.A. Day and we went to Toronto for the day. We took the GO Train into Toronto so it was easier to get home quite quickly and I will get into that shortly as something did happen on the way home. We got into Toronto, had a quick lunch at Subway, saw the Rogers Center dome opening for the baseball game little later on for the Blue Jays Vs The Orioles. 

We got onto the Island we went to Centreville and went on a few rides, The Antique Cars which as you can see on the right side I wasn't driving, that was my nephew who was the driver as he was driving a little erratically but with me coaching him, he got better very quickly and is a great listener when I try to help him improve on things. But he did extremely well with the driving of an old antique car like this one. Also it was quite difficult to get my fat rear end into the seat of this car as it was a tight squeeze and hard also with my bad back as well. Also we went onto the Swan Ride and I steered the swam around with my niece. We then had ice cream and headed back to the ferry and we were on our way back home to Durham Region, Ontario and the next part of my day continues.

                We got back home just for a minute for a pit stop break and we were back out the door to go to my brother and sister in Law's for dinner. We had veal Parmesan, Fucilli noodles with red or white sauce, also stuffed Portabello Mushrooms which I tried it even though I am not a big Mushroom fan but I loved it and I would eat it in the nearby future. I played Minecraft on the PS3 and I still totally do not like it on PS3 whatsoever because of the very slow moment in the game and my nephew Nathan's chest wasn't opening when I had it open before so something must of happened. I felt bad I lost my niece's horse she had and my nephews one fire aspect sword which I was ready to walk out the door but I didn't. I stayed and built my nephew a ice berg for his model Lego Titanic which mind you it took me a while to try and figure out the actual dynamics of building it out of Lego for him but he very much appreciated me doing that for him as well. That was my day, it was a busy day and I really enjoyed it but time to get back to work today and tomorrow, then planning one last day off then getting down to the nitty gritty of things! 


Friday, June 8, 2018

So Frustrated With The Blue Jays The Sequel!

              Yep the title doesn't lie, I am getting more and more frustrated with the Blue Jays as they keep losing game after game. The bullpen strikes again, every time they put the bullpen in, they blow the lead. They had that even with against the Yankees, they had a 2 - 0 lead and long behold Biagini comes in and screws things up... Surprise, surprise! I do not like Biagini whatsoever and I stated that about a week or so ago. But they lost yet again and I sort of want to change what I said before, talk more what they should do at this point. Let me say, I am done with Bleu Jays this year... I just cannot bare watching this three ring circus anymore with the way they have been performing. 

              So with saying that, all I can say the things that need to happen on this team? Well plenty that I can say. First thing I can say is get rid of Biagini, whom keep blowing the lead time and time again. Next thing is those who have been hit with the plague of injuries, maybe it is just time to release them or trade them as this injuries are just getting more and more ridiculous as we continue on this season. Also as I stated above Biagini is one person they gotta get rid of but there are 3 pitchers I can think of on the top of my head at the moment that could potentially trade at this point. 

            Finally, I think after this season, the management has to change, not just John Gibbons as Manager but the General Management of Adkins as the players they get, seem to not work or mesh with the team if that makes any sense whatsoever to you guys but I mean like come on! They should of kept Liriano instead of getting him instead... Yes I can see right through what should of happened. Liriano was doing just fine but they ended up getting rid of him for Biagini.  They have definitely made some mistakes the higher up management and they better honest fix it and fix it fast! I for one, am close to stop watching the games if nothing is done about this injury plague and fast enough... 


Thursday, June 7, 2018

In The Weight Room in High School Gym (Throwback Thursday Story)

               I promised this story last week and your going to get another great high school story and I promise you, not every week will be school related, however today's post is sort of intertwined with last week's post as I mentioned the weight room last week so that brings us to today's another amazing post.

               When I was in High School, which feels like Eon's ago since it happened now, I always had a weight room unit for a week and I did something that I never would think, that I would ever do in my entire life and that is lift over 150 pounds, to be exact I lifted 155 pounds. My teacher Mr Plishka which I even went to see him after high school was finished for me. Anyways, I kept telling him during the weight room unit that I couldn't do anymore and I was over 100 pounds lifting, but he took no for an answer, he pushed me to my limit and I do not mind at all actually, because I am truly proud I got to lift 155 pounds on the bench press. I know it wasn't easy but I managed to lift that large amount of weight and he knew what he was doing.

                Finally I wanna thank my friend Billy for the ideas about stories about O'Neill, I think I figured out about 3 of them, but I realize there is one more extra gym story, not with Plishka's class but actually with my Grade 11 class and that is a pretty funny story and dumb moment when someone no names mentioned tries to cheat the run, but expect that out in 2 weeks from now when I talk about it.


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Everything About Reality TV RENEWED Up To End of May 2019!

            I know, I know you guys are getting sick and tired of hearing about this boring updates on my podcast but with great news comes the big announcement which is Everything About Reality TV is RENEWED all the way up to the end of May, whenever Survivor 38 finished in Spring 2019. So this could be a 9 or 10 Season situation which is awesome! Today I will include what the schedule for the podcast will look like for the next 11 months:

Summer 2018:

Big Brother 20 Recap Coverage
Amazing Race Canada Recap Coverage

Fall 2018:

Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Recap Coverage

Winter 2019:

Celebrity Big Brother US 2 Recap Coverage

Spring 2019:

Survivor 38 Recap Coverage
Big Brother Canada 7 Recap Coverage

Awaiting The Air Dates But is coming back:

Amazing Race 31

              There is the schedule for the next 11 months and trust me it will be a busy next 11 months for me with recording and mind you the other podcast, I am holding off till the release schedule is out for Hell's Kitchen and if Music City on CMT returns as I am highly interested in covering that podcast again in the very near future.  But don't forget this is still my primary focus but it is nice to be doing the other podcast here and there but I am excited to be recording more episodes and hope you all are as excited as I am for another amazing 11 months! 


Tuesday, June 5, 2018

We Need To Talk About The CBOTW Show....

                This has been stalled for the past week with the recent thoughts and negative thoughts going through my head, trial runs with on the series I covered on YouTube in 2015 when it didn't do overly well. So my head hasn't been all there recently and I think I over thought everything involving The CBOTW Show Podcast and leading to this blog post I have been dreading to write for the past week but it has to be done and after talking to a few people to get their opinions and I have come to a conclusion on several things that I want to discuss on today's blog post. 

                First thing is Hell's Kitchen, which for those who have been following the podcast from the get go, I did at one point cover the show on the podcast which never did really good from the start, the main shows, like Survivor, Big Brother Canada & Amazing Race and those took off really well so that is what I am thinking is to primarily focus on those including Big Brother US and Amazing Race Canada also added to the list. However I am willing and able to giving Hell's Kitchen another shot and it is under a different podcast name as well. But what else is in the The CBOTW Show Podcast's Future?

               Well, at this point I have decided to make The CBOTW Show Podcast a somewhat scheduled Podcast, if Music City CMT comes back for a Season 2 I may cover it again in the nearby future. Also do not forget I have also the Power Rangers Podcast coming in the Fall once all the recording is done and the editing is done, it will be posted up in September sometime when I got some time in my schedule to post but it will be posted up for you guys.  Any other ideas what shows to cover please do let me know. I was also thinking along the line of covering Will and Grace as I heard it is coming back for another season so that could be a possibility!


Monday, June 4, 2018

Everything About Reality TV Scheduling for Season 7 (Summer 2018)

           Today's blog post is about Everything About Reality TV Podcast and it's 7th season of covering Reality TV. I have two shows scheduled for the season and it will actually be split apart by a day so I should be able to keep this schedule this time around. I think I may have not scheduled Season 6 properly but that's OK and not what this post is about.  So with the past season now behind me, I have come to realization that 8 pm EDT did not work out very well. So with that I am planning to release things 1 hour ahead of time and here is the timetable I will be following 2 times a week:

Wednesdays @ 9 pm EDT: Amazing Race Canada 6 RECAP

Fridays @ 9 pm EDT: Big Brother US 20 RECAP

            There you have it, there is the schedule for Season 7, very simple and easy schedule to actually follow this time around and I am very much excited to be bringing you the 7th season of this podcast. Feels like it was only yesterday when this all began on the Audio ONLY but it has grown tremendously over the last year and a half on Audio ONLY. Just think, two and a half years ago, this all stemmed from YouTube podcast back in 2015, almost 3 years ago excuse me. Within the last year and a half with this podcast has indeed been a huge success and I have gain a bunch of listeners and fans from this podcast. I am forever grateful for your love and support of the podcast and appreciate each and everyone of you whom have been tuning in in the past almost 3 years of it being on the air regardless if it was on YouTube or Audio ONLY Platform. You guys are what drives this podcast to it's success each and every week!  Hope you enjoy this season of Amazing Race Canada and Big Brother US 20 and the recaps that I also do for you guys.


Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Binding of Isaac & The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Progress Report

               So for those who are wondering with the progress on both The Binding of Isaac and also The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, that is what today's blog post is about. I want to update you all on the progress of the website and how far I have gotten within the game. Some is positive notes some, not so much but that's OK. It does take time and sometimes I got time, sometimes, I don't have much time, depends on my busy schedule. 

                I want to start with The Binding of Isaac, the OG, the Vanilla Isaac which I have been trying to beat for a couple of years but it has been a long process, however, I am getting better and better when I got time to play the game or pull it on my screen. It does take some time and I am definitely starting to fear battling Satan or the devil w.e it is called but I have already battled him once and did quite well until I ended up dying in the game...  So I am close to the end game but as long as I continue to keep on fighting through the challenges, I will be able to complete and Platinum God Vanilla Isaac!

                  The next Isaac is The Binding of Isaac Rebirth. Now recently I have played the game quite often enough in the past 2 weeks and have completed challenges like crazy like I am an expert at the game. Now mind you I just started Rebirth and rather get Vanilla Isaac done first before I start anything but it is nice to switch on over to Rebirth for a change of pace from time to time. I like how Isaac Rebirth is different from the original Isaac. It is a learning curve playing Rebirth but I seem to be getting better as I keep on playing the game on my spare time. 

                    What is my plan moving forward? I am planning to complete Vanilla Isaac first before I go back into Rebirth, I wanna complete the challenges and unlock all the items and like I said about is get Platinum God which is 100% the entire game which is my ultimate goal, despite it's taken me years to get to a certain point. I have played 920 hours of Isaac and am at 44% completed so I am almost at the half way point. As for Rebirth, I am currently at 10% completed... LOL. Not as much for Rebirth, I have clocked 44 hours in total for that. So yes Vanilla Isaac is the goal for now but here and there, I will put on Rebirth. That is the progress report on the video game as of right now.


Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Future Plans of Announcement

            Here is the announcement for the future of and what I have planned with the website in the very nearby future of it returning up to the final months before the domain expires and I make that more permanent move the permanent provider for here on out with the future. 

             As you know I have been with 000webhost from the get go and moving to that other provider and as you know I got suspended for no specific reason and here is the actual plan of attack from here on out. I am moving back to 000webhost as it has proved to be fine for me even with the 1 hour sleep a night until I can move to the more permanent home at the end of this year. I know you guys already probably figured out by now I sometimes despise the provider but beggars cannot be choosers and I just gotta deal with it till end of the year, so it is what it is. what it is, I gotta get use to it from here on out and deal with it till the move in 2019 to the more stable provider. So yes the website is coming back in due time between now and the end of the year till it is time to make the big move over to another platform and I will be talking to my current provider to how long till the domain will be available to re use under a different provider. That is on my plan of attack with the website and I appreciate your patience over the last 2 months of no website but glad you guys are keeping up with the blogs on the blogger page and the respected podcasts pages for both Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Show. 

               Give me about a month to a month and a half to re-build the website do a Closed BETA Test then I am going to launch and just going to fix any issues as we go along. With the move back to 000webhost, it means, the doesn't exist no longer so the email you guys can contact me on is which I kept opened in case something like this ever happened and was the best move I ever made with not deleting the email. Once the website is back up and running, hopefully it doesn't become a problem again, but I know I can rely on 000webhost from here till the move over to the more permanent home. 


Friday, June 1, 2018

I Screwed Up! (SMH!)

           I made the biggest mistake in my life, I mean I should of stuck to 000webhost even when the web builder wasn't working for some strange unforeseen reason which now it seems to be working with no problem currently... I should of remained patient during the frustrating times of running the website but don't forget it's a learning curve for me and everyday I seem to learn something new about websites and I am always figuring things out and quite quickly.

           Also I made the biggest mistake not only the website but having someone help me run a chat built within Why do I say this, you may ask? Well I had two individuals who wanted to help me run the chat within my website. What happened? They both decided to turn their backs on me so I did away with the chat system... Did it really matter if the website had a chat it was holding back and it was hard to get it running and people actually popping by in the website. However, I got another feature in the back of my mind actually but I am not 150% sure if it will work out as I haven't used this feature since back in 2010, maybe before that even.  However, I need to make the right decisions from here on out, making the wrong decisions will not be a good decision to make right now. 

             Yes I made some mistakes with Chris B On The Web, but I am only human to make em and I think at this point of CBOTW being active for the last almost 4 years now, I think it is safe to say, I have indeed learned from past mistakes and this is why I am already thinking way ahead for the future of my website and that announcement comes on tomorrow's blog post to what the future entails for me, my website, the podcasts and the blog posts as well!