Thursday, June 7, 2018

In The Weight Room in High School Gym (Throwback Thursday Story)

               I promised this story last week and your going to get another great high school story and I promise you, not every week will be school related, however today's post is sort of intertwined with last week's post as I mentioned the weight room last week so that brings us to today's another amazing post.

               When I was in High School, which feels like Eon's ago since it happened now, I always had a weight room unit for a week and I did something that I never would think, that I would ever do in my entire life and that is lift over 150 pounds, to be exact I lifted 155 pounds. My teacher Mr Plishka which I even went to see him after high school was finished for me. Anyways, I kept telling him during the weight room unit that I couldn't do anymore and I was over 100 pounds lifting, but he took no for an answer, he pushed me to my limit and I do not mind at all actually, because I am truly proud I got to lift 155 pounds on the bench press. I know it wasn't easy but I managed to lift that large amount of weight and he knew what he was doing.

                Finally I wanna thank my friend Billy for the ideas about stories about O'Neill, I think I figured out about 3 of them, but I realize there is one more extra gym story, not with Plishka's class but actually with my Grade 11 class and that is a pretty funny story and dumb moment when someone no names mentioned tries to cheat the run, but expect that out in 2 weeks from now when I talk about it.


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