Sunday, June 30, 2019

I Am Happier With What I Was Doing With Blogs and Podcasts....

               I was going to bring another podcast from a friend but they decided to quit on me which I was doing a lot of work behind the scenes and it feels like I wasted my time doing a ton of my time when I can be bringing out content to you guys technically. So right now I am thinking it is best for me to focus on the blogs on here, as this upcoming month Larry and I have ideas for the blog and I will reveal in this post to what him and I are planning but I have to be careful scheduling this idea. Also I want to focus on "Everything About Reality TV" and Power Rangers Collaboration Podcasts which are both doing well right now and changing things right now or adding on other things within the website probably the wrong move to make really at this point as things are doing very well for itself. Now the plan with the blog is both Larry and I from time to time will be doing food reviews and the most recent one coming up is of the Starr Burger over in Larry's hometown so he is going to take me up and were going to review their burgers.  Now I did mention it on stream yesterday that the plans for Power Rangers Podcast is in definitely in the plans and excited to be getting back into the swing of things in the fall but right now it is the planning stages for the next two podcasts. 

                 Anyways I think it is better and that I am happier with remaining a solo person but no I will not be quitting the Power Rangers Podcast that will be not going anywhere but I am totally happier with it and the content that I bring out to you guys. Also Everything About Reality TV I am really happy with, despite being a bit burnt out but it is an adrenaline rush that keeps me going and I do a heck of a lot for you guys and I think 2020 things will be changing for me honestly. I mean I wanna make some genuine changes and this has a lot to do with me looking for work and this could be a big impact on me but I need to think things through first. I was also inspired by a YouTuber and also an friend who streams too and Not only I am happy with blogs and podcasts but I want to actually do this more on a full time status but I am waiting for the right time to do this but 2020 will again prove to be a busy but fun year for CBOTW, I am sure and I know Larry is going to be a big part of 2020 I'm sure as both him and I will be celebrating Everything About Reality TV's 5th Year On-Air.


Saturday, June 29, 2019

Might Start Working On Power Rangers Podcast!

          Hoping this weekend to start working on the next Power Rangers Podcast, however was thinking about waiting till I get back actually. I will have a ton more time with it honestly when I am back from holidays. I think right now I am definitely in vacation/holiday mode right now but I can get the episodes knocked out within a week or two so I could be done so either way I will be done before even September starts or even at the start of September which I plan to transition into the next one right away as I am trying to see if I am able to schedule a January session as right now the question is open with a 3rd season of Celebrity Big Brother and a good friend of mine say its not going to happen. However I am still also waiting for the renewal of Music City, however I will be ready one way or another be ready for the next Collaboration podcast recording one way or another so it is good I want to be ahead of the game. Also if it is isn't in the New Year, it can be just after the Finale of Big Brother Canada 8 and maybe even a July recording but I cannot Jump too fast and expect 3 but only way 3 could happen if we do indeed be a 3 episode recording but I shouldn't jump to conclusions yet as it is still early and we still have to get through the October recording first.

          Either way I am excited to be working on the next Power Rangers Podcast and getting the ball rolling with the next one and I know Larry who is my Co-Host of this collaboration is eager for the next one. It is a long wait between the episodes but it is worth the wait with the episodes and Larry knows the schedule with "Everything About Reality TV" can be busy at times, especially when there is 3 podcasts a week which is very crazy at times especially this year was an experience and a half honestly and was a very stressful but interesting experiment honestly as you all know I did Big Brother Canada podcasts twice a week plus Survivor and adding on The Amazing Race that is why I was really tight for time when it came to the June 2nd recording with Larry but I got it done and ready for the next step on things and i have 3 months from now to get it done and done on time for once or even ahead a tad bit. Announcement for the recording session will be announced once it is booked and once the recording is done then I will also announce the release schedule as well.


Friday, June 28, 2019

Vacation Booked & Everything About Reality TV Podcast Schedule Week of Holidays!

            Obviously I am going off on holidays next week which means Everything About Reality TV Podcast is going to be on a hiatus for a week and a half but I have to figure out if it will take me a few days to catch up or how soon to get caught up. However when I get back I am going to already have a couple of days worth of blogs to go up so you guys are all set with some content while I plan to catch up but I will be covering that when I return you will see the post I did. Now I am leaving on Friday, July 5th and back on Thursday, July 11th, 2019 from Boston. I will indeed be covering what I did in Boston and on the trip after the posts I have schedule has been posted up. Now the question is what about Friday's podcast next week what is the schedule next week? This is what next week is looking like. Any bold means things are staying the same: 

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019: The Amazing Race Canada, Season 7  RECAP, 9 pm EST  (Things Will Remain the same)

Thursday, July 4th, 2019: Big Brother 21 RECAP, 9 pm EST (Temporary Schedule Change for this week)

            There is the schedule, it was so easy to do a re-schedule next week and I am actually looking forward to going away on holidays and I was able to cater to the change of the schedule and I have already gone ahead and re-scheduled for the next week and I am taking it one day at a time. I'm sure Friday that I am back I will be officially catching up on the Reality TV Shows during the day and by the weekend recording and maybe it will be an early post up so I am up to par to start a fresh week but either way by the end of that week I should be up to par but that is for another post for after I can get back from the holidays as that will be probably the ultimate test which I could of doubled up but I am not going to. I am going to make the effort to catch up when I get back. Either way there is the timetable for next week as that is the primary focus for right now is to focus on next week then the week after and so on. Any questions about the schedule change do not hesitate to contact me on Social Media or Contact Page at 


Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Norms Deli Food Review

                Yesterday, I went to Norm's Deli with one of my friends and also former Staff from back in the days of YouTube era for me. Anyways we had to travel from the mall to the Bowmanville which was about 30 minute journey for us and we just made the bus in time, I had to run and I ended getting a really bad leg cramp and took a few minutes for me to actually get the cramp out of my leg and it was hard to deal with. I think it's because I have slowed down with the running unless I need to do it necessarily. Anyways we both got the bus and arrived in Bowmanville. Now to be honest I have been to the deli before so my review is so obvious what I am going to review, however I have never done a review but have had almost everything there. However I had yesterday, the Pierogies with Sausage and yes Sauerkraut which I had for the first time ever last year but had it again. Now their hot food and buns are all made fresh each and everyday so with saying that the meal was so good. The Sauerkraut tasted different then any other one I had last year. The Sausage was so tender and nice, I didn't have mustard with it or nothing but don't forget I put the Sauerkraut with it which was unbelievably good. Finally the Pierogies were so tender and juicy with the sauteed onions with Sour Cream was really good. 

                 Overall I usually give a review out of 5 but this time around, I am giving the food 10 all day out of 5. That is right I actually am giving 5 extra stars as it exceeded my expectations as the food was so good they sure deserve the extra 5 stars and I do not usually do that but making an exception as I actually know the owners as my family and I been there many times and we got Kielbassa from there but they only have that once a month, however I really always loved their Kielbassa as it is always fresh and really good as well. The day overall was a great day, we really enjoyed ourselves and Eric did not eat as he forgot to bring money but made a promise for him to come back in the fall for his birthday to celebrate it and he don't know this but I am going to treat him for lunch for his birthday. Been thinking about this since we departed ways after our fun day. He won't know as he hasn't seen my website and this post will be buried by September. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this mini review, I enjoyed writing it and about the day in general and I will be back with another post tomorrow. 


Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Favorite Older Cars That I Like!

             This was inspired by a friend of mine and today's post, I am going to talk about my favorite old cars. Now the origin of me really loving the old cars was the Fabulous 50's Festival in Bowmanville when it was called this as it is under a completely different name every year which mind you, is now on Father's Day each and every year so that has been off the schedule for the past several years in the way of events as my dad is normally busy with my brother. However there is always the car festival weekend at the end of August. Now I currently volunteer my time with a group for the Kars on King but the weekend definitely be down at the lake looking at the cars again this year since when I volunteer on the Friday, I will not have time whatsoever to look around. Anyways here is my list of cars I really like and it isn't a huge list but here it is:

1) Edsel- Also known as the lemon car, my dad introduced me to this car as we saw and he had to explain to me why they call it the Lemon car do to the lemon shape on the front Grill of the car and I added a picture which is one of my pictures I took last years Car Show down at the lake. First time I saw an Edsel was at the Fabulous 50's Car Show which I mentioned above but my dad had to explain what the heck an Edsel is and what company made it etc.

2) Delorean- Yes the car that was in the movie Back to the Future. I never knew what a Delorean looked like till I got to see the actual movie and now I know what it looks like. It sure looks like a steel tank honestly but don't forget that is how they built those cars back in the day.

3) Trans Am- Another wicked car back then and was introduced to these in Smokey and The Bandit but that is besides the point, I love the power behind the car and it is an indeed a fast car and I honestly Love the fast cars.

4)  This is my last one on the list and the picture above shows you what it is and it is no other then the Chevy Belair which is one of my favorite classic 50's car from when I was younger and just love the two toned cars especially, I really like as well.

                There is my list and I know there is more and I could make this a series each and every week and if you guys would like to see that please let me know in the comments below if you would like to see 1 or 2 more of these please do let me know in the comment and be sure to follow the blog too so you know when a new post goes up! 


Monday, June 24, 2019

My Confidence and Motivation Has Been Up and Down Lately...

             First part of this post I would like to talk about is my confidence. I haven't honestly been myself lately. It has been a struggle on a daily basis to get things done on a timely matter which last night was a prime example as Everything About Reality TV was extremely late last night and I will retweet it again in case you guys missed it from late last night. Now I need and promised you guys to be on track and going to try my hardest for the rest of the week. I just gotta get the confidence back and being able to believe in myself which has honestly been shaken. I have been feeling like I can't do this and I was ready to just give up honestly. However over the last couple of years, I have been teaching myself to not quit and give up, to keep the faith in myself and it has helped but this has been one of the hardest times for me with Season 10 of my podcast spanning from end of February to the end of this month (June) it has taken a toll on me as it has been the longest season I have done yet to this day.  However, I was all for the longer season and I am currently struggling with the transition. We all our struggles from time to time and it isn't easy but we seem to get through things. I think now I am feeling a lot more confident now then I did a 24 - 48 hours ago, I just figured out the issue or issues and from there solve the problem then things suddenly sound great again. I had a bit of an argument over our holiday with my parents as I do not like to know last minute. That isn't me, I like to know in advance not the last possible moment. So that didn't help as I needed to tie loose ends before the podcast is on a week and a half hiatus since I will be away down in the U.S. in Boston for 6 days from July 5th - and back on the 11th. But all of that will be explained on Thursday as I have all the information for you guys what is going on and originally was going to do a throwback Thursday story but I am going to wait a week for it.

              The next point and the last point in this post is the motivation. Recently I haven't felt the motivation to get ahead of the game and I hoped to get it done by Friday night but then I could of stayed up extremely late and recorded and start the editing process but I didn't. Plus my sleep has been dragging me down to a point I just wasn't motivated enough to continue on working on it but either way it went up but usually I am very motivated usually but recently that hasn't been the case and maybe I was just tired and the lack of sleep I was getting at the time so that could of had a lot to do with the fact as well. But either way or, I am back to writing posts for the days I am away from CBOTW and you will be seeing over the next few days an updated schedule again here on the website with the vacation day and podcast revised schedule. I will talk more about it by Thursday as I said. It will take some time to build up my confidence and motivation and just gotta keep working on it and not giving up.



Sunday, June 23, 2019

This Week Will Be A Busy Week For Me!

              This week is going to be one of the biggest weeks for me in the podcasting world as this is the most I will be recording in a week. Now as you know one goes up tonight, Big Brother US Season 21 Preview Podcast then Wednesday The Amazing Race Canada Season 7 Preview Podcast. Thursday is the normal scheduled podcast with The Amazing Race 31 11th Leg and Season Finale Podcast all in one podcast. That is not just it either but end of this week, Big Brother US 21 Recap for week 1 of Big Brother US 21 so all of these podcasts will be out at 9 pm ES. Either way I will be indeed with recording but as you probably notice on Twitter and Instagram 1 of the two preview podcasts was recorded and it was in advance to when it is going up and I have it stored on my external drive waiting to go for Wednesday. Now I just recorded this morning as the last couple of days I was extremely busy or I was feeling meh to a point of not feeling up to par to record the podcast. Anyways I can get it done today and I already started writing blogs for when I go away so I am currently multi tasking right now hence the reason this week will indeed be a busy week for me in the way of getting content out. I actually got 2 of 7 done as it will be a full week for me going to be away for the week down in Boston. 

               In the way of podcasts, 4 I think is the most that I have done over the years of being a podcaster and I cannot believe the fact I am putting up 4 episodes this week and I know you guys love it when I post up a ton of content whether it was on the website or it was on the podcast, you guys are getting a ton of content and this is going to be another busy summer ahead of me before things settle down in the fall when I cover Survivor only and things are a lot calmer then it has been for the past 6 months, nearly 7 months now. You know the way I think of it, busy is always and good to keep busy and it really keeps my mind busy from the drama and other daily life problems that is thrown at me I always have my workload, friends and family that are always there for me when things get rough and it seems to help. I am making a promise to have it all up on time this week, however let's hope that there is no tech issues with the website the podcast goes on but im sure things will be fine as things been running smoothly lately.


Saturday, June 22, 2019

I Told You 2019 Year Was Going To Be Huge!

                  Being now half way, more then half way through the year now, I can say this year has been a crazy year and has been such a fun year for the podcast, this website and the blog. I will start with the website. As you all know, has been down since September of 2018 of last year till January of this year when I moved the entire website to here on blogger and it has proven to be a huge SUCCESS and yes I capitalized the word "Success" because it has proven to do well under the new provider and the price of the domain is so reasonable too but that doesn't matter. I have been thinking about going to a blogging website with domain so it was no secret that I was thinking about it and I know I had a temporary address but that now changed but was a huge step for me and has proved a lot as the views have grown rapidly and very fast and I am always looking at the analytics for the website, pages within the website and also the blog some days the views are really high so its amazing to watch on a regular basis. The next part is the Podcasts. Ever since covering Music City on CMT since their first season last year it really blew up my podcast in a good way and of course we won't know about a 3rd season till late Summer in early August and yes I will be doing it one way or another. 

                     The blog has been doing extremely well, it has been getting more and more noticed, no more attention then it has been from when it started so moving to a blogger website was the best move as it has been more noticed then when I was on the other provider that went ban happy with my website and I almost wanted to abandon it but finally did in September till the domain you guys are on now expired with the original provider now with this website if that makes any sense at all. However the blog continues to surprise me honestly and I am sure as things continue it will be a continuing success for years to come. I am excited for whats coming up next plus I am sure there will be some Power Rangers Podcasts coming in the fall as I always promise from year to year 4 episodes to come out on my website per year in two different sessions. One usually late Spring and one in the fall as it depends on my schedule. 2 per session usually as we do not wanna over stress ourselves out but that is on the docket this fall indefinitely. Also will be back at the Ukrainian and Polish Festivals this year, The Royal Winter Fair, Tyrone Parade of Lights, Port Perry Parade are all on the list as usual and I made some tweaks and changes with a few events this year, no food truck this year and as you know I made the big change and not bringing CBOTW to the Autism Celebration this year. Either way the rest of this year will be indeed amazing and excited to see what else this year brings to me! 


Friday, June 21, 2019

We Need To Talk.... Serious Talk Right Now!

               Right now things are not going too well for me, stressed out to the max thinking I am not going to be able to handle the transition and normally it's not too bad but with the stress of trying to figure things out, it hasn't been easy transition plus trying to schedule around my vacation time in July when I am out in Boston and Maine for a holiday to see the East Coast in the USA. Anyways I was starting to get those negative thoughts in my head and I have been trying to keep a level head on things with positivity but recently reverted back to the negative Nelly and it isn't me to be this way normally. Also I have been feeling like I have burnt myself out to a point I am starting to question myself as a podcaster and if I really need a break from things. However the issue that I am having is the fact I already agreed to continue on with the podcast during the summer months ago so it was really out of my hands honestly. I cannot do anything about it, when I say something I stick to my word on things and that is the kind of person I am, I like to keep my promises and so what if I am a little burnt out right now, not like I have gotten a bit more of energy or a second wind on things when I have started to feel this way and honestly I have been only podcasting for a few weeks with a once a once a week schedule.

                 So it is not easy last while honestly as I have been struggling to transition seasons. Now what I could of done was just continued on with the 10th season but yet my folder that holds up all the notes is pretty full up now and time to transition to another folder as this one has officially filled up as the season wraps, the folder fills up very quickly. Maybe a lot of this has to stem with the fact that today marks me leaving YouTube for good and being retired from the platform, maybe that is what is on my mind the past week as I was and have been thinking about it. It has been a long 3 years and I have done such an amazing job with rebuilding the website and the CBOTW brand and there is nothing wrong with a break and it has been very easy few weeks however things have really sped up and yes I realize I took a blog break yesterday as I wasn't thinking too clearly honestly. I started to think clearly and I thought about you guys honestly. I wanna say thank you for the continuous love and support, through the thick and thin of things, I always manage to get myself out of issues I am having with Chris B On The Web and I do this for you guys, not just for myself but for you guys as well.


Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Podcast 10th Season Continuing?

                 I just found out that Amazing Race 31 is ending next week so you are wondering am I just going to continue on with the season right through the summer as I originally planned? I know I announced the schedule already but what I should of done was wait and announce the schedule but as you can tell here on the website it is schedule... So what you are probably going to ask is the summer season going to be a new season from the 10th season? I think that is what the best for the podcast as the current season has now gone on for a very long time now and it is time to just wrap it up and move on to the next season which mind you I will be having no break whatsoever. I will be diving right into the next season so it is sounding like I will be running back to back to back to back seasons from Season 9 into Season 10, then into Season 11, then right into the 12th season in the fall. If I am thinking what I have in the back of my mind is I probably will end up not having a break till near Christmas which will be a well deserved break for this podcaster and you can imagine between all that I will be also working on Power Ranger Podcasts between too so I will still be busy one way or another. So the schedule still as follows for the Summer:

Preview Podcast Schedule:

Sunday, June 23rd, 2019, 9 pm EST: Big Brother 21 Preview Podcast

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019, 9 pm EST: Amazing Race Canada 7 Preview Podcast

Regular Schedule:

Wednesdays, 9 pm EST: Amazing Race Canada 7 Recap

Fridays, 9 pm EST: Big Brother 21 Recap

                 Like I said in the previous post I will be on holidays at the start of the month and hopefully back a few days before my aunt comes in from Western Canada and I get time to catch up on the podcast and if I have to double up I will. Other then that the rest of the summer I am planning to be here for you guys with the odd day unavailable as I am heading to a cottage for a day so the odd time but for the most part I am here for you guys and planning to work on the other collab too but it will be another hectic summer for me and excited to start this next season... This week has been crazy thus far and I have been either writing notes on casts for the upcoming seasons of Big Brother 21 and Amazing Race Canada 7 so this week has indeed been a test for me to see if I can handle the pressure or not and I think I did a fine job with the prep and recording as well. It is called priorities and I have all week to get those done and ready for you guys to tune into the podcast. This schedule and plans for a 11th season is my final decision from here on out, I promise to not change anything else from here on out.


Tuesday, June 18, 2019

So Overwhelmed Right Now!

            Right now my mind is exploding with feeling overwhelmed with 2 Preview podcasts on the go plus this weeks regular episode. I just need to stay focused as Sunday is the first release of the preview podcasts. Yes I realized it is overlapping but you will see what I mean when we transition into the 11th season.  My worry is getting the recording done then taking too long to edit it and export the file so it can go up. That is my fear, I will procrastinate but with me having a list on my desktop, that will definitely help me. I think I am just feeling fear I will let you guys and have I ever let you guys down, well I did before but that was before and now I am getting better on sticking to a schedule and it seems to be getting better as things progress which is a good thing. I need to stop doubting myself and start to believe in myself more which I keep putting myself down which I honestly need to stop doubting and putting myself down. I think my confidence has been shook up. Maybe I am just letting the stress get to the better of me and I thought I am getting better handling my stress and it feels like I have gone back to my old ways. I should just take it one day at a time at this point and probably today I will get a chance to record the Amazing Race Canada or by the time you guys read this as I wrote this in the wee early morning as I always do everyday minus tomorrow's is already written and scheduled to go up due to me away out of town for the day with Larry.

              Either way I know I can do this if I put my mind to it. I think sometimes I do overthink things and I should just focus on one thing at a time and use my priority list to help me through everything.  My priority should be Big Brother 21 but it is still early in the week and I have till Saturday night to finish so there is plenty of time for me to get things done so I shouldn't really worry about it honestly. Today I know I will have one of the 2 podcasts out and ready to go for next week then the next one will be the Big Brother 21. So I got plenty of time before Sunday and even if I get the editing done on Sunday afternoon then that is fine but I should be recording on Friday at the most so I should be good. Anyways the schedule is Sunday, June 23rd, 2019- Big Brother 21 Preview Podcast @ 9 pm EST and Wednesday, June 26th, 2019- Amazing Race Canada 7 Preview Podcast also @ 9 pm EST. So the schedule will be pretty simple so there should be no issues with me keeping with the workload whatsoever.


Monday, June 17, 2019

Video Games Updates

           Today post I want to update you guys on the video games I am currently still on. Now I am playing a game I haven't touched in a very long time honestly. The game I am referring to is Minecraft. Yes I went back to my old world to start dismantling the house which was the first thing I dismantled but what I did was gut it entirely, removed the windows and the roof and it was an open concept. Then the garden center was taken down and moved under water which mind you it was tough due to build but built the garden center first and moved all that to a smaller garden center. The after that I dug out where the garden center to put in foundation for the football stadium. So then I built up the structure by moving the wall over towards the end of the one end so it looked like the actual wall of the former house as the original house as part of the house, 2 walls remained in tact to become part of the stadium as displayed in the picture above. Then the barn came down as I transferred the animals elsewhere took the roof and tore the walls and floor out gutted the floor first. Also spawner is gone too so I can make room for the stadium. Right now I am digging out the ground where the spawner and barn was to put in foundation.

                Now with Isaac, I have been mainly focused on Minecraft recently but when I do play it, I do very well on it. I have been to the Mom fight at the very end and the heart but yet I ended up dying in the end which is not good honestly but getting closer and closer to finishing up the challenge with the spider challenge or whatever it is called and one of these days I will end up winning and it will indeed be a happy day when I beat it finally. Now finally on the list as there is currently 3 games I am playing which I have now mentioned on here but the last game I would like to mention is The Messenger. Right now I am currently stuck on the game at a certain point and honestly I have put the game on the wayside for now and not played it much recently. Those are the 3 games I have played and honorable mention that I started to play Starcraft again but that was put to the way side as well but it is fun to play again for old time sake and will get back to it eventually.  


Sunday, June 16, 2019

3 Years Ago The Entertainment Man Talk Show Ended It's Long Run...

            3 years ago today, I made the decision after a struggling 1 year trying to figuring out the future of the series. I honestly did not think that the series would continue as it was a tough go with things trying to come up with ideas and I just wasn't sure I wanted to continue. One thing I should of done was move my podcast, Everything About Reality TV to a separate channel and stop making series that could of been or should of been what I wanted to do and yes I'd done it Audio ONLY as well too. Anyways, getting off topic clearly but it still hurts to this day that it ended and it is or has been the hardest thing to get over as it was a big part of my life on a regular basis. However, I have re-adjusted to the change of being a podcaster very well. There is so many memories that I will always have and especially some of the most funniest moments as well. Some days, I have flashbacks of the old days but some of them are really good moments that have happened over the course of the series. It was almost on the air for 10 long years but I think 6 seasons was enough for me to say that's a wrap. I was really looking at the viewership and honestly 3 years ago at this time, the views were down compare to the past seasons and I was given advice sooner but really did not take it. It feels strange to be talking about the series, the show 3 years later as I really did not wanna to talk about it over the last 3 years as it has been an hard and very difficult transition over.

               However I miss the old days of YouTube, just now I am in my right place. I really enjoy podcasting and have more time to spend with my friends and family compare when I was on the platform. I will always have the memories of the series that I have done and was my longest series that I did on YouTube with my podcast now the longest running project I have done thus far but as for YouTube series this was one of my favorite projects I have done beside Chris Travels To Historic Places which only did run 3 episodes but The Entertainment Man Talk Show was one of my faves no doubt. Not just because it ran 8 years but the fact it had a lot of memories in it as well and was a fun show to shoot. There is a ton of bloopers that made the channel and some of them I do regret posting cause of the language and if I had that access to my old YouTube account today, probably end up being demonetized entirely. It has been a long 3 years since the series got cancelled but like I said there is tons of memories I will never forget nor the help of my team back in the day.


Weight Loss Has De-railed On Me...

          At one point I was at 219 pounds but currently standing at 222.4 pounds as I gained some weight but despite that I have now slowly went down even by a few ounces but it is a start and I I was at one point at 224 but 2 pounds are now gone. I do not know where I really went wrong on this diet, maybe we have eaten out a little too much perhaps? I know every week we seem to be eating out somewhere but I have told them time and time again that I am trying to get my weight down. Now the plans to get down to 210 pounds by summer is not going to happen since Summer is just days away I do not think I can lose 12 pounds by then but the goal is to lose the weight by September then December down to 195 pounds by then. I should of stayed focus and now I am more focused on losing this weight more then ever. I plan on getting the weight down faster then you know it. I plan on walking a ton this week and I know this week will be a busy week so I will be out and about tomorrow right through to Friday with appointments and being with friends and also looking at some more bed sheets but we will see about that. The more I walk the better honestly for me and kind of why I have my fitbit on my wrist majority of the time ever step I make even at home does count for me.

           I have cut back on the sugar and portion size and I am losing ounces at a time but it is indeed a start for me honestly. I never been this serious about the weight loss and I am going to succeed and my ultimate goal is to be at 200 pounds or less by the end of this year, 2019. I know what you will be thinking that is a bit of too much of a goal but if I work hard I can get down there by end of the year. Again, my goal is to get to 175 pounds but that is way off the chart for right now as I need to focus on the 210 then the 200 pounds but one step at a time and I am so serious now that I need to lose the weight and drinking tons of water in a day which is so healthy and once and a while I add in that lemon to give it flavor to the water but I am all healthy most of the time now. I have to just stay positive and know I can do this.


Saturday, June 15, 2019

Next Week, Heading Out To Etobicoke With Larry!

               I am heading out to Etobicoke next Wednesday and already 40% chance of rain which isn't too good but we're going anyways as the chance is at 40% so it is not that bad honestly and I do not think it will happen at that percentage. So we probably have a cloudy day I am predicting and it will be a fun day ahead of us. In Etobicoke, we are first heading to Sherway Gardens to start the day off with Lunch at the mall there. From there we are heading over to Kipling Station and across to Spadina and from Spadina, we are heading down into China Town all the way to the harborfront and back to Union with no stops, then Union Station back home. However, you guys see us both Larry and I, which we will have our CBOTW Tags on, be sure to stop us and say hey! Love chatting with you guys! So we are excited to be going out there and on the bus and touring from the west end of Toronto to the Central side of Toronto and hopefully promoting CBOTW on our way across the city. If the weather is nice I will be wearing my CBOTW shirt so you will definitely recognize me one way or another. It is going to be a fun day and the fact I am getting out of Durham will be indeed nice and away from the drama I have had to deal with in the past month, it will just be nice to be away from here and in the bigger city with my co-founder of Everything About Reality TV and Co-Founder/Host Power Rangers Podcast as well. 

            I wish Wednesday would come quickly as I need to get away cause I am once again still going bat crazy around my studio and this week, the only time I left the studio for a few hours was back on Monday as I have been stuck inside and since the weather has been nice minus the rainy days we have had recently I should be getting out and about for the day, even a bus ride would be nice honestly but least next week I will be out and about and in July him and I are heading to Starr Burger to try their burger or the other option could be Five Guys Burger place which is nearby the Walmart and down the road from our local mall but either way we are definitely going to be out and have a great day in General. It does seem like a lot that is going on but honestly it isn't if you think of it as it is pretty much a direct route out to Union from where we will be. We have 2 - 3 different options we could do honestly but soon as we get to Long Branch, the fun will indeed begin! Oh don't worry there will be pictures on Instagram and I will be doing a blog post about the day out in Toronto as well!


Friday, June 14, 2019

My Thoughts On The Toronto Raptors NBA Championship Win

               Spent most of the day thinking about this post and trying to soak in the win as a fan of the Toronto Raptors. I can say I haven't been following the Raptors all of the 24 years it was only few years ago when the Raptors really got my attention when they started to have a winning record honestly. However the odd time I would look at the score and yes I can officially say I have been to a Raptors game when I was younger and I remember it was Vince Carter's winning shot to win over the Philadelphia 76ers at the last second. Anyways I feel like it was a well deserved win and I know we could of won it on Game 5 and on the home court but honestly I give credit when credit is due to the Golden State Warriors to winning 2 of the 6 games and they wanted to give a fight. I really think injuries was a major factor for them with losing Durant and Lebron James and other injuries did not really help. Either way we won and this was a great final and both teams played well.  We can officially say the trophy is officially coming north of the border finally and a Canadian, the only Canadian Basketball team to win an NBA championship and yes I know we had the Vancouver Grizzlies here at one point but have since moved.

             Also I can imagine how crazy Toronto will be but that's OK, we have every right as Canadians to celebrate. This is the first championship we have had in Toronto since the Argos football team won the Grey Cup in 2017 and yes I know my history of championships here Toronto. So anyways I am happy one way or another that the Raptors are the champions and it was a long coming for this to happen now another team in Toronto has won on top of the FC Soccer which was a few years ago they won which I forgot to even mention but I mean it is nice to have Canadian teams win. Next up for the Jays to win but definitely wont be this year but it will happen. I can officially knock this off my list in Canadian teams winning the championship Jays (World Series), Toronto FC (Soccer Champs), Toronto Argos (Grey Cup Champs, numerous times) and now the Toronto Raptors winning the NBA Championship. Next up i the Leafs but they are not ready for it. Finally I guess who was going to be the MVP and it was Kawhi Leonard who won it. It was because it was of that amazing jump shot at the buzzer that brought them to the finals and the win in the end.


Thursday, June 13, 2019

Took Me 1.5 To Really Start Rebuild Chris B On The Web!

               Never really thought about this since I am now fast approaching 3 years ago but it honestly took me 1.5 years to rebuild CBOTW from the ground up since 2016 as pretty much at the time of me leaving YouTube, I had nothing, had to start from scratch with a website that has nothing on it whatsoever! I pretty much had wipe the website completely with a clean slate and pretty much rebuild it from scratch with removing pages and buttons from the website... So it was a tough first 1.5 - 2 years to start from scratch and get new fans and grow my fan base but look at me now at 3400 followers on twitter and near 150 on Instagram, I have really proved myself that I can be a big success both behind the mic and also off the mic. I really have in the last 3 years grasp the term PR Work which means Public relations, promoting my content regularly and I do and I have since gotten a lot more likes on the podcast and some blog posts but getting better but it has taken time for people to get use to my website format and now it has really proved to be popular as at times I end up getting 100 views or more a day on the site alone. Pretty much since my podcast moved from YouTube to Audio ONLY, I had to end up rebuild my entire subscriber from scratch again but that's OK, I managed to do that in a very short time with expanding on other TV Shows as well.

               Year and a half really did feel like a very long time but it went so quick honestly and now I can say that success has come back with the number of followers on social and also on the podcast and to those who read this blog on a regular basis I thank you for your continuous support of the content and hope you all will continue to support me and the other podcasts around the website as were officially now out of Beta Testing and out of the rebuilding stages and are a full pledge website 24-7, no more website going down or site going down to false reports of abuse, were here to stay and I should of changed website providers sooner as the blogger staff and community been so great in helping me with questions towards starting up this website and getting it running again under the .com once again back in January. So anything is possible honestly and I just had to keep the faith honestly and I know I went through depression with the transition but I am a fighter and very strong willed and got through all the bumps in the road and look at me to this day now. 


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Chris B On The Web Future Plans....

                Originally I had something else planned for today's blog post, however, I had to do this post to let you guys what the plan is moving forward since I am now not looking for work anymore as I kind of wanna do the online thing and like I said before I do not think work is meant for me honestly. So yes I took yesterday off from CBOTW and just did not do anything and I ended up sleeping till 2 pm EST as my sleep was thrown off and 1 day ago my other screen blew on me night before so I actually ordered another one so I have 2 screens so yes I've gotten 2 new screens in the last 4 - 5 days since both so I should be good for a while. Anyways not the point of this blog, the point I wanna make is what is the plan? Well here is what I am thinking right now and what my thought process on things at this point:

1) Everything About Reality TV- Closing in on Big Brother US Season 21 and Amazing Race Canada Season 7 on top of the current season of Amazing Race 31. Like I said in the announcement post for the podcast I will be working around my holiday schedule too so do not worry. The podcast isn't going anywhere as it is renewed for Season 11 and 12 currently as the recent news of Big Brother Canada Season 8 is confirmed so were nowhere near done with this podcast yet!

2) Blog Posts- With me now doing online stuff since the job search didn't work out, I am planning to do more events and I think I am suppose to do the food truck but we will see how things go honestly, this year it could be a different scenario this year so the next event probably be in September in the fall but I am planning on the Polish and Ukrainian Festival. Followed by Apple Festival, Royal Winter Fair and more on the list for the remainder of the year but it is all on the post I did earlier this year.

3) Power Rangers Podcast- As I mentioned on Twitter late last night or during the night since I was most of the night, I want to push this podcast harder as both Larry and I have fun recording these and I think there will be time between January and February to actual record another one of these so we could be looking at every 4 - 5 months depending on my schedule with Everything About Reality TV which is a priority still no matter what. However, Larry knows this for the longest time, like 6 months now he knows I'd like to do more of these sooner then waiting but then it all comes down to the prep. What do I mean? Watching the series, taking notes then typing em up and then printing them off. Finally scheduling the recording session which is always a last minute thing as it comes down to am I ready for the Power Rangers Podcast? I am going to be adding in more interaction with Larry asking him some questions more as I have been adding in more as we progress into these.

4) Traveling- I will be out in the City of Toronto With Larry and able to promote CBOTW and chat with some of you that pull me aside to chat. I will be chatting about in the next couple of days on a separate blog post.

5) Network-  I have had a interesting proposal and it is not completely clear when it will happen but when it does, CBOTW will be becoming not just my website but a network with more then 1 podcast running so it will definitely be exciting to see when it does happen down the road.

               That is the plan I got moving forward and majority of the things I said you already knew but I did make a couple of tweaks to some of the upcoming things but it cannot be helped as I just cannot do everything things are tight with vacation time coming up fast but I am trying to get through with it but hope you guys like this plan and excited to be more involved, not wait I mean I am excited to be more active and ready to go with plans. 


Monday, June 10, 2019

I've Quit Searching For Work....

                I have made the decision to stop looking for work due to a situation that I am going to keep private but I honestly want to explain what is going on. Honestly since Wednesday last week, I have been so active with CBOTW, the most active in a long time and obviously you guys knew something is or was up. Anyways for those who have been following from the start or in the past year or so, especially on Twitter/Instagram I am out every second Tuesday of the month to look for work. Recently something happened where I made the decision to stop looking for work as I have been at it for 5 years. Yes I had a job for 4 weeks but ended up deciding to quit as it wasn't right for me, but it was under a contract trial. However since then I haven't been able to find a job, it has been a tough one as nobody seems to hire someone with a disability. If I kept the job I had, I would of lost the job anyways as they closed down. Anyways not the point of this post. It has been a tough 4 years since that job, had interviews and had no job offers but had interviews but I just felt it was time to stop. My cousin mentioned to me last year when we were down or if it was through online messenger that maybe working is not for me. I really thought about it for the past while and the decision to stop looking for work was made not long ago, since last week I made that decision for myself....

               Now what am I going to do with my time? Well the plan is to volunteer my time with different groups. I am going to work the car show like I did last year at the end of the summer which I really enjoyed last year and I wanted to do it again at the start of September as well. Also someone who was there during the transition from YouTube to Podcasting till we had a mutual agreement for him to leave has been pestering me about returning to the theater and yes it has come to my mind that I wanted to do it again whether it is building sets or front of house I'd do either of them honestly. The final question you guys are going to ask is what about Chris B On The Web? I am not going anywhere! LOL... CBOTW is here to stay and now I can work on it on a regular basis with new posts and yes that means Power Rangers Podcast is going to be worked on this week at some point especially before the holiday comes up at the start of July when I am down in Boston for a week, week and a half at the most. I am excited to what is next for CBOTW and what I am going to be doing next and the plans especially. I am going to be around a lot more and excited for the future plans as I will be starting to prep things very soon!


Sunday, June 9, 2019

Wiped Out The Collab Page and Re-Coded It!

             I know it has been a while since I fiddled around with the code in the back end of this website and I decided to give the entire page an overhaul as it was long due for it as the page for the collabs has been sitting gathering since the Power Rangers Podcast went on a hiatus all of a sudden due to a very and hectic schedule I was under. So what I have done was wiped out the entire code which caused the website page to be removed from the entire website but it is still there, but it is not visible to you guys till late last night as I brought it back online without the new content but gives you an idea way things look and I think it honestly looks a ton better as I brought in the description next to the title of the collab then below the code to the player so I sort of gave it the sleeker look and less text then ever as there was honestly way too much text when it came to the page and I know it was very texty and I realize that is truly not a word technically but I mean it was a cluttered up page and really in need of maintenance and that is what I did yesterday was work on the page and looks better. 

           Yes the page is live, just go to the collabs page to see the changes that we have made and honestly I am much happier with it and I know there is one part that looks kind of spread apart but I tried everything to fix it but it seems to just not be fixable at this point but cannot really tell but I will try and continue to fix that, might be a site bug with but it could be out of my control but I am sure it has nothing to do with any of the code and I checked time and time again on the code so there is nothing wrong with the code from my back end as it has been checked so many times, my brain hurts but I don't think you guys will really notice much of a difference anyways and nobody has really said anything to me about the gap on there. 

           However, I needed to make these changes to start fitting in newer episodes as I knew when the late spring came, I would be finishing up the prep work for Power Rangers Podcast to get ready to start recording and I had to realize to get this page ready for new releases as I haven't touched the actual page since December of last year so that is definitely 6 months ago to the day of this post being released to you guys, however that is about to soon change with the most recent upload nearly 24 hours from now. I hope you guys enjoy the episode tomorrow and fair warning it is an hour long as we had a ton of content to cover on the episode but we hope you enjoy it and let me know on social media what you think!


Saturday, June 8, 2019

Power Rangers Podcast Release Schedule!

           As you know a week tomorrow will mark a week since the recording of the Power Rangers Podcast and the editing of those podcasts are now complete and we're ready to do the official release which will be exclusively released on and this is why I am making this official announcement post. It is so exciting to be at this point that we actually getting ready to released and this week I worked so hard on the editing and just cannot wait to release em and for you guys to hear it. Both Larry and I worked hard on these and plans to start the next batch will be underway soon for this fall!  Anyways here is the timetable for the Podcasts release:

Monday, June 10th, 2019: Power Rangers In  Space Podcast, 9 pm EST, EXCLUSIVELY on

Monday, June 17th, 2019: Power Rangers Round Table Podcast, 9 pm EST,  EXCLUSIVELY on

            There is the schedule, it will be on a weekly basis for the next week and we are thrilled to be back into these podcasts as we have been on a hiatus for the past 6 months now and were back into the swing of things and if all goes well, I will probably be working on the 2020 content for you guys as I am trying to get ahead a bit but I am going to be away in July for a week to week and a half but plan on starting to watch Power Rangers Lost Galaxy which will be the next one preceded by Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.... Anyways we are back and I think there will be no more breaks for us as we are planning to go on a tear with em and we are planning to record in both in October and November so there will be 4 coming out over the holidays as well. Anyways enjoy these Power Rangers Podcasts as we enjoyed making these for you and there are highly popular here on the website and we apologize for the long wait for these but my schedule did permit me time to work on these with the other podcast schedule being quite hectic and busy, First one is out THIS Monday @ 9 pm EST EXCLUSIVELY on!


Friday, June 7, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Summer 2019 Schedule

              I've decided I am going to try and make this work.... Obviously I am currently on the 10th season like I said in a previous post and that I am thinking about the fact of actually continuing on with this season as it seems it will now cross paths with the summer so without further ado here is the timetable.

Schedule 1- (Up To The Big Brother Premiere):

Thursdays: Amazing Race 31 Recap, 9 pm EST

Pre-Season- Schedule 1B:

June 23rd, 2019: Big Brother 21 Cast Preview Podcast, 9 pm EST

Schedule 2- June - Early July:

Thursdays: Amazing Race 31 Recap, 9 pm EST

Fridays: Big Brother 21 Recap, 9 pm EST

June 30th, 2019: Amazing Race Canada 7 Preview Podcast, 9 pm EST

Schedule 3- July - Early September:

Wednesdays: Amazing Race Canada 7 Recap, 9 pm EST

Fridays: Big Brother 21 Recap, 9 pm EST

Schedule 3B- Holiday Schedule:

TBA When I Know The Schedule When I am Away in the states! 

Looking at Friday for Amazing Race Canada 7- 2 Legs  in one Podcast Recap 

Sunday: Big Brother 21: 2 Weeks of Big Brother in One Podcast. (May be a bit of a back log being gone for a week, week and a half)

Schedule 4- Into Late September, end of the season:

Wednesdays: Amazing Race Canada 7 Recap, 9 pm EST

                I know this seems all confusing and originally I was planning to not to cover Big Brother US, however I never covered the show last year so I am trying to do both this year. Originally if the show wasn't gonna be renewed then I would of been covering Amazing Race Canada 7 on it's own but I will work on it and the 3B Schedule is tentative right now and soon as I know when I am away on holidays, I will do a post to the schedule but were looking at a week to week and a half away so I will let you guys know very soon! 


Thursday, June 6, 2019

Been Going Non Stop Since January and It's Not Over Yet!

              It is no secret that I have been going non stop since January, first with the 9th season covering Music City CMT and Celebrity Big Brother US Season 2. Then it followed not long after with the 10th season and the podcast's season is still not finished and sounding like it is finished yet and yes I have mentioned it in a post before here on the website and it is really hard to pinpoint if the season of Amazing Race 31 will end before Big Brother 21 begins or not so it will definitely will depend how things go honestly but sounds like I will definitely have a busy summer ahead of me plus going away on holidays at the start of July which I do have to figure out the schedule and I think there will be a week of me doubling up on podcasts on 1 episode so I will decide when the time comes. I may be gone for a week, week and a half while I am out there it is unclear what the plan is. However with this busy schedule, I have already made the decision to go back to the original 2 podcasts a week and there is a reason why I did 3 a week was because of this being it's 10th season but I think it is better to just do it weekly but I learned from the mistakes I made during the season and moving forward I am going to fix the mistakes I made. Honestly now I am getting into a rhythm of things just will have to play catch up when I get back from my East Coast trip and i wish i could get a laptop but maybe once i get into web design I will have one that I can use as I will be required to have one but that's later on.

               I know I will work things out to get things on the straight and arrow when I get back and I am going to talk to my parents about this and to when but anyways it ain't over till it ain't over as were still fully on and I think at the point that the decision for the podcast I am more leaning towards continuing on the season at this point as I think it will end up crossing paths in the end so probably best to just keep on going and not stop till end of the next two seasons of both Big Brother 21 and Amazing Race Canada 7.  It's fine with me honestly, it is. It is truly fine with me continuing on with the season and it is what it is in the end and I will someway, somehow deal with things and get things figured out and I always do in the end. Keeping busy is a good thing honesty and it is good to stay busy throughout the summer especially and I really do know the entire schedule for the podcast and I will be announcing soon the schedule, don't you worry. 


Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Will Be Back On The Road Late June!

              It is no secret that both Larry and I are planning a trip to Etobicoke and we will be at the Sherway Garden then on the best over to Kipling and across. I do not know the route from there honestly, either Streetcar across China Town down past the harbor front then to Union then Go Train home that is the question I am starting to wonder about but that is to be discussed but I will more then likely wearing my Chris B On The Web shirt and of course both of us will have our tags on as this is an official tour for CBOTW, the Founder/Owner and a member of what is left of the Alumni... I will have flyers for us to hand out if you need information and yes I will love to chat with you guys as well. I am looking forward to going out and actually being able to promote the website a bit in the public eye finally as I have been very, very quiet publicly as I have been hidden but with the nicer weather I can wear my shirt finally and able to show off everything we have worked hard for on CBOTW. Larry and I have really discussed and discussed this idea of going out and about and maybe this is something him and I need to do every year is going out promote Chris B On The Web especially in the City of Toronto I think this could be an idea to do every year. Or I could always have flyers with me when I do hit Toronto every year. 

              Anyways I am looking forward to the next Toronto trip with Larry this time around and able to be out of my smaller city here and away from all the drama I have had to deal with so it will be an nice break for me and it is always an excuse to go out to Toronto and it hasn't been the first trip I have been on lately as you know I was in Toronto 1 week ago Monday and I am ready to do this all over again from the start but this time going a longer distance but it will be an adventure of a life time honestly! I am looking forward to this and ready for another trip. I am sure I will be doing a few other trips from time to time to Toronto and plenty more blogs and yes I will be blogging this trip not next week but the week after I will have my pad of paper with me as usual and I know I will be out more as there will indeed more trips and events this summer as I will be one busy person. 


Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Changes (June 4th, 2019)

              I know that I did renew the podcast for 2 more seasons officially with a more then likely chance to be back for a 13th season.... However I decided to only renew the 2 seasons due to the fact that Amazing Race 31 may end up crossing schedules of Big Brother 21 and Amazing Race Canada so which means, the 10th season may be extended and I did the math and it would be end of the season 70 - 71 episodes which is insane honestly. So today's blog I am making it clear that it is renewed for 2 more seasons with a greater chance of it being renewed for a 13th in 2020. I have listed below two scenarios what could happen:

Scenario 1:

Summer 2019 (May continue Season 10 right into the start of the 10th season):

Big Brother 21
The Amazing Race Canada 7 

Fall 2019 (Season 11... ?):

Survivor: Island of The Idols (Season 39)

Winter 2020 (Season 12... ?):

Survivor 40

Big Brother Canada 8

Scenario 2:

Summer 2019 (Season 11):

Big Brother 21
The Amazing Race Canada 7 

Fall 2019 (Season 12):

Survivor: Island of The Idols (Season 39)

Winter 2020 (Season 13.... Will Be Renewed Definitely):

Survivor 40

Big Brother Canada 8

          I think honestly that second scenario is not going to happen as I think I will be going with the 1st one as it seems the most logical as it doesn't seem like it will be done before the start of Big Brother 21 but an official schedule is coming once I do know when the finale for The Amazing Race 31.but I do have a schedule put together with the ideas so I will officially announce it when the time is right but I wasn't think straight so I am sorry if I announced things too quickly and have removed or changed those articles I wrote. I need to think and it was kind of spur the moment where I kind of figured it would end up crossing paths but it is what it is and we just gotta deal with it but now you guys got an update to what is up with the podcast.


Power Rangers Podcast Returns Monday!

           With great excitement after 6 months of not recording the podcast, I am not prouder of what was done back on the weekend. It has been a roller coaster of hours or preparation and watching the show has truly paid off. I know I have been asked my not only you guys the fans about the return of the podcast but not only them but my co host, Larry has asked numerous times when is it coming back. With great pleasure and excitement, I am proud to say Power Rangers Podcast is returning this upcoming Monday with the Power Rangers In Space. I have been working on the editing of the podcast, getting ready and once I am done editing, the next step is to actually get the page ready to start releasing the episodes over on the collabs page in the next 2 weeks once a week on the Monday. I am so stoked after the long wait and silence of Larry and I not saying a word as we kind of started to speculate as the months going on during the hiatus that the planning for the return but kept things very hush hush especially to Larry and my alumni and staff as they get insight what is going on before you guys even know. However it is very exciting news and I am beyond excited that I am posting up a new episode next week and got the rest of the week to finish editing the episodes and getting ready for release. I also would like to say I do have an announcement to when the next one is coming out which will be a week Monday but here is what the schedule will look like for the next 2 weeks of this podcast:

Monday, June 10th, 2019: Power Rangers In Space Podcast, 8 pm EST

Monday, June 17th, 2019: Power Rangers Round Table Podcast, 8 pm EST

           The Power Rangers In Space is about an hour long meanwhile the Round Table Podcast is around 20 - 30 minutes long. It really all depends and it varies from episode to episode but you guys are getting content. I honestly cannot wait for you guys to hear both episodes and excited for the future episodes down the road as well and I know 6 months is a long wait but remember that both Larry and I only do this twice a year and it isn't too often we sit down to record these as it does take time to watch the season write notes then type up the notes but I got a plan which I will reveal in time that I may be adding on a 3rd session in 2020 but we will see how the schedule fits as right now I know I renewed my podcast series for a 11th and 12th season and I know more but you will see in a seperate post about that at 2 pm EST.


Monday, June 3, 2019

Video Games I Have Given Up On

            There has been game that I just did not finish or had issues with and that is what today's blog post is I have just given up and the list is not very short there are a pile of them on my list. So what is this list? Here are the games I have failed to finish:

1) Medal of Honor- It wasn't the original and In just got stuck and nowhere near completing the video game and I just did not really understand how to finish the game honestly...  So It went into my deleted video games list first.

2) Bomber Crew- The delay on the game to getting the character to the proper position was one of the issues. No matter what I did they were so slow to respond so the response on the game wasn't overly great however still is a great video game and I'd try it again in the nearby future.

3) Oxygen Not Included- Honestly I had no idea how to play the game and I did what I do best is rage quit the video game. It was too complicated for me honestly and not sure why I ended up quitting without trying.

4) Cities Skylines- There was errors in the game and not sure why the heck there was an error so I made the decision to delete the game from the list of games.

5) XCom: Enemy Unknown- I actually enjoyed playing this game and honestly not sure how in the world I managed to get rid of the game honestly as I was really enjoying the game as it reminded me of Star Craft video game which I plan on playing again as I haven't played it in years. 

              The list I am sure there are more on the list but I just cannot remember the ones that I deleted and I knew that I was going to be doing a post and should of had a list of the games I got rid of and like usual I am sure once this post is done and up I will remember the ones that I forgotten on the list. Recently my memory hasn't been great to remembering things but it's me... I always seem to let things slip out of my mind but I always seem to remember it at the wrong possible time. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed the list and I do plan on playing new games down the road and I think on my list down the road is Escape from Tarkov as I watched Dan playing it and I really wanna play it so it's on the list and I am going to ask my parents to get it for me for birthday. I am good with the shooter games and I think I'd do well on the game. Never know maybe I'd stream it to my channel on YouTube once and a while when I have the free time. So always time for a new game on top of the ones that I failed to finish. Finally I would like to say I'd give XCom another shot and I would buy it again and try to beat the game as it was an accidental erase by mistake.