Sunday, June 30, 2019

I Am Happier With What I Was Doing With Blogs and Podcasts....

               I was going to bring another podcast from a friend but they decided to quit on me which I was doing a lot of work behind the scenes and it feels like I wasted my time doing a ton of my time when I can be bringing out content to you guys technically. So right now I am thinking it is best for me to focus on the blogs on here, as this upcoming month Larry and I have ideas for the blog and I will reveal in this post to what him and I are planning but I have to be careful scheduling this idea. Also I want to focus on "Everything About Reality TV" and Power Rangers Collaboration Podcasts which are both doing well right now and changing things right now or adding on other things within the website probably the wrong move to make really at this point as things are doing very well for itself. Now the plan with the blog is both Larry and I from time to time will be doing food reviews and the most recent one coming up is of the Starr Burger over in Larry's hometown so he is going to take me up and were going to review their burgers.  Now I did mention it on stream yesterday that the plans for Power Rangers Podcast is in definitely in the plans and excited to be getting back into the swing of things in the fall but right now it is the planning stages for the next two podcasts. 

                 Anyways I think it is better and that I am happier with remaining a solo person but no I will not be quitting the Power Rangers Podcast that will be not going anywhere but I am totally happier with it and the content that I bring out to you guys. Also Everything About Reality TV I am really happy with, despite being a bit burnt out but it is an adrenaline rush that keeps me going and I do a heck of a lot for you guys and I think 2020 things will be changing for me honestly. I mean I wanna make some genuine changes and this has a lot to do with me looking for work and this could be a big impact on me but I need to think things through first. I was also inspired by a YouTuber and also an friend who streams too and Not only I am happy with blogs and podcasts but I want to actually do this more on a full time status but I am waiting for the right time to do this but 2020 will again prove to be a busy but fun year for CBOTW, I am sure and I know Larry is going to be a big part of 2020 I'm sure as both him and I will be celebrating Everything About Reality TV's 5th Year On-Air.


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