Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Stress with Everything About Reality TV and Schedule Additions

As you can notice on Twitter, the stress levels went up with Everything About Reality TV and the chat page. Well IRC has failed once again, but fixed the issue. Added non staff to  the chat roster of Brew Monkey, Littlebitt123, Charlie, Larry and Adam!

Now brings me to the final part of this blog post, as this will be a short blog post today, but I have been feeling empty without recording Hell's Kitchen Recaps, but worried the stress levels will go up but shouldn't as it is spread within 4 days. Thursdays, Survivor Kaoh Rong Recap @ 7 pm EST, Fridays, Big Brother Canada @ 7 pm EST, Saturdays, Amazing Race 28 & Finally the newest re addition to the lineup, Sundays, Hell's Kitchen 15 @ 6 pm EST! Recaps are normally 30 - 40 minutes long per day, depending on the content that there is to talk about. So it is very very exciting that this is making it's triumph return to the channel and expanding Everything About Reality TV to make the series even more popular then it is!

Have a great afternoon!


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Scared to Face the Facts of The Entertainment Man Talk Show Former Staff

Now as it is hump week tomorrow like a few minutes from now... LOL Anyways after I go to look for a filing cabinet for my Office/Studio, I am going to be at the mall hanging out with a few friends of mine. Now probably most likely two of my ex staff will be there, Dave whom I have no problems with and of course the member who was with me for 5 years straight before quitting then rejoining summer of last year before quitting a week ago almost over the most stupidest argument of me having some issues trusting him, when they should of asked me why am I having issues trusting them. Kind of pointless if you ask me. Its like crying over spilled milk. Ever since they quit The Entertainment Man Talk Show has been put into most definitely a Permanent In Active Status as of March 3rd, 2016. There is no reason to continue it as now there is no film crew behind the scenes helping out. 

Anyways I am extremely to deal with this individual its almost been a week since the incident, I could just give them the silent treatment and not say anything as I am not happy one bit with them....  And it scary to think the facts that The Entertainment Man is done, life goes on, so much change in such a short period of time happens. I will miss the series but not miss the drama behind it as we weren't all a tight and happy family on set that's for sure.


Friday, March 4, 2016

Pro & Cons Moving On From The Entertainment Man Talk Show

Kind of been uptight stressed today, I figured it is time to let my feelings out on this blog once again. There is a lot of Pros and Cons to The Entertainment Man Talk Show:

Pros of The Series Ending:

- More Open Time for me to plan and keep up with the up keep of
- More time for me to relax and have down time from regular routine.
- More time to plan and produce newer content from the channel
- Put more time into Blogs as well.
- Produce more of a Vlog regularly.
- Focus on Everything About Reality TV 2 times a week.
- Tweet/Post On My FB Fan Page More.

Cons of The Series Continuing:

- No camera man or person as there is nobody assigned to the camera roll.
- Stress with the staff continues.
-Not trusting some of my staff continues
- Plain stress with planning continues.

There is just about more PROS to it ending then CONS so it is the better reason to just end it, do a formal FINALE and move on from it. 


Thursday, March 3, 2016

Betrayed By My Own Staff/Friends

After all I do for my team, making tags getting them shirts done, they betray me and walk out the door of the friendship... They also quit the team, especially one person who's been on and off with me since the beginning of my Media Adventure. I knew I couldn't trust them again... My instincts served me well this time around to not trust that backstabber again. I don't even wanna deal with him no more. 

You know it really sucks to have a list of people who I want not to come to the finale, but yet I cannot trust them. Only 2 Alumni of The Entertainment  Man Talk Show I can effin trust is Justin and Dave whom time and time again told me to just do a finale and end it as The Entertainment Man Talk Show has been in a hole for quite some time and has been in deep trouble in the viewer department. Honestly I can say this and I never really said it in my Random Wednesday Video this week that I normally do is that I rather Vlog my life, and do Reality TV recaps in all honesty! I am just sick of projects which ends in complete disaster! This way I can control how my channel runs now and not worry about staff screwing me over and over again. The schedule I got right now I really do like it and tend to wanna keep to that schedule! 

Without a several ex staff who are not invited to FINALE I can flex my schedule now to when the Finale takes place and I think I will pick during the week if I do not work yet, which I hope to soon! But I do love video blogging my life and sharing my adventure with you guys daily makes my day so much better to share it with all of you! Projects were fun but up to a boiling point of Staff screwing me over and it is time for change as my friend Britt said!