Friday, March 4, 2016

Pro & Cons Moving On From The Entertainment Man Talk Show

Kind of been uptight stressed today, I figured it is time to let my feelings out on this blog once again. There is a lot of Pros and Cons to The Entertainment Man Talk Show:

Pros of The Series Ending:

- More Open Time for me to plan and keep up with the up keep of
- More time for me to relax and have down time from regular routine.
- More time to plan and produce newer content from the channel
- Put more time into Blogs as well.
- Produce more of a Vlog regularly.
- Focus on Everything About Reality TV 2 times a week.
- Tweet/Post On My FB Fan Page More.

Cons of The Series Continuing:

- No camera man or person as there is nobody assigned to the camera roll.
- Stress with the staff continues.
-Not trusting some of my staff continues
- Plain stress with planning continues.

There is just about more PROS to it ending then CONS so it is the better reason to just end it, do a formal FINALE and move on from it.