Saturday, July 20, 2019

Tasty's Burger Food Review In Boston

             This is one of the 2 reviews did not get a very good rating but I am going to try and make it positive. We were originally suppose to go to another burger joint, however that changed as we decided to go to tasty's. Now it is a very nice quaint place honestly and I had water with also a chocolate shake which was very yummy. Now I had a burger with no tomato yet they put a tomato on it anyways so I just said the heck with it I will remove it as not always I like to have tomatoes on my burger from time to time.  The next thing is my burger was a little over cooked as it was crunchy a bit as i normally like mine done not burnt nor rare like Mid rare is the way I like my burgers normally. The final thing that really did bother me was the fact the fries were soggy as we got the half and half half fries, half onion rings but I technically wanted to try the hush puppies for the very first time as I never tried it but apparently that wasn't an option at the time.  The onion rings were very good and tasty and yes they are normally greasy but I actually did enjoy those. I know I wasn't overly happy with the experience. I should of just done the hush puppies, I probably be giving it one more star then that I gave it but its mid right in the middle.

             With saying that, I have to give em 3 out of 5 this time and if we ever go back, I probably will not be back to a Tasty's down there but I think I am going to pass on going back if that was the case but I do give the server A as he was really good and I understand the chefs were busy but it would of been nice to have a little quality control on the food and overall wasn't the greatest experience overall for me and wish I could give em more of  better rating but unfortunate I had to do this and is one of 2 not overly great experience with the restaurant while I was out there but majority of the places we ate were very good but you will always have at least one of two bad places but that is today's food review. I wasn't too pleased but in the end it is what it is. Trust me, the last food review in the bunch I did out in the States will be a doozy and I am dreading talking about it but that is why I am leaving it for last technically but it will definitely not be a fun one to write indeed.  


Friday, July 19, 2019

Boston Trip Day 3, 4 & 5

          First of all on our first day of the trip, we got onto the Trolley tour and took a tour around the city to get to know Boston and it's history. We went all the way to where the Constitution and the Commie was sitting.  We actually took a tour of it which was a free as nothing is cheap when traveling but in the end it is well worth it though! Took ton of pictures and showing you guys on on the right hand side of this blog tonight since I am truly late posting this up as I had to be somewhere today. Anyways we also continued on that journey and we also saw TD Gardens where the Bruins Hockey team and Celtics Basketball team played. Now obviously I am not a fan of the Bruins, nor the Celtics as I am more a Leafs fan and also a Raptors Fan. We also looked at the Boston Tea Party which I will get to it in this post. We also went to Tasty's for dinner which a food review is coming tomorrow actually. 

              Now the 4th day consisted us looking for Fenway Park for 3 hours and we finally did find it and we also got an upgrade and got the tour on that Monday not that Tuesday which was the next day. I got to go on top of the Green Monstah as they say it in Boston, got to go to the Media booth which had a great view of the field. Also got to see the one seat where a ball flew and hit a gentleman and is also the longest ball in the park to this very date.  I have along with my dad a lot more respect for the Bo Sox which is the short form of saying Boston Red Sox. Also saw the bats from players who hit those amazing home runs with as well and we got a package with the pictures that was taken while we were there. Finally on the 4th Day we got to go to Cheers which was the original set of the TV show back in the day with Ted Danson and we had dinner and of course I had a beer in a very cool mug which you can find on my Instagram. 

                The final day I would like to cover is the trip to Salem Massachusetts an learning about the witches and the history of the people who were falsely accused of being witches and sadly were either hung or put into a jail cell. Also we did stop at a beach on the way to Salem and I found Sea shells which I did bring back about 3 or 4 of them and to give my niece and nephew one each and keep the rest for myself. I have some from PEI and now some from the East Coast in the USA. Now there was two parts to the museum: 1 the story about people being accused of being witches and what happened to them, then a walking tour of the different types of witches, good and evil like we see in the Wizard of Oz. Also while getting lost in the city of Boston, we saw Boston University, MIT, Harvard University so we got to see where the universities were by accident. Finally we got to have a look at the history of the Boston Tea party and learned the entire history and yes we got to throw some Tea overboard as well. It was a very interesting story and it really tied things up with Paul Revere whom we learned about when we were on the trolley tour on Day 3 of the trip. Anyways that is tonight's post, tomorrow is the Tasty's food review and Sunday will be the final part of the Boston trip. Still got a pile of reviews to come every second day so stay on the lookout for that as I got together a ton of blogging content while I was gone, trip wise and non trip wise as well! 


Thursday, July 18, 2019

Dunkin Donuts Food Review

            On today's blog, I am going to review what I thought of the Dunkin Donuts... well donuts of course! First of all I am sorry about yesterday was primarily focused on the Podcast and trying to catch up so I would be able to go live tonight. Sometimes I need to sacrifice the blog to catch up and I know you guys will understand. Anyways I went to Dunkin Donuts somewhere in the state of New York I honestly have no bleeping clue where it was so I cannot really give you guys an answer but it was one of those stops on the side of the highway honestly. Anyways I ordered a honey dip donut. The first reaction of the donut was it was so soft, so fresh and the actual glaze wasn't a mess like any other one that I have had in the past or at anywhere. It was really good and I actually had a second donut from Dunkin Donuts later on like once I got to Boston and that was good too but gooey but still regardless sooo good!  Now I never have had Dunkin Donuts and this was my first time having it ever in my entire life! The second time I went to the Dunkin Donuts I had the exact same thing and pretty much still the same results like the first time I had Dunkin so pretty much I had nothing negative to say about it honestly.

               This trip I tried a bunch of new things that I never had before and there is nothing really wrong with that honestly. That is why I went on this trip to try some new things and this year is about me trying new things and I have definitely gone above and beyond on that and so far I think it went well minus two or three negative reviews I had and I will get into that on another post. Now for the rating of Dunkin Donuts is 5 of 5 all day long! Like I said before there is nothing remotely negative to say really. Loved it and if we go back down, I'd consider going back if I wanted a sweet treat and probably end up doing their Boston Cream which is one of my other favorite donuts and will definitely try that. Either way that was the second one I did as you know that I did Arby's first but I festered up and did this one first but it is coming probably by next week set of posts that are coming as I got a pile of food reviews which will be out every 2nd day. Either way I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think of Dunkin Donuts? Leave your comment below in the comments! I will talk to you guys tomorrow with Days 3 & 4 for the Boston Trip.


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Boston Trip- Days 1 & 2

              Here it is the official blog posts about the vacation. I know I did a post this morning announcing the podcast but decided to keep this post scheduled. Anyways every second day I will have a post about the trip with Food Reviews every other day till I have covered everything. So we left around 1040 am in the morning and on our way to Kingston with a stop for lunch, which I did a review on Arby's Crispy Chicken sandwich which will be coming up in the coming days, which is no particular order really as I was going to originally going to do that but either way you guys will get all the food reviews one way or another. So after lunch, we headed to the border which we had to go over the bridge which was the 1000 Islands which is beautiful. We finally arrived in the States and on our way throughout the State of New York. We actually stopped in a town called Little Falls, NY for the night. Room wasn't the greatest, the Air conditioning was loud and didn't sleep overly well that first night but it is what it is and the vacation finally started up. Not much more on the first day but traveling and being in the car all day long.

             Now onto Day 2, we were once again in the car again traveling into the state of Massachusetts an Boston which was our final destination for several days that we were staying in the State of Boston as we were there for 3 - 4 days before we headed back north of the border home. We pretty much were in the State of NY till we got to Massachusetts. Now we got to the hotel and we actually got Valet which  was the cheaper option and all we had to do really was call for the car and they would bring it around. Now the hotel, AC Hotels in Boston was a 5 star hotel and one of the best hotels I have ever stayed at honestly. I do not apparently have the images of the hotel unless it is on my phone or Instagram I'd have to check. Anyways the bathroom had a walk in shower which I have never used one in my life time and honestly the only time I probably will ever will the rest of my life so I sure got the luxury experience of a life time.  We had a heck of a time finding food but found this little Italian and Deli restaurant and I ordered a Ham sandwich which was good as that was one food review I did not do on the trip and I honestly got enough of em to cover anyways. The next trip post I do will be on Thursday here on the blog and cannot wait to continue it as tomorrow will be officially a food review from the trip.


Everything About Reality TV Podcast Schedule For This Week

              As you all know, I have been away on holidays and still catching up and tonight I just posted up the Amazing Race Canada 7 RECAP from last week but as you know tomorrow or today for those who are on the East Coast time like I am, then you know I not going to be around the studio tomorrow and more then likely will end up up till least 2 am trying to get the post for later done. Anyways this emergency post is the schedule for this week and how it will affect the post up times. I am for this week making some slight changes to the podcast and I will be announcing it on the podcast itself when I record in the morning. For right now, the schedule for the Podcast as follows:

Wednesday, July 17th, 2019: 

3 pm EDT: Big Brother 21 Week 2 RECAP (Audio ONLY)

6 pm EDT: Big Brother 21 Week 2 RECAP- (Premiered On YouTube)

10 pm EDT: Amazing Race Canada 7 RECAP (Audio ONLY)

Thursday, July 18th, 2019:

Tech Day In The Studio, Will be testing on YouTube W/ Larry in Studio. May go live on Instagram Live too To Get ready for the Live Podcast at 10:15 pm EST!

1015 pm EDT: Big Brother 21 Week 3 RECAP (Live On YouTube)

Friday, July 19th, 2019:

9 pm EDT: Big Brother 21 Week 3 RECAP (Audio ONLY)

               There is the schedule and if I can't sleep tonight, I will work and focus on the work load before a day of fun. If I sleep a few hours, there is sleeping in the car on the way up but I am going to make sure between now and 2 am to be in bed around 2 and up at 8 am to be ready to go. I will record but no editing till the next day technically but majority of the day I will be in studio recording and editing and is the reason I put Amazing Race Canada 7 at 10 pm EDT to ensure I am going to get it out one way or another. 


Monday, July 15, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Is Constantly Evolving!

           I know you are going to wonder where is the posts about my vacation away over the past week and I promise you tomorrow I will be getting into it as a lot has transpired over the weekend with the recent ban of my EARTVPod account on a certain website I rather not say which one but I always seem to get banned for the smallest things. Anyways this all happening made me realize I should of done things differently with the podcast instead of leaving, we should of just started a separate channel like I have now which mind you can find at and I am happy with this decision to come back and I should of not left. However I probably get more listeners now then I did before as the primary focus of the actual channel is recapping Reality TV Shows so now things will be looking up on the video side of things now. There is an another element I am adding to all this video platform craziness and that will be revealed at the start of 2020 on my annual Yearly plan for Chris B On The Web. I have already posted up one episode thus far and will be posting up another one maybe between now and Thursday night's Live Broadcast after BB21 airs never know and it may be a premiere with that new feature on YouTube. Everything About Reality TV Podcast is always evolving and the description of the podcast on any of the Audio ONLY or YouTube channel will tell you what the podcasts will be on but I will tell you guys here anyways and I know I have mentioned it before but here it is again:

Video (YouTube) & Audio ONLY:

Big Brother
Celebrity Big Brother
Big Brother Canada

Audio ONLY:

The Amazing Race
The Amazing Race Canada
Music City CMT

             There it is and never know, may add on other shows to the list and will be having an conversation with my Co-Founder of the Podcast on the idea but it will really depend if we both can have a collective agreement to do it. It would be another show on the Audio ONLY side of things as probably have more luck in the way of views. Either way this podcast is growing rapidly and won't be stopping anytime soon!  If things change over the next several days with the conversation I have with Larry then I will be doing a new post between in case so I will squeeze it in.


Sunday, July 14, 2019

Knowing When To Stop or Slow Down....

            I haven't done one of these advice posts in a while. Sometimes you need know when to stop and the example I have is that I have not stopped in 7 months now up to the point of me just feeling burnt out but not clue how on earth I manage to keep on going or manage to continue. The point is sometimes you need to take a step back and say stop. You need a break from things and that is my flaw is that I always have to be doing something that is my issue honestly. But sometimes you just gotta say no, that's enough, take a break from whatever you are doing, whether you are a YouTuber, Podcaster or Blogger at some point you sure as heck do need a mental break from things and just sit back and relax and just have time to yourself but with me I just refused to do that and wait till the last minute on things no wonder I am stressed the heck out 24-7. It seems that I end up procrastinating till the last second but the problem is I pile it on too much at a time so that doesn't help whatsoever and it is my fault entirely to not stopping. This can be a great example to you guys to sometimes stop and rest you're mind which you need from time to time. I mean you cannot go without a break it is just not healthy whatsoever.

            Now sometimes you need to just slow down and not over do it in a day. I do recommend to do a schedule this way you guys know what the heck you are doing each and everyday and to limit what you do but I understand you gotta get things done but I mean for example for me if it is a day for the podcast, then that is my main focus for the day. Recently been focusing on two different things at once recently tho with both this blog and getting the podcasts out before I go away on holidays so it was understandable while I was multi tasking but sometimes you just gotta slow down and take your time and actually take time to yourself as well. Either way I hope this sort of helps you if you feel stressed out and just do not know what to do is to slow down or just say stop if it is non work related and you will feel much better and I feel a ton better since getting back from holidays with my parents and raring to go once again. Final note is that starting tomorrow, I will be writing blog posts on the day of the post going up. Everything is going back to normal and a special announcement post tomorrow as well. 


Saturday, July 13, 2019

Was Transitioning From Podcasting To YouTube Easy?

              I probably never really spoke about this ever in the years I have been thinking about in the past few weeks honestly but the transition from YouTube was not easy as you know you guys were part of the entire transitioning stages and the entire rebuild of Chris B On The Web and It took me a long time to get my name out there and to become popular as it is to this day. First of all building the podcast from what I had on YouTube and rebuilding that audience I once had and it took me a long time. As you know I started with Mixcloud then the move to and the rest is history. I never thought in 3.5 years my podcast would be on 12 different platforms or networks this fast. I am the one that put it on Tunein, ITunes, Stitcher and Player FM but the rest, well the platforms just automatically added in the podcast which is great! The more added the better the podcast gets well known! 

                  Finally the website which had numerous issues over the years and the web builder I had had me shut down twice for no reason when I did abuse whatsoever so it was a red flag for me and as you know I made the move to here on blogger which definitely was the best move and I am now quite happy with this website the way it is but that was another headache and a half for me for a very long time. Either way once I got 1.5 year into all of this I managed to deal with it and able to get a good rhythm going minus a few times I was not on schedule from time to time but that has changed recently and honestly I am truly always on schedule 90% of the time with the odd times I am off schedule at times. It wasn't easy but glad I went through this transition from YouTube to Podcasting and no regrets whatsoever as I am enjoying podcasting.


Friday, July 12, 2019

CBOTW Gamers Podcast Will Return One Day???

             I know this has been an on going problem trying to get this podcast up and running and my nephew has approached me about even just being on as a guest to talk video games, however I have tried so many times to get it back up and running from taking over from another host and my nephew and I been talking about it but right now is not the right time as I have told him that it will have to wait and the reason I want to wait is 1 I want him to focus on school and 2 that I am quite busy with Everything About Reality TV and now is definitely not the right time to bring it back as the schedule just simply does not fit right now as from season to season it really is hard to tell if I can make the time at this moment but I am working on the details behind the scenes so I am getting there but I do not know how close I am to being ready. I may wait a several years as I have stated in the past that right now things are really hectic these days especially now with me part of again which means I am streaming Everything About Reality TV. I rather play things by ear day by day rather then making a commitment now then it failing down the road it is not worth it. I wanna invest in my time to make the podcast a very huge success honestly. This could become a every second week if this was to eventually happen, however not sure if you guys would tune into it.

               However I have other ideas I wanna to bring to the table in the way of other podcasts that would be more on a weekly basis so I am tolling with so many different ideas as I am now not sure this podcast would actually be doable now and I have tried to make this podcast work but cause of one person screwing things up I just it is better to just to put it on the shelf for good as it is just not going to work as its been tried, time and time again and I know I promised my nephew to actually do something but at this point I will have to have a sit down and tell him I have no plans to bring it back at this point. I think I should just do something completely new and like I said I do have new plans for down the road and it will be a nice change of pace I'm sure it will be another success one way or another.


Thursday, July 11, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Catch Up Schedule

                   Today's post is the post I have been dreading to write. This is the catch up schedule blog post and to be honest it will be quite difficult to figure out when I will be posting stuff up especially being on a very tight schedule especially. Anyways this is the schedule I am aiming to post it up on the Audio Only and now also Video as this is now a thing indefinitely thing added into the podcast. Anyways here is the schedule between the 12th and the 16th which is 4 days to catch up:

Monday, July 15th, 2019: Amazing Race Canada 7 RECAP, 9 pm EST (Audio ONLY)

Tuesday, July 16th, 2019:  Big Brother US 21 RECAP, 9 pm EST (Audio ONLY)

                 There is the schedule and aiming towards the end of the schedule and honestly it gives me the 12th to the 14th in the schedule to get caught up and by the time I hit the Wednesday I am back to recording again so I will have no time to rest really but I am OK with it and I am sure the energy level will be restored as I will have had time off and will help me and carry me the rest of the season technically.  I promise you guys that I will have things up on schedule for you guys and get caught up very fast so we can get back on a normal schedule as well. I really missed you guys while gone and was mostly active in the evenings on social media as I did have my cell phone with me while I was away but on in the evening but I'm back and getting to work tomorrow as tonight is about me to get settled back in and tomorrow back to the grind of things. If I can if I have time I will be posting it up earlier but depends but the schedule above is really just a guide but I will be definitely totally focused over the next couple of days for sure!


Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Coming Home Tomorrow!

             As you all know I pre-written posts for over my holiday so I am not leaving you guys hanging for nearly a week but tomorrow things we will be coming to a full swing as we are going to be back home from holidays and which means I will have a bunch of content to write as I will be blogging my ears off for you guys to what I have been up to for the last 6 days while on vaca from being in this studio for such a long time now.  I am however excited to be back home and getting back into the swing of things again and continue to podcast for you guys. I know I probably worrying about losing subscribers but I put a notice on the last episode that I am away but if I lose a couple of subs then it is what it is. But I know you guys are very understanding if something goes all to heck especially technically but again I cannot make a damn excuse as I got the other microphone I can use by switching seats temporarily while I try and fix it. However the tech issues now are very mimimal at this point. I am looking forward to getting back behind the microphone and recording again but it was a nice break for me but always nice to get back to normal.

              Anyways I will make sure to have a safe journey home as we drove out instead of flying and looking forward to catching up with you guys and the way the blog posts to catch up on what I was up to at the East Coast is Days 1 & 2 will be in one post, then Days 3 & 4 on another and finally Days 5 & 6, so 3 posts it will take to get covered then we will be back into normal everyday topics on the blog so it will be span 3 days that is it. It has been a fun filled trip and I have so much to talk about and excited to write the posts once I start writing again after catching up on things being back in the studio over the next couple of days. Speaking of which the next couple of days will consist of me recording podcasts and getting back on track. As for Twitch as you know I streamed on the weekend before I left and I am not sure when I will be back to it as I made the switch to do the podcast which will be explained eventually as it is only in the testing phases right now. Either way I feel energized to continue on with the podcast for the rest of the summer and excited to what is coming next for the podcast, blog and the website!


Tuesday, July 9, 2019

What TV Show's Will I Watch Next?

             I am close to finishing up Home Improvement and hopefully it was finished as I am talking like I have completed the show but if not definitely when I return back to Ontario as I am currently still out of the country down in the East Coast in Boston, USA. Now the question is what is next and I do got a few ideas in the back of my mind to what I would like to watch and this is why I am doing my list. So I know I probably did write something like this before but let's just say this is an updated version of my list and maybe I will actually watch the series I mentioned this time around. Anyways here is the list of shows I would like to watch, the updated version:

1) Monk-  I would like to actually re watch the entire season from start to finish as I haven't seen that show in a very long time.

2) Frasier-  I have never seen the show before and would like to give it a shot at watching it and seeing if I really am enjoy the show but I can always say no if I do not like it whatsoever I can always stop.

3) Last Man Standing-  I watched the entire season 7 of the show and highly enjoyed it. It felt like the Home Improvement show minus Tool Time, also Tim breaking things every time he supped up things with "More Power" smh. Either way it is similar but instead of Tim having 3 boys its 3 girls. 

4) Seinfeld- Funny show and I have seen episodes here and there when I visited my aunts when they were still with us before they passed on in 2008 and 2015. But they both loved that show and I think we still got the DVD's here in the house. 

              There is my list and I am going to start with these and I think I may start with Last Man Standing as I wanna kind of get the gist of things so I will be starting that probably soon but I do have to work on the Power Rangers Podcast for the fall first but soon as I am finished both of those seasons I will be definitely getting into it even if it crossed during the new season I will still binge watch the older seasons. From there who knows what I will wanna watch next, that isn't determined but we will see how things are as I'm sure November or December I will be back preparing for the next June recording so time is limited but when I get time this is what I do with my time honestly.


Monday, July 8, 2019

My Favorite Simpson Moments

             Today's post I would like to talk about my favorite moments on The Simpsons which yes it is still on air and will be back for a 31st and 32nd season which they originally said Season 30 was going to be the end of the series but I guess Fox wanted more seasons which is amazing and I will be tuning into the show in the fall when it returns and it has been years since I have seen the show honestly. Anyways here are a list of my top 5 favorite moments on the show:

1) Homer Mocking Mr Burns- Homer standing up doing stand up comedy and failing and had to do I'm Mr. Burns, Blah, blah, do this do that, blah, blah. I think I'm so great, blah, blah, blah.

2) Homer Vs. New York City- Homer vs. New York City  and him using the bathroom and one tower out of order then him running from the one to the other then him looking down and saw the police officer giving him yet another ticket and he lets a loud Doh!

3) Bart Passes With a C Minus- Bart doing not so well in school ending up with a snow day and he decides to buckle down and study to pass as if he didn't he would of had to repeat the 4th grade again. At the end he passed just slightly and ended up kissing Krabappel his teacher.

4) Mother Simpson- Homer's mom is in this episode, he goes to what is suppose to be where she is buried as Homer knew she had passed away but when he started freakin out when it was Walt Whitman. Also the city of Springfield thought Homer wasn't alive anymore.

5) Homer In Space- Homer in space eating potato chips to the tune Blue Danube which is a classical and well known piece.

              That is my top 5 list as like I say for majority of these lists, I do not want to make it too long as I say as always, it would be a very long post and I honestly do not wanna make this a overly long post but it has proved that longer posts you guys do enjoy so I think I am planning to write a lot more. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed today's post as I enjoyed writing these and I will talk to you guys in tomorrow's post.


Sunday, July 7, 2019

Am I Going To Do Something For Everything About Reality TV's 5th Year On Air?

           So Am I Going To Do Something For Everything About Reality TV's 5th Year On Air? I really would like to do something but it is just 5 years on the air.  If something is going to happen and I think there will be no big podcast recording but I think I am going to have my Co-Founder of the podcast, Larry here to celebrate the success of the podcast and I will see if I can get a few alumni to come to celebrate the success but we will see what I can do. As of right now we have recorded 200 + episodes of the podcast which is many hours of content for you guys and the podcast deserve a special celebration which is an accomplishment. Now I do not know what the plan is beyond September 24th, 2020 as I have not yet confirmed it that far but I can say up to September 24th the podcast will be around till then at the most as I am planning in the new year that it will be back for Big Brother Canada, Survivor, Amazing Race 32 in the winter and spring and Big Brother US 22 in the summer so I do not know what is the plan beyond the 24th of September of next year but hopefully it'll be back but I am already planning things already but it is not a good idea to get too far ahead of myself. However don't think I have been thinking about it and I have been thinking what I would like to do but at the same time I really wanna wait till it make 10 years on the air if it goes that far but again cannot say as it depends what shows there is to cover.

            I take things from season to season basis and I have said this many times in the past as long there is Reality TV Shows to cover this podcast is here to stay. I just do not want to get way ahead of myself and something happens to this podcast but if it continues in Fall 2020, then I will definitely think about it but it is OK for me for think about the 5th Anniversary of the podcast being on air for that long but really I have one idea and one idea only to be thinking about it but planning should take place by Spring of next year to what I would like to do. I really do not think I will be doing a lot of planning this year and wait it out till next year towards the middle of the year to do the planning if I do plan on it because knowing me it could be out of sight out of mind and I could end up technically planning, I am just unsure. If I really want to, I could wait till the 10 year mark but again it depends on the shows and if it continues to run but again like I mentioned it is a season to season basis and I am always on my feet for what is to happen next! 


Saturday, July 6, 2019

Minecraft Catastrophe 2 Weeks Ago!

          About 2 weeks ago, I was fiddling around with my old Minecraft world and honestly things were going fine up to the point of the game crashing constantly and I never had the mods on as that was what was always crashing the game. I got rid of the mod very quickly but then it still crashed and it crashed over and over again so I said the heck with it, I deleted the file but do not worry I still got it with the house, barn and Garden Center still in tact. I did all that work on the under ground barn and garden center in the water. However like I said the only reason why I raged quit was cause of the game crashing. Yes I could of back up the file technically and I should of honestly which was a huge mistake but at least the old world is staying as it is and there is no change to it. I kind of regret putting the map mod up on there which I think it is the entire culprit of the issue that I had and the reason why the game suddenly decided to just start crashing non stop on me so it became apparent it wasn't worth playing the old world and just move on and yes I could do something else and that is what I am thinking about but I could mod it but then there could be more crashes involved. I guess certain mods cause the game to crash from time to time.

             I think right now, I am going to play other games for now and just focus on finishing up these games. I think not starting anything new is probably the best thing. Either way I have been very active with Isaac and also Rocket League as I have been playing quite a lot and I think at this point these are the games I should really focus on these ones first then the next focus would be doing a modded Minecraft and I am not sure what gave me the idea to actually dig out Minecraft again to play it. Maybe it was for my niece technically but I guess now I have to explain to them that the game kept on crashing and have an idea what is going on but it is best if I just focus on other games and really with the schedule now becoming more busy with the podcast so I am going to have very limited time for a schedule with two podcasts a week, I will definitely be busy but when I get time, I will get to play video games but it depends how busy I am from a day to day basis. 


Friday, July 5, 2019

Schedule While I Am Away....

              I obviously pre-written for me as I am currently on my way to Boston, Massachusetts on my East Coast journey with my family for another family vacation which will help ease down my stress levels honestly with the quick and very fast transition. Anyways the purpose of this post is what is the schedule for the podcast when I am back home after the trip? Well I was looking at the scheduling and made the decision and this is what I am currently am thinking:

The Amazing Race Canada 7 (Will be on it's own, as one will be recorded and I will be able to post an episode up) It is sounding like I know the day we are leaving for our USA trip.

Big Brother US Season 21 (Will be doubling up the episode with 2 weeks worth unless I can make the time to catch up and it could be separate but I am more leaning towards making the move to double it up to play catch up and get back on the right track.)

                  So either way I will have the recaps up and do not be alarmed if the feed goes quiet while I am away as I do not have a laptop to do the podcast from on the road so I will have to take some time off from the podcast and obviously I do not have anyone to actually replace me and I id reach out but not much response in the past so now I have to play catch up with the podcast which I am sure you guys do not mind but just hope you guys will hang in there for a week and a few days so I can get organized to record and get them out to you guys. I will try to not waste time when I get back and work hard to catch up as the summer after that I will be definitely will be around for the remainder of the summer as I am not planning to be going out of town for a good amount of days so I am all yours when I return back to here in Ontario. One last point I would like to make is once I am back and settled back in, I will be working on posts about my holiday but I will be doing it with that is I will be covering Days 1 to 3 in one post, Day 4 to 7 so it will span to two days then we will be getting back to a normal on a daily basis so it will be nice but either way I am going to enjoy this break for myself.


Thursday, July 4, 2019

Last Post For A While....

              This is my last post for a while as tomorrow I am off on my trip with my parents for 6 days and on my way to Boston for a vacation and this has been talked about for the past couple of years. I am excited to be getting away from here and last night it finally clicked that I am seriously am leaving for 6 days. You will notice on the podcast that I spoke for a good 5 minutes with instructions to what to do and (not to unsubscribe) from the Audio ONLY feeds and to hang in there and obvious talking about no live broadcast on Twitch till July 18th so I am giving you guys the instructions about the Audio ONLY for when I do return home to get caught up a lot more easily. Today besides me going to my grandma, I will be wrapping up all the small things around the studio for tomorrow as things are being shutdown for a while. Either way not much work will be done, minus maybe writing down ideas for future blog posts when I get back as I need to start planning out more posts but that is the only thing. I won't have my CBOTW Shirt or tags, this is legitimately my time off, when I said I needed a break I meant it. I sure do need a mental break from this and my brain is working a mile a minute right now so I sure do need the break and this is why I pre-written posts up a bit passed with me returning home. 

                 It will take me two day to get down to Boston but either way today I am going to work hard all day to get all posts done and get the podcast posted up as it is currently sitting on my desktop at the moment as it was recorded Live on Twitch late last night after the episode aired on TV. Either way today will be a busy day indeed  to prepare for the shutdown of CBOTW Studios for 6 days. Next live blog post that I write will not be for quite some time as I have written ton of content for you guys up to the 14th or 15th of this month if I remember correctly that is when I start writing newer posts for you guys. Finally I wanna say I will miss you guys while I am gone. I will post here and there on socials to what I am up to in the evenings and posts will automatically through twitter and is the only time I will auto tweet things is blog posts and podcasts but either then that majority of my posts are live from me Tweeting. Anyways have a great week and looking forward to catching up with you guys when I get back and getting back into the grind of things once again.


P.S. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY to all my American fans out there! 

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Changes!

              Tonight is going to be a busy from watching Big Brother 21 to actually going on the air to actually on at 910 pm EST! I am very excited to be back to live broadcasts and i actually am excited even if I do not get many listeners but I will be promoting it through tonight's podcast as I am posting up The Amazing Race Canada at 9 pm EST but also I will end up live so I can see about bringing in my listeners in if they would like to see me in the live setting of a podcast. So I can definitely bring in listeners if I mention it and eventually people will notice the channel but you guys can follow the channel at It will definitely be great to get back into the grind to actually stream the podcast again. Now the schedule will be changing a tad and I needed to explain the schedule so this is why I am doing this post. So here is the new schedule and have to update the website schedule eventually:

Wednesdays: 9 pm EST: Amazing Race Canada 7 RECAP (Audio ONLY)
                        9:10 PM EST: Big Brother 21 RECAP (Live On Twitch.TV!)

Thursdays: 9 pm EST: Big Brother 21 RECAP (Audio ONLY)

               There is the schedule and I think by the week after the 10th we are switching over to Thursday Nights for the live podcast as the schedule for Big Brother will be moving over days but there will be another blog post when I am switching over days but it will be after I get back as tomorrow is the last day I am here before I am off on my East Coast USA adventure. Obviously you wanna know what is staying Audio ONLY and on Video for eality TV Shows, so here it is again since i am really making this happen:

Video and On Audio ONLY:

Big Brother
Big Brother Canada
Celebrity Big Brother

Audio ONLY:

Amazing Race
Amazing Race Canada
Music City on CMT

                 A lot of changes that has been changed over the course of the last couple of days and change is good but I just gotta get my sleep schedule re adjusted and then I will be good to go one way or another I will be happy with all of these changes.  I literally changed the title of this at least 10 times while writing it this morning.


Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Hard To Predict But Not Thinking About Everything About Reality TV's 300th Episode

            It is really hard to tell when the 300th episode will be as right now we're at the 220th episode so it hard to predict as it could be sometime next year as usual, it could be sooner. I think I did the calculations, that's right I did the math and as much as I want it to happen right now I need to focus on the podcast with this season as right now things have not been as easy as I thought lately. I want to get threw this season first before things settle down with 1 podcast a week in the fall. I need to take it one season at a time and I think I am just thinking far ahead of myself so I need to slow down right now and with vacation coming up quite quickly as I am heading south east of the border for 6 days so I just gotta take things one day at a time. To think about 300 episodes right now, it is not the time right now. Also I have been thinking about Everything About Reality TV's Podcast 5th year on the air as of next year that has always been on my mind as well but right now I need to focus on this season first before anything else. 

               300 episodes is a lot to think about, however right now I shouldn't worry about it and honestly I know already that I will again not do anything special for the 300th episode or have guests on as I rather wait till the 500th episode and I honestly got a funny feeling it will happen down the road especially. 300 is a lot but I really rather stay focused right now and when the time comes closer then I can give you guys a schedule to when it happens but right now it is all about covering Big Brother 21 and The Amazing Race Canada 7 at the time and should be the only focus right now as I need to keep on the right track as I haven't been watching Big Brother 21 nor caught up with it recently but will work on it today before both episodes tonight. Anyways that is besides the point right now as EP # 300 will approach fast but I am just not thinking about it, as I am thinking about getting through the next week and a half and what not.


Monday, July 1, 2019

I Just Do Not Know Anymore...

               Friendships has been tested this year between 3 friendships which are now done, I am at a point, I just do not want to do Chris B On The Web for what I was doing before. I know I have become quite popular with Everything About Reality TV but honestly since the friendship I have made a decision maybe I need to step down from the Big Brother 21 and Amazing Race Canada 7 recaps for the summer, however I do not have anyone to replace me, so I am stuck with the recaps but I maybe I just need to get the heck away from here for 6 days and yes I am referring to the holiday I am taking. I just cannot be done with Everything About Reality TV like that, I have gained so many listeners over time and to quit now while I have a good momentum with viewership and now adding on to the list Twitch.TV as a video platform since I am refusing the heck out of YouTube as the platform is not like it use to honestly.  Right now it is hard for me to even think about the podcast even though I made a plan to continue on with the podcast but right now, I am starting to have second thoughts. I know this podcast has been running since September 2015 which this year marks the 4th year of it being on the air, I just do not wanna to let you guys down and I am made so many strides in the last year with being reached out by companies and of course network that reached out to me about covering Music City so there is reason why this podcast has stayed around such a long time.

               I honestly do not know what to do, I lost pretty much all my listeners on Twitch and have to start from scratch again, this is why I wanted to stay Audio ONLY and unsure if to go to YouTube or Twitch or where as my Twitch account is on it's last leg as it has been banned twice so I really have to be careful but I never really thought about doing video whatsoever with the podcast and even before getting more and more requests to do the podcast live, I just not sure if it is the right fit for it honestly but giving it a go indefinitely and I know I have people interested and maybe once I get the ball rolling with the podcast it will be a lot more busier in the chatroom but do not forget I am just started out. I should just try and go with the flow and maybe I am just over thinking things especially with going away this Friday and nervous for when I return home to catching back up with it. It will all work out in the end and I am sure I'll be just fine. I just gotta get through being down and depressed and being around a friend is what I just need tomorrow and I cannot wait to hangout with them.