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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

2007 I Had Two Different Types of Pies!

            In 2007, my parents and I went to Halifax and we visted family, my Cousin, Uncle and Aunt. We had a visit there and on the way there my aunt and uncle and a visit on the way back along with my cousin as well. Anyways on the way there I got to try Blueberry pie which was to die for, was the best blueberry pie I ever had, actually the only time I had it as my aunt made the best. 

             Not only that I tried something that is a French delicatessen for the Province of Quebec and that is Sugar Pie which I did a review recently on the French-Canadian Pavilion that also reminded me of my Aunt Ja Mas' pie she made as it was exactly the same taste as hers and why I wanted to do this post to talk about it. Was a fun trip and was nice to visit family and the last time I saw family till this year so always appreciate my time with the family, it is the upmost importance to me and yes I am a big family man as it is very important to me. That is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas! (Christmas 2020)

             I just wanted to write a short message to wish you all an Merry Christmas and hope you all make the best of this holiday, despite the circumstances this year with the pandemic. Please do stay home, stay safe, follow all the restrictions that you are under. Breaking the rules just to see family is definitely not worth it honestly, there is a thing called Zoom Call or Skype or Discord or even Facebook Video call or even better yet, FaceTime which I use quite often during this pandemic with friends as I am staying in touch. Even a phone call you can also do, there are tons of ways you can talk to your love ones during this pandemic. Anyways I am rambling on right now and I wanna say is stay safe, stay home, wash your hands thoroughly and just enjoy Christmas with the family in the immediate household and there will be a time you will your loved ones just have to be patient as we are just coming out with the vaccine for this entire thing. I am still having dinner with my parents since I still live with them and thankful to be with them still and taking care of them and helping. Either way please do enjoy your Christmas, make the best of it and I will be talking to you guys tomorrow and apologies for a very short and sweet post but I promise you guys it will be longer down the road as I am trying to do this in a few short hours so you guys got some kind of post coming out.


Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter 2020!

             I'd like to wish you guys a very Happy Easter. I admit this Easter is different from any other Easter due to these times of uncertainty. I admit this Easter been working extra hours to get things caught up and I got my time off scheduled which is Tuesday and Wednesday before I get back to normal schedule for myself. However I am planning to spend an hour or so with my parents to playing games and cannot wait for the Ham, Mashed Potatoes, veggies of some sort and for dessert Pumpkin Pie which was courtesy of my brother and sister in law. I hope you guys enjoy and make the best of your Easter under these extreme circumstances but make the best of it. Hopefully the next holiday we will be back with our own families. I am taking this time and have been taking this time to spend as much time as I can with my parents and been spending a ton more time with my parents and it really has brought me closer to them spending this time. Even during Holy Week leading into Easter my dad and I been spending time watching the mass and service with each other. Even if you are with your parents or with someone you love, you can still make the best of this Easter.

              Still can have Easter but it will be a smaller group and honestly what I am speculating is that my brother, sister in law and the kids probably will have a dinner once this is all said and done but we just do not know honestly. We could be making up and I think we will.  Those are my two cents and again, have a wonderful Easter, be safe, stay home is the best thing.  However it will be a really odd Easter but I guess in the end you just have to make the best of it. I know I sound a bit down and I am as it is not my holiday routine that we are having and this whole situation as you guys know I have been dealing with my mental health but patience is truly a virtue and I need to show a little patience. However I will make the best of this Easter and hope you guys will too and please stay home and stay safe and I will talk to you guys in the next post tomorrow. 


Thursday, February 27, 2020

Thoughts On Lying, Trust and Happiness

              Now this is a subject that I have never really covered this blog before but what do I think of lying? Obviously I am the most truthful, open and honest person you guys can ever meet. I was raised to be a honest person and I admit things pretty quickly and do not hide how I really feel. Now lying, I just do not like and been lied to in the past or people turning their back on me out of nowhere. I have even been helping with making my niece and nephew a very honest person. Honestly lying, I find it as it breaks a point of trust with anyone and I honestly find it tough to keep a friendship afloat as well. Lying just hurts the relationships you are in or even a friendship or even within your own family, they will find it tough to honestly trust you again. It will also make you having to earn their trust back in the process which can take a very long time and I know how it feels. Look at Eric and Larry for example, they both have had our differences in the past with one another but look at us. I can really say that both of them are 2 of my best friends now and we are our friendship is so strong now. I am using them as an example as I said we have had a rocky friendship at times and I will not go into detail but the point I am trying to make, were stronger then we were before.

            You know I have been too trusting and I admit that co-heartily and this year, I think I am going to change things  this year and going to be tougher with that honestly. Last year I had friends turn on me and I felt like an outcast and I think I just feel like I was too trusting and be lied to. I want to be a happy and healthier person. I openly admit my mental health this year needs to change . Honestly change is good and I am good with change now these days. When I was just found out that I have autism, which you guys know I do not talk about very often online but I found change tough but now, it's a piece of cake for me and I am good with change to this day. So this is my thoughts on lying, trust and happiness and I hope you guys enjoyed this topic and if you guys would like any other topics to cover on the blog, please let me know in  the comments below.


Thursday, December 26, 2019

Christmas 2019!

           First all Merry Christmas and I know I am a day late but between me trying to sleep properly to traveling. One of the real reasons I have been away from social media recently is because I have been spending a ton of time with the family and was my entire intention during the holidays. My holidays so far since I have today off which I know there will be a ton of TV, YouTube and gaming today so I do not plan to do anything. Right now I am enjoying what I have left of my final day before holidays are up and I am back to work tomorrow and I know what I need to do tomorrow and that is typing up the notes for Power Rangers Podcast and I hope to get it all done before Jan 1st so there will be a ton of long nights for me and lots of YouTube videos, Big Brother Canada and what not but worth it as I hope to end up recording sometime in January/Hopefully. So with Christmas we celebrated my sister in law's birthday then we came back over the next day for Christmas Eve dinner and we had perogies with onions. Also had Smoked Salmon but I had breaded fish as I am not a big fan of Salmon but I tried it one way or another and it was really good! 

            Now Christmas Day, yesterday which I should of still written a post for you guys but I did not due to me feeling tired but yet I wrote this at 4 am this morning, never a dull moment around here even when I am off. Anyways my brother, sister in law, niece and nephew, aunt and uncle my parents and I had dinner. Had turkey, mash taters as I always call it, Corn, stuffing, buns, all good stuff honestly. Gift wise I got the missing Star Wars movies I got, pair of pants, more socks (meh). Also I got Futurama which is a cartoon series but hope to collect every volume from the start to finish. Also a gift card for Best Buy for 40 dollars which is really cool and plan on going after the New Year to see what I can get with it! It was another amazing Christmas and I really enjoyed my time with my family and look forward to getting back to sort of a normal schedule but remember with the New Years coming the studio will be empty once again for December 31st, 2019 & January 1st, 2020 for the New Years Eve and Day,


Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Coming Home Tomorrow!

             As you all know I pre-written posts for over my holiday so I am not leaving you guys hanging for nearly a week but tomorrow things we will be coming to a full swing as we are going to be back home from holidays and which means I will have a bunch of content to write as I will be blogging my ears off for you guys to what I have been up to for the last 6 days while on vaca from being in this studio for such a long time now.  I am however excited to be back home and getting back into the swing of things again and continue to podcast for you guys. I know I probably worrying about losing subscribers but I put a notice on the last episode that I am away but if I lose a couple of subs then it is what it is. But I know you guys are very understanding if something goes all to heck especially technically but again I cannot make a damn excuse as I got the other microphone I can use by switching seats temporarily while I try and fix it. However the tech issues now are very mimimal at this point. I am looking forward to getting back behind the microphone and recording again but it was a nice break for me but always nice to get back to normal.

              Anyways I will make sure to have a safe journey home as we drove out instead of flying and looking forward to catching up with you guys and the way the blog posts to catch up on what I was up to at the East Coast is Days 1 & 2 will be in one post, then Days 3 & 4 on another and finally Days 5 & 6, so 3 posts it will take to get covered then we will be back into normal everyday topics on the blog so it will be span 3 days that is it. It has been a fun filled trip and I have so much to talk about and excited to write the posts once I start writing again after catching up on things being back in the studio over the next couple of days. Speaking of which the next couple of days will consist of me recording podcasts and getting back on track. As for Twitch as you know I streamed on the weekend before I left and I am not sure when I will be back to it as I made the switch to do the podcast which will be explained eventually as it is only in the testing phases right now. Either way I feel energized to continue on with the podcast for the rest of the summer and excited to what is coming next for the podcast, blog and the website!


Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter 2019!

                 First of all I have to say, Happy Easter to you all! I love this time of the year like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Today I am spending time with my family, my brother, sister in law my niece and nephew and of course my parents and I will be having dinner this afternoon not long after this post goes live here on Yes I am taking 2 days off from the podcast right now as I need a tiny break as I have been going non stop since January and need to take a break from it all but mind you I am still watching the live feeds and reminder I did remove live feed stuff as you guys did not like the idea as I lost mad amount of subscribers. Anyways I got some things the kids and I can do as I will be the entertainer for the kids especially. My friends call me Entertainment Man for a reason and why a certain web series which is no longer active as a series no more is running but another story and could just be a Throwback story for this week actually. This will be a nice break for me and gets my mind off of all this craziness and preparing for the future of CBOTW.

                  So with saying what I had to say and I know this is not the longest post in the world but I wanted to take the time and wish you all a very Happy Easter and there will be a post tomorrow but in the way of work nothing else is being worked on and I will be back in Studio working on podcasts and that darn menu bar trying to make it work better. I think I do know the issue but I have to find it in the CSS Code to where it will make it work. Anyways I hope you all have a great Easter with your family and I will be back back tomorrow with another post which will be an amazing post that is coming out to you guys tomorrow.


Sunday, April 14, 2019

Looking Forward To Easter and 2 Days I Will Have Off!

             After this week being even more chaotic then last week, I am just looking forward to sitting down with the family and enjoying everyone's company at Easter dinner and of course my is to entertain my niece and nephew we will either be in my room, or playing hide and go seek or video games which they haven't seen me play for the longest time since I have been busy taking care of my mom and her full knee replacement. So you can see my dilemma but I get through. I honestly I thought that we weren't going to have Easter with my parents, brother, sister in law, my niece and nephew and my grandma but my mom is progressing very well in her recovery that we are able to have Easter as my dad and my brother got the dinner covered but I offered to help but like I said I will be with my niece and nephew keeping them entertained during their visit. I know were are planning on a more simple dinner since we are limited on the help this year as my mom will be sidelined to helping and I will be making sure she is not helping. This will be definitely be looking forward to relaxing for once as I need to relax and like I said on the blog post that yes I said last week was a very stressful week for me and this week will be a busy week for me so it will be to sit back let loose and just do nothing for the day. Monday as well I am planning to take the time off Monday too. I just need that break and even if it is a day or 2 here and there that is a good thing and I know I will have 2 extra days the week Easter Sunday is on that Thursday, the 25th as I may actually be out of town but I will know this week. Also the 2nd of May I am out of town again. I am out of town quite a bit leading up to the Big Brother Canada 7 Finale.

                I love the Easter holiday or any holiday so to speak as it is a time for me to rest and get my juices in my head but any holidays I do enjoy any holiday honestly because I like to spend the time with the family and it really gets my mind off of things as my mind is always on CBOTW 24-7 pretty much. My world seems to always revolve running this website and making sure you guys are happy. However, it is a good idea to actually unplug from the online life I live on a regular basis. Sometimes to unplug for a while here and there is really good idea as you cannot keep going on and on stressing yourself out. Sometimes you have to say what the heck and unplug from social media. However I sometimes take a day or two to myself and not worry about it whatsoever. I can look forward to the 2 days off and the odd day off over the next couple of weeks which help me prepare for shows ending their season runs and moving into the off season transition very smoothly.


Sunday, December 16, 2018

I'm Excited for Christmas and New Years!

           I am pretty much done with my Christmas shopping all together but I still gotta get my grandma something and that is pretty much it for Christmas shopping but I dread it every year but it's part of the holiday season. I know my Grandma told me to not get her anything but I am as shes family and I have always gotten her something each and every year. I usually procrastinate with not shopping till the final week before Christmas but this year I wanted to get it entirely done ahead of time. I do not like shopping for a long period time, especially if I do not know where or what I am getting family members so it does make it tough to know where but if you know where you have to go then it sure as heck makes it a lot easier. I need to get the one present then I am done. 

           Now am I excited for Christmas? Of course I am. It is time for me to spend a lot of time with the family and not so much in the studio hence why I have shutdown days where I will not even be in the studio to work on things. That announcement is coming tomorrow's post on here. I know my niece and nephew, brother and sister and law are up north but still got my parents here, my grandma and I know we will definitely do something at least on Christmas Day this year in the afternoon. I cannot believe it's Christmas time already and also this year is almost over and a new year is upon us which means big plans for CBOTW is coming! The domain is coming back, desk is being rebuilt mid 2019, second boom arm is being added so a lot to be excited for. 

           The biggest part like I said is spending time with family and we hope to have the neighbors over on New Years eve to celebrate and ring in 2019 with them as my neighbor actually mentioned it when I saw her last so that will be nice as we haven't do that in years so it will be nice to be in company of the neighbors as well. Also when my niece, nephew, brother and sister in law gets back we will be having a late Christmas celebration so that will be nice and not sure if were hosting yet or they will but either way that is our tradition when they are north for Christmas Day, we get together after they get back on the 26th or 27th. 


Monday, June 18, 2018

Spent Time With My Dad on Father's Day

                On Saturday, I spent some time with my dad for Father's day and I spent time with him his afternoon too by watching some of the golf with him again hence I have hardly been on today but I enjoyed the father's day weekend with my dad. Watched the US Open Golf Tournament and it was good. I was getting over excited as the golf was all over the place and one person was in the lead, then someone else was in the lead an hour later it was quite exciting as nobody stayed in the lead at all in the US Open this year. Also the fact that the greens were fast when the golfers hit the actual ball. It can easily roll off the green in a heart beat! 

                Food wise, yes watching the US Open we had food, we were there for dinner. We had Hot Italian, Macedonia and Oktoberfest Sausages, Meat on a stick, and stuffed potato. It was a great dinner, so filling, so fattening but I could care less as I am now officially back on my diet now and want to get below 200 pounds and I plan on it and that will be a blog post for another day. But I ate everything on my plate and trust me it was piled up good enough but I was full by the end of the meal. Was enough to fill me up as now I have lost a little over 10 pounds.

               Finally, if you are wondering, yes I got to see my Niece and Nephew on and off, which was nice and they came over to give me a hug and talk to me about things but for the most part they knew I was there to watch the golf but during dinner I talk to them short time in between and just before I left to come home after a fun time. So yes it was nice to be there and got to see my brother friend after almost 2 years of not seeing him last. I just relaxed and prepped this blog. As for yesterday I watched the golf a bit with my dad yesterday and once again it was all over the place but as it came to the final stretch Koepa stayed at + 1 to win the tournament. 


Saturday, June 9, 2018

What I Did On My Day Off Yesterday!

              As you all know I was off yesterday, I just needed a break from it all, the stress with all the work load being piled up on me. So my dad, my niece and nephew which I approved them coming along, I wouldn't say no to them coming along with us any day of the week, so they came along as they had the day off of school due to a P.A. Day and we went to Toronto for the day. We took the GO Train into Toronto so it was easier to get home quite quickly and I will get into that shortly as something did happen on the way home. We got into Toronto, had a quick lunch at Subway, saw the Rogers Center dome opening for the baseball game little later on for the Blue Jays Vs The Orioles. 

We got onto the Island we went to Centreville and went on a few rides, The Antique Cars which as you can see on the right side I wasn't driving, that was my nephew who was the driver as he was driving a little erratically but with me coaching him, he got better very quickly and is a great listener when I try to help him improve on things. But he did extremely well with the driving of an old antique car like this one. Also it was quite difficult to get my fat rear end into the seat of this car as it was a tight squeeze and hard also with my bad back as well. Also we went onto the Swan Ride and I steered the swam around with my niece. We then had ice cream and headed back to the ferry and we were on our way back home to Durham Region, Ontario and the next part of my day continues.

                We got back home just for a minute for a pit stop break and we were back out the door to go to my brother and sister in Law's for dinner. We had veal Parmesan, Fucilli noodles with red or white sauce, also stuffed Portabello Mushrooms which I tried it even though I am not a big Mushroom fan but I loved it and I would eat it in the nearby future. I played Minecraft on the PS3 and I still totally do not like it on PS3 whatsoever because of the very slow moment in the game and my nephew Nathan's chest wasn't opening when I had it open before so something must of happened. I felt bad I lost my niece's horse she had and my nephews one fire aspect sword which I was ready to walk out the door but I didn't. I stayed and built my nephew a ice berg for his model Lego Titanic which mind you it took me a while to try and figure out the actual dynamics of building it out of Lego for him but he very much appreciated me doing that for him as well. That was my day, it was a busy day and I really enjoyed it but time to get back to work today and tomorrow, then planning one last day off then getting down to the nitty gritty of things! 


Tuesday, April 3, 2018

How My Easter Day 2018 Went!

           So I promised you guys I would talk about how my Easter went with my family and I know my life is pretty boring to you guys but hey I don't mind sharing certain things about my personal life especially when I am spending time with my family! I know you guys enjoy the pictures I post of my family and I on Instagram. 

            Anyways, it was a great dinner and get together with my brother, sister in law, niece and nephew and of course my parents and I. Soon as they arrived to the house here, I ran the Easter Egg hunt with the kids which I do pretty much every year or the years they are down here for Easter but for the most part they are here every Easter to celebrate Easter with us. Of course after the kids wanted to play Minecraft down here in the studio so I came down we played Minecraft and created something called the Snow Gollum & Iron Snow Gollum which still I got no clue what the heck it is 2 days later but it's cool, I was on my file recently (last night) and made a bunch of em. I need to make more snow Gollums, they will protect me from the enemies. Anyways they taught me something new, that I never knew this actually existed on the game till my own niece and nephew taught me this. Also I showed em what I was up to with Farming Simulator 17 after dinner as well.

              Dinner wise we had Ham, Mashed Potatoes, carrots, broccoli (yuck!),  Pork kebabs, Chicken Fingers. It was really delicious! I usually have wine and I said I was but ended up drinking Milk... SMH. Don't know where my head was at, so much going on. I was to distracted entertaining my niece and nephew I guess! We also got some pictures taken and I got a new picture taken with the kids and boy they are growing up so fast! Overall a great time with the fam and enjoyed every moment of being with my family and it was a nice break from working on Chris B On The Web on Sunday. I was going to record Sunday but then thought, nah, I am going to take the day off and have a day of rest instead and I have been working too hard and needed this break.


Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter!

             First thing I would like to say on this blog post for today is Happy Easter! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter with your family. I love this holiday just like Thanksgiving & Christmas because I love being with my family and spending time with them during the holiday season and being around with the people I love. I admit I am excited to be taking a break from this chaos and like I said this morning at 215 am EST, I have been busy leading up to Easter Sunday which is today. I want to talk about it today briefly. 

              Tuesday I went to the Chrism Mass with my dad as that is our tradition each and every year and we consider it father/son time with each other. On our walk from Union we stopped at the St. Stephan's Chapel where our former Pastor Fr. Guenter is in charge of running the chapel during the weekdays and we got to see him and chat with him for a little bit before we continued on our way. We stopped at the Eaton Center for a quick drink then we went on to St. Micheal's Cathedral Basilica for the Chrism Mass which our Cardinal, Cardinal Collins presided at the mass. We saw a few of our former seminarians and pastors of parishes we visit here and there as well. We then went to St. Lawrence Market for Fish and chips for me Clam Chowder & Chips. 

                 Now Thursday, had the Holy Thursday Mass locally with our Auxiliary Bishop for our area so we remained in Oshawa for Holy Thursday Mass and Adoration that night. Good Friday, we once again traveled back into Toronto for the Good Friday Service for 3 pm EST which this is one of the traditions my dad and I do every year. Usually Good Friday's we at at St Paul's Basilica and Easter Vigil we are back at St. Micheal's Cathedral.

                  So The Easter Vigil I dressed up nice, shirt, tie and sweater and we headed to St. Micheal's Cathedral. Now you probably wonder with my back is so so right now, how I managed with the sore back but I managed, don't worry I managed. The mass was beautiful, the music was beautiful they really decorated the parish really nice for the Easter celebration. He is truly risen! Hallelujah! 

               Lastly once again, I really hope you all have a very happy and safe Easter and enjoy your Easter with your family. I sure will! I will do a blog post about it tomorrow about my time with my family. 


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

My Christmas 2017!

               First of all I gotta say, hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and had a wonderful holiday, I sure did, kind of odd but it was a good Christmas all together, also sorry I am late for this point. I would consider it more of a very quiet Christmas this year as it wasn't like any normal Christmas I have had in the past! This year with my mom's side of the family not doing our traditional get together on Christmas Eve but that's not the point, the point is my brother, sister in law, my niece and nephew, my parents and I got together for Christmas Eve and it was fun, just finger foods, drinks and a good time. The kids wanted to see Minecraft what I have been up to but since changed and reverted back to the old world I had when I ended my playthrough of the game. I got my gift early which was dress boots for when I go to church every week for the winter season. Also got 

                Now, Christmas Day, I got from my grandma, Hawaii 5-O Seasons 4, 5 & 6 from her, now I need seasons 2, 3 & 7. My mom and dad and I went to my grandma's, my mom's mom and my aunts and uncles who live close enough to come and visit joined in and we had a wonderful visit, we had some Quiches one with egg and ham, the other with egg and spinach in it which was quite tasty if you ask me and I enjoyed it. Oh I almost forgot to mention I got to see some of my aunt and uncle's cruise trip but not all the pictures of their trip which we will get to see in the new year at some point. We got back I tried the best I could watching Hawaii 5-O but I ended up napping for an hour and a half  to 2 hours and this week I gotta make an effort to catch up on all the TV Shows, so that was a fail and a half with catching up on Television TV Shows. 

                   So in the afternoon we went to my brother and sister in laws, for Christmas and I got to play the Playstation 3 with my Niece and Nephew and of course we played Minecraft which will be my post tomorrow Minecraft On PC or PS3? Which One Do I Prefer? but I have played video games on Playstation before but not minecraft but again, that will be on tomorrow's blog post. We played on the floor a bit, hide and go seek, yet my nephew and I were good hiders, haha. We had dinner which was turkey, ham, mash potatoes, home made perogies made from both potatoes and cheese and pork which I had the pork which was different but really good and I would like to learn how to do the pork ones actually. I opened my gifts I got Simpsons Christmas DVD, apron for cooking as my brother, sister in law, my niece and nephew and even my parents know I love cooking and I need to do it more often! Also got Star Wars Battlefront II which is NOT compatible with my computer, I'd had have to update my entire computer to a I5 core 6600 or higher so I do not want to since this one is running smoothly most of the time, knock on wood, haha! I will take the game back as I got a gift receipt for it. I got The Simpsons Movie but I have it so I will be getting something else other then that. I played a tad bit of the WIIU with my nephew but didn't last long, we had a late dessert of Apple Pie played with the kids a bit more then I ended up cuddling with my nephew as both are sick and he kept me warm as I was getting cold. Overall it was a quiet but fun Christmas and I needed yesterday to re-cooperate from Christmas.

Have a good afternoon!


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas 2016!

I know I am a couple of days late but I wanted to write this blog post anyways... First of all it was a good Christmas, was a busy 2 days. The 24th (Christmas Eve) I went to my cousin Jason and cousin to be Karen's place for Christmas Eve and had a great time and re-connected with two of my cousin Corey and Chad. Last time I saw Corey was at my Grandma's 90th birthday party and Chad I haven't seen in 6 - 8 years! Got to talk to me Cousin Katherine which she married Corey this year so it was nice to talk with her, which I didn't get to at my Grandma's 90th so that was really nice. I got to see my pain in the butt Uncle Mike, got to pick on him a bit hahahaha, when don't I? I always pick on Mike and my Uncle Chuck all the time! I am glad I do not do YouTube anymore I  get more time to spend time with the family and look for a job which I got a job interview tomorrow which I am very excited about! 

Now on Christmas day, I got a new business ish bag for appointments, Dumb and Dumber To and Dumb and Dumber, some things for the shower, scratch tickets which I didn't win anything at all... SMH....  Anyways I got Grand Theft Auto 5 which I have been playing non stop recently so you can say it, I haven't been around online the last few days as I have been a hardcore gamer the last few days... hahaha, however i am getting use to the game and the controls of the game, let me tell you it is completely different from Grand Theft Auto IV. So also on Christmas Day, I started to cook Christmas Dinner what needed to be cooked, and everyone enjoyed it even though they said it sucked in a joke. But it felt good and if my brother, sister in law and my niece and nephew come here for dinner, I will plan on cooking once again, I sure enjoyed it.

I will talk to you guys on the next blog post, until then have a great night!