Wednesday, January 31, 2018

What Inspired Me To Do Podcasts?

        Monday, I was on the bus going out to do some running around when I was starting to think, I don't think I have covered this before, nor you guys have known what got me into podcasting. That is what today's blog post is about how this all began, how this came to be. However, you all know Everything About Reality TV began on YouTube but you do not know how I got inspired to do this. It took it a few years for me to embrace the idea of doing it full time. At the time, I was still doing YouTube at the time however I had a podcast of some sort but that was cancelled after a few months and I left it after that with the podcast world and primarily focused on YouTube. 

           Now you are wondering what inspired me to do podcasts? Well, some of you who have been following me since the beginning of social media presence back to my days on YouTube days. So back in the New Year of 2012 which I was still currently a student at college at the time but I decided to join the campus radio station, Riot Radio which ran from February till April, 2 months but it was fun. It taught me how to string together a good topic between the music to fill in, like even local music events, music news, anything interesting, even the the local weather. It also taught me to not be very nervous behind a microphone or on camera, which Riot Radio was not only Audio but also video, a visual radio station. Forwarding to 3 years later, with The Entertainment Man Talk Show on limbo I started podcasting with Everything About Reality TV and the rest is history!

            If you are wondering, Everything About Reality TV was inspired by Rob Has A Podcast and even Rob knows it as I mentioned it to him and thanked him for being an inspiration to me. So it is a two part inspiration to why I started to podcast. Also I have the passion to talk Reality TV, as you can tell from time to time, I can run my mouth on Twitter about it... LOL... It's the drive and passion I have for this, YouTube kind of died down for me after years of being loyal to the platform but I love to podcast, say what is on my mind, and also talk Reality TV or other TV Shows out there!


Monday, January 29, 2018

Vlogging VS. Blogging, Which One Is Better?

           I have been holding back this for quite some time now but I want to do this blog post Vlogging Vs Blogging which is better. This is only my opinion and what I think is better. Now as you know I have been through both now, vlogging on YouTube for 700 plus days and blogging since the days of The Video Projects Team when I was still mainly a part of my old team which is now in the past. 

            So vlogging is where you blog your daily life or what is on your mind. Now like I said above, I vlogged for over 700 days which was fun, however it became a chore to vlog my life everyday, edit the vlog and post it up, it was just too much for me after 700 days of vlogging, I ended up stopping the daily vlogs and moving to a couple of times a week. It was really fun tho when it came to the actual days we were shooting The Entertainment Man Talk Show or another series I had going. Also I had to be careful what I vlogged, especially when it came around the copyright end of things with the music especially if I was in the mall or somewhere where music was blasting so that was quite tough as well. 

             Now blogging, I can talk whatever I want, again my philosophy is I try to keep it clean, keep it real, not bad mouth people or put people down, but yes I will say what is on my mind but keeping it clean and not putting people down. Also I can talk about a topic whatever that is going on in my life or something that is trending out there, events I go to. Plus I like to write and I am quite good at it too, getting better and get quite the views for em compare to vlogs, so bit of a difference there.

              Which one do I prefer? I prefer blogging as again I like to write and I can say what is on my mind without limited to time as I tried to keep it to a limited time for vlogs each and everyday but here people can read it within a couple of minutes. I enjoy the aspect of I can actually take photos and post em up on here as well and I really enjoy photography as it is relaxing. I also find it easy to explain better in a blog then a vlog, so that has it's perks, so blogging is much, much better. 


Sunday, January 28, 2018 Update

            It has been a crazy last 3 weeks since and I found out there was problems in the back end of things with the server the website is on having a few issues, also the website builder had some malfunctioning going on, then the website going to sleep when it usually is down for the hour every night at 3 am EST, which I had to deal with that in the afternoon, which made have some doubts, if I should re-open the site but I promised you guys I wouldn't lay down and die on this website. I work everyday to ensure it is running smoothly and come November, change will be coming for as we transition to a new provider and one provider only not a domain with the domain provider and then the web builder, I got one lined up and excited to be moving over in late 2018, early 2019. 

             I admit, my stress levels haven't been great lately but you have to admit, you have to give me credit when credit is due, I am a fighter and I have fought to the end to get the website back up and running and being a success again, like it was when it was running smoothly for months on end there since September of last year. and I hope it will be like this by come March, the site will be on a steady pace to success because the amount of site visitors tells me people love my website and people are always popping onto the website. 4 days from the time this post goes up tonight, 4 days and counting till the website goes back up online once again and I am ready to have this website be the talk of social media once again.

             Honestly I wish this didn't have to take 3.5 long weeks to get back up but "great things come, to those who wait" or "patience is a virtue" and you guys have been nothing but showing your love and support with these last stressful last 3.5 weeks of hell for me and this wait will be well worth it. Not only I re-coded the entire website but I tweaked 2 pages and two of the graphics. The first thing I changed was removing CBOTW Blog from the Blogs tab and CBOTW Blog now stands alone compare to what it was at the start of 2018. Also the contact page, due to "spam" and "threats" I have now provided you guys with the contact email which I do have the power to block emails if people wanna abuse the email system again. Finally as I stated on "Social Media", I have changed the top picture of me to the picture for 2018 but also changed the image on the About page to the current image as well so this way everything is now up to date. Again you have to give me credit, when credit is due and I have come a long way since the start of running this website under the domain and learning how servers work and I think I am doing an amazing job and I am sure you guys are proud of me! 😄


Thursday, January 25, 2018

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (With Spoilers)

First of all, I know I covered this, however I went without spoilers of the movie and it's been a month since the movie came out and I think I am in the clear to make more observations on the movie at this point of time with it being a month and I am pretty sure everyone has seen the new Star Wars Movies.

           Now, I wasn't expecting  a lot of things, like I said in my first impressions post like I thought Leia was going to die when Kylo Ren shot those missiles from his Tie Fighter which mind you Darth Vader has the same similar fighter like Kylo had in the recent movie and that was a comparison I noticed  between the original 3 movies to the ones after Episode 6. The next thing that I thought was the entire Luke Skywalker thing, when he fought Kylo Ren, I thought he actually appeared at that planet so I didn't know it was a hologram of Luke from another planet. Now the part of him disappearing to the point where there was nothing but his robes left as you know that was what happened to Obi Wan Kenobi back in Episode # 4 A New Hope.  I didn't think he made himself this mentally exhausted to a point of him dying. I was like ok, what the heck just happened in the movie. 

             Another thing was I saw the AT AT's the walkers that we saw in Episode # 5 The Empire Strikes Back which is the first time we have seen since the 5th Episode in the Star Wars Trilogy. There was a lot of what the heck moments during the movie, it is hard to remember every moment. There are theories she could of been family from another character as she isn't related ton Emperor Palatine at all. Also another question I have is how are they going to write off Leia's character as we all know Carrie Fisher passed away a year ago back in December and I heard rumors they will use older footage from the past, but not sure how that will be used which would be hard. They cant really use footage from her back in Episodes 4 - 6 unless CGI is used and CGI stands for Computer-generated imagery which actually used for the younger version of Leia and also Grand Moth Tarkin in Star Wars: Rogue One, so anything is possible and can happen in Episode 9 in 2019.

Have a great Afternoon!


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Why Do I Want To Go Back To School?

            There are a lot of reasons, why I wanna go back to school and I am going to talk about it in today's blog post, now that I got time to start writing blog posts earlier with the completion of the website re-building process. 

             The first reason I would like to give you all for the reason I want to return back to school is I wanna learn, I want to expand my education, I want to learn something that can help me get a job out there in the working world, even if I work from home in the long run. Now what am I planning to take? Well, I am planning on taking web design, as you all know I have been running a website since 2008/2009 and learned the HTML, Javascript and IFrame on my own via the internet and also YouTube as well. 

             The next reason I wanna give you is finding work here in Ontario and/or Canada is not overly great, it is a tough world out there to find work, I am lucky I had that 4 week job trial but unfortunately quitting after 4 weeks or the contract came to an end. I have made going back to school my number priority to eventually go back to school if finding a job doesn't work out for me.  What steps do I have to take to get to this step? well, I have to possibly go back to high school class for college English in order to apply to the program I want to take at a college but that's OK with me though. It takes baby steps and I know I can get through these small bumps and then move into the world of being a college student once again for the 2 year web design program. It would be our local college I went to for the CICE Program as it would probably fit me better, however I could do online studies from another college from Toronto but not sure if it will best suit me if I did online studies.

              I may have had not many reasons for going back to school but the one reason is to try and start earning a living, moving out on my own, being on my own, hopefully get a girlfriend one day. But the most important thing is I want to better my skills at building a website and learning new elements to building a website.


Monday, January 22, 2018

Weight Loss Update (01-22-2018)

                   Not much to report on with the weight loss, I am between 221 and 223 pounds, which mind you it is better then 239 pounds like I was before, but it is hard to surpass this number but I am trying my hardest and one goal I made is to have one fat day where I can eat whatever I want that is usually on Sundays as sometimes Larry pops over from time to time, depending on his schedule. 

                    I haven't really changed what is in my diet is with the amount of calories I intake everyday, trying to stay at 1800 as much as possible over the last little while but minus the one day a week I have for a fatty day but other then that I make sure I follow it to a tee and make sure I do not cheat on my diet whatsoever. My thoughts is, the faster I can get to my weight goal which is 170 pounds, the faster I do not have to worry about following my diet anymore. Trust me losing this weight has helped my right knee out quite drastically and I am not in as much pain as I use to be and sometimes I go weeks without problems which is a good thing honestly! Now I honestly try and avoid having bread as much as possible, but I do not cut it completely, I have my 2 piece of bread once a week, then usually down to the one piece, especially when or if it is toast I am having. One other thing I try and do is not eat after dinner unless its my lightly salted sunflower seeds or a fruit like a banana that I just finished up while typing today's blog post. 

                   One thing I could be better at is being out and being active and going for more walks and getting the exercise I need but I am always out and about almost everyday lately as things gotta get done, whether I need to run to Staples or go to an appointment or two depending on the day or what is on tap for the day. Yes I try to avoid eating out but if worse comes to worse, I at least grab half a sub from Subway but that is very rare of the time it happens. Sub isn't too bad anyways, as long its like a ham or turkey sub but other then that, that would be what I usually have but I am not a big Turkey fan so it would be a ham with mustard lettuce and cheese on it, sometimes red onions but again that is in the rare circumstances if I forget to eat and I am really starving. But other then that, the diet is doing well, slow but slow is better then losing the weight fast as it is not very healthy thing to do. Please note I am going to do these weight loss updates at the start of the month instead of weekly as things can fluctuate each and every week.  


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Need For Speed Shift First Impressions

                So for those who didn't know I also got Need For Speed Shift in the Need For Speed Video games that have come out. I decided to give this one a shot as I had some extra money on my steam wallet and I love the racing games and once again I played Need For Speed World so I am familiar with the franchise and it is sort of similar to Grand Theft Auto but you cant get in or out of the car. This version of Need For Speed is more focused on the racing aspect, it is just like Nascar Racing. It has different levels and you have to earn your way to the top of the racing circuit which is really cool actually! 

                  At the start, it is a learning curve with the game with the gas pedals with both the remote and also the keyboard but once you get the controls figured out then you get really good at the game. Also love the different cars you to drive in the races. Their are different cars for different races in the game which is fine, it is neat to try different cars and the feel of each and every car that you drive in the game. So yes, it is different feel in each car. Each car has how fast it goes and each and every car is different. The tracks are different from race to race which is nice to have different speeds. The difficult part I found was going around the corners but I realize now I need to lay off the speed around the corner or make a sharper turn as I go around the corner but lowering how fast I go around the corner helps if I am in the lead. I try to go full speed and take a sharper speed but yes it does take strategy sometimes and if you don't succeed the first time, you learn by each track. Again every track is different.

                    Now, would I recommend this game to anyone who likes racing games? Heck yes! If you liked Nascar racing, you guys will enjoy this game indefinitely! I would give this game 10 out of 10 as it is exciting, fun and hours of fun as their is tons of races to do in this game. It is different from other versions of Need For Speed but I highly recommend this game to you guys if you enjoy racing type of games.


Saturday, January 20, 2018

Everything About Reality TV (Revisions)

       I was thinking about all of this in my head and I realize it is just not going to work as I am splitting the seasons up, the Winter 2018 Season which I know it only has 8 episodes in the season but it would be way too overwhelming for you guys but also for me as well. I am splitting things up, so it is easier to understand. Hope this makes sense for you guys, but here is the changes I made which are highlighted for you guys. 

February 22nd, 2018:  7 pm EST: Amazing Race 30 Season Finale RECAP Podcast

                                      9 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV, 100th Episode Podcast

February 26th, 2018: Survivor: Ghost Island Preview Podcast

February 28th, 2018: Big Brother Canada 6 Preview Podcast

March 1st, 2018: Survivor: Ghost Island RECAPS Start 

May 11th, 2018: Big Brother Canada 6 Season Finale RECAP Podcast with Guest in The Studio.

May 17th or May 24th, 2018: Survivor: Ghost Island Season Finale

May 18th or May 23rd to Mid June 2018: Everything About Reality TV Off Season Podcasts

Mid June/Late June 2018: Big Brother US 20 RECAPS Starts (Unsure if I Will Be Covering it yet) 

July 2018: Amazing Race Canada 6 RECAPS Starts

September 2018: Survivor: 37 (If Renewed again, I'm sure it will!)


Friday, January 19, 2018

My Thoughts On YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

           I found this out last night that YouTube has changed how content creators can get their videos monetize on YouTube. Now creators have to have up to 1000 subscribers on their channel, but also have to have 4000 hours of watch time compare to the older requirement where you had to have up to 10000 views. Also if you are NOT eligible, your monetization will be disabled until you have reached that requirements. Now the blog also said  there is a 30 day grace period if content creator's ARE below 1000 subscribers & 4000 hours of watch time, they have 30 days to reach it or their monetization will be disabled until they reach it. 

                My thoughts on this? Well I do not wanna come up as bias about this but it is much tougher for content creators to earn which is not good whatsoever, it is much tougher for them and much tougher for them to earn revenue for their long hours working on their content. I do understand this is to prevent inappropriate videos from being monetized as we have in the past week or two with the recent inappropriate content that went viral in the platform. So I do not understand why they could keep the 10,000 views requirement and have a better system to know if their is a inappropriate video that was posted on the YouTube platform instead of changing the way you can earn revenue. That really has nothing to do with just monetization but the users posting up inappropriate, they need to honestly do better at watching what is posted up. Yes this could help videos not earn revenue but it's not only that, ANY inappropriate content should still be removed anyways and of course it should have a strike added to it or if it is extremely inappropriate it should be more severe of the punishment. If content creators do not earn money, I'm sure they would look at another platform or so something else like stream and earn revenue via Twitch. 

                Advice for content creators wanting to earn revenue? Keep on creating! Keep your eye on the prize, keep on creating no matter how low your watch hours are or how low the subscriber count is at! I know why do you guys wanna hear this from a YouTube wanna-be  from someone who quit the platform 2 years ago? Well I was there at one point, took me years to get the views the subscribers and I know I had between 36 - 38 subscribers but they were the most loyal subscribers I had to the end. What I am trying to say, you will get subscribers who will be loyal to your channel and watch your videos regularly so you will get people who love your content and support you on a regular basis. Keep on creating, you will get to that requirements and you will earn ad revenue on the website. Yes they may have had the adpocolypse at one point but keep on working hard and if YouTube isn't for you and you rather stream video games as you're a gamer, then go to Twitch that is the other option you have.


Thursday, January 18, 2018

First Oshawa Generals Game In Years!

            So 4 days ago since I am way behind on the blog posts lately but hey better late then never I guess.  This was the first Oshawa Generals Ontario Hockey League game in quite sometime now and I believe the last game I went to was with either my friends or my family, it is hard to remember this far back right now.  

            This was a crucial game for the Gens as they had to win in order to move up on the Kingston Frontenac's Hockey team who is ahead of the General's currently so any win against Kingston right now will help them move ahead of Doug Gilmour's Frontenac's Hockey team. Now my friend mentioned to me that the Gens lost the night before, yet they had no business to win as it seemed they didn't care to win.

              However they played hard, their heart was in the game on Sunday, even though it took them 3 periods to score it was back and forth and the goalies stood on their heads the first two periods, however 3rd period, a mistake by the Kingston goalie out of his net behind the first goal is scored with a wide open goal. Then of course they scored their second goal and then the empty net goal and of course the Gennies won their game 3 - 0, very exciting game and enjoyed every moment at the game.

                 I had a great evening with my friends, even though Terry, hyper as ever can be and of course him picking on me like usual, but Angie and I got him good. Ha-ha! It is never a dull moment with him. Honestly going out with them, really got my mind off of last week's drama at the mall and it got my depression down quite a lot compare to the recent past several days, I truly had a good time and looking forward to another game soon.


Monday, January 15, 2018

Toronto Maple Leafs Alumni Vs Montreal Canadiens Alumni Game

                On Saturday, my dad and I got to go to the Toronto Maple Leafs Alumni vs the Montreal Canadiens Alumni game with my dad. First of all the game was delayed because the Montreal Alumni were stuck in traffic and of course I openly made some pretty crazy jokes, oh they chickened out against the Leafs Alumni, they are afraid to lose to em but it doesn't matter if they win or lose its all for a great cause, Alzheimer's Society. 

                  So  what also bothered me in the game the fact the Montreal Alumni goalie was a young guy which this suppose to be an alumni game for a great cause, the Alzheimer's Society and should be NHL Alumni from both Toronto and Montreal teams. So that did not please me whatsoever. What kind of surprised me they put in this young guy while Sevigny was on the bench for periods 2 & 3, maybe he couldn't handle 3 periods but again this backup goalie is younger then these alumni and technically he wasn't in the NHL, just a guest goalie. Yet again it was unfair to the Maples Leafs Alumni, due to the fact they had only CUJO (Curtis Joseph) who was the only goalie on the Alumni Roster for the Leafs that were actually going to play. 

                    Now enough of me complaining about the Montreal team, the players I remember well enough is Curtis Joseph, Nik Antropov from the Leafs and for Montreal, Patrice Brisbrois, Stephane Richer as I grew up watching these players in the 90's and into the 2000's as well as well and I know some of the older players as well but not as well but my dad has given me the history of well known players and I always love to learn about the old players who they played with, goals scored, what year they played and so on. 

                    What did I think about the game all together? I love it! I absolutely loved it! I actually was at the edge of my seat during the the entire game, it was very exciting it was back and forth in scoring but yet it was a low scoring and staying very close in scoring, it was exciting. The final score it shocked the heck out of me, it ended in a 4 - 4 tie, so nobody lost, it was very much a very even game and was a great Alumni game! I hope to do this again in the nearby future! 


Saturday, January 13, 2018

I Need To Be Organized and Focused With Chris B On The Web

              I realize now, I need to be more organized with Chris B On The Web with the most important to get done to the least important. It comes along the line what is the most important on the list and of course I know podcasts and these blog posts are up there in the most important at all times as I need to keep you guys up to speed with content, so definitely it is on the list, however I have to put into consideration my website, the heart and soul behind Chris B On The Web that hosts a multitude of website only content such as interviews with my former staff, interviews with my fellow CICE Students from Durham College and plenty more website ONLY content coming this year as well. So to juggle all 3 of those it's not easy but I gotta stay organized,stay focused on the tasks at hand. Yes there is other work that needs to be done besides the website but these are the 3 most important.

                I know the last few days, you can tell on social media, I haven't been myself and for the first time in about a week I missed a blog post which is very much rare for me as I always have something to say on the blog here but I actually missed a day and usually I miss at least one blog post a week normally, as it is normally due to work load or just busy with my regular everyday life but I admit I haven't been very organized lately but I sure as heck am trying to stay organized as much as possible but at times it can be quite difficult of a task but if I wanna get things done, I do need to get things done and faster then it has been. 

                   So yes I do need to be more organized to getting things done and I am planning on using both my sticky note pad here on my computer but not just that, use my calender on a regular basis to help me stay organized and stay on track with everything going on with Chris B On The Web &


Friday, January 12, 2018

No ETA on Re-Opening (I'm Sorry...)

             Today's blog I would like to touch on a few things this afternoon as I know, there has been delays with re-building the website at this time and I understand you're frustration. Like I have said on social media, it's definitely growing pains my website has been experiencing and this year is officially the year of growth and I am excited to see what the future brings for and as you know I am planning on moving over to a different web builder with the domain, once the domain expires then the move begins to the new web builder and will have to build the website again.

                  But this is not about the future of the website, it's more I at this time do not have an ETA to when the site will be back up and running, but please note I am working on it, just been running into problems, left right and center with the web builder servers going down the other day. Trust me I am eager to move to a new and more effective provider in late 2018, early 2019. But I ensure you, I am working on the website each and everyday, my website is growing and with growth comes growing pains and that is what my website is currently experiencing at this time even while it's down and the website is being rebuild. 

                    Now will there will be changes to the website? Yes! CBOTW Blog will be back as a single page not under a drop down menu like before as I am currently only blogging on the website due to me dropping the other blog last year after a short time with them. Also the contact page, the form will be removed due to abuse last year of making false statements and threats so the email will be provided to contact me in an email, so this will cut back the number of abuse within the website. On Demand Feature will remain as it is, the Everything About Reality TV will be the main feed for the active season of Everything About Reality TV with Archive Page being the page for the Archives for the podcast. 

                     Is there an ETA for the website being released? Not at the moment. It is a lot of work, the site is very much very complex with the amount of archived episodes of Everything About Reality TV, 90 episodes to this day have been archives, so to re-code and add in all the archives, it's not easy task at hand and plus you guys know I am on my own with working the website, blogs and the podcast, so it is tougher to get things done at a faster pace. Once the website is done, I gotta do some BETA testing make sure the bugs are not on the website to where there will be problems but you guys can contact me if you notice a bug on my website. I will do an announcement blog post to when the website will go live and I have more information. 

Have a great night!


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

My Mental Health Is No So Good Once Again...

              It's not like I didn't take my meds for my Persuasive Development Disorder (PDD) or also known as autism but today wasn't a great day and my friends ensured me none of this was my fault. But I feel responsible for my actions towards knocking the chair over and dropping my Contiago cup which is medal to the floor spilling the rest of my drink onto the floor making a mess, then grabbing my jacket and walking out the door with me kicking it further on the floor then knocking over the wet floor sign, out the door, then proceeding to kick the garbage can and spill the rest of my drink on the ground from the bottle then the rest of the day is history. 

               Now, I haven't had a mental breakdown this bad since April of last year and it is very concerning to me to when my moods gets this bad but I wonder if it is because of my lack of sleep in the last several days is what could be the culprit behind it as you all know I have been busy with the website recently, podcasts and the blog, I am not surprised I can hold in all this stress in for this long. Only a few people know what is going on with me with the lack of sleep problem but not everyone knew what was going on, only 2 friends if I remember knew about it. Now I ended up scratching my poor hand open and it's the first time since July of last year this has happened which is a good thing, I am not making it a habit of me doing that constantly to myself, so I am learning to not do harm to myself but I need to continue on with sticking to my strategies I have learned in the past year and a half almost now and keeping up with it. Now I walked away, however I could of gone without kicking my cup on the floor or knocking the wet floor sign or kicking the garbage can and things could of been better. But also I could of gone without hurting myself. However with me just deciding to go home, that was a smart move on my part and should of left sooner then sticking around, this could of been prevented but I of course listened to my friends advice and I always appreciate my friends sticking up for me or being supportive of me. 

                 There is a long road to my mental health getting better and I think without friends that turn on me on a dime or wants to cause problems ,I was in a much happier place till today happened. With my current circle of friends and my family supporting me, I know I can not self harm myself, I know I can control my anger and frustrations if people try to start trouble, I gotta just work harder and use my strategies and I know I will be a happier person and always smiling like I have in the past few weeks.

Have a great night!


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Everything About Reality TV 2018 Plan (Revisions)

        I know at times I am not clear on my plans and recently plans for going away to Arizona did not go according to plans to medical procedure with my mom, nothing bad just day surgery that's all. Anyways I have made a revised version of the Everything About Reality TV timetable for the 2018 year and here it is:

January 3rd, 2018: Amazing Race 30 Preview Podcast

January 4th, 2018: Amazing Race 30 RECAPS Start

February 21st, 2018: Survivor: Ghost Island Preview Podcast

February 22nd, 2018: Everything About Reality TV, 100th Episode

February 23rd, 2018: Amazing Race 30 Season Finale RECAP Podcast

February 28th, 2018: Big Brother Canada 6 Preview Podcast

March 1st, 2018: Survivor: Ghost Island RECAPS Start 

May 11th, 2018: Big Brother Canada 6 Season Finale RECAP Podcast with Guest in The Studio.

May 17th or May 24th, 2018: Survivor: Ghost Island Season Finale

May 18th or May 23rd to Mid June 2018: Everything About Reality TV Off Season Podcasts

Mid June/Late June 2018: Big Brother US 20 RECAPS Starts (Unsure if I Will Be Covering it yet) 

July 2018: Amazing Race Canada 6 RECAPS Starts

September 2018: Survivor: 37 (If Renewed again, I'm sure it will!)

          There is the revisions I made and it will indeed be an interesting year for Everything About Reality TV and it will be a fun filled year for the podcast as it reach's it's 2nd year of RECAPS on Audio ONLY and plenty more Podcasts to come in the nearby future on Audio ONLY platforms.


Monday, January 8, 2018

Why went down!

               Well on Sunday, January 7th, 2018, went down completely and this is due to  000webhost website going down but also their web builder does not publish whatsoever and I don't know if Zyro whom is the web builder 000webhost relies on knows about the technical issue. But as of right now is down and I got no clue which direction I am heading with the website 

                 But all I know I am looking forward to the moment of leaving 000webhost and changing up the website my website is on, however, I need to let the domain run out. If the web builder doesn't start publishing, I will more then likely try to find an alternative for now or stay focused on the blogspot for the blog, Audio ONLY for Everything About Reality TV Podcasts. As you do know, I need a website to host interviews on, however that is virtually impossible due to the web builder not publishing whatsoever or always giving me problems constantly. I do hope you all will be patient with me during this really tough times my website is having, but I know you will be supportive during this very stressful time for me.  also I need to have patience during this stressful time and let time pass and before you know it, they will fix the web builder and we will be back in business again. 

                 So what am I going to do while this happens? Well as long as I am able to save all the work I have done, I will fix the bugs on the website until the web builder is fixed from not being able to publish. Also the podcasts and blog posts will continue as usual. It will just be on one less website and by now you know I put the blog from my blogspot on via a html code, as there is no blog app on the web builder so this the best I can do for now at least. But everything will go as normal until this website issue is fixed and I ensure it will be fixed. It has been months since the last outage which was back in October, so it has been a solid running website for almost 2.5 and I know they are trying their best to run a solid website service and I am thankful for being a part of 00webhost for the last few years.


Sunday, January 7, 2018

Need For Speed Pursuit First Impressions

           I have decided once a week that I will do a gaming first impressions when I start a new video game that I have purchased, but if their is no first impressions of video games, I won't post but if I got several of them, then I will obviously will post one every week and talk about what I thought about the game out of first impressions of the game.

            Now on to the first impressions of the video game I have picked for this week. I chose today to post is Need For Speed Pursuit and for those who didn't know I have played Need For Speed World when it was an online game for free but obviously they shutdown the servers 2 years or so ago, so now I was without Need For Speed in a video game until I got NFS Pursuit and also Need For Speed SHIFT and I will do a First Impression next week at some point of the week. Now at the start of playing this game, I had no clue what the heck how to play, the buttons to hit the gas pedal to move the car which affected me in the race especially when I should be trying to keep up with the other racers in the game. However once you learn the gas pedals buttons on the keyboard as I am playing it on the PC, it is not that hard, however I prefer to use my game controller instead and I can race much easier with my remote controller. I do admit it is completely different from Need For Speed World but I like the video game though as  a whole because it has both elements that NFS World has, racing and also cop chases both as the crook and as the cop which is pretty cool and it is a big difference from the other Need For Speed I have played in the past, more cars are added and you get pretty decent cars at the start which helps me a lot but you unlock more as you go further and further in the game so this time your not spending any game money you earn on the video game but its more into the points system you unlock and able to use other and even better cars within the game!

             So what would I rate this game out of 10? Definitely a 10/10, its easy to learn, easy to understand through the game and its fun and exciting to play for hours on end and plus you can chose which ones you play as you unlock more and more tracks as you go on in the game!


Saturday, January 6, 2018

My Favorite Moment's In College!

             Today's blog post is about my time in College and the memories I have made at Durham College and the fun and great memories that I made during the 2 year program in the Community Integration Throughout Cooperative Education.

1) Becoming a part of my college's first visual radio station out there on the internet. I loved doing "Easy Rock With Chris" because I loved the music I played, music that was easy to listen to like Katy Perry, Coldplay, U2, etc.

2) Doing a few interviews with students in my program and even a tour of my locker. Had to do some video content for YouTube during the hiatus of my former web series, The Entertainment Man Talk Show. 

3) Going To a University of Ontario Institution of Technology Hockey game aka the UOIT Ridgebacks game with a bunch of my classmate in the CICE Program. It was a fun but also exciting game to go as I have never seen the University level of Hockey. 

4)  Got the chance to work out a bit at the CRCW on Campus and get back into shape while on campus and plus it gave me something to do between the long 2 or 3 hours between classes and my radio show on Riot Radio.

5) Doing my placements in two retail stores and also at the Oshawa Little Theater, which I loved working at the Theater and volunteered after briefly till December of 2012.

6) Larry and I becoming T1 & T2 (Trouble 1 & Trouble 2) talking snow on Liz whom is now the Liaison 

                There's my list of my top 6 memories of College and hope you guys enjoyed me writing this list on my favorite moments at college, I know I probably missed a pile of them but these are some of my favorite moments at college, but I truly enjoyed every moment being at Durham College and you never know I could make a return to learn something new to potentially start a career in my life!


Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Binding of Isaac: REBIRTH First Impressions!

                 So Sunday, December 31st, 2017, I got 100 dollars on my steam wallet and bought tons of games, Bomber Squad, Need For Speed Pursuit, The Binding of Isaac Re-Birth, Player Grounds Unknown also know as PUBG to most of the gaming community and The Walking Dead. Now today I am primarily focusing on The Binding of Isaac: Re-Birth and what my first impressions are of the game as I played it for the very first time ever. 

                  First I had a problem trying to shoot out the gumball shots as I call it, and on the vanilla Isaac, I can use the mouse, but however on the second one, you have to pretty much use the arrows to shoot, but as I got use to it, I found it more accurate to the targets and made me think, hey I think I am going to use the method as I finish up vanilla Isaac and Platinum God the game before moving onto Re-Birth. Hope this new find on this game will help me complete the game at a quicker but more accurate pace from here on out.

                   The next point I would like to make is there are new characters in this game, I am introduced to such as Dingle which can be a tricky little bugger at times but learning how to deal with him. Also Gurdy Jr. has changed quite a lot from the first Binding of Isaac. Also there is our personal favorites like Monstro, Monstro II, The Duke of Flies, Larry Jr and so forth. 

                     The third and final point I would like to make on this blog is the graphics are totally different darker, but as you move there's a light around you but also there is twinkles around and bigger rooms are now available as well which makes it a bit more challenging but you also get more enemies to kill on the game as well. The game also introduces a black heart which I got no clue what it does still but in time I will learn what it's for and what it does. In one day, I got to Mom in one day which is a new record which means, my Isaac skills are strong to quite strong and getting stronger day by day. In conclusion I'd definitely give this game a 10/10 as I fell in love with the game right off the bat soon as I got right into the game. 


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

My Favorite Moment's In High School?

             This was requested by my high school friend, Darius. Today's blog post I am going to talk about favorite memories at my High School, my most memorable moment's at High School. 

1) Going over the mountain of mats in Mr Plishka's class. I got no clue, even to this day, why my own gym teacher would make us do this activity, maybe to split us up, even though half the time the team I was on, I felt like it was stacked hence we KEPT on winning every time, I know I shouldn't complain it was fun to win.

2) Going back to Grade 10 gym class bench pressing 150 lbs, maybe 155 lbs and Mr. Plishka pushing me to my limits which I didn't mind him pushing me to the max. Trust me I was quite strong after that. Maybe it's time I start lifting weight and buffing myself up again like I was in high school.

3) Wrestling a former football player, aka my grade 10 teacher... Trust me I thought I was going to take my gym teacher down, but uh I was down pretty damn fast and trust me my teacher, he is one tough cookie to take on. 

4) Playing against the teachers in a teachers vs. students game in Grade 10, once again I believe where I signed up to play against the teachers and they asked me to compete against them. The game was close but us the students kick the teacher's butts! 😛

5) Performing on stage with the hot stage lights. Well I wanted to know what performing on stage with hot stage lights is like and trust me its hard and it's hot! I wore, or had to wear a hoodie for the performance and it was so hot alone under the lights, it was hard to focus on the performance but I managed it no problem. 

6) Writing a play for the drama club: I wrote a play for the drama club and it was accepted into the competition but the cast dropped out after a few rehearsals and boy fireworks went off, I went off at one of the cast members as I was extremely upset when I saw the notice on the door the play was cancelled. 

7) Co-op placement: Second placement after I was fired from the library as they just didnt like me and they were pretty miserable and didn't wanna answer a question but I got to work along with the custodians and got to see parts of the school I never seen before like the boiler room when I had to clean brushes for the classes which chalk boards, I'm sure to this day is pretty much obsolete but got to see the boiler room. Also learning to getting the damp mop ready, cleaning tables, etc. Also I was asked back after my co-op was finished in my final week or so of classes which means they loved having me help them! Also the year I had my surgery, 2003, grade 11 if I am correct, I got to do a take a student to work and since my dad was retired and wasn't allowed to do take a student to work, the custodians took me back on for the entire day from 6 am till 3 pm an entire 8 HOUR Shift!

8) Final thing on my list is the Special Olympics Track and Field from half way through high school or 2 thirds of the way through my high school career and I remember doing a trial run so they know which group to put me in and riding back in my teachers truck, before Plishka got his hummer but I have another story for another day about it!

                      Hope you enjoyed this list and I love doing these list blogs for you guys from to time. Have a great day!


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

I Am Feeling Ready To Date Again!

         So recently, I actually felt like, I am ready to get back into the dating game once again, thinking about when the last time I dated and it's been about a 5 years since my real seriously relationship not including my ex cheating on me and it's been a long anticipated wait and yes I have been looking for a girlfriend and tried on a dating site to see if I get any girls interested and nothing yet, but will be trying hopefully. That is a goal for me in 2018 and I can be honest, I am ready to settle down and trust me I've had girls waving at me, shouting at me, it's good girls are interested in me and I am not surprised whatsoever.

          I should of not taken that break from dating for this long but again, my one ex in 2015 OR 2016 cheated on me so I guess that was a move I wanted to make by taking a small well bigger break from dating. Of course I blew one chance I had with a girl. So at this point I would like to finally settle down, find a girlfriend and never know this could lead into getting married but let's not getting that .far yet. I need to take it slow as I do or would like to start my own family one day but I am still fairly young still and I can in time make this happen in the near future. 

           I do have great qualities as a guy, looks, not so much but I mean I can and am quite Mr romantic and give flowers or chocolate, or go for a romantic dinner which I have done it before, Casey's and of course I remember my 1 year anniversary I was at East Side Mario's for a dinner and nothing says anniversary like a romantic Italian dinner. However to date online again, that is a big no, no, as I am not planning nor planning on ever doing online dating as it was a disaster after breaking up with my ex's so I am being smart this time around. I didn't mention any names, I just put ex's in as I am talking about my relationship in the past in general, not anything specifically. I am ready this year to get back into dating even if it takes a few months, I will do whatever it takes to be in a relationship once again.


Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

               First of all I gotta say Happy New Year! 2018 is finally here, which means the plans I mentioned at the end of the year are now in full swing for 2018 and I cannot wait to each and every plan for this year! It will be a busy and hectic year ahead for Chris B On The Web and let the collaborations and interviews commence! 3 collabs for this year alone and 1 interview with a friend from Special Olympics will be popping by early summer for an interview and possibly a random collaboration podcast with me. Also like I said 2 collabs with Larry, 2 off season podcasts, one in June and one in December. Also Everything About Reality TV's 100th episode which has been anticipating for months on end as I prepare for the big day which is soon to come very, very soon!

                Next I am also looking forward to the studio changes as well with the studio pending renovations and repairs as we are getting it fixed up and things will most definitely be different from the way it looks currently with this small and crammed space I have right now as it is hard for guests to come in and out of the space which is why I wanna actually move things around, also build myself a desk instead of buying one from Staples or Walmart, no offense to them whatsoever but I wanna make my own custom desk to my liking and this way it has enough space for guests in the studio as well. I will be bringing down my tall lamp from my room to give it more lighting in the space which will help so all of these plans are very exciting and hence I am excited for 2018 now as it is now here!

                My New Years resolution is to be more patient with people and not lose my cool with them as last year tempers went all farce but piss me off that is a different reason but I will try to be more patient and not lose my cool but it is different then people pissing me off which I am a different person. I am generally nice, as long you are nice, show me respect, I will do the same. This year I am planning on a drama free year from certain people and I am very much done with broadcasting on video platforms but I do watch 2 shows in the morning times on IVlog, whom I have watched her since the BlogTV days, one on YouTube/Periscope as well from the UK but other then that I do my own thing beyond these blogs and the podcast itself as well. I know who my true friends are and going to stick by them in the thick and thin of things. I have been looking forward to 2018 for weeks now and it is finally here to make my dreams and hopes come true! Finally hope you all are having a very Happy and Joyful New Year and I am looking forward to what 2018 brings for me and also Chris B On The Web & Also as well.