Monday, September 26, 2016

Been Having Doubts

Been having a lot of doubts with and its not the podcasts I am doubting, I know, just the team behind me is kind of breaking up as it is now down to just Justin and I which is fine, but it is hurting me in the long process. I hope with these podcasts I will be able to find a co host maybe one of these days or live feeder to help with live feeds on Big Brother to give whats going on the BB Feeds so I wanna work on that too and maybe add bloggers as well and grow the website in a big way and get the viewership up! These are goals, but with me doubting the website it is kind of hard to move on with these goals but I gotta keep on pushing especially if I wanna add adsense to the website to earn some revenue within my website, I did way back from The Video Projects Team days which is a long time ago now since that happened. But I will try and continue with Justin aka Justina and try and get things back on track. Losing YouTube has been a big impact on me and I haven't been sleeping well the last while except for last night I finally was tired enough to sleep. I may have had 4 hours of sleep but I'll be fine and later sleeping better knowing I am fixing the website and the problems around with the site.

I shouldn't doubt I should believe in myself and believe in Justin and the words of wisdom he has given me in the last many weeks of my struggles with all the B.S. happening with my team and with me starting to not believe in my team but I got still believe because if I don't then my website will back downhill and it will be over for and no way of rebuilding it. Yes Larry, Sarah and Eric who's the big name screwed me over but I gotta remember Justin hasn't yet and I don't think he will quit.

Have a great day everyone! 


P.S. Yes I am like Doubting Thomas in the bible after the Resurrection of Christ.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Do I Miss YouTube?

It has now been almost been 3 months since my departure from YouTube long before their "Term of Service" changes. Only reason I did leave was because of the crap I was enduring with my team and the way my team turned their back on me and leaving me to do everything on my own, so to the question in the title of this blog "Do I Miss YouTube?" the answer is "NO" I do not miss the drama from my team and having to deal with quitters quitting on me in the middle of a web series that was doing so well as it was returning back to the normal amount of views it use to get so everything was going great up to the start of Season 6 when I started to feel fed up of the series but I didn't let it bother me and I continued with the season but when Season 6 ended that is when "All hell broke loose"  Once Larry quit, then Eric not once but twice, that was enough for me to go over the edge and when I fired a staff member, I knew that was the end of my YouTube Career and I do not miss all the drama or the drama on YouTube. The community has become with hateful people and also the "drama channels" out there, but it sounds like as being an outsider looking in that things are getting better. However the changes of you cannot swear in a video if you Monetize your videos so I left at a good time and 10 + years on the platform and in the industry is a very, very long time and like the saying goes, "time to move on" or "life goes on." In the long run now I am very, very happy I have moved on and recording Reality TV Podcasts, which is brought from YouTube and continued. Also the blogging and hopefully by November Twitch Stream in the near future as well. 

Until the next blog, have a great evening everyone,


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Rant About YouTube...

After 10 + Years on the YouTube with me leaving the platform after the recent changes to their Terms of Service of You cannot swear if you wanna earn money for your videos along with other things which limits me to what I wanted to do for the documentary so instead in the next few days you will see Interview 1 of 3 so you will have more website content then there has been. With podcasts I can say what I want without restrictions like "YouTube" has at this current time. And what I think is a lot of YouTubers will slowly be leaving the platform as the freedom of speech will really hurt them. I know McJuggernuggets, KidBehindACamera & Boogie2988 whom I am an avid listener of and love to watch their videos on a regular basis even tho are hurt by this change of the TOS (Terms of Service) especially with the swearing in the videos by two of them. 

But what is also as bad as the swearing is that people like Boogie cannot talk about trending topics out there like he said in one of his most recent videos like suicide and the war going on across seas, those are basically big time topics that should be allowed, as content creators, should be allowed to talk about the big trending topics but that isnt allowed because it isn't "User Friendly"  well it is as long as you talk about it appropriately. So I am glad that I left when I did and I am ready to face the world in new Adventures and life experiences, life is always full of surprises and I am blessed to have this YouTube experience even with 42 subs for the time I was on my own and I am ready to face new challenges and learn something new! 

Have a Great Night,


Saturday, September 3, 2016

New Blog Look! | Added a Second Podcast To The List! | Dropped

Well it has been a few days since my last ever post and I have had to transfer blogs so the direct link to this blog is a bit different but it wouldn't matter to those who are on But with this change came a new "Blog Look" and boy I really like the new fresh look from before where I think the dark color was a bit much if you ask me, but it is updated to a lighter color and it brings the site right out when you are reading this blog so it a positive thing. As you can also see Ive updated the graphical end of the website, meaning the banner the front page image rotation which hasn't been changed as I need to work on graphics for the front end, Twitch and the podcasts I do. As you can tell it isn't bannerfans I use no more I do my own graphics from a program recommended by a streaming site owner I had a argument with since 2014.... LOL! But in all positivity I am glad he recommended it as it has been an amazing program and I am using it to the full potential my creativity is bigger then it has been and I got full control over my graphical end of the site and stream as well and of course the podcasts.

Now you are wondering what is with the Ive added a second podcast?! WTF is that Chris? Well I have been talking to a few people and we are working on a podcast called CBOTW Gamers Podcast talking about gaming once a month! Myself and 1o1Adam which you can follow him on Twitter is going to be joining me once a month with guests and you will never know who will be coming on the podcast each week. We will be taking it slow at first to see how you guys like this and if you guys enjoy it then we will continue on a month basis, I sure it will be loved by you guys as the second podcast within! 

Until the next blog, have a great Sunday tomorrow!