Sunday, April 29, 2018

Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Show Announcement (Apr 29th/18)

            I have been thinking about everything very clearly lately and I made this decision and it was hard as I have been thinking about it and here is the Big Announcement I have been holding back for the past couple of weeks, dreading making the announcement but why would I hold back an announcement that is great news? Because it is very exciting news to be coming out to you guys.

          So the news is I am renewing Everything About Reality TV Podcast for Season 7 & 8, that's right I am renewing the podcast for the Summer 2018 season, but not only the Summer, but also the Fall 2018 season too. In today's blog I will be covering which Reality TV shows I will be covering for each season and plus an idea I got in my head but not sure if it is possible for it to happen but we will have to see. Also The CBOTW Show will be more on the active side after it only had a few week stint On-Air.

Summer 2018:

             This summer I will be covering once again, like I did last year Big Brother (Big Brother 20) and also will be covering Amazing Race Canada 6 as i normally plan on doing each and every summer for you guys. Now I have been talking to my parents and there may be plans to go away but with the upcoming kitchen renovations coming up, that may prove to not happen possibly. If I can find someone I may find someone to cover Big Brother US 20, just to take the pressure off of me and you never know my team could even start growing again as there is something you guys do not really know yet but I will tell you guys in time what I mean. Even if I do not go away, still would be nice to give someone an opportunity to help out but if not that's fine. I am ready to make the moves and rebuild the team from the ground up. The CBOTW Show Podcast will be seeing 3 brand new episodes of the podcast as myself and Larry will be starting up a Power Rangers Talk on the podcast 4 times a year.  This summer we will talk about The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in 3 parts on 3 different weeks in a 2 week interval. 

Fall 2018:

               In the Fall, as it has been recently announced that Survivor will be back in the fall for Season 38 and I already assume and know that it is for Season 37 & 38 which puts a big smile on my face to be actually able to recap Survivor once again. Now YES! I am aware that Amazing Race has been renewed for Season 31 and do not know when it will air as it has been left off the schedule for right now until I know when it will air on TV again. Also in the fall, The CBOTW Show Podcast will be back to scheduled episodes with the Hell's Kitchen 18 Recaps returning to Chris B On The Web. So a busy and hectic Fall and Summer but a fun 2 season for both of the podcasts and I hope you guys enjoy the episodes! 

Chris "The Media Man"

Friday, April 27, 2018

The Plan & Future of Chris B On The Web's Podcasts...

             I hate to make this announcement but it has to be done and it is one of the hardest announcements to make at this time but it has to happen. As you know, the CBOTW Podcasts are on, ITunes & Player FM and is where the RSS Feed is from. is the main feed which is fed to the other 4 platforms. So as you know by social media aka Twitter, I couldn't upload to and frankly, I am was not one bit happy and it doesn't look good on me and for those who were on the platforms that were subscribed I feel bad for you guys not getting the CONTENT you wanna hear. 

         So what is the plan for the nearby future? Well with the website now not in limbo and I am on a more sturdy web builder for right now at least, till end of the year till i move to the more permanent home, this website will have to do for now and I don't mind it at all, whatsoever, it stalls the time from one site to another. But back to the talk about what if goes down on me again in the nearby future where I cannot upload a podcast to their website. Well the plan is will always be the alternative website for the content and it is guaranteed of being up 24-7 and you guys can always check on there if you do not see a podcast up with, TuneIn, ITunes or Player FM. There is my website which is the heart and soul of CBOTW and always will be the heart and soul. 

           Please note that I did email support right away to make them aware of the situation and that I couldn't and I am nothing but thankful for their quick and effective response to my email so things can be figured out and resolved quite quickly.  This is the plan for the future of CBOTW and I plan on changing things around so everything is still coming out as normal, but just will not be on the 4 platforms if I cannot upload it to the platform. So this is the move I am taking for right now, If I need to tweak in the nearby future I will be sure to let you guys know before anymore changes are made, it was quick on the spot this happened. 


Thursday, April 26, 2018

High School Traveling To Classes (Throwback Thursday Story)

         I don't think I ever talked about this in the blog but this is once again another THROWBACK Thursday Story for you guys! This one is a cool one and it is in two parts, the first paragraph will contain the travel music, the second part the other music they played during travel to classes at the start of the day and after Lunch. 

         So just after the warning bell, just before the period starts they played the William Tell Overture which was created by Giachino Rossini which is very easy to YouTube the tune but in case click this Link To William Tell Overture if you don't know what the tune is like but trust me it is the theme to the old TV Show and they also did a movie while back,  "The Lone Ranger" which is that is where the history of the song came from. So yes they played it just before first period and right after Lunch just as we were traveling to 3rd period class so it made traveling to class a lot more fun I guess you would say. Did I not like hearing the song from time to time, yes, just because towards the end of the year before summer came around I was just fed up of hearing it but it is a good way to make sure the slackers as Mr Strickland from Back To The Future would say, get to class and I knew a few students who liked to skip classes, especially from my BIC Class (Behavioral Intervention Class) and my Homeroom as well who were skippers.... SMH! I was actually the first person from that class to graduate out of BIC, so I had the great honor of being the first person to graduate from the BIC Program there at O'Neill C.V.I. 

            Now latter half of O'Neill they did this fundraiser if we fill up this big water jug which is used for the water coolers they will stop playing MmmBop by Hanson. I pretty much brought in every single penny (which still existed back then, as we do not use the penny here in Canada anymore), nickel, dime, quarter into the office so they can just stop playing the stinkin song. I was sick of it, the students got sick and tired, I think there was enough complaints they stopped playing the song all together which mind you it was a relief to hear that they stopped it. 

             It was definitely interesting way to  travel from and to class and I got plenty of High School and College throwback stories to tell and please let me know in the comments below what other throwback stories you would like to hear, whether it is High School, Elementary School or even College, I will be more then happy to tell it. I am very much an open book to my days in School and I got a few other ideas in mind as I was searching through old posts on my blog so I got a clear idea what other posts I could do in the nearby future. 

Chris "The Media Man"

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Toronto Blue Jays Last Couple of Games

           I was asleep obviously before the game even finished up for the night but I woke up this morning and realized that actually the Blue Jays beat the Red Sox 4 - 3. A win is a win and we will take it. But it was a very good game by the sounds of it. Jays are going to become a great team in the next year or so, they got young talent who wanna win. I know they have had difficulty beating the Yankees but in time they will beat em. Yankees have Aaron Judge and a bunch of other good players. 

            Yankees however, what I heard there is a bit of drama between the Manager since Joe Girardi the former Manager wasn't resigned as manager for this season so the new manager and the players, their seem to be a bit of arguing between the players which is probably why the team unity isn't all there. Both my dad and I thought the Yankees were going to win it all this year with Aaron Judge being their big name player that can help them to another World Series but with the Jays now ahead of the Yankees but not by much but they are second in the AL East Division right now. If they can continue on and keep on winning and actually win the series, they will be closer to the top to Boston.  I am not giving up on the Jays, don't worry, they actually surprised thus far in the season and it is still fairly early in the year to be giving up on them at this point. 

             Jays are vibrant team, with experienced players to help them along the way. Granderson is one of the players who had a walk off home run last night which gave em the big W, which we will take it. I don't mind them rallying after the 7th, it makes watching the game even more and more exciting and yes I watched the majority of the game before nodding off in my bed early last night around 930 pm so I got to see a lot of the game but will be flipping around between Big Brother Canada, Survivor & The Hockey and baseball game. I will be discussion the Leafs final game on Friday's blog post as tomorrow is THROWBACK Thursday blog post!

Chris "The Media Man" 

Monday, April 23, 2018

Back Spasm Update & Podcast Scheduling Mishaps

             As you all know I have been dealing with back spasms and it has been extremely hard to stay on track with things lately and I am truly sorry about that but my back is more important to get better and it has been better however, I have fell behind and yet to keep up. Today and tomorrow will be crucial to catching up and staying caught up. Ever since this back spasm I have falling so behind on the podcasts it has been hard to try and keep up with them and this is why I am so behind and half the time I do not use the hashtag #BBCAN6 on twitter anymore too often.

           How am I getting better? I am doing exercise everyday to ensure the spasms are loosened up as it was very, very tightened up but it is totally different then it use to be so it is progressing slowly but surely. It is one step at a time. One side of my back is feeling better, the right side still tightened up but if I keep up with my exercises, 2 - 3 times a day, I will truly feel better and got a better back then I did few weeks back when I was in constant pain.

           I take it one day at a time, I am slower then I am normally but again it doesn't really help the fact I cannot bring out the content to you guys on the schedule I set back at the start of the New Year, but I plan to try and repair the trust I have broken with you guys to being on a timetable that was broken the week before Easter but with my back now on the mend, by the end of this week, I will be back on the right track and having podcasts out on schedule. 


Sunday, April 22, 2018

Internet Update

              So as you know I have had a few issues with the internet and still have the odd issue this morning but for the most part it is operational but keeping an eye out on it over the next couple of days. Now this morning, I had a internet connection issue after I took the WiFi off still it is a bit of a problem with it but like I said I will keep an eye out on things. Is it annoying that the problem is still occurring? Yes of course! I mean if you think about it I upload the podcasts to the platforms and it takes quite amount of the resources to upload the content for you guys.

              What will I do if I still get a internet connection error now that the WiFi setting is off and I am using the hard wire for the internet? I plan on contacting my Internet Service Provider aka Rogers and try to figure out what is going on with my connection. Now mind you my phone connection to the WiFi is fine, I may end up trying to reboot the system see if that helps with the connection. Maybe that is what my PC needs is a reboot as it has been running non stop 24-7 so my PC is telling me I am tired of running non stop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the past 7 weeks now, soon going onto 8 weeks ever since Big Brother Canada has started so I think the computer is a bit slower as it hardly gets rebooted and I should ever day or ever 2nd day at the most. 

             Really I do not know what the problem is, I know I thought the hard wire was the issue but I worked with the WiFi card for a bit with no problems. So I am completely confused what to do or what the problem is with the internet and maybe this is the time I need to reach out with Rogers and see what they say about the situation but again by tomorrow or Tuesday I will be deciding what I wanna do, I know I got options and shouldn't be afraid to explore options!


Saturday, April 21, 2018

Rogers Internet Is Really Getting On My Nerves!

                   Last night kind of stuck my last nerve with Rogers Internet, had nothing but connection issues with my internet and trying to get podcasts out it doesn't make things easy for me whatsoever but hey I am trying the best I can to get the content so that is one of the reasons why sometimes the internet fails me and it isn't my fault when Rogers wants to be stubborn with me to keep the connection flowing. Just another disadvantage sometimes as a podcast but hey expect the unexpected like the Big Brother Canada & Big Brother motto goes. I had connection issues with the web builder on 000webhost as you know my website is currently down still at the moment but working to get it back up soon!

                  So what was the problem with my connection? Well sometimes it tells me I am not connected to the internet when. I look at the front of the WiFi to see if the two blue lights are on and they are! So I am not sure what exactly is going on with the the connection. I tried resetting the router that didn't work, I attached the hard wire that goes from the PC here in the studio to the router and long behold it worked! Go Figure one thing actually works, I yet to try and disconnect it from the PC or Router to try the WiFi card and to see if that possibly failed but this computer I got about 3 or 4 years ago due to my old one and the blue screen of death on the custom built and don't get me wrong, I liked having a custom built computer but this Acer computer has really done the job really well and has been running non stop for the past 8 weeks now with the screens off at night but it is always on standby for things. So anyways back to what I was saying, I doubt it was the WiFi card, as I stated above my computer is not even 5 years old yet or it around that, I think it was in 2014 when I got it so next year would of been the 5th year since I got it. Please do note that I haven't had the best relationship with Rogers over the past years, it's a love/hate relationship with the internet from time to time... LOL. We got a new WiFi router so that is definitely not the problem there 

                 What is the plan if Rogers Internet continues the way it is? Well for once I will be personally calling them up and complaining to them with the internet issue and ask if it is possible to have my IP address reset and see if that makes any difference? Maybe I am getting attacked? My internet works half the times? Haters will hate obviously but come on I gotta get the content out someway, somehow and having internet working half the time ain't going to help me whatsoever. So Rogers Internet YOU HAD ONE JOB!


Friday, April 20, 2018

Do I Believe In Ghosts?

              Do I believe in Ghosts? At first I didn't but with the recent events in this household, well I think at this point, I think I do believe in Ghosts and think what could be causing these odd occurrences here in the studio or the house in general and I will be talking about that as I move on in this blog post today.

              The first occurrence that I have is something hitting the side desk here in the studio and I am the only one in the studio and mind you this was overnight and was one of the sleepless nights I have had and I was still up and moving around in the studio or sitting in the chair in my studio on my PC here. The next occurrence is I was in the kitchen and I heard a explosion of glass in the cupboard and yes the door flung open a tad but it ended up closing once again. Yes we were thinking about it could of had a weakness in the glass but I am thinking a ghost was involved. 

              What am I thinking what spirit did this? Well I have my theories it could of been either been my friend Sue or my Late Aunt Margaret who has passed away. It is like they are trying to tell me something or pulling a practical joke on my parents and I. Sometimes it feels like someone is putting hand on my shoulder from time to time but once again there is nobody around me so I am pretty much sure it could be a ghost but I have to realize this house is 40 something years old it will have it's creaks and groans these days. However I still think it is a ghost or some kind of paranormal activity and I wanna stand by my theory it is a ghost because honestly, 2 different things happen on 2 different days, I still think it was a spirit in this house, it is like a sign being given to me but you never know.


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Skype or Discord? Which One Is Better? (A Bit of a Skype Rant)

             I hate to even make this blog post as last night was the last straw with Skype and I am entirely sick of the platform all together. There are a bunch of reasons why I have decided to walk away from Skype all together and here is why:

             1) The lag has become very unbearable on my PC especially and my PC was fine when I first got it back from being reformatted. Skype has been a pain in the rear since the day Microsoft have taken over.

              2) Skype dropping calls, between both Larry and I. Him and I Skyped every few weeks, sometimes more often then usual but it is annoying in mid call with him and the darn thing drops in the midst of a conversation with him. 

              3) The next thing is the quality of the call both Video and Audio, the video he looks distorted or the walls turn into a red color minus him which is a bit odd for me but it seems to be a bit of a pain to put up with. Also the audio quality, well sometimes sounds like a freaking robot on the end but it could be Larry's end but other calls seem fine to me.

                 Now Discord, it doesn't lag for me, the quality is good and it is more of a slicker type of program to use, it doesn't have bad quality, the quality of audio and video is good and you can hear loud and clear and no robot unless you end up with a bad internet connection... Which is well know if you're a Rogers Internet user like I am... Then that would be the cause. So which one would I chose between the two unless I find another good program? Discord, I like the style, the look of it, the lag is 0 so that is one of the reasons. What I also like about it now they got video chat on there then they did before when I first joined in 2016. I rather use Discord over Skype any day and I have been meaning to leave the platform over the last couple of years since they changed over the ownership of the App. 


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Website Announcement!

             I know you guys been waiting and waiting for this announcement but here it is! For those who didn't see my Facebook Group, Twitter & Instagram, well is COMING Back! That's right after trying to find another web builder to put the website on with the domain I already had since 000webhost failed me for the very last time after having problems and issues with them for the past 3 years now, I decided it was time to move on from 000webhost.  So many days went by as you know the original plan was to stick to this page, the blogger page that is but I dug hard and deep and finally found a provider that works this time around. Least now with this new provider, this site will not be sleeping for 1 hour a day, which means the website is now running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! No strings attached! 

              Also what is great about switch of providers is having my own email within which is if you would like to reach out to me which is awesome no more using 3rd parties for the emails anymore, well minus my own personal email but I mean professionally, I have the .com email and I prefer this as a professional email system. I have already notified people who have contacted me in the past that this is my new email and any further emails can be sent through that one. I rather have a more professional email then what I had, the yahoo email for the longest time since 000webhost got rid of the email system they had. 

              Finally on today's post, I think my limitations are as limited to what I had before but this is a new start for me and I am proud to be where I am and knowing I do not have to pay for both the domain and the web builder by using the free builder site and only paying for the domain, so the provider I am with for my domain, I am more then likely going to be using them, renewing domain for another 3 amazing years with them. How long will the site will take to build it? Could take 2 weeks, it could take 3 weeks, depending how long it takes for me to rebuild it. I rather take my time with building it then rushing with the entire website and it is a half functional website.
Have a great day! 


Monday, April 16, 2018

2018 NHL Playoffs Thoughts For The Past Week!

              So I made the discussion on social media and you guys want me to talk briefly about things going in the NHL. I will try to not ramble on and on with paragraphs but tons to talk about in the NHL Round 1.

              First of all The Toronto Maple Leafs, honestly, I thought they would of done better then this. They had the upper hand during the regular season and beat Boston a lot more then they have been, being blown out 7 - 3 the last game in Game 2.  I will talk more about it on Saturday when I do another sports related blog post.  Tampa Bay I am not surprised with them winning as they are the top team in the East at the end of the 2017 - 2018 Season. Minnesota with their crazy score Sunday night puts them 1 game from tying the series at 2 and they sure a wild card team on my list as I know they can win if they put their minds to it. I was expecting Winnipeg to have more of a lead then this but you never know what happens in the playoffs. Sometimes the odd ball team can surprise you in the playoffs!  

                Now Nashville, Las Vegas I am not surprised they are winning their games, Nashville 2 - 0 lead over the Avalanche, Las Vegas 3 - 0 over the Kings which will be over tonight if they win the next game tonight. As for the Leafs they need to start winning games if they want to stay in the playoffs, I do not expect them to go past Tampa Bay Lighting, that will be a challenge and a half to win but they have been close to winning against Tampa Bay, but my thought is they aren't ready to start winning the Stanley Cup.  Sharks are 2 - 0 lead over the Quackers (Ducks), the game I think will be over by 4 games as they keep on winning, they will win 4 games to 0. Like I said above, Minnesota could surprise the heck out of all of us and start winning. Same goes with the Flyers who have won a game against the Penguins (Sorry Jeff Lieberman)  but anything is possible but I do see the front runners in the series going on, Las Vegas, Tampa, Boston (that is if Toronto don't START winning!), Sharks. But anything is possible and I can see a possible upset but I will leave it to you to guess which team it is! 


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Sticking To My Gut Feelings On Things!

                 I am inner twining all this website problems, into this post today. What do I mean? Well I know 000webhost Moderators on their forums are trying to keep me as long as they can but sometimes you gotta go with you gut feelings and that is exactly what I did with this entire 000webhost situation this week is figuring this has been nothing but a headache with problems with 000webhost and my internet, it is time to move away to another website platform and move to the permanent website by early 2019, so hence I am now on this blogger page till end of the year and the Audio ONLY Platforms for the podcast until I am able to move the website over to the new provider and get the ball rolling again. 

                 I know I have been questioned by my fan base and couple of the moderators of the Facebook Page but that's OK, they are wondering what is going on with the website and I made it clear on the video I posted up yesterday or the day before that I have taken the website offline till 2019 and this blogger page will continue to run as the main page for the time being and trust me isn't dead yet! It is making it's triumphed return in 2019. This website will be bigger and better then before. Like the lyrics of Power Rangers Zeo: "Stronger The Before...." Am I excited? Of course! I told you this year was the year for Chris B On The Web and so far it has been! from a potential interview to the birth of The CBOTW Show and the start of recapping Music City CMT this year has been fenomial so far and I'm far from being done with this year all together. 

                  What about Autism Celebration 2018? What will you advertise I will be talking about that on tomorrow's blog post the future of and what is to be happening to the website and the rough timeline. But nothing will change my mind on this decision, it is a business decision to temporarily step away from this website and I gotta think what is best for me at this point of time and walking away from running the website for now is what I need to do in order to figure out the next move that is coming and like I have said many times this year, I am moving the website to it's new and permanent provider within a month and hopefully it will be ready by Christmas or January 1st, 2019 which is my actual aim date but again I will talk about that on tomorrow's blog post. But yes I am sticking to my gut to what I think i right and I have absolutely no regrets on my decision. Either way you guys are getting the CONTENT, YOU GUYS want to see!


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Everything About Reality TV/The CBOTW Show Podcast Revised Schedule (Week of Apr 8th, 2018)

               This week there are changes being made to the podcasts, due to my absence from the studio tomorrow as I am heading into Toronto for the day with Dave Gowans and I will be unavailable to do the recap for Survivor Ghost Island as I will be returning late back to the studio. So which means I have to shift this weeks schedule a tad to accommodate my absence. So without further ado here is my schedule for this week:

Today (Wednesday): Everything About Reality TV- Big Brother Canada 6- Week # 5 RECAP Podcast

Friday: 6 pm EST: The CBOTW Show- Music City CMT EP # 8 RECAP Podcast
             8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Survivor Ghost Island EP # 7 RECAP Podcast

Saturday:  8 pm EST:  Everything About Reality TV- Big Brother Canada 6- Week # 6 RECAP Podcast

              There is my timetable for this week and I will be keeping up with the schedule! I am planned on watching Big Brother Canada 6 from last week, recording last week recap, post it up then watch Music City and record it before bed, then that part of it is done and all I gotta do is watch Survivor tomorrow morning or Friday, record it Friday morning and Friday's content is done and ready to go! Boom! 2 down 1 to go for Saturday! Once Saturday is done, I'm clear of being behind schedule. That is my golden plan to get caught up this week and the temporary change as I said at the start of this post, I am out of town in Toronto with Dave Gowans for the day. Next week will be back to normal scheduled programming, well without The CBOTW Show as it goes on Hiatus since Music City Wraps Up This week!


Monday, April 9, 2018

Internet Provider The Cause of The Web Builder Not Loading???

                 After troubleshooting why I couldn't edit, I decided this isn't worth the stress anymore and I decided to pull down, due to these on going problems and I am currently working with a new provider to get setup for the remainder of the time I got on my domain Just having a couple of issues right now I need to iron out and once that's done I will be at work building the site on the new provider, away from 000webhost. I think I figured out the problem with the builder but yet other websites and social media worked. Which scratches my head to why everything else works but the web builder on 000webhost doesn't work... Now I ended up having issues with social media and Big Brother Canada's website, but I removed the physical hard wire and it seems to work fine with the WIFI card within my PC, so I think the hard wire is fried and I need a new one or to attach the blue wire. What is the cause of this? Probably my internet as I have said on social media, so it is unknown if I am needing to have my IP Address changed up due to the problems I am having, I think I am going to make the call tomorrow. It wouldn't make a difference, the website is now down and I am moving forward.

                 So am I going to keep my word on what I said? Of course I am, but it may be months down the road when the domain expires but in the meantime you guys have this blog page as the main site for the blog and podcasts till I make the move over to the new provider in 2019. Either way, you guys got some kind of site to go to regardless until I make the switch over to the new provider by early 2019 and trust me it will be even better then the stuff we have had to deal with in the past almost 4 years of being with 000webhost. Actually more then 4 years, I believe I joined when Entertainment Man Productions  (aka The Video Projects Team) was still up and around and enough was enough and it was time to move on from 000webhost and onto a new provider that will be even better then what I had before. So welcome home to the and temporary website for Chris B On The Web until the move to the new site in early 2019 and a timeline will be coming in the very coming few months from now. 


Sunday, April 8, 2018

RIP 000 Website Builder! | Plans For The Future!

            Well I think my website has finally come to it's last legs of existence as now I cannot edit whatsoever, nor post up the podcasts on there and I have had response from their staff and/or Mods, they are looking into it. If it is not corrected in a few days, I will be walking away from their platform and once I am able to edit, the website will be put into maintenance mode for good and will remain in maintenance mode until the domain expires. So I will be only using the blogger page for the meantime until I can get to another provider by the end of the year. 

              Honestly enough is enough, I have had nothing but problems for the past 3 years and I am honestly done with 000webhost and their  service. They use to be good at the start but honestly it has gone hill since they changed the entire CPanel and the website mail system was changed to a forwarding system, I am been very unsatisfied with them. Also noting they have down time too, their server hiccups, web builder problems the list is endless with the problems. I knew at the end of last year, I knew my domain was to expire after 3 years.

                So what is the plan for the website? I will be renewing the domain but will be going with Hostinger and got a plan already in tact and excited to truly rebuild the website from the ground up and start fresh and away from 000webhost. Once the domain is officially renewed, then the re-coding process is underway and trust me it will be worth the wait once the website is re-coded and it will be the same layout as before, I may modify a few things but we will see how it goes when the re-code goes, but for the most part the website will remain as it is in it's current state. But I got a few ideas to possibly changing the system for Everything About Reality TV but yet you guys do like the current system I got so I plan on leaving everything as it is. What I could do is get but then the website has to update on the back of my shirt, which I use as a advertising tool locally when I am out and about so that plan is kind of out the door. I am excited to talk about the future plans for the website finally. This website outage really started to make think of what I would like to do with the next version of my website. I am aiming to working on the site between December 2018 and aiming to launch the website on January 1st, 2019.


Saturday, April 7, 2018

Personal UPDATE- Bad Back Update!

             Since I believe last week when I told you guys I had some back troubles and it got better then it was, but by Easter it was getting bad again and was a pain in my rear end, especially getting content out to you guys as well, it was a royal pain to sit and type or sit and record a podcast as you know there are still two podcasts missing and today I am bringing out the Survivor: Ghost Island EP # 6 Recap @ 3 pm EST & Big Brother Canada 6 Week # 5 RECAP @ 9 pm EST out to ensure everything is caught up for the following week. 

             I went to the doctor, Thursday night at the clinic to ensure there was nothing really bad happening to my poor back after 2 weeks of suffering with problems with it. So it was the roughest visit to a doctor, my patience was limited, I couldn't sit for a very long time and I just went off at my mom who took time of her evening to take me and get it looked at. Also I went off at the nurses as I wasn't having it... I just wanted to come home where I was comfortable but I finally decided to just get it done and over with. I struggled in the actually examination room, where I told off the nurses, even though they were only trying to help me and get this problem looked at. I wasn't having it Thursday night. The stubborn side of me came out where I just give a darn as I was very much frustrated with being hurt. I even broke down into tears saying it is my fault I let my own fans down with the lack of being on schedule... It really started to hit me wondering if I wanted to continue to with podcasting and the blogs but once I got home I finished one of the podcasts so in the last 2 days I have gotten a podcast out once a day and today obviously I am getting 2 of them out and I will be all caught up with podcasts.

              Now what was the problem with my back? Well I thought I badly wrenched my back to a point I couldn't bend much. However it was actually spasms in my back which were really tight to the point of the said pain I had and where I couldn't bend or move. Also it made me very uncomfortable sitting for long periods of time which I now can sit for a longer period of time and the Dr. she gave me exercises to do at least 2 - 3 times a day which I have started to do. I am truly now on the mend, still sore and stiff but the spasms are now are slowly going away but as long as I continue to keep on up with the exercise for the next few weeks, everything should be better and trust me I will not miss an exercise as I would like to get better and fast.


Wednesday, April 4, 2018

What Do I Think About Liars?

              What do I think of liars? I hate em! I can contest to it recently too with being lied to by someone about helping me with a chatroom on my website yet I did the majority of the work and was always on the chat everyday and only seen them on once the entire the chat was up and running and raring to go. Even my own group Mod, Billy came into the chatroom. Last night I was so stressed, I was up till 230 - 3 am this morning. What even makes me even more and more upset, the person told me they were going to come on the chat tonight after dinner and it became 830 pm at night and nothing. That really got me steaming mad! I mean you say your going to one thing, then don't do it? It is just unbelievable! 

               Enough of me ranting about last night. But I do not like liars whatsoever who lie to my face and think they will get away with it, primary example above in the blog right there to what I have experienced in my life. The way I think of it, I feel betrayed to, thought I could trust the person who I felt that lied to me and yet will not explain themselves to me. I am all about second chances but third and fourth and fifth chances are really hard to come by with me. I mean I am trusting person  and if you really wanna be my friend yes I will consider it but I find trust can be hard to come by and if you break it by lying to me constantly time and time again then I refuse to be your friend.

               In conclusion to today's blog post, liars think they will get away with lying to me but they won't. Actions speaking louder then words or there are consequences for your actions and I hold by that and been in that same boat a few times in my life I am sure.


Tuesday, April 3, 2018

How My Easter Day 2018 Went!

           So I promised you guys I would talk about how my Easter went with my family and I know my life is pretty boring to you guys but hey I don't mind sharing certain things about my personal life especially when I am spending time with my family! I know you guys enjoy the pictures I post of my family and I on Instagram. 

            Anyways, it was a great dinner and get together with my brother, sister in law, niece and nephew and of course my parents and I. Soon as they arrived to the house here, I ran the Easter Egg hunt with the kids which I do pretty much every year or the years they are down here for Easter but for the most part they are here every Easter to celebrate Easter with us. Of course after the kids wanted to play Minecraft down here in the studio so I came down we played Minecraft and created something called the Snow Gollum & Iron Snow Gollum which still I got no clue what the heck it is 2 days later but it's cool, I was on my file recently (last night) and made a bunch of em. I need to make more snow Gollums, they will protect me from the enemies. Anyways they taught me something new, that I never knew this actually existed on the game till my own niece and nephew taught me this. Also I showed em what I was up to with Farming Simulator 17 after dinner as well.

              Dinner wise we had Ham, Mashed Potatoes, carrots, broccoli (yuck!),  Pork kebabs, Chicken Fingers. It was really delicious! I usually have wine and I said I was but ended up drinking Milk... SMH. Don't know where my head was at, so much going on. I was to distracted entertaining my niece and nephew I guess! We also got some pictures taken and I got a new picture taken with the kids and boy they are growing up so fast! Overall a great time with the fam and enjoyed every moment of being with my family and it was a nice break from working on Chris B On The Web on Sunday. I was going to record Sunday but then thought, nah, I am going to take the day off and have a day of rest instead and I have been working too hard and needed this break.


Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter!

             First thing I would like to say on this blog post for today is Happy Easter! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter with your family. I love this holiday just like Thanksgiving & Christmas because I love being with my family and spending time with them during the holiday season and being around with the people I love. I admit I am excited to be taking a break from this chaos and like I said this morning at 215 am EST, I have been busy leading up to Easter Sunday which is today. I want to talk about it today briefly. 

              Tuesday I went to the Chrism Mass with my dad as that is our tradition each and every year and we consider it father/son time with each other. On our walk from Union we stopped at the St. Stephan's Chapel where our former Pastor Fr. Guenter is in charge of running the chapel during the weekdays and we got to see him and chat with him for a little bit before we continued on our way. We stopped at the Eaton Center for a quick drink then we went on to St. Micheal's Cathedral Basilica for the Chrism Mass which our Cardinal, Cardinal Collins presided at the mass. We saw a few of our former seminarians and pastors of parishes we visit here and there as well. We then went to St. Lawrence Market for Fish and chips for me Clam Chowder & Chips. 

                 Now Thursday, had the Holy Thursday Mass locally with our Auxiliary Bishop for our area so we remained in Oshawa for Holy Thursday Mass and Adoration that night. Good Friday, we once again traveled back into Toronto for the Good Friday Service for 3 pm EST which this is one of the traditions my dad and I do every year. Usually Good Friday's we at at St Paul's Basilica and Easter Vigil we are back at St. Micheal's Cathedral.

                  So The Easter Vigil I dressed up nice, shirt, tie and sweater and we headed to St. Micheal's Cathedral. Now you probably wonder with my back is so so right now, how I managed with the sore back but I managed, don't worry I managed. The mass was beautiful, the music was beautiful they really decorated the parish really nice for the Easter celebration. He is truly risen! Hallelujah! 

               Lastly once again, I really hope you all have a very happy and safe Easter and enjoy your Easter with your family. I sure will! I will do a blog post about it tomorrow about my time with my family. 


Real Reason For Slow Content

          There are a lot reasons why I have been slow on bringing out content, the first reason is with me being out of town quite a lot last week but in the last 24 hours, I have been keeping up the pace on catching up in the last 24 hours which is a good thing. I should of planned ahead of time with the RECAPS and being out of town both Tuesday, Friday and tonight (last night if you read this blog in the morning). I should of planned it out better and not this week but the following week I am out of town so I am already planning ahead on a re-schedule for the week. 

             Another reason why I have been slow with bringing out content is I hurt my back and its been bad on and off and right now it the worse of it all and I find it hard to stay seated in my chair for hours on end where I have to move around and get up more and my attention span isn't too great with always being in pain most of the time so that is another reason why and I should of been move up front about it to you guys sooner then usual. But I am starting to feel a tad better in the last 18 - 20 hours now and the pain is getting more and more lower then usual so you can expect content to be back up to speed this week and at full throttle but if I have to take a day off between the podcast recordings, I will. I know you guys understand and are very, very patient with me as I am still adjusting to the current Everything About Reality TV (Big Brother Canada 6 & Survivor Ghost Island) & The CBOTW Show (Music City Recap) schedules as I have said in my Music City Recaps, I am still fairly new to the show and new to this podcast so I am still adjusting and it will take me sometime to get adjusted and that is OK with me. We all adjust to things differently and at different speeds and I happen to be one of those slower type of people to adjust and adapt to the change, but I am getting better and better at change, then I use to when I was first diagnosed with Autism when I was 8 or 9 years of age. 

             Finally on this overnight edition of the blog and I am not sure if many of you will be reading this at almost 215 am as I got nothing better to do since I cannot sleep but blog what I forgot to post up before leaving for Easter and I will talk about it on another post later on today in the midday as it will be a quieter day for content as I am taking today to spend time with the family for this Easter Sunday. However that is not what I am talking about in this post, I wanna thank you guys for the continuation of love and support and showing your patience especially with the past week being extremely busy with being out of town quieter a lot, it has been hard to sit down and record a podcast or write a blog post but I appreciate all your patience on social media and the encouragement you have given me through this quite difficult and rough week for me. You guys have made my job as a content creator, podcaster, blogger a much easier and fun job to do on a regular basis. 😊