Saturday, April 7, 2018

Personal UPDATE- Bad Back Update!

             Since I believe last week when I told you guys I had some back troubles and it got better then it was, but by Easter it was getting bad again and was a pain in my rear end, especially getting content out to you guys as well, it was a royal pain to sit and type or sit and record a podcast as you know there are still two podcasts missing and today I am bringing out the Survivor: Ghost Island EP # 6 Recap @ 3 pm EST & Big Brother Canada 6 Week # 5 RECAP @ 9 pm EST out to ensure everything is caught up for the following week. 

             I went to the doctor, Thursday night at the clinic to ensure there was nothing really bad happening to my poor back after 2 weeks of suffering with problems with it. So it was the roughest visit to a doctor, my patience was limited, I couldn't sit for a very long time and I just went off at my mom who took time of her evening to take me and get it looked at. Also I went off at the nurses as I wasn't having it... I just wanted to come home where I was comfortable but I finally decided to just get it done and over with. I struggled in the actually examination room, where I told off the nurses, even though they were only trying to help me and get this problem looked at. I wasn't having it Thursday night. The stubborn side of me came out where I just give a darn as I was very much frustrated with being hurt. I even broke down into tears saying it is my fault I let my own fans down with the lack of being on schedule... It really started to hit me wondering if I wanted to continue to with podcasting and the blogs but once I got home I finished one of the podcasts so in the last 2 days I have gotten a podcast out once a day and today obviously I am getting 2 of them out and I will be all caught up with podcasts.

              Now what was the problem with my back? Well I thought I badly wrenched my back to a point I couldn't bend much. However it was actually spasms in my back which were really tight to the point of the said pain I had and where I couldn't bend or move. Also it made me very uncomfortable sitting for long periods of time which I now can sit for a longer period of time and the Dr. she gave me exercises to do at least 2 - 3 times a day which I have started to do. I am truly now on the mend, still sore and stiff but the spasms are now are slowly going away but as long as I continue to keep on up with the exercise for the next few weeks, everything should be better and trust me I will not miss an exercise as I would like to get better and fast.


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