Wednesday, April 4, 2018

What Do I Think About Liars?

              What do I think of liars? I hate em! I can contest to it recently too with being lied to by someone about helping me with a chatroom on my website yet I did the majority of the work and was always on the chat everyday and only seen them on once the entire the chat was up and running and raring to go. Even my own group Mod, Billy came into the chatroom. Last night I was so stressed, I was up till 230 - 3 am this morning. What even makes me even more and more upset, the person told me they were going to come on the chat tonight after dinner and it became 830 pm at night and nothing. That really got me steaming mad! I mean you say your going to one thing, then don't do it? It is just unbelievable! 

               Enough of me ranting about last night. But I do not like liars whatsoever who lie to my face and think they will get away with it, primary example above in the blog right there to what I have experienced in my life. The way I think of it, I feel betrayed to, thought I could trust the person who I felt that lied to me and yet will not explain themselves to me. I am all about second chances but third and fourth and fifth chances are really hard to come by with me. I mean I am trusting person  and if you really wanna be my friend yes I will consider it but I find trust can be hard to come by and if you break it by lying to me constantly time and time again then I refuse to be your friend.

               In conclusion to today's blog post, liars think they will get away with lying to me but they won't. Actions speaking louder then words or there are consequences for your actions and I hold by that and been in that same boat a few times in my life I am sure.


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