Tuesday, March 31, 2020

2 Weeks In Self Isolation!

           It has been 2 weeks since I have been in self isolation and honestly going a little crazy and been sleeping a ton during the day and up the night time working on things so right now I am the complete opposite of what my sleep was when I was out and about and honestly. However when I was up and about what did I do? I worked on the podcast obviously and made sure it was up on time and that has obviously been an issue lately with me getting it up on time. However you guys still get the podcast one way or another but I need to get back on track. Also I have been trying to watch Power Rangers Time Force and going to be working on that today after my 15 - 20 min outing to the bank so I am able to pay my parents for rent or my butt is out the door but I know they wouldn't do that. One thing I do not really have to do is get my bus pass and I need to get in touch with the transit company here to find out where I can get it as things that aren't essential are closed right now due to the virus.  Either way I am still working on things and as I said in Sunday post, I am working on things slowly at a slower pace but I think with me not sleeping well is coming to an end and I will get a more steady sleep. 

              So with that please bare with me through this hard times and I can honestly I haven't been myself,  I have been depressed and just fed up of being at home 24-7. I know it is what we have to do right now and gotta deal with it and try and hang in there but again I have really and am struggling on a daily basis and not sure how much longer my mental health can take it honestly. However everyday I am fighting the mental health and depression and honestly it is one day at a time and I've had headaches cause I'm stressing myself out and just cannot wait till things get back to normal honestly and when is the question as I'm not doing well mentally and nothing I can do to help me cope with being home 24-7. I am going to the cemetery with my dad to take down wreaths  and don't worry I will be safe as I am going to be in the car and there will not be anyone there so I should be OK but having second thoughts going now but my parents understand why I don't wanna go but I have to decide soon what I wanna do. I can stay in the car if I wish and might just do that but again I gotta do what's best for me and my friends told me to go it'll be good for me so I am going to do that and from here on out after that I am back in Isolation and staying in my area. No more long trips.


Monday, March 30, 2020

Another Studio Update [03-30-2020]

              So here is another update for you guys. The ceiling in my area is mainly done for the most part and towards the side wall still needs to be finished. Currently we have removed the book shelves that you see on the left hand side of the pic to the right of this first part of the post. This was to finish that wall entirely and we have to paint the covered up wall as that is one of the reasons and we put in trim around and honestly It looks not too nice but we haven't finished with it yet so in time it will look a ton better and not sure what the other wall by the door it's gonna look a bit odd but I guess in time I will be getting use to it and probably will not even noticed it as normally my back is turned to the door technically.

             As you guys can see that is how far we are and I believe today we are working on the ceiling and my dad will need my help as it will be a L Shape of a piece for the ceiling. and the other part you cannot see but going at the edge you will see no ceiling and at the very end there but that is the next few steps to get done and finished. So now it is pretty much it is the finishing touches to the ceiling and then paint that one wall and finish off edging at the corners. So what I am trying to say is it's the small stuff right now that we are finishing up at the moment. However a lot more progress has been made and by Monday's next actual update, I will have a bigger update for you guys with the next progress of this reno as we are now officially 4 months into this reno going into our 5th month next month.I honestly cannot wait till this is all done and we're back to normal here.


Sunday, March 29, 2020

My Mental Health Is Not Great & Updates....

            My sleep is really weird right now and probably has to do with being isolated for nearly 2 weeks now and honestly will be talking about that this week on Tuesday if I remember correctly to when that post is going up. I have found myself sleeping way to early and up during the night like I use to which I really wanna get myself back to a normal routine even with me home 24-7 recently and just hope this is over soon as I am struggling on a daily basis and I just do not know how much longer I can hold out being in isolation but don't forget I am with my parents so that gives me someone to talk to honestly. However what I really meant is I'd like to see other people as it has been hard not to see friends and even texting, IM chatting online or Discord/Skype but more in person. I kind of feel what the sims feels at time desolate not seeing other people and I am starting to sound like Sims. I know my parents been trying to keep me occupied during these tough times. I know I haven't been the most impatient person during these tough times but there is nothing I can do. I can go out for walks and plan to go to the bank with my mom to get out of my area and isn't far to go really. However I am going to more then likely stay in the car but we'll see how I feel. 

             I really haven't been too motivated to do much and trying to get the content out to you guys as much as I can and trying some new things out for the podcast. I think this week I will be taking a small break from bonus episodes but promise you guys I will get back to a every second week schedule after this week.  I am also taking my time off and I may change my time off schedule and work Monday through Fridays this way I take off weekends which means I need to keep to my schedule which is:

7 Days a Week: Blog posts
Sundays: Entertainment Man Podcast- post up the episode @ 1 pm EST
Wednesdays: Entertainment Man Bonus Podcast- Record Bonus episode
                        Entertainment Man Podcast- Record Regular episode
Thursdays: Entertainment Man Podcast- post up bonus episode @ 1 pm EST (Every second week)
Fridays: Entertainment Man Podcast- Sneak Peek @ 1 pm EST

            There is my timetable honestly and looks very busy but the odd weeks that I am not doing the bonus I will always be doing other content or getting that content ready but this schedule will be temporary as I think working during the week is what I need so this will all start Tuesday so tomorrow I will be off then Tuesday through Friday then off during the weekends for the time being until this "Self Isolation" is done and could be another 2 - 3 months where I will not be able to get out but it depends how quickly they can get the vaccine figured out and it will take time to make it and test it out and then administer it to everyone. So I will hang in there and I will talk further what I have been up to during self isolation on Tuesday.


Saturday, March 28, 2020

Updates On Entertainment Man Podcast!

           I am in need for more topics and this is not me saying I am out of ideas because I have ton of ideas in the back of my mind. However I want to get you guys involved with ideas and topics and if there is anything in the back of your mind please let me know via Facebook Fan Page, Twitter or Instagram or by e-mail thecbotwteam@gmail.com. However I am going to be able to sustain ideas on my own but I am totally welcoming to ideas. Remember what I said I am planning interviews with a few people on my list and behind the scenes ideas so I am going to definitely throw that in the mix. However I have come up with a few ideas and I am mentioning an Q & A for the podcast down the road and will be working on some new ideas. I am trying to edit and get a sneak peek as I again failed to post it up. I need to get that fixed and I am going to work on a schedule for myself to make sure things are done on time. Good thing I got ideas ready to go and I am ahead of myself for that department. It is hard to get things done as the studio is in full lockdown right now cause of what is going on but I am trying to limit how much I get done during the week. 

              Being a few weeks in I have noticed the topics that I am talking about is actually working and the views are up and noticed this podcast is doing well and growing the podcast rapidly fast. But that is a good thing and I feel like things are doing really well and honestly a ton better then the other podcast I ran. I am not putting down the other podcast, it was fun and yes I will be talking about it on the podcast tomorrow as part of my discussion on following my heart. Either way I think I am a lot happier now then I was before. I am always thinking of ideas and seems every time I record there an idea that I come up with when I am recording the podcast which is nuts and puts a smile on my face honestly as I know this is indeed a great idea to go with and hey least the ideas are flowing compare to when I had to do off season Podcasts but I do miss the Reality TV days but now I am in a happier place and able to get things done at a better pace and I admit I am getting more likes and Retweets on social then I did with the other so that is a good thing so I am getting excited as we get further into the season as I know I should of started in January and honestly Larry is right it was a very stressful podcast and I do not need to stress myself out.  Anyways enjoy the sneak peek this afternoon and enjoy the episode as it was a fun episode to record.


Friday, March 27, 2020

Been Thinking About Sports Again...

            I been thinking about this for a while and right now it is all up in the air due to the virus everything is shutdown here but essential. What am I meaning? I was thinking about actually going back to a bowling league but with the state of the world I guess it will have to be on hold for now. Anyways, I did bowl for many years in a league on Fridays and technically I left cause of certain reasons. I really haven't thought about coming back and I honestly had to deal with my knee issues and now my knees are better but I need to work on my weight which mind you an update is coming tomorrow on this and I'm really happy to say this too. Anyways back to the topic at hand last time I played I almost made the provincials tournament which would of definitely been amazing to get to that step and I truly have been so close to actually making it twice which is incredible, 1 in bowling and 1 in softball. Yes I am referring to Special Olympics as most of you know I have Autism and not afraid to say it or actually hide it anymore.

              I know that my knees are the upmost importance if my decision to return to sports but bowling wouldn't be that bad or bad at all with returning and would be nice to meet new people and actually bowl. I could go to my parents Tuesday night league so this way I can come back with them home and that is always an option. However with the state of the world I guess that has to be on the back burner for now and that's OK. I rather stay healthy and technically the bowling alleys here are closed so I am willing to wait till this all passes and it will in time. I need to remain positive through this times and and I will bowl in time and the question is when and whenever they get a working vaccine which they have been working on but it's gotta be tested and make sure it works. So when things get back to normal, then is when I will definitely return to bowling. Idea I had in the back of my mind when things return to normal, I think I will go to my parents league for the time being so I can reserve my spot for the next season and I will definitely talk to my parents at some point today.


Thursday, March 26, 2020

Website Is Doing Very Well!

               Not more then 2 months and the website continues to grows even more. We just 2 months ago approximately we celebrated the 50k mark with the website and just days ago we celebrated the 75k which is totally incredible and if things keeps going the way they are going we will break the 100k mark at some point this year. Another point I would like to make is we have had 4k, 5k, 6k in views so that definitely makes adds up in the viewership and I can just see it now breaking 100k. Now I even notice even around 3 - 4 am EST I am up and about and I look at the views and almost at 25 views for the day even more so I really have proved that ChrisBOnTheWeb.com is successful and it has proved that things are going very well with the website. I am not going to stop with promoting as promoting the website is the upmost important thing. However I rarely promote it except the daily blogs so I am guessing that it is word of mouth with the website is why the website has done extremely so well. I am not going stop, I am going to continue with growing with the website so I am not going to stop anytime soon.

                Either way I want to take the time to say thank-you. I want to thank you all for the continuous support and without you guys this website will not be  what it is today. I am excited for the future and this website has truly evolved even when there has been hard times with the podcasts and change overs of the podcast but that is besides the point, the point I am making is you guys stuck it out well the ones that didn't unfollow but I noticed a flux is unfollows on Twitter and some on Instagram but Facebook has been great but that is your choice to unfollow and I understand.  Those who stuck by me, thank you so much for being there and I know I went through a stage where I changed my display name and image on FB and Twitter but this is strictly my website and there is so much that is going to be happening for this website moving forward with a collaboration podcast in the works with Billy on top of the Larry collab that is already in the works. I can say this; even with the collaborations that has helped the numbers too so there is always ways I am figuring out how to increase the viewership on the website. I am so proud of what this site has become and just going to keep on going with it as nothing will stop me. 


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

What Books Would I Like To Read or Re-Read Again?

             Now I am sure I have never mentioned this on the blog before as I have hardly time for reading but with being in self isolation there are books I would like to try and read even in the evening as normally I am done here in the studio around 6 pm EST Tuesdays through Sundays with my Mondays I am off as that is usually the place of my visits with Eric but with this virus, we're confined to our own places. Anyways here are some books I'd consider reading or re-read again:

1) Autobiography of Bobby Orr: Well known hockey player who played with Boston and also my local Ontario Hockey League so I have that book on my shelf waiting for me to read.

2) Lord of The Rings: Now I did start reading the book and I got the entire books actually in one big book. I had a hard time when I was younger and now I want to get back into it and understand it. I think I definitely will understand it a lot better now then I did before.

3) Harry Potter: I want to get back into reading the books from start to finish and I want to read the latest book which is a script format I forget the actual name for that book but that is also in there but I want to re-read em as it has been a very long time since I read them all. 

              Those are the 3 books that is on my list and with my extra time and being in isolation here at home for the next however long I definitely got something to do besides games, TV and being in the studio non stop but I will be taking time to myself to actually read a few chapters a day and I really need to get myself back into reading and I know I will have a ton of time as I do not think we will be able to go anywhere for quite some time with this virus. So there is my list and gives me plenty of time and stuff to do over the course of time and I will let you guys know how that is progressing well. 


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Power Rangers Podcast Planning Is Underway!

               I can be clear about this, that I have officially started Power Rangers Time Force and I am excited to be underway. I have only finished 3 episodes but it is just the start of the season and I got time, I have 2.5 months to work on it and today I am going to work hard on getting episodes watched. I can be honest, I have a ton of free time right now and able to take more time and effort into this podcast. Now please listen to Thursdays Bonus episode as Larry and I are still discussing stuff and hope to have an idea. I know this season and Wild Force have 40 but I know the number starts going lower like 20 - 25 episodes a season so either way it won't take me as long to watch a season and take notes but I will get these done in 2 weeks at the most then I move into Wild Force. Now I know Thursday I will be talking about what is to happen to the podcast as you know there is a lot going on in the world with COVID-19 and I will get to that on next week's Bonus podcast as I have another podcast idea for this week. 

               However I think I am going to push the Power Rangers Podcast this week as it is time for a mini update and I was going to talk about the sports again but I did that in a previous week but this is so ongoing issue I am not sure if I will wait a week or even bring out 2 bonus podcasts to you guys or try and get them done this Thursday and the following Thursday. However I am currently underway with the Pre-Production side of things and hopefully next week I will have an update for you guys what Larry and I are thinking but Pre-Production stage is underway and usually takes a few months to prepare notes and get things in order. I will explain more as I get more information but right now it is in the early stages. I can say this in my final words for this post is that I am actually enjoying this season. I know the last season I had a hard time getting into but this time I am right into this season and enjoying what I have seen so far and plan to continue to watch more today like I said and just plain excited to get these two seasons done then move on to the next ones.


Monday, March 23, 2020

Learning Basic Poker With My Mom!

            For those who don't know on my downtime that I have between the workload which mind you right now it is very limited what I can do and photocopying is not in the plans right now as you guys know I am going into a week stuck at home and sounds like I will be stuck here at home for quite sometime now.  However as you know I have spent sometime with my parents. Quite a lot of time and been shutting down the studio for hours on end to spend time with them. I haven't been to church as the masses been cancelled, however I have started to watch the mass on Facebook or the St. Micheal's Cathedral website so either way I get the mass on a daily basis. Now the title of this post is not what I have been up to lately, it's more like I have started to learn how to player straight up poker on my spare time and honestly, I have become extremely good at it too. I have learned so much and I can see why I am honestly a fast learner at anything that I do. However I plan on calling my grandma to ask her a question on the game but I am for the most part pretty smart what I need to throw away and what I need to keep to try and get the better hand.

             Either way I am definitely having fun with it and I have played before as this isn't the first time I have played the game but my mom had to reteach me how to play the game so I had an understanding. We had one round where we actually had an open hand which means our cards was visible to one another.  However after the first round, I picked up very quickly and since then have done well since. It is fun and honestly I am not ready for any kind of poker like Texas Holdem yet but maybe in the very nearby future. I am sure today I will be playing a round of cards with my mom and who knows I may actually go out to see my grandma with my mom and maybe that will bring my sanity back as I haven't been far in the past week and to get into the car would be nice but that is besides the point of this post. I wish I had old pennys which isn't used to just use em like poker chips and see who gets more as a more of a challenge but we can always check and see what we have. I may somewhere have a poker set and with chips and I can always steal them from that but will have to wait and see honestly. Either way it is definitely a fun game to play and does get rid of my boredom fast.


Sunday, March 22, 2020

Studio Update-- Sunday, March 22nd, 2020

                Now that there has been more work done in the past few days and I know I did this post but now I can say the ceiling here in the studio is near complete. Trust me it looks really good as I added in pics. You can see near the doorway still needs ceiling right now but this studio looks really awesome. It is truly coming along and this week we are going to finish it up and get the final touches done to the ceiling. I know there is is fixes to the wall unit and means moving my furniture around but already got a plan for that moving forward. I can admit and my dad is right it really does brighten up my work space and it is so much brighter then usual but hey what do I have to complain about. This is truly a great space now to work in.

            Either way once the ceiling is done, a week from now I may or may not have another update but I am going to make it a Sunday update if I really need to but we will have to wait and see how things go here in the studio but one job I can do is prime the wall behind me by the door as that has to be done still and I will again have to ask my dad if he wants me to do that which I can simply do as it will not take that long to do really. So this is my update, nothing too major in the way of work done it's just ceiling work as usual as this is a big job just like the walls were as you guys can remember the massive updates I gave you guys before I went "radio silent" on you guys about it. However I apologize as there wasn't much to update you guys on but I promise moving forward I will try and keep you guys up to date. I am looking forward to the final step which is the shelving but that is coming very soon.


Saturday, March 21, 2020

Got 2 New Games On Steam and 2 Expansions For Sims 4!

                   I know the title seems complicated but I will explain to you guys what I mean. First let's start with Steam; For those who don't know, Steam is a site where you can get video games on. I haven't really gotten much in the way of games and been busy with cleaning out games that I really hit a brick wall on. However recently I have picked up Euro Truck Simulator 2 which is a relaxing game and not much stress to it minus getting speeding tickets all the time but I will get to a point where I follow the damn speed limit. Also I have started to get use to driving on the opposite side, however when I get into France it is back to the normal side the way we have it here in Canada and the USA but getting there tho with some of the changes. I like spending a couple of hours driving but obviously get tired of it after a while and already failed borrowing 100k as I ended up in the hole after buying a truck so I reset and trying all over again and doing a lot better then before. Anyways the other game on Steam is Pooligans which is a game where you can play with other people around the world. I actually got a win yesterday as the other person decided to quit on me and I had his number too as I had more balls sank in the game then ever and I know you guys probably be a smartbutt with me on what I just said... LOL

                  Finally as you guys know I have been working a lot on The Sims 4 and been getting my hours together. I bought Laundry Day and Fitness packs I guess you would say and I wanted to due to the fact that the house I created which took Larry and I hours to build but I felt like the one spot in the bathroom up in the upper floor had no Laundry like any other Big Brother has. Also I got a bit more options now in the way of fitness and I can actually put up a climbing wall which I am going to utilize in a normal house setting but I am excited either way to have the expansion and the new games and honestly it will keep me busy when I am not loaded with work which right now I am loaded with work at this moment but when I get less stuff to do, I will get to play but hey I am busy bee and keeps my boredom under control but I have been spending time with my family on my spare time and trying to get my sleep back under control.


Friday, March 20, 2020

Thoughts On This Season of Big Brother Canada, Season 8?

               I honestly have a lot to say about this season of Big Brother Canada as it has been a really insane last few weeks. First we saw the self eviction of Nico who didn't want to stay due to mental health and I understand that but wish he'd stay to try and fight at least. Then we had a regular week but without the audience, just Arisa in the studio. Which I totally understand why with the Corona Virus (COVID19) going around. I wasn't planning to actually to go into Toronto for an eviction unless things slowed down but at this point I will not be going and plus the audience has been suspended so I will watch from here at home and watch the drama unfold. Now bringing into this week to hear Jamar was ejected, expelled whatever you want to call it, please correct me in the comments below but due to things said which I rather not repeat it they were both removed from the house and this brings us into this week to the HOH where they are in sleeping bags and hanging on a bar which we find out on Sunday's episode so please no spoilers in the comments below.

                 Honestly I have mixed feelings about this season as everything that can go wrong can go wrong, like I said self eviction to 2 expulsions and this virus going around right now is making me worried they will just cancel the rest of this season or just stop and I just really do not know where this season is going to, especially with the virus Pandemic right now I just got a very weird vibe they may end up stopping the game. Let's hope not as I love Big Brother Canada dearly but I just feel like they could of held it off even till early June and yes I realize it would over lap the US but they could of done it in the fall too but we will have to really wait and see what this season becomes. Jamar situation I feel like Kyle started this entirely but now both gone, I still feel like Jamar could of not said anything and things probably be completely different and Kyle could of been the only one. Either way the game moves forward and I understand the frustration by all you guys the fans and I am really being heartfelt in my message about the season in this post. The game moves forward and we are hitting a reset and we will see who wins HOH Sunday to those who do not look at the spoilers. I am going to try and enjoy it but kind of giving up on this season with so many things going on, I feel like they need to just stop and try Big Brother Canada Season 9 like Kevin said on his Twitter and I totally agree with him maybe that is the best thing to do but hey gotta stay optimistic right? 

Have a great rest of you Friday (Happy TGIF)


Thursday, March 19, 2020

I Built My Own Big Brother House On The Sims 4

             I recently built with Larry's help the Sims 4 Big Brother house and yes I added in HOH, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom and honestly it really looks like the Big Brother Canada House in a strange way but I changed a few things around. Had issues with lighting but now it has theater like lights that remains. Mind you there is no houseguests in this house at the moment as I just finished a few weeks in game time of the game of Big Brother. Honestly it took Larry and I to build this hours and after he left I continued to improve it and I managed to tweak it down to size. It was way to big and still is very much too big but seems to work well for me.

               I have done 2 seasons and already had to expel 2 people in 2 different seasons for some how escaping the house. I had one sim pregnant but was evicted. The first season I did in that house I had no Have Not Room and I had to break walls to add it into the house.  Mind you I purposely put the lights on so you can see what the space looks like but again there is nobody in there but my guy who runs that entire house.  Either way it was a lot of work and I added in Fitness and Laundry Day extra and now the upstairs bathroom has a laundry feature. Had a few fires already but realized the issue was the sims was cleaning the lint trap while it was running so I figured out the issue. I am excited for redesigning the next house but taking a small break and in a normal house where my guy and his family have which ironically is next door to the big house. One last thing when I have 8 full people in the house which is the limit in the game, it's worth over $300,000 which is the most expensive house I have built to date on this game. Either way I have kept myself busy during my time in self isolation and yes I do not work non stop, I do take breaks from time to time.


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

5 Years Ago I Was An Mess

             5 years ago, we lost my aunt whom I was so close to. Both of my aunt Maria and aunt Margaret, I was close to. I think I should of not been casting at the time and taken some personal time off. Because it was a disaster of a night on March 27th, 2015, from someone putting me down to me doing self harm and being banned. I think that was the point of me hanging up my casting shoes but as you know I went straight to Twitch for gaming which didn't last that long really. You know I think of it now, I should of just stayed off for a while and I am sure my listeners would of understood why I went off. Either way 5 years later, I feel sad but I am just remembering the memories and some of the memories is trying Thai food for the very first time and boy I really enjoyed it. The lunches I went over there was one of my favorite weeks as I went every second week for lunch with Afternoon visits on the other weeks. Funny thing to mention my aunt as yesterday morning at 3 am the alarm went off and with today being the 5 year since she passed kind of thinking either of my aunts pulling a practical joke as I woke up to it at 3 am yesterday morning.

              I realize and know being close to a loved one like my aunts, grandma, I knew I was going to be in for a rough time and we all deal with loss of a loved one differently and I guess I lost it entirely and even to this day I regret it but now I know she's proud of me for what I have done with my life, becoming who I am, a better man. Also healthier person, mentally. Anyways I am going to have my favorite drink this afternoon and just sit back and remember some of the good times. Sorry for a short post but better then nothing. I do still miss my aunt but I can always remember the good times I had with her and my other aunts. Also there is pictures that we have I can always look at as we got a ton of pictures of both of em both at the old house in Toronto and also here in my region.


Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Personal Update--- I Am Just Fine!

             I know you all are wondering how I am doing with the Corona Virus and we have a fair good amount of cases and I can ensure you guys, I am good and very healthy and I have made the decision to go out less. Minus going out to hang with Eric on a weekly basis, I have put myself into self isolation for right now. Yes I do get out once a week and I go out for walks but the most part I am hunkering here at home and honestly this is fine with me. I can get content done and today and tomorrow I gotta record stuff. I ensure you guys I am fine and actually in our Region we are in, we have only 2 cases. So I am honestly fine and trying to avoid going out as much as possible but if I really am bored then I will definitely be going out and about but for the most part I am choosing to stay home and try to avoid going out to the public unless I really necessarily have to. Now content will still remain as it is as long as I remain healthy I will keep up with content but if anything changes please check my social media as I have my phone with me at all times. Either way things are not changing but for now I chose to try and stay home and kind of want to stay clear of all of this.

            However I want to reassure you guys everything is great. I am in perfectly good health and my health has been great. Even my knees been better then usual so I am in very good spirits and sorry I haven't really said anything about the situation here in my province but I have just been so busy with content I should of known better to mention it to you guys that everything is fine but as long as you guys see posts you should all know I am fine. However Sunday I went AWAL on social and the reason was because I had Larry here in studio and we were talking a lot about future collabs with him and I am been talking about it and also we had a ton of fun around the studio playing Sims which I do have a post. Please do not panic, if you don't see me posting for an day, just feel free to private or DM message me to see if I am OK, especially if I disappear for 3 - 5 days then that is the time to send me a private message especially. Either way stay tuned for me content and just announced this evening I am giving video a shot but on Dailymotion instead of YouTube as you know my position with it. Either or, please do not worry, I am in good spirits and doing well and I will see you in tomorrow's post.


Studio Update-- 03-17-2020

               Studio is coming along nicely, today we are working on the ceiling today but I will have pictures next week, I promise as we only have two, well 3 plus the one tile at the time of me writing this post. However it is starting to look like a studio and we will have the final strip to put the white piece up today and all we have to do then is actually get the tiles in. The next step after the ceiling is done is clean up and shelves gotta go up. Before we do any of that, we have to actually fix part of the wall as it cracked at the top due to the fact we were screwing in the edge pieces for the ceiling so we have to fix that but that is at the end. Give us till the end of next week but you never know we could have it done sooner then we expect. However with me Self Isolated in the house here which I will talk about it later on about what is going on.  Mainly it is the ceiling of the entire one side where Chris B On The Web studios is located in the basement. Anyways it is just a very long process with the ceiling work and getting it done, however it will get done and I'm sure it will be done eventually. We have had a few issues along the way but hopefully soon it will finally be finished and completed.

                 That is the update and like I said there will be another post at 6 pm to update you guys what is going with me and this COVID-19 and how I am holding up with all of this. I hopefully have another studio update with pictures as I want you guys to see the progress or at least by the time you guys get another update to have the final product but keeping hopeful this can be finished as we have been going at this for 4 months as this was quite a long process but patience is a virtue! We will have get this finished it is just getting around a round unit and the lights in here. I know this wasn't my idea to do a ceiling but least it will look nice in the end. I hope you guys enjoyed this mini update I have given you guys and I will talk to you guys tonight. 


Monday, March 16, 2020

Chatroom Has Returned On The Website!

                 For those who didn't notice a chat tab appeared on my website and yes I brought it back as I want to grow the website further and I decided it is time to bring this feature back. Now I have Billy and Larry as moderators on the chat and there and I believe one other person. I will not be pulling it off the website this time, I promise you guys this. There is rules to follow which as follows:

1. No spamming the chatroom.

2. No being disrespectful to Staff, Moderators and other users in the chatroom, including racial slurs or homophobic remarks.

3. You can post links but no porn links are allowed.

4. No asking for mod, must earn it.

                 So please do follow them and also you have to login this is due to trolls in the past and you will be banned and will not be allowed back as we are not going to be fooling around this time. This is a place to hangout and chillout and there is absolutely not tolerance for drama as we have had to deal with quite a lot in the past week and we are just sick of this toxicity and we are trying to keep social and chat and comments a happy place to be in. Anyways you guys can find the Lounge Chat under the chat tab or at: https://www.chrisbontheweb.com/p/chat.html which I am sure one of our team members is always around to chat with you guys. We are a welcoming and positive community and want to keep this place a safe and happy space to be in. So I encourage you guys to to come check it out, sign up with a name and have a fun conversation in the chat.


Sunday, March 15, 2020

I've Learned A lot Recently and Some Big News!

              You know now being a few weeks later after Everything About Reality TV Podcast ending, I can officially say I have learned a lot of about myself after having some time to reflect on things and think things through and I was clearly right, I was in the right path when it came to my thoughts about Everything About Reality TV Podcast ending last year when it was suppose to. It was my gut and heart telling me something and I failed to ignore it when I still tried to continue on. Now that I am doing my own podcast and weekly not this insane 2 - 3 I was on... LOL. I am thinking a lot clearly and a lot more happier now with my own podcast. If you think of it, my heart wasn't in the Reality TV Podcasts anymore, my heart was out of completely and I was clearly unhappy in that environment. However in the end I can be proud of 4 + Years, 12 Seasons and over 240 Episodes. Now I can move on and the positive thing out of all of this experience is I can really put my effort into this new podcast and also into the Power Rangers Collab as I announced on The Entertainment Man Podcast and if you missed it well.... keep on reading to find out. 

                What I am trying to say is I can do a lot more then I could before and able to put my entire effort towards the two projects and honestly I think weekly podcasts is what I need really. Between I am working on the collaboration podcast with Larry and I. I want to say something about this but you guys have to wait oh what the heck, what Larry and I are expanding on the Power Rangers Podcast with 3 recordings and 6 episodes a year which is a ton more and it will help grow the website itself with the views as well. This is something I never had before was time. I just had rarely anytime to work on Power Rangers Podcast but now I got all the time in the world now! I am quite happy about this and today Larry and I are talking further about the future of the collabs. We're excited for the future of the website and happy to have both Larry and Billy helping with moderation on the fan page and also Larry with the Collaboration Podcast. Trust me the entire 20 minute conversation him and I had on discord was all about the collab him and I have been doing for nearly 2 years now! He has been pushing for more of those as we enjoy em and it is truly so much fun. In the end I did the right move and life is so much easier now. I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you in the next post tomorrow.


Saturday, March 14, 2020

Super Girl (Season 3) TV Show Review

               Here is my Season 3 review of Super Girl and trust me not my last as I am darn well hooked still for some odd reason.I will get into that as you guys keep on reading on this post today. Now I know this season we saw no more Cat Grant but on the TV at the start of the season but I thought CatCo Worldwide Media was sold but then again Lena Luther bought it and James was like the CEO or the one that runs things in the office. Also saw the departure of Mon-El but of course Eric told me I could expect him back and boy he was right! Also when he came back his wife came back to the present day with him to help the DEO so it made for quite an interesting duo. Also Brainy aka Brainiac was a big help to them during the season. Also the 3 world enemies or whatever they were as this season was very recent as I just finished it yesterday actually but it slipped my mind. Well Pestilince was quite a pest and also Reign which I guessed right that Sam was Reign from the very start when they introduced her in the season. Also how they fought to get Sam back which they did and Reign returning one last time before she was killed at the end. Also we saw J'onn J'onn step down as the Director of the DEO and also Alex became the new director of the DEO. Also Winn left for the future with Mon-El and his wife. Oh I almost forgot to say I thought Kara's mom and dad died when Kryton exploded but she survived and on a planet.

               That is a small summary, of some of my favorite moments in the season and I definitely give this season another 10 out of 10 because it was full of action pack. Yes there was some really odd parts to the season but I am getting use to odd ends and outs of the show but still really enjoy it. Now the ending has given me that hook to continue and originally and I admit to saying it out of my mouth to my mom that I wasn't going to continue on with the series but hey I am hooked and I am going to continue on with the show even if it does get a bit odd. I am very fair with giving TV Shows a fair chance and I am usually like this where I am able to give it a shot. Either way another great season and now taking a bit of a break for a while so I can get Power Rangers Time Force going for another collaboration podcast in June which has priority right now. Don't worry probably by the fall I will start the 4th and 5th season and get caught up for the 6th season if they decide to do a 6th season. I get right through em very quickly but maybe by August I will be into Season 4 then followed by Season 5 but I shouldn't get too ahead of myself honestly.


Friday, March 13, 2020

Blog Post 900! What A Ride It Has Been!

            When I started to blog fully it was a long way back and if I go back to the first blog I did was March 25th, 2015 about a week after my aunt passed away, I posted up my first ever post and back then the blog was embedded to the original ChrisBOnTheWeb.com when I had the domain back in the day and was with that other website that seemed to have a grudge against me and suspend me twice for no apparent reason. Anyways I posted very little at the start but when I went on my own and YouTube became a thing of the past for me I went into blogging full time and I actually enjoy going to events which I need to talk to you guys about that this for this with Co-Vid19 currently going on. It has been a long journey and I have come a long way and in the past 5 years almost as the 5 year anniversary is 12 days away which I will do a post about it but I have gotten better at writing posts and better at my writing. I am lost for words to actually be at this amount of posts and it has been a crazy posting up on almost a regular basis.

             Now I am 100 posts from the 1,000 (1K) mark and I should do something special for that and I do have ideas right now that I can do but that is 100 days and probably during the summer or early summer when I hit the 1000 mark. Either way I am proud of myself for the way I have improved things and grown as a blogger. I enjoy going to the events and talking about various things and moving forward I plan on continuing on keeping on what I am doing the same and not make anymore changes at all to the way I am doing things. I think I am very content with the way things are and just happy with the way things are. If that is the way I am happy then I  am going to leave things as it is and not change a thing but this year there might be changes with events but sometimes I have to go with the flow of things especially with everything that has gone on recently.


Thursday, March 12, 2020

I Never Told You Guys This!

              Last month, the website saw a brand new record as you know the website itself get between 2000 and 2600 views but last month we saw massive more amount. We saw 4000, yes 4k in views on the website which I didn't tell you guys this the other day when I made the announcement 2 days ago. Anyways it a lot of views within the month and I am quite impressed. I guess the next step is 5k in views? Who knows but I am not rushing anything really. Like the quote says: "You Cannot Rush Greatness" which is totally right and you cannot push the issue. However I have been working so hard on growing the website and even today when I just saw I was just tad below the 100 mark which means I have gotten views, so you guys are always checking to see if any new content is published on the website which is great! There is a few new pages that I did forget to mention The Entertainment Man Podcast and Archives Pages but you guys have found it I'm sure in the drop down. 

             However I am getting off topic, the growth on this website has indeed been impressive and let's just continue to keep on growing the website and bringing in new content to the website. I also am planning something else that will even bring the numbers up even more and yes I am referring to the Power Rangers Podcast as there is an announcement that I will be dropping on the blog on Sunday as both Larry and I have talked yesterday for about 20 minutes about this and I will be announcing it on Sunday. Anyways the point is this announcement will be a big move not for just Larry and I but also for the website which will be bringing in more numbers and even more growth to the website. So that is what is going on with the website and I know it's exciting that we have marked another milestone. There will be plenty more of milestones and this is only the beginning for the website.


Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Super Girl, Season 2 Review

                So I have been holding this off almost an entire week but here is my thoughts on Season 2 of Supergirl. I have my thoughts on this season of Super Girl and I kind of started to sense Cat the Media Mogul of CatCo was on her way out and James was going to take over.  It was honestly another good season and I didn't know the actor who played Mon-El is married to Melissa Benoist who plays Kara Danvers aka Super Girl. That I found out by researching it online. Anyways the one enemy, Live Wire was one weird character but seems to be a memorable one that's for sure. I love the fact they still did the intro up to the 3rd Season of the show which I will get to in another post which is for another day. The show still shows the same action pack as always and always exciting to watch and the more I watch, the more I am hooked even more. Now the end of the season was exciting not just cause Superman shows up at the end (Sorry spoilers to those who never seen the show.) Winn finally joining the DEO was really neat to see as he is after all a computer nerd in the show and knows a lot of things. Live Wire, her character is quite an interesting character that's for sure.

               Anyways I will give this season a 10 out of 10 once again and excited to do the 3rd review this weekend maybe Friday but again it will depend when I finish season 3 of Supergirl this week and see how things go but the 3rd season will be the most important thing to do right now before I start working on Power Rangers Time Force, but you guys know I will probably watch Season 4 but my mom told me it gets really weird but either way I still enjoy this and going to give it a shot one way or another. I don't mind the weirdness of some of the episodes but I am more for the action which is one of the reasons I do enjoy the show. However I will eventually catch up and get up to speed on things. Anyways I hope you enjoyed some of the highlights and my thoughts on the season and look forward to reviewing season 3 sometime this week or during the weekend.


Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Couple of Updates I Want To Give You Guys!

                The last 24 hours has been a lot of drama but it will not be tolerated as I was extremely stressed out all day yesterday. I almost went on a Leave of Absence but it wouldn't had made sense as the blog and social media pages would be pretty silent.  I just do not want to go silent on you guys and I want to stay as active as possible. So that is the first thing I wanted to tell you guys. 

-  The next thing is some great news! I am officially got access to ITunes PodcastConnect and able to login again. Switched the information incase this happens again. So what I have done this morning is go ahead and submitted The Entertainment Man Podcast to the platform for approval so we will once again be back onto ITunes.

- Also the second thing I want to tell you guys we officially got approved onto TuneIn.com as I got the confirmation email in the CBOTW Email this morning so that is great and hope to have a full update soon on the platforms it is up.

- The third thing is the issue with Google Chrome it was our Chrome here in the studio that was the issue we were having and it was us and we are working around the clock to fixing that as right now we are using Firefox while we try and correct this issue.

- Finally we surpassed 70,000 (70K) here on the website which is incredible growth to the website and I never thought within a year of having the .com domain it would become so huge thing and it has done extremely well for us and we want to continue to grow and get bigger as we continue to grow this website. We get over 100 views a day and it continues to grow each and everyday.

               Those are the updates and what has been going on and I am feeling a tad bit better and today will be about my mental health today and getting back to a happier Chris. I know I am suppose to record today and I am going to try to even if it is this evening I will try and record so I can edit tomorrow throughout the day tomorrow and get that preview ready for you guys as I enjoy posting those up every week and  you guys seem to really enjoy getting a sneak peek and I plan on continuing with those to hype you guys for Sunday!



Monday, March 9, 2020

Platforms You Can Find The EM Podcast On!

             I know it is currently still early stages for some of the platforms for the podcasts but this is the platforms you can hear the podcasts on and the ones I am waiting on to fix and get up. Hopefully by end of the week, I will have more of an update on it all. I know it's only a week old and were moving fast pace right now as we have replaced Everything About Reality TV and honestly haven't had time to process things much but sometimes I work well under a fast pace. Anyways here are the updates:

Podcast Accepted Onto The Platform:

Podcasts.com (Automatically as that is where the source of the RSS Feed): https://www.podcasts.com/the-em-podcast-f9465eb7d

Stitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/chrisbontheweb/the-entertainment-man-podcast 

PlayerFM https://player.fm/series/the-entertainment-man-podcast 

Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/show/5swewAezH9akLVMKIxOwpj

Platforms Still Waiting On:

ITunes: Having issues with login which I will explain on a podcast one day very soon!

TuneIn.com: No real issues, just waiting on being approved to be on TuneIn.com once again.

            There is the list and I want to start small then grow on other platforms as I continue on growing on this podcast. I gotta start small then keep on growing. Now I did say I had a few issues with a couple of the platforms and I will be working on that this week. There is always tech issues when starting something new and I will be working on tweaking my sound this week and making the quality of the episodes even better. Also been thinking of bringing the podcast to Video but I just do not know about that really. I have my reasons behind that too. I will let you guys know by the end of the week if we are on other platforms and I have updated: https://www.chrisbontheweb.com/p/the-em-podcast.html with all the links as at the time when it went up yesterday, we were only on one platform but yesterday afternoon we started on more platforms. Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at anytime. 

- Chris

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Woke Up Excited For Today!

              I have been up since nearly 4 am this morning even with this Daylight Savings time but I just couldn't sleep anymore. I am just excited to put the podcast up on the platform and yes I said Platform as there is only 1 platform at this time for the podcast. We are starting out on a singular platform, podcasts.com. I am just excited to dive in and talk about Leisure things and nothing Reality TV on this podcast. I just needed this change and this morning I am just excited to post it up it going up and what you guys think of the first episode. Note I did go back to bed for a few hours but up in time to be at my niece and nephew's hockey game but will promise you guys I will definitely do some celebrating for the first episode going up with a favorite beverage of mine. That is a true promise and this is just the start of this podcast and I am excited for the weeks to come as I know the ideas that I have for future weeks coming up so I have a ton new ideas what I can do and what not. For now you guys have to enjoy the current episode. Also you guys will find the podcast on different networks but that is for a later time as right now we are just getting into this new podcast but I can tell you this week I will be working on things to get them on the platforms I mentioned.

             In the end I am excited and already getting podcasts put onto the different platforms as we speak and we are working hard to getting them on the platforms we want to put them on. I am starting small all over again and I honestly have done well even on my own without help of people and managed to work well. Yes I will still collab with Larry, he's not done me wrong recently and there is just way too much drama right now and me being a solo is the right thing and I am a lot happier today. I still got 2 moderators on the fan page to help make sure the page is smooth sailing from here. Either way we're still tweaking things around CBOTW and  in time we will be on a good pace. Also I got something in mind for a second podcast and possibly me being a Co-Host on but you will see in a later time. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I am sorry I am really late but I had my niece and nephew's hockey game which was an interesting game but another story for another time, maybe Thursdays Throwback Thursday Story perhaps. 


Friday, March 6, 2020

I'm More Productive Now Then Busy...

             Ever since Everything About Reality TV was cancelled, I have been a lot more productive then busy. I will explain what I mean; I have been mentally preparing for Power Rangers Time Force which I am officially starting on Sunday with watching the seasons of the series again to get ready for mid June when both Larry and I will be recording another podcast again. There is so much I can do now with my time and I plan on starting next week to prepare for the next podcast. As we get further into the show, I know it goes down to 20 something odd episodes. Anyways I can do a ton of watching and taking notes between now and June and get the ball rolling on it. I will have 3 months to get it done and I know I will get the ball rolling very quickly and we will stay on track with me recording my own personal podcast each and every week.  Also there has been things that I haven't worked on lately. Honestly I decided to just start Time Force ahead of time and never know I probably get it done in a week or two! I also been watching Super Girl but I will have to work between each of those but I think I am going to plan on finishing the Super Girl Season 3 and then watch 4 and 5 later time. 

                However my list is actually long but taking my time on things and not rushing things at all. I also have been tinkering with the website and I removed pages and several pages that are not relevant to the website like one other podcast that isn't going to be happening and also Everything About Reality TV Podcast has been archived under the https://www.chrisbontheweb.com/p/podcast-archives.html Page which has been updated in the last week since I made the announcement of the changes around CBOTW and with me going on as a solo podcaster and blogger. Honestly I am still getting use to the free time that I have between podcasts but it will take some time for me to get use to all the time I have on my hands but I promise you guys that I will take some time to myself between the podcasts and planning for myself. I know this is one of the reasons Everything About Reality TV ended as I was going non stop with myself. Either way I am very productive and getting the necessary things done in order to get ready to go for the next project and what not.


Thursday, March 5, 2020

My Favorite Big Brother Canada Houses-- Rankings

              With watching the Big Brother Canada Premiere last night and Eric here, I got inspired to do this post. Now this was actually inspired before the premiere aired here in Ontario. So today's post is about my favorite houses throughout the seasons from 1 to 8. I think this is a fair list but here is my rankings for the houses past and also the current house for this season of Big Brother Canada Season 8:

1) Big Brother Canada 8- The Comic theme; I know it's early in the season right now but I love this theme idea for this year.

2) Big Brother Canada 7- The Spy theme; Loved the idea of James Bond kind of theme and it is definitely up there on my list.

3) Big Brother Canada 5- Space Ship; Another amazing theme and unfortunately was the last one before the hiatus which was short lived. However that is besides the point. Anyways it was the perfect theme for what was an epic season with half newbies and half vets.

4) Big Brother Canada 4- BB Grand/Hotel; Was one of my other personal favorites with the hotel like kind of theme. It was also fitting for our International guests that we had in the house, Nikki Grahame and Tim Dormer.

5) Big Brother Canada 6- Heaven & Hell; What a way to come back to a season after a hiatus and a season to give back to the fans this year for bringing the show back with a bang of a season!

6) Big Brother Canada 3- Steam Punk; Not a bad theme but it is not on the top of my list for seasons, however I liked the fact they had nothing in the house to start with and had to earn it back.

7) Big Brother Canada 2- Theme???;  Not sure really the theme for this season but I knew it had flowers but unfortunately at the bottom of my list as it wasn't my favorite seasons out of the 8 seasons of the show that we have had.

8) Big Brother Canada 1- No Real Theme, More Downtown Toronto theme I guess; As I said in the intro to this one out of the 8 seasons. Anyways, this was the first season and you would think this would be higher and not saying the season stunk but all the seasons were good this is the themes for each season for the ranking.

              That is my rankings and do you agree with me? Please let me know in the comments below. Also I realize this is early to post up and I should of waited till end of the season to do this but hey, I decided to do this now instead as this was fresh in the back of mind. Until the next post tomorrow.


Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Recorded My First Episode of The Entertainment Man Podcast!

                Yesterday I got to record my very first episode of The Entertainment Man Podcast which I was both nervous and also excited in the same aspect. However, I really enjoyed myself and enjoyed recording and spilling a lot of the secrets why I have this podcast which I said in the podcast I will be slowly revealing things to you guys. However, I do not want to spoil the episode for you guys honestly but you will see what I mean when it is released. However, after this episode that I recorded yesterday, I feel good actually. I feel really good about this episode and I noticed I was laughing a lot more then I have been in the last year. I think that stress I use to have is now gone and I can have fun with podcasting with different podcasts. Anyways, the podcast is coming out Sunday afternoon at 1 pm EST as I made a change in time and it is currently on Podcasts.com and I will be talking about what platforms that I am going to put it on and I rather wait till you guys hear it. I am just excited to post it up and excited for Sunday and wish Sunday would come sooner but patience is a virtue. I honestly cannot get over how excited I sound. Honestly yesterday I was feeling down that Everything About Reality TV Podcast ended but something sparked me and inspired me to record a podcast yesterday.

             I am currently editing or have edited the podcast and it is waiting for the next step which is going to be putting up the actual episode. Now I just have to wait the couple of days before it goes up so I can start on other projects which next week, I am going to be starting the next seasons of Power Rangers Podcast. So what I am trying to say I have a lot more time for other projects. I cannot wait for you guys to hear it and please enjoy episode 1. It may not be as long as I wanted but quality over quantity honestly however I wrote this post bright and early this morning I have to finish editing the podcast and have it on standby for the start of next week. I still have to put a schedule together when I record and editing schedule and of course add in the post and this is why I need my whiteboard back on the walls of this studio. Anyways enjoy the episode this weekend and any questions or even ideas for an episode please do let me know! This is the start of a whole new beginning for me and CBOTW and this is just the start!


Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Chicken Quesadilla-- Taco Bell Food Review

             I can say never again, I will have the Chicken Quesadilla from Taco Bell. Let's just say I wasn't pleased with it whatsoever. I was quite unhappy. The fries seem not too good even to the other store I went to in a previous food review.  The fries were not salted too well honestly so I will give it a 2.5 out of 5 as it tasted just bland honestly. Now the Chicken Quesadilla, there wasn't much in the meat inside it. There was a part where it was just flat with no meat whatsoever. Honestly I felt like there was just not enough in the meat more cheese that was in there. I feel like this was a 2 out of 5 this time around and I do not think I will even go back to that store at the mall for the food. Honestly this is my first bad review that I have done with Taco Bell and I honestly do not like doing these negative reviews but I gotta be open to the negative ones as well. I haven't had a problem with them in the past and just do not why. I kind of should of just got back to the burger place and have the Aussie burger which was the first initial thought but I went with Taco Bell.

               Well that is my review and sorry it wasn't overly exciting as I wasn't expecting this and I do not think I will complain about it to the company themselves as I know I just do not want to be a complainer and honestly it wasn't bad and I made an OK review and I hope this will not turn me off of Taco Bell but like I said yesterday, never again I will have the Chicken Quesadilla ever again. It is what it is and nothing I can do and I tried it and it is good I tried something new on their menu. I am always up to trying something new on the menu and there is nothing wrong with that. Well that is it for this review, I hope you guys enjoyed this food review and I have said this before but another one is coming soon with Pop Eyes in about a week and a half from now.


Monday, March 2, 2020

What Do I Think of Super Girl, Season 1?

               For those who didn't know I have been watching Super Girl thanks to my mom and Eric got me into those. However, I got right into them from the get go and happy to say I really have enjoyed this first season. Right now I am into the second season of the series and cannot wait to do another post for it. Now I had mixed feelings about the character Cat Grant of Catco but she grew on me pretty fast during the series. However that is short lived with the second season but that is another post for another time. Anyways, I was pretty excited to see Superman at the start but he wasn't remotely involved till the 2nd season but I will get to that another time. This show really reminds me of characters of the TV Series Superman which we know they are planning to do a Superman and Lois Lane series down the road.  The music or sorry, the theme song to Super Girl has a catchy tune to it. Now back to the series, its is very, very exciting as a series, so much action and sometimes confusing what is going on but either way I do understand after the fact.

                 One thing that bothers me is the fact they go to be continued, however I have to realize that I borrowed the first 3 seasons of the show from Eric and I have the ability to actually watch them back to to back without stopping. Now season 4 is not out on DVD yet but I will get to watch it soon enough I am sure. Again we are getting way off topic honestly. Season 1 was really, really good and I enjoyed the first season. Now I get to work on Season 2 which I should be done this week and I will have another season review ready for you guys to read. I will give this season a 10 out of 10 as I really enjoyed the action from start to finish and honestly it makes want to watch more. I hope you enjoyed this little review, I know I was all over the place but hey it's really my first TV Review on here and I know there will be more down the road.


Sunday, March 1, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Is Done? What's Next For The Website?

             OK, this is a really tough decision to make and honestly it is a tough decision I should of made sooner. What do I mean by this? I should gone through with my decision to stop Everything About Reality TV in December which that was the plan I had when I first announced the podcast was gonna end and I should of just gone through and done it. It is my own fault for not following through with what I said. I should of just done that from the start and this mess wouldn't have happened in the first place. Anyways, the plan moving forward for me in the way of podcasts? Well I plan on continuing Power Rangers Podcast that is going nowhere! Trust me I have a ton more time to work on the collabs and get more content for the website itself. I am going to start working on Time Force actually and get going for June because I want to push 3 recording sessions a year out if I can depending but there is another project in the works, however you guys have to wait a couple of days to find out what it is. I need more time with the preparation for it and it is starting sooner then you actually expect. Also collabs, I am going to try and collaborate with people.

              Now blog posts are not going anywhere anytime soon, they will continue on a daily basis till I start to run out of topics and ideas but I do not think I am remotely close to running out of ideas. Yes Larry still have privileges on the blog and always welcome to do a post from time to time and we still have the food review coming up, cough cough* Popeyes food review and I am sure you guys will see a review from him too even if he does it from the computer here in CBOTW Studios. I think I had the right idea with actually going on my own and that should of stayed as it is and just have guests on the podcasts nothing else. Oh by the way all the podcasts are still on the platforms for Everything About Reality TV, I haven't had a chance to have them removed from the platform but I may just leave em on so you guys can go back and listen to em, I'm not sure what I am doing with it but for now it is up there for now and no plans to remove em. However don't forget I have copies of the podcast on my external hard drive so I do not know if I will leave em on the platform. Finally I would like to say, I have gone back to solo and staying this way and more information on this new project is coming soon!