Friday, March 6, 2020

I'm More Productive Now Then Busy...

             Ever since Everything About Reality TV was cancelled, I have been a lot more productive then busy. I will explain what I mean; I have been mentally preparing for Power Rangers Time Force which I am officially starting on Sunday with watching the seasons of the series again to get ready for mid June when both Larry and I will be recording another podcast again. There is so much I can do now with my time and I plan on starting next week to prepare for the next podcast. As we get further into the show, I know it goes down to 20 something odd episodes. Anyways I can do a ton of watching and taking notes between now and June and get the ball rolling on it. I will have 3 months to get it done and I know I will get the ball rolling very quickly and we will stay on track with me recording my own personal podcast each and every week.  Also there has been things that I haven't worked on lately. Honestly I decided to just start Time Force ahead of time and never know I probably get it done in a week or two! I also been watching Super Girl but I will have to work between each of those but I think I am going to plan on finishing the Super Girl Season 3 and then watch 4 and 5 later time. 

                However my list is actually long but taking my time on things and not rushing things at all. I also have been tinkering with the website and I removed pages and several pages that are not relevant to the website like one other podcast that isn't going to be happening and also Everything About Reality TV Podcast has been archived under the Page which has been updated in the last week since I made the announcement of the changes around CBOTW and with me going on as a solo podcaster and blogger. Honestly I am still getting use to the free time that I have between podcasts but it will take some time for me to get use to all the time I have on my hands but I promise you guys that I will take some time to myself between the podcasts and planning for myself. I know this is one of the reasons Everything About Reality TV ended as I was going non stop with myself. Either way I am very productive and getting the necessary things done in order to get ready to go for the next project and what not.


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