Friday, March 29, 2019

Big Brother Canada Recaps on Everything About Reality TV....

               As I mentioned on social media and the first podcast of this week, I have stopped the live feed coverage, however I added a few notes of some things that were said on the feeds about Double Eviction and Triple eviction talk but that's it pretty much. Other then that I have covered the actual episodes and still manage to have a good length of an episode and honestly I loved it and I think you guys really enjoyed it too as I saw a great stride on the feeds recently and once again the emails are once again pouring in! I am sure you guys are liking the changes I made and this is why I asked you guys on social media if you want me to pull the live feed part of that podcast as it wasn't very popular so it has made a difference on things. Now the schedule if you are all wondering is it going to change? Is it going back to once a week? The answer to that is No. It is staying the same as it is still a great idea to actually cover so the schedule goes as follows:

Tuesday's: 8 pm EST- Big Brother Canada 7 Sunday Recap

Thursday's: 8 pm EST- Survivor Edge of Extinction Recap

Friday's: 8 pm EST- Big Big Brother Canada 7 Wednesday & Thursday Recap

                This way it makes it much easier for me and also when it comes down to the finale week, Larry and I only have to cover the two days not all 3 days plus him and I have a ton to cover especially for the finale so it is easier. I thought of this idea back last year but refused to go with the idea which wasn't a smart move honestly but wish I did make the move sooner then last year but slowly but surely. Also this change and the scheduling staying the same will take off the amount of pressure at the end of the week especially and I know 3 podcasts a week is a lot of work but worth it in the end.  Nothing is changing in the way of schedule but it helps the stress levels on me especially and I like the way I have the podcasts formatted now then I had it last year at this time. Change is good and I am definitely getting better at the change aspect of things. 


Thursday, March 28, 2019

My List of Sims 4 Fails... (Throwback Thursday Story)

            So 2 weeks ago which it could of been longer honestly but anyways I made Dave a sim and of course added in his fiance in real life and tried to get the two to start dating but uh uh, no dice they ended up into a fist fight so it wasn't a pretty site to see honestly and I do not know what the heck went wrong honestly. It was an total epic fail. I ended up locking her in the bathroom by mistake and she died... So it was the biggest fail I have ever made on a video game ever but the next fail I had was not realizing that when Dave's adopted daughter was dating my guys daughter on the game tilI recognized my last name and I'm like seriously?! Eventually they ended up married which made Dave and I in-laws on the game... LOL! Sounds odd I know but that is what happened. I ended up deleting all the current sims honestly. Also the two sims became parents so Dave and I ended up being grandparents go figure! I don't think I have ever done that before nor it would ever happen again but you never really know what is or going to happen.

            The Sims 4 can be full of surprises one way or another like the time my sims wife electrocuted herself fixing the TV in the game I just shook my head on that in dismay this actually did happen. Expect the unexpected like the Reality TV Show Big Brother, Celebrity Big Brother or Big Brother Canada. Anyways I still enjoy this game even with the craziness of the game from time to time as it is nuts, I can turn my back and a sim starts a fire in the house or even in the backyard and end up on fire and dying which has happened with Eric's sim trying to extinguish the fire in the kitchen on the game. He didn't didn't last more then a few minutes of me creating him and it sure as heck looked like him too! It is never a dull moment on the game but my sims can do the wrong thing ending up with certain consequences like once I tried to get my sim to go to work and he refused to go and I think he was in one of his grumpy moods, tired, hungry or something wasn't right with him but the boss called him to tell him to GET HIS BUTT back to work the next day... Probably glitch but there is tons of fails but makes it for a good laugh and a good time!


Wednesday, March 27, 2019

I'm Already Thinking About Studio Renovations!

            I know the start of studio renovations hasn't started yet but I am starting to picture the whole entire new setup here and I am planning on changing things around indefinitely! However first I need to get the desk rebuilt first and fixed up as it is a cheap Walmart desk. Now I am not saying Walmart if bad, it has done me well for the last several years since and it isn't the strongest then it use to be but that is the first side of the plan is the assess the desk as it is because when I move it the sides are not strong so that is the first issue to deal with then the desktop is the last thing as I am making this a bigger desk top and more room and especially for guest in my studio, it sure will make things easier and I think we are adding in the studio by June a second boom arm for the second microphone that we have in the studio for guests that come in to join in on a podcast! As part of the renovations and the additions I am going to add I plan on getting flags for my boom arms with the CBOTW emblem on it. 

            Also I am planning add in on top of the whiteboard a cork board for notes, schedules and also my niece and nephews pictures they have made me. Also after the reno is done, I am working on getting up a new clock on the wall and definitely posters all over and I am sure my niece and nephew will help me with poster ideas. I am already thinking Minecraft, The Binding of Isaac and Star Wars posters will be up on the walls of my studio space. But that may be way too many posters in the studio I would have to chose at least two of em to put up as I wouldn't wanna over do it honestly. However I do want to decorate the studio to my specifications. Also as I have mentioned before I am moving around the desk. It is OK to start thinking about it and I have even talked to my uncle about it and he's recommended wood board instead of wall board but I do have to ask him if it is paintable or not. Either I am always planning in my head and getting stoked to fix this studio up and start a new setup for the space I record in. 


Tuesday, March 26, 2019

We Need To Talk About Everything About Reality TV Podcast....

         I Got a goal for Everything About Reality TV and yes I have been working hard on the longer episodes but according to a poll I did a while back, you guys preferred quality over quantity so they does help me quite a lot too. I am finding out I look at the program I am recording and it is 30 minutes or more. I just love making content. However there is still room for improvement and I need to address this, I have recently lost 2 subscribers on the Castbox platform and I have made up and have posted up the podcast close to on schedule. I guess you guys got tired of it but I thank those who stuck with it despite the schedule but don't forget the podcast has only been on Audio ONLY for 2.5 years so it will take time for people to find the podcast on there but there is other platforms that are listened to. So goal # 1 is to get the podcast up on the day it is suppose to be up not the next day or the day after. It may take some time to get a good rhythm going again but with me running back and forth from here to the studio, my timetable right now is out of sync so it could be a late post tonight it could not be. That is why I said you can follow me on social media: Twitter/Instagram @ChrisBOnTheWeb constantly in case something like this happened. I should of rescheduled today but making an effort to get it up today. Another goal to get a longer podcast I need to expand on my points which I have been doing and I would like to get more of my opinion not just taking what is off my notes what was said. Not sure if you guys are liking the live feed ideas so over the next day I may go back to the Friday episodes on top of the Survivor I will do that, twice a week not the 3 times a week. No live feeds as you guys seem to not care and maybe it is best to move forward that we do the recaps 

          I definitely in room for improvement, I think it is what you guys want well, we will see what happens and I always think about you guys first. Now I am not doing a public poll but my Alumni and I are in discussions and I opened a poll over Twitter for over the next 2 days and we will figure out why I am losing subs and how to repair the issues. Like I said, if I have to I will go back to the bare bones of the podcast with the BB Canada which that is what I think is one of the main issues. Survivor Recaps are doing quite fine, I think it comes down to fact you guys are not interested in hearing live feed stuff on the recaps so I think that definitely has a factor in it. That could be it's own podcast alone if I wished but I think I know what the heck is going on and end of this week, may result to schedule change next week which I will announce on a second blog post at the end of this week so fair warning, there may be an additional Friday Post or a switch on Friday's post. I wanna make things right and make it right fast as I do not wanna go back to restarting from the start of things. 


Monday, March 25, 2019

If I Stayed on YouTube, I Probably Would of Still Walked Away Anyways...

          This question always crossed my mind over the years of me transitioning into the Podcaster and Blogger life. However, If I stayed on and created a separate channel for Everything About Reality TV Podcast on top of the channel I had in June of 2016, then I probably wouldn't last very long on the platform. What do I mean by that? Well, I probably last about an additional year on the platform, due to the fact of the Adpocolypse and Family Friendly content, so my stay on YouTube would of been a short additional time from me going from having an actual team to being on my very own. But I would of definitely separate from the vlogging channel to the channel for the podcast as well. I would of separate from the two indefinitely!  I feel stupid that I never separated the podcast to a separate channel from the main video with pranks and vlogs but it is what it is now and that channel does not even remotely exist now anyways. Would I posted to both of the channels? Of course I would of! I would of done the occasional vlog from time to time when I was out or something major that happened around the studio, especially the changes with the space as my series was really, really over for me as the interest level in continuing the series wasn't doable at the time and we just couldn't do it anymore as also the ideas were not there anymore.

             Did I make the right decision to leave when I did yes. Would staying being there for an additional year as 2017 was not the greatest year? It would be a greatly difficult transition to making a podcast on there I probably would end up being demonetized and also flagged as sometimes there is a curse word that comes out on the podcast but with Audio ONLY I can get away with it not like YouTube's algorithm, clickbait titles. I know I sound like another YouTuber who said this but I agree! He uses his app now which he can curse all he wants. This is what I am doing with Everything About Reality TV and of course I cannot forget The Power Rangers Podcast as well. I am utilizing my website, a ton more then I did before which is good. It is good I am doing that. But the answer to the question how long would I lasted on the platform? Probably 1 more year more, then I would of been gone again to focus on my website more and Audio ONLY Podcasts, I just couldn't see myself lasting very long, it would of short lived honestly. In the end of the day thinking about it almost 3 years later, I made the right choice to what I am doing to this very day and I have no regrets whatsoever and YouTube is now a part of my past as I am focusing on the present day.


Sunday, March 24, 2019

Today Marks 3.5 Years Since Everything About Reality TV Went On The Air!

             Wow 3.5 years ago tonight, Everything About Reality TV Podcast went on the air. Which is crazy to think it's been on for this long without any problems at all. When it first started, it was on YouTube at the very start and had 2 seasons on there before I moved onto the Audio ONLY and the rest is history. It has been quite an incredible journey I have been on and really have enjoyed recapping Reality TV each and every week. I know there has been times where I have off schedule but I still put it up. There was the one week (last week) mind you that I had to cancel the post and ended up losing a subscriber. But that is why I say it is best to subscribe to the podcast and also follow me on social media just in case something like that happens again which it will not, I am ensuring you that now. Either way I always look forward to recording days where I get to sit down and dissect the game or talk about the episode to what went on. I think starting this podcast really gave me something to look forward to when it gets to the day of recording which normally is the next day I record in the morning. 

              I also may as well say this, the other thing I have enjoyed is the milestones and have made quite some milestones, breaking 100, breaking my web series milestone and you probably know where I am going with this but also will soon be at the podcast's 200th episode. So mark you're calendars: Tuesday, April 30th will be the 200th episode coming out and yes I am not making a big deal over it but it will be mentioned at the start but that is pretty much it. I honestly think its insane this podcast has been recording this long and I thought, meh 100 episodes it'll be over but like I have said before, I'll say it again: "As long there is Reality TV to cover, this podcast is going nowhere anytime soon." It may been on for 3.5 years but this podcast is not done yet. There is plenty more Reality TV Shows to cover, new Reality TV Shows to cover. I can see Everything About Reality TV hitting 500 Episodes but I am getting a little ahead of myself honestly. Either way the more platforms my podcast gets on the more it has been getting noticed and I am very proud how far this podcast has gone over the 3.5 years it has been on the air!


Saturday, March 23, 2019

I Am Glad It Is Spring Finally!

           I am darn well am happy that spring is officially here despite the really weird still winter esk kind of weather we had yesterday with a snowfall for an hour or two which mind you made no sense whatsoever. Typical Canadian Weather here honestly. So this also means my knees will be more at ease minus the Thunderstorms that come with the nicer weather. But I have noticed in the warmer weather my knees are not affected as much so the colder weather sure does have something to do with the weather with my knees. Also I can definitely can get out more and end of April I will be out as much as I can minus the days I am in the house looking after my mom as she will be recovering from surgery which is this Monday coming up, in 2 days from now. After she is recovered tho, I will be able to get out and I already have plans to travel again at the end of April for an eviction for Big Brother Canada again which will be my last for the season. Also on May 2nd, I will be off to Owen Sound for the Spring Cruise back up to Tobermory so I will be gone all day and it will be indeed a very long day for me with the next morning being a major podcast day for me. 

          I am sure I will be out and about in the start of May too and I am sure the day of the Big Brother Canada Finale, I will be very busy and out and about that day too I am pretty sure of it as I will be running around like crazy  I definitely wanna take the advantage and throw the ball around with friends and hit balls out as I rarely get to do that but at least once a year now. I know both Eric and I will go out and about to hangout and spend time with me and we already plan on a trip down to the lake where we use to film back in the old days of us being on YouTube as a team. It will indeed be a trip down memory lane for sure for not just me but the both of us.  I plan on some trips to Toronto with my dad and I am sure my niece and nephew which I haven't really mentioned them in quite some time but I am planning to get out. There is two local events I want to go to: Maple Festival in Bowmanville and also Food Truck Friday are on the list and it is an excuse to get out locally and attend the events.  Either way I am looking forward to the warmer weather and getting out and getting more exercise and more steps in now then I have been getting recently.


Friday, March 22, 2019

Watching a Few Different Shows

            This weekend, I am going to be watching a show that is different and I have never seen before. It was recommended by my friend here and I will definitely give it a shot but of course if I do not like it or it is not my cup of tea, then I will not be watching it anymore but the show I am talking about is the show called Schooled. I do not really know what it is about honestly but it is always worth giving a shot. I am always good in that way to trying out new TV Shows, I may like it, I may not. I will have to wait and see what it is like. I am also started watching since last year Last Man Standing and so far I am liking it. Of course it is because Tim Allen is in it and there has been appearances in the past seasons with Patrica Richardson and one or two other cast member from the TV Show, Home Improvement from the 1990's sitcom. I think comedy's and some drama shows  are really more my type, not all. However I am excited to see Schooled when I have the time to watch it which more then likely tomorrow night as the Live feeds are going to be down tomorrow in the late afternoon into the evening so I will have time to see what it is like. I need to catch up on Last Man Standing as well but probably tomorrow I will have time for it. 

             Either way those are the two shows that I am currently am watching currently and I am enjoying at the moment and oh I almost forgot, I am also watching Live PD and really getting into the show now and boy I tell ya some people are not smart on that show. Really shows some of the people that do the craziest things. It is nice to have a couple of shows on the list for this season and never know I may add more down the road and I have one with Kevin Hart that I am planning to watch this summer called TKO with Kevin Hart so I am really am excited as I am starting to question the future of Big Brother US which I will be announcing something soon as I know if it is coming back or not but right now I cannot say much but another blog post for another day. I am sorry this is cutting it close to midnight but here is a late post. Tomorrow I will be back on track once again.


Thursday, March 21, 2019

We Will Prevail! Nothing Will Stop Us!

           I am writing this ahead of time to last night's craziness before one of my members of Staff wrote the post to inform you of the changes for this week and this week only. My computer has been acting like a fruit loop dingus this week and I kind of went down the deep end tonight and taking the day to try and collect myself together. Do not worry the podcast is going up tonight and making sure it goes up one way or another tonight. Like the title of today's blog is we will prevail and will work through the on going problems with the technical side of things. This week there is only going to be 2 podcasts obviously and next week fingers crossed, we will be back on a regular scheduled programming even if this PC needs  a swift kick of a clean up. I plan on the weekend taking some time to run the anti virus again and other programs to ensure the computer is running smoothly but I think it had to do with the recent update my computer had and it needed to be rebooted. It takes a while for the darn thing to reboot too and get back up and running again. My computer is getting older and I have had it about 3 years now at the most or around that and it is aging. But I would like to build my next PC super fast and really good too. I have officially cleaned up some of the programs on my computer and games I honestly do not play anymore so I think that honestly helped the computer issues.

            We have been working non stop getting ready for things to get back to recording this morning and hope there is no issues. I really couldn't care less if I slept as I am stressed and right now wide awake but a nap this afternoon will be nice if I can make the time. We are praying that there is no problems today but over the next couple of days will be a test to see where the computer is at. We will get through all of this, just give me a few days to sort things out and I am glad I got a team behind me through all the technical mumbo jumbo that has gone on in the last 12 + hours of very stress. I definitely think I have grown a couple more of grey hairs on the top of my head honestly.... lol... In all seriousness, I need to learn to handle my stress but I am starting to get better each and everyday but last night, I honestly snapped my twig, like literally.... But we took it to Twitter to inform you guys something had happened and there would be no podcast whatsoever due me losing the entire recording. I have learned from this, I am from here on out will be saving my work constantly which they taught me this in school to always save your work on the computer. Why you think I have a USB Stick and also external hard drive with all the podcasts save to that. However if I save it before it gets exported then it would help me out but we live and learn from our mistakes.


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A Few Changes For Everything About Reality TV This Week....

       Well this week has been the week from hell.... Like literally the week from hell. It has been nothing but computer issues all week from computer running slow to internet issues to internet browser issues, I have seen em all this week. Unfortunately tonight the computer crashed which put the icing on the cake. The podcast that was on the desk top was lost, all the 45 - 50 minute podcast that was going to go up tonight, completely lost. So which brings me to this damn post and I didn't want to make this announcement but it has to come the heck out as things are not great right now and literally the studio got trashed in frustration.... 

              1)  Tuesday's episode is obviously scrapped and there is no Tuesday episode for this week. We just do not want to fall completely behind so what we are doing with Tuesday's notes is take that and add it into Friday's episode so adding in a bit more content like we use to have and put it into Friday's freakin episode. Yes he thought about my future with this podcast. Having other thoughts too but rather keep my comments to myself honestly. 

             2) The second part to this post is tomorrow's Survivor Edge of Extinction Episode will still be up at 9 pm EST as I want to make sure it goes up on time this time around and we hope by end of the week, we can take a breather and try and learn from this problems and know what to do in the nearby future.

               I am sorry this is happening but this is way beyond our control. We had to do damage control on this situation and try and salvage what is to happened and I speak for all of the team, we apologize for this situation and hope you will continue to tune in. I know this is sudden with it happening but we have to let you guys know what is going on one way or another. Hope you will all continue to listen and support CBOTW and will be making it up to you guys as we are spending all night fixing the issues we are currently experiencing at this moment.

- The CBOTW Team

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Things Have Changed So Much Since December...

              Things have indeed changed so much since December where I wanted to just walk away from all of this. Today I am having a different attitude from all that I was going on at the end of last year when I just wanted to give up as the site problems kept on piling up and i just had enough to the point with it, I just wanted CBOTW to end so I can just live a regular life but now I have a lot to be thankful as there is things you guys do not know yet and only my 2 staff and alumni the craziness is about to begin. Yes I said 2 staff, Dave and Billy and Billy has been with me since the New Year in a different position but there is more to talk about in a later time when it is time to make that huge announcement to the public eye and I plan on making a huge announcement at a later time when the time is right or as the tv show name when the Price is Right! Hahahaha. Anyways there is a lot of excitement for CBOTW coming and in time you guys will know what is going on. No I am not starting a second Podcast as of right now, I am primarily focusing on "Everything About Reality TV" Podcast but I am giving too much information away to what is instored for this very website. To change the subject to me hinting about the future which were working on things and eventually I will explain the roles of my 2 other staff eventually as well. 

                Also this year, I took a hiatus from the Power Rangers Podcast but mind you both Larry and I are very much highly interested in continuing the collaboration podcast but at this time, my schedule does not permit it and I will be on a busy schedule as of next Monday as my mom is going in for surgery on her knee I will be extremely busy taking care of her for the next 5 - 6 weeks but will be around the studio a bit more then usual but will not be going very very far.  I need to have the open time to work on the preparation side of things which right now I do not have at this moment. My eyes are right on the feeds almost 24 hours a day. So it is hard. Anyways I am happier now as big things are coming and the fact I do have a team now behind me helping me out in different departments on the team and I should of let people help me sooner then I expected but I let people reach out to me and I am making sure I have the right staff who will be willing to help me out.  I can say Dave is now active since the fall last year who is now camera for the events I go to well some of the events, not all of em. Again I will explain soon enough.


Monday, March 18, 2019

Taking a Spiritual Journey During Lent

             I know I do not talk about my religious side of my life but I wanted to share with you guys that this year I have decided to take a spiritual journey this year during the Lenten journey over the course of the weeks. I have obviously given up chocolate and junk food and fasting too a lot especially on the 2 no meat days that are my no meat days which is usually Wednesday and another day which is normally whatever my dad chooses normally so it does depend on the day. Also since Lent has begun, I have also gone to Friday night stations of the cross to add on to the list and I have also trying to go to church during the week but with my recent sleeping habits, I have failed that part of my Lenten journey but planning on fixing that and getting to a weekday mass down the line too.  I am trying to get closer to the Lord during this Lent Season. I really want to get closer to him as I went into a dark place from 2016 - 2018 with everything going wrong for me and Chris B On The Web and also friendships going south on me, has made me realize, I need to be more patient with things and it's true, I have a long way to go to being a more patient person.

                 I know come Easter I want to be a different person then I was from the start, a much more happier person. I am ready the daily readings and if I have doubts, I open up the Bible. This spiritual journey will bring be closer to God and on Holy Week which is the week that leads up to Easter is when I do a lot of traveling, the Tuesday is the Chrism Mass in Toronto, then Church for Holy Thursday, Friday for Good Friday service which we go back to Toronto for that and Easter Vigil which we also are in Toronto. So that week, we will be in Toronto 3 times which is fine with me but the week after that I'm back in there yet again. I really wanna make this a very spiritual journey for me and so far I have done fairly well and I am going to continue on my journey as I have so far done well and I have learnt new tricks to help me through my everyday life.


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

            I Gotta say this, Happy St. Patrick's Day! I know I am not Irish but I do indulge this day and made a tradition with my dad to go down to the pub for a whiskey and beer to celebrate and probably is the 1 time I really have more then 1 drink but no more then 2 drinks honestly as I cannot hold my alcohol as I end feel like I feel woosey after 2. Anyways the tradition continues each and every year. My dad and I always go down the hill from us to the Bulldog for Irish Whiskey, Jamieson brand and also a beer. However I had two whiskey's today as I didn't feel like a beer and a whiskey. I have had 2 beers before but that was still when I was still working at the book store which isn't even open anymore as they closed down both of their stores. Anyways I am a social drinker and will drink special times of the year and this is one of those times of the year I go with my dad down and once and a while we will pop down for a beer as well but not too often as my schedule as you know is busy as it is being behind the microphone quite a lot. 

           We had a ton of fun. No entertainment mind you, however they had Irish music going but we figured out that the entertainment comes later which would be a busier place then it was this afternoon when we were down there. Anyways besides the drinks, we also had a small bite to eat and you are definitely wondering what I had is I had Montreal Smoke Meat which is well known in Montreal. I also had fries with it and it was very delicious, the fries were a little over salty but still very good to me and I ate it regardless. I know this post is very late as I got busy with other things and amazing things happening around the studio which in time you will know but all and all, I had a great time and a great day and I hope you all had a great St Pattie's Day as well and blog will be back right on schedule tomorrow.


Saturday, March 16, 2019

This Week Hasn't Been a Great Week For Me...

               This week hasn't been the greatest week for me in the way of Chris B On The Web. This week, I feel like I have let myself down, let YOU guys the fans down with not following my podcast schedule this week. Yea my mood this week has been up and down and been feeling like why am I doing this if I cannot handle the scheduling side of things but I know I can! Just I need to start getting into bed earlier and get my sleep back on the right track could be the one of the issues I could be having. Usually and I do not talk about my schedule publicly minus to me posting up pictures Behind The Scenes here in my studio that is all you guys really know. I try and aim to record in the early morning so it gives me hours to edit as it is released in the evening but sometimes I have appointments, friends to see but you guys still have the # 1 priority and I hate to disappoint you guys honestly and that is how I am feeling this week, like I've let you guys down. However I made it up with posting up the episode today at 3 pm EST which is currently already out for you guys as you are all reading this after it got posted up. Also I think I have had the YouTube blues as I haven't been on the platform in almost 3 years creating content for you guys. Starting to miss it but I know I have to realize that I retired from YouTube and nothing can really change that as I missed the chance to keep it on going no matter what. Honestly the podcast has done extremely well on the Audio ONLY and has been nothing but a huge success.

                I also have to realize the state of YouTube now compare to when I was still on the darn platform it has changed rapidly. Maybe I kept on thinking about it over and over again which got me into those bit of depression moods again which I rather not get into em as they sometimes last a couple of days till I get out of it. I rather try and stay in a happy state of mind but I guess it can be the way my body is from time to time I guess.  Yes we all get the blues here and there but I think partly is the weather is the blame as the weather here has been changing non stop lately and could have a factor too. Either way, I will figure it out why I am feeling this way and I am sure it will pass in time.


Friday, March 15, 2019

Favorite Movie Quotes...

             Today's post is favorite movie quotes and I will be doing the ones that are appropriate and I always try to keep these appropriate as much as possible...  There are a bunch of quotes I can say on here and the first one is from Ace Ventura When Nature Calls: "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" and You must be the Monopoly guy. Hey thanks for the free parking! The Next one is him singing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang while driving, ending up rolling his car upside down with someone else in the car. Also the whole pen is red but really is blue in the movie Liar, Liar.  Or also in Liar, Liar him speaking jibberish and mocking the other lawyer Dana... Ha-ha, I need to put that on this weekend while the live feeds are down for the next Power of Veto for Big Brother Canada. Anyways I am going to do one other Liar, Liar where he tells the person on the phone who needs legal to stop breaking the law with a curse word in there... LOL... Also from movie "The Mask" Look Ma! I'm Road Kill, Ha ha ha! Also Trains, Planes there is a couple of quotes I can say but the first one is Steve Martin dropping the f bomb at the car rental lady which she appears in Air Bud & Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Also John Candy saying "I Knew I Knew You!" with his infamous chuckle. Also Home Alone with "Fuller! Go Easy on The Pepsi!" Or in Home Alone 2 "Kevin! You Spent 967 dollars on Room Service!"

           There you go with some of my favorite quotes that I have and I am sure there is more to quotes but like I say in many posts I cannot fit it all into the post but I enjoyed today's post and it sure made me laugh. While writing today's post, I stopped writing and I even looked at the quotes on YouTube and trust me I had a good laugh and I sure as heck can use a good laugh after a stressful start to my week but ending in a high note, which you will hear about on tomorrow's blog post as I have decided to give you guys the heads up now before tomorrow hits and I was originally planning a weight loss update but nothing to report back to you guys. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed today's post and what are you're favorite movie quotes? Let me know in the comments and I will speak to you guys again tomorrow morning.


Thursday, March 14, 2019

Funniest Moments On Set (Throwback Thursday Story)

             I originally had a Throwback Thursday story that was podcast related but you guys have already have had 2 days in a row now with podcast related content and I honestly need to change things up for this week but I do plan on doing that throwback Thursday story another week as I didn't realize I had too many of a similar topic.  Anyways today's post is about the funniest moments on set and I have a bunch of em I would like to talk today and  was talking about it back on Monday with Eric and he had to bring one of em up I will be talking about but there is another post I wanna talk to later as well and it is in the back of my mind. Anyways first of all I may as well bring this one up, Eric and the CD player after I opened it as it was still going round and round and he said whoa and a curse word which is still to this day on my old YouTube channel the # 1 viewed video with 300 + views will always be remembered as one of the best episodes that I will ever remember that I have ever recorded. Another episode is the running jokes and the constant cursing which mind you now if the group did exist still, now we wouldn't be able to curse like we were originally.

             There is jokes where we always poked fun at one another and I started to give Eric nicknames, Larry and Justin nicknames and the list goes on and on with the ways we always poked fun. There was a moment as I have spoken about this in a separate post but Larry flipping the bird at the camera which at first like I said, I wasn't happy at first but then I kind of laughed it off but it was a fun time even with Larry on set too. Also the constant pranks I pulled from Eric being booed on an intro on Ep # 27 to Dave's ex being booed on April Fools Day. We had so much fun on set and I tried to make it a fun experience but not everything was fun and games, there was days where I was stressed out and I sure wasn't afraid to let out my frustrations on set but other days I was cool as a cucumber. In retrospective, it was a fun time with the fun on set and the laughs, bloopers and goof ups and there is probably more moments but I am sure I cannot always fit it into a post but all the moments are indeed memorable. 


Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Episode 200 for Everything About Reality TV is Close!

            Well with the 180th episode now recorded, I am officially 20 episodes away from the 200th and yes I cannot wait for it to happen. I still cannot believe it has been just over a year since the 100th aired last year in February of last year. The podcast is in it's 3rd year On Air, an year on YouTube and nearly 2.5 years on the Audio ONLY platforms which is 12 different platforms the podcast is now on, which I appreciate them having my podcast on there and one of them, I am featured on there which probably is why the podcast has gotten more views now but were slowly getting known out there that this podcast but slowly but surely it is getting there. It does take time but 200 episodes is an incredible to be at this point, I never thought this day would be come. I have never done this many episodes before, even when I had that web series long time ago back on the YouTube from 2008 - 2016. Anyways I am derailing myself from the topic at hand. However I am tying it the number which I believe it was 112 and with Everything About Reality TV it has surpassed it way passed it as this seems to be a very stable and honestly I have enjoyed it so far, it is a lot of fun to talk Reality TV several times a week as the schedule changes from week to week like I said previously.

             I have said this on social media, I am not making overly a big deal with the 200th episode. I mean, I just do not want to do special episodes every 100 episodes, I want to save that for the 500th episode down the road which is a long way off. However I have said it before this podcast is not going anywhere anytime soon! It is indeed here to stay as I enjoy the podcast and I have ideas for the future including a possible return to a platform where I started my media but down the road not right now as I not 100% sure on the decision but I am thinking about it for the future indefinitely. I would like to wrap up this post by saying thank-you to each and everyone of you guys for the love and support you guys have given me over the years the podcast being on the air. It has been a fun and quite an journey from the start to this point where I am this close to the 200th episode. 


Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Putting The Power Rangers Collab Podcasts on Hold Again!

            With Survivor: Edge of Extinction and Big Brother Canada 7 underway now, I can officially say I am in a busy schedule now and which means the prep work for the Power Rangers Podcast is on  hold again which is disappointing to me and to you guys, but I have no time to be working on it and there is plans once Big Brother ends to start grinding to get it done but right now is not the right time or place for it. This is why I told Larry I was going to and planning on a hiatus as I didn't plan on this hiatus happening, I really didn't get planning ahead of schedule so I was able to record between Celebrity Big Brother US 2 and also Survivor and Big Brother Canada 7 where both him and I could of slipped it in there but I didn't and I should of scheduled things better as I knew March is usually the time him and I record the podcast but I have taken the extended hiatus from it and probably is the best move for me and it gives me a break from everything as both Larry and I have grind so hard and we sure as heck at this point deserve the break and least now I can focus on the task at hand which I am currently working on at this current time.

             However for right now my primary focus is on the two shows, the live feeds and the current season for Everything About Reality TV with 3 podcasts a week which will take time with recording the podcast, editing the podcast then getting it ready to be posted up in the evenings but like I said I have my tools and schedule when things are done and it helps. However, the Power Rangers Podcasts is NOT going away anytime soon. It is not over yet for the collaboration podcast as there is plenty more episodes coming just right now I do not have the time to do the prep work but consider this a break for now but plenty more to come. Maybe I will figure out a better schedule and timetable to releasing it and probably why we only record twice a year at the most.  However with twice a year, comes 2 episodes at a time which is great 4 episodes a year at the most. This week I will be doing a schedule diagram this way I know what is what coming out when and when to start planning, etc. So in closing in today's blog post, stay tuned to social media for updates on both Twitter and Instagram as announcement will be coming in the next 2 months to when recording is back into session and when it will be released as I can guaranteed it is going to be back very, very soon!


Monday, March 11, 2019

.How Do I Know When A Podcast or Blog Goes Up?

            You probably wonder how do I remember what goes up when it comes to blog posts and also the podcasts each and every week as well. Well I will explain that in today's blog post and how I keep track on what is what. There is two parts of I will explain in this post the first part is my white board which you will see some pictures on my Instagram Account and it is clear in the picture my whiteboard with a bunch of writing on it. That is where both my blog post ideas and schedule is which is on the right hand side and on the left side is the podcasts that come out which mind you can be 2 - 3 times a week depending on the schedule. I said this once and I will say it again it depends on the season for the podcasts and what I am actually covering on the podcast each week. So it does depend from a week to week basis but 98% of the time it is the same schedule week in, week out minus when I covered Celebrity Big Brother when the schedule fluctuated from week to week. However I stayed onto of things and on track and knew my schedule to keep up.

           Now the last and final thing I want to say is there is one other thing that I also use my calendar book to keep track when I record and post up the podcast so this way I know and it also reminds me to record and also post it up so this way I will not forget. However I mainly use the whiteboard as it is a visual in my studio and I walk in, it is right there and very visible to see as it is big and white as you walk in here. One day I will do a video what I mean and post it on social media for you guys but I mean down the road not right now as I have been a very busy individual. I am definitely proud of myself with the accomplishments I have done recently and nothing has stopped me from being successful and these tools is what helps me be a success!


Sunday, March 10, 2019

Favorite Blog Post To Write....

             This is indeed a tough post to make as I enjoyed writing all the 561 posts that is now on the website. This is not easy but a few of em I will list on today's blog post. Some include the 100th episode of Everything About Reality TV Podcast, Season 10 of the podcast as well which is more on the recent list. Also I have enjoyed writing about events I have gone to is another great example as I really enjoy such as Autism Celebration, The Royal Winter Fair, Polish & Ukrainian Festival, Christmas Market and many more. I can also add on to the list, Tyrone Parade of lights as well. I can honestly say, I do enjoy writing all aspect of the blog posts, like I said it is a tough choice to make as any of the posts that I am writing I do enjoy writing for you guys but I am showing my love to all the posts, even the more downer of a posts I make when I am feeling down, however I am expressing how I am feeling at times but recently been keeping up with the more positive posts on the website which has actually done well.

                One last thing I wanna add to this post is the self help posts and giving advice I have given to you guys such as depression, feeling down, the tough days I have gone through, especially when I have dealt with the change from YouTube to podcast full time, it was quite the transition for me, plus dealing with the loss of my staff too whom walked out on me when I was planning a 7th season of the web series of mine.  Also with the friendships that have come and gone with me, I dealt with a lot of crap but got through it which took a long time mind you. Anyways I was tested with friendships between 2016 and 2018 and you guys witnessed my worst moments in my life where I just didn't know what else to do but as you can see to this day, I am very much happier now then I was before and I am definitely sharing the power of positivity as well now. As you can see there is tons of different posts that  I enjoyed writing more, but also posts I really didn't wanna post but did anyways as I wanted to express my opinion on something.


Saturday, March 9, 2019

Officially In Game Mode!

              With both Survivor and Big Brother Canada started I am officially in game mode for the podcasts and on the right track which this week has been a bit awkward due to me being out of town a ton during the week but I somehow managed to get the podcast out. I have to remember to not push myself if I cannot get two out I can't that is why the Big Brother Canada 7 Week 1 recap was up today at 1 or 2 pm EST.  However I think once the podcast posts up I will be in the clear for a new week and able to take it one day at a time. I know being away this week, it did push off my schedule a bit and you guys understand why I couldn't do the podcast(s) as it was plural, 2 of em to do and takes time to record, then the post production also know as editing so it is truly a process but I am use to it and that is why I have gotten better at scheduling thing and it will just get better from here on out with me.

               I always have to be on my toes when it comes to the podcast, the live feeds or the blog posts and I have been mentally preparing for these major changes to the podcasts and my timetable as the next 2 months and a bit will be a busy one for me indeed and why I have set aside the other collaboration podcast project for now. I do not have time right now so I am putting it aside till May then making the charge to get it done. I have to stay on my toes and I am ready for anything and everything during this season of Big Brother Canada and so far it has been hectic as ever can be but I am use to it and I know I will have some downtime between with comps going on and mainly it will be to catch up on blog posts and other necessary things which I will be working on Tuesday when I go out and about and to an appointment as well, I will have the chance to catch up on that too as well. Either way I am definitely now in game mode, the season has started and still very busy season ahead of me which I am excited to see how it goes and excited to be recapping Reality TV 3 times a week on Tuesday's, Thursday's & Friday's! 


Thursday, March 7, 2019

Been Having Doubts Recently....

         I have been having doubts lately with Chris B On The Web, how long it will last, how long will Everything About Reality TV Podcast will last but right now Chris B On he Web is very stable at the moment and honestly I shouldn’t have to worry about it’s future as things are going quite well for me and proud of every step the podcast and the website has made and the success that has come with it as well. Nothing has stopped me from being a success and in the last few days I’ve gained two new listeners of the podcast which can be found on the podcasts page. How did I manage to gain listeners? Well word of mouth technically and always a great way to promote yourself which I just came up with a brand new blog post down the road probably on the weekend when. New set of blog posts are out as I am still planning it out still but almost there. I sometimes just feel this way and in time it passes through and it is out of sight out of mind. I am only human and titled to having my moments from time to time and recently have had those moments a lot more recently then ever and probably is because zig got a lot in my mind right now which I have no time let my mind wander technically but least I am keeping myself busy.

                  Also the fact I have been trying to produce a new weekly podcast to help with the quieter seasons of Everything About Reality TV Podcast which I will be talking about next week what it will be like and what it is going to be about in one of my daily blog posts and I will give you all the deets (details) about it soon. It gives me a couple of extra days to prepare what is it truly going to be about and trust me it will be another great podcast and more active then The CBOTW Show ever was as I very unhappy with the way it turned out being not as active as I really wanted it to be active but it wasn’t and the reason why I decided to hang it up with that podcast was because of the inactivity of me not posting up episodes so often so it is. Finally so cannot wait to give you all the juicy intel on this new project and I have a date set but will talk more on a different post.


Wednesday, March 6, 2019

What Do I Think About The State of YouTube?

            So what are my thoughts about the state of YouTube? Well I will get to that in a moment. Recently YouTubers have noticed that YouTube has shut off the comments but it is very much temporarily but it does cut off communication with the content creator and their subscribers which isn't good. The comments is a great way to interact with your fans honestly, get new ideas for videos or can be also a great tool to hear people's thoughts on the video.  I heard it is a temporary thing and I have seen it for myself that video comments was off and I know not all the comment section are taken off from the creator and it has been proven as there is an an article and if you google "YouTube Shutting comments down" you will find it. The reason behind it if videos have kids on it they will temporarily shut the comments down and it is understandable as for the safety. However not all comments are bad though, there is going to be a ton of positive comments that are being made. Next thing is there is channels being shutdown for controversy and I do understand that but really, I feel like the freedom to express appropriately is not around anymore. The freedom to discuss things on the platform isn't like it use to be.

            I mean it has changed so much since I left 2.5 years ago and it hasn't gotten better. I feel like the platform is slowly on it's decline and I feel like YouTube will not be around much longer if it continues down the route but I understand the reasons behind shutting down but it would be nice to have a little more freedom to express ourselves as creators but what do I know, I am a retired YouTuber for the last 2.5 years now going on 3. But it has gone downhill since I walked away from the platform and it is truly sad to see it go this way and yes I have rambled about this numerous times and there is always something that is to be said and that is why I mention it but it isn't too often but when something happens I will talk about it and my feelings but this is only my opinion but let me know in the comments below on your thoughts on the state of YouTube.

Have a great Wednesday!


Tuesday, March 5, 2019

How Do I Handle 2 Podcasts In A Day?

            This is a very good question, and it is actually easy to answer for you guys. It is easy now then it was before and I have learned to keep a schedule. For example if I have one podcast, I would record early morning which I will be doing with Survivor Edge of Extinction this Friday. Then in the early afternoon, I would be recording the next one which is what I am planning with the BBCAN7 podcast that will be coming out this week. I just hope I can make this schedule to work especially with a 3 podcasts a week schedule coming up but I can say this, I am so pumped up for another amazing season. There has been other seasons where I have had to do 3, last year with the new addition to the podcast (Music City CMT) and I believe the year before that with BBCAN5, Amazing Race & Survivor on the list. I can say those days before was quite more difficult but now I find it a piece of cake to finish.

                 Usually between the podcast and the afternoon recording session, I will take a tiny bit of a break before getting straight into the next session and I have been using this method since the start of the Power Rangers Podcast with Larry where we took a bit of a break from things to get re-energized for the next one. Honestly it has helped out a lot too. I mean it has given me time to edit a bit and re-load Audacity with the intro and the voice track on the program. I try to work things so I am completed by certain times like the second podcast that is coming out Friday by 5:30 pm EST so this way I can export it and get logged on to upload it to all the appropriate platforms that the podcast  I know with a double podcast day, I have to time everything precisely so I am going to remain on schedule for the day. Sometimes, this blog posts isn't on time but I try to get it out still by the evening at the most. Sometimes I will do like  6 pm and 8 pm post up but like I announced Sunday I am doing 1 pm and 8 pm EST as I know I am going to be home the entire day. One way or another I am have gotten better at handling two podcasts a day as I have had the experience of 2 podcasts a week.


Monday, March 4, 2019

What Do I Think About The Leafs So Far?

                There are a few points I would like to make on today's blog post and most of em are positive but a few things are on my mind and I will definitely will be covering that in today's blog post. Yes, I am happy they can win games and their offense is really strong. I am however still concerned about the defence side of things but I have to trust the management and the coach Mike Babcock in what they are doing. That one big win against the Oilers and the Sabres was great. The one thing that did bother me was letting in 6 goals and losing the game against Calgary. Don't get me wrong depending how far the Leafs go, if they lose, I will be cheering em on in the West to win the Cup as it is indeed time for a Canadian team to win the Stanley cup! 

                 Leafs should have a closer game especially when it comes to team at their caliber (around the same rank they are at such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) Honestly I am not sure if they are ready to win a cup, however yes we have a great team and we have to take baby steps to the top and give em some time, they will be at the top and I know eventually they will have a definite winning team. I have to also remember that they are learning as we have had a bunch of new players and they have to get use to each other and learn to work together. They are becoming a team to beat and you gotta be patient, they cannot win everything and yes Islanders played very well that night but tonight will be a test for sure! What do I mean? Well obviously they are playing in Calgary while in their 3 game road trip out west against Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton. Yes I hope the Leafs win tonight or have a very close game tonight. Just hope they play Freddy Anderson tonight as he probably will be the one to play tonight as Calgary will be a tough game but I know they have the skills do fine as long as the defence helps out the goalie.


Saturday, March 2, 2019

Weight Loss Update

          This is the every 2nd week weight loss update and really no update as I am now still standing at 220.4 pounds right now. I have not moved as of right now. I guess you say, I have maintained the weight, however today, I will be eating out today while on my adventure so that will take a toll, however tomorrow (Sunday), I was planning Pizza  but I am having Pizza tonight for dinner so I am going to put the Pizza with him on hold. More then likely in April him and I will do it or the other option is Big Brother Canada 7 Finale which is too soon to talk about as the season is about to start soon. I just cannot go 3 days in  row eating out my weight change would go up and right now like I said before, I am at a good weight. Now if I weighed 175 pounds probably be OK but 3 days in a row is a bit much but it is my choice and Larry doesn't really know. I made that decision Larry and I do the Pizza but that was before the plan to be out all day came across. I will have to let my parents know of the change of plans for tomorrow. 

         I need to definitely watch my weight and start working on losing more and below the 220 mark but it is a lot of work to be done and I would like to get down to 200 pounds by the end of the year which is a really huge goal that I have but I am planning to do it and I know I can get there. I was down to 219 at one point. Monday I am getting serious about losing the weight. My journey starts on Monday for sure. I am excited to lose more as my knees are better, however I still have the occasional pain and aches still but the more weight I lose the better as it will indeed help the knee situation. I do not think I did a lot of damage as physio has done well and helped but still got a bit of pain but once I lose enough then I should be good. Starting this week, I am going back into my physio exercises I can do here at home 3 times a day to strengthen that core of my knee.  I got goals for this month and it would be nice to lose another 3 pounds this month. Remember I have 20.4 pounds to lose before 2019 is done so I have a bit of a way to go. If I lose more then 20 pounds that's even better for me.


Friday, March 1, 2019

Not Saying Um or But On My Podcast Much Anymore!

              I have noticed, I have gotten better at not saying um or but on the podcast as much, still got a lot of work to improve and to have 0 ums and buts in there but I think I am getting better. How am I able to do that? Well I am making sure it is out of sight, out of mind. I am trying to expand my horizon on my vocabulary which yes I know it is a big word for someone who doesn't use big words too often but starting to get better.  Trust me it is not an easy task trying to not say and so much as it was a weakness when I first started to podcast in 2015 which was almost 3.5 years ago. I know it is hard but someway, somehow I am managing to not say it. What I read up, that is always a bad habit when it comes to podcasters. What really bothers me with some of my podcasts is the ums, buts and the long pauses but that is the beauty of editing I can remove it and it is out sight, out of mind.

               I have shown so much progress and getting so much better at podcasting then I was and it feels like I was born to podcast. I mean I am after all got the gift of gab which helps out a lot and when it comes to either Everything About Reality TV or the collaboration podcasts I do, I can say it's been a positive and fun experience so far and you ain't seen nothing yet and I am not talking about the song, talking about this season coming is going to be good. Anyways I can proud of the progress I have made on the podcasts since I have two different things going on right now and I just have to remember when recording to refrain from using the words um or but. There is other words such as however for a example that I can indeed use. Again, I still have the odd habit of saying those two certain words from time to time but again, it is a work in progress and I know I can do it if I put my mind to it.