Thursday, March 28, 2019

My List of Sims 4 Fails... (Throwback Thursday Story)

            So 2 weeks ago which it could of been longer honestly but anyways I made Dave a sim and of course added in his fiance in real life and tried to get the two to start dating but uh uh, no dice they ended up into a fist fight so it wasn't a pretty site to see honestly and I do not know what the heck went wrong honestly. It was an total epic fail. I ended up locking her in the bathroom by mistake and she died... So it was the biggest fail I have ever made on a video game ever but the next fail I had was not realizing that when Dave's adopted daughter was dating my guys daughter on the game tilI recognized my last name and I'm like seriously?! Eventually they ended up married which made Dave and I in-laws on the game... LOL! Sounds odd I know but that is what happened. I ended up deleting all the current sims honestly. Also the two sims became parents so Dave and I ended up being grandparents go figure! I don't think I have ever done that before nor it would ever happen again but you never really know what is or going to happen.

            The Sims 4 can be full of surprises one way or another like the time my sims wife electrocuted herself fixing the TV in the game I just shook my head on that in dismay this actually did happen. Expect the unexpected like the Reality TV Show Big Brother, Celebrity Big Brother or Big Brother Canada. Anyways I still enjoy this game even with the craziness of the game from time to time as it is nuts, I can turn my back and a sim starts a fire in the house or even in the backyard and end up on fire and dying which has happened with Eric's sim trying to extinguish the fire in the kitchen on the game. He didn't didn't last more then a few minutes of me creating him and it sure as heck looked like him too! It is never a dull moment on the game but my sims can do the wrong thing ending up with certain consequences like once I tried to get my sim to go to work and he refused to go and I think he was in one of his grumpy moods, tired, hungry or something wasn't right with him but the boss called him to tell him to GET HIS BUTT back to work the next day... Probably glitch but there is tons of fails but makes it for a good laugh and a good time!


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