Friday, May 31, 2019

What Do I Hope To See On Hell's Kitchen 19?

              Back in February Hell's Kitchen was renewed and I wanted to say I am excited it is coming back and yes I have tolled the idea of doing recaps on the podcast but that is besides the point as I need to talk to a few of my alum about this idea as it wasn't easy to do those recaps due to the fact it wasn't doing well so that's besides the point but I am ready for it and I actually would like to see an entire new bunch of chefs come in to compete for the the title of Hell's Kitchen and head chef position wherever it will be at. I think seeing full or partial returnees for the last 2 seasons is enough honestly and I am ready for a season with a new crop of chefs this time around. However, unless it is something good I will watch it one way or another. I will never miss a Chef Ramsey show whatsoever and currently watching Masterchef Junior which will be wrapping up next week and Masterchef which just started it's 10th season which is amazing. Anyways back to Hell's Kitchen, definitely would like to see some new faces but we have to wait and see what happens. 

             Now the next things I would like to address on the blog today is the fact that they are moving out of LA to all the way to Las Vegas which is a huge move and change for the show so I am excited what the new Hell's Kitchen is  going to look like and I am excited to see if Chef Christina winner of Hell's Kitchen 10 will be back as the Sous Chef as Andi hasn't been the sous chef for the last couple of seasons but I am guessing Chef Christina will be back. I am sure he's already asked her and I guess they will be recording around now or have already recorded this season but don't forget they have to cast first unless there are returnees which makes it easier but I am sure between now and mid summer they will be recording the season so it is ready to go for the fall as it happens just after Masterchef US Season 10 so won't be long after when the season ends. However I am very excited for the NEXT season and cannot wait to see what is going to happen next season. But for right now I have Masterchef Junior and Masterchef season 10 to watch and you can tell I am a super fan of these shows.


Thursday, May 30, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Has Been Renewed for 2 More Seasons

            Over the last while I have been hiding the future of the podcast as I only announced the 1 season but I already knew since the announcement of Survivor Island of the Idols, that I would be returning for 2 more seasons to the podcast as Producer and Host. I'm sorry I kept this from you guys longer but I now want to make it clear it will be returning for a 11th & 12th season which is a heck of a run for a podcast, Reality TV podcast that is. I never thought in the 3.5 years this podcast has been around it would of lasted this long and it has had a very healthy run for a podcast. Started small but growing each and everyday as new episodes are posted up weekly, to 2 or 3 times a week. Now what is the format for the summer and I will again relay this summer's timetable again plus the fall as well:

Summer 2019 (May continue Season 10 right into the start of the 10th season):

Big Brother 21
The Amazing Race Canada 7 

Fall 2019 (Season 11... ?):

Survivor: Island of The Idols (Season 39)

Winter 2020 (Season 12... ?):

Survivor 40

Big Brother Canada 8

               Now the scheduling as I said in my announcement about the summer schedule is coming just waiting till the right moment to make the announcement as  am still on the 10th season which has now become the longest running season in the history of the Podcast in 10 seasons now. But it is very exciting to have the podcast back for 2 more seasons and look forward to recapping Reality TV once again for you guys this summer and this fall. Get ready because there is plenty of Reality TV to cover for the next two seasons! We're not done yet nor close to being finished with the recaps. Plenty more to come honestly! I feel dumb to not of announced this sooner when I made the announcement for Season 11 but I should of mentioned Season 12 as well but I didn't and it was stupid move by me and I'm sorry but I wasn't thinking clearly honestly to realize that I was also returning in the fall too so that is my honest mistake but I came clean and now you guys know it is not only renewed for a 11th season, but also a 12th season which will take us to the end of the year and the rest will be decided later once I know more for the 13th season which will be coming out at the end of the year as usual as I make the announcement. 


Wednesday, May 29, 2019

My Thoughts On The Toronto Raptors...

              First of all I can say this I am a proud Toronto Raptors fan and I had a feeling this was the year at first, however I was unsure with this Eastern Conference but they sure surprised me and I can say this really excite me winning 100 - 94. The coaching and changes we have made on this team this year really helped us. Having Leonard has been a great asset to the team. This year they sure proved they deserve to be in the NBA Finals. Also the fact that we beat out the top team in the East and once we got the lead we definitely had a good momentum going on. This team is truly an exciting team this year and love this team and proud of them. Least we have one decent team going far and the Leafs and Jays will be going that way eventually too. I shouldn't doubt them and I should let them surprise me and that is exactly what I did and boy I am over the top excited and words do not describe how I feel. I honestly haven't been excited for a Toronto team since the Blue Jays had those 2 amazing seasons where they made the playoffs and of course with the new young Leafs team. We have a very talented basketball team and we the north is our motto we use and We The North are going all the way and winning it this year. I truly think this is our year and the finals will be ours for the taking. Golden State will not be back to back champs this year, it is truly our turn to be Champs!

                 Raptors win the NBA Championship then it will make history as the first Canadian and only Canadian team to win as the Grizzlies never did win a Championship and unfortunately moved down to the states leaving us the only Canadian team left in the league. I cannot wait for the championship to start and I will be watching the game tomorrow night and ready for the game and ready to see our team do so well. I think the game tomorrow will be a close one and the series will probably end up in 6 or 7 games like the Milwaukee Bucks game did. Either way this will indeed be a great series to watch and I am excited for it to start. Only thing that is really exciting right now as the Jays have been on and off with wins and I rather watch Basketball then baseball right now and I just want the Raptors to win the championship... It is truly our turn to be the Champs and I plan on attending with my dad the parade when and if they win I will be attending the parade and I am sure it will be a crazy with lots of people but I shouldn't jump to conclusions we are going to win as it hasn't even started yet. Starts in 24 hours so I shouldn't get excited till the series begins tomorrow night.


Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Toronto Trip PT. 2 & Wendy's Baconator and Frosty Food Review

           So obviously I was back in Toronto yesterday on a mission which I am keeping top secret but however it was a good day minus the mishap we had with trying to locate the bus out to the middle of nowhere, no mans land of Toronto and yes we were near the lake side however it took us a while to find the bus when it was a very short walk for us after all of that, we went all the way to Wellington Street for no apparent reason but luckily we figured it out and got the bus by a hair. We figured out that the bus don't even damn well stop on Wellington so we went from there back down to Front Street so we got extra exercise out of it one way or another. However we figured out the bus route and it all worked out well in the end of the day and we got where we were going and we managed to have a great day out in Toronto. Now the second part of the post today I want to talk about is a review of the Wendy's Baconator and Frosty. The Baconator was messy but it is always good when it is messy. The bacon had it's crispy bacon game and the way I like to have it.  Now when it came to the Frosty and I tried to drink it through a straw it just went half way then stuck so I ended up scooping it out with my straw which kind of stunk but it was really tough and half frozen so it was truly a frosty. I could of left it longer but I didn't bother. I'd give the burger a 5/5 and a generous 3 out of 5 for the frosty.

              We got back to Union Station and headed home. I was really out of it most of the way home and very quiet as I was extremely tired and I fell asleep after dinner all the way to 2 am and up the rest of the night but napped this morning. Tonight will be about me going to bed on time and getting the Power Rangers podcast done before Saturday which I am getting closer and closer to finishing up. Yesterday was fun and in the end there is still work to be done before Sunday before the more fun begins the actually recording of the episode. Either way I definitely think both Eric and I had a great day and a stress reliever from everyday life in general. 


Monday, May 27, 2019

Trip To St. Micheal's Cathedral & Lakefront In Toronto

         I went to St. Micheal's Cathedral for Mass, hence I was on and off social which today I am once again back in Toronto for a complete different thing and it will be with my friend Eric this time around. Anyways getting into Toronto, we had to re-route ourselves due to the Don Valley Parkway was closed which was just our luck that the Parkway aka the Parking Lot as it is always called technically. We had to go along Kingston Road to get into that which was the worst idea ever. Why you ask? Well we were stuck in traffic for quite some time and by the time we got to the church/cathedral it was almost half way through the Mass but better late then never. It was beyond our control really, everyone I think was taking the side roads due to the Don Valley was shutdown. Either way we made it in time for the Sermon. Anyways after I thought we were going to straight home which I had plans to actually work yesterday afternoon on the Power Rangers Podcast as I am a now less then a week from recording and really need to get the job done so I am waiting till tomorrow and I know it is last minute procrastination but I will get it down as the amount of pages is dwindling and I was up most of the night last night as I went to bed early and had the extra time to get things done as by the time you are reading this, I am back into Toronto. I did work on it a tad bit on the Power Rangers Podcast a bit this morning but that's besides the point of today's post. 

           Anyways, back to the trip not rambling about my workload we decided from there to take the subway where we were down to the lake and we originally were planning on going for a ferry ride there and back but due to the lineup being so long we decided to walk along the waterfront, get a drink and enjoy looking at the Ferry boats which all of em were running yesterday. Also a lot of the cruise boats were out and about. Also we noticed with all the rain that the water levels were up and the wooden walk way was pretty much under water and stairs to a small look out was underwater so there was a lot of areas flooded and made me wonder how the Toronto Islands were this year as the island was pretty much shutdown as there was residents that live on Ward's had to deal with the flood last year and wonder if they were affected this year at all. I don't think that all the ferry's would be running just the one, Ongaria would be the only one running so I am guessing everything was fine on the island and it was a busy one.  Also I almost forgot the Jays were playing and winning and the dome still closed as they have been doing work to the dome so they haven't had it open yet but I think they said sometime in early June.  It was a fun day and looked forward to Toronto with Eric, so day 2 of being in Toronto is today and will have a blog about it tomorrow. Also Tuesday, I want to talk about the Raptors winning the Eastern Conference Finals and now moving on to the NBA Finals for the first time in the history of the Franchise on Tuesday. 


Sunday, May 26, 2019

Changing A Few Things For Chris B On The Web...

             I can say this with all the drama going on, at this point, I am just done with both YouTube and Twitch and just sick of the drama at this point and I am done with broadcasting and can see why one of my friends doesn't cast anymore... I think I am better off Audio ONLY and Everything About Reality TV Podcast and I think it was suppose to be like this from when I made the move over. Yes I know YouTube is dying, the notifications broken, adpocolypse and the list is on and on. So Everything About Reality TV will be remaining Audio ONLY and yes I realize there is another podcast is on it's on it's way and in pre-production for possibly the fall and I support him on the YouTube venture. My job is to supply the Audio ONLY side of things and promote his podcasts. We all have different aspirations and goals and I support him and we are always on the same page of things. The next thing I would like to address is someone reported my Twitch account when I never messaged anyone but watching a stream briefly then I decided to get off so at this point I am now also done with Twitch. Yes a lot has transpired over the last several days and right now I do not know how to deal with all this.  I think I need to simplify things and I really haven't been making things easy and been in bed late cause watching and moderating streams for people which now isn't happening since I'm banned.

             The final thing I would like to say is team wise, I know Larry is still noted as a former member of staff, yet he's been involved with Power Rangers Podcast but he will stay as it is unless he tells me otherwise he wants the Staff badge back but things are indeed going well between him and I with this collaboration and we do not any plans of stopping those at this point as they seem to be very popular here on which the views have been great and I thank you for tuning in when it goes up 4 times a year and I am happy to say it's coming back as a week today, I am sitting down with Larry and actually recording 2 new episodes for you guys to be released in June when the editing is done. Also I am also thinking about covering Hell's Kitchen but need to talk to a few peeps about it but there is a possibility of it returning so that is what I am thinking about in the back of my head as I am starting to wonder if this is it for Big Brother after this summer but I hope not but I will let you guys know if I do plan on adding on. 


Saturday, May 25, 2019

Finding It Tough To Focus On The Collaboration Podcast...

               1 week from now, my world will be flipped upside down as both Larry and I will be back together to record Power Rangers Podcast and yes it is finally coming back and I have been hiding the news for quite some time since March and April when I knew we are getting close to the return. When we return it will be near 6 months since we actually recorded the last 2 episodes which is a long time. Honestly since September I kind of knew that January to now would be a crazy schedule so I knew that I needed the hiatus and yes I now admit we were on a hiatus and with the recent studio changes, we are ready to go for this next collaboration and I kind of now do have the time to work on it and this summer I am sure I will have the time to start working on the next 2 for this fall. Anyways I am now off topic to the topic or title of this blog post. I am very distracted from finishing up the notes as right now I am just so eager to record and I have been busy preparing my other podcast's YouTube channel ready for re-launch as it hasn't been on YouTube for almost 3 years so one way or another I have been extremely busy with that but I only have a week to go and the pressure is indeed on!

              So I am struggling but with 1 hour nap and up most of the night as my sleep is the most messed up, I can see how I am struggling but between today and tomorrow I would like to honestly finish it as I am out of the smaller city here into even a bigger city for the day so I will not even be in the studio all day so I will definitely need to complete this in the next 24 hours at the most so I can finally get it done and over with and ready for next weekend as it will be a big weekend for Larry and I with this podcast so I need to refocus myself and get my head back into the game and work hard cause I want to stay on track so I can finish it. Yes I got other things on the list too for after this but my priority is the collaboration. I need to remain focused and confident that I can get this finished before mid week this upcoming week as I do not want to end up delaying the podcast and at the point of waiting till July to record which I promise you it will not happen. I promise you will be seeing content on Twitter and Instagram a week tomorrow which you guys will know it's truly going down and when we know it will be out we will definitely make the announcement when were ready to release.


Thursday, May 23, 2019

First Video Ever On YouTube... (Thrownback Thursday)

           I had some other ideas in mind for today's throwback Thursday story but since it is kind of fitting that now I am back with the YouTube platform that I tell this story about when I posted up my first ever video which is still up on the platform under a channel that I cannot no longer access so it's stuck there as a dead channel as it has been dormant for so many years now but old videos can still be seen on TheDirector015 account. So my first ever video I posted was the first Episode of The Entertainment Man Talk Show which also it would of marked 11 years on the air if I was to continue it for some odd reason which I do not think it would of even made it that far honestly but with the team I had we were on a good rhythm going.  Anyways back to the story, the first videos that actually did stay up were The Entertainment Man Talk Show's 1st, 2nd and 3rd episode of it's very first season and originally there were limitations back in the day 10 minutes or less. However originally going back to 2008 when I first started, before The Entertainment Man Talk Show started months before I actually posted up another series which I am going to keep nameless as it wasn't the best series for me at the start but was totally a learning curve for sure. I posted up on the channel the 2nd episode which is now lost along with the other 15 episodes of the 16 episodes that I had and 3 episodes from the 2nd season which was short lived. 

             In the end the original series was removed off the platform and channel to make room for The Entertainment Man Talk Show which ran 6 long seasons before being cancelled and me moving into the world of Podcasting. The Channel ran up to the end of the 4th season when a second channel under a different email was created however in the end it was both DET and TEMTS that were in the first video or so added to the channel. The other old series I do not think the original episode never lasted very long honestly as things were not well in team wise. The early years were quite a struggle so that is kind of the reason behind why that 2nd episode of the original episode disappeared. However in the end I sure as heck made up for lost time with the amount of videos and it was quite an adventure creating a series and I am so happy to be back in a different scenario and I hope you guys enjoyed this little throwback Thursday Story.


Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Memories I Will Always Have of My High School Teacher (R.I.P. Mr. Plishka)

          It has been nearly 2 weeks now since my high school teacher has passed away and been avoiding this post for the past week and a half since finding out about him passing away as I needed time and still need time to deal but today's post is closure for me with the pain I have been having with the loss of a great teacher. He was not just a teacher, he was a role model during my high school years from the gym class which I have spoken about here on the blog in the past to the weight training room which I will talk to in another blog on a throwback Thursday story either this week or next week. He wasn't just a teacher and role model but was a mentor to me even after I finished school 4 years later when I decided to go back to school, to college to study media and learn more that could help me in a career which never really happened, nor I have found any work still since my last job that last a month till I quit. Anyways he was a reference or recommendation for school which I am forever grateful for him helping me in that path and was an experience and a half. Also he got me access to the school during March break and he was there to make sure things were running smoothly and due to my camera man bailing out at the last minute that same day, he also filled in as my camera man to ensure I do get the job done. He also co directed but I think he was mostly directing the entire thing which took off a ton of the stress. He was a very big supporter of my YouTube venture and I am sure he would be all for my Reality TV Podcasts both Audio ONLY and now YouTube and happy to see I am doing something I love to do. Also the ride I had not only in his truck that had his #44 on it but also a ride in his hummer to downtown and everytime I was in Courtice I always looked for him. The last time I saw him was at my dentist coming out of the store there and I just came out of the dentist from having my wisdom tooth pulled in November. 

           Finally, I will always remember our hour visits at school where I always brought extra Kielbassa for him and always brought him a coke to drink as that was the kind of student I always was and I guess it was my way of thanking him for everything he has done for me especially in the final year and a half of high school as he ran the BIC Program in good old Room 313 which I will always remember that number or Room 311 which was the room him and I always were visiting which was one of the Geography rooms on the 3rd floor of the school. Finally I will miss his infamous "Are You Done?" or "Are You Done Yet?" catch phrase which he used a lot with me. This isn't goodbye, this is so long for now. I will have the memories that I can look back on  R.I.P. Mr. Plishka.


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Updates...

         I know I have been very radio silent and haven't been recording as often as you guys wish but we are now on a 1 episode a week and things are quieter then it was 2 weeks ago. As you know I did something with the YouTube channel you guys didn't think I'd do and delete it all together. I think it is best to stick to the Audio ONLY.  Anyways with the podcasts 10th Season coming slowly to an end as this week we will be half way through Amazing Race's 31st season, yes I have been thinking about in between the seasons as I now do have confirmation for the 11th season but I am waiting on one of the shows for confirmation for the summer but already have been writing the post for sometime in June. Anyways this post is about the off season podcasts and will there be off season podcasts? I really do not know as we have 6 weeks left but do not know if Amazing Race will have double episodes down the road but I am sure if we go single episode with 1 or 2 more doubles we would be done before Big Brother 21 starts so it could a no off season podcasts situation but that's OK with me if it ends up this way with a no off season Podcast. I will just move into the 11th season and transition into the very next season. 

           Now as for the 11th season, I am planning only 2 podcasts a week, one being Amazing Race Canada an one being Big Brother 21 as I have ton of family things happening this summer plus I am planning to travel out east to Boston with family so I do need to go once a week for both recaps so it will be a bit more difficult then I expected but I am planning to hopefully just before I go out east to actually so I wanna try recording on the road while I am out but rather not if that is the case and what real time will I have to record a podcast while I am out honestly but it could work for me but we will see what the heck happens and if I can pan out a schedule that works for me but it would depend how long of a trip it would be so I probably end up getting a laptop for the trip this way I can record while on the road and yet still enjoy the trip one way or another but I will let you guys know once U decide what the plan is.

           Right now it is hard to decide on the summer schedule and if it is truly worth to get a laptop and it really does depend how long I will be away but that is the only thing that is really stopping me right now is holidays but definitely deserve a holiday here and there so it is a tough decision to make. Really with family, I am not sure when we will and if we will have the time to go away with both my aunt from Alberta and aunt and uncle from British Columbia are coming, it is hard to say right now if we will be going but will definitely will be trying to get away even for a week, week and a half at the most. I could just double up on podcasts for the 2 weeks if worse came to worse but I will be talking to my parents today at some point to find out more and next week I will do an update next week on Sunday to let you guys know what is what but yet again, I haven't got a complete summer schedule yet so it will be the waiting game till I know the release date for The Amazing Race Canada comes out and again I will let you know.


Monday, May 20, 2019

Started Putting Mangoes In My Smoothies!

             I know I haven't updated you guys on my weight loss journey and hopefully by Tuesday I will have an official update on my weight but as for a blog post I am waiting thing out till something big happens then I will make another podcast, I got a month left before I I have to get to my goal to 210 is getting close. However, now I am getting more and more into the smoothies and I have experimented from Mangoes to Blueberries, Strawberries, Oranges, Bananas and pineapples so I have tried em all. Recently we bought two mangoes and I really love the flavor and been experimenting with it but half a Mango didn't give much of a flavor so now I know I need to add more Mangoes for the maximum flavor. So today I decided to add in more in the smoothie. All you can really do. Recently last week I went to Big Orange and had a Mango Smoothie with Banana orange and I think I had strawberry if I remember correctly. Anyways, I am right into making the smoothies these days and it sure does make a difference with my weight loss as I sometimes do not feel like having anything big to eat, so I will have a smoothie and when I can find em, Sara Lee Bars, the date ones are really good and I use to have em with the smoothie normally. 

              Hopefully since i am writing this early to fix the flavor and have more mango in it. Now I put one fruit each in, 1 Banana, 1 Orange, few strawberries etc, so the amount once it's done, well it does add up. This isn't the first time that I have had mango in a smoothie though, I had have had it out in Toronto at Union Station before all the renovation happened. However either I really enjoy the smoothies and yes it is a very healthy choice especially and I really want to get down to 210 by summer then 200 by the start of the fall. Either way I am keeping the smoothies within my diet and very easy to make. I add the fruit with either vanilla yogurt which I haven't used for the longest time as I have actually been using milk. Yes plain old 1% Milk as the base for the fruit smoothie and it sure makes things really smooth plus it sure still does the job one way or another. Finally I add in ice to cool it as without it it will be a warmer. I recommend to try my recipe because trust me it is really, really good and very very simple to follow.


Sunday, May 19, 2019

Planning To Do A Modded Minecraft Eventually!

           As you know, I have been quite absent from the game recently but not gone far from the gaming world when I do have the extra time as things are getting crazy for me right now. Now if you remember my ChrisBOnTheWeb channel on Twitch before it got banned, I did an entire playthrough almost but the point of me finding the end portal was off stream after I pretty well got trolled off by a 13 year old harassing me after being banned and coming back into the room under a new name but I did finish it off with the help of one of my Twitter followers which i honestly not sure if they are following me still but he helped me out after I found the actual portal that is when I asked for help and defeated the Ender Dragon first shot. Anyways I tried numerous types of mods and had some issues with it. However I think I am definitely on for trying one particular mod and that would be the space age mod... Now yes I have tried it and had some fun but ran into a couple of things and problems as I needed cactus to help build the things I need. I am totally unsure how to do certain things as there is some technical stuff that I have to figure out. I know what I need to do to get ready to take off but I have yet to build the rocket but definitely going to figure things out.

             When I plan on going back into Minecraft, I just do not know when I will get back into it I just cannot wait but the Space Age mod is the one I actually plan on doing. I have become quite familiar with the mod but I kind of drifted away from it and started playing games such as Rocket League, The Binding of Isaac and The Messenger are the games I have been playing when I have the time to play and once I finish up with that but yes I have been thinking about Minecraft but from a creative stand point, I just do not know if I really have the time right now but we will see. I need to have time to really play as right now Everything About Reality TV Podcast is taking over my life right now and I haven't yet stopped since end of February and still going on the 10th Season at the moment and not sure when the finale will be right now. Also add on the Power Rangers Podcast returning soon as I have hinted yea I do not think I have the time to do one right now. Also with the 11th season of Everything About Reality TV soon arriving it is going to be tough to make the time. However down the road when things settle down probably will get the chance to actually play more games but we will see definitely what my timetable we be like. 


Saturday, May 18, 2019

I Have Returned To

            I am back finally! I have been AFK most of the week dealing with the passing of my High School Teacher but I did post on Wednesday to let you guys know where I was and I know it wasn't a long post but this one will be a bit longer. I can say during this week, I got finished watching Power Rangers In Space finally and started or tried to start typing up the notes as something always seem to come up but it has started and will take a few days to actually write it then print it off and I need to make a run to Staples Tuesday before I go to my appointment to pick up two things, a second camera as they other one broke so fast and wish I never got it from Best Buy but I want to get one like the one I had before this kind I have now and also some ink as well as I am running off of color right now. I just will not have the time to go to Walmart so it is best I just go to Staples for this time around. Soon as I get back all hell breaks loose with CBOTW, making Staff changes and Billy is still with me, he's going nowhere. I just didn't needed to come back to staff drama when I am still dealing with loss right now and I was shaking really bad I started to throw things around the studio denting more of the wall in the studio. I just do no know if I want to continue on with the YouTube platform now with everything that has transpired today but i still got Larry and Steven as mods and I am sure I will end up getting more down the road especially. 

             So this weekend I want to primarily work on Power Rangers Podcast notes for In Space and get it typed up. I may just go to the Local Walmart or as Larry calls it the local Snowmart... LOL! I know I am trying to lighten the mood after the night I had last night. That is my main focus for the weekend is to finish up the notes and I think I will get out tomorrow and go to Staples as I didn't really sleep much last night. If I can I will definitely try to finish up the Power Rangers Podcast. There is not much more on my timetable minus having to the channel trailer for Everything About Reality TV's YouTube channel which probably done next week (this upcoming week) to introduce you guys to the channel if you are new to the channel especially. One thing I do have to say now since the notifications don't work half the time is to ring the notification bell or hit the notification bell so this way you guys are notified. I am so pumped to what is going to come next for CBOTW, website, podcasts and the blog as well!


Wednesday, May 15, 2019

I Miss You Guys! I've Not Been Myself...

           I felt like writing to you guys to say I miss you guys a lot. I haven't been myself lately. As you know my high school teacher has passed away and it's really affected me as he meant the world but I am going to do a post about him next week remembering him next week as right now I am not ready right now.  If I wrote it I know I will be pausing as I will tear up but that's ok, I'm mourning and this is why I have paused majority of the content that has gone out minus the podcast which will be out tomorrow as normally and I will be in bed at 11 pm no later and up early enough to record and start editing in the morning so I can get this out later but other then that no blog posts between today and Saturday and with Saturday being the first post back and I should be OK but I needed time off from some of the content. Some of the content, I cannot shift around the timetable for that but trying to stay on a normal regular schedule. What have I been up to for the last few days? Well I took the weekend and Monday off and yesterday started to work on Power Rangers In Space which I am so close and today more then likely I will be finished finally! Which means the announcement is more then likely coming to the blog and also to social media and what to expect. 

              I haven't been myself honestly with dealing with the passing of my teacher and kind of why I have been MIA from the blog and at times very, very quiet on social media.  I am still pretty much still around but not been active on the site too much like I would like to but I need to make my return and been fighting it to when I want to return and this is why I have made the decision to write a post to update you where I have been. Anyways I will be back again very soon and thank you for understanding and my next post is definitely coming on Saturday and again I miss you guys and we will chat soon but in the meantime please do take care and if you need to reach out, I am on Twitter/Instagram if you need me or wanna say hi, I am going to still continue to update throughout the next couple of days and working on the Power Rangers Podcast and what not.


Saturday, May 11, 2019

Big Brother Canada Finale and What's Next For Me?

               Well with Big Brother Canada 7 finished for the season and it was one heck of a season and I know my picks were evicted but in the end I kind of figured it would be Dane and Anthony in the end and wasn't surprised that it was a 7 - 0 vote which is the 3rd unanimous vote in Big Brother here in North America. Who. First of all Dan from season 10 of Big Brother U.S 7 - 0 vote, Kevin from Big Brother Canada 3 and won the 5th season 9 - 0 and now Dane who won 7 - 0 vote this season. I was looking forward to this finale for the past few weeks and what an amazing night! I just didn't get to watch it with Larry but Dave joined us to watch the finale and then do the finale recap live on YouTube which I do have an announcement which is coming over the next couple of days. I made it clear with Dave if he doesn't go to the finale next year as I think more then likely there will be an 8th season of Big Brother Canada, he is more then welcome to actually come back for that next year as next year will be the 6th annual Finale Party... haha. Anyways, it was one of the best finales yet and I really enjoyed myself and I got something else to look forward to this week as well. 

                 What is that you may ask? Survivor Edge of Extinction Finale is this week and this one I am on my own for that one but for right now I am decompressing from the last 10 weeks as I have been so busy with the podcasts non stop I am taking some time off this weekend from any work but hopefully by Tuesday, I am going to be back working on things for Chris B On The Web in time but for right now I am decompressing hence why the social is a bit more quiet but I am still around and posting here and there with updates but I think over the next couple of days, I will be probably doing some gaming over the next couple of days and decompressing from a busy 10 weeks but don't worry I am still thinking about what is next on the list for the Podcast and Chris B On The Web and I know what is next but like I said I need some time off right now and that is my # 1 priority right now but not far off from returning to normal work schedule.


Friday, May 10, 2019

Making Some Progress With 2 Video Games!

          So it has been a while since I have made an update but I have been progressing well with The Binding of Isaac. I didn't actually finish a challenge or beat Satan but getting closer and closer and been practicing with Isaac and been trying challenges too as well but learning and using all my strategic moves on the game. However sometimes a curveball is being thrown but nothing I can handle honestly. I think something is going to give way soon where I am going to start going on a hot streak with the game. Right now I stand on 47% completed the game with all the items before getting to Platinum God but that is 53% more that I need to do and plan on working hard and grinding and hopefully one day very soon down the road I will get that hot streak going I am sure because right now I am in a drought with doing well but I've started to get all the way to mom aka the big boss fight but then end up dead but if I end up with Ipecac item then that is when I get on a roll.

            Now as for The Messenger, I have now passed or beaten the first boss fight which is a very proud moment honestly. I am nothing but so proud of that moment where I managed to beat the boss but I ended up stuck again but I know what to do so it does give me some sort of leg up in the game. I may be slow with the game at first but then again I can be a very fast learner. With this game I have noticed recently, that I do so well and a very long stride it then I am stuck so it is an on and off thing with it but I do fire up the game quite often to give a shot and try it out. The more I play both of these games, the better I become at the game. With Big Brother Canada 7 coming to a wrap in 2 days, I am sure I will have more time for video games but don't forget I have the menu bar to work on and the Power Rangers Podcast but I will always take some time to work on the games and have some down time which I haven't seen since December so it is long coming and I am going to make time for fun now that I will have extra time on my hands.


Thursday, May 9, 2019

First Ride On The M.S Chi-Cheemaun Ferry (Throwback Thursday Story)

           So this is very fitting being a week later after going on the Spring Cruise on the M.S Chi-Cheemaun and this was actually inspired while being on the ferry boat that day so that is where today's post came from. Anyways today's throwback story is my very first ride on the M.S Chi-Cheemaun Ferry. Now this is going way back like way back in the late 1990's into the 2000s when my dad and I made a trip up there for the very first time. Now back then Tobermory was different compare to now. The Seaview III was still operating and did even several years ago under Blue Heron Cruise Company which I found out by looking at the boat later on. So anyways, the night of us heading onto the boat and across the lake into Lake Huron was different and it was the first time getting up the next morning at 5 am to get down to the docks for 530 am in advance. Anyways those were the days when the Dockside Restaurant was still around. I remember my meal very well even to this day being 10 + years ago now and it was a western sandwich which had eggs, onion and ham in it and honestly I haven't had a western in a very long time. Of course I remember hanging out on the back deck of the boat and always has been our hangout place.

          Honestly I do miss the old days but we did find another restaurant to go to in the morning of the ferry boat even though we had a very bad experience there and waited till we got to Manitoulin Island which made me very, very crabby person all together. I do not know why the Dockside had to go but it is what it is I guess and have to just deal with it I guess and that is what we had to do but it will be a place for me to definitely remember. This feels like forever nearly 20 years of going up there with my dad and I am sure we will be up there again while he can still make the long trips like that as he will be 75 next year but age does not stop you whatsoever and I think either next year or the year after we are planning to do the Fall Cruise from Tobermory to Owen Sound but we never know what we are planning but it is not the last of us seeing the town of Tobermory, Ontario.


Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Big Brother Canada 7 Finale is Tomorrow!

            Tomorrow is indeed a big day for not only me but my Alumni, Larry and my Staff member Dave as the 3 of us are having our own Finale party here at the house and even down at the studio. So yesterday, I spent some time after working on the setup for the finale and I setup confetti to come down in the studio portion which I made out of construction paper in small squares and will be an Instagram video of when we pull the string which is hooked up to the cloth that is cradling the confetti right now as it is waiting for the official pull and all of the confetti falling down. I am sure looking forward to pulling the cord in celebration of the season finale. Not for the podcast but one of the Reality TV Shows I am covering. I know I heard rumors who went in the surprise eviction but we will find out tonight for sure who is heading off to Jury. If it is indeed Adam, then I am routing on Dane to win it all come tomorrow night. Yes I know I have one pick left and I got that feeling Larry will win the little deal that him and I have going right now. 

              Now am I excited? Of course an the fact I get to celebrate the finale with 2 good friends makes it more fun honestly. I am also in fact excited to find out who is going to win it all. It is bitter sweet and this season was an experience and a half from 2 BBCan7 podcasts to being at the premiere and Live Eviction this season and experiencing it first hand in person. It is truly a dream as a super fan but also as a podcaster it is truly a dream and I am humble for the experiences  that I have had this year. Tonight will definitely tell us who is going to be in the final 3 and who is headed to jury. I always thought the BBCAN7 awards was with the final 3 but since there wasn't a triple, I think things were a bit different then it was last year as this year we didn't experience the triple like we have since Seasons 3, 5 & 6. But that's OK, the production know what their doing and just excited for the next 24 hours and find out who is the Season 7 champ.


Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Officially Done With Broadcasting On Video Broadcasting Platforms

             I have decided to not broadcast ever again. When I said I was done with video broadcasting, I meant it and I broke my own word apparently as recently in the last 2 - 3 months I decided to start broadcasting again which was bad mistake honestly and honestly I should of not gone back as it would of kept my stress levels down. Honestly I need to stay true to my word and stick to it. To be honest, I have been doing so well on Audio ONLY to the blog here on the website. The numbers itself does show a lot and how well it has done and I periodically will look at the stats and in the last month I got 1800 + views here on the website alone and no wonder some days it is bit slow it is cause of the traffic but seems to be fine these days. But it is stupid where I keep on trying to do video broadcasting. Honestly my PC cannot handle it and yet it is not an old computer even tho I have had it for only a few years with it now being reformatted once. Honestly it was also a trolls thing that really bothered me and now apparently I am banned on a site I was helping one of my staff with their gaming stream honestly and only thing I can do at this point is lurk on his streams at this point and run the streamlabs bot I setup for them. 

             Either way, I have made the decision to just stop streaming all together as right now I do have  ton of stuff on my plate right now with Everything About Reality TV and also Power Rangers Podcast too, I just do simply have the time to stream video games or even regular streams at this point of time and I am always go go with podcasts and it never does seem to stop and right now I am still going strong on the podcasts longest seasons yet aiming for 40 - 50 episodes in a season which is the longest. So you can see right now I just do not have any time for streaming and I need to continue to be focused on CBOTW but to help moderate a stream for a podcast can be in the cards for down the road for me honestly but more information later. Finally I am currently banned on 6 or 7 video platforms right now so podcasts going live probably not in the future but however I am not banned on YouTube yet so anything can really happen but right now my focus is Audio ONLY.


Monday, May 6, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Is On A Normal Schedule!

          After 2 weeks of being on an alternate schedule we are back to the original schedule this week. Also this week is the first finale out of the 3 shows. Tomorrow is the last Tuesday podcast so we're slowly winding down the schedules. Anyways here is the current schedule for this week and next week:

This Week:

Tuesday (Tomorrow): 8 pm EST- Big Brother Canada 7 Recap

Thursday: 6 pm EST- Survivor Edge of Extinction Recap

                   9 pm EST- The Amazing Race 31 Recap

Friday: 8 pm EST- Big Brother Canada 7 Finale Recap

Next Week:

Thursday: 6 pm EST- Survivor Edge of Extinction Recap

                   9 pm EST- The Amazing Race 31 Recap

              There is the schedule for this week and next week for the podcast and as you can tell, the schedule is slowly getting smaller. I am definitely excited for finales with Big Brother Canada this week, then Survivor Edge of Extinction next week so it will definitely be exciting to see how this will all play out to the end of the games and yes I said games as I am referring to both shows that are wrapping up their respected seasons. Anyways I am looking forward to the podcasts this week right to the end of this podcasts season before we are between the seasons. Yes I am pretty sure if there is time between we will be posting up some off season stuff if we got the time but once I know further I will let you guys know what is what.


Sunday, May 5, 2019

Maple Festival 2019!

             So I was back out and about once again to another event or function as this is now the start of the busy season for me has started. However like I said back in the beginning of the year, I did take some of the events out but that's not the point of this post. The point is I once again attended the Maple Festival 2019 locally here. I did manage to go last year and I know I missed the fall event in the little town. We were really surprised how busy the street was and last year at this time it was busy last year as well. So we arrived in Bowmanville and we started at the far end of the festival and we already pinpointed our lunch which was hot dogs and we always get one every year when we end up going to the event each and every year. 

The next thing we saw was some entertainment by the former bank which is right now something else at the moment.  We saw Maple Syrup, Honey, fudge stands, a place you can measure yourself which I should of done it for the heck of it to see if I really shrunk that much at 33 years of age. LOL! Anyways they also had rides the Ferris wheel. Also had toffee and I believe they were giving small handouts of fudge and I just didn't get a chance to snatch one for myself or technically I could of shared it with my mom as she loves her fudge but we already know she has her fudge still from 
what I gave her back at Easter time. We looked at Norm's Deli and busy as heck! Always nice to see the deli hustle and bustling with ton of people.

So also Tyrone Mills was there and you probably remember me doing a post about the Farmers Tractor Parade which I did not attend due to it being my birthday. They have their infamous donuts which is soooo good. They also have their really good tarts and also Apple Cider which they use to do right there at the Mill but they haven't done that in years but still very good cider one way or another. Also the fire department was there with one of their trucks for the kids. Finally I got to grab a cream horn which is a pastry with cream in it and I had it at Easter and it is really good! Also we grabbed some lunch and we had the dessert after to what we got from the coffee shop which is my dad's stomping grounds every Saturday mornings. Anyways it was a fun time and it was nice to be out of my stuffy studio after being stuck in for the past 10 weeks since Big Brother Canada began it's 7th season so I was able to get out of the studio for 2 hours.


Saturday, May 4, 2019

Stopped Working On The Menu Bar For Now...

            So you will be now wondering what the heck is going on with the menu bar project. Well I think for right now it is on hold at the moment. I have right now hit a snag in the menu bar. I got it setup perfectly but the drop down is the issue it is where it is the drop down. I do not know where the issue is, whether it is the CSS code or within the actually template but the template seemed to be the entire issue really and it will probably need to be figured out and I need some time to think about it and see if I can work something out and see if I can honestly figure it out. So right now I am just taking some time away to try and regroup and try to figure out something else out to what I would like to do but I do have some ideas. One of the ideas is a horizontal menu bar which has worked actually but did not really think about it but the menu wasn't being responsive and even the vertical it wasn't very responsive either so there is an issue with the responsiveness to the menu so I am just unsure to what the heck is going on but I am going to wait till I get more time as this week and next week I have quite a busy schedule with finishing up Big Brother Canada and Survivor Edge of Extinction Recaps for their respected seasons so after that I can work on that afterwards.

               I haven't completely given up on the project but I am planning on trying to fix it and it is a very fickle of project with CSS code and dealing with the infernal template on the website. However I will eventually figure it out and it is growing pains with the website and that is why I have a group of people helping me test it out but never mind on that.  Anyways we test and fix any of the bugs within the website. The website and the community is forever growing and with the growth comes those growing pains as the numbers on this website has been growing as I do not usually brag about this but almost 1900 views last month! So I can see why sometimes things are breaking on the website and maybe has a part of the menu bar partially broken or I broke the new menu and more then likely I broke the damn menu bar so I need to work out the kinks and I am sure it is something that is affecting the menu but I will not give up till I have this website fixed with it's new menu finally.

Oh and also May The 4th be with you! (Happy Star Wars Day)


Friday, May 3, 2019

Chi-Cheemaun Ferry Spring Cruise 2019

         So obviously with the podcasts being late tonight however their all up on the platform makes you wonder where I've been lately. Well I have been away up north yesterday in Owen Sound for the Chi-Cheemaun Spring Cruise. We left early as we had a 3.5 to 4 hour car travel to do and that included the stop for breakfast at Timmies on the way up. Well we got there near 10 am 2 hours before the departure which is more then enough time till we left. As you can see there is a picture of the Chi-Cheemaun sitting in the port of Owen Sound and was easy to find when we got there as it sticks out pretty easily so it is very easy to find between Mid October and end of April when it is sitting in port there during it's winter birth. Anyways we go on between 1050 and 110 am EST and we went in through the side of the boat through a door that is on the car deck of the boat which I never knew there was a door there technically but probably for emergency uses I am pretty much guessing

      So throughout the trip we hung out on the deck towards the stern of the boat and up above where the funnel where the diesel smoke came out which you can see on the left side. We had lunch, they gave up Roast Beef, potatoes, cooked beets, I didn't have green or yellow beans and carrots as I am not much of a green or yellow bean kind of person. Also at the bow side inside we had entertainment and it was good and same with the food as well. We also got to go by the Grotto which wasn't visible and some caves as well. I posted it on my Instagram with tons of pics for you guys to see. I will post up some more this weekend. We also to go by Flower Pot Island and saw the Flower Pots. Also leaving Owen Sound the boat gave two final toots of the horn salute goodbye which was really neat to hear. Also arriving the usual horn and it is like she saying hey I'm back home. So it was a good trip overall even though we had to wait 20 minutes for a bus that wasn't full but still a great trip and both my dad and I are planning on going on the Fall Cruise down the road but we do not know when but it is still in the plans but we got some family vacations setup for the next year and a few months. Boston this year and Calgary the following of the year. 


Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Origin of Gamers Talk Show (Throwback Thursday)

             Obviously I am right now on the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry enjoying myself while you guys are reading today's post and I will talk about the entire trip tomorrow mornings post but today I want to talk about is the origin of CBOTW Gamers Podcast which was briefly mentioned but will not be mentioned much for a while at least until I am ready to start recording them down the road monthly. Anyways way back before I started podcasting which was Pre Chris B On The Web, which was before this website existed before the CBOTW Era began November 14th, 2014. I was still under the old Video Projects Team name whatever numerous names I gave it honestly. However as most of you who have followed me from even the original team I had, well we use to broadcast on BlogTV, Stickam and so on and we had a gaming talk show. This gaming talk show which is now could be a CBOTW Gamers Podcast didn't last long as the host didn't wanna follow the format of the show which was talk not play freaking videos about gaming. This is a talk show not play videos, so obviously they were removed off the timetable and life went on.

              So I had a second chance to resurrect the gaming talk into an legitimate podcast but that never took flight same co host wasn't cooperating with me so I ended up shelving the podcast which now brings to this current day. Now if I can get my Twitch channel back I will be doing em live for the first time in months I will be streaming again and yes the occasional gaming stream. However, that is the story how this podcast became to be what it is to this very day. It started small and now it's permanently on the shelf as of right now since Twitch doesn't want to reactivate my account so I have decided to permanently cancel any plans to bring this podcast back and focus on Everything About Reality TV and the Power Rangers but I had to mention where CBOTW Gamers Podcast started. It isn't much of a story but there is a back story how it all began. There are plans for it and like I said yesterday, there isn't a start date yet but hopefully soon I can get the ball rolling on this project, get guests on and so on. Hope you enjoyed today's throwback story on how this podcast was founded and I will talk to you guys tomorrow on a special post about my trip today up North.


Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Where Have I Been The Last 4 Days?

            I know the last 4 days I went sort of AWAL from this website and I have been busy behind the scenes. I will explain in today's post what has been going on with Chris B On The Web. So I was behind on podcasts for Everything About Reality TV and I had to catch up during the weekend so that was problem # 1 and I just didn't get a chance to post. I think over the last 4 day I forgot to just open blogger and write something. However a break was good for me and during the last 4 days I really had no ideas honestly. I need to come up with more ideas and this week I am promising you something interesting which involves my trip to Owen Sound, Ontario and yes that's right I'm heading north Thursday (tomorrow) for the entire day so that is why the podcast is scheduled for the next day. Also I had to record the Tuesday Podcast yesterday so I again had to put off a post even though I said I was going to post it up on here but I tried to get sleep instead after spending time with my mom so I didn't plan that out very well and usually I like to the get the posts done in the morning when I get up or in this case I wrote this in the middle of the night.

            So I have been busy with projects and getting ready to go with some new things and do not know when it will start as I am still waiting if CBS will renew Big Brother down in the U.S for a 21st Season or not and honestly Eric and Dave don't think it will happen so now I need to figure out Everything About Reality TV's schedule for the summer which I am going to update you guys on that next week as next week is another busy week for me as finales are here, Big Brother Canada 7 Finale is next week which the schedule for next week is back to it's regular schedule again. The following week is the Survivor Edge of Extinction finale so things are slowing down for this podcast. However, Power Rangers Podcast not so much and yes that is a subtle hint that I am close to it coming back and an announcement is coming in the next 2 - 3 weeks from now! Trust me it is very exciting news and both Larry and I been talking about it with the other Alumni for CBOTW and my Staff as well. So I have been busy with getting the episodes done and I am now 15 episodes away from finishing Power Rangers In Space and all everything I said above and I know you guys understand why I have been quiet here on the site but I haven't disappeared, been active on social media but also just been working hard on content for you guys and yes I know I have been active on this site much. Lots of stuff is coming and cannot wait to reveal it all!