Monday, May 27, 2019

Trip To St. Micheal's Cathedral & Lakefront In Toronto

         I went to St. Micheal's Cathedral for Mass, hence I was on and off social which today I am once again back in Toronto for a complete different thing and it will be with my friend Eric this time around. Anyways getting into Toronto, we had to re-route ourselves due to the Don Valley Parkway was closed which was just our luck that the Parkway aka the Parking Lot as it is always called technically. We had to go along Kingston Road to get into that which was the worst idea ever. Why you ask? Well we were stuck in traffic for quite some time and by the time we got to the church/cathedral it was almost half way through the Mass but better late then never. It was beyond our control really, everyone I think was taking the side roads due to the Don Valley was shutdown. Either way we made it in time for the Sermon. Anyways after I thought we were going to straight home which I had plans to actually work yesterday afternoon on the Power Rangers Podcast as I am a now less then a week from recording and really need to get the job done so I am waiting till tomorrow and I know it is last minute procrastination but I will get it down as the amount of pages is dwindling and I was up most of the night last night as I went to bed early and had the extra time to get things done as by the time you are reading this, I am back into Toronto. I did work on it a tad bit on the Power Rangers Podcast a bit this morning but that's besides the point of today's post. 

           Anyways, back to the trip not rambling about my workload we decided from there to take the subway where we were down to the lake and we originally were planning on going for a ferry ride there and back but due to the lineup being so long we decided to walk along the waterfront, get a drink and enjoy looking at the Ferry boats which all of em were running yesterday. Also a lot of the cruise boats were out and about. Also we noticed with all the rain that the water levels were up and the wooden walk way was pretty much under water and stairs to a small look out was underwater so there was a lot of areas flooded and made me wonder how the Toronto Islands were this year as the island was pretty much shutdown as there was residents that live on Ward's had to deal with the flood last year and wonder if they were affected this year at all. I don't think that all the ferry's would be running just the one, Ongaria would be the only one running so I am guessing everything was fine on the island and it was a busy one.  Also I almost forgot the Jays were playing and winning and the dome still closed as they have been doing work to the dome so they haven't had it open yet but I think they said sometime in early June.  It was a fun day and looked forward to Toronto with Eric, so day 2 of being in Toronto is today and will have a blog about it tomorrow. Also Tuesday, I want to talk about the Raptors winning the Eastern Conference Finals and now moving on to the NBA Finals for the first time in the history of the Franchise on Tuesday. 


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