Saturday, October 31, 2020

Made A Few Tweaks To My Re-Brand!

               As you can noticed, I have changed the banners to suit myself a bit so I am an array of different things from Blogs to Podcasts to Photography, I have it all. I wanna make sure I continue on getting more followers and fans within my community. Why you may be wondering why the change in the motto and year and adding 15th Anniversary? Well, I first of all I explained the motto part and the reason was cause of what I just said here on the blog. The 15th Anniversary, I decided to incorporate the fact I have been creating content for nearly 15 Years now both The Video Projects Team & now under the Chris B On The Web Brands over the year. Yes CBOTW was still founded on November 14th, 2014 nearly 6 Years ago and I will mention when it hits the 10 year mark but I am more focused on the years that I have been creating content all together as a whole. It has been a very long time now and grateful for the time I have spent being a content creator.

               I promise you guys this is the final changes that I am making on top of some of the other changes I have made. I've noticed with some of the changes I have gotten some new followers over Twitter and Instagram, despite I have lost some on Instagram but still seem to maintain at this time. Just want to make sure I am perfect for this rebrand and I end up getting growing the fan base and it will in time especially in Facebook which has been a bit of a problem but I am not panicking whatsoever. I had help from my Management Team, Billy and Tiala and also fellow Podcaster Jimi from The Record Machine Show Podcast which you see me promote the link from time to time on my social media. So Thank-you all 3 of them for the help in the last couple of days. This is just the start and I am excited for what is to come and especially the fact I will be celebrating 15 years soon and will be making a post about it on December 9th of this year.


Friday, October 30, 2020

I Was Wild and Crazy and Totally Messed Up At Times.....

                 You probably wondering on today's title and I will explain in a moment. Yes I missed a post the other day and I am deeply sorry about that but got busy with the collab stuff and getting close to finished. In fact I was up late last night and worked on it once I fixed the graphics for the banners for my brand but that will be explained on tomorrow's post. Anyways to today's post is about how I was wild and crazy and messed up at times. Now I will not say exactly but there was a day I said I went off my meds again and I was really out of control. I am a lot more calmer minus the times something peeves me off but that is normal. Also I was really messed up when I ended both my YouTube Career and web series The Entertainment Man Talk Show. I made some not nice things. I was bitter. I didn't realize I didn't talk to Eric and Larry for a long time after they quit. I was really ticked. One thing I noticed was the fact I had choice words I wish I could go back and not say it. I cannot delete every single thing I said but I did erase some. It would take me a long time to erase every single not so nice tweet in the past.

                   However this is now, I have matured as a person and gotten a 0 tolerance for crap from people. I have learned if I need to block I can. I just am not letting hate bother me no more is what I am trying to say. Life is too short to deal with drama and crap at this point. I am getting older and a lot more wiser for someone who is about to turn to 35 in a month almost. Do I regret some of the things I said? Yes of course I do. I am careful what I say now on Twitter and honestly bite my tongue when someone says something I do not like. I have come too far honestly. I have changed a lot and been focused and yes I know I have had my mental health issues this year and been like this for the past year on and off but I am relentless with the content no matter what, especially if I am feeling down or not, I am starting to be able to just deal with it and in a different way, even with negative feedback or comments thrown. I am making sure I watch my P's and Q's and been very well keeping positive as much as possible.


Thursday, October 29, 2020

Elementary School I Drove By Yesterday and Memories.... (Throwback Thursday Story)

 Yesterday, I got a chance to go for a small 15 - 30 minute trip down to the lake and I passed by my old elementary school when I was in Grade 7 and I'm talking 21 years ago since I left this school. Unfortunately it has recently closed down which the school board decided to shut it down. I got a close up picture and the windows I captured, I'm sure was my classroom was in there and I can bet you anything on that. I remember once we do a morning group session and yes I was in a special class and for those who didn't know I have autism and was in a special class to help me. Anyways one of the staff ended up in a laughing fit and I was doing the "your crazy thing" going round and round by my ear and she gave me the look like what the heck are you doing. She left the class till she settled down. Last time I ran into her was when Zellers was still a thing here in Ontario which no longer exist anymore. 

                  Also I remember we took walks behind into the bush by the river and another time we took a trip down to the lake which was only a 10 - 15 minute walk down. I remember I actually found  a fossil on a rock and I wish I kept it. I know better to keep the neat looking rocks. I have a lot of memories there and it is unfortunate that it has now closed down. I remember the Principal and Vice Principal's name Mr Barkwill aka Mr Broccoli as one of my classmates nicknamed him and Mrs. Chambers. How the heck do I remember their names is beyond me. I remember I got kicked off the bus for a while for misbehaving and I didn't get along with the driver till I went to the other school 2 towns over the  following year. Once last thing I want to say is one of the drivers whom I think replaced our normal driver. Anyways Debbie who has since passed away was one of my all time favorite bus drivers of all time. So funny, and everytime we got near the train tracks near my end here, everyone would say, train, train, train and Debbie and I use to say no, no, no. Was a moment I will always remember. She was a dispatcher at the school bus company and I heard her voice once when I was in High School and I got a chance to say hi to her through the CB Radio, haha.


Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Starting To Figure Out The Future of My Content!

                 I have started making changes for the future of content. First change is Power Rangers Podcast. It is sounding like an hiatus from the Collaboration Podcast series is going to happen once "Dino Thunder" is complete and during the hiatus I will be working on SPD, Mystic Force & Operation Overdrive and Jungle Fury. I am looking into recording in April or May and also July for both Larry and I which I mentioned above those are the next ones on the list followed by RPM and Samurai which brings us into a another renewal which I am sure will be tough once again for us to renew. This is the only concern in the way of content for me to be honest and it will be tough as I do not have an manager now at this point and I am am pretty much on my own with Tiala and Larry Modding for my page at this moment.  So now it is about me getting things back on the right track for my content at this moment.

                Things are coming along very slowly at this moment and after ranting and raving at Larry yesterday, think we have an understanding the pressure is indeed on. We will figure this out eventually and either way we will be back to recording in 2021 at some point and it is about him and I catching up what we are doing right now first before we move into the next phase of the podcast. Don't forget we have 12 months in a year to get things done so plenty of time. We hope to get back to a more normal schedule March, July and October in 2022 and next year will be a little different from our normal schedule but we could see an earlier recording but I will let you guys one way or another.  We're making some moves so we can get content back on track. At least you guys get Entertainment Man Podcast in the meantime while you wait for a new Collab to come out since it takes time to prepare it and have it ready to go plus you also have these posts on a daily basis.


Monday, October 26, 2020

Been Feeling Distant From ChrisBOnTheWeb and Creating Content

                 The last few days have been rough since Friday night and someone saying really rude things to me that helped me with the notes stuff and your wondering how they are able to i scanned the notes and sent them over that's how I did it. Anyways last time I really worked on any of that was Thursday when I worked the entire day to get myself to EP # 15 as I said in yesterday's blog post. Yesterday I most definitely did work on it to ensure I get it finished this week so I can start working on the next one and try and keep on a schedule as I have had questions to when the next recording is as him and I are now not on speaking terms again and kind of my own fault for going off and maybe I just need a few days away from him to think things through and right now I have him on ignore but that could change later on. Yes we are behind schedule and we're trying to catch up on this and with me always getting mad and threatening to stop the podcast again. I am at a point this has become a common thread that I am unsure with the future of this podcast and the fact I am unsure if I wanna continue. I can say this, Larry and I almost 2 weeks ago spoke about the end point of the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast but really I never want it to end at this point. It gives me that time to spend with Larry even if it is through Skype with these uncertainty of times for all of us. 

               I am really struggling with getting things done and one day at a time and I know Larry will talk things out with me. Little tidbit I wasn't planning to record the next Collab Podcast till March of April technically. I wanna make sure we are back on track again and ensure we are on the right path. I know I have not bee in the greatest spirit and I appreciate each one of you reaching out me and I promise you guys I am getting back to the grind and I will announce to when the podcast notes is done and the announcement to when Larry and I are recording and don't worry it's not far off. It can sooner then you think. Like I said to Eric, I have that I don't really care attitude as I'm not letting trolls bother me no more.


Sunday, October 25, 2020

Weekly Update For 10-25-2020

          Here is the weekly update for the last October and yes I cannot believe it is the end of the month already and I am only a month away till I my birthday and yeah I am excited for my birthday actually. Anyways this will be more of a quick update for you guys as there isn't much to update you guys on technically. Here are the updates:

Website/Social Media: As you know I have rebranded the website with the banner redone and also as well the Social Media as well. one thing I probably did forgot to mention that the "About" Section I re-did my entire history as a "Content Creator" and it is what I am. I'm an individual who creates content.

Entertainment Man Podcast: I will be back to recording episodes of the podcast this week despite and more then likely will be on Friday this week so I can focus on the collab this week which is a really need to focus on this collab as the end of the week getting it done when I was suppose to technically.

Power Rangers Collaboration: So an update with this collab as I said above I have had a hard time getting this finished up finally so I can start working on but today I am working on it throughout today tomorrow and hopefully finished by Thursday. I tried scheduling myself to getting a ton done and I made the wrong move. I can have a goal but in the back of my mind. I am currently at the 15th episode of the season and 1/4th of the way done.

               There is the updates for the week and this will be a definite busy week for me to getting things done and hoping by next week to actually get the next collab underway for December and catch up. I haven't been focused to actually get it done and it is my own fault. I need to refocus and that is what I am doing today. However been getting other things like the final stages of the rebrand and with that complete I can actually work on it. I will talk more about it tomorrow's post how I have felt distant from the CBOTW Brand recently and the fact I felt sped creating content for you guys but that is for tomorrow's post. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will see you guys in tomorrow's post.


Saturday, October 24, 2020

Re-Branding Myself And Making Changes To The Studio!

              The last 2 days, I have been re-branding myself and the CBOTW Brand as you know I am on my own right now. This means the banners have been re-done. I made my motto "Creating Quality Content, Since 2005!" and you probably wondering where part of that motto came from, huh? That came from my original team, The Video Projects Team which I pretty much ripped off my old motto but I kind of wanted to go back to the sort of the old motto so you will see that across the website here and also to the social media's Facebook Page and Twitter. Part of this rebrand I was thinking about honestly was thinking along the line of cancelling the fan page and moving all the fans to a group but I started thinking the people who really care about my content and there is a ton of you who really enjoy the content even the video content on Facebook and Instagram and when things get back to normal and Larry get's his butt back to this studio I wanna do those taste tests him and I were gonna do as we have some on our list. Even food reviews in video style. as well. So Social Media has a big part in all of this.  The content is not changing with this change, still got "Entertainment Man Podcast" and "Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast." This is on top of blogs too and also the video content I wanna give you guys as well on both Facebook and Instagram. 

                 The next part of today's post is the studio changed a bit the side of the desk is where Larry is sitting there and his mic is now in the corner and it is easy to see the guest and it would be easy to slap a camera to his chair actually but we are slowly coming along. I originally was planning to make some changes where the guest would be behind the desk but this means changing the setup and the layout and me fixing the walls of holes from the shelf which would have had to been removed and moved over and the side desk, not sure where it would of gone whatsoever. There are a lot of cons of changing things around and where the wires would of ended up going with the PC below the desk so a ton of questions to what would of happened. I know, I know, get on with it! I split the lights up two above my head in front of me and two on the left side way above at the top and it really lights up the space. My uncle is going to help me and look into LED lights for those lights and I am sure the lights will be a ton brighter then they are right now. Either way I am excited there is a way for LED lights in the very nearby future. Those are the changes with the rebrand which mind you I am done with Rebranding CBOTW and the studio I am happy with the setup now then I was before. Anyways I will see you guys in the update blog tomorrow!


Friday, October 23, 2020

What Do I Think About The Amazing Race 32?

             As two weeks have now passed by with the show and I want to take the time and talk about the show so far. I really like this season and the fact they have been going to new locations like Trinidad and Tobago, I think Columbia as well but either way I am enjoying it. This week we also saw the return of the Yield which hasn't been around for years now and I started to think about everything I said on my final episode of Everything About Reality TV Podcast was to a tee so far and honestly I think I may be straight on. I heard next week the return of the Double UTurn which if I remember correctly I also mentioned that. I hope they throw in a Fast Forward in there as well eventually. I am sure it might happen. It is really nice to see some familiar tasks or elements to the race. The fact they are going to new locations is really good and it is nice to see that. I am not sure fi they have been to Trinidad and Tobago or Columbia ever in the race's history and I do not think so.

              Either way this season is very interesting and honestly I don't have a team that I do not like. I like every team equally. My picks that I have made is De Angelo & Gary, Kaylynn & Haley, Cheecee & Hung and Kellie and Lavonne which Kellie and Lavonne was eliminated from the race this week so I am now down a team which is OK as only one team can ultimately win this race technically. I cannot wait to see the return of the double UTurn and if there is a team that will be double UTurning anyone next week. I do remember the Double UTurn and wish they'd bring it back sooner but I am happy they actually brought it back.  I wish they'd bring back the intersection which was also mentioned on an old episode of my podcast and if I remember that is when teams worked together if I remember and again it's been a while since seeing that. Either way I am very impressed and wish they'd actually aired this sooner as we have been waiting 2 years since they filmed this season. Let me know what you guys think about this season in the comments below and I will see you in tomorrow's post!


Thursday, October 22, 2020

My Time In College (Throwback Thursday)

             This goes way back 10 years ago and yes I said 10 years as that is when I started College. Now it was a very nerve wracking at first and I really had to get use to being in the college environment outside of what I originally do which was YouTube was my thing back then in the day. Honestly the first couple of weeks was a rough go as I somehow ended up getting Bronchitis and wasn't the only time either I had it at the end of my program too but second time I caught it early and got it under control quite quickly. My first few weeks was rough go especially the fact I had to miss classes and my Learning Facilitator had to grab notes for me and send me notes as you all know I have autism and I was in a bit more modified classes with the workload but either way I seem to have stayed on track and I always was able to modified or not I was always keeping on track one way another. So it did take me sometime to get the hang of things and I know by 2011 I was close to just dropping out of the program as it was becoming way too much however I wanna ensure you I did graduate in 2012 and I actually continued on after a bit of counselling through the campus wellness center and it helped I can tell you guys that, it did help especially at the time I was balancing out school and being in a relationship with my now Ex Girlfriend as we broke it off after I finished up school but that is besides the point. However it was also hard to juggle around keeping the YouTube channel going and active while in school. So it was tough but managed all 3 that I said. 

             On top of school, tutorials I also had a radio show on the college radio station which I mentioned yesterday and it was delayed as they renovated the room it is actually still currently used by the station. I learned a lot but I decided to try and get involved with stuff on campus and be busy on my extra time. Also i had the opportunity to work out in the Gym at the Wellness center which the staff who ran it actually ran my program for the first year before we had a new Liaison who ran it and I think she ran the program in my first year but it is hard to remember to be honest as again it was 10 years ago. Also I found my 3rd camera man for YouTube and he was with me from December 2010 till June 2013 when he suddenly quit. Also that is where I met my last Camera Man that I had & now Co-Host of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast, Larry. I almost where I met Justin, aka Justina who helped build the set for each season of the series. So there was a benefit towards this as I got more team members.


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Took What I Learned At My College Radio Station and Using It For Podcasting!

             I know it has been at least 8 years since I left College all together and yes I was On Air at their college radio station. So I do have experience in internet radio. However I haven't done radio in 5 years and been mostly focused on podcasting. I have actually taken what I learned from the program director and have started utilizing it. I've taken not having my face too close to the mic and even working with my levels. This is why today I always do sound checks and I can do that with podcasting as for radio you can not as you will have your voice broadcasted over the air but depends on the program you use whether you are Video or Audio ONLY. What I have learned from College Radio is having a script helps a lot and you have to make really good script or notes to what you wanna say on the air. I find it a ton easier to say and you have structure to your shows. Now if your wondering what kind show I had it was an easy listening kind of show. easy rock show, nothing too hard core. I know I have notes still from when I did the show but I was all over the place with genres and now I know to stick to one genre.

              I'm getting a little off track aren't I? Anyways I am proud of myself and being on a College radio station really brought my confidence and ability to host a show whether it was YouTube, Everything About Reality TV or Entertainment Man Podcast & Power Rangers Podcast. This is why I am doing Entertainment Man Podcast is because I want to take all of this knowledge and bestow it upon the new podcasters who are starting out. I wanna help you guys as I have learned from the Program Director when I was an On Air Personality or Host with them. Finally I wanna say I was still in touch with him up to the last year or two then he isn't on Twitter anymore at this moment but I am forever grateful for everything he has done for not just me but all the on air hosts at the station. It will be a memory to have this opportunity to be on the air and it will always stay near and dear to my heart for the rest of my life.


Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Favorite Episodes of Home Improvement

             Today's blog post is about my favorite Home Improvement episodes which is IRONIC, because I am currently watching the series between that and Big Brother Canada which I flip flop between the two shows in the day, depends the mood I am in. Anyways here is my list and there is no particular order:

1) Tim Gluing His Head To The Table: That was hilarious and typical Tim to glue his head and they had to saw around to actually to get him off. The jokes that were made while he had  asmall piece of the table stuck to his head.

2) Tool Time Mans Kitchen: Part of that show within a show's 5th Anniversary they built the man's kitchen and Al's remark "Maybe We Should Get Jumper Cables and Hook It To Another Kitchen" comment.

3)  Al Hosts Cooking With Irma: Al took over Cooking With Irma for a week and has Tim as his assistant and making stupid middle names for him. Kind of a role reversal from Tool Time. Al actually screwed up at towards the end of the episode in a typical Tim fashion. I love how Al said Tim "Doesn't know Gumble from Gumbo Taylor" when he introduced Tim.

4) One of The Halloween Episodes: The one Halloween episodes where the 3 boys are dressed up as Moe there was no Curly or Larry, they all were Moe apparently and it was very hilarious to see actually.

5) Grease Lighting Inspired Episode: The episode that Tim shows off his newly built custom car in an Tool Time episode where he showed off the completed car. One of my other favorite episodes of all time but I love every episode they came out with.

               There is my list and again I have said this in the past I cannot mention all the episodes I enjoy as this post would be endless and honestly this post has been long enough for you guys as it is. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed today's post and I will catch you in tomorrow's blog post.


Monday, October 19, 2020

Goals I Have For Myself This Week...

               This week is going to be a very busy week for me and I wanna talk about goals that I have for myself this week. Yes even as owner of a website and content creator, I do create goals on a regular basis to ensure the work is done and done right the first time. This week my big focus is on Power Rangers Rangers Collaboration Podcast is that is what the plan is for this week is to finish this up and take a day off before starting Ninja Storm season next as I gotta start those. However the focus right now is to get these notes done so today this is my hopeful plan moving forward to what the plan:

Today (Mon. Oct 19th/20): Get up to EP # 15 of Wild Force typed up, 20 if I really get into a groove today/

Tomorrow (Tues.Oct 20th/20): Get up to 25th episode of the season if I get into a groove to the 30th Episode.

Wed. Oct 21st/20: Get up to 35th Episode if possible of me getting into a groove get it completely done.

Thurs. Oct 22nd/20: Finish up the notes, spell check them, print em and send it out to Mr. Larry Rieck himself to print and have ready for the recording session early November.

              I am hoping to have it done within 4 days from now but you never know what will happen or something like what happened yesterday and have to be prepared for the worst if it happens. However I am giving myself till Saturday at the latest and Sunday off so this way I can get prepared for Monday starting the next two seasons for December then so on from there. Anyways goals are good to have and sometimes they get met sometimes they don't but just keep on working heard and you will get there either way.


Sunday, October 18, 2020

Weekly Updates for 10-18-2020!

               Here are some of the updates for ChrisBOnTheWeb for this week and trust me it has been an interesting week. However I am not able to discuss certain things as it pertains to the future of this website and it's content especially. Don't worry it's nothing bad, it's really good news actually and in time you guys will know what is in the plans in the future. Anyways here are the updates:

Website: Nothing has changed with the website, since changing over to being on my own with the help of the 3 that are helping me out to being a success. I am leaving the website as it is for now as I had a chat on the website but someone decided to report it so I just removed it all together as it is not really worth it and if I did a podcast live it wouldn't be off the website since people wanna falsely report the chat for no reason, so it goes back to that same problem I had back on my first ever team. So if I did a podcast live more then likely off our Facebook Fan Page at this point.

Entertainment Man Podcast: As you guys know, I have pre-recorded podcasts and at this point of the podcast, I see things are going very well for this podcast and I wouldn't change anything that I have planned in the way of content but minus maybe not talk about podcasting week after week but it is coming to a slow down and this week's isn't podcast related actually. It's about websites actually and I can confirm that officially 2 hours prior to the links going public to you guys.

Power Rangers Podcast: Finally this collab, I'm sure you want a bit of an update. I am working hard to get the podcasts done so we can try and get back into a better rhythm for the first 2 new two episodes of the renewal schedule. So if we have to stretch Wild Force, Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder we will so this will be a great idea and kind of what we are doing with Wild Force at this moment. Speaking of that Power Rangers Wild Force Collaboration Podcast is being recorded... ready for this? FIRST WEEK IN NOVEMBER! That's right we are set to return in November and you guys do not know how excited I am to return to this finally! Look forward to recording, editing and posting it here on the website.

               There are the updates for the week and not much to say other then what I said above and I'm sure I will hopefully have an update by next weekend on the state of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast especially as I know you guys are wondering when the next recording is as it is all over the place and trust me I am trying the best I can to fix that issue within the end of this year early next year at the most. Larry knows what is going but anyways I will see you guys on tomorrow's post.


Saturday, October 17, 2020

Would I Take A Break From A Podcast Series After Entertainment Man Podcast?

              Now this is a topic I would not even worry about right now. I am in the middle of this current podcast and not worrying about it ending but you guys have asked me this question from numerous of you guys. So anyways yes I would more then likely take a break from a podcast series of some sort. I would need time to figure out what I would like to do next for a podcast on my list and trust me it wouldn't be Reality TV but I could TV related but again I would need sometime to think about things while on my little hiatus but again this will take sometime for me to decide. As you know I have been podcasting non stop with a mini break throughout the summer this year but I mean this would be a longer break like 6 months to a year without a podcast series to do but depends how I feel and how long this podcast goes for too. Again it comes down to how long it will run and really right now I am not really worried about the future. 

              At this point I am in a good place with this podcast and as long as I got ideas to share with you guys that is what matters. Who knows how long this podcast will run, it could be the same length as Everything About Reality TV was, it could be shorter. However I am thinking long term on somethin, could be on my own could be with someone that is with management here and yes I am hinting something entirely. You guys will see eventually. Right now, I am focusing on the projects currently and I ensure you I do not wanna make too many changes too fast as you guys do not want to be too overwhelmed. Anyways that is today's post and I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you in tomorrow's weekly update post.


Friday, October 16, 2020

Instagram Changed Some Settings!

              Instagram finally did something about the unwanted private messages that you get from people sending you inappropriate links or messages which I have been getting a lot lately. Twitter hasn't been bad at all really and I did open up DM's to everyone but I recently closed it as I wanna take things a little differently with business side of what I do and anything to do with guest appearances on podcasts or sponsorship opportunities I want done through the email most of the time. However for Instagram to make these changes which I never saw about a week ago, so it really must of been the update recently on my IPhone7 and why I am now seeing this very setting. So soon as I saw this immediately I turned off messages from anyone that doesn't follow me. If anyone outside need to get in touch they can follow me or use the email within my website if it is really important and related to my content but enough was enough with the random people adding me to random groups for no apparent reason and the inappropriate links and what not and trolls. I am so happy with this change and it will bring down the amount of spam I get on Instagram especially.

               So, Instagram you definitely did the right thing adding this feature to the website or the app depends how you use it and I actually use both. I use the App when I am away from the computer and studio most of the time.  When I am here in the studio it's the Instagram on the computer via the website. Anyways this was a long time coming for them to make the changes and I am really happy they did it. So that is my post and you can tell I am excited because I am, I am very much excited that they have made these adjustments and I wish I could of mentioned this idea to them but it is hard to get in touch with them, yet it is tough to get in touch as Facebook now owns and operates Instagram as well. Wish there was a way to recommend that feature. 


Thursday, October 15, 2020

Why Did I Pre-Record 2 Episodes of Entertainment Man Podcast?

               There is a really easy explanation and I will not talk a lot about it and maybe no second paragraph but anyways as you guys know, I have been trying to work on Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and that is why back on Sunday I did a double recording session and edited within an entire fill 2 days to ensure it is ready to go for the next 2 Sundays. This also is good so I can focus on the Collaboration Podcast and I have made some progress with it and an update is coming soon as I said on my social media. I will have updates hopefully very soon. I think pre-recording is a great idea so I can finally focus on the project with Larry and I and finally get the next collaboration Podcast off the ground as it has been sitting on my inbox for weeks now and finally getting to it and it will probably take me a week and a half little more so to finish and like I said announcement is coming! 

               So that is the main reason why it will not sound as fresh as it normally does but the enthusiasm and excitement in my voice and you will see when it goes up over the next 2 weekends. I am excited for you guys to hear it and I cannot wait to record the collaboration podcast. A lot of great things are coming for me and it is all slowly coming together very slowly. I am not one to give up and I am going to remain positive and put my effort in getting caught up with the workload and work on the next project and what not. So that is the reason behind the podcast being pre-recorded ahead of time and it is really nice to get ahead of schedule a bit and be ready for the next step.


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

I Am Hooked On Spelunky 2 and PGATour2k21!

                I admit I am addicted to the games I mentioned in the title of the blog today and I am really addicted to it. I wanna start with Spelunky 2. I know I am not very good at it and have a tenancy of dying at the very start of the game especially on my daily challenge runs which I rage so bad when it happens. However I gotta remember, new game, I have to adjust to the game and I am going to start playing with my remote if I have to.  Either way I am getting better I have made it to Caves 1-3 and I think I might of made it to 1-4 but not to the Jungle as of yet but soon enough. I am watching a playthrough from Dan Gheesling winner of Big Brother 10 and Runner Up of Big Brother 14. So I am learning from him and most of the games he plays is how I got into some of these games and he is my go to for tips and help which is always good to have that tool to help in a video game. However I am enjoying playing the game and I like it a ton better then the original Spelunky even tho I never finished the game and it is still on my list to finish on my spare time but Spelunky 2 is sooo addicting! I cannot seem to stop playing the game even during my lunch break from working on CONTENT, I am finding myself playing for an hour for the heck of it or the game I am going to talk about next.

                So with that, I wanna talk about PGATour2K21. YES a game that I once raged quit on and just stopped playing. I am now addicted to that game. Why? Because I have finally learned how to putt on the game. In the last 12 + hours I have won the qualifying round, earned my PGA Tour Card and won my first PGA Tour Tournament. I am currently also in the lead of the second tournament of my guys career so I am working hard! I cannot put the game down, I am addicted and love to play some golf. I am dominating the game and I find it too addicting and easy now. I think I will have to end up putting up the difficulty level with the game. I am actually a Level 13 or 14 now in the game and find that I am moving up in the levels quite quickly. In the end, this is two go to games I play on top of Pooligans that I play on a daily basis and enjoying playing it.


Tuesday, October 13, 2020

My Thanksgiving 2020!

                My Thanksgiving was sort of interesting. Most of the time was me working on podcast notes and podcasts yet alone. I worked Friday, Saturday, Sunday and half day yesterday after my manager explicitly told me to take the weekend off but I refused that recommendation of his... lmao... I do promise you guys I will day at least one day off soon just when is the question and I cannot keep going non stop but I don't find it hard to work day in, day out, I actually find it quite easy actually so it's really not that bad honestly. So the Thanksgiving Dinner side we had my Grandma, Aunt and Uncle over for dinner. We had a big Ham, Mashed Potatoes, buns, Carrots, and Corn. We did not over do the dinner really and we had olives and pickles as well which I am more a pickles kind of person actually.  I was really happy my Grandma made it whom is 95 years old and was really good to see her as I recently have been talking to her through the phone lately.

                Either way my Thanksgiving was good, I had sometime to relax and get my mind off the workload and honestly I almost thought of taking this weekend off just to enjoy it and reconvene today but you know I am the one that decided to pre-record 2 episodes ahead of time and my weekend consisted me recording and editing podcasts which I still have to finish the 2nd episode this morning. So yeah, I can hear the comments to why didn't you take the weekend off, especially on a long weekend well that is why, there was ton of work to still but least I took several hours off to spend it with a small group in my bubble. Yes we were following the rules as we are not in those 3 hot spots right now here in Ontario so I promise you guys we were safe during these holidays and we're staying within our bubble. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will talk to you guys in tomorrow's blog post.


Monday, October 12, 2020 Got over 2400 Views Yesterday!

             The title doesn't lie, this very website got over 2400 views and I was actually pre-recording podcasts for the next 2 weeks as I will not be available which I will get into that this week but I was freakin the heck out and you will hear it over the next weeks the reaction it was very raw and real feeling and I am still excited even the next day that excitement hasn't died down. However it really put a big smile on my face and it don't matter if we have a chat or not which I will have to erase that part off the podcast as that is now irrelevant to the content on that podcast which that is what I will be doing that today. However I do not think it had anything to do with the chat these views that went up, it was the other content. 29 views for the chat technically so it was definitely nothing to do with the chat. I looked at the analytics and I think it was mainly the front page that had the views but either way I am happy.

             In the end I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for the amazing support despite the rough year this year that we have had but I promise you my team and I have it all under control and if you have any comments or concerns to hit me up on social media, myself. Billy, Tiala or Charlotte will be happy to address it. At the rate this website is going it will hit 200k sometime next year and I will be thrilled to do another post but I think I wanna wait till the 500k mark or even at this rate the 1M (1 Million view mark) but patience is a virtue to be honest. We do not need a chat cause every time I've had a chat, it got removed or delisted so you know what it's not worth the stress and I will find another way to bring content and more views to this website and if there is a way there is a will that's for sure. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for love and support and I will see you tomorrows post. 


Sunday, October 11, 2020

Weekly Updates For [10-11-2020]

              I changed the title of this post just because I am entirely solo now with the help of 3 people, Charlotte, Tiala and Billy we're going to make this even more a big success especially after a situation last night which I will not talk about but I know in the end I made the right decision to stay on the solo path and I couldn't be any happier. Now as my announcement said I am still collaborating with my partner in snow crime as I call him, Larry aka the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and also Entertainment Man Podcast my personal podcast is still up and running.  So I will also update you on some of the remaining team (CBOTW) Tiala and along with Charlotte will maintaining the Facebook Page and Charlotte will be the Head Mod here on starting Tuesday Morning at 9 am EST when the chat will come out of broadcast mode as you probably noticed the chat page reappeared and has been up nearly 24 hours and outstanding amount of views both on the Chat Community and not only the chat community but the site itself has over 300 views so I can see the difference. Removing the chat community I added to this website really brought the viewers down. This brings more people on and they tend to stay on my website more cause of more content. 

             Now that the website and Management and Moderation Team have been announced as you know Entertainment Man Podcast is going nowhere to be honest and same goes with Power Rangers Podcast that is going nowhere with the odd Collaboration Podcast here and there as well this is a new beginning and I am not reversing anything or changing anything moving forward. I am planning to continue to grow my community as an individual but I got two great teams that are there to help me right through all the tough times and decisions that have to be made. I promise to not add anymore podcasts at this moment and just work with what I have as I do not want to overwhelm myself. I know this is kind of out of the norm to what I normally do on a weekly update but I kind of like doing this format from time to time and it is nice to switch it up honestly and maybe I will do that.


Saturday, October 10, 2020

Will Be Trying PGA Tour 2k21 Again Eventually!

                As you know by a post from a former Staff member of mine which he isn't going to help me anymore as I am no longer speaking to them at this moment which I will not get into details about that. I am going to try PGATour2K21 again and I think I know what I am doing wrong. I think I am not setting the point where I wanna hit the ball. I am just not aiming to the right spot whatsoever to where the ball is suppose to go and that could of definitely one of my downfalls. Another thing is I get too flustered with the game and I mean very flustered with it and I get so mad at the game I end up rage quitting at the end and leaving it for a long time. I wanna try and do well and don't get me wrong I have been in the minus above even so to speak in Golf language. However I am glad I didn't get a refund as I played more then 2 hours so it kind of worked out in the end and I can give this game another shot just like another certain video game that I mean, cough, cough "Spelunky 2" hahaha! 

               Anyways I will have a review eventually soon give me till November before I decide to do an review on the game, I wanna take the time and really dig into this game and actually see if I can win a tournament which has yet to happen but I was up there at one point but totally fell apart. However I am starting fresh and to be honest I am not really sure if it is still there the progress that I have made since I deleted or uninstalled the game from my computer so I would have to reinstall it to find out really if my progress is saved as recently been having some technical issues with games and with me having some time off, I will be able to fix the game and actually play a bit as this weekend is Thanksgiving up here in the great white north. So I wish you fellow Canadians a Happy Thanksgiving and I promise you guys I will tell you guys what I did on Tuesdays post but in the meantime I will see you guys in tomorrow's post which sounds weird to say as I normally do not do posts on Sundays! LOL.


Friday, October 9, 2020

The Blogging Schedule Moving Forward!

               There is plenty to expose with the planning of my now solo career with CBOTW I have gone ahead and decided to let you guys know the schedule for our blogs. I am not changing much in the way of posts but it will be mainly be me unless I ask Billy or Larry wants to do a blog post for the website but most part it is me. You guys will start hearing from me 7 days a week, 365 days a year here on the website I am going nowhere. I got complete control over CBOTW and happy with Billy as my Manager and Tiala my Fan Page Moderator. Anyways here is the timetable for the Blog for each and every week:

Sundays: Weekly Update Blog

Mondays - Fridays: Regular Topics

Saturdays: Weight Loss Updates


               There is the schedule and like I said nothing is changing in the schedule it will be the same and I assure you myself and my management team is not going to be changing anything anytime soon. I also would like to add that I just do not wanna make too many changes too soon and this is more then likely the last change that I am going to make right now and just build with what I have right now and trust me things are really going strong for me. Got 2 great podcasts and a great blog which now is very active at this point when it comes to posts. This is a fresh start and honestly I wish I thought of this sooner then usual. Anyways the weight loss update will be starting next week so I will have a different post tomorrow and this schedule will be starting on Sunday morning at 11 am EST and the time will not be changing whatsoever. I will see you guys on tomorrow's post.

- Chris

Thursday, October 8, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Changes!

              I know it's not Sunday nor it's not my manager doing an update post. There is changes to the system we use to have. As you know by now with that announcement that I have gone solo on my own but still have Tiala and also Billy to help out as Moderator and Manager for me but most part no podcasts from other individuals, the projects is mainly me. So with what I have said here are the additional changes that I have made to the website since the changes with the social media:

Website Chat: Since it will hard to continually be active on the website chat on a regular basis and Jim no longer part of the team anymore the desire to have a chat on our website is a lot lower then I wanted it. 

Staff Page: Since there is hardly a team anymore, I've also done away with the staff page but if you wanna know Tiala is a Moderator for my Fan Page and Billy is a Manager for me. You will see him make posts from time to time if I need him too but like I said I am on my own but have help to make sure the trolls are at bay at all times.

Menu Bar and Pages: The menu bar has been tweaked again and pages have been removed from the website, community chat, staff have been removed, CBOTW Gamers Podcast has been removed as well as the RSS feed for that podcast. 

                   So those are the updates and there are a lot of updates to my website and also social and that one RSS feed is now no longer existing. I feel good to still have a Moderator and a Manager and I do not wanna make anymore changes and just go with the flow of things. I am sticking to my word with this and not going to turn back to the old method of having a team at one point. I am keeping it and nobody can change as it is my decision and my decision only and at least it is a ton less stress on my hands and happy in the end. I think it was long coming to these changes and it was definitely time. 


Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Don't Know Why TheDirector015 Isn't Also Banned On YouTube....

            As you guys know we're currently banned from the YouTube platform since I really messed up telling one of my ex staff to get it banned which I will get into but what surprises me is why the heck YouTube still has my other channel is still around. I mean you would think they would realize its the same owner of the channel but I guess this really gives me a chance to download and don't think that I'm not going to get the account banned because I will be getting it removed off their website once all the content is downloaded and put onto an external hard drive and I do not want that other account on YouTube as it has become part of my past being on YouTube and now my future is Blogging and Podcasts and growing this website from the ground up and we have been doing that and work so hard on a regular basis. I just want our old YouTube channel gone down the road. Actually I got our Community Manager to start downloading the videos and transferring it to me to store away. 

             I do have a plan with those videos involving a DVD version of the episodes.  That is later though but I want anything to do with our past erased from YouTube as we're now moving onto bigger and better things. However I haven't spoken much about why and i honestly do not even know why as I'm surprised that they haven't even remotely noticed that a similar account but I will work hard to get it removed from the platform. Plus the fact it is currently unused and abandoned.  I wish I knew why they have kept that channel but in time it will be gone and a mere thing of the past as myself and the team are very much happier where we are but it don't really explain why it still exists but who knows. That will be worked on later when it is time to get it removed from their website.


Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Spelunky 2 Video Game Review!

                    I recently purchased on Steam for $20.51 which it was on sale with 5 or 10% off on the game.  I play for a bit in the mornings when I first get up every morning and play and I really suck at it to be honest but I am not giving up that easily and I have made some progress on the game and I almost made it out of the Caves once but ended up dying. The one thing I don't like are those yellow guys that roll up in a ball and try to run you down it is very annoying but I found if I throw a bomb at the enemy on the game, it helps a lot with the game in the end. Also the spiders and the bats are a pain as well but less the issue. I notice they have these things that can pound you and has been a problem.  Today's daily challenge I didn't last more then a minute and I was dead. So now I have to wait till tomorrow to play yet another daily.  However I like this game and enjoying it a lot more then Spelunky 1, the original game. There is a lot of work ahead of me and I am sure I will get to it one of these days. I am enjoying it and I plan on playing a little bit per day.

                   I still give this game a 10 out of 10 as it is such an amazing game. Yes I may suck at the game but I have been watching Dan on YouTube since it came out on PlayStation and I love the graphics on the game  and it is soooo good! I am so eager to play a lot of hours with this game and maybe I should trying using my remote and probably make a difference and I have used it with Spelunky the original game and it has helped me out really. It has made a difference with the game and I think it gives me a lot more control with the movement. Keyboard is not as good as I thought and I really wanna start using my Logitech remote control for video games.  Anyways I enjoy the game and enjoy playing it and I'm sure on weekends I will be playing it a ton more as I take off weekends from the day to day operations.


Monday, October 5, 2020

I'm Back and Changing My Routine A Bit!

            Well I'm back to running the day to day operations and me being the Owner once again. Now I know what you guys will say you need to take time off for myself and honestly things are going to change moving forward. On weekends, I am doing nothing regards to ChrisBOnTheWeb on weekends and why Jim our Community Manager will be keeping an eye on things answer social media questions and email inquires over the weekends so this way I can relax a bit more and take weekends off. Only time I'd work on a Sunday is if I recorded Power Rangers Podcast episodes and he is here in the studio but recently with CoVid-19 we're currently recording via Skype during the week at this time. However that is besides the point really. Also if it really comes down workload I will work the occasional weekends but I am not going to push the envelope as that is one of the reasons why I took 2 weeks away from the day to day operations of the website and group. Not only that but the trolls started to get to me and disrespect towards my staff and people being rude in general. 

            Either way I am very happy to be back to the day to day operations and being able to talk to you guys without not saying much minus a couple of posts on social media post and the one blog post that I did recently. That kind of helped me make that decision to return to ChrisBOnTheWeb and I am glad I did. I am really happy that I made that decision to come back sooner then I thought. I honestly thought it would of been a month before I returned to CBOTW and I really have been struggling to decide to come back but now is most definitely the time to make the return to ChrisBOnTheWeb. Now is the time for me to make the move to continue to grow this thing and I honestly it has even with me away from the day to day operations handed to Jim things progressed well under his leadership. However I am back and that is what matters. I am not going to push myself too much in the first. I do not wanna have a relapse of being stress and already started to stress myself out entirely but I am taking my time one thing at a time and my main focus this week is to get that darn Wild Force that is not even remotely near finished. I may have to work one or two weekends to get these notes as I plan on recording the following weekend after our Canadian Thanksgiving but we'll see how I do this week. 


Sunday, October 4, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [10-04-2020]

              This is the weekly update post for what has been going on with ChrisBOnTheWeb & There are a pile of updates with the community happenings. So without further ado, let's get into the updates for the week:

Website: has seen the addition of the Community Chatroom once again and we do not care if it doesn't get used much but it is there in case you guys wanna chat with one another or even the Staff if we are available as we have work to do with the website. 

Facebook Page: Our Facebook page has seen a new like and we appreciate the support. The fact both Chris and I have gone into streams give em a like and listen to streams a bit show our support does help. Chris has been pushing the fan page hard to get some new likes and it's starting to pay off. We thank you guys for the love and support you have given us.

Entertainment Man Podcast: Chris is going to be recording a bonus episode of the podcast and has hinted it over the social media in the last 12 hours that he is planning and has sent me a picture of his microphone back out again as of yesterday morning and not he has specified that it will be up Wednesday @ 1 pm EST which mind  you it will not be a very long podcast probably between 10 and 15 minutes long. He has said to not get use to bonus episodes as he will not be doing it as often as he did before.

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: Final update for the day is that Chris has OFFICIALLY started working on Power Rangers Wild Force between episodes of the podcast and really wants to take the next week or two to finish up the notes so he can start watching Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder so he can somewhat get back into a schedule. He said he may have to go back to twice a year or a no Schedule as going with a schedule has become to be proven tough. If I get an update this week, I will let you guys know. A lot of updates this week and sorry if it is longer then usual. 

Anyways I will be speaking to you guys on Saturday with a new Blog post and Chris, if you see this, Welcome Back! Glad to have you all back and please show some love for Chris's return in the comments below. 

Jim, CBOTW Community Manager           

Saturday, October 3, 2020

New Blog Post Schedule Starting Monday!

           Alright since it was announced Chris is going to be returning to ChrisBOnTheWeb as of Monday for what I believe he's now readjusted his schedule with the his workload to Monday through Fridays with me looking into CBOTW on the weekends. Anyways, he is going to have 5 blog post days out of the 7 days a week so he is easing back on posts and letting me post twice a week now to ease his stress levels. Anyways here is the schedule:

Mondays:  Regular topic by Chris    

Tuesdays: Regular topic by Chris

Wednesdays: Regular topic by Chris

Thursdays: Regular topic by Chris

Fridays: Weight Loss Update from Chris

Saturdays: Regular Topic by Me, (Jim)

Sundays: CBOTW (ChrisBOnTheWeb) Weekly Updates


               There is both of our schedules and even if I do not post during the week, don't mean that I am going to be around social media, answering questions or find me along with the other staff on our Community Chatroom. You can always find me there and I will always be around and ready to help you guys out if you need the help. I look forward to this new schedule and the return of our Founder and Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb.

Jim, CBOTW Community Manager

Friday, October 2, 2020

Chris Returns To ChrisBOnTheWeb Monday!

            It is Official! Chris is returning to ChrisBOnTheWeb and he has his tags ready to go to put em back onto his lanyard around his neck if you look at his Instagram account he posted a pic up of it yesterday. However he is not going to be full time to start with. He will be easing himself back to 4 days a week and we tried splitting up the week and this seems very reasonable. Here is the schedule who is on what week with the day to day operations:

Chris- He will be on Monday through Thursdays doing the day to day operations of ChrisBOnTheWeb including yes, Blogging again! He misses doing the daily blogs. He will even do updates to the website if they need the updates he will update it. Also will be around to answer Social Media and E-Mails and what not.

Jim (Me)- I will be on the weekend shift for running the operations of the website, still answering emails even during the weekday but also during the weekends. This includes Social Media will be under my direction for the Friday through Sundays shifts. I will be on the blog Friday, Saturday & Sundays as usual for the blog. 


          So he will be still on social even on the weekends but more then likely not as active as usual as he probably be working on other projects or taking time off for himself depending how far he is with the collaboration podcasts. This will probably be in affect for about 2 weeks then he will be around CBOTW Monday through Fridays, during the week. This is to not overwhelm him as he is returning to a regular schedule but I think once he is back on during the week, he is going to be off on the weekends with me on the weekend shifts. That is what he told me. Either way I am excited he is finally coming back and I think him easing his way back is the way to go and we just do not know how long till he's fully back or he will be working 5 or 6 days a week and taking weekends off that is to be determined.

Jim, Admin/Community Manager

Thursday, October 1, 2020

There Has Been Talks Recently!

             The Executive Producer & Senior Producer of Power Rangers Collaboration Chris & Larry have been talking and they realize this is going to to happen down the road that things are going to be slowing down for the podcast and they already been talking about this for many, many months now that they are planning on another show they grew up with over the course of their childhoods. They know that they will be slowing down in 2023 which is less then 3 years from now with Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and they have come up with something else I'm sure while new seasons of Power Rangers to air so they can watch it but I am not sure how far they wanna go to be honest. They haven't been specific to how far they are planning to go to go but they have been talking about covering Ghost Writer which they grew up. 

              I am surprised Chris has not brought back The CBOTW Show for specifically TV Shows and him doing recaps for TV Shows like this but it is what he wants to do and have to respect that. They have a plan moving forward and that is really good news for them as they plan to continue collaborating with one another and I think and honestly think it is a great thing as they both enjoy doing it with each other and they have fun doing it. I know this year had it's rough patches with the podcast with the podcast off it's normal scheduled program and the tech issues with recording through Skype and them fighting on and off but it's all good now and they have a better understanding how to do this via the online as they have had to make some changes. I am happy they are still working together on podcasts and content and I gotta admit their quite a duo when it comes to those. 

Jim, Admin/CBOTW Community Manager