Thursday, February 28, 2019

Starting To Panic.... [Almost Double Booked Myself Again]

               I am starting to officially panic. I think it is that I am feeling the pressure to get bunch of things done in the way of the podcast. Today is going to be a hectic day for me. I was out and about running my end of the month/start of the new month errands to ensure I have everything done as Saturday I am out of town for the day which I cannot say where I am headed but there will be pictures. Anyways back to today, I was going to also go see my grandma as I am feeling a ton better but still occasional coughs. So working on all of this today was the most stressful thing in the world but slowly getting things slowly on the move. I almost got what I have planned done for today. I am planning to finish this blog post off and just take the rest of the night off and start fresh in the morning. I was going to see my grandma after visiting with Dave but I realized I needed to get all of this work done. I almost wasn't sure I was going to have time to write this post but it is not as long as usual but least you guys are getting a post. 

               I finally learned it is not good to double book myself as before I was guilty of always double booking myself. This is why I write the appointments and any meet up with friends or staff/my former staff so I know I am busy that day and this week I am indeed having a busy week this week and again I cannot talk about where I am going. However it is essential that I am keeping things on a timely schedule. I wanna make a goal that this year I would like to not double book myself and make sure that I am staying on a straight schedule and not double booking myself. I am glad I noticed that I was almost going to double book myself but in the end it all worked out. 

               As the panic part of things, I had a bit of a meltdown as I felt overwhelmed today, just so much going on in my head today. It wasn't a good day. I had the podcast to do and before I could start that, I had to watch the episode then record not long after so kind of why things are backwards right now as this blog post is coming out later then usual but I think it all worked out very well as there some things on my mind right now with so much going on in such a short time. I would like to have the preview podcast up by tomorrow and I got the entire morning to finish up the notes which I am now more then half way done i will not take long to finish and tonight before bed I am going to write tomorrow's post as I will have a busy morning ahead of me. However I need to stay positive and enthusiastic about tomorrow as I will have 8 + hours to work on things and get things done and up. I will give you guys the heads up if tomorrow is the day it is going up it will be either 930 - 10 pm EST but I am aiming high for the stars right now which is a good thing.


Wednesday, February 27, 2019

I Ended Up Minecraft Rage Quitting... Again...

            I know, I know, it is insane how many times I have quit Minecraft but this time around I think I am done for a very long time. I just got stuck too many times and I am on a break from the game and not sure when the next time I will pick it up and play, but if I did do it, probably do a modded world but with someone that wants to play with me. I had someone that wanted to play a modded Minecraft but that never went through as they got busy. For right now I am taking a lengthy hiatus from the game to focus on other type of games I have to finish first before I start anything else new. So yeah I did rage quit again but I think this is for a very long time I will not play it. Honestly there is technically stuff I do not understand in the game honestly that I would need help with. Honestly I rather not play by myself with a future Minecraft playthrough, I rather play with someone else then by myself, like someone that knows some of the technical side of things with the game.

             My original plans after leaving Twitch in 2016 the first time around, was to do a tekkit, not go to space, just a Tekkit mod with the quarry where it digs out all the ore, diamonds, redstone, Lapis, Gold & Iron. This is why I want to do it with someone else but nobody seems interested so right now this is why I am taking a lengthy hiatus from the video game right now and no exact plans to get going on this but maybe in the very nearby future I will do it. What am I currently playing right now? Well The Messenger, The Binding of Isaac, Bomber Crew, Spelunky and many more on the list and I honestly rather focus on these and get those completed first. I do admit it was fun to build things but some things I seem to have a struggle with getting things working. I am not good in that department but I can figure it in time but not always. For right now I am done with Minecraft at this point and doing other video games at this time. I think it is best I just do other video games right now and also focus on the podcasts, blog posts and Chris B On The Web.


Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Events Chris B On The Web Will Be Attending This Year (Updated Schedule)

             I finally finalized the events schedule as I have been stressing about this for the past 2.5 months as I mentioned in previous blog, several blogs ago I think back on the weekend. Anyways the list is finished and again I can say I can add in things as the year goes but right now I am quite happy with the events right now. Anyways here is the list of events I will be attending this year:

March 2018:

(Date TBA, Keep an eye to social media for details): The Maple Festival, Purple Woods Conservation Area
May 2018:

Saturday, May 4th, 2019: Maple Festival, Bowmanville

June 2018: 

Friday, June 14th, 2019: Food Truck Festival

July 2018:

Monday, Jul 1st, 2019: Canada Day Celebrations (either Bowmanville or Port Perry)

September 2018:

September 14th, 2019: Ukrainian/Polish Festival, Toronto Ontario

October 2018:

Saturday, October 19th, 2019: Apple Festival, Bowmanville

November 2018:

November 1st, - November 10th, 2019 (Date TBA, Keep an eye to social media for details): The Royal Winter Fair 2019

December 2018:

December 1st, 2019: Port Perry Santa Claus Parade

December 4th, 2019: Tyrone Parade of Lights

              There is the timetable and there is a lot more similar events but they seem to work now. I know a lot of the events I went to changed around but like I said, there is reasons why I stopped going to them but I want to focus on now not the past. I have one other event that is on stand by and that event is the Italian Festival and my dad mentioned there is more then one Italian Festival but have to figure when the second one is but I will eventually I am sure.


Monday, February 25, 2019

Changes In Everything About Reality TV Podcast's Schedule

                 I honestly made a mishap in the podcast schedule for my podcast "Everything About Reality TV." Why what mishap did I make? Well I meant to put a certain day where I have 3 podcasts 3 days in a row. I think I had it on Wednesday's, Thursday's & Friday's but I have made some differences to it as I want it to be at least 3 or 4 days to cover. Here is what the new timetable will look like:

Tuesday's (Starting March 12th, 2019): Big Brother Canada 7 RECAP (Covering Friday through Monday in the house, including the Monday episode) @ 8 pm EST.

Thursday's (Active): Survivor: Edge of Extinction RECAP @ 8 pm EST

Friday's (Starting March 8th, 2019): Big Brother Canada 7 RECAP (Covering Tuesday through Thursday, including the Wednesday & Thursday's Episodes)

                   There is the schedule, it doesn't seem much but it's more the prep of listening into the live feeds and what is going on the Big Brother Feeds. This year is a little different as I have added on the second Big Brother Podcast as you guys liked the multiple podcast so that is why I added it to this season's schedule and honestly I think you guys really liked the schedule we had last season and it seems to work. I am honestly working on a different Reality TV Show down the road but that is for later to announce if they renew the show for another season. Right now I am focus on the 10th season right now and that is what is the most important thing at this moment. Two big things have happened or to happen very soon. 1) The 10th season which is already well underway now.  The second thing is the 200th episode which is rarely talked about as I am again not planning anything for it but I will mention it is the 200th, right now at this current time the podcast is at the 175th episode. I have been sitting on this information of a second podcast for the last 3 months as in December I started to plan it all out in my head and it wasn't clear till I wrote it on paper but yes I tweaked it a few times but finally got a schedule. One final thoughts on the final tweaked schedule is I am happy with the way it looks now, I am happy it is all done and the schedule here on the website is fully updated. 


The Last Few Months On YouTube Were Tough!

               I probably hid this for the last couple of years since my departure of YouTube but I am ready to spill some tea on the truth of the final 6 months on the YouTube platform. In January is when one of my members of staff and yes I am keeping their name out of this as it is now in the past and they were forgiven. That was just the start of problems as I brought on someone new who I have had known for years well I ended up letting them go. I also brought on a former staff member back which completely backfired which they promised me to help me. I think you guys knew that part already. Not just my staff was the only issue but with no camera person, The Entertainment Man Talk Show was in complete limbo and I made the decision after a lengthy hiatus after Season 6, to actually cancel the show all together which put the channel into limbo as well. Mind you I had Season 7 planned out but that was scrapped once the cancellation was official. Also Everything About Reality TV was already active as a podcast on YouTube and doing quite fine in the way of views but not as good as it's doing right now on Audio ONLY in this current day. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do the podcast on my own but still did well. As I headed into June the ideas, the ideas weren't there. I vlogged a bit between the podcast but it wasn't working out well for me. 

               To be honest, the last couple of months of being on the platform on my own without much help, well Justin was still there helping as much as he can but he knew I was struggling and honestly the views for CBOTW were down. I knew the channel was starting to die down. That was another reason I started to doubt the channel had a future. Honestly the only thing I had was the podcast. What I could of done was separated the podcast on it's own channel and I am sure people would of followed me as I could of done side videos on the main channel as the podcast wasn't the right fit on the main channel honestly. But I know in the end, I made the right decision to go Audio ONLY with the way things are now with the YouTube platform, it was probably for the best to walk away from the platform. I listened to my gut on this and if people do not like my decisions then that's fine. In the end I need to do what is best for me in the long run. It wasn't an easy last 6 months but I managed to get through it into the transition period in the summer of 2016.


Sunday, February 24, 2019

Made Some Decisions With Events..

            I just completed the events list for this year and I had to take out 2 events for this year as I felt like it wasn't a fit for this year. Trust me the decision isn't  easy to make whatsoever but it had to be done and I know some people will not be happy but I am doing what is best for me and Chris B On The Web at this point. Here are the 2 events, I pulled out of for this year:

  • Peony Festival (Locally Here In My Hometown)- Since it lands on Father's Day this year, it will not be a fit into the schedule as I wanna spend time with my dad and is more important, however we could slip it in but I really rather spend time with my dad, as it is more important. Honestly my dad is getting older and I wanna spend as much time with him as possible and there is plenty of other events out there throughout this year to go to.
  • Autism Celebration (Also Locally Here)- Last year I felt like there wasn't a great turnout and I just had a really hard time deciding but I have decided to move on from this event. Don't get me wrong, I loved going to the event each and every year but I wasn't too pleased with the turnout. Now if Kerry's Place emails me about it then I could possibly go but right now there is no plans to go to the event this year but like I said if there is high request for me to return, I can put it on the schedule but I need to hear it from you guys first. 

            That is the two events I am not going to as I said this was really hard decision to make in the way of events that will not work for me this year. I do not like making decisions like this but again I need to do what is best for me and CBOTW.  I am being honest how I really feel on this. Sometimes it is best to just move on and I think that is what I need to do. What is the plan for the future? I am already ahead of my schedule by printing off 25 copies and putting it into a package to hand out publicly eye, especially people start chatting with me as well, this is a great way to get it out there is by the word of mouth. I wanna have 2 different ways of promoting CBOTW and the two ways is by going 1) to events locally and in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area and 2) by promoting it out in the public eye. I am taking a different direction this year and hopefully this will indeed help me in the long run of getting known but I think I have gotten well known this year. You never know, people could recognize me in the public and end up chatting with you guys. If you see me publicly here in Ontario, do not be afraid to say hi. As for the events, I am happy with the decision  I think the lineup I have which you will find out on Tuesday's blog post to what is the final decision on the events.


Saturday, February 23, 2019

Trying A Star Wars Mod For Minecraft!

            While spending time with my niece and nephew we discovered  mod for Minecraft called Tatooine. Now what is Tatooine? It is  a planet where Luke Skywalker and also Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars movies. Now mind you I just started this world and there is so much more to discover but it is cool as I found green and blue crystals to make  a light saber. I haven't gotten this far and I need to start building a home for myself, get a sustainable food source in the game in order to go under the ground and get the items I need to make a lightsaber and a proper pick axe.  Pretty much I am back to the basics right now. I really wouldn't know what the different kinds of ores and stuff I would find underground but I suspect it is indeed the same, maybe some different ores too but I will find out when I decide to start digging down. I do not plan on making a overly big mansion as I do not know how long I am going to play this game as I am planning a different kind of world down the road as well.

          The difference in this world there are sheep that are a very odd color but still have the usual bah from them and there is normal sheep for building a bed too which is cool. There is this creature I fought and it wasn't as easy as I thought as I died but came back and killed it. The zombies were neat as they sound like the Tuskin Raiders from the movie itself. I haven't ran into or seen creepers or skelton's yet so I cannot tell you what they look like. Also there are just random people like villager like people just walking around the entire world which is cool. Yes I mentioned green and blue crystals which can be found basically on the ground anywhere in the world and like I said it is used for lightsabers.  Either way or, I am excited to play this mini mod to get into playing modded minecraft a  bit but this is only temporary as I am getting ready to do a  modded world with a space age mod which will indeed take some time to get prepared for space but least I got a world to play for now but I do not think it will be a long playthrough of this mod as I am not sure what I can outside of what I know but I know in time I will figure it out but the long game, I am planning on the space mod but this is just the start for me.


Friday, February 22, 2019

What Shows Am I Binge Watching Right Now?

            You probably didn't know this much but right now I am binge watching Malcolm in the Middle. Right now I am currently in the 5th season out of 7 seasons. I will be going between that and Power Rangers In Space which needs to be done as well. I wanna start Malcolm In The Middle, I haven't watched this show since it went off the air in 2006 which is like almost 12 years ago since the show went off the air. I love this show as it is just a dysfunctional family during each and every episode. I have had my comments at Lois while watching the show. I remember this show during my high school years, I watched it on top of the Simpsons and King of The Hill as well.  I find it hard to not laugh at moment's during the show.  Since starting to watch the show I have remembered a bunch of the episodes but again remember it has been a very long time since I have watched the show but it is nice to get back into this show again and it gives me something to do on my spare time between all this work I have put into CBOTW.

             Also between Malcolm The Middle, I am going to start watching Power Rangers In Space as the collaboration podcast will have to come back so I am going to be preparing before Big Brother Canada  Even during Big Brother Canada when the feeds are down I will most definitely watch episodes in order to get it done. So I will be able to get it done between the feeds being down. So I will be going between the two shows and if I finish Malcolm In The Middle which I am now half way through the season now, I have Power Rangers In Space to work on. After Power Rangers In Space, I do plan on starting Lost Galaxy and preparing for the next phase of things. One way or another there is always something to watch one way or another and I am always continue to be very busy person no matter what is thrown in front of me and that is fine with me.


Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Day I Took On The Ender Dragon (Throwback Thursday Story)

            2 years ago after a very long time coming in trying to beat the ender dragon and I did the unthinkable and actually beat it. How did I manage to beat it? I will tell the story how this all went down. So this was after I walked away from Twitch, I finished up the spawner which was already underway when my regulars want to start trouble but I managed to finish up the spawner which I needed the levels in order to get good armor but a good friend @stephan889 on Twitter told me I didn't need too overly strong armor but I still had diamond armor that had high level armor which now can be found in the storage facility in the world which is behind glass now. However I needed to find the portal which was a tough task at hand and yes I used the ender pearls or eyes of the ender. However I decided to go out digging and I came across a cave out of nowhere. I look up to find a library, a random library. So i dug up a stairwell to go up, I took all the books obviously. So I started to look around to finally found the portal. So obviously I traveled back to the house, the manor which is still in existence just had some renovations done to the house. So I went back to start killing the Endermen in the game to get pearls from them in order to get eye of the ender. Also I realized I needed to go to the Nether to get the blaze rods that makes blaze powder so all the baby steps to get to the end. I got the eye of the ender to put in the portal. I believe 14 of them to be exact. I place it in and I went into the game to see what was was I was of the end of the ground as I fell out of the world, so I went back and built a stairwell to go up. 

           When I had the right gear, weapons, tools to beating the ender dragon, I went into the end and I was on my way. I had to hit the towers first obviously. Once I did that I was able to attack the Ender Dragon which took a very long time ducking away from the endermen that were creeping around. I got down to the final seconds and I took a shot at the dragon but it came at me and I either shot an arrow or struck it down with the sword. I can remember hearing the crackling sound from it and the amount of XP I was getting from the destruction of the Ender Dragon. Yes I defeated it first try and I was quite excited and you can imagine the Let's Go's that came out of my mouth. After I made a  monument in the storage facility as I said before with a stand for the gear I wore in the way of armor and almost made a frame for the sword and Bow. Also thanks to Dark, he helped me create that stand and the flag colors of CBOTW. I sometimes go back into the old world and reminisce on the memories I have created but I am now more committed to other games right nowbut I am proud I not only beat the Ender Dragon but Dark and I beat the Wither so we beat everything in Vanilla Minecraft and maybe one day I'll do a modded Minecraft. 


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Favorite Dishes To Cook....

              There are tons of dishes I have done well and in today's post I am going to highlight the dishes that I think I have mastered finally. Don't get me wrong, I am planning to cook other things but right now, I am focusing on the present dishes I have done but I will address the other dishes I would like to at the end of today's blog post.

1) Fettuccine Alfredo, with either Chicken or shrimp: I have I think at this point, mastered this dish, it tastes even better each and every time. It does take some time to master the recipe but I am indeed a fast learner.

2) Spaghetti, Such an easy dish, warm up the sauce my mom pre-made which mind you I am going to learn the sauce recipe which yes it takes several hours to make as we do a no meat sauce and a meat sauce.

3) I am the king of cooking chicken now as I am able to cook the meat right through. Apparently I have a knack to cooking it. I think I do about 2 - 2.5 minutes per side and rotate it at least 3 times enough for it to be white in the middle not pink.

4) Meatloaf- Learned different types of meatloaf recipes, turkey loaf, chicken meatloaf and of course the traditional beef meatloaf but I know how to make it very easily. 

5) Burgers or Sliders- I was antsy with cooking burger seeing the red meat inside I can just hear Chef Ramsey's  saying "IT'S RAAAW!" haha But it turned out very well either way or.

                There is the dishes I can cook and there is tons more but again, I cannot list everything as this blog post would be endless post. I can give some honorable mentions like I learned how to roast a turkey, same with a whole chicken. Also how to cook a pork tenderloin on a BBQ. I am getting quite handy at the stove or the BBQ and there is plenty of dishes that I want to cook such as Carbonara, Risotto, my moms Spaghetti Sauce, the list is quite hefty and long and I cannot remember everything from the top of my head but I am looking forward to getting into more cooking once this cold of mine subsides and finally goes the heck away as of right now I am still dealing with a bit of a cough and rather wait to cook then cough all over the food but that is besides the point of today's post.


Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Some Platforms I Use To Broadcast On!

          I know this is going way back in the early years of being doing online media but I thought I would go through each and every platform. There are platforms that aren't around anymore unfortunately as they closed their sites down. I am going to go through the major platforms I broadcasted on mainly, not the ones that I lasted a short time.

          I started on in 2010 on and off up to August 2012 when I subsequently left the platform after dealing with some drama. Then I moved over between to before moving back to Stickam in 2012. Then I took a small break from broadcasting I think between 2013 and 2014, however I know I signed up with Vaughn Live but didn't broadcast much as I didn't know what I was doing as of yet. I believe I moved over to which was closed down to focus on Twitch but I spent a ton of time on Justin TV platform which I moved on as I ended up being banned from unfortunately due to me constantly spamming their chat due to a disagreement.  I did broadcast on the platform (Vaughn) but was a very short time when I broadcasted on there before getting myself banned from the platform. Then I did broadcast on another 2 platforms, however was banned. So I took some months off from broadcasting before I started to become a loyal to another platform which was Twitch. I started on there in 2016, summer to be exact, probably July is when I started and lasted into September when I stopped broadcasting due to trolls name calling, even after I banned and reported them, they kept on coming back. I tried to make a comeback in 2018 and just recently but decided to stop broadcasting all together to focus on the podcasts you guys get every week. Oh I should note when Everything About Reality TV Podcast was live I did broadcast on YouTube as well.

             So the question you probably wondering, am I retired from broadcasting for good? The answer is yes, I have decided to stop casting or streaming some of you guys call it due to the fact I want to focus on Everything About Reality TV and the collaboration podcasts as well. I want my full attention on the podcasts right now, I wanna make sure to give you guys the best podcast I can give you guys. Broadcasting was fun but in the end, it is an end of an era for me but I will always have fond memories of the people I met on the platforms over the years, I am quite happy with the quiet life I am living, well from to time it isn't quiet, it becomes quite hectic but use to it.


Monday, February 18, 2019

Chris B On The Web Re-Building Phase Is Ending In June!

             After almost 3 years, I can say after such a long, long battle with trying to re-build Chris B On The Web, the re-building phase is going to be over. What do I mean by this? I can say I have successfully completed the rebuild from when I left YouTube all together, I was stuck for a good year, year and a half trying to figure out what on earth I am going to do with myself now that YouTube is over, done, finished since my team decided to screw me over. Yes I am still bitter over a few people that screwed me over but over the year and a half, two years I did forgive 1 of the 3 people as I could never stay made at Larry. Look at the two of us now, the friendship has been so much stronger then before. Anyways as you know, I took the summer off to start figuring things out and Everything About Reality TV, well the rest is history, the podcast has become history. Then of course Larry and I added on the collaboration podcasts aka the Power Rangers Podcast which has become so popular on the website alone. After the podcasts have become the success the last thing that I had to do is stabilize the site and I couldn't have moved forward without making the move off of the provider which will not be named as my website kept on getting falsely taken down for no reason. I have had so many issues in the past with them so that is why I had no .com for 5 months as 1 I had to let the domain expire entirely and I had to let it become available elsewhere and of course the website has returned and I know that is the last final steps to fixing it, well minus getting the collabs back up and update it but you know what I mean.

               It has been a long time coming for the rebuild to end and I have been holding on to this piece of information for a long time now. I have been thinking about it for months to when this piece of information noone knew about this just me. I am actually am happy the fact that this rebuild is ending on June 25th, 2019, that is the date I am taking it off all this testing I have been doing for the past 3 years. I know it took me a long time but patience is indeed a virtue and I have been excited for this moment to take Chris B On The Web officially off the rebuilding stages and continuing this adventure. 


Sunday, February 17, 2019

What's The Plan For This Week? (Chris B On The Web Updates)

            This week will be a crucial for me to finish up the off season podcasts and those done and finished finally. The next step will be to be redoing the intro for the collaboration and end up working the intro into the older episodes and re upload it and have it up on the website again. Not all 5 of em are up on the website currently just the 3 at this moment. Also this week Survivor: Edge of Extinction Recaps start this week, so I have to weave it in there as well. I am aiming by next weekend to start working on the next prep for the next collaboration podcast with Larry but I am not going to get myself that .far, not yet at the most but would like to start it as I am aiming towards a certain month to recording the podcasts but again, I cannot go into greater detail. Mind you I do not know when the next podcast will be, Larry doesn't even know, when I said to him and you guys I needed a break from the collaboration podcast and that is what I am doing. I really cannot tell you when I will be coming off this hiatus right now, it could be this summer, it could be this fall, it could be in the New Year all we know. I need to find time to get the prep together and with Big Brother Canada 7 looming close, I just do not know how much I will get between now and then. 

              Today, I am planning on working on fixing my Twitter account as I have had issues but also working on the off season podcasts as well. There is not much more left in the way of the off season podcasts and i will not take me long to finish it up at least a couple of hours at the most if I move at a good pace which I can do very nice. I am going to focus on the current things right now and as for the off season podcast, it is currently on hold till I have the time to work on it but we will see how things go in the next week and how things will look and if I can squeeze in some prep time, even better but I am playing everything by ear this week but I am planning to squeeze it in if possible but again I am playing everything by ear and if I got time, I got time. Main focus is finishing the off podcasts and fix the collab intros so I am planning to start with that first, then move onto the next thing. I shouldn't be thinking about 100 things at once, I need to take it one thing at a time. 


Saturday, February 16, 2019

Weight Loss Update [02-16-2019]

            I am excited to say that I am now in between 219 and 220 pounds which is accomplishment to maintain at this weight which means I can lose the weight further. I am taking things a little more seriously. I now can say my knees are a lot more at ease and the pain levels are much better that I am thinner and my goal is getting a step closer to being off this diet. You know it has been such a struggle with trying to lose the weight but this gives me a lot of confidence in the world. I feel confident I can lose the weight now and I wanna lose about 10 more pounds by the spring if possible. I shouldn't say possibly as it is possible if I make it happen and I am going to make it happen it is just going to take some time for me to lose the weight. I wasn't feeling good about myself and kind of let my weight get out of control again. I am not going to let that happen again, going to keep focused as sooner I lose the weight, the better.

              I really haven't been at this weight since a while ago like about a year and a half I was at this weight. I was there once then I went up to 222 or higher which wasn't good so it is not the first time I have been at this weight. As long as I remain confident and able to keep losing or maintaining this weight, I will be happy. My goal to lose a ton more weight is by my next birthday which I will be 34 years of age. However my bigger goal is to be at 200 pounds even by then. I know it is an outrageous goal to have but this is part of the motivation of losing the weight. The final goal weight will be once I am at 200 pounds.      There is a reason behind losing a ton of weight this year. It is not only my New Years resolution this year to become more healthier but also it is my goal to get on Big Brother Canada for Season 8 as long as they renew the series and if it isn't an All-Stars season then I will be happily auditioning for the show again.  Also the fact I am now thinner then I have been, my knees was another problem I was struggling with and unable to audition knowing I may have a problem competing in the competitions which I have to be able to win at least some competitions not float my way to the end of the game. So are my goals as of right now and I am very serious and wanting to lose the weight and these are a great start to my new goals for 2019 and I know I can do em if I put my mind to it, I know I can set myself up for success.


Friday, February 15, 2019

Am I Excited For Everything About Reality TV's 10th Season?

            So am I excited for Everything About Reality TV's 10th Season starting tonight? Of course I am and I know you are tired of hearing me talk about the podcast but got so many tons of updates and stuff happening for the website this week as this week has been a very busy week for me to get things done. However I am really am excited to be at this point of the podcast where I am now at my 10th season of covering "Reality TV" and I am quite proud of myself for not giving up and continuing on for this length of time. If you remember this podcast started up almost 2.5 years ago on Audio ONLY but all together almost 3.5 and it is continuously growing constantly, each and every week from the different networks the podcast is on which is now counted at 12 different networks now which is overwhelming and I should start searching around to see if any other network picked it up. It still feels like this podcast just started it's journey and it has been only 2.5 years now so the podcast is fairly young still. I didn't think the 10th season would come this quickly but remember 3 - 4 seasons a year so the numbers do add up in the end. The next point I am going to make is that episode # 200 is coming up and very quickly and like I said on social media, there is no plans for anything special as I am already spoke to Justin, Dave and Larry and made it official that I would not be doing anything special for that and I want to do the important milestones like the 500th which we are far from coming. 

             Either way or, I am excited as two big things going to happen this season. I know I originally planned to do 2 Big Brother Canada Recaps a week but kind of backed out of the idea for this year, however as I was glancing over the number of downloads per episode as the number is extraordinary I have re considered and there will be 2 Big Brother Canada Recaps and the Survivor Recap which will equal 3 recaps a week! Since this is indeed the 10th Season and I know it is not the last season either, it is "Go Big or Go Home" Season for me. I am ready to push myself to the fullest and continue on growing this podcast. This is why I am adding the 2 Big Brother Recaps, mid week and late week as well.  Either way it will be an amazing 10th Season!


Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Good Old Stickam Days! (Throwback Thursday Story)

               This story is going long way back to the early years of me broadcasting and for those who wonder, I started with Stickam before BlogTV obviously. It is another blog post for another day very, very soon. Stickam was a broadcasting platform with BlogTV and other platforms that are now sadly gone and some are still in existed and/or I am currently banned from which I will not get into whatsoever. Anyways I was fairly new to casting and it was a social cast. No music or anything, just a chit chat session and a former friend of mine as him and I kind of disconnected when I dropped using Skype and moved into Discord full time.  Anyways this was just a social cast and I noticed that my numbers were up and my former friend noticed too. We looked at the front of and there I was, my mug was up there. I was like what the! They staff at Stickam must realized I was an entertaining broadcaster which I think I wasn't overly too entertaining. 

                 Also there was a time I was in a room and one of my staff at the time was also in there spamming and here comes an admin or "Staff" from Stickam and booted him out the door! I started to howl that he got banned for spamming. I was the one that reported him as the broadcaster wouldn't kick him out so they sure suffered the consequence. I can say I had some good traction when The Video Projects Team was on there but I remember my last cast before switching over platforms. Yes I played a lot of musical website chairs for many years and I just couldn't stay still during the times I broadcasted. After both Stickam and BlogTV closed down, I was just not happy. 

                I will always remember the Stickam days, I actually preferred that platform over any other platform as I got a ton more views and I got a pile of new friends that I would have over the course of several years, up to the point of me leaving the broadcasting world to be a podcaster on Audio ONLY. The platform will always have a place in my heart and was home for my now former team that doesn't exist anymore due to certain reasons but Stickam was home to the Season 3 Finale of The Entertainment Man Talk Show in 2010, was home to the network that had a couple of great shows on there and it was fun up to having someone underaged but I took care of it with a report to Stickam Staff, it is better me reporting them and getting banned numerous times but good memories lol.  Trolls were fun to play with up to having to ban em from the room. I will always remember the good times on that platform. 


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

How Have I Managed To Record Podcasts?

              You probably wondering how in the world I am sliding by with getting podcasts recorded? Well it hasn't been easy to get recording as the coughing is the main issue where I could get into a coughing fit and it has happened where I had to either stop recording or edit out me coughing my head off so you guys wouldn't have to hear it. That is definitely the beauty of editing a podcast able to editing out the um's, buts and coughs in my case as you know I am on the slow mend from this cold. I know, I had to cancel my plans to record due to my coughing fit I was going through but I had no other choice but to do that. It's not like it will be going far and yes I realize that it is out on Friday night and we have my niece and nephew and would be nice to have it done so I can spend time with them as I have something to show em. I hate cancelling but it was beyond my control that I was in a coughing fit. Now if I was on video, it would probably be quite more difficult to do as it would be a live podcast. With putting up the audio it could take a while to remove what I mentioned at the top of this post with the and's, um's coughs and buts.

                Either way, nothing stops me unless I am stuck in bed resting like yesterday for primary example. I continue to strive forward sick or not sick, the show must go on and I do not want to disappoint you guys with the podcast. Unless something that happens to me like yesterday then I will not record if I feel weak, tired or the coughing fit. I realize my voice sounds different, deeper as I mentioned on the first podcast that I recorded while sick, almost a week ago now. I know I have made some stupid remarks about my cold but it is who I am, I like to make some stupid jokes about myself and it entertains you guys as well in the process. In the end I am proud of myself for making the effort to try and get podcasts out on time while dealing with a cold. Like the saying goes, the show must go on and that is the way I think of things and trying to keep a very positive attitude.


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Condenser Mic Vs. Dynamic Mic, Which One Do I Prefer?

             Today's post I am going to talk about two different microphones I have used and which one I preferred to use. For those who didn't know I started out with the dynamic microphone back when I still on which no longer exists actually but that is when I started using microphones. The first microphone I had originally was dynamic but was a Radio Shack, followed by the Audio Technica Pro 31 Mic. Mind you it was a great start to the podcasting world and that microphone I still got an used quite often when guests are in the studio. One thing about that mic is, it has different settings then the condenser but it depends on the guest behind that particular microphone. Anyways the sound is completely different and it is hard to explain to you guys the quality but there is a complete difference in the quality. OK, let me break it down so you can understand. The Dynamic microphones are hooked up to the mixer as it has a 3.5mm stereo jack compare to the condenser which is completely different from the dynamic if that makes any sense to you guys. Don't get me wrong the dynamic is the way to start with podcasts or broadcasting if you if you are on a small budget like I was and I am still on a small budget, just saving up helps but the dynamic costed me around 70 - 75 dollars. 

              Now moving onto the condenser which yes it does costs money, around 200 bucks later but again quality which is well worth it for the price of the microphone. Yes it was a bit of a learning curve, especially when my voice echoed at the start but that is when I figured I had to get a wind sock which you guys have seen on it many times in the past in pictures I have posted on both Instagram and Twitter from time to time. The cable end to the condenser is different obviously as I had to make sure when i bought this mixer that it had phantom power for the condenser to work. However that is besides the point but the sound is really different from the dynamic but as a listener, you probably cannot notice but least quality is good.  Which mic do I really prefer to use? Well that is a hard question to answer, as I love both my mics which is ironic both are Audio Technica products, you can say honestly i vouch by the brand. However in the end, I have grown to love my condenser microphone and getting use to it now and the quality it has given me over the last 1.5 years, so I guess my condenser microphone is my pick, however microphone is a microphone and it does the job for a reason but it is quality over quantity honestly. 


Monday, February 11, 2019

Podcast Setup Changes Are Going To Be Made....

             Now that my studios plans are out there and I have been working on. This is only the start of things. First the studio is in the long term plans to repair this studio walls which will definitely cost money. But the most important the podcasting setup which records "Everything About Reality TV" & "The Collaboration" Podcasts and things are always changing for the podcast, new people want to collab which I have to make happen so I definitely have to make the room for it. I will explain what equipment I need to get. Actually let's start, I need a audio interface to take in calls and that can be up to 100 - 200 dollars or even more down the road and that means I have to put the money aside but I am working on it and I know I promised a few people but some have gone through or just been forgotten that this was going to happen as I haven't heard from them in a long time on the socials but I hope to reach out to them soon. Also Larry and I can even do the Power Rangers Podcast from two different households you never know!

              As you guys know I have a second microphone, the handheld which mind you it still works very, very well and Larry knows exactly what my intentions are and that is I am getting the second boom arm for the other microphone so this way I will not be diddly daddling around with hook it up and fiddling around with the sound. and it is so easy to actually maneuver the microphone  in when hes in the studio especially, so I am pretty excited about having a second microphone. Only catch is... IS I am going to wait till the desk is refurbished, as right now I simply do not have the room on a small desk for a second boom arm at this moment and no space to place the microphones at this moment of time. 

              However it is good that I do want to actually make some changes around the studio and to my podcasting setup here and down the road, I would love to add a second boom but it is a waiting game and right now, I cannot explain what is going on, it is something personal going on right now and I rather keep it a private matter right now. Patience is a virtue indeed and all I can do right now is continue on planning on recording the episodes and what not right now. The show must go on with this rather small desk right now and hey I have to deal with as it is and when time it will be great to have this desk refurbished and fixed up and having a wider desktop too in the process as well. It is excited to be growing the podcast setup that I have now. 


Sunday, February 10, 2019

Studio Updates Are Coming!

              As I probably have heard through social media, this studio is an appalling mess right now with holes and is in need of dire renovations. I have spoken to my uncle and he has actually recommended wood board which probably even better then drywall and at a more of a reasonable price to get done and I do not know if I am able to paint it but it wouldn't matter as the studio is in the basement. Also as you know my desk is need of a bit of refurbishing and going to add on the top to make it bigger desk top and trust me it was be a very strong desk once we fix things up. I also think there will a hole for wires to go through as it will be easier and the wiring below right now it is a mess which that will also be changed up as well. It's  friggin mess underneath. Also may as well mention this as well there will be a shelf build underneath for the tower but it will have to be definitely build to hold it up as it isn't light as it has all the stuff inside it. Also this week, I am getting a new chair as this chair is definition of broken... Another blog post for another day. 

                I really am not sure what else to say but once the desk is built, I am planning to do the rotation once the walls are repaired as well but again that probably will not be till next year at sometime but once that is done, the desk will be rotated around and the whiteboard will be moved around the desk will be against the south wall. I am not sure where the white board is going at this moment and also I want to add into the studio is a cork board as well to hanging up pictures my niece and nephew have made for me in the past years just hopefully I can end up putting everything I want but beggers cannot be choosers.  On tomorrow's blog post I will be discussing the podcast setup with the microphones and yes I said microphones and also the mixer and basically the setup for the podcast and the way we are planning on getting the setup done. I do want to change the way the things are setup for the podcast and yes I will be mentioning and bringing up the other microphone. 


Saturday, February 9, 2019

Getting Excited For Big Brother Canada Season 7!

            I had a hard time coming up with a topic for today's blog post then I kind of thought why not talk about something that I am excited that is coming up, which is Big Brother Canada 7 which only weeks away from starting and there is several reasons why I am excited for this season. I really didn't think this season would come so fast as we are close to wrapping up Celebrity Big Brother US, Season 2, it is getting me excited for the 10th season of "Everything About Reality TV" which is a podcast I recap Big Brother Canada on and does well each season and it is exciting I am recording my 10th season right when Big Brother Canada airs too! Another reason I am excited for the show to be returning is the fact I will definitely have the opportunity to go to 1 or 2 evictions during the season with both Dave and Larry as well, we are planning to get tickets for the 3 of us and trust me Larry will love it as this will be his first time going to an eviction. The last part of why I am excited for Big Brother Canada is of course when it comes down to the season finale of the show, both Larry and I get together and he stays over 😒 and the reason why I have the un-amused smiley is cause he wakes me up during the night with his insane snoring but this year we are upping the ante and Dave is coming by for the finale this year and also he will be possibly staying over the night too but depends but he could just stay for the finale but that hasn't been determined which the 3 of us gotta discuss it in about 2 months from now.

             Either way I am totally excited for this season and spending some time with friends watching the show, going to evictions for the show and travelling especially into the big city for the evictions. This is a very busy season for me from evictions, to being with friends for episodes, recapping the show, i certainly do not have a lot of time on my hands for a social life as my eyes and ears are on the feeds 17 - 18 hours of the day with sleep, eating as well but it is worth the time here in the studio and I am so eager for this season to start as my worlds are about to collide. This is why I enjoy what I do with the podcast, the interaction with the fans etc! Bring on BBCAN7! Let's Gooooo!


Friday, February 8, 2019

There Is A Reason Behind Everything!

            When I do things involving Chris B On The Web, I do it for a specific reason.  Sometimes things do not work out to plan such as yesterday having a nasty fall hitting my head and hurting my shoulder if non of this happened I probably would of had the Survivor Edge of Extinction done but again there is a reason behind everything and I had to take care of myself first to make sure I didn't break anything or end up with a concussion so that had more importance and I do feel bad as I promised I would have it ready a week in a advance but sometimes there is a reason behind things and yesterday I wasn't meant to record the Season 10 premiere. However, yes I know I promised and I discussed it on Twitter this morning when I woke up after a rough sleep and honestly I do know what I was thinking, recording it way in advance, because honestly it probably wouldn't make any sense whatsoever, especially if one point I'm better as I am starting to get better from this cold, to being sick, it would probably confused you. So it works out and planning to actually record that one either Monday or Tuesday of next week as I will have plenty of time before next Friday to posting it up. Another example of there is a reason behind everything is my cold that I am currently fighting I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to record but luckily it was at the end of this week which does help me a lot and gives me plenty of time to rest up and get better and yes I am finally feeling better finally!

            Sometimes things happens like yesterday and with me being sick it wasn't meant to be and yes I realize the show much go on and I probably jumped the gun on preparing for the 10th season as it is a week away and right now I got 3 episodes before the premiere of season 10 goes up for you guys so I think I went warp speed on myself and it is not good on the stress levels, like I have said many times, I have a busy schedule and I just cannot jump the gun. This year is about me listening to my gut and trying to stay on schedule but for me to get ahead of myself, might be the wrong move. Like the title of today's blog post is everything happens for a reason and I just gotta go with the flow of things sometimes.


Thursday, February 7, 2019

My First Ever Episode of Everything About Reality TV... (Throwback Thursday Story)

            Now I am more talking about the Audio ONLY aspect of Everything About Reality TV which it has been almost been 2.5 years now since making the move over to Audio ONLY side of the podcast. Today's Throwback Thursday story is about my very first episode on Audio Only which mind you was a disaster first episode as the quality wasn't the greatest and don't forget I was learning about audio engineering I guess you would call it technically or learning about sound more then video I guess you would call it what I said before. It was my very first episode on Audio without the intro that you guys now hear to this very day on the podcast, this was before I had  a proper introduction to each episode of the podcast but I managed for the very first season. Which if you were to ask what season of Survivor was it that I covered? The answer would be Survivor: Millennial's Vs. Gen X as 1 of the contestants from this season, David Wright will be on this upcoming season which is exciting to think, he was on Millennial's Vs Gen X which was the very first season I covered on Audio Only. However it wasn't my first rodeo as you all know by now I started the podcast on YouTube way back.

            The next point I would like to make is the fact I was nervous on the first episode which is normal as it is different from being in front of a camera to me just being behind the microphone. I do believe it was just nervousness that I was having honestly. The quality of the audio wasn't the best at start and remember I only had the Audio Technica Pro 31 handheld microphone which mind you I still have and is used in the studio here as a guest microphone but I got another post for another day about that. This was probably about almost an year before the condenser microphone was purchased which mind you is a big difference in the way of quality but again that's for another post on another day down the road.  Either way the first ever episode was very nerve wrecking for me but hey I have to start out somewhere and 2016 was the start of such an amazing podcast experience and I wouldn't change it for the world. 


Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Noticed The Older Buses Are Slowly Disappearing...

            It is amazing how fast time goes with the buses time on the road here as you know I am in Canada and the weather here in the winter especially is insane.... So there is a ton of ware and tear with the buses here or it is either that or just time does go by fast. I still remember when the GM Buses were still driving around, the old 102 bus or the old flyer buses they had here 113 & 114, or even the older Orion buses, 123, 131 & 133 for example. But after those buses went which was during my last full year of college, we then seen all the next buses 8151 till 8180 and furthermore the buses I see to this very day which are modern day buses out there. Modern is good as they are very electronic but hard to fix as a bus driver I know, he said those are really tough to repair with all the electronic but these are the buses are the future now. 

             The much older buses before had no ramp it was the old stairs on them and we are in need of the handicapped buses honestly and I am really glad we have these handicapped buses as more seniors have taken the bus and yes I have helped them by lower the seat down for them if it is up which is always nice, also I always let them on first.  All I can say is it is a new era with new modern buses so it is good to have these buses especially that I have knee problems on and off. There are tons of reasons why handicapped buses are now good to have but I do not want to go through again today's post would be another Chris rambling post. 

             In closing it is a new era and we have to have these handicap accessible buses and also buses do not last forever. They have a good 15- 20 years but then they are replaced and the buses that came out in 2006 - 2007 now are slowly disappearing as I have been on recently 8171 which is a older of the Nova Buses. Actually not many of those left. 8169  -8173 but yet again I haven't seen 72, 73 lately but it could be on a route that doesn't go to the mall but majority of them do go to the mall now minus the Simcoe which is a north and south route which is east of our mall. But in the end it is better to have up to date vehicles then older buses that breaks down all the time as I have witnessed many times in the past driving by buses stopped at the side of the road. 


Tuesday, February 5, 2019

What Is The Plan With The Power Rangers Podcast?

             I know it has been weeks since the announcement that The CBOTW Show was to be discontinued due to lack of views but what does this mean for The Power Rangers Podcast, what is going to happen to those podcasts. As you know I have 3 of the 5 episodes up and I need to do the intro for the remainder of the episodes then it will be posted back up on the website and we will be able to move and as of right now the collabs page is it's own page as that was the original page had some issues. Anyways right now I need to focus on getting the collabs page update and in the coming weeks, I will be working on it once I am feeling better and back to my old self for those who didn't know I am dealing with a sinus or head cold right now and trying to cut back the amount of recording time as my voice does go odd after a while but I have to record but it is on the list of things to do down the road.

              What about the newer collaborations? It is coming down the road, just right now with my busy schedule I cannot commit to a schedule for the collaboration podcast at this point and I am in a very hectic schedule for Everything About Reality TV Podcast as I am working on Celebrity Big Brother, then following this season, I am working on Survivor and Big Brother Canada so right now it is a tough schedule as once this season wraps up then I move into the 10th season with 3 podcasts a week which will be a very busy schedule so I cannot give you a timeline at this point and Larry knows as I have been keeping him posted on things and I know . I have to do the prep work and right now I just do not have the time to do that said prep work as I am preparing other podcasts for Everything About Reality TV Off Season which right now, I will not be seeing an off season till December at this point as soon as Season 10 of this podcast is finished, I got right into the next season the week after.

              With saying that, Once Big Brother Canada 7 is finished and I plan on working on the prep work for the podcasts and it could take up to a month, a month and a half but once the prep is down, once I type up the notes, we will schedule a recording day and soon as the editing process is done you guys will be the first to know. As for the fall recording, I do plan on an October/November with a Late December release so that I can tell you all about now as I am planning in the summer to be full on with working on the collaborations with starting a new ERA which I will talk about down the road, you know what I will mention it breifely; Starting this fall is a new era for Larry and I as we will be out of the Zordon era and moving into brand new era. Him and I will be covering in the early winter when it is released Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue and I did start watching some of the episodes but got lost in the series but second time is a charm and cannot wait to get back into these. 


Monday, February 4, 2019

Favorite Rock Bands

              First of all, my apologies for not having the blog post up at all yesterday same with the podcast but as you know I am sick and finding it hard to get work done but also I had Larry over so I kind of should of just done a blog and still record but post up the episode today and that was my original thought when I schedule but that is not what I am talking about, I am talking about my Favorite rock bands which is the most easiest as I got a bunch of them on my list and this is why I decided to write this list blog for you guys today: 

1. AC/DC- Ever since hearing Thunderstruck at the Ontario Junior Hockey Games, I instantly loved their tunes. Also Hells Bells Highway to Hell, TNT

2. Metallica- I have heard of a mash up of the well known song Enter Sandman and I listened to the original song but haven't listened to many others tunes by them.

3. Autograph- One of my favorite tunes by this band, Turn Up The Radio which I heard on a broadcaster's channel, however they have passed away unfortunately 4 years ago today. May he R.I.P. Was a great broadcaster too!

4. Beatles- Growing up, my parents introduced me into the oldies listening to CKDO while growing up, I definitely got an appreciation for the older rock and roll which is good I can appreciate modern and older rock. 

5. Hedley- I discovered this band during my time on Riot Radio while being an On-Air Host for them from January to April and I know it's pop and rock but some of the tunes are really rock and I enjoy their music. I don't think I actually have it ripped onto my ITunes right now. 

              There is my list of Rock bands I do like and I do have a bunch more but it would be an endless blog post but is neat to share my list with older and newer and I like the 80's rock a bit too so bit of both. Well a good 90% of these bands are older but there is nothing wrong with that honestly. I am old school for being a Millennial but those who know or didn't know I was born in the 80's so I guess I have to know music from that era too I guess but like I said above my parents got me into the oldies so it is now in my blood and I listen to the oldies plus the newer music as well, so a mix pretty much. What is your Top 10 Rock Bands? Leave it in the comments below and I will be speaking to you guys again tomorrow on tomorrow's blog post which will be an interesting post so to speak.


Saturday, February 2, 2019

With Everything About Reality TV, I Take It One Season At A Time! (SOMETIMES!)

             I know sometimes, I talk about the planning that goes behind the next season and right now I am up to the 11th season in scheduling but that is not fully scheduled yet but it will be down the road but right now I need to focus on this season, which is the 9th Season of this podcast which is the most important thing right now. I know Music City has concluded and let me say, I enjoyed the show this year and hope their is a 3rd season. I mentioned that on JMack's (Jessica) from Music City and she actually liked my comment! So awesome! Back to what I was saying, I take it one season at a time but from time to time I end up planning for the future of the podcast. I know right now I know there is plans for Survivor 38 & 39 for right now so I am solid for the rest of this year for right now. This season is slowly coming down to the final week and a half left in the game of Celebrity Big Brother and at this moment I am thinking ahead with the next Survivor season and Big Brother Canada starting up soon I have started to think about the 10th season of the podcast within 2.5 years it has been a whirlwind of a journey as a podcaster and I am just overwhelmed with the amount of love and support I have gotten over the last 3 years of it being on the air both YouTube and Audio ONLY.

                  Sometimes you gotta think ahead and if you remember that blog that I did back in December, I gotta stay on my toes with this podcast and yes I know at times I am way ahead of myself but that's just me, it is who I am, I am just one step ahead and that's OK to stay one step ahead of the game and I know I run scenarios in the back of my mind to what works and not work and I think this time around, I think things are working out with the 2 - 3 times a week schedule and you guys seem to really like it too so it is a good thing, like I said before the listeners, the fans is what is the most important thing to me honestly. I know sometimes. I know I am going on a bit of a rant but again that is my personality showing at this time. Either way I make the right decisions for the right reasons and you guys know where I am going with these ideas by the end of the day.


Friday, February 1, 2019

My Favorite and Least Favorite Items on The Binding of Isaac

              I have to give a shoutout to my followers on Twitch on my Twitch channel for this idea as we were in discussing it during one of my runs on The Binding of Isaac last Saturday which I would like to say it was an incredible first stream back, was so overwhelming to see the amount of listeners in the stream for my first stream back on Twitch. Anyways, today I will be listing my favorite items and why and here is my list:

Least Favorite Items:

-  Lemon Mishap: No clue what the heck it does or what real use honestly, nor the purpose of the item is. 

-   The Poop: No clue what use this really makes to me honestly or the purpose of the item anyways.

-    Dead Cat: I demise this item and sometimes I end up getting  by accident from time to time but I am starting to get better at not getting this item but there is a challenge that I need to do with dead cat item so it will be interesting to complete it.

Favorite Items:

- Ipecac: The explosive shots is 1 of the 2 favorite items I love and when I get this item, I get excited when I do get this item but it has been a while since i have gotten the item lately but cannot always get this item.

- Brimstone: I had no clue how it worked at the start but then instantly fell in love with it but it has been a rare item to get from the devil deals or else where in the game but when I do get the opportunity I will take it.

- Technology or Technology 2: Love this item and was actually one of the most earliest items I ever got actually on top of another item which will be my last listed favorite on my list on today's blog post.

- Orbitals: Such as Brother Bobby, Sister Maggy, Harlequin Baby, Ghost Baby, Little Steve and much more, was one of my very first items I got on the game I previously said and I believe I had 3 or 4 at once at one point.

              There is my list, hope you guys enjoyed reading my post today, like I said at the start of the post today, I was inspired by my Twitch followers and listeners that gave me this great idea and I thank you for this inspiration. Tomorrow's blog post was suppose to be a weight loss update but I need to hold off so I am doing something different to give you guys the heads up now.