Tuesday, February 5, 2019

What Is The Plan With The Power Rangers Podcast?

             I know it has been weeks since the announcement that The CBOTW Show was to be discontinued due to lack of views but what does this mean for The Power Rangers Podcast, what is going to happen to those podcasts. As you know I have 3 of the 5 episodes up and I need to do the intro for the remainder of the episodes then it will be posted back up on the website and we will be able to move and as of right now the collabs page is it's own page as that was the original page had some issues. Anyways right now I need to focus on getting the collabs page update and in the coming weeks, I will be working on it once I am feeling better and back to my old self for those who didn't know I am dealing with a sinus or head cold right now and trying to cut back the amount of recording time as my voice does go odd after a while but I have to record but it is on the list of things to do down the road.

              What about the newer collaborations? It is coming down the road, just right now with my busy schedule I cannot commit to a schedule for the collaboration podcast at this point and I am in a very hectic schedule for Everything About Reality TV Podcast as I am working on Celebrity Big Brother, then following this season, I am working on Survivor and Big Brother Canada so right now it is a tough schedule as once this season wraps up then I move into the 10th season with 3 podcasts a week which will be a very busy schedule so I cannot give you a timeline at this point and Larry knows as I have been keeping him posted on things and I know . I have to do the prep work and right now I just do not have the time to do that said prep work as I am preparing other podcasts for Everything About Reality TV Off Season which right now, I will not be seeing an off season till December at this point as soon as Season 10 of this podcast is finished, I got right into the next season the week after.

              With saying that, Once Big Brother Canada 7 is finished and I plan on working on the prep work for the podcasts and it could take up to a month, a month and a half but once the prep is down, once I type up the notes, we will schedule a recording day and soon as the editing process is done you guys will be the first to know. As for the fall recording, I do plan on an October/November with a Late December release so that I can tell you all about now as I am planning in the summer to be full on with working on the collaborations with starting a new ERA which I will talk about down the road, you know what I will mention it breifely; Starting this fall is a new era for Larry and I as we will be out of the Zordon era and moving into brand new era. Him and I will be covering in the early winter when it is released Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue and I did start watching some of the episodes but got lost in the series but second time is a charm and cannot wait to get back into these. 


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