Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Noticed The Older Buses Are Slowly Disappearing...

            It is amazing how fast time goes with the buses time on the road here as you know I am in Canada and the weather here in the winter especially is insane.... So there is a ton of ware and tear with the buses here or it is either that or just time does go by fast. I still remember when the GM Buses were still driving around, the old 102 bus or the old flyer buses they had here 113 & 114, or even the older Orion buses, 123, 131 & 133 for example. But after those buses went which was during my last full year of college, we then seen all the next buses 8151 till 8180 and furthermore the buses I see to this very day which are modern day buses out there. Modern is good as they are very electronic but hard to fix as a bus driver I know, he said those are really tough to repair with all the electronic but these are the buses are the future now. 

             The much older buses before had no ramp it was the old stairs on them and we are in need of the handicapped buses honestly and I am really glad we have these handicapped buses as more seniors have taken the bus and yes I have helped them by lower the seat down for them if it is up which is always nice, also I always let them on first.  All I can say is it is a new era with new modern buses so it is good to have these buses especially that I have knee problems on and off. There are tons of reasons why handicapped buses are now good to have but I do not want to go through again today's post would be another Chris rambling post. 

             In closing it is a new era and we have to have these handicap accessible buses and also buses do not last forever. They have a good 15- 20 years but then they are replaced and the buses that came out in 2006 - 2007 now are slowly disappearing as I have been on recently 8171 which is a older of the Nova Buses. Actually not many of those left. 8169  -8173 but yet again I haven't seen 72, 73 lately but it could be on a route that doesn't go to the mall but majority of them do go to the mall now minus the Simcoe which is a north and south route which is east of our mall. But in the end it is better to have up to date vehicles then older buses that breaks down all the time as I have witnessed many times in the past driving by buses stopped at the side of the road. 


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