Thursday, February 7, 2019

My First Ever Episode of Everything About Reality TV... (Throwback Thursday Story)

            Now I am more talking about the Audio ONLY aspect of Everything About Reality TV which it has been almost been 2.5 years now since making the move over to Audio ONLY side of the podcast. Today's Throwback Thursday story is about my very first episode on Audio Only which mind you was a disaster first episode as the quality wasn't the greatest and don't forget I was learning about audio engineering I guess you would call it technically or learning about sound more then video I guess you would call it what I said before. It was my very first episode on Audio without the intro that you guys now hear to this very day on the podcast, this was before I had  a proper introduction to each episode of the podcast but I managed for the very first season. Which if you were to ask what season of Survivor was it that I covered? The answer would be Survivor: Millennial's Vs. Gen X as 1 of the contestants from this season, David Wright will be on this upcoming season which is exciting to think, he was on Millennial's Vs Gen X which was the very first season I covered on Audio Only. However it wasn't my first rodeo as you all know by now I started the podcast on YouTube way back.

            The next point I would like to make is the fact I was nervous on the first episode which is normal as it is different from being in front of a camera to me just being behind the microphone. I do believe it was just nervousness that I was having honestly. The quality of the audio wasn't the best at start and remember I only had the Audio Technica Pro 31 handheld microphone which mind you I still have and is used in the studio here as a guest microphone but I got another post for another day about that. This was probably about almost an year before the condenser microphone was purchased which mind you is a big difference in the way of quality but again that's for another post on another day down the road.  Either way the first ever episode was very nerve wrecking for me but hey I have to start out somewhere and 2016 was the start of such an amazing podcast experience and I wouldn't change it for the world. 


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