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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Has Returned AGAIN!

              Everything About Reality TV has returned. I am just so confused what I want to do and just not happy as a podcaster with anything that I have been doing. Now I am however am happy with Everything About Reality TV returning and more then happy, estatic, excited and working hard to catch up. However, I just feel like my time with Stitcher has come to an end. I am just tired of putting the podcast back and forth and making the staff there work extra hard. So I am thinking of pulling the podcast from their platform entirely. However there is still 18 different networks the podcast on and that's OK. I'm sure there will be other platforms it will be on. I am looking forward to recording and editing the podcast and my only worry is Larry. He's the one person as he's against me bringing this back and yes I'm talking about the Co-Founder of Everything About Reality TV but I know he respects my decision which is a good thing. Larry's got a lot a say and yes I realize this podcast is a lot of work. Well Power Rangers Podcast is too! Either way I have a ton of time right now and can work on both.   I know there is a ton of questions regards to this current season. Yes I am playing catch up with Survivor and I know I've watched the show already but re-watching it all which also goes for Big Brother Canada so over the next several days, I will be editing and posting up and no formal post that a new podcast is up till we get to Big Brother Canada. This will be how the recaps to catch up will look like and I know it is unprecedented to double up but only way to catch up so it will look like this:

EP # 248- Survivor Winners At War EP # 1 & 2
EP # 249- Survivor Winners At War EP # 3 & 4
EP # 250- Survivor Winners At War EP # 5 & 6
EP # 251- Big Brother Canada 8 Week 1 & 2
EP # 252- Survivor Winners At War EP # 7 & 8
EP # 253- Big Brother Canada Week 3 & 4 (Actual Post Will be posted up that Everything About Reality TV is up-to-date and ready for the next episode.)

                 I know that's like a span of 6 episodes! So wild! However this may take me a week and a half to catch up so the more recent episode will probably be out late then usual, however once we are caught up to speed then we go full speed ahead with the Survivor Season as you guys know Big Brother Canada, Season 8 ended prematurely due to this virus going around which I will address to you guys on the podcast itself. I wanna tell you guys this, I PROMISE you guys I will not quit again. This podcast has become something and honestly it seems it has 9 lives like a cat! What is this the 3rd time I've un-quit from a project now? LOL! Just kidding in all seriousness I think the fact this podcast has grown on me is another reason. Also in the next 2.5 months, I will be talking to my Co-Founder and New Host about this and I am referring to the summer scheduling as right now things are quiet and I do not know further what the plan is moving forward right now. Also still waiting on The Amazing Race and I will address that in a different post maybe tomorrow's post when we could see it or sometime in the next couple of days as I do have plans for other posts over the next few days.


Saturday, February 22, 2020

History of Everything About Reality TV

               As most of you guys know, Everything About Reality TV has been on the air for nearly 5 Years now but I want to get more in depth with the history. Now this all started in January 2015 and I know you are raising an eyebrow to that but let me explain. I experimented with Recapping Reality TV shows which got some good response over the few videos I posted up. So over the few months I started to really think and my thought was hey this really works and let's bring this into a reality. So September 24th, 2015, we recorded our very first episode of the Podcast. We continued on YouTube up to end of June 2016.  We covered Survivor, Amazing Race, Big Brother Canada and Hell's Kitchen during our first 2 seasons of the Podcast which honestly it was only 2 seasons but that's how she got her start in 2015 and never will forget how it all began. Larry left the podcast in January 2016 but came back as a guest on a podcast at the Big Brother Canada Season 4 Finale. As I ended my YouTube career came to where is the podcast going to go now? I decided to take a break from the podcast for a summer hiatus while I rebuilt the website from the ground up. In the fall 2016, we started on Audio ONLY over on Mixcloud then moved over to what we are on to this current day over on, Stitcher and all the platforms you see the podcast on which is 19 platforms if you guys are wondering! 

               In November 2019 which was a few months ago, I almost made the decision to stop the podcast and move on to other projects. However thanks to messages and emails from you guys the podcast continues on with it's journey. Also last month, January we had the addition of Jasmine as Producer and Host of Big Brother Canada and Big Brother US Recaps on our podcast so it is exciting indeed but exhausting getting them ready but you know it is worth it in the end. I wanted to go big this year and we are indeed. This is the just the start of things. We have quite the history and in this post I gave you guys some insight on things that you never really knew about in the years you guys knew about and now you guys now see how this all came to be. I hope you guys enjoyed today's post and tomorrow I will be doing a history of The Entertainment Man Talk Show to end this mini series of posts off. 


Saturday, February 15, 2020

Everything About Reality TV- Giving Back To The Fans!

             With this being our 13th season, we are actually bringing on fans of the podcast for any of the shows that were covering, however I think we are mainly bringing on fans for Big Brother Canada and got a couple of requests to be on the podcasts already! We are excited to bring on more guests onto the podcast and grow this podcast even further and this week's episode is a bit rocky due to some technical issues at the start but come the following week, I am going to start improving the podcast as the weeks move on. This is our 13th season, it's go big or go home so to speak! That is what we are doing! We are proud of what we have built but it hasn't moved in much of the subs so we need to continue to grow. Now the platforms itself it's grown on many different platforms honestly, just we need to get more listeners and we will and doing very well but again don't forget we have been doing this for almost 5 years but also we have to remember starting a podcast from scratch on Audio ONLY takes time and effort. I am going to be doing a bit of changes in the next week or so with notes, the first episode there was a ton to cover technically so I want to take things one thing at a time.

              We are looking for guests to be on the podcast and THIS is YOUR Chance to get involved with the podcast! Calling all Big Brother Canada Fans, you would like a chance to recap Big Brother Canada podcast with us? Well you can email Myself or Jasmine at and we will put you name down on the list! There is limited spots, 11 spots not including the finale as we have that already locked up with a guest or guests so to speak. Please reach out if you are interested and we will be put you down. The deadline for this, well actually as the weeks go on we will add in your name. I do have to talk to my Producer about this and what I am thinking of doing is actually placing a list to who is in line. I think the first week it will be just me on the podcast then bring on guests the following week. This was all Jasmine's idea and I totally agree with the idea and it is truly going to be an honor talking to you guys over the season. Bring on BBCAN8!!!!!!!!!


Friday, November 29, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Changes...

          At this time yesterday, I was taking a break and yes it is still going to be happening but my time off will be definitely a little longer as I am no longer will be the host for Survivor Recaps on the Podcast. I am graciously stepped down to let Billy take it over as I said on the podcast. No I am not going anywhere and this is the reason behind a second announcement post since things change here at CBOTW very quickly and within the last 6 - 10 hours so here is what the plan is for Everything About Reality TV come 2020:

Survivor: Will Be Hosted by Billy a good friend of mine will be taking over the podcast so there will be times I will be not present on the podcast but this is good as it gives me some time off from the podcast.

Big Brother 22: Chris (Me) 

Big Brother Canada 8: Chris (Me)

Amazing Race: Chris (Me)

Amazing Race Canada:  Chris (Me)

             I however will be the one that will be covering Big Brother, Big Brother Canada, Amazing Race and Amazing Race Canada for the time being which is nice to have one less show to cover and I am very excited for the changes to come. I know between September and February there will be a break for me between shows but you never know another show may pop up and I will probably cover the show. Originally I would of give up the rights to the Big Brother and Big Brother Canada Recaps but I enjoy doing em still and like I said I get September to February off normally. Reason I decided to step down is Billy knows Survivor as well as I do and obviously I cannot do all the shows as it has not become evident that I cannot handle every single show out there so the help comes in handy indeed.  The scheduling I have already started working on the next season schedule and will be releasing the schedule in the New Year as of right now I have only one show on the schedule out of the 3 as I do not know when Big Brother Canada will be same with Amazing Race I am currently unsure of when that will be on the air so soon as I know I will let you guys know what is what come New Year.


Thursday, November 28, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Will Be On A Break After Season 12 Till End of January!

               No I am not joking around with the title of this post... No I am not quitting yet again, I am more putting my podcast on a break at the end of December into January and towards the end of the month of January. Why you may ask? I just have made a decison to take a break from this podcast but it will be short lived as by the time the last week of January hits I should be back to normal with an off season podcast and I honestly hope to have at least 2 of them out at the most during the break before the preview podcast for Survivor 40 comes out for you guys. So the Everything About Reality TV Podcast feed will be quiet but that doesn't mean anything I will be still on Punk Rock Cheeseburger and I am sure there will be a collaboration podcast sometime there as long as I am back in my regular studio setting. I think I have been burnt out as I have been going non stop all year long but there is plenty of podcasts to do still. As of next year I will have covered 10 seasons of Survivor, 8 seasons of Big Brother Canada and 1 - 2 seasons of Big Brother US which that will change come summer 2020. Also it will be 6 seasons for Amazing Race US and 5 seasons of Amazing Race Canada that I have covered. So this podcast isn't going anywhere anytime soon. 

               This break will be good for me to get my energy back up and raring to go but with this break will come with me getting off season plans ready to go for the off season phase of the podcast as I still like to have it on the air between all the seasons but yes it is not as often as you guys would like but at least it is definitely great that you guys are going to be getting an episode at least a week at a time. However with the break there is still a ton of work to be done in the way of re doing the off season podcasts notes which as you know when I announced the end of the podcast, I destroyed all the information and boy that was not the smartest move I ever made really. But with re-doing them all, I might end up coming up with new ideas so that will definitely be a bonus. When the studio is back in order and everything is back in place I will have to check the off season Podcast file to see what I have and not have and brain storm ideas as of right now I cannot access the blue container that has past season notes right now which is pretty much buried at the moment so there is no way I can grab that blue container but maybe Larry can help me grab it and bring it up to my room so I can start working on some off season stuff but right now I am only going to be doing up to 2 before the start of Season 13. So I am taking a break and if you need to contact me during the time off, you can always hit me up on social media between December 20th, 2019 and around January 20th, 2020.


Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Updates! [11-19-2019]

           I wanted to take the time to make this announcement post and to give you guys heads up you will now hear a 15 - 30 spot before the intro roles as it normal does and the reason is the podcast is an affiliate and that is all I really want to say but this is a great opportunity and I am sure it will take some time before things pick up. However I can say on the Stitcher side of the platforms that the podcast is with well the views are up which is great and means it is starting to pick up. That isn't the only good thing as you probably noticed Castbox is back and yes I got it back up and it's gaining subscribers pretty quick which is incredible. Also I noticed this a few weeks back but Everything About Reality TV Podcast is also on IHeartRadio which a friend of mine said it is very hard to get on which is true but hey Everything About Reality TV got picked and I am forever grateful for this opportunity. Now back to the 15 - 30 spot, it is hard to explain but you will hear it 2 days from tonight what it is sounds like and I can say it is awesome to add a 15 - 30 second spot promoting Stitcher Premium that I can say. Hopefully that does help explain but like I said you will hear it 2 days from this evening as I will be add it in before the intro.

          I am excited to be an affiliate with Stitcher and have the opportunity to promote their product. Going to Stitcher was the best thing I ever did for the podcast 3 years ago and I was there even when they were still growing as a platform and having issues but I stuck by them even when I took a break I still came back and their platform and staff have been nothing but great to me. This also includes TuneIn, ITunes, Player FM, Castbox and all the platforms my podcast as they have been amazing especially when I had a question or concern with my feed they would help me out with the problem so I am forever grateful for the help when I struggle with things.  Either way it has been a very productive journey and it is now no secret as I said in the post 2 days ago that I have decided to continue or move forward with future seasons of the podcast. I cannot wait for you guys to hear this week's episode as I am changing things around and it will sound different for sure and a lot better this week then it has in the past! 


Thursday, February 7, 2019

My First Ever Episode of Everything About Reality TV... (Throwback Thursday Story)

            Now I am more talking about the Audio ONLY aspect of Everything About Reality TV which it has been almost been 2.5 years now since making the move over to Audio ONLY side of the podcast. Today's Throwback Thursday story is about my very first episode on Audio Only which mind you was a disaster first episode as the quality wasn't the greatest and don't forget I was learning about audio engineering I guess you would call it technically or learning about sound more then video I guess you would call it what I said before. It was my very first episode on Audio without the intro that you guys now hear to this very day on the podcast, this was before I had  a proper introduction to each episode of the podcast but I managed for the very first season. Which if you were to ask what season of Survivor was it that I covered? The answer would be Survivor: Millennial's Vs. Gen X as 1 of the contestants from this season, David Wright will be on this upcoming season which is exciting to think, he was on Millennial's Vs Gen X which was the very first season I covered on Audio Only. However it wasn't my first rodeo as you all know by now I started the podcast on YouTube way back.

            The next point I would like to make is the fact I was nervous on the first episode which is normal as it is different from being in front of a camera to me just being behind the microphone. I do believe it was just nervousness that I was having honestly. The quality of the audio wasn't the best at start and remember I only had the Audio Technica Pro 31 handheld microphone which mind you I still have and is used in the studio here as a guest microphone but I got another post for another day about that. This was probably about almost an year before the condenser microphone was purchased which mind you is a big difference in the way of quality but again that's for another post on another day down the road.  Either way the first ever episode was very nerve wrecking for me but hey I have to start out somewhere and 2016 was the start of such an amazing podcast experience and I wouldn't change it for the world. 


Sunday, January 13, 2019

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother 2 Preview & Other Podcast Announcements!

                I admit, I have been waiting for this announcement for a very long time.  As you can tell by the sound of my voice, I am excited, very excited to say the least as you know Celebrity Big Brother 2 in the US is starting back up soon which means to start the 9th Season, that's right 9th season, a preview podcast is coming. What is a preview podcast you may ask? Well it is where I sit down and discuss the cast for this 3 week season of Celebrity Big Brother. I assess the cast and I also pick who I think will win this Celebrity Big Brother US 2. Now if you do not remember I actually did not cover it last year but this is the very first year I will be covering it for the first time and yes I am a bit on the nervous side of things covering it but in time I will feel that comfort level of actually doing it and remember it is only 3 short weeks long and nothing I cannot handle. I got 2 podcasts a week minus finale week which has the one podcast to wrap up the season. Within a day, I will be recording my Survivor: Edge of Extinction Preview Podcast the following day the Podcast goes up.  So what is the timeline for the Podcast here it is:

Thurs. January 17th, 2019: Celebrity Big Brother US 2 Preview Podcast

Wed. January 23rd, 2019: Celebrity Big Brother US 2 RECAP Podcast Starts

Thurs. February 14th, 2019: Celebrity Big Brother US 2 RECAPS finish

Fri. February 15th, 2019: Survivor: Edge of Extinction Preview Podcast

              This is the start of the scheduling, however I am hiding something that you guys don't know and if the plan falls through with the support of my Alumni but I am not ready yet to tell you my big plan for the podcast but if it falls through, then I am going to make that announcement down the road and yes it will have to go to a few ppl to talk about this idea down the road but aiming for a Season 10 launch on this idea down the road. I am looking forward to sitting down and discussing the cast with you and it will be another fun season to cover Everything About Reality TV Podcast.


Saturday, March 3, 2018

2018 is The Year of Success!

              I was reminded by my friend Dave, that I've been on a crazy adventure, from YouTube to the Audio ONLY Podcasts and this has been a dream of mine which has truly become a dream come true and I am doing something I am very passionate about and I can consider myself a super fan of Reality Television as I live and breathe it each and every week especially with me doing recaps several times a week and who'd think it would become very popular. I do got plans for the fall, adding another TV Show to the list of the recaps but that is for later on to add. This year so far has been so successful in the last year and 5 months of the podcast running on Audio ONLY, it is so surreal to watch a podcast become a success, not only the podcast but the blog posts and interviews I have done with people, it's become such a wild and crazy adventure but I love every moment of doing it. 

                 Within a year, I went over double the views I had a year ago and it is just so amazing to watch the growth rapidly and fast. It is overwhelming but in the same way it makes me smile to see the growth but not only that, it's the feedback from you guys the greatest fans I have in the entire world. I appreciate the positive feedback given, I've not had any really negative feedback from you guys. When I said on social media 2018 is going to be the year for me in the way of success, I meant it and I think this year being in our 3rd month of 2018, I think it's been very successful so far as I people are reaching out to me to collaborate with me and other email which I cannot talk about until this is confirmed it is happening but I am excited to see what will happen for the remainder of this year. However please note that there is still plenty of 2018 left and lots of collaborations to come on the list and one interview as well but I am excited to what is to come. I've already been talking to the person about it and in their ear about hopefully Late April into May to record the podcast and get it out to you guys. I don't really know the schedule as of right now, but got a small idea how it will look but hopefully soon I can figure out the scheduling so this way I can bring it out to you guys soon.  Finally I am really proud on how far things have progressed and I am nothing but proud of the accomplishments I have made over the course of the last year and a half since doing everything on my own and I got no regrets doing things on my own with minimal to no help anymore and I am nothing but looking forward to the future.


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Why is Everything About Reality TV Podcast Successful After 2 years?

              Everything About Reality TV has been successful because I have connected with other podcasters which has helped me drastically. This also has helped my podcast grow as I have had likes and retweets, however I do not get many likes or Retweets often but that's ok though, I know you guys see the posts as from to time I will glance at the analytics to the tweet itself and I can see how many people I have reached in that particular tweet.  Also the fact I constantly am reminding you guys the podcast is coming out soon does help and any special reminders I have made to scheduling changes or the podcast is delayed a day or two. I am always constantly updating you guys on the podcast and I think that has helped me quite a lot in this podcast journey! 

              Also I do hashtags, such as #EverythingAboutRealityTV, #podcast or #podcaster. So that helps the podcast get noticed out there and I use the appropriate hashtags for the content I put out there on social media that is another reason why my podcast has been successful for the past 2 years and 5 months to be exact. If you are to be a content creator, whether you are putting content on YouTube, on a podcast or a blog post, make sure to put in the hashtags, like I said that is what I do. 

              The next reason why the podcast is a success is because of the platforms my podcast is on. Yes I know it started on Mixcloud then, TuneIn, Player FM & ITunes and the list goes on. My strategy towards that was the platforms that will get the most views and honestly I believe that I made the right choice on what platforms I have put it on. & ITunes are well know platforms for podcasts, TuneIn also well known for radio stations both online and local radio stations as well. Player FM, I made the right choice going back to them after a very short stint with them late 2016, however, they have featured me on their website under Reality TV section of the website, which is so amazing and probably why my podcast has seen it's success as I connected with such amazing platforms and they have been helpful when I have had issues with it updating. These are the reasons why my podcast is successful and I hope you enjoyed this post and there will be another blog post tomorrow.