Thursday, April 2, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Has Returned AGAIN!

              Everything About Reality TV has returned. I am just so confused what I want to do and just not happy as a podcaster with anything that I have been doing. Now I am however am happy with Everything About Reality TV returning and more then happy, estatic, excited and working hard to catch up. However, I just feel like my time with Stitcher has come to an end. I am just tired of putting the podcast back and forth and making the staff there work extra hard. So I am thinking of pulling the podcast from their platform entirely. However there is still 18 different networks the podcast on and that's OK. I'm sure there will be other platforms it will be on. I am looking forward to recording and editing the podcast and my only worry is Larry. He's the one person as he's against me bringing this back and yes I'm talking about the Co-Founder of Everything About Reality TV but I know he respects my decision which is a good thing. Larry's got a lot a say and yes I realize this podcast is a lot of work. Well Power Rangers Podcast is too! Either way I have a ton of time right now and can work on both.   I know there is a ton of questions regards to this current season. Yes I am playing catch up with Survivor and I know I've watched the show already but re-watching it all which also goes for Big Brother Canada so over the next several days, I will be editing and posting up and no formal post that a new podcast is up till we get to Big Brother Canada. This will be how the recaps to catch up will look like and I know it is unprecedented to double up but only way to catch up so it will look like this:

EP # 248- Survivor Winners At War EP # 1 & 2
EP # 249- Survivor Winners At War EP # 3 & 4
EP # 250- Survivor Winners At War EP # 5 & 6
EP # 251- Big Brother Canada 8 Week 1 & 2
EP # 252- Survivor Winners At War EP # 7 & 8
EP # 253- Big Brother Canada Week 3 & 4 (Actual Post Will be posted up that Everything About Reality TV is up-to-date and ready for the next episode.)

                 I know that's like a span of 6 episodes! So wild! However this may take me a week and a half to catch up so the more recent episode will probably be out late then usual, however once we are caught up to speed then we go full speed ahead with the Survivor Season as you guys know Big Brother Canada, Season 8 ended prematurely due to this virus going around which I will address to you guys on the podcast itself. I wanna tell you guys this, I PROMISE you guys I will not quit again. This podcast has become something and honestly it seems it has 9 lives like a cat! What is this the 3rd time I've un-quit from a project now? LOL! Just kidding in all seriousness I think the fact this podcast has grown on me is another reason. Also in the next 2.5 months, I will be talking to my Co-Founder and New Host about this and I am referring to the summer scheduling as right now things are quiet and I do not know further what the plan is moving forward right now. Also still waiting on The Amazing Race and I will address that in a different post maybe tomorrow's post when we could see it or sometime in the next couple of days as I do have plans for other posts over the next few days.


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