Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Sports Seasons Suspended-- Additional Thoughts

             Honestly, we do not know when the season will be back as I spoke about on a bonus episode of the podcast and honestly I recently heard that some ridiculous thing and that is that they will have a 45 day training camp then they will finish off the season and then playoffs in the summer followed by the start of the next season. I think it is ridiculous what my dad mentioned to me and been doing a little research as they do not know when they will resume but according to the Ottawa Sun article which you can find by Googling NHL season cancelled that they shouldn't be in a rush to cancel the season. Also talking about they can condense the season without an All-Star game and no 7 day break but I think they know more then what we do not know just not saying anything at the moment. Other sports sites like ESPN are saying cancel the season already. I think they should just cancel it and start a new season in the fall if things get better. I know Billy who is my manager for ChrisBOnTheWeb will not be happy about this but I just feel this will keep going for another 2  - 3 months at the most, maybe more and think finishing up the season now is not going to be happening. 

               This goes for the NBA, I think they will definitely cancel the rest of the season and I just feel like they will cancel. Major League Baseball I'm sure they will end up changing the season and possibly shorten the season? That could be a definite possibility and probably could happen. Again I am not a sports expert when it comes towards this and honestly it is still up in the air as we know cases of the virus are still coming in and yes some countries it has slowed down a bit-- Italy being one of them. Honestly we have to remain optimistic and just gotta occupy ourselves with the seasons being suspended and  when the leagues for the sports I have mentioned decide whether they are cancelling the season or a condensed or change but I think I am aiming towards a cancelled season but again we just do not know and will keep an eye out on the news in the coming days what the plan is.


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