Sunday, May 31, 2020

Chris B On The Web Weekly Updates [05-31-2020]

                 I know it has been very confusing with things changing constantly and with us figuring things out with the website and content right now especially with Everything About Reality TV. We got some really cool stuff coming to the podcast and no it won't be just me but the other hosts are going to try and come up with ideas for a podcast related to their show. However for this to work, we are making decisions that are tough for us and this is what they are:

1) No Video Platform for Everything About Reality TV until we know what the plan is for Big Brother 22 so video platform is at the stand still for now and right now we are 4 weeks pretty much as of tonight until Big Brother 22 is supposedly to start and we have not been told anything as of yet. Amazing Race Canada, I just do not think it is going to happen at this point, they haven't yet recorded it yet and makes me wonder if they are waiting till things are back to normal or thinking of waiting till next year this is why we are on waiting to announce anything video wise but we know Tough As Nails is a go at this point. 

2) We've added our Hosts as Editors so they can make posts and update you guys on shows and their podcasts. Larry and Jeff are Moderators and able to remove comments. 

3) The next thing I want to address is at this point, Staff wise, I am am going to say for right now is we are not looking for any new Staff at this point. I am very much happy with the team we got right now. I want to keep the team small for right now and at this moment I think it is just the best to grow slowly not fast.

              Right now with Everything About Reality TV going into "Off Season" Mode, we are making the decisions and constantly around the clock trying constantly assessing things and the situation here in Canada and over all the world as the CBOTW Studios remains closed till restrictions are lifted. Those are the updates for the week and I surprised Chris by getting this completed Wednesday of last week many days before this was published on the website. Anyways I will talk to you guys next week, same time as usual. 

- The CBOTW Team

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Plans For Everything About Reality TV 5th Anniversary

                   I know this has been an on going question since we hit the New Year what the plan is with the Podcast's 5th Anniversary on September 24th, 2020 of this year? Yes we are planning something and with the podcast between seasons, we just haven't thought about anything really. If I cannot get the entire Everything About Reality TV Team on, then it would be just Larry and I that record. However the reason I have kept a lot of information from you guys is not because I don't wanna give you guys information I do but right now it comes down to if the video platform will be launched and if Survivor comes back it comes down if we are going to be on YouTube in the fall and the shows is the main reason but we are talking about it behind the scenes it's just a waiting game on shows due to the shows may be held off till next year so we are waiting. However I will be inviting the other hosts on and it is first come and I do not want to over do the podcast guests and probably limit to 3 of us on the podcast but there is still time honestly to go and to decide things.

                   I know 4 months is not a very long time to be honest with you guys and I haven't stopped thinking about this big momentous occasion and I promise you guys we will do something even if video doesn't go through right away but again it depends when to launching the channel, if Big Brother happens in a few weeks from now, Survivor this fall, it comes down to all of that. If we do not launch video for quite sometime from now, then we will be definitely Audio ONLY but we will try and figure it out in the upcoming weeks from now. I got one idea in the back of my mind which I will explain in the upcoming weeks and I think it is a great idea I have. You will see but again if I do this idea then we will be doing the 5th Anniversary Live for sure! More details to come next week in a blog post.

- Chris

Thursday, May 28, 2020

5 Years Ago Yesterday, Larry and I Had Our First Big Brother Canada Finale! (Throwback Thursday Story)

                  5 years ago today, Larry and I started this annual Big Brother Canada Finales and I believe we started in the early years, Season 3 which is like 5 years ago. Mind you when we started doing those, Everything About Reality TV was in preliminary stages and under a complete different name and what not! Everything About Reality TV was 4 months later when it existed so we weren't doing Finale Recaps till Season 4 the following year when we were still on YouTube. So we had no pressure whatsoever especially after. Non of that was in existence yet! So we got to sit back and relax and enjoy the finale. Now 2016 and on that was when he came over for them then that was a lot of fun recaps and honestly we can admit not just the finale itself we enjoyed but the Finale chat podcasts that we did which is a tradition now each and every year minus this year as there was no finale due to essential services were only and Big Brother Canada was forced to end production so this was the first time in 5 years we did not get together but this would of been our 5th year but either way we're still considering this our 5th year even without a Finale. 

                 I remember one Finale we got ourselves Ketchup Doritos which I haven't really seen around the store or we made popcorn at the house. I remember one year he was snoring so damn loud I smacked him with my pillow LOL! Oh the memories honestly! I know he missed coming over for it this year but hopefully next year we can make this happen again and get back to it. I know you guys missed him on a podcast this year but he is going to be on a Podcast sooner then you know it! Few weeks time you will be hearing his voice whether we will be live or just recorded but we are making it up to you guys for this year. Don't worry I'm sure there will be more Finales and I am sure the show will be returning in 2021 as I've read up they are planning a 9th season. It was just unfortunate this happened this year but it is what it is and production made the right choice.

- Chris

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Taking Chris B On The Web More Seriously...

                 I have been thinking about things lately and really taking CBOTW seriously. I want to do things right as the last few months has been really busy for us getting things sorted out since the return of Everything About Reality TV and having three Staff departed on us. Honestly I want staff who are going to commit to our content and that is what we are doing. I know I am all over the place making decisions and deciding what is what right now and like Chris (Reality Teas) told me were trying things out and working around the issues together as a team.  I know things are confusing and you guys got ton of questions with things but in time you guys will know what is going on with the content. As you know Entertainment Man Podcast is put on the wayside right now I know you guys were wondering about that but don't worry you can find it under the archives page if you want to catch it up. With taking things a bit more seriously and making sure we fit every bit and pieces properly. It is a day to day thing and really I know you guys want information and we will give it to you guys. We can say tho we are bringing out content for you guys starting June 3rd, 2020 @ 8 pm EST and yes I am referring to Everything About Reality TV. 

                  Either way I am taking things a bit more seriously and been making changes with the website and added one more member of the team. However you will know more on this weekend's update post. Either way I wanna make sure things run smoothly and with things slowly shifting as we are exploring video platforms again, we have to change schedules around and constantly readjusting the scheduling and I think we got it figured out at this moment I think, no guarantees its is all up to what is going to happen with those two shows. Also I have started a Discord Community which isn't released publicly yet but will make it public soon! Going to get the team on there first before we make things public!


Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Pooligans Video Game Review

                 I do not really consider this a video game, game maybe but yea it is technically a video game but whatever you wanna call it. However I have been very addicted to it. It has been fun and something to do really. It gives me something to do. At first I wasn't very good at it but now I am getting better at it as the time continues on. Only issue I have with it is the amount of the game requests I was getting, it was very annoying in a way but hey it is the only way I am going to get better is to play other users online. There was a few times where they quit on me as I was way ahead of them but that was their choice. I find myself playing this game even when I am working on watching Power Rangers and get moving on those I find it easy to just stop playing if I need to switch the game. This game is very addicting and the best part of it all is it's FREE on Steam! Yep that's right it's FREE, ALL FREE!

                So the review of this game is 10 out of 10 like I said it is addictive and fun to play for many hours. I think I found a game I can play for hours on and end I think once I went 6 or 7 straight games winning which got boring constantly but either way I highly recommend this game on Steam is where you can find this game. Really tho I haven't had the time to really sit down and play it but with me working on Power Rangers Podcast, I am sure I will have plenty of time to actually play it till it is time for me to type up notes but that's another story for another day. 


Monday, May 25, 2020

Podcast Schedule- OFFICIAL PRESS Release

                 This is the Official release of the schedule for Podcasts as of June 1st, 2020. I am excited to be bring back podcast content and we are raring to go! Right now Everything About Reality TV Podcast has 2 Off Season Podcasts already pre-recorded and ready to go. Anyways also Entertainment Man Podcast is scheduled to return to the lineup too in June along with Power Rangers Podcast in July. What a great lineup here is the regular line-up schedule for most of June up to a potential season:

Wednesdays: Everything About Reality TV (New Episode goes up every week, we just have to post up the episode the next 2 weeks that we have) 

                   There is the schedule for the podcasts and speaking of Everything About Reality TV Podcast, we have a guest coming on the podcast and you know them very very well as they are known for their yearly appearance on the podcast and if you know who I am talking about then that's great. Them and I had a couple of hours chat on Skype about this and we started to plan it out and it's going to be an amazing podcast as usual and this is the ultimate podcast and trust me it was quite difficult to produce to be honest.  However it will work. Now we are waiting on if we will do this on video or not as we do not know if we can launch the YouTube channel as you guys know we are awaiting if Big Brother 22 is a go or not so that is what we are waiting on at the moment. We will let you guys know if we do the podcast live or just on the Audio ONLY.


Sunday, May 24, 2020

Chris B On The Web Weekly Update [05-24-2020]

              Well another week is here and it is time for another weekly update for Chris B On The Web. This week has been a bit of an unproductive as our boss man has had issues with sleep and unable to produce but did sleep last night for the first time in a week.  So today at some point he will be working on things. Anyways here is what is going on:

1. I want to address something that has bothered me for the last week or so. The amount of disrespect towards our Founder, Owner and Creator and to the Staff here @ Chris B On The Web. To maliciously call our content boring for no reason then to call us Trolls, is unacceptable. We work day in day out on content and to improve the quality of the website and we're getting there but show us respect, we're trying the hardest we can and without Chris part of CBOTW this weekend makes things a bit more difficult without him online this weekend and taking a personal weekend off from social media. 

2. We or I tried to tweak the website this morning so it had more of a sleek view for the website but that was a no go so the site went down briefly for an hour while I re-coded the menu and CSS which has actually been saved to a word doc like the pages as well. I apologize for the slight inconvenience but we're back up and running smoothly again. 

3. Everything About Reality TV- We are waiting an additional week. We have two OFF Season podcasts that are awaiting going up. Now there is a podcast coming out with both Chris and Larry and I think this week Chris needs to focus on Power Rangers Podcast as he has to get it done and get it done in a timely manner. It will be back and we wanna do a couple of Off Season podcasts and if we only do 2 or 3 Off Season Podcasts that's fine too. Also Chris is taking over the Survivor Recaps and will find a Big Brother Canada down the road when if and we know it will renewed.

4. Entertainment Man Podcast- It is still on Scheduled for the first week of June and he's keeping to it and is scheduling to record and edit it this week to get it done by the end of this week. He is going back to recording once a week and posting it up on Mondays @ 1 pm EST.

5. Power Rangers Podcast- As I said his sleep schedule has been not so good lately but with being up late or up all night but he could be working on Power Rangers Podcast. He hasn't been in the right frame of mind to work but today he's planning to watch episodes and really dig into it further this week. Hoping he's sleeping at night this week and we will see how that goes but his well-being comes first.

The CBOTW Team

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Scheduling Announcements

                      Big News has come our way! I am very excited about this and I think this warrants this announcement! I am happy to say I can reveal Part of the Summer and the entire Fall lineup and also shows that we are currently waiting on at this point. You guys should of seen my reaction to the news of Survivor and Amazing Race 32 and I wish I darn well recorded my reaction to it and I was quite happy about it actually. But let's start with the Summer to what is confirmed followed by the Fall Schedule and finally what is awaiting to be confirmed:


Tough As Nails- A New Reality TV competition and Everything About Reality TV is proud to say I am going to be covering myself. It will be on the Audio ONLY side of things for right now as we are just introducing you guys to the show at this point and it is new to our podcast programming and we wanna see if you guys like the idea of us recapping. What I heard it is running for 10 weeks so it will be a true test. Like I said with Music City please give me time to adjust to things.

Fall 2020:

Survivor 41- Now we do not know the theme or name for Survivor 41 as this was sprung on to us the other day and I guess it will be a surprise season for us! However as I said in the Winners At War, Billy will be taking it over and yes I promised him I'd come on for a recap one day and that will be done in the coming months.
Amazing Race 32- As you know I was ready to go with the recaps this week and it was pushed off to the fall. I will be hosting those and I also promised Larry I'd have him on as a promise to since there was no Finale Party as him and I do every year for Big Brother Canada. You will be hearing his voice on the podcast this fall at some point. 

Waiting Confirmation:

Big Brother 22- We are waiting on confirmation if they will do the season and this might of/been updated since this was written Wednesday morning during the night as I was up and couldn't sleep whatsoever. However Chris, Reality Teas is waiting my OK to get testing done on the channel for him and also his preview podcast done and recorded. It will be live on YouTube + Audio ONLY here on and other amazing platforms.
Amazing Race Canada 8- No confirmation yet and the Wiki Fandom said it doesn't seem likely it will happen this year and if it doesn't, it doesn't. Nothing we can do and I totally understand why they didn't do. 

              Either way we still have a great lineup and this podcast will not be going on a stand still, we will not be shutdown. We are going to be continuing to entertain you guys as much as we can and try give you that distraction. My team and myself will continue to keep you guys up to date on the two show but either way, we're all excited with this exciting news!


Friday, May 22, 2020

Han Solo Story-- Star Wars Movie Review

                   Yesterday morning, I couldn't sleep so I decided to watch Han Solo Story for the very first time as I got it back in Christmas. My brother said it was OK, but I found it alright. It was good, it kind of gave me the story of when Han and Chewie met and also getting to know how Han and Lando met so that was cool too. It kind of answered a lot of questions I had how the two knew each other prior to the Empire Strikes Back aka Episode # 5.  Also I noticed they used older music from previous movies was really cool and mind you this movie took place between Episode 3 and Episode 4 along with Rogue One as well. This definitely told a story and the actor who played Han did a really good job. I'm sure he got tips from Harrison Ford before the filming begun. 

                  The movie itself will not get a full 10 out of 10 but I am going to be fair with my assessment of this movie. It wasn't bad and it wasn't excellent but I am giving the movie 7 out of 10 which is a 70% if you put in a percentage. Mind you this is the first time I have seen this movie as I haven't had the time to watch this movie. Either way it wasn't boring it was interesting enough for me to keep on watching right through. I'd watch it again in the very nearby future. If you guys enjoyed this kind of movie review let me know in the comments below and I think I am going to try and do one every week or two depending if there is a new movie I have not watched. Maybe 2 weeks from now I will do a Horror Movie or something maybe a review on The Shining which was a great movie back in the day. I will review that one next week.

- Chris

Thursday, May 21, 2020

I Lost 5 Sims Back To Back... SMH

                  Few weeks ago I lost 5 sims. That's a lot especially for playing a game of Big Brother. Apparently the game glitched out and 5 of the sims above died back to back which was insane and I wish I had my reaction to that on camera honestly. It was the most ridiculous thing ever. By the end of all of that 2 remained and wasn't right as we had no jury really left to vote and wouldn't have been fair. So I ended up ending the season and the final 2 left. I had to investigate the house to why this happened. The stairs going up and down the two levels were apparently disappeared and that became the issue behind it all. Now I believe I shifted rooms and fixed up the house where the stairs are in plain site. There was a couple of issues with the landing anyways aka the upstairs. IF you were upstairs and looked down then you can see behind one of the walls so that had to be fixed so I readjusted rooms and tore walls down but the stairs should be OK and shouldn't glitch out and disappear on me but haven't been back to the big building I built. We have vacated the premises for now.

                 Trust me I was freaking the heck out over it and was quite an interesting experience to watch one sim after another collapse. It is what it is honestly and it really stunk things had to end up this way but never know I may end up going back to the building I may just tear it down and Larry and I worked really hard on this world too and it stinks but it is what it is in the end. Building still exists and stays empty and dark at this point of time. I just do not know if it will be used anytime soon as of the recent turn of events. Yes I realize its a game but it ticked me off the fact that the game took away my bloody stairs and it's the game's fault... This game has been riddled with glitches for years like the sims won't teleport as quickly. However I am getting into a rant and I just do not have the energy anymore to rant and I know you guys like them from time to time it boosts ratings... LOL. Anyways I will see you in my next post tomorrow.


Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Life After The Studio Renovations

                  Since my space has been recently renovated and I've been back, life is great at this point. Utilizing the space on a regular basis and been working non stop and been in my studio majority of the quarantine when I wasn't upstairs watching TV or playing games. Recently added a to part of and old desk piece to my side desk and trust me it's helped me a lot recently especially with storage. I need the extra storage but really I have a ton more room then I did before which is a great thing. Honestly I have recorded a bunch of podcasts even before the shelves went up but the point is, I love this space and been taking care of it on a regular basis. Even been wiping things down like the phone with the wipes to ensure no germs on it whatsoever. Dusting and vacuuming the rug that is under half of the furniture but with our super duper vacuum it made the floor really makes the cleaning job awesome!

                  Don't get me wrong, I love this studio and there will be a ton of recording done in here! Only thing is there will not be any guests in studio at this moment and I am excited to continue to record podcasts and the future and many memories we will make with this studio. I am sure we will have a lot of new memories. It is nice to have back the studio lights that use to light up the green screen which really renders useless at this point as there is no way to hang it up with the ceiling now so I kind of wish I had my chair against the wall and the green screen against the wall unit but would of been a bit difficult and quite a setup to do. However I have adjusted to the background that I have behind my chair and gotten adjusted to it honestly. This is probably the best setup I have ever had ever have and this is probably my favorite setup out of them all to be honest!


Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Been Over Thinking This Whole YouTube Thing!

                I feel like I have been over thinking with this entire YouTube thing to be honest and this is why I am making a second post for today. Least you cannot say I am doing content. As you know the team and I are preparing to bring Everything About Reality TV Podcast back to YouTube and I spoke to you guys in the early afternoon about the state of our podcast and that we are planning to return to YouTube soon. After this post went up, I had time to think about things and I think I am definitely over thinking things and I wanna for now take these steps to grow the podcast channel of ours:

  1. Not worry about earning money from the channel and take the time to really grow the channel and build up the viewership on there over the course of time. 
  2. Bring on the shows that we are going to cover on the podcast and fans from the Audio ONLY Platforms. Which really prove to be quite difficult to do at this moment as we are between seasons however. 
  3. Get the hosts setup to stream on the channel and try to stream on the channel to ensure they are up and running on the channel. 
  4. Not to rush the growth of this channel and really grow it slowly. I do not wanna push the channel too fast and was at fault for that when I wanted to launch the channel at the end of a season.
  5. Make a guest appearance here and there and I made a promise to Billy to come on one of his Survivor Recaps as we couldn't make it work with the 2 of us.
                  Those are steps I want to follow and really take the time to adjust to the video side of things. Honestly I will not be live on there as much as you guys think but Chris (Reality Teas) and Billy will be on there most of the time and I am on there on February/March each year. Right now we focus on the Audio ONLY stuff and YouTube will return one day soon. We have to do it when the time is right and with a month to go till Big Brother is to air, we just do not know when it will air to be honest. Just gotta take one step at a time especially with YouTube. 


What Is The Status of Everything About Reality TV?

                  So I know there is one big thing that wasn't on the list and that is on everyone's mind right now! Yes I realize the big announcement of the current season is still up in the air and I do know a bit of information right now but not enough to warrant an announcement. However this post is about the YouTube channel which is at this point sitting around gathering dust and we are currently waiting till one of the video platform shows which is Survivor which just finished and Big Brother Canada which were waiting for a Season 9. However the question we are waiting on Chris's (Reality Teas) Big Brother 22 Podcast which is one of the reasons we do not even bring up the channel and it's been very radio silent with YouTube. So the answer is we are waiting on the news. Might hear more this week, might not. Today we are supposedly hearing about the Fall lineup today at some point but I am not sure if there will be an announcement separately for Big Brother so it is information we are truly waiting on at this point.  

                  However I can hint as I am not ready to announce it fully there is something in the works for this summer which means the podcast will be active and no I am referring to Entertainment Man Podcast coming back, it's in the lineup and you guys know when it's returning but more like something else is in the plans. Also I got some interesting news which entails the podcast remaining on the air and could have time off between, but you guys will find out soon. We will do a massive post from our team, whether it's from me of the team there will be an massive update coming! There is at least 2 - 3 more shows till we know further. So in conclusion YouTube is on hold for now and kind of why we only currently have Staff that is subscribed at this moment of time and we hope soon we can role out video finally!


Monday, May 18, 2020

Power Rangers Time Force Got Me Hooked!

          I know this is been silent for quite sometime but today, I am officially getting into watching Power Rangers Time Force and would like to get to Episode 20 today. I figure 5 hours = 10 episodes. If I can endure 5 hours a day then I definitely can try and get it done. When I get on a roll I get on a roll and trust me I am hooked. It only took me one episode and I was instantly hooked on the show. I absolutely love this season and I know I am not far into this season yet but I will today at some point as I will be getting to work with the season. Either way one thing I didn't know was Wes and Alex are played by the same actor but I will be covering that on the podcast. Least i am hooked on the season and excited to be continuing on with this season and cannot wait to make a move on this season.

           I am looking forward especially to the cross over from Lightspeed Rescue and we have seen as we normally see but anyways I am thrilled by this season and excited and ready to go and to make a tear on this season and get ready for the fall. I find it easy to get hooked on a season but also it is tough to get bored of a season. I can say this, I had a hard time with Lightspeed Rescue and ended up just giving up on it to be honest and to a point where I had to stop but I know I had to watch it for the podcast and once I got into it then I was definitely hooked and enjoyed that season but this time I am instantly hooked with this season.


Sunday, May 17, 2020

Chris B On The Web Updates [05-17-2020]

               Hello everyone once again, here is your updates for Sunday, May 16th, 2020. It has been another crazy week for Chris and the team and him and I have been busy with the back end of the website. What do we mean by this? Well him and I officially completed the website menu bar and pages re-design which took us a very long time to complete and finish up. Now I am looking at tweaking the CSS and to make the page a lot more responsive to the pages as it has not as responsive as of right now. We're always looking to improve the responsiveness and better the website of the website. 

                As you guys know Chris has finished "Everything About Reality TV" Podcast and we are now on the "Off Season" and waiting for what is next for the podcast. We have something in the works and is being added to the list and will be on Audio ONLY but more information on that is coming. Him and the team are trying to expand the podcast and I think it's great he wants to expand his horizons.

                Finally on this update is Chris wants me to tell you guys to put this on your calendar on Monday, June 1st, 2020 @ 1 pm EST a brand new Episode of his personal podcast is returning after 2 months of a hiatus due to him going back to Everything About Reality TV. It will give you guys some content to listen to and yes it is Audio ONLY. He has no plans to move it into Video anytime soon and this is mainly an Audio ONLY. He will be recording in a week and a half from now and excited to post it up officially!

- The CBOTW Team

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Weight Loss Update-- I Failed To Keep Losing Weight....

                  I have been again struggling once again with losing weight and it is my own fault.  However I haven't really weighed in and haven't been eating much lately as I haven't been hungry or I have been in bed between 11 am and 1 pm EST everyday since I am up during the night majority of the last week or so. So it is hard to report on the progress of me losing weight right now and I need to first fix my sleep then I can work on the weight stuff. The one thing we have been bad with is the fattier foods and that hasn't really helped at all either. That is one other thing that needs to be fixed first. I'm sorry this isn't much of an weight loss update. I'm still fat as of right now and I'm not really afraid to say it either! LOL!!! Yes I know I am making fun of myself and I do that quite a lot and use to it.... ha-ha!

                 Moving forward if there isn't an update then I will not do any update and do a post on the Fan Page that there is going to be a different post. Honestly it is better then wasting your time reading a boring post, haha. Remember I have to remain positive with the weight loss as it won't be easy to lose it all and to be honest I haven't been walking much lately and it's my own fault but the problem is it is raining a bunch here in Ontario so walking is a bit of a problem and why the weight has recently fluctuated up and down so it really has shown especially in my belly sticking out and not many shirts fit so they remain on the bottom on the shirt pile. 


Friday, May 15, 2020

Grand Theft Auto 4 Lost and Damned and Grand Theft Auto 5 Fails!

                 Recently been having issues with Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto 4 and I recently completed the Nico missions and moved onto Lost and Damned and there was series of issues with the game in general and trust me I am not happy whatsoever with it. The first strike with this game and trust me there is a ton of problems I have had with it but the first issue it wouldn't let me save the game whatsoever and I had quite some good progress and was clearly enjoying the game so I am not sure what the issue was but really would like to do it one way or another. Not sure how to fix it honestly.  The second issue I had was a saved game couldn't load and I had to start right from scratch all over again which is quite frustrating to be honest. I really was enjoying the playthrough of Lost and Damned as I had the full version of Grand Theft Auto 4 and now I would have to start all over if indeed I was able to fix the glitch in the game. I honestly have had issues with this game in the past on my old computer and my current PC I am having issues with as well. 

                The next part I wanted to rant about a bit is Grand Theft Auto 5. This morning I installed the game and couldn't play it. It told me to uninstall Rockstar Social and I tried and I have to uninstall all games associated with it so now if I wanted to play and trust me I have no plans on playing anytime soon as I am just fed up with the issues I am having and I am going to work on other games that I have just reinstalled recently and there was a bunch that I did reinstall on my computer that I can play and GTA has my dissatisfaction but it is what it is and the game is back on the shelf. It is a fail on my part and maybe one day I will fix the issue but right now is not the moment.


Thursday, May 14, 2020


                 As you can tell with my recent post on social media, we have officially completed the website work. Every page is up and running and the entire menu bar is functional and working but just the menu isn't too responsive but it works at some point and going to start work in the coming weeks but honestly that is for my website admin to do as most of the work and design of the menu is complete. As you can see there are two Sections: 'Everything About Reality TV" which houses a ton of pages of podcasts we do.  We finally have our "Other Podcasts" which even includes Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast, Entertainment Man Podcast and the Archives of past podcasts. Trust me we can house more and you never know what is in-stored for the websites moving forward, new projects, new hosts. It took us weeks to get the menu to function and drop down but alas we got it working. Still a couple of bugs in it but in time we will get it working. You can use your arrows and it does help for now. 

                 During the construction phase of the page, noticed the number of views have been up lately which is truly a good thing. I looked at the pages and they all have gotten good views. The Hours we put in, the lack of sleep we have had to endured it was indeed worth the hours of hard work and dedication. I'm surprised this big project took us weeks and got it done. Took a lot of patience and we had a couple of bugs to iron out on the pages as it wouldn't save but that is besides the point as everything is now fine. I hope you guys enjoy the rebuilt menu bar that we worked hard in the last couple of weeks and we're excited for what is next for the website. Any issues, concerns or questions please contact is and we can answer any question or concern you may have. 


Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Reflecting the Past 4.5 Years Doing Survivor Recaps

                As you guys know, tonight is my final Recap for Survivor on Everything About Reality TV Podcast and I had something else in the back of my mind for today and I think today is a fitting for me to reflect on the last 4.5 years of doing Survivor Recaps. I was sooo close to 5 years of Survivor however it is an honor to finish strong on Season 40, Survivor: Winners At War.  I actually really hoped for this and it happened. I started this adventure with Season 31, Survivor: Cambodia-  Second Chances with Larry nearly 5 years ago. Almost 5 years and these Recaps are still going strong. I've watched these Recaps grow gracefully and honestly I have had too much fun with these and do not know why I have to stop now. However, Billy is taking over and the fun will continue and I'm sure you guys will welcome him with open arms. 9 Seasons, I have covered and over 100 Episodes (109 to be exact.) Which a lot to be honest.  This year and wish I did this on the podcast sooner is the Rankings podcast and Billy hasn't indicated I could do it and I will not do it unless he approves but honestly it was a test run to see if you guys enjoyed it. I have been through rough times and really good times with these recaps and have no regrets whatsoever to the content I brought out despite the 1 and only 1 complaint I had about it but most of you guys have been happy with the content. I don't wanna focus on the negative but focus on the positive. One last thing I remember of these recaps was back at the start with Larry when his cat, Charlie who has since then passed on but he was always chiming in with his meowing and it made it quite funny and entertaining to be honest. 

                 It has been a honor to Recap Survivor for this long and like I said the Survivor Recaps are not going anywhere anytime soon.  Billy is taking over and we currently do not know when it will air at this point with the state of the world, so we could be at a dry spell to when shows and this will return. At this time I want to thank my team, Larry (who's been with me from the start), Billy (Who's taking over these Recaps) and Reality Teas (Chris) who is new to our team for the support during this season and input that has helped us do better as a podcast. I will take with me the memories of my time in my studio but don't forget I am still Recapping Big Brother Canada (which will be on Video & Audio ONLY), Amazing Race & Amazing Race Canada (which will be found on Audio ONLY.) I am going nowhere, I will be in the YouTube channel Moderator the chat and joining you guys in the conversation and helping Billy and Chris in anything they need. Like the saying goes all great things must come to an end but I don't see this as the end, it's more the adventure is just beginning for us. Our 5th anniversary is coming up and so much more to look forward to. In conclusion, I am sure Billy will have me on the podcast from time to time and maybe, just maybe I will make 1 appearance a season? That's for him to decide but you never know.

-  Chris

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Moving Chris B On The Web Updates To Sundays!

                      So I have made the executive decision to move the weekly updates to Sundays instead of the usual Monday. Trying something different and I think it wasn't the right fit on Mondays but there is a bunch of reasons too but as you know Entertainment Man Podcast is on the horizon to return to the line-up here not just the website but on the other platforms and there has been proposed projects so this means I gotta make more time to post up them so definitely think the update on the first day of the week is the best move. Don't worry same kind of format, nothing is changing really to it and no plan to change the way I do the weekly updates. I really wish I did this sooner on the Sundays originally when this idea came to me for a weekly update on the happenings around the "CBOTW Community" however we are making this change now before any other major additions to the website. We're trying to gradually expand the website not expand so fast this is why we're taking our time on the pages. 

                    Either way, CBOTW is always evolving and always making the necessary changes that comes with the growth of this website as recently we have officially peaked over the 80K in the last year which is crazy for a small but now huge website. So again we're moving the updates to Sundays and one other thing to add on, it will not be me who does those, it will be one of my team members who does the updates. I have decided as the Founder/Owner to hand the reigns over to the Website Admin to make the necessary updates to the website each week so you will be hearing from me 6 days of the week. This is good too as I have been along with my team swamped with work and updates and just growing our brand even more. I know you guys understand and will enjoy the posts on Sundays as you guys enjoyed them on the Mondays and I will see you guys in the next post tomorrow. 

- Chris 

Monday, May 11, 2020

Chris B On The Web Updates [05-11-2020]

                     I know I was going to start doing this but I have decided to keep it to the blog as usual and talk about other topics on Entertainment Man Podcast which I will talk about. There is a lot going on and emotions running high this week with this being Finale Week for us for Everything About Reality TV and again I will cover it. In this update, I will provide you guys the updates on everything that is going on with us and the website.

1) Website: This is the first crucial step for us and we have been so busy with other projects and this weekend myself and my website Admin were suppose to work on the website but got busy with family stuff and especially Mother's Day yesterday. However I worked a bit of it before bed last night and working on The Amazing Race Page to get that one completed. We currently have the Survivor, Big Brother and Big Brother Canada pages created and done and not sure if all of them are active as of yet but we will be checking soon as we finish both Amazing Race and Amazing Race Canada pages to ensure they are all active and running and with a post that it is indeed active on the website. Then we will be jumping away briefly to be working on Entertainment Man Podcast Page, then jumping back to "Everything About Reality TV" Podcast pages with Off Season Podcasts and 2 shows: "Music City CMT" & "Celeb Big Brother US" pages that were covered on the podcast. Then finally the archives page on the far right side. This will complete up the website page work and we will have an official announcement the site work is done. Right now you guys are working off the links page right now on which is going to be eventually a discontinued page and will not be active on the website anymore.

2) Entertainment Man Podcast: As you guys noticed, the Re-Launch date for this podcast being weekly is June 1st, 2020 at 1 pm EST. The reason why is so we can finish up the site work and also fix any of the platforms the podcast may be on. So this can take up a few weeks of my time to get it fixed on any platform the podcast is on. I believe, ITunes,, Player FM are all up to par and not sure about Spotify and I do not even think it is on Spotify and has been removed so I will have to put that on my list of platforms to put it on. Either way, I am close to the Re-launch but still a couple of things to do to ensure the platformsit's on and up to date as I never told em that I changed the RSS Feed as the main feed was originally deleted. Good News is I still have the episodes that I did record and are on the external hard drive of mine in storage.

3) Everything About Reality TV Podcast: As you know this is Finale Week for us and we will be on a bit of a hiatus. I wanted to say, we are recording an episode LIVE on our YouTube channel Wednesday night @ 11:15 pm EST to make it officially launched but having second thoughts as we will be on a hiatus for a while. I need to talk to Larry, Billy & Chris (Reality Teas) about doing some Off Season Content for both Video and Audio, Live and even video and Audio (Pre-Recorded) where I can either post it or even do a Premiere but might wait for Premieres for a while. Either way I need to talk to them and that is the reason we will be off air for a week or two to get things in order for what is next and hopefully we find something out Big Brother US Season 22 and Amazing Race Canada Season 8. 

                  There is the updates that I have for you guys and we continue to work on the site and content. I know I didn't mention Power Rangers Podcast but here is the thing as of today, I will be working on Time Force today and getting it on a role as July we are suppose to be recording and need to get watching this season and Wild Force if we are to make the Mid July target but when I got updates, I will give you guys more updates. For right now these are the current updates and what is being worked on and with extra time to really work hard on the collaboration Podcasts and get it ready for taping. Anyways I will see you in the next post tomorrow at our usual time.

- Chris

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Weight Loss Update [05-09-2020]

                           This will not be a long post as there is a lot of things that have to be done as we wanna continue on with the website stuff and I actually got this post and the podcast edited and posted up during the night as it should be up on the platforms by now. All I can say, I stayed up late working on it and getting it done and up. Anyways that is besides the point as technically and this is about my weight. Honestly I haven't been keeping an eye on it really, I haven't paid any attention to it to be honest and I know last time I weighed like Thursday morning I weighed at 227 pounds which I wanna get it down and I am going to. Just gotta really work on it. I wanna make myself more smoothies for breakfast and I just need to get my butt out for walks really and probably will do that today and take an hour of my time from coding the website which went on hold but I can take an hour of my time to walk and get fresh air. I admit to walking to the park and back but that's not really far to go and won't do anything for my weight seriously and my fitbit the wrist bands are broken and need to get them fixed so I do not know how to get the wrist bands off to begin with but I need my fitbit back up and running. At this point I cannot keep track of my steps which I was currently working 7000 steps or was it 8000 steps a day? I don't remember but it was long the line of that numbers.

                            Either way I have to get back into a healthy pattern and we have been having way too much fatty foods lately and it isn't healthy. I wanna first aim for 220 pounds first then I will be a lot happier. I have to lose 7 pounds to get there then onto my next goal but one thing at a time.  I almost didn't even wanna bother with a weight loss update and I could of had my team post up the post that went up almost at midnight last night. I know the timing isn't great but I try to get content out on time for you guys. I am almost tempted to do weight loss updates every 2nd week at this point but I will keep you up to date on things as I continue to try lose this weight. Anyways I will talk to you guys on tomorrow's post as I have a bit of an announcement to make. 

- Chris

Friday, May 8, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Major Updates

          Chris did a post about the podcasts this morning but that was more the status and I got more information from him that I want to share as I know this isn't a Monday but as you guys know I am stepping down from Survivor Recaps as Billy is replacing me. There is a reason behind it as I want the Staff behind the podcast as involved as much as possible.  Chris is still around the podcast and is still very much involved and most involved in the earlier part of the year and the summer but again it depends on the scheduling but this is to clear up any confusion to what the plan moving forward is.  Yes he spoke about Sequester however it will not be in the list as of right now.  Anyways let's start with what platform the shows are on followed by the Hosts but don't worry it won't be a long post:

Video & Audio ONLY (Includes Host of The Podcast):

- Survivor (Hosted By Billy)

- Big Brother (Hosted By Chris, Reality Teas)

- Big Brother Canada (Hosted by Boss Man Chris, Me)

Audio ONLY (Includes The Host of The Podcast):

- Amazing Race US (Hosted By Boss Man Chris, Me)

- Amazing Race Canada (Hosted By Boss Man Chris, Me)

                   So there is the current list and like I said there is our list and right now, we have kept out ONE show and the reason is we do not have a host for it at this moment and I am not going to say what show at this moment but never know we will explore the option again in the future I'm sure. So for right now there is the updates and Yes he knows he is only hosting one podcast on BOTH Video & Audio ONLY once and the rest is Audio ONLY... LOL! The fact he's not a really big YouTube fan these days but least he can help the team out behind the scenes and play a more of an Executive Producer role. However do not forget he also have Amazing Race and Amazing Race Canada on the list and we just found out that Amazing Race has been renewed for supposedly Season 33 which is on hold but we know right now that was put on hold due to the state of the world. Any changes or adjustments will be brought up on this blog.

Thanks everyone, have a great rest of your evening,

-  The CBOTW Team

Podcast Updates [05-08-2020]

                     Got some interesting news actually with podcasts old new and and rebooted podcasts. This week has been a busy one for me for the Executive side of things making decisions for the podcast and getting things rolling. I cannot wait to tell you guys most of the plans and some are in pre production, some going into production and the other currently in Production. So here is what is going on with all the podcasts on our Network:


- CBOTW Gamers Podcast: Waiting on our potential host to get a computer and we have already discussed the platforms and if it will be live or just Audio ONLY which I cannot indulge that information at this moment as not all the details have really been ironed out still but don't worry, we are working on all of that for you guys and when we are close to launch we will give you guys more information.

- Entertainment Man Production: That's right this podcast is coming back with a vengeance and will be taking up the space of Everything About Reality TV while it's on Hiatus which we hope not but this podcast will be out every week on Mondays @ 1 pm EST on Audio ONLY Platforms only, nothing else. I feel a lot more confident with this podcast and look forward to this podcast. There may be times where I have to stop the podcast due to a busy schedule but that is why I got other hosts to help me out with podcasts as Everything About Reality TV is not a one man operation really. 

In Production/May Be On Hiatus:

- Everything About Reality TV: Currently still in production but soon to be heading into a Hiatus as we had plans to cover Sequester but we currently do not have a host. We have ideas for podcasts for between the seasons but unsure if the plans will go through with this so that is up in the air at this moment but I am in constant communication with my team. Also  Billy is the new Host for the Survivor RECAPS and plan on starting for Survivor 41 which we hope this happens in the fall as scheduled. As for Chris (Reality Teas) we are waiting to see if there is a Big Brother this Summer and same with me covering Amazing Race Canada so no real new information is available about that. We do not know if we will be on hiatus for a long time or that will be a short hiatus before we get back into the swing of things again.

In Production:

- Power Rangers Podcast: Currently the only podcast at this present time of day that is really active right now and honestly isn't in Limbo of being put on Hiatus. However this is currently on the air 9 weeks of the year of a 3 recording sessions per year with 2 episodes per session. that's like 9 seasons a year which is a lot but we are up to the challenge. 

              There is the updates of the podcast and I'm excited to have these guys aboard with Billy, Reality Teas (Chris), Larry, Jeff and myself. Whoops did I say Jeff, yea hes back involved again with the team again and I have said this with all my staff, more the merrier really and that is the reason why I am bringing on a team and it is very exciting indeed. Again we will keep you up to date on things and how it is going and what not and all I can really say is stay tune for more information!


Thursday, May 7, 2020

1 Year Ago I Was On A Spring Cruise On The Chi-Cheemaun!

                             So 1 year ago well about days later from the actual 1 year anniversary, to be politically correct 5 days. I went on a Spring Cruise on the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry! Boy what a long but fun trip and it was weird to see snow there. Also the fact Flower Pot was really quiet and just odd to see anyone and plus the town of Tobermory was quiet and never seen a town so silent and quiet. I still remember exactly what we had, potatoes, Roast Beef and some kind of square which I believe was lemon actually.  I know there was a ton of down time between the departure and arrival but I was always looking around especially when I got around the Grotto. One thing I loved was the Captain blasted the Chi Cheemaun again on the way out at the entrance/exit to Owen Sound Harbor. Also those hanging out at the Grotto as there was 1 or 2 people there if I remember correctly.  I believe there was a few people even in Tobermory when we arrived to greet the boats arrival for the brand new Ferry Sailing Season. Feels like it has been longer then 1 year and definitely a memorable moment. It was neat we got to enter through a side hatch on the side of the ferry which is a very rare occurrence as you normal enter from the "bow" or "stern" as that is the proper terms or the side ramp either side Tobermory or South Baymouth (Manitoulin Island). It was amazing to see what a great turn out it had and unfortunately the ferry service is on hold due to our situation with the virus but glad I got go last year with my dad and my dad traveled from pretty far from the South East end of Ontario like 3 hours away from here. 

                           I would love to complete it all and do the Fall Cruise with my dad next year which would be pretty beautiful up there but we would have to book a hotel and get a school bus from Owen Sound and up to Tobermory. I am on their social media pages liked and following them on a regular updates and asked them questions if I had some. Either way there is 2 more things on my bucket list with Tobermory and that is for another post for another day. It is a fun trip and if you live in Ontario and when this is all done and hopefully things go back to normal, I highly recommend this trip even if it isn't a Spring or Fall Cruise it can be a normal trip from Tobermory to South Baymouth or the southbound trip but it don't matter really what direction but it is worth the time to go up there. Finally I have been doing this trip for ages and like I said there are 3 things still on my bucket list. What the heck really, they are the 2 hour cruise around the islands during the day, exploring Manitoulin more and finally the Fall Cruise. I know the fall cruise will be similar but it will be in the opposite direction which is south down the peninsula.  Either way it was a fun time and I enjoyed it and cannot wait to do the fall one. 

- Chris

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

My Sims 4 Big Brother House Was Repo'd Apparently!

 I  was playing my Sims recently and I went back to the Sims 4 Big Brother House to find no lights, no furniture, nothing! I thought well they repo'd all our crap that I built the house from the ground up with the help of Larry in the process. I believe if I remember My Sims has done 4 seasons so far before a lengthy hiatus. The House even had just the dry walls up. It was ridiculous and just dark. Even the crew which was my guy till he died from either old age or an fire in the house on The Sims 4. However the daughter took over and now it's Justin and yes Justin from my former team at one point of my YouTube career from 2011 - 2017. Anyways he's running the building now and we went into a total remodel and fix up. I got the lights back up but had to take some down due to a minor fix where you can see from the second floor so I managed to get it covered and redid the railing and what not. Also the Mirror's were repo'd too that act like  a two way mirror in the game of Big Brother. Same with the chairs in the studio had to be replaced. Redid the HOH Room, 2 bedrooms and bathroom. Also redid the entire backyard and added back lights, the hot tub in the hot tub area as well. TV's were added back couch's and the kitchen remodeled and added a half wall instead which looks pretty awesome. Pantry is back to what it was and the dining room tables were back.  There is still some work to be done. I did  mention the HOH, however it isn't completely finished and I do not think the toilets are back in the main bathroom yet. Also Justin's bed, bathroom, TV, couch, kitchenette with stove and fridge and sink and counters are to be added before I start the 5th season of The Sims 4 Big Brother. I guess TS4BB for short.    I do not know why the heck we lost all our stuff honestly. I guess we didn't pay our bills in time, so they got peeved off at us. Yea we're running a big operation with that building and costs us a lot per bill that we get sometimes 30 - 40 thousand dollars and we almost ran out of money. We're like at 4 grand left in the bank and dunno how we will run this season. Might have to remove everything and abandon the 5th season due to financial woes. Which would be a definite downfall. Gotta get him to work a bit to raise some money so we can get this season off the ground really. We'll see I gotta try and finish up the house first which mind you was stripped to the bare bones but gotten a ton of work done to the big house however it comes down to $$$$ in the end. I know I could use the cheat code and I gave myself a bit of money but honestly wasn't enough and I rather go the legit way so sounds like this is going to be held off or just cancelled all together but keep your fingers crossed. I do not think anyone would move into that building anyways as it costs too much money honestly.  Larry and I made quite an expensive building.  Anyways I call that a Sims 4 first where they repo'd my stuff and we weren't even in the building but their own house they own.  It is what it is and going to try and fix the issue.

- Chris

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

When Do I Think The Amazing Race 32 Will Air?

              This clicked into the back of my mind and even had a conversation to one of my followers on Twitter and they said I might be right. So in today's post we will be talking about "when do I think The Amazing Race 32 will air." I was thinking about it in the past week since they made the announcement and honestly I was really upset about it when it first came out but then I started to think about it more and more and I came to a conclusion: I was thinking Survivor more then likely if it does't air and not saying it won't but I am going by the facts which are Survivor filming is on hold till further notice or till they tell us when filming begins and right now they do not want to take a risk honestly as some of their crew is from different parts of the country and could of gotten the virus so I can see why they want to hold it off. I could make the argument that they could test them etc but I know and realize it is better safe then sorry to just postpone for now. Now to the main reason behind this post today, The Amazing Race has been put on hold till later this year and that kind of gave me the idea, well not idea but the fact that they could possibly actually put The Amazing Race in the Fall. Which makes total sense if there is indeed no Survivor this fall, this could make a possible sense. I know what you're going to say you know The Amazing Race is Audio ONLY, and I do realize that.  However we do what we can to bring content and it is unfortunate this is actually happened but it is what it is. 

            I am all for The Amazing Race 32 this fall if this indeed is the plan they got for it and we will have to wait and see but least it won't be a too long of a hiatus but we got some other plans in the works for between the regular seasons and announcement for that is coming. I'm not 100% sure on this though but it is just food for thought really. You never know this could be a true but when else would they air it? Summer? That is another one that could definitely be a great possibility really. There  is so many different possibilities really to when this is going to air.  Could be a month down the road later as maybe no Big Brother 22 as there hasn't been an announcement yet could be a variety of different ideas that could be a factor in when the show is on the air. All we know we are waiting on the news and just gotta keep being patient during this really. We will find out in due time what the plan is and I honestly getting eager to watch it honestly.

- Chris

Monday, May 4, 2020

Chris B On The Web Weekly Update [05-03-2020]

                    Here is your updates for this week. What another crazy week for us here at ChrisBOnTheWeb.  We continue to social distance ourselves here in Ontario and we continue to keep the studio in complete lock down for right now we have made some progress with some new features on the website. So let's start with the website; we moved very quickly with the website and it took us a few days to get the design of the menu bar working and it does work but we hope to tweak it a bit more but most part it is done.  We are working on the pages now and have gotten Survivor & Big Brother Pages done and finished and moving at a fast pace to getting it done entirely. My team for the website has done a phenomenal job even tho we lost our website admin but another one was hired on but that is besides the point, the point is we are getting things done on a fast pace and hope we can get the job finished and I think if we continue the path we are going right now, we will indeed get even half way done at the most this week. After Survivor, Big Brother pages we got Big Brother Canada, Amazing Race and Amazing Race Canada for the active podcasts then Celeb Big Brother US and Music City CMT for the shows we do not cover anymore as they are no longer on the air. As I said yesterday's post that I am working on Power Rangers and started to watch the show again while working on the page. Now Social Media wise, we have lost followers on both Twitter and Instagram but gained a couple which is good. Instagram we're up and down for the most part but I think the Instagram is more tailored towards my own personal account which I promote still as you guys seem to enjoy my posts about podcasting and just life in General and the only personal account you will see out of it all. Anyways I am very impressed with the progress and I have noticed I have been a little more patience but still have my moments.

                 Now Everything About Reality TV and Power Rangers Podcast is next on the list for updates and there has been a lot of ups and down with trying to figure out shows and came to terms that for right now, to put the podcast on hiatus as of May 15th at midnight which means podcast content will come to a break and right now we will be lacking podcast content but like I said above Power Rangers Podcast isn't on hiatus either as it's possible to get done. Power Rangers Podcast, I'm working on Time Force right now and wanna get it done in a week to week and a half to ensure I can get moving on the next one so we can get typing up the notes and I can forward them to Larry in case we are still in lock down we have a backup plan to record through Discord or Skype. Anyways that is the updates for this week, it's business as usual even tho we hit a roadblock with production with the podcast but it is what it is and we will make the best out of the situation and that is all we can really do.  We are hanging in there and trying to find work to do and keep CBOTW a good flow and we are still going at a strong pace. Anyways I will see you guys in the next post tomorrow have a good rest of your Monday.

- Chris

Sunday, May 3, 2020

What Will I Do After Everything About Reality TV Podcast Finishes This Season?

                        First of all getting use to the new version of blogger as they changed the layout and honestly liked the older version but what can you do? Anyways that is besides the point but I was asked what am I going to do between the seasons. First thing I want to say is this is just a hiatus, it is not cancelled. We will be between seasons and until we know the status of shows, we're on a break. I wouldn't even call it a hiatus but more like a break from things really. Well as you know, Larry and I are scheduled for July to record and I have to continue to watch the series and more then likely what I will be doing while I am working on the website today but besides the point.  Watch the series will take a few weeks to watch and finish but even after that start working on Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder for the Fall so I can make sure were on track and even beyond that! What do I mean by this? I also wanna make sure January's podcast is ready and I want to get a bit ahead of myself so I can keep the schedule as it is. I have to also finish the website up and it may take a few weeks more to complete the entire project. So that is another thing is I will be working on the site and watching Power Rangers so I will be multi tasking to get it done. There is a lot of different things I can do but Power Rangers and Website has the priority right now to be finished and I know I will get it done. Also I have to remember it takes a lot of time to watch the show and episodes and I am actually now at Episode # 8 so I am making progress but sure I will make a ton of progress today and so on. Also I can say this as well that I will be once the website is done and working, I will be working on Off Season Podcasts in case I want to do some before the next season starts but again we do not know when shows will be airing again right now but always good to be prepared ahead of time and I know there is episodes that I did I could do on an off Season again but I have to locate it in my archives box where I keep past notes so there's another task for me to do is locate the notes and I already put it on my list of many things to do. There is plenty of different longer tasks and shorter tasks that I can do honestly and keep me busy over the time we're off from the main podcast series.

                           Yes, I will miss podcasting but don't forget that in July, we will be recording the next Power Rangers Podcast and we're 2 short months away honestly and excited to be sitting down but we do not know if he's going to be coming to the studio as we're still in lockdown and we honestly do not know the outcome yet and they hope to start opening things up but they will not be lifting the social distancing and I think it will be the last thing they do but is OK with me. I got things I can do and plus like I said in an update I have been playing games with my parents on and off, watching TV shows and so forth so I am busy and will continue to be busy. Also now that I have figured out the issues, I think the pages will be done even quicker as we know how to fix the website and will continue to work on it. Work is still being done and with the extra time with Amazing Race now postponed till later this year we have extra time on our hands and we get more time to actually plan and get things rolling with new content and excited for what is next for the podcast. So in my final words is to stay tuned for more content, keep following us on social media for more information and I think this is the best decision to put the podcast on hold after Survivor till we know what is next and we will get through this together.

-  Chris

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Weight Loss & Personal Update [05-02-2020]

              This is a two in one update for today's post. First with the Weight Loss Update. Now as you know, I have been trying to lose weight and honestly hasn't been easy whatsoever to lose weight and recently been down to 226 pounds but it seems to fluctuate and I need to remember I have to watch what I eat, especially in the evenings and yesterday I had Ice Cream with Butter Scotch and definitely not the right move but I should allow myself at least one fat day and didn't do that recently. So I have been fluctuating from 226 - to 228 and I really need to start losing the weight. I only had breakfast yesterday as I wasn't really hungry at Lunch time which is fine really. That sometimes makes a difference at times. However I am trying the hardest I can to lose the weight and to be honestly, I need to work harder at it. I will lose the weight don't worry even if I need to cut back on things like eating after dinner and not done much of that really recently. 

                Now the personal update that you guys are wanting to know. How have I been, dealing with being locked in the house pretty much almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week minus my weekly trips to the corner store and walks around the area? I am hanging in there, I am in good positive spirits. I am happier then I have been and honestly been busy with Chris B On The Web and preparing things which I will get into Monday on a post. I have remained busy with the website with website stuff. Other then CBOTW, I am staying inside playing games with my parents and going for walks with my mom or walking on my own for 30 - 45 minutes. Finally I have been watching TV Shows with my mom, Family Feud with Steve Harvey aka Baldy as I call him. So you can see I have been keeping busy and occupied and found myself playing games such as Grand Theft Auto 4 the main story, currently on the Lost Boys and the one with Tony in it. I will do a review when I have completed it.  Also relearned how to play Chinese Checkers and also Sorry as it has been ages since I played it, same with Rummi Cube I have had to learn how to play it again but I found the knack of it pretty fast. So either I am fine and very much healthy same with my family, were staying home and if we're outside were on our property for the most part minus shopping every week to every 2 weeks.


Friday, May 1, 2020

What Happened To My Super Girl Reviews?

                        I know it's been at least almost 2 months since I have done a Super Girl review as you know I have been watching the series and recently tried and watch Super Girl Season 4 and I found it, well honestly I found it confusing to follow along. I also found it strange and just finding it hard to focus on the episodes and that is why I decided to stop watching the series after 3 seasons. However if you guys or even my friends in real life talk me back into watching it, I will be back with them but right now I have decided to not do another review as of right now. I can also say that I tried to watch 2 or 3 episodes of the 4th season and just lost interest right away. Not sure tho why, I could of been in one of my not so good moods I.E cranky moods as you know we have been home non stop lately.  But there is no reason why I cannot give it another chance and you never know, I may just give it another chance and try finishing off Season 4 and then get to this current season.

                    So the idea of more reviews of the seasons aren't over yet and with us still in quarantine, I may throw it on and watch it on my extra time despite I have to get working on Power Rangers but I can mix and match while I watch it. I probably re start as I only watched a couple of episodes but it will take a lot of focus to watch it and try and actually get back into it as like I said it may take me some time to get back into it but if I do not manage to get back into it then there is really nothing I can do. I do admit I enjoyed the first 3 seasons but it has become just strange for me but I am all for second chances and I am going to give it a shot again. That is my small post and cannot wait for an weight loss update blog tomorrow as I have been moving up and down on the scale lately so I will see you guys tomorrow at the normal time and thanks for reading today's post and I'm sorry I'm hours late.

- Chris