Sunday, May 3, 2020

What Will I Do After Everything About Reality TV Podcast Finishes This Season?

                        First of all getting use to the new version of blogger as they changed the layout and honestly liked the older version but what can you do? Anyways that is besides the point but I was asked what am I going to do between the seasons. First thing I want to say is this is just a hiatus, it is not cancelled. We will be between seasons and until we know the status of shows, we're on a break. I wouldn't even call it a hiatus but more like a break from things really. Well as you know, Larry and I are scheduled for July to record and I have to continue to watch the series and more then likely what I will be doing while I am working on the website today but besides the point.  Watch the series will take a few weeks to watch and finish but even after that start working on Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder for the Fall so I can make sure were on track and even beyond that! What do I mean by this? I also wanna make sure January's podcast is ready and I want to get a bit ahead of myself so I can keep the schedule as it is. I have to also finish the website up and it may take a few weeks more to complete the entire project. So that is another thing is I will be working on the site and watching Power Rangers so I will be multi tasking to get it done. There is a lot of different things I can do but Power Rangers and Website has the priority right now to be finished and I know I will get it done. Also I have to remember it takes a lot of time to watch the show and episodes and I am actually now at Episode # 8 so I am making progress but sure I will make a ton of progress today and so on. Also I can say this as well that I will be once the website is done and working, I will be working on Off Season Podcasts in case I want to do some before the next season starts but again we do not know when shows will be airing again right now but always good to be prepared ahead of time and I know there is episodes that I did I could do on an off Season again but I have to locate it in my archives box where I keep past notes so there's another task for me to do is locate the notes and I already put it on my list of many things to do. There is plenty of different longer tasks and shorter tasks that I can do honestly and keep me busy over the time we're off from the main podcast series.

                           Yes, I will miss podcasting but don't forget that in July, we will be recording the next Power Rangers Podcast and we're 2 short months away honestly and excited to be sitting down but we do not know if he's going to be coming to the studio as we're still in lockdown and we honestly do not know the outcome yet and they hope to start opening things up but they will not be lifting the social distancing and I think it will be the last thing they do but is OK with me. I got things I can do and plus like I said in an update I have been playing games with my parents on and off, watching TV shows and so forth so I am busy and will continue to be busy. Also now that I have figured out the issues, I think the pages will be done even quicker as we know how to fix the website and will continue to work on it. Work is still being done and with the extra time with Amazing Race now postponed till later this year we have extra time on our hands and we get more time to actually plan and get things rolling with new content and excited for what is next for the podcast. So in my final words is to stay tuned for more content, keep following us on social media for more information and I think this is the best decision to put the podcast on hold after Survivor till we know what is next and we will get through this together.

-  Chris

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