Saturday, April 29, 2017

YouTube Advertisers Pulling Out, YouTubers Losing Revenue!

           I have holding back with this blog post for a while now as I wasn't sure how to write this blog out or how to word this blog post but as most of you know YouTube has not been doing overly well since I left the platform at the end of June with the change of the TOS (Terms of Service) and their policies has changed drastically especially when it comes to the YouTuber's that earn revenue from their videos the terms are so much different since I departed from YouTube almost an year ago. One change if you very bad language then you will be demonetized, same with talking about very touchy subjects like issues going on in the world  such as depression as an example of why YouTube will not allow it. Even with all these new terms of service a lot of big name YouTubers has lost revenue on their videos and it is a shame too because YouTubers like him put his time and a lot of effort into the videos yet they are getting demonetized? Even with cursing... Like come on! It was never like that when I was still part of the community, I never got demonetized cursing even if I added the bleep sound into it. It is truly sad to see how the platform has turned out. I understand the not ad friendly part of it but what happened to freedom of speech and content creators now gotta be careful what they say

             Just recently the advertisers have pulled their ads from videos on YouTube which obviously means YouTubers will not be getting as much revenue from their videos as they were getting before which means a lot of YouTubers have moved to to vlog or lifecast their lives now.  I never had anything to back myself out on if YouTube continued these ways so you can see Twitch growing as a community very very quickly if YouTubers continue to move to It is sad to see such a great platform like YouTube go down the drain in the way of revenue and it hurts the great content creators out there and a lot of YouTubers are upset and I saw one vlogging group leave end of last year and I have noticed a lot of people have left the platform. All I know change has to happen if YouTube is to continue on the right path to success. 

Have a great day!


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Rough Re-Launch But is BACK! And Got NEWS!

          Well it was a really rough and stressful re-launch tonight as it has been a very, very stressful night for me to get the site working properly, work out the bugs and just get the site at least operational once again.

           First issue I had was the front page images weren't set up again which was my entirely my fault in the process I totally wasn't thinking at all and that was my fault so I ended up delaying the re-launch by 30 minutes. Once I was ready to re-launch problems galore, had issues with the drop down menu on one of the Menu options at the top, that being the tab called "Podcasts" which is home to the podcasts that are currently running on Chris B On The Web&! Also the icon at the top of the page, some page showed the Chris B On The Web logo, some showed 000webhost which is my provider currently that my site is built on.  So with that I had to mad scramble to fix the issues on the website, first the navigational bar which took about 15 - 20 minutes to fix which I was finally satisfied with finally with the navigational bar which has all the pages on the website. Then there was an issue with the freaking footer which is located at the bottom of the page for those who didn't know where the footer was on a website or what it was. So talk about major issues with the website today, it was very insane evening on top of my Rogers Internet being a pain in the neck as well so it was full of frustrations on a Tuesday night but hey we got through em all! 

            Now that I explained all the issues with the website here is my news that I have that involves Chris B On The Web. Justin, Jeff and I been keeping this for quite some time now and I have been talking about it on Twitter here and there that a new podcast was in the works, aka CBOTW Gamers Podcast. The original plan was for me to Host and have a Co-Host but now I am proud to say Chris B On The Web & has brought on a Host to replace me and Adam for that podcast so I can primarily focus on "Everything About Reality TV" and this person I've known for many, many years since the days of So without further Ado I would like to welcome  and welcome back Jeff Lieberman to the team since days and I know you will do a great job on this monthly Podcast the first week of the Month. You will see him post up blog posts as he has free reign on this blog as well and will post up from time to time whether its sports talk or just random chit chat, he has the privileges as an author to this blog. Please note his podcast is in the early stages of planning, not day and time has been set when it get recorded or posted up on, he still needs to get a computer to record it with and possibly a headset with a mic so it is good quality sound but myself or Jeff will let you know when we have it set in schedule.


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Social Broadcasting Won't Last Forever!

                     I've read a lot of other blogs, mostly having to do with social casting, but sites like Vaughnlive, UStream, IVlog to name a few that are out there, it wouldn't make a difference as ever since Stickam, & closed down, social casting hasn't been the same since and at this point I think social casting is dead at this point, it wont be around forever. Nobody has much interest in social broadcasting is pretty well dead on those kind of sites meanwhile Twitch and YouTube and YouTube Live are doing well, minus the boycott on the YouTube Ad Revenue but I am not talking about YouTube, YouTube Live or Twitch, those are either making videos, podcasts which are awesome, or gaming videos, original web series like once mine The Entertainment Man Talk Show, I am talking about the sites I mentioned above but please do not take this as insulting broadcasting, I am just stating the truth, ever since all this doxing, swatting and trolls on Social broadcast sites like Vaughnlive being a primary example of tons of trolling going on, I think a lot people have left broadcasting due to too many trolls and my theory is you can handle the trolls then get off the internet! For one I cannot handle the trolls it got too much or too much drama got to me and you know it sucked the fun out of it to be honest. Another point I'd like to make is Guest chat, no casting website should have a guest chat Like Vaughnlive or IVlog, that is probably what 99% of who the trolls are and why you think when I was with VL I always had guest chat off cause they always seemed to get out of control, so I said screw it they gotta login if they wanna chat with me but be mindful I sometimes decided to turn it on for the heck of it. Sites I enjoyed and had great security with the way of trolls were & Stickam, on Blog, you get kicked you would be sent to troll Rehab and you couldn't return for 15 minutes which is a great thing. Stickam, you get kicked I believe it's an hour if I remember or could of been 24 hour kick if I remember correctly.  But the one featured I loved was on Stickam having the mini cams on there on the side and I know a good friend of mine that I still talk to, 2 actually, one being Santiago aka Wolfdude272 and WatchDogOne who I still talk to from time to time cam'd up almost everytime I casted! I remember once I was featured and it was nuts in the viewer department, same when I got featured on BlogTV was a great feature to be discovered to your amazing talents.  That is what I think about Social Broadcasting and what it is to be but it is ONLY my opinion. 


P.S. Tomorrow's blog will about the Ad Boycott and Ads being Pulled from Videos. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Happy Easter! | Changes With Chris B On The Web

               First of all Happy Belated Easter to you all! Hope you had a wonderful Easter, I sure as heck did! Between family, podcasts, blogs, cooking and fixing the bloody website, I pretty well wore myself out within that entire week and even after Easter I am still trying to catch up on stuff to this very day. But tomorrow will be a joyous day as will be reopening after a full week closed due to server issues and problems for about 40 hours late of last week. But at last that can be put behind me and everything is going to go back to normal and all podcasts this week should be out on the day of, no doubt about it now! 

              Update: Website is re-opening today at some point during the daytime. It was decided to take an extra day or so to work out any bugs that there was on the website everything should be ready to go this morning for the return of the website! 

Have a great Night!


Friday, April 14, 2017

Website & Podcast Updates!

Good morning everyone,

             Yes I have been lacking blog posts lately as shit hit the fence this week in the Chris B On The Web universe so to speak and yes I know it's the middle of the night right now when I am typing this up. First the server the site that you know and love, is on went all fucky, wait is that even a word?! LOL!  I took that line from Family Feud that was said by one of the contestants of one of the two family's. Anyways, I am way off track aren't I? So what the server ended up doing and I got solid proof evidence what happen too but the images on the website went down, the background went from black background with on the right side to an awful bright white background. That just pissed me right the heck off and I pretty well reset the site on the server to see if that helped? Nope, still had that same b.s. as before. I just had enough I pretty well ripped the entire site apart trying to fixing it and also we were getting 403 and 500 Errors on the website. Took about 40 hours for everything to clear up as it was the bloody server decided to go wonky once again but now I gotta fix all my screw ups from messing around with the blasted website which is on hold till Monday, after the Easter Holidays, I gotta get Big Brother Canada done today and Amazing Race 29 recorded as well this way I am on the right track for the rest of the week. Then later on today I need to get baking for Easter dessert, and tomorrow start prepping for Easter dinner tomorrow! It never ends, then Easter Dinner Sunday then Monday back to the grind of things and get the website back up and running Monday with no time for myself but hopefully by Tuesday I will take a personal day for myself this way I can decompress after a busy week this week but I doubt it would happen, ha ha! Knowing me being the workaholic I am, I'll be working on my website until it is up and running fully. 

               Now last night, Stitcher whom The "Everything About Reality TV" Podcast is with in the way of partnership, problem that has happened before in the past and I am pretty well have had it with their issues, I even checked the RSS Feed and all is well on that end so it has to be them being slammed with new shows again? Possibly, I have already making new plans to go to Player.FM for my podcasts along with and but also I am making plans to get my podcast out on ITunes in the very near future once I fix the logo so it looks nicer then it is currently! So that is where I am at with the status of the site and podcast and hope to have more updates by Monday where everything stands.

Have a Great Friday/TGIF!


Friday, April 7, 2017

Weight Loss Update #1

               After almost 4 and a half months of being on this diet, I have officially lost 21 pounds which I think is amazing! I worked really hard to lose the weight over the course of the 4 months and I got more to come to get to my goal which hopefully around 175 maybe 170 pounds is the weight I would like to be at as a final goal. However right now I would like to be at 200 pounds by Big Brother Canada Finale, I know that's quite a tough goal to get to in such a short time because with next week being Week 5 of Big Brother Canada, I got 5 weeks to reach that goal, lets just aim for 210 for May 18th, 2017 which is possibly the Finale date for Big Brother Canada. You never know what will happen between now and that day, all I know I will work hard to get to that 200 marker so I can aim further to my goal of 170 pounds. If you wonder that is the weight I dropped to when I was in the hospital almost 14 years ago when I had the ruptured appendix which I was in the hospital for 3 week, you can imagine how much I lost, my stomach was very bloated from the poison in my body but the aftermath I lost like 30 pounds, I probably weighed around 200 - 210 pounds before the strange illness came in. But I want to aim for 170 at the most and lose that much weight and try and stay at that weight for now on but it will be a tough road to do but I think I am up to the challenge of getting to that weight and maintaining it right now. Hopefully losing weight will fix my fatty liver problem but we will see later on this morning when I go see my family doctor says and hopefully it is just more weight loss that will get the fatty liver down to it's normal size, no specialist or anything as I am already seeing another specialist out in Ajax in July. Another reason I wanted to lose weight was to get my butt back in gear for baseball in 2018 as I will be officially making my return to baseball but kind of scared to because of me possibly blowing out my knee once again like I did in 2013 or 2014.

        But Finally I am very happy with the progress that has happened with me losing that tremendous amount of weight and I want to continue on with losing the weight because when I weighed 239 pounds I wasn't one bit happy with the weight but now weighing at 218 pounds I feel much, much happier then I have been in the past.

Have a great night/morning everyone!


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Best Moments As a YouTuber and During The Entertainment Man Talk Show Run!

           First of all I do not, nor have ever spoke about my favorite moments a an YouTuber. Trust me there is so many favorite moments I've had might be hard to list them all here but here are at least maybe my ten most favorite moments & please note I have linked the YouTube Video:

1) Me going off at my Staff at the Season 2 Finale, just before the shoot when stressed out 

2) I called Justin, JUSTINA! for the first time on Camera!

3) The running joke on set with Gordie, Eric, Missy and Dave every time the word sh*t was said on set. 

4) Making jokes on camera during the filming

6) The war with the Lawn Mower, me cursing at the lawn mower because it wouldnt start which hilarity ensued!

7)   The new camera girl Krissy came out to help and was her only episode to date that was shown! No video due to the video had no sound whatsoever.

8) The Townhall of 1873, the first time I ever went to a location to get permission to film at! 

9) The 50th Episode of The Entertainment Man Talk Show 

10) Finally the renovation vlog at the Oshawa Centre when they were starting their long renovation project!

That is my list of favorite moments, not all of them  made the list but this is at least the 10 moments that I have had on YouTube or during The Entertainment Man Talk Show, hope you enjoyed reading this top 10 list and have a great rest of your Wednesday!


Monday, April 3, 2017

Favorite Video Games | 100th Blog Post!

              Well here we are, the 100th Blog Post and I cannot believe we are at my 100th blog post and I am not going to be making a big ass deal over it but it is 100 blog posts and in this blog today I am actually going to talk about some of my favorite video games I like to play and trust me I got a lot of favorite games that I have played over the years since I came online back in late 2003. Now here is my list of Video Games I really enjoyed thus far from 2003 to the present time of day and please note none of these are ranked just listed in particular order:

- Call of Duty: beaten the game so many times and mastered the game, never played any other game after the 1st one came out and finished the game but would start now definitely.

- Minecraft: I have become a master Minecraft Player, watching Dan Gheesling play his play through and learning on the fly and with the aid and help of Darkostridjer a former Twitch listener of mine, now I am very much a pro at Minecraft. Please note been taking a break for a while from it but I am planning on a return as I will be starting Minecraft Tekkit Classic and boy I am very excited to be doing it too!

- GTA 4 & 5: I love Grand Theft Auto, I started back when San Andreas came out but I never finished, however I finished 4 and 5 and love the characters from both 4, Niko and Roman, and one notable character Trevor.

- Battlefield 3/Battlefield Vietnam/Battlefield Vietnam: Again, I love the war games that's why this has made my list of favorite video games.

- The Sims 3/The Sim 4: Love the 3rd one the most, as the Sims broke everything very quickly which made hilarity at it's best! But when Sims 4 came around I found it OK until my sims were stupid enough to set the kitchen on fire and left the room and the rooms around the kitchen to burn, yet I couldn't get the fire department there, or the sims to put it out which kind of sucked.

- Starcraft/Starcraft Brood War: Loved this video games was one of the first ever games that was introduced to me way before 2003, before I came online officially and it sure is a classic game in my part and I got the 3rd installment.

- Metal of Honor: Loved this game, the Stuka Dive Bombers the gameplay, I never finished it but would love to go through the entire game again.

- The Binding of Isaac: Still on the first Isaac, but almost halfway there to the road to 100% achievement and getting better each and everytime. Hope to get to Rebirth very very soon then of course Afterbirth! 

Well that is my list it's not a big, big list but these are games I do really enjoy or enjoyed to play and would play again in the near future and hopefully I play some newer video games in the near future which I will do a post of games I'd like to play!

Have a great rest of our Monday!