Friday, April 7, 2017

Weight Loss Update #1

               After almost 4 and a half months of being on this diet, I have officially lost 21 pounds which I think is amazing! I worked really hard to lose the weight over the course of the 4 months and I got more to come to get to my goal which hopefully around 175 maybe 170 pounds is the weight I would like to be at as a final goal. However right now I would like to be at 200 pounds by Big Brother Canada Finale, I know that's quite a tough goal to get to in such a short time because with next week being Week 5 of Big Brother Canada, I got 5 weeks to reach that goal, lets just aim for 210 for May 18th, 2017 which is possibly the Finale date for Big Brother Canada. You never know what will happen between now and that day, all I know I will work hard to get to that 200 marker so I can aim further to my goal of 170 pounds. If you wonder that is the weight I dropped to when I was in the hospital almost 14 years ago when I had the ruptured appendix which I was in the hospital for 3 week, you can imagine how much I lost, my stomach was very bloated from the poison in my body but the aftermath I lost like 30 pounds, I probably weighed around 200 - 210 pounds before the strange illness came in. But I want to aim for 170 at the most and lose that much weight and try and stay at that weight for now on but it will be a tough road to do but I think I am up to the challenge of getting to that weight and maintaining it right now. Hopefully losing weight will fix my fatty liver problem but we will see later on this morning when I go see my family doctor says and hopefully it is just more weight loss that will get the fatty liver down to it's normal size, no specialist or anything as I am already seeing another specialist out in Ajax in July. Another reason I wanted to lose weight was to get my butt back in gear for baseball in 2018 as I will be officially making my return to baseball but kind of scared to because of me possibly blowing out my knee once again like I did in 2013 or 2014.

        But Finally I am very happy with the progress that has happened with me losing that tremendous amount of weight and I want to continue on with losing the weight because when I weighed 239 pounds I wasn't one bit happy with the weight but now weighing at 218 pounds I feel much, much happier then I have been in the past.

Have a great night/morning everyone!


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